P To P Scholarship Project Ver3 5


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Please give me advice to change the world.

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P To P Scholarship Project Ver3 5

  1. 1. P to P Micro Scholarship Project - For everyone can GROOVE on the future - By Daisuke Miyoshi, WASEDA University Undergraduate
  2. 2. Bangladesh through My Eyes 1. Self-esteem 2. Salary and Academic Background 3. Scholarship
  3. 3. 1. Self-Esteem I met a girl… What’s the Difference ? Mimi Some of the other She is more cheerful and friendly than others and also talks about her dream often
  4. 4. 1. Self-Esteem Truth be told, Mimi is … A Scholarship Student -Has a donator and many Japanese friends who support her dream -Has many chances she can communicate with others and talk about herself
  5. 5. 1. Self-Esteem So, IMAGINE. If everyone in villages had a chance to express his/her dream and to gather compassion for him/her, Then .. ?
  6. 6. 2. The Poverty Cycle of Bangladesh Lack of Money Lack of Employment Chance Lack of Academic Background
  7. 7. 3. Situation of conventional scholarship Donators -Donators cannot know about any students until they actually donate to them Students -Students who are to receive scholarships usually have none to do but just wait for donators Scholarship Foundation -Almost all foundations are very small and cannot get enough donators.
  8. 8. Bangladesh through My Eyes Lack of Self-Esteem -Lack of Self-Esteem -No effective support Lack of Money Lack of Employment Chance Lack of Academic Background
  9. 9. Chance of Change Most of the villages have Internet Access and Solar Panels. Everyone can be connected to the world sustainably
  10. 10. How can we solve the problem ? problem
  11. 11. P to P Micro Scholarship -Make the World a Scholarship Fund- <Student> <Donators> Scholarship from the world -Commit “my challenge project” -Broadcast their lives
  12. 12. < Theory of Change > Gather a lot of compassion and scholarship money through the INTERNET Parents: More Salary More Employment Chance Children: Better Academic Background More Self-Esteem
  13. 13. System of Scholarship (1) P to P Scholarship Site Name : Shama Age: 11 message Student <Dream> Messages and donates To be a doctor to help my village as much as they want Existing Scholarship Foundation <My Challenge Project> I will gather garbage About her dream Registers students In my village every morning from their database <Data> Every student commits to Financial Situation :Bad do “my challenge project” Income a month : 6000tk which can be something Helpful for the community 70% To $120 or something challenging for her. select $10 Invest now !
  14. 14. System of Scholarship (2) After the scholarship is realized … Broadcast her life and “my challenge project” This month, My score is so so.. But it’s gradually getting better. Student You can see students’ lives Text Video report and communicate Existing Scholarship with each other Foundation organizes You can see the actual lesson real-time through Ustream
  15. 15. Innovation Donators -Can donate to students who they have the compassion with -Can communicate with their students and be motivated by their stories -Can see the real situation in developing country lives through the tangible student Students -Can gather compassion from the world and get scholarship chances -Can also broadcast their lives and can attain ICT-literacy -Can be potential Social Entrepreneur through “my challenge project” Scholarship Foundation -Foundations can gather more donators and introduce more effective ways
  16. 16. Vision “All youth can GROOVE on their future”
  17. 17. Challenges -Sustainability How can we create the business model for this project? -User Incentive How can we motivate more people to invest to students ? Should it be a Return by loan model like KIVA, Vittana ? Or the Newspaper scholarship model in Japan ? Or other incentives ? -Target Student What is the best target age ?
  18. 18. First Partnership -Grameen Communications Global Communication Center (Ashir Ahmed) One of the biggest and most creative ICT companies in Bangladesh Has effective networks in villages -Babu-Kano Foundation Scholarship foundation in Ekhlashpur, a Bangladesh village. Has successful programs.
  19. 19. Trial Plan MAY : Start to live in Bangladesh and research situation of students JUN : -Research and make clear the students’ problems -Pick up some students who need scholarships and upload their data to the special site JULY : Advertise for donators and broadcast the changes of students AUGUST : Same SEPTEMBER : Depart from Bangladesh and go on a journey around the world to visit social innovators and to study cases which can empower this project. OCTORBER : Same. Study from great cases. NOVEMBER : The end of this month, go back to Japan and report my journey. Through this we can also get funds from companies DECEMBER : Goes back to Bangladesh and drives our project
  20. 20. Together, produce countless “Love Stories” between each person and each future.