<ver.4.2>P to P scholarship project
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<ver.4.2>P to P scholarship project



please any comments !

please any comments !



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    <ver.4.2>P to P scholarship project <ver.4.2>P to P scholarship project Presentation Transcript

    • P to P Micro Scholarship Project - Global Social Business Baby - By Daisuke Miyoshi, Grameen Communications
    • Sati age11 Want to become a doctor. My mother had very serious disease and had to go to Dhaka. It was very hard work. So I want to be able to cure my villagers without going capital. And also make Bangladesh the place where everyone can get perfect treatment.
    • Kulsum age12 Want to become a doctor. My sister was terrible sick, but I could nothing for her. Eventually she passed away. So, I want to be able to help my family and my villagers.
    • So many hidden treasures in this country
    • BUT They cannot everyday go to school They don’t have any encouragement to their future
    • Conventional scholarship Donators -Donators cannot know about any students until they actually donate to them. Students -Students who are to receive scholarships usually have nothing to do but just wait for donators. Scholarship Foundations -Almost all foundations are very small and cannot get enough donators.
    • What I saw in Bangladesh -Lack of Encouragement -No effective support Poor Family But many Hidden Treasures No Work Poor Academic Background
    • Opportunity for Change Most of the villages have Internet Access and Solar Panels. Everyone can be connected to the world.
    • How can we solve this problem ?
    • P to P Micro Scholarship -Make YOU the biggest Scholarship Foundation in our history- Dream & Passion Encouragement for Future & Scholarship money
    • Theory of Change Gather a lot of encouragement and scholarships through INTERNET Well Family and Many Hidden Treasures Dreams come true ! “ Hidden Treasures get bright !! “ Get good jobs Better Academic Records More Self-Esteem
    • (0) Create Partnerships Scholarship Project Foundation Management Team
    • (1) Dispatch Young Potentials Gives Formats Data Uproad Scholarship Project Our Foundation Management Project Team site Registers students 120$ Needed Scholarship Dream Video Photo Text Profile Price
    • (2) Gathering Encouragements from the World Website Image Name : Kulsum Age: 12 Dream video Encouragement <Future Vision> & I want to become a doctor. I could do nothing for my sister Scholarship who was serious sick and she passed away. money So, I have to get medical knowledge and help my family and my villagers. <Profile> Name: Sati Age: 11 Family: Father, Mother, and 2 sisters Average income permonth : 30$ 70% To $150 select $10 Encourage now !
    • (3) Sending Encouragements (Ex) After gathering 150$ 30$ as 20% margin 120$ Our Project Scholarship Project Management Team Foundation site Encouragement message Encouragement message Encouragement message
    • Wow !! So many people believe me !!
    • (4) Interactive Communication Sends & Checks and receives Uproads Project Our Scholarship Management Project Foundation Team site Monthly Reporting Various Communication
    • Roles of Stakeholders -Express and Dispatch their dream and passion for their futures -Monthly Video Report Students -Registers their students data Scholarship Foundation -Gives scholarships and encouragement messages -Monthly Video Report Project -Updates students data Management -Translates video (if needed) Team -Sends scholarships and messages to foundations -Develops and manages the website -Donate scholarships -Encourage students -Interactive communication -Tell others about students who they donated Encouragers
    • Business Model -20% Margin Fee If a student needs 120$ per a year, advertise as 150$. After the scholarship has been gathered, we can get 30$ per 1 student. -CSR Matching This service is easy to see ROI and also to get reputations among people for companies looking for the best CSR way. -Website Ads When this website as global community gets larger, Ads on this site also gets more profitable. 1page view=1yen=0.7tk
    • Road map • Pilot project • 30 students in Bangladesh 2010 • Fundraising • Partnership with other Scholarship Fund • Global Launch 2011 • 200 students in the world • 10,000 students in the world 2012
    • Sales Plan $ Sales 600,000 500,000 400,000 300,000 Sales 200,000 100,000 0 2010 2011 2012 2013 900$ 50,000$ 30students 6,000$ 30,000$ 18,000students 200students 10,000students
    • Finance plan 2011 Website management staff 2 160$×12months×2 = 3840$ Server cost (If JP sever) 40$ Office cost (If in GCC ) 0$ Electricity cost (If in GCC) 0$ Total cost 3880$
    • Pilot Project 2010 Plan • First Partnership with Babu-Kano • Develop Pilot site MAY • 5 students • Check & Plan JUN & JUL • 5 students • Check & Plan AUG & SEP • 10 students • Fundraising & Design Beta site OCT & NOV • Create new partnerships with Scholarship foundations • Fundraising & Design Beta site • Create new partnerships with Scholarship foundations DEC & JAN • Global Launch
    • Pilot Project 2010 Finance Plan Cost -Website server cost per a year 40$ -Pilot site development 0$ (Japanese Volunteers) Sales -30 students , 20% margin 900$ Total 900$ - 40$ = +860$
    • Considerable points for the Encouragers 1.Reliability of Foundation (Org. Image) 2. Transparency of whole process (Interactive communication between encouragers and students) 3.Access to the monitoring & evaluation system (Finance & result outcomes dash board) 4.Encouragers(Individual/Institution) should be rated and awarded by points system.(encouragers profile) 5.Encouragers social communication network.
    • Considerable points for Students 1.Student should be rated and awarded (Student profile) 2.Social networking /communication among the students
    • Considerable points for Scholarship Fund 1.Reliability of Foundation (Org. Image) 2.Capability/skill 3.Past Record/track record c.f. Potential partners: Grameen Shika, Room to Read, and other many small fundations
    • Promoter As this will be social business we can expect/consider some stakeholder as our free promoter as the part of their CSR. Like; <Catagory1> Google (With many application)or other Search Engine, Facebook , twitter , YouTube, Ustream, Flickr,Skype etc <Catagory2> Free education contents donor
    • Connection with Gramweb Asha.com (this project address) Gramweb.com Name : Kulsum Age: 12 Dream video <Future Vision> I want to become a doctor. I could do nothing for my sister who was serious sick and she passed away. So, I have to get medical knowledge and help my family and my villagers. 70% To $150 select $10 Encourage now ! Gramweb is a village platform for BOP business and have village students database.
    • Everything you can imagine is real. -Pablo Picasso
    • MONEKULI !! 2015 !!
    • Scholarship? It’s what we gather from the world, right ?
    • Hauling the world where everyone can get enough encouragements and investments according to their dream.
    • Together, Pulling 2015 into Now !!