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We know that now day’s android smart phone is not only uses for incoming and outgoing purpose but Android provides a social as well professional and joyful environment too. But today android jump in the market with new functionality to beat competitors and provide a safety guard to its users.
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Get information about android health application development

  1. 1. Taking care of health by ANDROIDAndroid Health Applications
  2. 2. Now android is not limited market due toits creativity. Android is also helpful indaily social life because now healthapplication is available in Android smartphone. we can get health advise in oneclick of our android mobile.
  3. 3. Android application development with healthapplication is more favorable across the worldbecause “Health is Wealth” in this ongoing eranobody has time for purpose android releasedthis application in which users can easily checkup their about their health regularly and it isalso affordable too!!
  4. 4. iTriage Health ApplicationThis application developer by two mindedphysicians which is very helpful in you dailyhealth report and also useful in makingdecision in “what should I do for thisdebases?” iTriage health application is usesover 80 country in the world and havereputable users response.
  5. 5. WhatsMyM3 ApplicationNow you are become mentally strong by usingthis application. This application is created byPerception System, a mobile applicationdevelopment company India. This applicationshows your heart rate, blood pressure,cholesterol whatsMyM3 application is availablein 2.99$
  6. 6. Cancer Preventing Food AppsIt is says that “Healthy Aging Means Take Care ofYour Meal” this application is very useful inpreventing cancer risk. This app contains all thecommon foods can be found in grocery storeswhich provide rich antioxidants and photochemicalthat can help stave off cancer and some can evenhelp inhibit cancer cell growth
  7. 7. Health Tips ApplicationHealth tips application provides healthy advices indiseases like cold, cough, flu etc. and also suggesttaking care of your hair and skin. There are five sectionin this application which are Hair and skin, Cold andCough, Diabetics, Heart and blood pressure, providesuseful tips which are very ease and cheap to take andno risk of any side effects.
  8. 8. Office Yoga Application“Yoga is key to essential health awareness” office yogais easy to learn yoga classic in your office. Office Yogais a health application for Android users with differentsets of yoga practice, you can practice for relaxationand refreshment. This android application is free andyou can install in your mobile easily
  9. 9. Home Remedies ApplicationIt’s a free application in android market and is acomplete guide to home based care. There is no sideeffect and not reaction for this treatment. Thisapplication provides guidance in most commondisease such as Acne, Allergies, Anemia, and Asthmaetc. useful for all ages and everybody as well as veryuseful to homeopathy specialist.
  10. 10. PERCEPTION SYSTEM PVT LTDPerception System, a leading mobiledevelopment services provider companyprovides Android app development inaffordable rate across the worldIndian app developers from Perception systemhas great expertise in mobile applicationdevelopment services and has dedicatedAndroid Apps developer who have great skill todevelop user friendly android applications.
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