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  • 1. The Advenutres of Roxy the Rock By: Valeria
  • 2. The Adventures of Roxy the Rock Hello. My name is Roxy and this is the story of when I turned into a little grain of sand.
  • 3.  
  • 4. When I got to the glaciers they were really mean. I was trying to get across them but they kept moving. One glacier chipped me. I started to float to a river.
  • 5. When I got to the river, the river started to get slower and calmer. Then all of the sudden it started to get faster and faster. It was a stream! But, it was at a high slope and the water was flowing fastly. I tried to hold on to something, but it didn't work. I fell down with the water and it got calmer.
  • 6. Then I got really dizzy. I was in a mature river! It was so curvy I almost vomited on Penny the pebble. Then the mature river got a little bit faster. The sun got brighter and the weather got hotter. Then I vomited.
  • 7. I was then off to the old river. There it is very calm, slow,and quite. And the best part was, that the river didn't chip me; at all. That's why my favorite place is the old river.
  • 8. Sadly the old river was gone. I was sadly weeping and I was being chipped away. My poor self, a quarter of me was gone! I new this day would come (when I would be weathered). Then I saw the delta. The delta water was flowing very fast and there was tons of rocks in the water. They may have been my cousins, but they're pretty strong. But, I'm not! After I went through the delta I discovered that going through the delta wasn't that bad.
  • 9. Then a big wave came out of nowhere! The wave was so big it went over my head. The wave took me to the Malibu Beach. The beach was so beautiful and perfect. But, that's when I discovered I was weathered so much. I also discovered that I turned into a little grain of sand.