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  • 1. Proposal’s
  • 2. Proposal One
    The song is about ADHD so for this idea we came up with the
    concept of expressing emotion through creativity rather than
    academically. The video will start off with flashes of Norwich
    market when its not busy and then followed by footage of when
    its busy. The song will contain things that are creative for
    example them performing, people BMXing and graffiti. Their will
    also be some footage of someone flicking their lighter in
    frustration. Throughout the whole of the video, randomly there
    will be flashes of each letter of the word ‘Physical Reaction’
    written in scruffy handwriting. Finally at the end of the video the
    whole word ‘Physical Reaction’ is revealed to complete it. Each
    word will be written in different materials such as pen, paint,
    pastel etc.
  • 3. Proposal Two
    Idea two is a narrative based video, of a love situation of
    boy meets girl. They first meet when they brush
    shoulders in the middle of a busy street, and from then
    on throughout the video it shows how their relationship
    grows. There will be footage of them texting each other
    constantly, having dinner, walking in the park and sitting
    on a bench. On the chorus’s there will be live footage of
    them performing. The footage will be of them
    performing inside and then in contrast outside as well.
  • 4. Proposal Three
    Idea three is a video that follows a man through his day,
    however he constantly keeps having bad luck situations such
    as a cab driving off, getting the wrong change at the bar,
    falling over, knocking things of a supermarket shelf etc. He
    however reacts to them in an over the top aggressive
    manner, almost a bit psycho like. It may come across a bit
    comedy, as it will seem surely someone cant have
    this much bad luck in one day. This video also will
    have live footage of Glory Glory performing and will also
    feature one of the band members singing the words to the
    song at the each place where the accidents happen.
  • 5. Proposal four
    Idea four is set in waterloo park in Norwich. It features a
    guy called Elliot who can’t help but pick things up and
    react wild with various objects in his hands. He messes
    about with objects such as umbrellas, guitars, silly string,
    chalk boards and stuffs his face full of cake. He just cannot
    help himself, he is constantly being distracted. He also is
    constantly moving about and acting energetically in front
    of the camera. Its more of a loose narrative rather than a
    really detailed one. Its him reacting to various different
    things, and illustrating what the song is about.