Daimler AG "The Group 2012."


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Daimler AG "The Group 2012."

  1. 1. The Group 2012.
  2. 2. More than 125 years ago, Carl Benz and Gottlieb Daimlerinvented the automobile independently of one another.Today, automobiles are moving the world. The pioneeringspirit of our company’s founders, and the passion of thatera to transform visions into reality, still inspire us to thisvery day. As the inventors of the car and the truck, we thusalso assume responsibility for their future. Our brief is toreinvent the automobile over and over again. Contents 4 Editorial 6 The Road to Emission-free Driving 18 The Road to Accident-free Driving 26 People shape the future 36 Overview of the Divisions 50 Daimler at a Glance
  3. 3. Daimler | The Group 2012 | Editorial | 4 -5Dear reader, The automobile has been transforming Nevertheless, one thing is clear: We are by no meansthe world since 1886 – and it will continue to do so a faceless “corporation,” but an ongoing collaborativein future. Over the coming decades, however, the project involving more than 270,000 highly qualifiedcar itself will undergo more rapid and fundamental and motivated people throughout the world. In theirtransformation than ever before: On the one hand, its diversity, they reflect our customers and markets. Andbest days are still to come in view of the global growth they demonstrate day a er day that top performancein demand, but on the other hand, reserves of petro- is not a matter of gender, age, or background – in fact,leum are limited – and the resilience of our ecosystem different perspectives and competencies constituteeven more so. This poses the question of how to reli- fertile ground for creative ideas.ably reconcile the growing demand for mobility witheffective climate protection. While this is by no means A further issue is also acquiring increasing signifi -an easy task, it is an extremely exciting and important cance, not only at Daimler: integrity. What does thischallenge. And no one is as well prepared for it as our mean in the context of our Group? In short, it meanscompany, the inventor of the automobile. that “making decent earnings” and “making earnings decently” are two sides of the one coin. And integrityThe next chapters in automotive history thus promise extends beyond mere formal compliance with laws to be at least as interesting as the previous ones. No and regulations: It is a basic attitude founded on eth- matter whether you already know Daimler or are read- ics, an “inner compass” as it were, that keeps us on ing this brochure to familiarize yourself with our Group the right course even in complex business situations.– I expressly encourage you to form your own opinion! We intend to set standards in this area too. Gain an impression of the facts and of the background conditions that allow us to say that Daimler is in an ex- A brochure such as this can of course only cover a cellent position to reassert its leading role in shaping very small selection from the wealth of topics that the future of mobility – constitute Daimler. But perhaps this selection will– as a supplier of premium passenger cars, trucks, whet your appetite for more. I wish you enjoyable vans, buses, and services reading!– with Mercedes-Benz as the core brand in all business divisions– and as a leader in innovations and technology. Dieter Zetsche Chairman of the Board of Management of Daimler AG, Head of Mercedes-Benz Cars
  4. 4. Daimler | The Group 2012 | The Road to Emission-free Driving | 6 -7Milestones in drive technology18861896 The world’s first automobile First truck with gasoline engine The Road to1900 First modern automobile Emission-free Driving1921 Production car with supercharged engine1924 Production truck with diesel engine1936 Production car with diesel engine1954 Production car with gasoline direct injection1977 Production car with turbo diesel engine1985 Electronically controlled 4MATIC four-wheel drive1986 3-way catalytic converter in series production1993 Oxidation catalytic converter in series production1994 NECAR test vehicle with fuel cell drive1997 Production car with common rail direct injection2003 7G-TRONIC electronically controlled 7-speed automatic transmission2005 Production truck with BlueTec diesel technology2006 Gasoline direct injection with spray-guided combustion process2009 Production car with hybrid drive and lithium-ion battery2009 Fuel cell car in small-series production2010 BlueDIRECT engines2010 Electric cars and vans with lithium-ion battery in small-series production2011 Purely electric-powered car2go fleets in Amsterdam and San Diego2012 Production start-up for in-house production of lithium-ion batteries2012 Series launch of electric smart and Mercedes-Benz E 300 BlueTEC Hybrid Automotive luxury redefined. The F 125! is the radical reinterpretation of a sports sedan. Its sensual sportiness and exciting contours with organically formed edges and surfaces, including the falling lateral line, are the avantgarde ongoing development of the current Mercedes-Benz design.
  5. 5. Daimler | The Group 2012 | The Road to Emission-free Driving | 8-9We shape the future – and provide sustainablesolutions for the mobility of today and tomorrow. Our goal is to reduce the fuel consumption and emissions of our vehicles with an intelligent blend of drive systems to suit all requirements, and to avoid them altogether in the long term.As the inventor For 125 years, Daimler has been a driving forceof the automobile, behind the overall development of road transport –Daimler assumes from individual mobility by car up to the transportresponsibility for of goods with trucks. We are using this competitiveits future. edge in development to secure sustainable mobility in all these areas, for the future as well. Our custom- ers expect safe, comfortable, high-performance vehicles that at the same time are required to be increasingly economical and environment-friendly. As the inventors of the automobile, we are making high investments to meet these demands. Our vision: an intelligent blend of drive systems. For more then a century, automobiles were operated almost exclusively on the basis of petroleum. In view of dynamically growing global mobility demands, dwin- dling oil reserves, rising energy prices, and a constant increase in environmental awareness, Daimler is now focusing on made-to-measure solutions to cater to the diverse requirements for mobility in all areas of road transport. We have set out the key priorities in development in our “Road to Emission-free Driving”: – the ongoing development of cars and commercial vehicles with state-of-the-art internal combustion engines, in order to significantly reduce fuel con- sumption and emissions – further increases in the efficiency of modern internal combustion engines through consistent hybridization, – the development of locally emission-free electric 30,000 kilometers around the world in 125 days: As part of the “H2-Mobility” initiative and vehicles powered by the fuel cell and the battery. The pioneering “Mercedes-Benz F-CELL World Drive,” in a cooperation with Linde AG, Daimler For Daimler, this intelligent blend of drive systems is launched in 2011 with three fuel cell vehicles, was is driving forward the establishment of a the key to sustainable mobility. a resounding success. close-knit network of hydrogen fuel stations. Joining forces to achieve more. One component of the integrated approach of our “Road to Emission-free Driving” comprises partnerships with other companies from the fields of technology, energy, and infrastruc- ture, together with the public sector. Initiatives such as the international “e-mobility” projects, the fuel cell test fleets in Berlin, Hamburg, and Los Angeles, or the “car2go” car-sharing projects currently being intro- duced in a dozen major cities throughout the world provide the basis for testing new vehicle and mobility concepts in practical operation.
  6. 6. Daimler | The Group 2012 | The Road to Emission-free Driving | 10-11Innovation, not renouncement. The internalcombustion engine remains the mainstay of mobility. The efficiency of our internal combustion engines will determine how much fuel will be saved over the coming years – and what amount emissions can be avoided.The greatest By reason of their high performance, state-of-the-artpotential for reduc- diesel and gasoline engines will remain the drivinging consumption force of mobility until well into the future. This appliesand emissions to individual mobility with passenger cars – especiallyis provided by in long-distance travel – as well as to public transportinnovative, energy- and goods transportation by truck. The quality of ourefficient diesel and combustion engines is therefore the key to how muchgasoline engines. fuel can be saved over the next few years and the quantity of emissions that can thereby be avoided. The first of three points of focus on our “road map” is therefore the optimization of vehicles with internal combustion engine. An intelligent combination of various strategies is making both passenger cars and commercial vehicles cleaner and more economical – and thus fit for the future. Commercial vehicles in focus. With “CleanDrive Technologies” as part of the “Shaping Future Trans- portation” initiative – clean propulsion systems and alternative fuels – Daimler‘s commercial vehicles sector is shaping the future of mobility. With BlueTec technology, for instance, efficient diesel engines make BlueDIRECT engines are convincing with their uncompromisingly Bivalent gasoline/natural gas drive for reduced fuel consumption and, thanks to improved lightweight design and consumption optimization. combines ecology and economy. combustion and exhaust a ertreatment, ensure lower levels of pollutants. Low-emission, low-noise natural gas and hybrid drives are a further proven alternative The Mercedes-Benz Actros with the BluTec 6 system to pure diesel engines in commercial vehicles, espe- is the world’s most fuel-efficient 40-ton truck. cially in city traffic. Already today, more than 400,000 vehicles with “CleanDrive Technologies” from all the Group‘s brands are in operation with customers on the roads of the world and are showing the way to attain- ing an ambitious goal: the zero-emission commercial vehicle. Individual, fast, clean, safe. Our cars stand for comfort, safety, driving pleasure, and environmental compatibility – our customers can rely on this in the future as well. New developments, such as the four-cylinder diesel or the latest generation of super- charged gasoline direct injection engines, are showing the way ahead along with the use of alternative fuels. However, the opportunities for optimizing the drive unit do not stop there: Our BlueEFFICIENCY packages unite further fuel-saving features for gasoline and diesel passenger cars. Depending on the model series, these include various measures carried out within the engine and a combination of numerous technologies for reduced body weight. The customized packages At Mercedes-Benz, BlueEFFICIENCY stands for future- are rounded off with low rolling-resistance tires, op- oriented efficiency technologies and innovative timized aerodynamics, and the ECO automatic start/ packages of measures for optimizing fuel consumption stop function as a precursor to hybridization. and emissions. In the Mercedes-Benz E-Class sedan, the most efficient engines have been combined with sophisticated measures for aerodynamics and energy management in order to minimize fuel consumption.
  7. 7. Daimler | The Group 2012 | The Road to Emission-free Driving | 12-13A milestone for increased efficiency:Consistent hybridization made to measure Hybrid drives combine combustion engines and electric motors,for all mobility requirements. thus providing the best of both worlds.The key to greater Hybrid drives are an important element of Daimler’s The leader in commercial vehicles. In the commer-efficiency and strategy for sustainable mobility. Depending on the cial vehicle sector too, Daimler is pressing ahead with The Mercedes-Benz E 300 BlueTecenvironmental type of vehicle and driving situation, hybrid vehicles drastically reducing fuel consumption, CO2 output, HYBRID study vehicle, powered bycompatibility lies are powered by the internal combustion engine and other exhaust emissions. These activities are a new four-cylinder diesel engine,in electrification and electric motor either individually or in tandem. grouped together in the “Shaping Future Transporta- demonstrates fuel savings potentialof the drivetrain. Especially in inner-city areas, this can bring about fuel tion” initiative. Here as well, a key role is played by with its low combined consumptionFor this purpose, savings of up to 20 percent. The key component in hybrid technologies, which depending on a vehicle‘s figure of just 4.5 liters per 100 km.Daimler has devel- electrification is the energy storage medium. Daimler use can be expected to cut diesel fuel consumptionoped a modular is the world’s first manufacturer to have succeeded by up to one-third. Here too, tailor-made conceptsplug-in hybrid in matching lithium-ion battery technology to the are the key to success. In the truck sector, Daimler issystem. demanding requirements of automotive application focusing on parallel hybrid drive, in which the vehicle and making it ready for large-scale production. As of is powered by a combustion engine and an electric 2012, Daimler has production capacities of its own for motor either separately or in tandem. This currently state-of-the-art lithium-ion batteries and thus has ac- represents the ideal solution among the competing cess to the key technology for emission-free driving. interests of production costs, dimensions, weight, performance, operating conditions, and energy ef- Flexibility in passenger cars. Hybrid vehicles with ficiency, and also allows purely electric driving. With modular electric drive components can further in- this approach, Daimler received the 2010 “German crease the efficiency of optimized internal combustion Sustainability Award” for the Mercedes-Benz Atego engines – especially in inner-city areas. Which hybrid BlueTec Hybrid. For city buses, series hybrid drive is architecture is the most appropriate in environmen- the premium choice: The internal combustion engine tal and economic terms also depends on the size of supplies a buffer battery via a generator and operates the vehicle and how it is used. In the passenger car with optimum fuel efficiency at all times. Thanks to segment, hybrid solutions have been realized from their electric drive, these buses can operate emission- the compact smart to the premium Mercedes-Benz free in inner-city areas. S-Class. The modular hybrid system, which provides a great deal of flexibility in terms of performance The battery – the key to efficiency. As a core and operating range, ensures that driving pleasure is component of hybrid drive technology, Daimler makes compatible with economy under all circumstances. use of a battery based on lithium-ion technology; The range of hybrid solutions from Mercedes-Benz this unit is superior in terms of power output and The modular hybrid system incorporates innovative extends from the convenient start/stop function, storage capacity. The major advantages of lithium-ion approaches to electrification of the powertrain. through the recuperation of braking energy, to purely batteries are their higher energy density and improved electric driving. A further variant is plug-in technology, electrical efficiency, despite their more compact which allows the battery to be additionally charged dimensions and lower weight. The cycle strength of at a conventional household socket to increase a these batteries is particularly high, which makes vehicle‘s “electric” operating range. A feature shared for a useful life of at least ten years under normal by all these systems: Fuel consumption decreases, operating conditions. while driving pleasure increases. Over 3,000 Orion VII diesel-electric hybrid buses are proving reliable in customer operation. The Mercedes-Benz Atego BlueTec Hybrid 12-tonner is “Truck of the Year 2011.”
  8. 8. Daimler | The Group 2012 | The Road to Emission-free Driving | 14-15Emission-free driving. Electric vehicles poweredby batteries and fuel cells are key elements In electrical mobility too, Daimler focuses on customized vehicleof sustainable mobility. concepts. To cater to all mobility requirements, we are taking a number of different routes into the future.The future has Daimler, the world’s first car manufacturer, entered The key: energy storage media. Crucial to allbegun. Electric the age of emission-free electromobility in 2011 electric drive systems – from hybrid units to purelyvehicles with with three series-production models. Along with the electric motors for cars, vans, trucks, and buses –batteries and fuel pioneer among battery-electric vehicles – the smart are energy storage media that are powerful, safe, andcells have proven fortwo electric drive – the Mercedes-Benz A-Class reliable. To secure its leading role in the long term,their reliability E-CELL and Mercedes-Benz B-Class F-CELL now also Daimler has become actively involved in Li-Tec, ain operation with run very quietly and help conserve natural resources. subsidiary of Evonic. In addition, a joint venture by thecustomers. Locally The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG E-CELL super sports name of “Deutsche ACCUmotive GmbH & Co. KG” hasemission-free car and the Mercedes-Benz Vito E-CELL city van are been founded. As of 2012, this cooperation is concen-driving is already likewise showing the way ahead to emission-free trating on the development and production of lithium-a reality in the driving. With buses and trucks too, Daimler is making ion batteries specially designed for automotive use.urban environment. a clear statement with models such as the Fuso Daimler thus has direct access to the key technologyDaimler is playing Canter E-CELL, the Freightliner MT E-CELL, and the for emission-free driving.a pioneering role in Mercedes-Benz Citaro FuelCELL Hybrid. These exam-the development of ples all demonstrate that Daimler is also setting store Going the distance. In view of their extensive operat-these technologies. by customized vehicle concepts in the field of electric ing range, hydrogen-powered fuel cell cars are also vehicles. In order to fulfill all mobility requirements, ideal for long-distance travel. They are characterized Emission-free in operation, quiet as a whisper, and easy on resources: we are taking various routes into the future. Whether by emission-free, quiet operation, a high level of Daimler uses lithium-ion batteries from its own production facilities. The new Mercedes-Benz Citaro FuelCELL Hybrid. it be with the battery or the fuel cell, electric drive is a driving dynamics, favorable acceleration, and high key component of our zero-emission driving strategy. efficiency. In the passenger car segment, small series of the Mercedes-Benz A-Class F-CELL and the current Emission-free city driving. Electric smart cars of B-Class F-CELL models have long since been a regular the first and second generations have shown where sight on the roads. And the Mercedes-Benz Citaro battery-powered vehicles can be used as alternative FuelCELL Hybrid is leading the way into the future of means of transport. In inner-city areas, where public transport. Daimler is pursuing a further techni- access restrictions and green zones are no longer cal approach with the Mercedes-Benz Vision B-Class the exception, the advantages of locally emission- E-CELL PLUS. This vehicle, with electric drive and free, quiet, and highly efficient vehicles come to the a range extender, has an overall range of up to 600 fore. The third-generation smart fortwo electric drive kilometers – including up to 100 kilometers in purely will be introduced on some 30 markets in 2012; this electric mode. car combines further enhanced driving pleasure with even greater efficiency. Crimen se arx Reduco Protendo neo Ejulo una Paulisper The electric vehicle fleet makes for locally emission-free driving thanks to innovative battery and fuel cell technology.
  9. 9. Daimler | The Group 2012 | The Road to Emission-free Driving | 16-17All-round commitment. Supporting the infrastructureand mobility initiatives. Innovative ideas, sustainable concepts, intelligent visions. Together with our partners we can achieve more.Whether it be Daimler not offers only a unique blend of products Priority for buses. Public transport is facing a numberelectrical charging with a wide variety of drive systems; it is also our of challenges, especially in rapidly growing major cities.points or hydrogen responsibility as a company to develop the appropri- With the “Bus Rapid Transit” (BRT) mobility concept,filling stations, ate background for our mobility concepts. In particular, buses travel at short intervals along dedicated lanesintelligent traffic an infrastructure that is customer-friendly, practical, with separate traffic light phases. This ensures rapid,management, or and affordable can only be successfully developed comfortable travel even in rush-hour traffic. BRT is atelematics – devel- with a concerted effort on the part of the political sustainable concept for the future that Daimler hasoping the road sphere, energy suppliers, and the automotive industry. already successfully implemented in cities such astransportation In numerous cooperations and initiatives, Daimler is Istanbul, Nantes, and Bogotá.system of the future demonstrating its commitment toward also makingcalls for concerted the automotive environment fit for the vehicles of An intelligent infrastructure. Regardless of individualcommitment. tomorrow. vehicles, an intelligent transportation infrastructure is essential for the traffic of tomorrow. For this reason, Rapid charging. The acceptance and thus also the Daimler – together with other automotive manufac- success of electric vehicles depend not least on a turers, suppliers, and traffic management and tele- close-knit charging infrastructure. An exemplary communications research experts – has already been solution-oriented approach is the “e-mobility Berlin” involved for several years in research projects project, which is using intelligent charge management for intelligent transport. Initiatives such as ACTIVE, to create the framework for emission-free driving “Network on Wheels” (NoW), and “Safe, Intelligent with battery-powered vehicles. Similar projects have Mobility – Test Area Germany” (simTD) deal with now been launched in further European cities. the networking of vehicles both with each other and with intelligent transport infrastructure. Intelligent, environment-friendly, up to date: The new filling stations. Initiatives such as “H2- The car2go car-sharing project has long been In Amsterdam, car2go is now in operation with 300 smart fortwo electric mobility” and the “Clean Energy Partnership” cater to a formula for success. drive vehicles – one of the world’s largest electric car-sharing fleets. the steadily increasing number of fuel cell vehicles on the roads and are securing Germany’s top position as the pioneer of the hydrogen infrastructure. Together with further leading enterprises, Daimler has set itself the goal of establishing a comprehensive network of hydrogen filling stations. Specifically, Linde and Daimler are cooperating to install an additional 20 hydrogen filling stations in Germany over the next three years. Sharing mobility. The intelligent car rental concept car2go has long proved successful. A er the success- ful pilot phase in Ulm, seven more cities are now enthusiastically following suit. In 2012 alone, car2go is being launched in Stuttgart, Berlin, Lyon and Düsseldorf. Berlin will have the largest fleet, with 1,000 vehicles in all; and Stuttgart will follow Amsterdam and San Diego to be the first German city with an all-electric fleet. A total of 500 smart fortwo electric drive vehicles are planned for the second half of 2012, along with the appropriate charging infrastructure. Daimler has developed a further innovative approach to urban mobility by the name of car2gether; this is a Web-based ride-sharing community that processes car pooling requests from drivers and potential pas- sengers by smartphone – another way of remaining flexible and independently mobile without a car of one‘s own. Buses to the fore: “Bus Rapid Transit” (BRT) is a successful solution in traffic management.
  10. 10. Daimler | The Group 2012 | The Road to Accident-free Driving | 18-19 Milestones in safety technologyThe Road to 1931 Production car with independent wheel suspension and hydraulic brake systemAccident-free Driving. 1959 Safety body with crumple zones and hazard-reduced interior 1967 Safety steering system with telescopic steering column and impact boss 1971 Production car with integral safety concept 1978 Anti-lock braking system (ABS) in production cars 1981 Airbag in production cars 1982 Multi-link independent rear suspension 1995 ESP safety system 1996 Brake Assist (BAS) 1998 The tridion safety cell 1998 DISTRONIC adaptive cruise control 1999 Active Body Control (ABC) in production cars 2000 Lane Assistant and proximity control in production trucks 2001 Stability control in production trucks 2002 PRE-SAFE® preventive occupant protection system 2005 Active Night View Assist 2006 Intelligent Light System 2006 ABA 1 Emergency Brake Assist in trucks and PRE-SAFE® brake system in cars 2009 ATTENTION ASSIST alertness monitor 2010 ABA 2 Active Brake Assist in trucks 2010 Active Lane Keeping Assist and Active Blind Spot Assist 2011 All-round assistance systems in the new Mercedes-Benz B-Class 2012 Active Brake Assist ABA 2 in the Mercedes-Benz Travego coachThe new driving simulator at the Mercedes-Benz Technology Center in Sindelfingen.Realistic simulation provides impetus in research and development – and helps prevent accidents.
  11. 11. Daimler | The Group 2012 | The Road to Accident-free Driving | 20-21Arriving safely. As the pioneers of road safety,we are continuing further along the Road to From the first crumple zone to the vehicle as a thinking partner –Accident-free Driving. Daimler has invariably been the pioneer of develop-ments in vehicle and road safety.Daimler defines No less than 5.5 billion people throughout the world occupant protection system. If the system detects asafety as a holistic participate in traffic on a daily basis. We intend to critical situation on the basis of information providedtask – firmly make the future of mobility as safe as possible for by sensors, it initiates reflex measures to protect theestablished as a these people. As the pioneers of safety, we are driver and passengers. Further groundbreaking fea-key element of continuing along the Road to Accident-free Driving. tures are the passive safety systems developed in thecorporate strategy. Daimler defines road safety as a holistic task. In “Shaping Future Transportation” initiative for Daimler’s addition to refining and developing safety systems for commercial vehicles. Optimum protection for touring the benefit of vehicle occupants and pedestrians alike, coach drivers and their front passengers in a front- the challenge for us thus also extends to developing end collision is offered for example by Front Collision an intelligent transport infrastructure, so that acci- Guard (FCG), a standard feature in the Mercedes-Benz dents are prevented from occurring in the first place. Travego and Setra TopClass 400 coaches. The pioneer of occupant protection. Béla Barényi, Experience counts. Road safety is a holistic respon- the “father of passive safety,” first outlined Daimler‘s sibility. Daimler endeavors to provide all road users Vision of Accident-free Driving back in the 1950s. One with optimum protection and support in all situations. outcome of his endeavors was the “rigid passenger In the development of active safety systems for risk compartment” with crumple zones, which celebrated prevention and accident mitigation, Daimler employs a its premiere in the W 111 model series in 1959. To this “Real Life Safety” philosophy based on real accidents. day, the ongoing development of the crumple zone We have been investigating accidents on German roads ensures an increasingly safe vehicle interior. The pro- since 1969. These findings provide important impetus tection of a vehicle‘s occupants is further enhanced for the development of new safety technologies. with adaptive airbags, belt tensioners, belt force limit- ers, and sensor-controlled crash-active NECK-PRO head restraints. A unique synergy of active and pas- sive safety is provided by the PRE-SAFE® preventive Daimler, the pioneer of passive safety, leaves nothing to chance in occupant protection even today. With comprehensive assistance systems, Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles are always at the forefront of safety technology. Real and virtual safety tests pave the way for accident-free driving.
  12. 12. Daimler | The Group 2012 | The Road to Accident-free Driving | 22-23The vehicle as an intelligent partner. The driveris supported by radar and camera-based systems. With assistance systems, Daimler is giving its vehicles “senses” that interact in a network and exchange data.According to inde- Modern, convenient driver assistance systems make The camera: an additional eye. Around one in sixpendent studies, it easier for the driver to concentrate on the task at accidents in Germany are the result of vehicles veer-the interaction of hand. And keeping drivers in top physical shape is ing off the road. Help is at hand here in the form ofmodern radar and crucial to accident prevention. By means of radar and Lane Departure Warning in cars and trucks, and thebraking technology sensor-based assistance systems, Daimler is giving Lane Assistant (SPA) in buses. Adaptive Highbeamprevents around vehicles “senses” for intelligent reflex reactions, thus Assist improves vision for passenger car drivers: This36 percent of all transforming them into thinking partners. system‘s camera monitors the traffic scenario, and byrear-end collisions means of an intelligent image-processing algorithm iton German express- Reliable radar. Daimler strategically uses radar to can not only recognize other illuminated vehicles, butways. monitor a vehicle‘s surroundings, largely because also calculate their distance. A world premiere in the a radar-based system can be used under almost all new Mercedes-Benz CLS is Active Night View Assist weather conditions and is not highly susceptible PLUS, with a spotlight feature that highlights potential to interference. The DISTRONIC PLUS® proximity hazards in the driver’s immediate field of vision by control feature maintains the car at a preselected identifying people on the road ahead and marking distance from the vehicle in front, and Brake Assist them with a flashing light. PLUS reduces its speed and brings it to a halt if the traffic situation so requires. The PRE-SAFE® preven- The responsibility still rests with the driver. “Driver tive occupant protection system for passenger cars fitness safety” is part of our company’s safety philos- initiates hard braking, which can considerably reduce ophy. This begins with the dimensional concept of the severity of an accident. If the driver reacts in the interior, extends to all aspects of suspension, air time, Brake Assist PLUS builds up the required braking conditioning, seating, and noise comfort, and includes pressure within a fraction of a second. Blind Spot the development of intelligent assistance systems. Assist, developed by Mercedes-Benz, makes use of Physiological measurements of typical stress indica- radar technology to monitor the area immediately tors and psychologically-based driver interviews are adjacent to and behind the vehicle; it warns the driver also carried out before and a er test drives. On board if a lane-changing maneuver would be too dangerous. a rolling research laboratory – the so-called Mind-Lab Networked assistance systems such as Blind Spot Assist Premium assistance systems are now also making the new Active Brake Assist and adaptive cruise control in – measurements based on neurophysiological methods transform vehicles into “thinking” partners. compact A- and B-Class cars even safer. trucks and coaches provide electronic support for provide insights into cognitive, subconscious behavior; commercial vehicles. The new emergency braking these findings cannot be influenced by the driver. feature Active Brake Assist 2 for the heavy-duty Evaluation of all this data helps to constantly improve Mercedes-Benz Actros truck and the Mercedes-Benz assistance systems; a er all, it is always a human who Travego coach now also initiates braking if stationary sits behind the wheel. Professional training courses objects are detected, as in unexpected traffic jams for car and commercial vehicle drivers are therefore a on expressways. This radar-controlled system‘s further important element of accident prevention. key advantage is that it remains effective under all weather and visibility conditions. The new “Active Brake Assist 2,” which helps prevent front-end Thanks to the wide-angle integral mirror with integrated camera-aided truck collisions, has received the “FuturAuto 2011” award. backup assist, the driver has an overview of hazards behind the vehicle.
  13. 13. Daimler | The Group 2012 | The Road to Accident-free Driving | 24-25Symbiosis. Safe vehicles go hand in handwith an intelligent infrastructure. Daimler is leaving no stone unturned in enhancing both the safety of its vehicles and the success of the entire transport system – these two objectives go hand in hand.Our research Already today, our research and development engi-encompasses neers are giving thought to safe driving in the futuretrends, customer – and not only in connection with innovative vehicles.requirements, Daimler is joining forces with specialists from theand the demands automotive and telecommunications industries, alongplaced on tomor- with traffic management experts. This synergy isrow’s mobility. being concentrated under the umbrella of the “AKTIV” research initiative to enhance safety and efficiency in road transport. Intersections as accident hot-spots. Intersections are the most frequent location of accidents in inner- city traffic. Driver assistance systems can provide greater safety here by relieving the burden on the driver and warning him or her of impending danger in good time. For this reason, Daimler has been advancing the development of basic technologies for intersection assistance systems as part of the AKTIV research initiative. Communication is crucial. Focused, timely, compre- hensive information for all road users on traffic flow and hazardous situations is indispensable for road safety and the mobility of the future. Development is therefore focusing on technologies that enable com- munication both among vehicles and between indi- vidual vehicles and the infrastructure. The transport of the future will be characterized by the exchange of information between “public” and “private” partners. Driver fitness: To further improve assistance systems, scientists investigate The future starts today. The Experimental Safety driver behavior patterns in the Mind-Lab mobile research laboratory. Vehicle (ESF) program dates back to the early 1970s. It was in these vehicles that Daimler developed almost all major systems for improving active and passive safety. The current ESF 2009 likewise shows new, unconventional approaches to enhancing vehicle safety and provides detailed insights into current development projects. The ESF 2009 experimental safety vehicle demonstrates the latest advances toward the Vision of Accident-free Driving.
  14. 14. Da mle Daimler | The Gro p 2012 | People shap the future | 26-27 h Grou 2012 rou o 2 e s ape the future pe utur u 6 -2 For our customers, the name Daimler stands o our cust me s stom t m D ai l e t n d world world. As an employer, it is impor tant to us that r mploye ploy o s m or tant an s hat for a cinating automobiles a groundbreaking for fascinating automobiles and groundbreaking atin t o o e gro a g w we provide our employees with opportunities for ov d e mployee p o es t opportun t e o unitPeople shape the Future. mobili y echnology. o us, it s t n s or e mobility technology. For us, it also stands for the bili i hnol y n people who work here and who with their knowledge, e op e ork or h nd t hei k owle ge e enthusiasm, and diversit y constitute the driving force n hus asm, n diversit onstitute he r ving orce dive ity vers itute i orce develo m n in he r rofessional and p sonal ive development in their professional and personal lives, lopm e iona n a in accordance with their individual needs and skills. W n ccord nce w th heir d vidua ne d an skil s or er u We meet the challenges facing a modern enterprise ee t halle ge a n modern terpris le n kl erpris es of our success; it also means promoting the potential f ur uccess t s uccess e s; e n promotin t po ential romot m a with regard to work- life integration and flexibility of i h egar to rk li n egration n ar rati x bi i y bili of each and ever y employee and giving shape to diver- f ac a e er e ploy oy nd ivin shap to iver v n shap w rk chedules, a accommodat the var ous need work schedules, and accommodate the various needs hed commodatd ri ds si sity within the Group. ithi the Gro p. t i h of the company and our employees. f he ompany d mploy es loye Coop Coopera i bet w e youn an old, en d omen Cooperation between young and old, men and women, per m n W h xce le t pp r tuniti With excellent oppor tunities for basic and advanced cel tuniti r asic nd dv nce ic people di eren educ tiona backgrounds, at on - people of different educational backgrounds, nation- pe en d c on ck train ng w training, we are making a significant contribution raini i e a ki s gnifi n contribution i alities, ult res, nd hys ca onstit t on generate alities, cultures, and physical constitutions generates tie ysi sica es t ward ducat o society, u ture an scienc as toward education, societ y, culture, and science as a ad u a y, ture ce vehicles ha meet ith enthus asm hroughou th vehicles that meet with enthusiasm throughout the hat t enthu global nt rprise an a ntegra par t societ y. global enterprise and an integral part of societ y. s and ral ci
  15. 15. Daimler | The Group 2012 | People shape the future | 28-29We bear responsibility: for the mobility of the futureand for the future of our employees. Only those who embrace and promote the competence and talent of all individuals, regardless of origin, gender, age, or culture, can successfully put the skills of these people to use in every phase of life.As an attractive Mobility requirements, and thus also the desires Experience welcome. Whether in business manage-employer, Daimler and needs of all our customer groups, are subject ment, controlling, production, or any other sector:intends to remain to constant change. For this reason, it is always Entrepreneurship, communication skills, and teamthe company new, innovative ideas and visions that have made spirit are important values that are required of futureof choice in the the Daimler Group what it is today: a leading global Daimler employees along with professional qualifica-quest for the best provider of premium automobiles, the world‘s largest tions. The “Learning on the Job” training programtechnology. manufacturer of commercial vehicles, and a driving provides an uncomplicated introduction to employ- force for future mobility concepts. Our employees ment and gives participants the opportunity to rapidly are shaping our future. In their wide diversity they contribute and deepen their own knowledge. reflect our markets and are our most important competitive advantage. Promoting potential. Preparedness to undergo life- long learning is indispensable in our rapidly changing A career boost – right from the start. Investing world. LEAD (Leadership Evaluation And Development), in young talent is investing in the future. CAReer, a planning tool for individualized employee promotion, the Group-wide program for young graduates and supports employees throughout the world in their professionals with initial practical work experience, further development. We also offer many opportuni- provides the ideal start to a long-term career with ties for specialist and personal professionalization. Daimler. Participants from over 30 nations – about 35 percent of whom are women – participate in a variety of projects for a period of twelve to 15 months and get to know the company very well. CAReer is internation- Our employees are characterized by high qualification, ally based and secures pole position worldwide for communication skills, and team spirit. Daimler in the labor market. However, it is not only technical competence that counts. With its “College Knowledge” scheme, Daimler also offers seminars for Pioneering achievements are the fruits of strengthening social skills. all-encompassing exchange between the generations. First insights. Interns, too, experience the working of our global enterprise at close hand. Whether they be school pupils or university students, interns are involved in important processes and take on respon- sible tasks. The “Daimler Student Partnership” study program, which has already received the Internship Award several times, focuses on the promotion and development of the individual participants, who receive personal coaching and are made fit to embark on a successful career with practical assignments both within Germany and abroad. A variety of talents and viewpoints, but a shared goal: Producing the world’s best automobiles.
  16. 16. Daimler | The Group 2012 | People shape the future | 30-31The right blend makes all the difference.Diversity management at Daimler – a contribution Promoting diversity. Making connections.to corporate success. Shaping a secure future. Diversity makes a sustainable contribution to our competitive strength.All employees Leadership and change. As a pioneer and pacemaker,should be able Daimler will continue to play a leading role in diversityto find their own management. For us, it goes without saying that allniche in our mobil- management staff must actively secure diversityity concepts. We within their spheres of responsibility. For a numberachieve this with of years, diversity management has been one of thea blend of employ- LEAD criteria for evaluating the performance andees that reflects potential of Daimler’s management staff. The inclusionthe diversity of our of qualitative and quantitative diversity goals in targetmarkets. agreements fosters the Group-wide development of diversity competence: We see Daimler‘s rich diversity as a chance to achieve more together. Diversity is more than gender diversity. The diver- sified nature of our staff is the driving force with which we intend to move on together toward greater accomplishments in the future as well. The experience, perspectives, and skills of our employees reflect the diverse nature of our customers, suppliers, investors, and the environment. Outstanding achievement is not concerned with gender or origin. Each and every person has a personal profile of his or her very own. We respect this and put to advantage the creative synergies that result from a wide variety of exper- tise and perspectives. The promotion of women is the prime focus of our diversity management; but dimensions such as interculturalism and an aging society likewise demonstrate that we adopt a broadly based approach to diversity. Diversity management is a competence in leadership, communication, and cooperation that is locally, regionally, and globally established and exercised at Daimler – not only because it is politically correct, but because it brings social and economic benefits. Individuality counts. The diversity of modern forms of living is lending increasing importance to the balance between work, family, and private life. We are taking account of this development with a variety of flexible working time models and with our compre- hensive childcare offer at our “sternchen” (little star) day nurseries. At Daimler, no parent is now faced with the alternative “family or job.” We also regard demographic transition as both a challenge and an opportunity. Diversity in all its facets is an important component of our corporate culture and one of the pillars of our success.
  17. 17. Daimler | The Group 2012 | People shape the future | 32-33Social responsibility: for us, a global opportunity. It is our aspiration to reconcile economic, environmental, and social factors, and thus fulfill our social obligations.As a good corporate Our social responsibility begins with our more than Safety through education. Since 2001, we havecitizen and a globally 260,000 employees – but it does not end there by any made more than 1.3 million children throughout theactive enterprise, means. Our presence in many countries around the world fit for road traffic with the MobileKids safetyDaimler is looking world gives us the chance to play a role in shaping the initiative. As active road users, children rely on ourbeyond the confines social environment and promoting dialogue between particular attention and consideration. The globalof the Group and cultures. Our aspiration to reconcile economic, envi- MobileKids initiative, which was developed in con-is fostering positive ronmental, and social factors meets with acknowledg- junction with international traffic experts, presentsand sustainable ment: Daimler has once more earned “prime invest- the many facets of road traffic in an age-appropriate,social development. ment” status in the ratings of oekom research. We interesting, playful, and varied manner. With the see this as confirmation of our continuing strategy MobileKids School Days, a nationwide road safety of sustainable and socially responsible economic contest for elementary school classes, to the Mobile- management. Kids road traffic school in the Ravensburger Spiele- land amusement park – MobileKids shows that safety Tradition obliges. Our leading position as the pioneer can be fun. of automotive technology entails the responsibility Parents and teachers are also given increased aware- to treat sustainable mobility, environmental protec- ness of risk prevention and are supported by a wealth tion, innovation, and safety as the most important of information. The MobileKids website, for example, challenges facing our company. From research and includes high-quality didactic material and instruction- development through to production, we focus on al ideas on the topic of road traffic for downloading. efficient use of resources, and on reducing emissions A combination of virtual and real training is provided and noise. In 2010, Daimler for the seventh time for example by the interactive Safety Map: Together presented its Environmental Leadership Award (ELA) with their parents, children can document critical for pioneering projects in the development of environ- spots in their local environment or on their way to mental protection and sustainability within the Group. school. In this cooperative project for the benefit of The numerous projects submitted by international all, an interactive map is generated that provides infor- teams from all corporate divisions are representative mation on hazards, practical solutions, and special of our holistic approach to environmental protection traffic conditions. and sustainability. Helping, supporting, driving forward. In our role Young talent is our future. Bearing responsibility as a corporate citizen, we support numerous initia- also means securing young talent in the long term. tives through donations and sponsorships. We apply With “Genius,” an education initiative open to children high quality standards to our commitment and have and adolescents throughout Germany, Daimler there- created transparent structures and clear responsi- fore intends to provide young people with insights into bilities for the granting of funds. At the focus of our Mobility should be fun! With MobileKids, children future technologies and professions in the automotive activities in this field are the promotion of science and learn to move safely in traffic. industry, thus arousing their interest in engineering education, support of charitable projects, and disaster careers. “Genius – the Young Knowledge Community” relief. We also honor private commitment. With its focuses above all on mobility for the future. With “We move it!” initiative, Daimler supported 125 social numerous activities, partnerships, and its own Inter- and environmental projects for voluntary employee in- net site, this initiative addresses not only children volvement in the anniversary year 2011 with donations and adolescents, but also parents and teachers. of up to € 5,000 in each case. With our sponsorship activities we are promoting sustainable development in key areas of social responsibility such as education, the environment, the arts, and culture. Inquisitive questions are worth asking. Children come up with clever solutions at the Genius workshops. The “Safety” workshop explains to youngsters in a playful manner how airbags work.
  18. 18. Daimler | The Group 2012 | People shape the future | 34-35Integrity as the cornerstone of sustainable success. In the long run, value communities are also the better value-added communities.Integrity, passion, Given the diverse nature of national legislation New Board division promotes a corporate culturerespect, and throughout the world, globally active enterprises need of integrity. To promote this culture of integrity,discipline are values and standards of conduct that are universally the Board division “Integrity and Legal Affairs” wasvalues that we valid. Only when companies take these issues seri- created in February 2011 under the leadership ofuphold – today ously can they avoid long-term risks and operate Dr. Christine Hohmann-Dennhardt. Her sphere ofand in the future. sustainably. Daimler strives not only to offer the best responsibility includes the legal sector, compliance with its products, brands and services, but also to organization, and the area of corporate data protec- set standards by acting with integrity. For us, this tion. The responsibility for respecting and upholding means doing the right thing out of personal conviction human rights likewise rests with this Board division. – out of responsibility toward our company and our The division’s many initiatives contribute to sustain- business partners and as a member of society. ably securing integrity and compliance throughout the Group. In November 2011, for example, a company- Integrity goes beyond mere compliance with laws wide dialogue on integrity was initiated, at which and regulations. Of course, acting with integrity employees from all hierarchical levels and functions also means compliance with national and international conduct an open exchange of views as to what legislation as well as with regulations and internal integrity means in their everyday work. In addition, policies. Transparent rules are indispensable for the “fair-play” campaign was launched for all business well-functioning cooperation. In today’s increasingly units worldwide in May 2011; this deals with issues complex business world they show the way ahead and from the fields of integrity and compliance. ensure reliability. Our corporate responsibility extends beyond the factory gates. We therefore expect com- pliant behavior not only of our employees, but also of our business partners. Above all, however, it is important to us to establish a value-oriented corpo- rate culture at Daimler, the principles of which are actively supported and lived out with conviction by all employees. A er all, along with economic success, responsible business conduct over national, cultural and language barriers must also be guided by univer- sally valid ethical standards, as expressed for example in the UN Global Compact. We are honest, fair, and trustworthy. Integrity is one of our four corporate values.
  19. 19. Daimler | The Group 2012 | Overview of the Divisions | 36-37 Daimler stands for strong brands with high-quality products.Daimler AG: With the divisions Mercedes-Benz Cars, Daimler Trucks, Mercedes-Benz Vans, Daimler Buses, and Daimler FinancialOverview of the Divisions. Services, we are the leading producer of premium cars and the largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles with a global reach. With Daimler Financial Services, we extend our range with all-round vehicle-related financial services. Mercedes-Benz Cars: The products range from high-quality small cars to premium automobiles and luxury sedans. Daimler Trucks comprises six strong vehicle brands with 33 manufacturing locations worldwide for trucks and school buses. This sustainably secures mobility in the transportation sector. Mercedes-Benz Vans produces vans in weight categories from 1.9 to 7.5 tonnes at seven locations in Germany, Spain, the United States, Argentina, and Vietnam. Daimler Buses is the world’s leading manufacturer of omnibuses over eight tonnes. The product range of Daimler Buses comprises urban and interurban buses, touring coaches, and chassis. Daimler Financial Services provides customized financing solutions that promote the worldwide sale of vehicles from the Daimler Group.
  20. 20. Daimler | The Group 2012 | Overview of the Divisions | 38-39The Daimler Group. With innovations and expertise,we are setting global standards for the future. As the inventor of the car and the truck, we are passionate about their future. We are equally committed to the protection of the climate and the environment and to the safety of our vehicles.As the pioneer Daimler AG is one of the world’s most successfulof automotive automotive manufacturers. With the divisionsengineering, Mercedes-Benz Cars, Daimler Trucks, Mercedes-Benzwe are shaping Vans, Daimler Buses, and Daimler Financial Servicesthe future this automotive producer is one of the largest manu-of mobility today. facturers of premium passenger cars and the biggest globally operating producer of commercial vehicles. Daimler Financial Services offers solutions in the areas of financing, leasing, insurance, fleet manage- ment, and innovative mobility services. The company‘s founders, Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Benz, wrote history with the invention of the automo- bile in 1886. As the pioneer of automotive engineering, Daimler is still shaping the future of mobility today: The Group sets store by innovative and green technol- ogies and safe, top-quality automobiles that fascinate and inspire its customers. For many years, Daimler has been consistently investing in the development of alternative drive systems with the aim of achieving zero-emission driving in the long term. In addition to hybrid vehicles, Daimler thus also offers the widest range of locally emission-free electric vehicles pow- ered by the battery and the fuel cell. For Daimler, living up to its responsibility toward society and the environment is both an ambition and an obligation. Daimler distributes its vehicles and services in almost every country in the world and has production facili- ties on five continents. In addition to Mercedes-Benz, the world’s most valuable premium automobile brand, the Group’s current brand portfolio includes smart, Maybach, Freightliner, Western Star, BharatBenz, Fuso, Setra, Orion, and Thomas Built Buses. The Mercedes-Benz F 125! opens up visionary perspectives on technological developments in the luxury segment. Research at the Mercedes-Benz Technology Center in Sindelfingen: Tests in the climate tunnel. All systems go: Large-scale production of the smart electric drive in Hambach. Commercial vehicles with alternative drive systems at the Mannheim plant’s Competence Center for Emission- free Mobility (KEM).