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Daimler. Corporate Profile 2013
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Daimler. Corporate Profile 2013


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  • 1. Corporate profile 2013.
  • 2. Experiencethe world ofmobility in the more more daimler.comDaimler online magazine.w We are Daimler. Daimler is one of the world’s most successful automotive companies. Daimler vehicles can be found in almost all countries around the globe, thanks to its strong brands and a comprehensive range of products. Daimler is more than the sum of its brands or products however. Look behind the face of Daimler and there you will find us – 275,000 highly qualified and highly motivated individuals who deliver exceptional results. Daimler thrives on the ideas and passion of its employees. We shape the company and its brands, and fashion the future of mobility. On the following pages, we would like to tell you more about what we do: Learn about how Daimler defines its claim to be a premium vehicle manufacturer and what it means to be the inventor of the automobile. Experience the variety offered by our brands and look into the global markets that our products help to create. Discover the heart of our performance capa- bility: clean, safe, networked mobility with intelligent interconnectivity. We see ourselves as innovation drivers, but we also believe this is an obligation to society. Our aim is to shape the future and act responsibly. Diversity, acting responsibly and with integrity are not empty words, they are basic principles that underpin our behavior and that we put into practice day after day. For a more comprehensive insight, visit our website offers further information, which you can also access directly via the QR codes in this brochure. We are delighted that you have chosen to take a closer look at our world within Daimler and hope you will be inspired by what you read. Discover the world of Daimler in our corporate video w Daimler  |  We !  |  001
  • 3. more daimler.comKey figures for Daimler. We are Daimler.275,087 people employed worldwide. Daimler is one of the world’s most successful automotive companies. Daimler vehicles can be found in almost all countries around the globe, thanks to its strong brands and a comprehensive range of products.8,000 sales sites around the world and production facilities in 19 countries. Daimler is more than the sum of its brands or products however. Look behind the face of Daimler and there you will find us – 275,000 highly qualified and highly motivated individuals1,451,569 passenger cars sold in 2012 – from smart to S-Class. who deliver exceptional results. Daimler thrives on the ideas and passion of its employees. We shape the company and its brands, and fashion the future of mobility.461,954 trucks from 5t to 49t sold by us worldwide in the past year. On the following pages, we would like to tell you more about what we do: Learn about how Daimler defines its claim to be a premium vehicle manufacturer and what it means to be the inventor of the automobile. Experience the variety offered by our brands and look into the global markets that our products help to create. Discover the heart of our performance capa-252,418 Mercedes-Benz vans put on the road in the last twelve months. bility: clean, safe, networked mobility with intelligent interconnectivity. We see ourselves as innovation drivers, but we also believe this is an obligation to society.32,088 urban and tour buses sold by us in 2012. Our aim is to shape the future and act responsibly. Diversity, acting responsibly and with integrity are not empty words, they are basic principles that underpin our behavior and that we put into practice day after day.EUR 114,297 million generated by Daimler in 2012 in global sales revenue. For a more comprehensive insight, visit our website offers further information, which you can also access directly via the QR codes in this brochure.EUR 8,615 million in EBIT achieved by Daimler in the past year. We are delighted that you have chosen to take a closer look at our world within Daimler and hope you will be inspired by what you read.EUR 5.6 billion invested in research and development in 2012. Discover the world of Daimler in our corporate videoEUR 4.8 billion of capital spending on property, plant and equipment in the last year. w Daimler  |  We .  |  001
  • 4. Never has Daimler been more exciting than it is today. Time and again I am asked the same question: “Mr Zetsche, what’s the most exciting part of your job?” My response: “The magnificent cars we build, of course.” And I really do find that is motivation enough to work at full throttle day in day out – especially as it involves Mercedes cars. The Mercedes-Benz brand is known and admired throughout the world. Why is that the case? Well, for a start, our founders Carl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler invented the automobile. We are incredibly proud of this heritage. To this day, this pioneering spirit continues to drive us to ever-increasing levels of excellence. We are entirely justified in maintaining that Mercedes is synonymous with an ambition to lead, an ambition that has burned steadily for more than 125 years. I am in no doubt at all that Benz and Daimler would be very proud if they knew what we had done with their invention. Much has happened since their time: The automobile has helped billions of people to become much more personally mobile. It has enabled huge quantities of goods to be transported with speed and flexibility. In turn, this has triggered massive boosts to growth in the global economy. However, the good news is that the best chapters in this success story are still to come. Following the spread of individual mobility throughout North America, Europe and Japan in the 20th century, this unstoppable trend has now taken hold in the emerging markets. Quite simply, there is a manifest love affair with the automobile, particularly in China. And it is not only there that an ever-increasing number of people will be able to fulfill their dreams of owning their own car. This situation offers enormous potential growth for Daimler. We intend to make the most of the opportunity and will do so. At the same time however, the appeal of the automobile is presenting us with particular technological challenges: as more people want to own a car, each individual vehicle must become more environmentally friendly and safer. We need to better manage the flow of traffic too, the buzzword in this regard being “networking”. We are facing up to these tasks; we invented the automobile, so naturally we also want to shape its future. Everyone working at Daimler feels committed to this objective. Just as important as our common objectives are our shared values: passion, respect, integ- rity and discipline. We are well aware that the successful performance of the company over the long term is as much dependent on the right attitude as on the right technologies and products. In the long run, communities of shared values are the better communities for creating value. Magnificent automobiles are therefore a major reason, but not the only reason by a long way, why Daimler is a magnificent company. I can best sum it up as follows: “I have now been with Daimler for more than 35 years – and never has it been more exciting than it is today.” Dieter Zetsche Chairman of the Board of Management002  |  We .  |  Daimler Daimler  |  We .  |  003
  • 5. We are Daimler. more Our brands. Sections 001 … 015 Mercedes-Benz Cars We move people. Daimler Trucks Experiencing the future of Mercedes-Benz Vans mobility together. Daimler Buses Daimler Innovative. Financial Services Leading the way. Global. w  |  We .  |  Daimler
  • 6. We are Daimler. We move people. more We are one of the world’s leading automotive companies. It is with passion that we create sustainable solutions for the mobility of today and tomorrow. Our aim is to produce safe, comfortable, efficient vehicles that become more economical and more environmentally friendly from generation to generation. Our business is driven by ideas. It is only with new ideas that we are able to meet the chal- lenges presented by the mobility of the future. We feel as much commitment to protecting the climate and the environment as we do to the safety of our vehicles. Every year, we launch new vehicle models that demonstrate our innovative capability as we progress toward accident-free and emission-free driving. As far as active safety is concerned, we are developing a number of systems based on cameras and radar, for example. To help protect the environment, Daimler has for years been systematically investing in the development of alternative powertrains. As a result, Daimler offers not only hybrid vehicles but also the largest range of local zero-emission electric vehicles powered by batteries and fuel cells. We just love to keep on raising the bar. For example, the new climatic wind tunnels at the Mercedes-Benz Technology Centre in Sindelfingen set global standards for environmentally friendly, efficient development of vehicles. We are close to the customer throughout the world. Daimler is a byword for strong brands and innovative products. We focus on what we do best, which is build premium passenger cars and high-quality trucks, vans and buses with maximum user value, and offer tailored services related to these products. It is becoming increasingly important to have local production facili- ties and we are targeting investment in local markets and new production capacity to enable us to meet the global demand. On the sales side, we always get as close as we possibly can to the customer. Since 2011 for example, China’s automobile enthusiasts have been able to expe- rience the magic of Mercedes up close in our newly opened Mercedes-Benz Centre in Beijing – one of the largest Mercedes-Benz flagship showrooms in Asia. We help to generate global growth. We enjoy success throughout the world – the fruit of good ideas and our ability to produce new, improved solutions time and time again. Our brands transport people and goods right around the globe. As Daimler grows to meet the challenges, so its performance data grows too, both in its core markets of Europe and the USA as well as in the emerging markets. This is supported by new brands and products, not to mention development and production networks. Within an incredibly short time, the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) have become the engines of growth for the world’s automotive industry. The passenger car markets in these four countries will soon be in the global top ten. Demand for mid-sized and heavy goods vehicles is also likely to soar in the medium term.“Innovation is a key word for me. It means pursuing further All this makes us extremely happy, because we still have plenty of ideas. development and advances in whatever you do. It’s all about getting better and better. Daimler represents innovation.”Phiwe Nene, Atlantis Foundries, Cape Town, South Africaw Daimler  |  We .  |  007
  • 7. Innovative.Innovating drives us forward. Our aim is to shape 001 We are pioneers. For more than 125 years we have been a driving force in the development of all kinds of road transport, because we invented the automobile. We have been responsible for a huge range of innovations involving personal mobility in passenger cars, local and long-distance public transport, and the transportation of goodsthe mobility of tomorrow, both actively and responsibly. in commercial vehicles. This experience gives us an advantage that we are exploiting to ensure that this mobility continues to be sustained into the future.Sections 001 … 002 w more We invented the car: now we are shaping its future. Talking point: Innovation in mobility. We are pioneers in the construc- Sustainable mobility is a common thread The extent of this forward thinking tion of automobiles and we see it in everything that we think and do. is impressively demonstrated by the as both an incentive and an obliga- F125! in particular. This research vehicle tion to repeatedly put our innovative A current example is the climatic wind presents us with a view of the techno- capabilities to the test in a quest for tunnel facility at the Mercedes-Benz Tech- logical developments we can expect in groundbreaking technologies and nology Centre in Sindelfingen. This facility future generations of cars – a vision that products that are second to none. recreates extreme weather conditions stretches out beyond 2025. The F125! is inside and enables us to develop new pleasingly aesthetic, combining comfort The first motor car, the first produc- vehicles and components efficiently and with an uncompromising implementation tion automobile with a diesel engine, the in an environmentally friendly manner. It of emission-free mobility requirements. first safety body ever – these and many is not possible to eliminate road testing, Innovative highlights include a highly other milestones demonstrate our con- but it can be significantly reduced. This sophisticated fuel-cell drive system, tribution to shaping the mobility of the capital investment is helping to shorten lightweight and powerful energy storage future. Nowadays however, our innova- the development process before our units, and a lightweight hybrid body con- tive drive is not focused directly on our products can be put on the road. This struction – the future of mobility within vehicles. We also work on solutions, so is also an innovation that illustrates the our grasp. that we can continue to enhance the difference between Daimler and many safety and efficiency of our vehicles. others. Precision forward thinking.008  |  We .  |  Daimler Daimler  |  We .  |  009
  • 8. 002 We test from every angle. Driving without taking to the road: The Mercedes-Benz Technology Centre is home to the most advanced without any risk to themselves, providing engineers with information on the acceptability and handling of driving simulator in the automotive industry. Its 360-degree screen, fast electric drive system and twelve- new safety systems. Equally impressive is that a part of the energy required to drive the simulator is recovered metre rail for movement provide optimal conditions for testing components for future models in all phases through regenerative braking and fed into the power grid. of development. Tests with volunteer drivers allow ordinary road users to push vehicle handling to the limit w more daimler.com010  |  We .  |  Daimler Daimler  |  We .  |  011
  • 9. Leading the way.For us, leading the way means combining the highest quality 003 We fashion leading brands. Daimler is among the most successful of vehicle manufacturers. We have a presence in all relevant markets throughout the world with a total of 14 brands in the automotive sector (including automotive financial services). We capture the hearts and minds of our customers with innovative products across the passenger car, truck, vanand engineering standards with a broad range of products. and bus market segments. We sell a total of over 100 vehicle models – many of them market leaders – in some 200 countries.Sections 003 … 012 w more Innovative, high-quality, reliable: Our strong brands are synonymous with enduring success. Talking point: Dynamic brands. Daimler is one of the world’s leading Trucks focuses on particularly heavy- Mercedes-Benz is the world’s most automotive companies. Our name duty requirements with six strong brands valuable premium automotive brand. The represents brands with the highest manufacturing trucks and school buses. Mercedes-Benz name is already a byword standards of quality and a huge range Mercedes-Benz Vans produces various for the highest level of quality. This is of high-end products. We are not only lightweight vans and trucks (1.9 to 7.5 based primarily on our claim to measure one of the largest manufacturers of tonnes), primarily aimed at commercial everything that we do against our guiding premium passenger cars, we are also users. Daimler Buses is the world’s lead- principle of “The best or nothing”. the number one producer of commer- ing producer of buses over 8 tonnes, its cial vehicles. products comprising city, intercity and All our strength and passion at Daimler is tour buses, as well as vehicle chassis. dedicated to developing outstanding and Daimler AG comprises five divisions Finally, Daimler Financial Services offers long-lasting ideas, manufacturing excit- overall. Mercedes-Benz Cars offers a range of financial services, optimally ing, sustainable products, offering cus- innovative automobiles ranging from coordinated to support sales of products tomer-oriented services and at all times the trendsetter in urban mobility to from the Daimler Group throughout delivering exceptional performance. premium luxury limousines. Daimler the world.012  |  We .  |  Daimler Daimler  |  We .  |  013
  • 10. 004 We are pointing the way in the compact segment. Young, athletic, stylish – the new four-door coupé is setting the trend in the new compact category. The design choose from three different high-quality interior equipment options: Urban, Sport and Exclusive. Innovative is distinctive and provocatively masculine. A low roofline, frameless windows and an eye-catching lamella radiator assistance systems are also available. Ultimately, the wide range of petrol and diesel engines guarantee that grille emphasise the dynamics. This car will excite potential new Mercedes drivers who have never considered a the car is a real pleasure to drive and at the same time deliver state-of-the-art efficiency. Mercedes before: young, performance-oriented trendsetters looking for a vehicle in their own image. Buyers can w more daimler.com014  |  We .  |  Daimler Daimler  |  We .  |  015
  • 11. 005 We present the new E-Class. The E-Class is the quintessential executive car. Our customers are well aware of this and they are already executive car of all time. The performance of the E-Class segment overall is also very impressive: since the launch excited about the new 212 series. Ultra-modern, elegant, safe and comfortable, these cars are the latest in a long of the E-Class family of vehicles in 1993, comprising executive, estate and cabriolet versions, more than 13 million line of successful models. It is 60 years since the first E-Class rolled off the production line. In the intervening models have been sold. The stylish E-Class portfolio is a significant contributor to growth at Mercedes-Benz. period, the model’s appeal has attracted more than 10 million buyers worldwide, making it the most successful w more daimler.com016  |  We .  |  Daimler Daimler  |  We .  |  017
  • 12. 006 Small, nimble and green is what we like. We are defining urban mobility. The new smart fortwo electric drive offers urban mobility in the most com- standards of sustainable drive technology. Environmentally friendly, packed with innovations, powered by pact form. It produces zero emissions on the road, but is all the more fun to drive as a result. Its powerful a groundbreaking drive system and with a unique ultra-modern design, the smart fortwo electric drive is set 55kW electric motor provides acceleration of 0 to 60km/h in just 4.8 seconds. The new smart fortwo electric to elicit an enthusiastic response from a broadly based range of customers in more than 30 markets. drive was developed using the experience from various electromobility projects in order to meet the highest w more daimler.com018  |  We .  |  Daimler Daimler  |  We .  |  019
  • 13. 007 We develop powerhouses. Economy, total reliability and confidence on yet another long trip, every time: These are the virtues of the Mercedes-Benz as an innovation leader – and that, as you would expect for a truck, is the result of unremitting new Actros. The Mercedes-Benz flagship truck product has been completely redeveloped from scratch. development work: the peak performance of the new Actros was refined over 22 million kilometres of It brings together comfort, safety and efficiency into one impressive powerhouse and was barely in full production testing. It runs in the family anyway – the Actros is the world’s most successful heavy-duty truck, more than before it was named “Truck of the Year”. This is a success that emphatically demonstrates the position of 700,000 vehicles having been sold since it was launched in 1996. w more daimler.com020  |  We .  |  Daimler Daimler  |  We .  |  021
  • 14. 008 We mobilise America. Impressive. Economical. With the Freightliner Cascadia Evolution, Daimler Trucks North America is reinforcing off its fuel efficiency. The Evolution of Efficiency tour not only demonstrated that the fuel consumption of the its position as a trailblazer in environmentally friendly technologies and making a statement about its innova- Cascadia Evolution was up to seven percent lower than in its predecessor, it also highlighted that economy and tive strength; out on the road, you just cannot miss it. The new heavy-duty truck will appear on the US market in performance are not mutually exclusive, provided you have the right combination of technology under the hood. 2013, but it has already been on a one-week trip right through the USA in realistic operating conditions to show w more daimler.com022  |  We .  |  Daimler Daimler  |  We .  |  023
  • 15. 009 We have the most economical production hybrid truck. Highest quality standards meet cutting-edge hybrid technology: Our Fuso brand has established exhaust emissions. Another plus point is the vehicle’s compact construction, which makes it ideal for use a worldwide reputation in the light to heavy-duty truck segment and its new Canter Eco Hybrid model in urban areas. These sustainability-based selling points mean that the Fuso Canter Eco Hybrid is popular is emphatically demonstrating how to reinterpret the concept of sustainable mobility. This lightweight not just in its home country of Japan, but in other markets too. Completely incidentally, it has also notched truck is extremely impressive, thanks to its parallel hybrid drive, low fuel consumption and reduced up another record: it is the first series-production hybrid truck to be put on general sale in Europe. w more daimler.com024  |  We .  |  Daimler Daimler  |  We .  |  025
  • 16. 010 We build things to last. Vans. Born to run. Mercedes-Benz vans represent the last word in reliability. Ultimately, they have to deliver few years. The strategic objective is to capture new fast-growing markets and exploit growth potential in our flawless performance day in day out. Intelligent transport solutions and practical equipment options mean that traditional markets. Quality, economy, driving dynamics, efficiency and a broad range of models are allowing us they are flexible and can be customised in line with individual requirements. The new Citan is now taking the to offer solutions that are perfectly matched with urban traffic requirements – and make the Citan the profes- Mercedes-Benz family of vans into the small van segment, the volume of which has mushroomed over the last sional choice for professionals. w more daimler.com026  |  We .  |  Daimler Daimler  |  We .  |  027
  • 17. 011 We are ahead of the times. Improvements on the move: The ComfortClass 500 from Daimler’s Setra brand opens up a new chapter in can be achieved – superb performance perfectly complementing similar advances in value, comfort and safety. the story of premium coaches – and what a particularly exciting chapter it is too! More than 800,000 designer The Setra ComfortClass also goes even further than it really needs to: it already incorporates requirements hours have gone into the development of a vehicle that combines stunning design with absolute high-tech from a large number of the statutory regulations that will only come into force over the next few years – putting standards. However, its primary feature is outstanding economy. Fuel consumption savings of up to five percent it once again not only ahead of the competitors, but ahead of the times too. w more daimler.com028  |  We .  |  Daimler Daimler  |  We .  |  029
  • 18. 012 We offer automotive financial and mobility services. Not all the innovative products from Daimler have four wheels: Daimler Financial Services (DFS) offers a dealers and brands, and thus represent a valuable component of the successful financial performance of Daimler. range of services built around Daimler vehicles, including financing, leasing, insurance, fleet management and DFS makes a substantial contribution to the profits of the Daimler Group. The outlook for the future is excellent innovative mobility platforms such as moovel and car2go. The head office is in Stuttgart, but the division too: demand for commercial fleet management is growing and, especially in Asia, we are seeing a rapid rise in operates worldwide in more than 40 countries. The premium services offered by DFS add value for customers, the demand for automotive financial services – and DFS is offering optimum solutions. w more daimler.com030  |  We .  |  Daimler Daimler  |  We .  |  031
  • 19. Global.Operating globally means, for us, making the most of expertise, 013 We develop markets. Daimler is on course for growth. In our core markets, our capacity to think ahead and innovate means that we are on a winning track. In addition, new products together with networks for development and production are enabling us to gain more momentum in emerging markets. The dynamic growth in these markets willideas and stimulus from every corner of the globe. provide excellent prospects for Daimler in the coming years.Sections 013 … 015 To keep the world on the move, you have to operate worldwide: we are a global enterprise. Talking point: Global markets. Around the globe, the automobile continuous further development of our and development activities as well as pro- forms part of everyday life for the brands and products. Daimler employs duction and sales facilities. This not only human race. It is part of its past, its more than 275,000 people around the provides us with considerable potential present and its future. The automo- world, of which some 166,000 are in for enhancing efficiency, it also gives us bile must keep pace with changes Germany, 22,000 in the USA and 15,000 an edge in comparison with our interna- in the world and be able to satisfy in Brazil. Our production facilities are tional competitors. the diverse range of human needs spread over five continents and 19 coun- convincingly. tries. Even research and development at Great things are only possible if opera- Daimler is on a global basis – with sites tions are networked. Achieving great In other words, global thinking is required in Europe, the USA and in Asia. things has been our benchmark for more to take the automobile forward – and than 125 years. Numerous innovations that is exactly what we do at Daimler. We Around the globe, we also have approxi- from Daimler have shaped the entire auto- would not be one of the most successful mately 8,000 sales facilities and our motive industry in the past. We intend to companies in the history of the automo- products and services can therefore be continue to play this role in the future, tive industry if we did not rely on exper- found in almost all countries of the world. seeking progress conceived on a global tise, ideas and other impetus from the We attach particular importance to a scale and thereby living up to our reputa- four corners of the earth to bring about permanent global network of research tion as an innovation leader worldwide.032  |  We .  |  Daimler Daimler  |  We .  |  033
  • 20. 014 We are on the road around the globe. Active throughout the world: As a global enterprise through and through, we attach a huge amount of impor- 015 We create growth. The future in our sights: At Daimler, we are forward-thinking – and not just as regards our innovations, but tance to integrating expertise from a variety of areas in the world into our processes so that we can continuously in relation to our markets too. Our objective is to continue our success over the long term. For this reason, produce the best possible results. Just as we have a worldwide presence with our products, we therefore also our aim is not only to remain strong in our traditional markets, but also to exploit and step up our presence have a global presence in terms of design centres, production facilities and research and development sites. in today’s growth markets. You can find us wherever our customers are located. w w Global growthfacilities markets forworldwide. more passenger cars. more D Europe 2.8 % Europe excluding Russia Market growth* USA 2.1 % Russia 3.6 % Market growth* Market growth* 13 million vehicles Market volume* 14 million vehicles 2.8 million vehicles Market volume* Market volume* 275,000 employees 2.8 million vehicles Market volume* 14 million vehicles Market volume* 3.5 million vehicles Market volume* China 9.3 % Market growth* Brazil 4.6 % India 12.2 % Market growth* Market growth* Production Design Research & development * Average annual growth of up to 2020Research and development expenditure in 2012: EUR 5.6 billion Global passenger car market 2012: 69,000,000 vehicles soldCapital investment in production sites in 2012: EUR 4.8 billion Global passenger car market 2020: 100,000,000 vehicles sold (forecast)034  |  We .  |  Daimler Daimler  |  We .  |  035
  • 21. Visit our We are tolearn more more daimler.comabout Daimler.w Sections 016 … 047 We never stop thinking. Developing the future of mobility together. Clean. Safe. Networked.036  |  We .  |  Daimler
  • 22. We are Daimler. We never stop thinking. more Individual mobility and the transport of goods form the basis for growth and prosperity in any society. The desire for mobility continues unabated. Our aim is therefore to maintain mobility for future generations by designing it as sustainably and safely as possible. The road to emission-free driving. Daimler is on the road to creating emission-free driving. Our objective is to achieve significant reductions in fuel consumption and emissions by our vehicles – even by the vehicles we are producing now – and avoid such consumption and emissions altogether in the long term. There is no silver bullet. We are therefore developing a broad range of cutting-edge drive technologies that meet the specific mobility requirements, both now and in the future, for all types of road transport. To this end, Daimler has set out an environmental roadmap. The first priority is to continue optimising energy efficiency in vehicles with internal combustion engines. Even in the future, these vehicles will form the backbone for mobility. The second priority is to focus on needs-based hybridisation, i.e. combining internal combustion engines and electric motors in the most efficient way possible. Thirdly, and finally, there is “zero emissions, maximum emotion” – our programme to achieve zero-emission driving with electric vehicles powered by batteries and fuel cells. Electric vehicles from Daimler are not only particularly clean and quiet when on the road, they are also extremely enjoyable to drive. The road to accident-free driving. Billions of people around the world are involved in traffic journeys every day. Our aim is to make the mobility of the future as safe as possible for every single person. We are pioneers in road safety and are pursuing our vision with our “Road to accident-free driving” initiative. Daimler engineers have frequently been ahead of their time in the development of vehicle safety. Our most important aim is to prevent accidents happening in the first place. Our integral safety concept is geared to real traffic and accident circumstances. The cornerstones of our “Road to accident-free driving” initiative are to banish driver stress, actively support the driver in difficult situations and provide optimum protection for all road users. The individual vehicle safety components in our passenger cars and trucks are coordi- nated and interconnected. Rethinking mobility. Population growth, the increasing density of population within limited geographical areas and a simultaneous rise in the requirement for mobility are creating a demand for innovative mobility solutions that are environmentally compatible, economic and socially acceptable. This requires the provision of intelligent mobility for people and urban areas. The starting points for Daimler are a systematic expansion of infrastructure and web-based carpooling communities. Daimler is investing heavily in networked mobility. One example is moovel. This mobility platform shows its users how they can best get from A to B.“It makes me proud to be able to work with colleagues on a technology that The moovel system bundles the services from a variety of private and public-sector mobility providers and presents suitable travel options via app or mobile webpage. will be on the road in huge volumes in the future. It is our children, including my own child, who will be able to experience zero-emission driving.”Andreas Pohl, E-Cell Project Managerw Daimler  |  We .  |  039
  • 23. Clean.Clean mobility requires an intelligent combination 016 We have an environmental roadmap. Our objective is to secure sustainable mobility over the long term. We aim to be a leader in green technologies without neglecting typical Mercedes-Benz virtues such as safety, comfort and sublime driving pleasure. To this end, we are bringing together different vehicle strategies with tailor-made drive solutions.of internal combustion engine, hybrid and pure electric drive. w 016 … 027 more Sustainable mobility needs diversity: we offer three clean drive options. Talking point: Clean driving. Daimler is on the road to creating from the new BlueDIRECT generation Daimler is the global market leader for emission-free driving. The key to envi- of engines with six and eight cylinders. hybrid drives in commercial vehicles. ronmentally friendly mobility is an The advance in technology is that, while intelligent combination of drives. performance and torque are increased, The third development priority is local fuel consumption is reduced by up to zero-emission driving with electric The biggest lever for reducing fuel one quarter. vehicles. A large number of test vehicles consumption and emissions is the equipped with batteries and fuel cells energy-efficient internal combus- A milestone on the road to further have proven successful in field tests. The tion engine. Such engines will continue efficiency enhancements is needs- smart fortwo electric drive, Mercedes- to form the backbone of our mobility based hybridisation. Daimler has Benz B-Class F-CELL, Mercedes-Benz systems for many years to come. In the developed a modular hybrid system Vito E-CELL and others are already on case of diesel engines, Daimler’s range kit for passenger cars and commercial the road. Our electric vehicles offer includes a clean technology in the form vehicles. This allows Daimler to produce zero emissions, less noise pollution and of BLUETEC. In addition to cutting harm- all the variants of a hybrid drive: from plenty of enjoyment for the driver. How- ful emissions, BLUETEC also reduces drives known as a mild hybrid to drives ever, greater range, lower system costs fuel consumption and this reduction that are totally electric. A further option and better infrastructure are require- may be by up to 2,000 litres a year for a is the plug-in hybrid, in which the battery ments that still need to be satisfied truck. Petrol engines as economical as can be charged from a socket in order to in the future if such vehicles are to be diesel engines are what you can expect increase the vehicle’s “electrical” range. operated in optimum fashion.040  |  We .  |  Daimler Daimler  |  We .  |  041
  • 24. 017 We are working on the best mix of drive systems. The future is diversity: our product mix with different drive combinations offers customer-friendly and 018 We optimise internal combustion engineering and technology. The more intelligent the better: The quality and advances in our internal combustion engines will be critical environmentally friendly mobility solutions for every requirement. Our activities are focused on optimising in determining how efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles will actually be in the next 20 years. In the the internal combustion engine, continuing to enhance efficiency through customised hybridisation and medium term, diesel and petroleum – with or without hybrid options – will continue to be used as sources of fuel developing local zero-emission driving options using electric vehicles with batteries and fuel cells. for automobiles. For this reason, we are continuously improving these engines. w w Optimisedfriendly mobility technology.from Daimler. more Optimised more emissions. Better fuel consumption Greater torque Lighter engines Petrol & diesel Electricity Hydrogen Improved direct injection Less carbon dioxide Fewer hydrocarbons Combustion-based drive Fewer soot particles Electric drive (emission-free driving) Less nitrogen oxide Long-distance transport Intercity transport Urban transport Efficient internal combustion engines Hybrid vehicles Plug-in hybrid drives Electric vehicles with batteries Electric vehicles with fuel cells042  |  We .  |  Daimler Daimler  |  We .  |  043
  • 25. 019 We cut fuel consumption and emissions. Clean performance: We are on the road to creating emission-free driving. One of our approaches is to system­ 020 We are writing truck history. The Actros has made history with a record run. The run was from Rotterdam to Szczecin and back – atically optimise internal combustion engines. The results are impressive: between 1990 and 2012 we were able 10,000 kilometres at a record-low fuel consumption of 25 litres per 100 kilometres. The Actros thereby to cut fuel consumption in our passenger cars by more than 40 percent. demonstrated beyond any doubt whatsoever that, with BLUETEC, even the leviathans of the road can be efficient, securing for itself the title of “most economical truck of all time”. w w Petrol Diesel more more daimler.comReduction in fuel consumption C-Class* Reduction in fuel consumption C-Class*1990 – 2012 1990 – 2012 - 43 % - 40 % C CReduction in fuel consumption E-Class* Reduction in fuel consumption E-Class*1990 – 2012 1990 – 2012 -48 % - 50 % E EReduction in fuel consumption S-Class* Reduction in fuel consumption S-Class*1990 – 2012 1990 – 2012 - 44 % - 48 % S S * igures are based on the F most fuel-efficient com- parable model (NEDC) 044  |  We .  |  Daimler Daimler  |  We .  |  045
  • 26. 021 We bring together different worlds. The hybrid drive is a combination of internal combustion engine and electric motor. When the vehicle 022 We are building E-Class hybrids. Fine-tuned hybrid technology for the world’s most successful executive car: In 2013, the new E-Class starts off, and in slow urban traffic, the electric motor is activated. For trips at speed, the internal combustion with state-of-the-art hybrid models will be launched: the Mercedes-Benz E 300 BLUETEC HYBRID with a four- engine is used. The combination of engines also produces additional efficiency. The benefits are lower fuel cylinder diesel engine and 20kW hybrid module is already the most fuel-efficient luxury model in the world. consumption and fewer emissions. Regenerative braking, which converts the vehicle’s braking energy into Just as innovative is the V6 petrol engine in the Mercedes-Benz E 400 HYBRID with 20kW hybrid module. electricity, is used to charge the batteries. w w with internal combustion engine Driving away solely with electric motor.and full battery.1 2 more more Internal combustion engine Electric motor 100% 70 %The combination of internal combustion engine Braking energy is converted into electricity,and electric motor delivers additional efficiency. which is used to charge the battery. 3 4 Electric motor Internal combustion engine Battery 30% 80 %046  |  We .  |  Daimler Daimler  |  We .  |  047
  • 27. 023 We manufacture the Fuso hybrid. The second generation of the Fuso Canter Eco Hybrid is reinforcing the reputation of Daimler’s Japanese 024 We manufactured the first-ever hybrid bus. This is sustainable mobility: hybrid technology is the solution to use to make local bus travel environmentally subsidiary Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation as a pioneer in sustainable mobility. The hybrid truck is friendly and therefore fit for the future. This is being amply demonstrated by Mercedes-Benz with its Citaro G highly efficient and one of the cleanest vehicles in its class – an innovation from the Global Hybrid Center in BLUETEC hybrid. This bus can travel for up to ten kilometres using just its electric drive – and is therefore making Kawasaki, which manages the hybrid activities for all Daimler truck brands. urban traffic that little bit greener. w w more more © Udo Dreesmann Less CO2048  |  We .  |  Daimler Daimler  |  We .  |  049
  • 28. 025 We have electric vehicles for all. Drive with zero local emissions: you can already do this with electric vehicles now. And if you do so, you will available and is demonstrating that vehicles with electric drives are not only clean and quiet, they are also be making a huge contribution to today’s sustainable mobility. However, challenges remain and we are making hugely enjoyable to drive. The range includes small, sporty cars for use around town, urban buses and the vigorous efforts to overcome them. Daimler is the first vehicle manufacturer to develop, produce, and sell SLS AMG Electric Drive, a superb vehicle in terms of performance, drive technology and design. Proof that batteries for automotive applications itself. Our electric vehicle fleet highlights the range of electric mobility even legendary vehicles can be electric. w more daimler.com050  |  We .  |  Daimler Daimler  |  We .  |  051
  • 29. 026 We showcase pure progress. Ambassador for a new era: The B-Class F-CELL is the first vehicle with a fuel cell drive produced by Daimler 027 We are promoting mobility based on hydrogen. The potential offered by hydrogen as a source of energy is huge. However, we can only make use of it if the under mass production conditions. The fuel cell generates electricity from hydrogen and oxygen. In place of conditions are right. Daimler is therefore committed to supporting the development of a network of hydrogen CO2 you get water – pure progress, the practical application of which was demonstrated by the F-CELL World filling stations in Germany. As part of the H2 Mobility initiative, we are working in close collaboration with partners Drive in 2011, which covered 30,000 kilometres around the world with zero emissions. to set up the necessary nationwide infrastructure, thereby ensuring that the future is arriving today. w w Expansion of hydrogen filling more stations in Germany. more Source: cleanenergypartnership, Daimler Hamburg Berlin Düsseldorf Frankfurt Karlsruhe Stuttgart Munich Freiburg Existing Currently being planned Intended Number of hydrogen filling stations in Germany in 2012: 15 Number of hydrogen filling stations in Germany in 2015: 50 (forecast)052  |  We .  |  Daimler Daimler  |  We .  |  053
  • 30. Safe.Comprehensive protection in all situations 028 We set the standards in safety. The number of vehicles is increasing, presenting a challenge for road safety. We see this as a holistic responsibility covering everything from road safety education for small children, to active and passive safety systems, and manuals for the emergency services. As pioneers in vehicle safety, we have set the pace inis the objective of our integral safety philosophy. new safety technologies for many decades.Sections 028 … 038 w more ABS From crumple zone to proactive assistants: innovations from the safety pioneer. Talking point: Innovative safety. We do not simply construct vehicles; ness warning system in passenger cars, likely behaviour and direction, and initi- we also work continuously to refine which identifies the first indications ate appropriate action. and improve vehicle safety systems. of drowsiness and is able to warn the This is guided by our integral safety driver in good time. Ultimately, it is our responsibility to philosophy, in which our objective is provide optimum protection for road to protect and support road users in How can the vehicle be used to users. For over 50 years, innovative all situations. actively cope with difficult situations? vehicle features and intelligent protec- Assist systems are able to identify haz- tion systems have helped to minimise We aim to banish driver stress. Intel- ardous situations at an early stage and the consequences of accidents for all ligent systems support the driver in the inform the driver accordingly. However, road users. Airbags, inertia seat belts, driving tasks and act as an extension of they can also intervene in a support seat-belt pre-tensioners and belt force the senses. At the Mind Lab research capacity to help avoid accidents or limiters have provided Daimler pas- laboratory, scientists investigate driver mitigate the consequences. The vehicle senger cars and commercial vehicles behaviour patterns in order to develop becomes a proactive partner. In the with a high level of safety. The safety of further improvements in assist systems. future, radar and camera systems will other road users has been increased, This led, for example, to the introduc- be in a position to spot pedestrians, for example, by rounded body parts and tion of the ATTENTION ASSIST drowsi- cyclists or other vehicles, predict their underride guards on trucks.054  |  We .  |  Daimler Daimler  |  We .  |  055
  • 31. 029 We view safety holistically. Safety, from a new perspective. Our integral safety philosophy comprises four components. “Prevent” means 030 We are the pioneers in road safety. Daimler is synonymous with automotive safety. This tradition is closely associated with the name Béla preventing hazards and warning in good time. “React” refers to the anticipatory occupant protection in passenger Barenyis. This visionary engineer at worked at the Sindelfingen plant from 1939 and was responsible for inno- cars, for example by means of PRE-SAFE. “Protect” relates to minimising the consequences of accidents. Finally, vations such as the crumple zone and the passenger safety cell, thereby not only shaping the development “Rescue” refers to facilitating a rapid rescue and avoiding anything worse. of the company but also the history of the automobile – a heritage that we have lived up to since then with a stream of new accomplishments. Prevent React Integral safety Protect Rescue056  |  We .  |  Daimler Daimler  |  We .  |  057
  • 32. 031 We set safety standards. We continue today as we have done in the past: safety was and remains at the focus of our innovative 032 We write safety history. On the road to accident-free driving: over decades, numerous achievements from Daimler have repeatedly activities. In 1959, we launched the first production safety body – today we work with high-tensile aluminium brought about further advances in automotive safety and set global standards. One of the latest is Intelligent and steel alloys together with fibre-reinforced plastics to make the passenger compartment even more robust. Drive, the perfect networking of assistant systems enabling the driver to respond to (almost) any hazardous We apply in practice a policy of continuous progress and it still remains our objective to achieve gains in safety. situation on the road. Watch out for more information in relation to the new S-Class during 2013. w 1931 High-volume production passenger car with independent wheel suspension and hydraulic braking system. more 1959 Safety body with crumple zones and interior appointments designed so as to reduce injury hazards. 1964 First bus with non-wearing brakes. 1967 Safety steering system with telescopic steering column and impact absorber. 1978 Anti-lock braking system (ABS) in production passenger cars. 1981 Airbags in production passenger cars. 1987 ASR commercial vehicles. 1995 ESP® (Electronic Stability Program) driving safety system. 1996 BAS brake assist system. 1998 tridion safety cell, DISTRONIC adaptive cruise control. 1999 ABC (Active Body Control) chassis in production passenger cars. 2000 Lane assistant and proximity control in production trucks. 2001 Stability control in production trucks and buses. 2002 PRE-SAFE® anticipatory occupant protection system. 2005 Active night view assist. 2006 Intelligent Light System, ABA (Active Brake Assist) 1 in trucks and PRE-SAFE® braking in passenger cars. 2009 ATTENTION ASSIST drowsiness warning system. 2010 ABA (Active Brake Assist) 2 in trucks. Active Lane Keeping Assist and active Blind Spot Assist. 2011 Collision Prevention Assist becomes standard in the new Mercedes-Benz B-Class. 2012 ABA (Active Brake Assist) 3 in Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles. 2013 Intelligent interconnectivity between sensors and assistants in passenger cars: Intelligent Drive.058  |  We .  |  Daimler Daimler  |  We .  |  059
  • 33. 033 We are developing active safety. Active safety comprises systems and technologies that help to avoid accidents or minimise the consequences 034 We promote passive safety. The objective of passive safety is to minimise the consequences of accidents. Critical factors in addition to of accidents. Daimler is setting the standards in this regard with a variety of advanced developments. Whether they restraint systems such as seatbelts and airbags include body structure and the passenger compartment. To achieve involve camera-based assistants, the lane-keeping or cross-traffic assistant, radar-based systems such as adaptive continuous improvements in safety, Daimler undertakes a large number of crash tests during the development of cruise control or intelligent analysis of the condition of the driver, our innovations are redefining safe driving. each vehicle. Some of the requirements in these crash tests extend well beyond the statutory stipulations. w w is howActive Brake Assist(ABA 3) works. more more Illustration not to scale Warning indicator A warning signal sounds if driver’s vehicle is too close to the vehicle in front. Automatic partial braking If the driver does not respond, the system initiates automatic partial braking (30%). Automatic full braking If driver’s vehicle continues to move closer to the vehicle in front, full braking is applied by the vehicle itself.060  |  We .  |  Daimler Daimler  |  We .  |  061
  • 34. 035 We connect our cars to their environment. Mobility: intelligent as never before. A new dimension in driving was at the focus of Mercedes-Benz TecDay 036 We are building the intelligent automobile. It has all-round vision, which is critically dependent on networking between the vehicle systems, also referred in 2012. Intelligent Drive – a concept that merges safety and comfort, and intelligently interconnects sensors to as sensor fusion. Our objective is to provide comprehensive protection not only for the vehicle occupants and systems. Available as soon as 2013 in the E-Class and S-Class, the many innovations will make driving but for all road users. One of the components of this protection is, for example, the new BAS PLUS brake assist a car even safer and more comfortable. system with cross-traffic assist: it can recognise cross-traffic and pedestrians and use the information to help avoid accidents. w w 360 degrees: sensor field more of vision. more Illustration not to scale 500m Stereo multi-purpose cameraEight times active safety Active Parking Assist Active Lane Keeping Assist Automatic entry and exit to/from Avoids collisions in the event lengthways and side-on parking spaces. of unintended lane departure. 200m Long-range radar with mid-range scan 160m Near/far infrared camera 60m Long-range radar 30m Short-range radarBAS PLUS and DISTRONIC PLUS PRE-SAFE® PLUSPRE-SAFE® braking steering assistant Anticipatory occupant protection 1.2m / 4.5 m Comfortable assistance for in the event of imminent rear impact.With pedestrian identification and Ultrasonic sensorsautomatic emergency braking function. lane-changing manoeuvres. 30m Short-range radar 80m Multi-mode radarBAS PLUS Cross-Traffic Assist Road-Sign Assist Night View Assist PlusBraking support including in Now also identifies “No overtaking” Alerts the driver to people and animals.the event of cross-traffic. and “No entry” signs. 062  |  We .  |  Daimler Daimler  |  We .  |  063
  • 35. 037 We help save lives. Our comprehensive safety approach is not limited just to the vehicle and driver. We also believe we have 038 We train for safety. Assist systems are intended to provide support, but not relieve the driver of all decision-making responsi- an important responsibility to provide information on our vehicles and their safety systems to the emergency bility. Daimler therefore also attaches great importance to training for safe driving, a key additional component services. Daimler therefore offers vehicle-specific rescue cards for many of its models to help ensure that any in the strategy for preventing accidents. Daimler offers special safe-handling training sessions for drivers of necessary rescue is carried out as quickly as possible. all its vehicles, whether passenger car, truck, van or bus. Each year, our instructors show tens of thousands of drivers how they can deal with hazardous situations and recognise or avoid risks. w more daimler.com064  |  We .  |  Daimler Daimler  |  We .  |  065
  • 36. Networked.Networked mobility requires innovative ideas that bring 039 We network mobility and daily life. Ideas for a new culture of urban mobility. In the rapidly growing towns, cities and regions of the world, there is an increasing need for climate-friendly, comfortable and affordable mobility options. We skilfully network innovative services, web-based communication technologies and clean drive systems, thereby opening up newtogether groundbreaking technologies and customer needs. prospects for the future.Sections 039 … 047 w more Mobility of the future needs solutions: welcome to digital life. Talking point: Networked mobility. How are we going to move around in the start of 2013, Daimler will make at their destinations more quickly – and the future? We are shaping the mobil- available more than 6,000 vehicles in at the same time emissions per passen- ity of tomorrow, driven by the passion Europe, the USA and Canada as part of ger kilometre are significantly reduced. and innovative spirit established by the car2go mobility project. After users our founders, Gottlieb Daimler and have completed a one-off registration However, Daimler’s commitment Carl Benz. To do this, we are exploit- process, they can rent these cars spon- extends even further. As a company, ing our competitive advantage taneously at any time of day or night. we also have a responsibility to develop and the options offered by digital a suitable framework for our mobil- technology. If cities and urban areas are to main- ity strategies. In many places, we are tain their appeal, traffic must flow and actively involved in promoting and We are applying innovative ideas be eco-friendly. Daimler is supporting developing charging stations or hydro- to satisfy customer needs for flexible, this objective with groundbreaking prod- gen filling stations, intelligent traffic urban mobility. For example, the moovel ucts and solutions. Bus Rapid-Transit management or telematics. However, mobility platform helps users get from (BRT) is an intelligent system aimed at the establishment of a customer friendly, A to B efficiently. The moovel system booming mega cities and urban areas. practical and affordable infrastructure is bundles services from regional mobility State-of-the-art buses travel at frequent a matter that must be jointly addressed providers and presents suitable travel intervals in dedicated priority lanes with by policymakers, energy suppliers and options via app or mobile webpage. At their own traffic lights. Passengers arrive the automotive industry.066  |  We .  |  Daimler Daimler  |  We .  |  067
  • 37. 040 We are investing in networked mobility. Our aims are not limited to fashioning the future of the automobile. We also want to be actively involved 041 We are bringing about advances in mobility. Networked mobility for all – moovel and car2go are making it possible. The moovel mobility platform in shaping the mobility of tomorrow. We are working in close collaboration with numerous partners to create the bundles services from various mobility providers and has an online interface, showing its users how they can infrastructure for an efficient, networked form of mobility, helping to ensure that, in the future, everyone gets best get from A to B. The car2go initiative covers towns and cities nationwide and provides vehicles that can to their destination by the best possible route. be rented and dropped off without any notice at all 24 hours a day. w www.moovel.comWhere moredo I want daimler.comto go? 15:11 15:11 15:11 15:11068  |  We .  |  Daimler Daimler  |  We .  |  069
  • 38. 042 We offer cars to go. An idea is taking over the world: In 2008, the car2go mobility project was launched in Ulm. It offers flexible 043 We move people. In cities operating the car2go scheme, smart fortwo coupes are available at all locations. Once users have urban mobility and looks set to be highly successful. The car2go scheme has now become well established, and registered, they can rent one of these vehicles spontaneously at any time of day or night. When they have used not only in major European cities such as Berlin or Amsterdam. These car clubs have also been enthusiastically it, they simply drop it off at any public parking space or specially designated parking area – without a rental received in the USA and Canada, and are now transporting people around Miami, Washington D.C., Toronto and agreement, minimum rental period or flat-rate fee. It is flexible and hassle-free: just how 21st-century mobility many other cities. should be. w more D Hamburg Düsseldorf Berlin 950 6,100 vehicles with vehicles Cologne electric drive* in total* Stuttgart Ulm/Neu-Ulm Birmingham Vancouver London Calgary Seattle Amsterdam Vienna Portland Toronto Washington D.C. San Diego Austin Miami * As at: January 2013Registered car2go customers at the end of 2010: 60,000Registered car2go customers at the end of 2013: 500,000 (forecast)070  |  We .  |  Daimler Daimler  |  We .  |  071
  • 39. 044 We are automating the cockpit. Fleetboard: keeping a close eye on everything. The telematics system supports the automation of transport 045 We are breaking new ground. Mercedes-Benz CharterWay is a provider of services in connection with purchasing, servicing and managing processes and the capture of driver hours data. It also reduces maintenance and fuel costs. Fleets of any size commercial vehicles which specialises in Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles. CharterWay provides rapid and can benefit from the diverse range of pioneering services offered by Fleetboard: from networking of drivers and efficient transport solutions such as CharterWay rental: customers can make use of vehicles from the Charter- transport managers to efficiency increases through a reduction in the number of empty truck movements. Way rental fleet, which comprises more than 6,000 vehicles in Germany alone. w w more more daimler.com072  |  We .  |  Daimler Daimler  |  We .  |  073
  • 40. 046 We network safety. Safe automobiles are not enough: road safety in the future requires a holistic approach. For this reason, we 047 We are turning the car into an alarm system. In car-to-car and car-to-infrastructure communications (car-to-X communications), the car becomes an collaborate with other automotive manufacturers and experts from the fields of telecommunications and traffic “alarm system”. In the event of black ice or fog, warning messages sent to following vehicles can help to prevent management. Our vision is to link information from the vehicle environment to driving assist functions using accidents – an innovative approach that Daimler has also pursued in its SIM-TD (Safe Intelligent Mobility – Test innovative communications systems. Field Germany) research project. w safely: Car-2-X andvehicles SIM-TDcommunicate more prevent accidents.with each other. Illustration not to scale Proximity warning Traffic congestion warning Safety messages Sender Accident warning Recipient Other traffic074  |  We .  |  Daimler Daimler  |  We .  |  075
  • 41. Discover the future We are Daimler.of mobility in theTECHNICITY innovation more daimler.commagazine.w Sections 048 … 063 We point the way. Shaping the future of mobility together. Diversity. Integrity. Responsibility.076  |  We .  |  Daimler
  • 42. We are Daimler. We point the way. more Daimler is not only a vehicle manufacturer. Daimler is also a global workforce of 275,000 people, working both internally and externally. We believe that entrepreneurial spirit and corpo- rate social responsibility are inseparably linked. Diversity as a factor in our success. Every person is different – and that’s a good thing. At Daimler we are delighted by the diversity among our employees. They have a multitude of talents, experience, skills and expertise that we use around the globe. They are a mirror of our customers, suppliers and investors. All employees in the Group help to create an appreciative, diverse working environment. In the future, we intend to make even more of a conscious effort to put together mixed teams with the aim of generating potential for innovation and creativity. This leads to new requirements, but also a great number of opportunities. Diversity continues to shape everything that we think and do and is an integral component of our corporate culture. If you act with integrity, you gain the respect of others. Responsible conduct is the core prerequisite for long-term success. We believe that integrity amounts to more than formal compliance with laws, rules and regulations. It is a fundamental ethical attitude, a kind of “internal compass” that keeps us on the right path. The objective of Daimler is to ensure that integrity is permanently embedded in its corporate culture. However, core ethical values are not easy to lay down. Daimler therefore promotes a culture of acting with integrity through a variety of initiatives and continuous dialogue. In these initiatives and dialogue, employees at all hierarchical levels and in all functions and countries share their views on what integrity means for each individual person in their day-to-day work. The results have been fed into the new Daimler Integrity Code. It provides all employees with guidance on responsible conduct in day-to-day work. Back in May 2011, Daimler launched the groupwide campaign known as “fairplay”. This international initiative heightens employee awareness of integrity and compliance issues. Shaping, helping, developing. Our market is the entire world. Corporate social responsibil- ity and local engagement therefore form natural components of our corporate culture. The objective of our commitment in this regard is to provide people with future prospects and help them to help themselves. Our employees also put this responsibility into practice themselves and invest time, money and a great deal of effort in a wide variety of projects for the common good. Our worldwide presence means that we are able to play an active and continuous role in shaping the social environment at our various sites and to promote dialogue between cultures. In doing so, we gather valuable experience that helps to ensure our company becomes even more firmly rooted in the local environment concerned.“I believe Daimler is an excellent partner focused on helping its employees to grow. At Daimler, I can take on responsibility and help the company to become even more successful.”Ai Meng, CAReer management trainee in customer relationship management, Beijing, Chinaw Daimler  |  We .  |  079
  • 43. Diversity.Diversity is a natural feature of corporate life 048 We see diversity is a strategic factor in successful performance. We value diverse opinions and lifestyles. Our people give Daimler the power to drive innovation and shape the future of our company. For our global business, we make the most of their talents, experiences and skills. Diversity management, i.e. the specific promotion of diversity in the company, has been firmly enshrined as part ofat Daimler and makes us more successful. the corporate activities of Daimler since 2005 and is an important contributing factor in the success of the business.Sections 048 … 054 w more Daimler’s success. Your benefit. Our responsibility. Talking point: Teamwork and diversity. “Daimler’s success. Your benefit. Our diversity, diversity management has been sity within the company. At the beginning, responsibility.” With this statement firmly embedded within the company on diversity management at Daimler focused by the Board of Management, Daimler a worldwide basis since 2005. This has on gender diversity. The agreed goal was has made a clear commitment to not simply been a question of creating a to increase the proportion of women in diversity and diversity management. diversity organisation, it has also included senior management positions throughout the understanding that diversity is a man- the Group to 20 percent by 2020. Now, Diversity makes a sustained contribution agement responsibility: at global, regional other dimensions – generation manage- to our competitiveness. True innovation, and local levels. Our diversity programme ment and multiculturalism – are becom- efficient cooperation and a sound comprises a wide variety of internal and ing more of a priority. understanding of our future markets external activities. All these activities are are only possible if we have a diverse aimed at harnessing the broad range of We rely on the potential of heterogeneous range of skills and talented people in talent and putting the differences to good teams in our change and innovation pro­ our company. use – and translating them into excellent jects. Our Employee Resource Groups are automotive solutions. a sign that diversity management is not Daimler believes that diversity is a strate- just an element of our strategy but also a gic factor in successful performance. To We are concentrating on different areas tangible part of day-to-day work. emphasise the enormous significance of of activity in order to actively shape diver-080  |  We .  |  Daimler Daimler  |  We .  |  081
  • 44. 049 We offer a diverse range of prospects. Best performance is only achieved with the best people: we do a great deal to attract outstanding special- 050 We offer flexible working-time models. Daimler believes that a work-life balance is not just a promise. Our objective is to provide active support ists and managers, encourage them and give them room to develop – thereby strengthening our reputation in relation to this key motivational factor for our employees. We have implemented a number of initiatives as an employer of choice. Multifaceted training and professional development programmes help us to unearth including flexible working-time models and offer specific practical day-to-day assistance, for example in the individual talents and put these talents to good use. form of our “sternchen” day-care nurseries. w w to more morethe fore! daimler.com082  |  We .  |  Daimler Daimler  |  We .  |  083
  • 45. 051 We are deliberately establishing mixed teams. The right mix produces success: we attach great importance to bringing together employees from different 052 We are international and intercultural. Daimler is a global enterprise. We specifically promote cross-cultural skills, for example through generations, disciplines, cultures and nations. We actively promote diversity, for example through diversity training sessions and workshops, because this environment gives rise to new requirements in addition to workshops. This is because mixed teams are indispensable if we want to generate outstanding performance. creating opportunities. Our aim is to offer all employees the opportunity to think globally and act locally.084  |  We .  |  Daimler Daimler  |  We .  |  085
  • 46. 053 We have excellent networks. Moving forward together: Our culture of diversity can also be seen in action in the form of networks or 054 We are setting a course for 20 percent. More women at the top – an economic necessity. A key objective of Daimler’s diversity management is Employee Resource Groups. These networks bring together employees with common goals and interests – therefore to promote women. We have committed to efforts to increase the proportion of women in management across all sites, levels and departments. Networking – which may include networks for management positions to 20 percent by 2020. trainees, forewomen or employees of Turkish descent, for example – creates long-term added value for all the employees involved and for the company.WorldwideEmployee ResourceGroups andnetworks at Daimler. Professional and sector-based networks Gender such as the networks DMN diversity forepersons’ network. such as the Women’s Business Network and the FNW women’s network. Ethnic/cultural networks such as the Daimler Türk-Treff Employee Resource Group. Added value Sustainability Communication Creativity Interests Employees Motivation Image Relationships Company Sexual identity networks such as the GL@D gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender network.Number of Daimler employees organised in networks, 2007: 348Number of Daimler employees organised in networks, 2012: 1,802086  |  We .  |  Daimler Daimler  |  We .  |  087
  • 47. Integrity.Acting with integrity means, for us, 055 We demonstrate integrity. As a company, we are proud of our heritage – and we have a bright future. Both the success enjoyed in the past, and that expected in the future, is not simply derived from strong products, but also from a shared understanding of integrity and corresponding behaviour. Therefore, alongside a tradition of innovativedoing the right thing out of conviction. creativity, we also maintain a tradition of working to a set of values.Sections 055 … 058 w more Honesty, fairness and trust: integrity as the basis for long-term success. Talking point: Unifying values. Daimler not only aims to offer the ness partners based on a genuine belief Group. These initiatives have included best in terms of its products, brands in the values concerned. Responsible a global integrity dialogue, initiated in and services, it also strives to set corporate conduct is based on general November 2011, in which employees standards through integrity. ethical standards – as expressed for from all levels in the hierarchy and from example in the United Nations Global all functions have held open discussions For us, acting with integrity means Compact – that apply regardless of on what integrity means in terms of day- doing the right thing out of conviction country, culture or language. to-day work. – as part of our responsibility for our company, our business partners and as To promote this culture of integrity, Integrity is one of our four corporate a member of society. Naturally, we com- Daimler created the BoM division Integ- values and forms the basis of our busi- ply with national and international laws rity and Legal Affairs. It includes legal ness activities. We firmly believe that, as well as other regulations and internal affairs, compliance organisation, integ- in the long run, communities of shared guidelines. However, integrity extends rity program office and Group data pro- values are also the better communities beyond complying with the rules. Our tection. This BoM division also includes for creating value. objective is to establish at Daimler a responsibility for observing and uphold- values-based corporate culture in which ing human rights. Diverse integrity initia- the basic principles are followed and put tives are helping to permanently embed into practice by all employees and busi- these corporate values throughout the088  |  We .  |  Daimler Daimler  |  We .  |  089
  • 48. 056 We have clear standards. Multinational companies require universally applicable values and standards of conduct that provide regulations; the company is aiming for a culture in which behaviour is dictated by shared values. We expect stability and guidance in complex day-to-day business operations. Mandatory principles and policies serve such conduct from all employees, and from our business partners too. We regard the United Nations Global as safety barriers – they provide a secure framework and help to prevent loss or damage. Daimler is striving Compact as a mandatory reference framework. As a founding member of the LEAD group, we actively promote to establish a corporate culture based on integrity that extends beyond simple compliance with rules and the Global Compact and adhere to its principles. Our business standards   We observe human rights.Clear safety barriers   We ensure free choice of employment.   We condemn child labour.   We promote equality of opportunity.   We ensure freedom of association.   We ensure fairness as regards pay, working hours and benefits.   We promote health and safety in the workplace. Our business relationships.   We avoid conflicts of interest.   We prohibit bribery and corruption.   We exercise vigilance in the engagement of partners.   We apply strict export controls.   We apply comprehensive data protection.   We support fair competition.   We maintain the confidentiality of industrial secrets. Responsibility for the environment and safety.   We ensure environmentally friendly production.   We produce environmentally friendly products.   We ensure product safety and quality.090  |  We .  |  Daimler Daimler  |  We .  |  091
  • 49. 057 We promote open dialogue. Integrity is based on conviction and cannot be imposed from above. In 2011, the Board of Management 058 We take integrity on tour. The Integrity Truck began its tour during the autumn of 2012: the truck visited numerous Daimler production of Daimler AG therefore initiated an integrity dialogue throughout the Group. The objective was to develop a facilities in Germany, promoting integrity under the slogan “Integrity on the move – priority for respect, openness common understanding of what integrity means at Daimler. The results have been fed into the new Daimler and fairness”. The tour offered interactive presentations around the theme of integrity, an ideal opportunity for Integrity Code, which came into effect in November 2012. employees to engage in discussion and become involved in the company-wide dialogue process.We holddiscussionson integrity. For me, integrity is a fundamental moral principle. Integrity helps me to decide what I can and can’t do. Integrity means you do not Administrative employee, China go looking for loopholes. Administrative manager, Germany Respect for each individual, regardless of level in the hierarchy. Manager, Brazil Integrity is part of my personal set of values. I aim to create Fairness to employees, a working environment that suppliers and customers. has the effect of strengthen- Development employee, Germany ing employees. Administrative manager, South Africa Everyone should act as a role model. Integrity requires Development employee, Germany responsibility for your own actions. Administrative employee, Germany Trust: the basis Bearing responsibility for successful for regions and the people that live there. collaboration. Works council member, production, Germany Openness, transparency Works council member, production, Germany and honesty is the basis for any collaboration. Administrative employee, Germany Our customers and business partners see us as the model of Integrity is trust in the team. a fair company. Manager, Brazil Manager, Germany Doing what is right, even when no one is looking. Administrative employee, USA092  |  We .  |  Daimler Daimler  |  We .  |  093
  • 50. Responsibility.Acting responsibly means, for us, committing 059 We combine success and social engagement. Economic success and corporate social responsibility belong together. Together with our employees, we take part in projects for the common good and thereby help to find solutions for social challenges. Our activities are extremely varied and are based both on our values and on local the future of our society and our environment. w 059 … 063 more Shaping, helping, developing: how Daimler fulfils its corporate social responsibility. Talking point: Shared responsibility. Nature is the basis for our future earlier than that and includes the entire force in Germany is doubled by Daimler. and a stable society the basis for a product life-cycle: development, produc- As you would expect of a global enter- good business environment. For this tion, product use, disposal and recycling. prise, we are also involved in worldwide reason, we fulfil our corporate social aid projects. This may involve emergency responsibility and are committed to Daimler is involved in both small and aid following natural disasters, such as supporting an environment in which large aid projects around the globe. the one in Japan, but can be of a more it is worth living. Our sense of responsibility and common long-term nature on the basis of helping desire to open up and support opportuni- people to help themselves. Daimler believes that environmental ties that need our contribution and assis- protection is a holistic task to which tance is translated into a vast number of The future belongs to creative minds. we must apply ourselves in all areas of initiatives. One example is the “Donate a In the “genius” education initiative, we the business. As an automotive manufac- smile” initiative. Every year since 2008, help to get children and young people turer, we believe we have a responsibility Daimler employees in Stuttgart and interested as early as possible in issues to avoid emissions, increase energy effi- Berlin have been wrapping up Christ- such as mobility, environmental protec- ciency and press ahead with the develop- mas presents for children from socially tion and technology. The MobileKids ment of environmentally friendly drive disadvantaged families. Another example initiative is aimed at children around the systems and fuels. However, at Daimler, is the ProCent development fund: every world to raise awareness of road safety environmental protection begins much cent of net salary donated by the work- and traffic issues.094  |  We .  |  Daimler Daimler  |  We .  |  095
  • 51. 060 Our production processes are environmentally friendly. We set standards – including for environmental protection. We include the entire development and 061 We donate growth. There are many different ways in which we can make a difference. Often great things can be achieved production process, together with the product life-cycle, i.e. the complete process from development to with small gestures, as demonstrated by the example of the ProCent initiative. This development fund initiated recycling, in our environmental management system. Environmental protection at Daimler takes many by the general works council provides employees in Germany with the opportunity to donate cent amounts different forms, including climate-friendly heat generation, new paint-spraying technologies and the use from their net salary to be used for not-for-profit purposes. For every cent donated by employees, the company of renewable energies. And each one pays dividends. then donates a further cent, i.e. the amount is doubled. w w more more daimler.com096  |  We .  |  Daimler Daimler  |  We .  |  097
  • 52. 062 We provide road safety training. Safety is a matter for everybody! Children are actively involved in the traffic environment – so it is all the 063 We generate enthusiasm. The “genius” education initiative was set up by us to get young people enthusiastic about science and more important that we ensure primary school children can deal with the dangers presented by road traffic. technology. The initiative focuses on generating interest in future-related topics based on fun and curiosity. Together with international traffic experts, we therefore launched the international MobileKids initiative. We Example topics include climate and environmental protection. In this way, we are helping to make sure have been teaching children about the various aspects of road safety using materials appropriate to the age there is a new generation of talent available for the benefit of our company and the wider community. of the children concerned since 2001. w w more more daimler.com098  |  We .  |  Daimler Daimler  |  We .  |  099
  • 53. Join us on theDaimler Blogand mobilise more daimler.comthe future.w We are Daimler. Experience the future of mobility together.100  |  We .  |  Daimler Daimler  |  We .  |  101
  • 54. See our video: more Daimler on more YouTube. w We are Daimler. Daimler AG is one of the world’s most successful automotive companies. With its divisions Mercedes-Benz Cars, Daimler Trucks, Mercedes-Benz Vans, Daimler Buses and Daimler Finan- cial Services, the Daimler Group is one of the biggest producers of premium cars and the world’s biggest manufacturer of commercial vehicles with a global reach. Daimler Financial Services provides financing, leasing, fleet management, insurance and innovative mobility services. The company’s founders, Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Benz, made history with the inven- tion of the automobile in the year 1886. As a pioneer of automotive engineering, Daimler continues to shape the future of mobility today: The Group’s focus is on innovative and green technologies as well as on safe and superior automobiles that appeal to and fascinate its customers. For many years now, Daimler has been investing continually in the development of alternative drive systems with the goal of making emission-free driving possible in the long term. So in addition to vehicles with hybrid drive, Daimler now has the broadest range of locally emission-free electric vehicles powered by batteries and fuel cells. This is just one example of how Daimler willingly accepts the challenge of meeting its responsibility towards society and the environment. Daimler sells its vehicles and services in nearly all the countries of the world and has production facilities on five continents. Its current brand portfolio includes, in addition to the world’s most valuable premium automotive brand, Mercedes-Benz, the brands smart, Freightliner, Western Star, BharatBenz, Fuso, Setra and Thomas Built Buses. The company is listed on the stock exchanges of Frankfurt and Stuttgart (stock exchange symbol DAI). In 2012, the Group sold 2.2 million vehicles and employed a workforce of 275,000 people; revenue totaled EUR 114.3 billion and EBIT amounted to EUR 8.6 billion.102  |  We .  |  Daimler
  • 55. more We are Daimler. Ten facts. Daimler AG is one of the world’s most successful automotive companies. With its divisions Mercedes-Benz Cars, Daimler Trucks, Mercedes-Benz Vans, Daimler Buses and Daimler Finan- 1886 Carl Benz constructs the world’s first automobile. cial Services, the Daimler Group is one of the biggest producers of premium cars and the world’s biggest manufacturer of commercial vehicles with a global reach. Daimler Financial Services provides financing, leasing, fleet management, insurance and innovative mobility services. 1889 The first truck with an internal combustion engine appears. The company’s founders, Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Benz, made history with the inven- tion of the automobile in the year 1886. As a pioneer of automotive engineering, Daimler 1936 Daimler-Benz uses diesel engines in production passenger cars for the first time. continues to shape the future of mobility today: The Group’s focus is on innovative and green technologies as well as on safe and superior automobiles that appeal to and fascinate its customers. For many years now, Daimler has been investing continually in the development 1954 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL is launched, the first production vehicle with direct petrol injection. of alternative drive systems with the goal of making emission-free driving possible in the long term. So in addition to vehicles with hybrid drive, Daimler now has the broadest range of locally emission-free electric vehicles powered by batteries and fuel cells. This is just one example of how Daimler willingly accepts the challenge of meeting its responsibility towards 1959 Safety body developed by Daimler-Benz goes into full production. society and the environment. Daimler sells its vehicles and services in nearly all the countries of the world and has 1978 ABS anti-lock braking system offered in production vehicles for the first time. production facilities on five continents. Its current brand portfolio includes, in addition to the world’s most valuable premium automotive brand, Mercedes-Benz, the brands smart, Freightliner, Western Star, BharatBenz, Fuso, Setra and Thomas Built Buses. The company is 1981 Daimler-Benz supplies the first production passenger cars equipped with airbags. listed on the stock exchanges of Frankfurt and Stuttgart (stock exchange symbol DAI). In 2012, the Group sold 2.2 million vehicles and employed a workforce of 275,000 people; revenue totaled EUR 114.3 billion and EBIT amounted to EUR 8.6 billion. 1995 ESP, the world’s first active driving safety system, goes into full production. 2005 BLUETEC diesel technology is offered in numerous passenger cars and trucks. 2012 smart fortwo electric drive and Mercedes-Benz E300 BLUETEC HYBRID enter into full production. w  |  We .  |  Daimler
  • 56. Daimler AG, COM/M 5836/1642/02/0313Daimler AGStuttgart,