May 15 Operations Commitee Meeting

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  • Talk with elbow partner 2 minutesLarge group share out
  • Mention, a few people have inquired about how to engage local law enforcement and I started to evaluate of those I know in our line of work, who has a good relationship with their local law enforcement agency and a name name to me, Dr. Karen Li.Mention her roleMention traffic counts she did with ArtTurn it over to Art
  • In addition to engaging local law enforcement agencies, another question that has come up is, how do I put Safe Routes higher on the agenda of principals and for some, the question is, how do I even get Safe Routes on the agenda at all?Again, this question got me thinking about who do I know who has principal's at the decision making table and a name came to mind, Mindy. Note her task force meetings and how principals will leave school sites and come to her meetings.
  • The 14-15 calendar is all ready, so I’d like to provide everyone a copy now. On it are the 14-15 meetings, budget report dates, events, and workshops.Note:Workshops have a different focusCrossing Guard Training Option
  • Recently I was at the Peninsula Family YMCA Hero’s Breakfast and was awarded a Hero’s award by the Senator Hill and Assemblyman Mullin for the Safe Routes to School Program and I was up there, I couldn’t help but wish that everyone of you and all of our partners was there because getting kids out of cars is hard work. The gains we are making, the 270% increase in the number of kids who live a half mile from school or less has to do with each and everyone of you. The phone calls, the weekend events, the event coordination, the trainings, the recruiting of volunteers, and the list goes on are initiating an amazing shift. Thank you.So, I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for your efforts. Alonso designed certificates for each participating district and I wrote out a little thank you.


  • 1. Operations Committee Meeting May 15, 2014 Daina Lujan, Safe Routes to School Coordinator
  • 2. Agenda
  • 3. Grant Application Debrief Open Discussion: • What worked? • What was challenging? • What would make the process smoother? • Other thoughts/Comments…
  • 4. Engaging Law Enforcement Officer Art Montiel Public Information Officer
  • 5. Engaging School Administration Mindy Shelton, Wellness Coordinator Belmont-Redwood Shores School District
  • 6. Mindy Shelton Wellness Coordinator Belmont-Redwood Shores School District
  • 7.  Some Big Ideas  Initial Approach  Follow-Up  Relationship Building  Troubleshooting
  • 8. Realize that no matter how important “it” is, “it” is only a small piece of their world. Consider the Big Picture
  • 9. How can I help you meet the needs of your school? Come From a Place of Support
  • 10. Provide a consistent program but allow for each school to put it’s own stamp on it. Consistency Individuality Balance Consistency & Individuality
  • 11. Key Points Advice from a Principal  Timing is everything  Be clear & prepared  Find out what their needs are in this area  Start small - Make it simple & doable  Utilize their ability to tap into resources & identify the right players  “Tell them what the program is, how it meets the needs at their school, and how you can help support them in doing it.”
  • 12. Key Points Advice from a Principal  Follow through on what you say you’re going to do  Make it easy for them to follow up on what you need them to do  Be patient  Express appreciation  “Be patient. Things often go slower than you think they should. That’s okay and often ends up being better in the long run.”
  • 13. Key Points Advice from a Principal  Get to know the individual ◦ What is most compelling to them? ◦ What is the best way to reach them?  Build mutual respect & trust ◦ Follow up on your end ◦ Give them what they need  Your enthusiasm can be contagious  “Be clear on your boundaries. If I ask you to take on something you’re not able to do, I would rather you tell me that up front and help me figure out a different way than have you say yes and not do it.”
  • 14. What to do if…
  • 15. Key Points Advice from a Principal  Find the right time  Go to them  Be flexible  Be prepared  Make it easy for them  Meet their needs  Follow up with appreciation  “Present a plan and be ready to make it happen. If you come to me with a good idea, I’ll add it to my list and may or may not get to it. If you come to me with a plan that looks well thought out and organized, all I need to do is say yes.”
  • 16. Key Points Driving Question  Consider why – are there pieces that will work or other ways to think about it  Don’t get too tied to a specific program or idea  What is the need & how can I help you fill it?
  • 17. Key Points Advice from a Principal  What is it you really need from them?  Make it easy  Remember the big picture  Be patient and follow up  “I appreciate when someone has patience and good humor. If I don’t get back to someone right away it’s not because I don’t want to but because my list is too long. I don’t mind some friendly reminders if they come with good humor.”
  • 18. 14-15 Calendar of SR2S Happenings Meetings Events Workshops
  • 19. Appreciation!
  • 20. Questions
  • 21. Meeting Feedback • What information was most useful to you? • What topics would you like to know more about? • What challenges are you thinking about tackling in 14-15?
  • 22. Thank you! Daina Lujan, Coordinator 650-802-5306 I Alonso Barahona Marilyn Canadas