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Daimler AG „Diversity shapes our future.“
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Daimler AG „Diversity shapes our future.“






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    Daimler AG „Diversity shapes our future.“ Daimler AG „Diversity shapes our future.“ Document Transcript

    • Diversity shapes our future.
    • Our future is driven by diversity. Contents 4 Diversity shapes our future 5 Diversity as a strategic success factor: Interview with Dr. Dieter Zetsche 6 Mega-trends energize our markets 8 Diversity is defined by people 10 Diversity management at Daimler 12 Diversity management in an all-embracing program Actively shaping diversity 14 Women and men 16 Deliberately mixed teams 18 Talent management 20 Work-life integration 22 Employee Resource Groups 24 International cooperation 26 Diversity management highlights 28 Diversity in figures 29 Diversity perspectives 30 Diversity management organization2 3
    • Diversity shapes our future. Dr. Dieter ZetscheDaimler’s success. Your benefit. Our responsibility. “Diversity is a strategic success factor.”We value diverse opinions and lifestyles. Our people give Daimlerthe power to drive innovation and shape the future of our company. Diversity management – the targeted develop- ment of diversity within the company – has been What are our plans for the next few years? We want to create more mixed teams in order toFor our global business, we make the most of different experiences, firmly rooted in the Daimler organization since 2005. An interview with Dieter Zetsche, Chairman increase the potential for innovation and creativity. Our objective for gender diversity is that one inskills, and perspectives. They reflect the diversity of our customers, of the Daimler AG Board of Management. five managers should be female by 2020 – and to achieve this we need flexible working-time modelssuppliers, investors, and our overall environment. Everyone at Dr. Zetsche, how would you sum up the progress of our diversity management work to date? and a better work-life balance for both sexes. If managers leave the office at 3 p.m. to pick up theirDaimler is committed to a working environment of appreciation and In a word: positive. Take gender diversity, for example: in 2005 only 5 percent of management positions at children from daycare, that’s fine by me – as long as the work gets done. Of course this requires daycaremutual respect. It is how we shape our company’s future. Daimler were occupied by women. We made a con- scious decision to concentrate on getting more women to be available in the first place – and that’s why all Daimler’s production facilities in Germany will have into management, as we had a lot of ground to make a crèche for children under the age of three – a total up in this regard, and we didn’t want to spread our- of 570 places – by 2012. Another precondition for selves too thinly. Our success confirms that this was getting more women into management positions is the right approach. Since 2005 the proportion of targeted mentoring: we are leading the way here women in management positions has increased year among German industrial companies. on year. We have achieved our interim targets. But we still have a long way to go. Why should internationality play a greater role? It is inevitable that the work environment will become Can you expand? more international in the future. Cross-border alliances Firstly, we want to bring far more women into man- are becoming more prevalent – think for example of agement positions in the future. Gender diversity is our partnerships with Renault-Nissan and Kamaz. Our not a women’s issue, it is a management matter that research and development teams will also be involved Dieter Zetsche Wolfgang Bernhard Christine Hohmann-Dennhardt has to be dealt with by all managers in the company. in global networks a lot more in the future. Here too – Secondly, it has been clear from the outset that a in fact especially here – diversity is a clear requirement comprehensive concept of diversity must extend far for success. beyond the gender issue. That’s why we have now widened our focus to include internationality and What are the key issues in generation generation management. management? The average age of our workforce will increase sig- Why is diversity management so important nificantly in the next few years. This gives rise to Wilfried Porth Andreas Renschler to you personally? new challenges – in health management, workplace Diversity is not my personal hobby horse: it is a stra- ergonomics, and employee motivation, but also in tegic success factor for Daimler. One reason for this terms of the transfer of knowledge between genera- is the demographic challenge facing us. If we want to tions. Collaborative partnerships between younger meet our future staffing requirements, the workforce and older high performers are essential for a culture will necessarily have to be older, more international, of excellence. We have come a long way in terms of and include more women. Our customer base is also diversity – the challenge now is to make sure we are becoming more diverse – and sooner or later that will on the right course for the future. Bodo Uebber Thomas Weber also have to be reflected in the workforce. Put simply: if more women are driving Mercedes cars, then the Mercedes company also has to be driven by more women. Essentially we want to get the best people working for Daimler today – regardless of their age, background, or gender.4 5
    • Significant changes are happening all over the world.Mega-trends energize Diversity opens up new ways of shaping our work and our products. Potential that we can unlock with diversity management, thereby ensuring ourour markets. competitiveness. Mega-trend: internationalization. National borders are becoming less significant; cultures are becoming more entwined. The BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) and the Arab world are emerging as increasingly important markets. Mega-trend: individualization. People now tend to base their lifestyles on personal ideals rather than simply following traditional patterns. Mega-trend: demographics. Life expectancy is rising in industrialized countries. At the same time, birth rates are falling. This is resulting in an aging population. Mega-trend: women. There have never been so many well educated women as there are now. They have the most say over consumer spending and, according to the Harvard Business Review 09/2009, they have a combined income worldwide of US$ 13 trillion.6 7
    • Our company needs to be just as diverse and interesting as our looking out for new tasks and challenges. Kathrin Rödder, HR Manager, COB society. That will make it successful. Dagmar Stelter, Head of the Sales Department, The most important thing for my work is not just to talk about Mercedes-Benz Bank If we always work on projects using the same ap- diversity but also to put it into practice. Angelika Winkler, Head of Treasury, Latin America proaches with the same people and in the same way, we can’t To meet future requirements and enter new markets, Research talk about innovation or progress. For these we require a range & Development needs to draw on an organization that is as of methods and different perspectives. Niyazi Mustafa Üstertuna, Head of the Truck diverse as possible and has multifaceted teams. We ensure that Mechatronic Systems and Braking & Stability Systems Department, Daimler Trucks We don’t rest to be the right conditions and tools are in place. Adelia Rodrigues Paulo Cosme, HR the best. So that we can create vehicles that will delight all Manager, Mercedes-Benz Technology Center As our IT networks are globally linked, we customers, we have to have diversity. Men and women working are particularly dependent on using diverse abilities, ideas, and together. With youthful exuberance and the level-headedness knowledge in IT. International cooperation would not be possible that comes with age. With the special contribution of different without them. Frank W. Peters, Head of Department, ‘Solution and Information Services’ Competence Center Raising awareness, communicating, walking the talk, cooperating with universities and benchmarking with other companies in Brazil and worldwide – this is how we are achieving our diversityDiversity is defined by people. objectives. Ana Paula Desiderio, Head of HR Department, Mercedes-Benz do Brasil I want to high-It is people who bring diversity to life at Daimler and embody it light the benefits of diversity by setting an example and puttingacross all business divisions worldwide. it into practice. One example is the new works agreement on flexitime for part-time staff, which is giving employees even more flexibility and job satisfaction. Karen Henne, Project Manager for TPNG, Engines Work Package, cultures and physical abilities. Dr. Barbara Mandl, Head of Department, ‘Identity Management’ Mercedes-Benz plant in Mannheim EvoBus now has sites all over the world. Diver- Competence Center I encourage employees to actively swap ideas and sity therefore has to be achieved everywhere, from Development opinions, even if this takes up time. Decision-making processes through to Sales. It is a basis for our vision of being ‘truly global’. are more difficult when opinions differ, but the outcome is more Michael Thielmann, Head of Overseas Marketing, Daimler Buses There is still a lack of women well-founded and more successful. Viola Krzyzanowski, Head of HR Management, Mercedes- in management positions. Our priority topic is therefore to break Benz plant in Berlin Diversity is always better than a monoculture – it is through the ‘glass ceiling’. This requires the creation of a culture more productive and ultimately generates more success. Olaf Dunkler, above this invisible barrier in which women feel welcome and Head of Assembly for the A- and B-Class, Mercedes-Benz plant in Rastatt Diversity has to be seen at ease. Below it, we need to encourage women who want to be as a living element of our corporate culture – above all in our managers. Frithjof Punke, Head of HR, Daimler Trucks I believe that transparent re- own areas of responsibility. As a manager, I support diversity porting of successes and areas for action is needed for diversity and lead by example. Hubert Jehnes, Head of Controlling, Daimler Trucks Result & Reporting To management. We are strengthening our culture of collaboration me, diversity means not wanting to be able to do everything with openness, lateral thinking, and empowerment. Thade Bredtmann, Head by myself. That is why dialog with colleagues and networks is of HR Department, Mercedes-Benz Technology Center Diversity means being able to adapt – important to me. It also means not standing still but always without losing your individuality. Jutta Münchinger, Manager, Group Compliance8 9
    • We value the range of qualities, talents, and fostering and utilization of diversity are fully capabilities that our employees demonstrate – integrated into our corporate culture. The aimDiversity management at Daimler. and firmly focus on putting this diversity to good use at Daimler. Our diversity program therefore encompasses many different internal is to create a wider awareness of diversity and provide employees with skills and ideas that they can incorporate into their day-to-day work.On course for a culture of diversity. and external activities and is established in all corporate units worldwide. We have introduced Our priority is not just gender diversity – in other words the advancement of women – but also a broad range of measures to ensure that the generation management and internationality.10 11
    • Diversity management in an all-embracing program:An important factor in corporate success. Strategic diversity management at Daimler. Everyone in the company has an interest in how managing diversity frees up resources and therefore contributes to Daimler’s success. That is why our diversity activities focus on a variety of action areas. Action area Facts, figures, Events and Workshops and Information, External dialog, and analysis publications training communication, collaboration, advice and partnerships Gender diversity – Aspirational guidelines and diversity logbook: target ranges and transparent recruitment processes to increase the proportion of women in management positions – Company-wide agreement on the advancement of women – Specific external recruitment of women for engineering jobs – Special training courses for women – Recruitment events for female university graduates Leadership – Since 1998: declaration on diversity and equal opportunities and change – Since 2005: ‘Fair behavior in the workplace’ initiative – Diversity workshops for managers, forepersons, and HR staffWilfried Porth – Diversity as an element of manager training – Diversity as a LEAD criterion for measuring managers’ performance and potential – Annual manager conference: ‘Diversity as an economic force in the company’ – TANDEM: cross-divisional mentoring program focusing on gender, generations, and internationality “Added value, built on employee appreciation.” – Diversity statement Diversity is our advantage – and its management thereby fostering awareness and competence in this Work-life – Flexible working models requires skills in leadership, communications field throughout the company. But shaping change and integration – Since 1989: company-wide agreement on family and career and collaboration. At Daimler these techniques unlocking all of the available potential by managing – Since 2001: voluntary works agreements on part-time work and family leave are established and trained locally, regionally diversity is also a task for all employees at Daimler. – Since 2009: works agreement on mobile working and globally, using a comprehensive program. – By 2012: sternchen day-care nurseries at all 14 production sites in Germany Wilfried Porth, member of the Board of Manage- Comprehensive package of measures. Diversity ment at Daimler AG, Human Resources Manager management at Daimler means harnessing the broad Employee – DMN: diversity forepersons’ network and Director of Labor Relations, explains the range of talent and putting the differences to good Resource Groups – FNW: women’s network strategic orientation adopted by the corporation. use – and translating them into excellent automotive – CAR-WIN CAReer Women International Network solutions. That is why we are setting up diversity – Women’s business network Our diversity objectives. Daimler’s success. Your programs globally, regionally, and locally right across – Daimler Türk-Treff benefit. Our responsibility. This statement from the the company. A comprehensive package of measures – GL@D: gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender network at Daimler Board of Management enshrines Daimler’s clear and joint activities by managers, employees, HR – FIT@Daimler: women in engineering and technological professions commitment to diversity and its management. After departments, and the diversity management organi- all, diversity makes a sustained contribution to our zation has enabled Daimler to achieve a great deal competitiveness. True innovation, efficient coopera- both inside and outside the company since 2005. The Internationality – Targeted support for global assignments tion, and a sound understanding of our future markets sharing of methods and experiences, our appeal as an – Promotion of international exchange programs are only possible if we have a diverse range of skills employer of choice, awards, and numerous examples – Targeted recruitment of international employees through the CAReer talent management program and talented people in our company. These have to be of diversity in practice underscore our success. – Projects to foster intercultural skills purposefully brought together to create an environ- ment of mutual respect. We aim to be among the Actively shaping diversity: our areas of action. We Generation – Incorporation of demographics into the HR strategy best companies in terms of diversity management. define our diversity strategy and decide on related management All of this needs to be measurable, which is why, for measures by analyzing data and facts. Our first area example, we want to increase the number of women for action during this fledgling phase of diversity in management positions to 20 percent across the managements was gender diversity: providing support Membership of organizations and Alliances. Awards and certification. Group by 2020. for women. We will use our tried-and-tested measures associations. – Young Arab Leaders – TOTAL E-QUALITY award from the first phase, such as diversity workshops and – Co-initiator and founding member – Global Summit of Women – berufundfamilie® audit certification Diversity management as a strategic initiative. the TANDEM mentoring program, as we now extend of the Diversity Charter in Germany – Femtec (university career center – Member of genderdax since 2009 To emphasize diversity’s great significance as a factor our focus to other action areas – above all generation – German Football Association (DFB) & for women, Berlin Technical University) – Dr. Dieter Zetsche became a didacta for success, diversity management has been firmly management and internationality. In this second phase, Mercedes-Benz Integration Prize – KIT: Karlsruhe Institute of Technology ambassador for education in 2008 established at Daimler since 2005. Besides setting up we are also driving projects to encourage change – EWMD: European Women’s Management – Darmstadt Technical University a diversity organization, the company has made sure and innovation. Our Employee Resource Groups are Development International Network – Girls’ Day (careers advice day) that diversity management is seen as a managerial a sign that diversity management is not just an – Culture Counts initiative (Zeitenspiegel – Baden-Württemberg Ministry responsibility. How managers deal with diversity has element of our strategy but also a tangible part of reports) of Commerce been one of the criteria by which their performance day-to-day work. – Equal opportunities advisory board – BDA: Confederation of German and potential have been measured since 2007. We are of the City of Stuttgart Employer Organizations – Gender opportunities advisory board – VDI: Association of German Engineers – GRP: Generation Research Program12 13
    • Actively shaping diversity: women and men.Successful start for gender diversity. “Women make up a significant proportion of the market. As a company aiming for excellence, we need to consider the balance between the genders as part of our culture.” Sari Baldauf, member of the Daimler Supervisory Board and shareholder representativeWhen Daimler If women achieve better qualifications faster, but the Our strategy: benefiting from women’s potential.launched diversity high-level positions are nearly all occupied by men, Competent women make a valuable contribution tomanagement in then vacancies aren’t being filled with the best people. the company’s success. We are carrying out numerous2005, the most That is why the changes made to our corporate culture activities in this area with the aim of one in five Daimlerurgent task was focused on the advancement of women. managers being female by 2020. Besides the aspira-to recruit more tional guidelines to which the Daimler business divisionswomen to manage- More women at Daimler – an economic necessity. have voluntarily committed, measurable targets arerial posts in order Women matter, a McKinsey study from 2010, shows set out in a works agreement on the advancement ofto create more that companies with more female managers achieve women in the company, which was introduced in 2001.heterogeneous disproportionately better financial results. Shell’s Car Flexible working time models, the sternchen day-management teams. scenarios up to 2030 predict a rising number of female care nurseries, diversity workshops, and the TANDEM car owners. The Harvard Business Review of 2009 mentoring program are all driving change. forecasts that women’s combined income worldwide will increase from US $ 13 trillion in 2009 to US $ 18 trillion in 2014. We aim to use gender diversity to unlock this potential. Diversity in practice Female role models on Daimler’s Two are better than one: Voluntary agreement 2020/20. Board of Management and TANDEM mentoring We aim to increase the number of Supervisory Board. This Group-wide, cross-divisional women in management positions to Supporters of cultural change in the program has been part of the 20 percent across the Group by 2020. company need targets, programs, diversity strategy since 2007 and is Year after year we have achieved and courageous role models. Finnish enhancing the visibility of women the annual targets defined in 2006 manager Sari Baldauf became the in management. Female and male and they form part of managers’ first female member and shareholder colleagues can share their experi- target agreements. Committees and representative on the Daimler ences and learn from one another. the Board of Management regularly Supervisory Board in 2008, while The study by the German Federal receive reports on the status of these manager Petraea Heynike joined Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs targets. The aspirational guidelines the Supervisory Board in 2011. proves that mentoring promotes therefore help with the planning for Dr. Christine Hohmann-Dennhardt, a mutual understanding and supports filling vacant management positions former judge and politician, became women’s continuing professional and with monitoring success. the first woman to join Daimler’s development. Board of Management in 2011.14 15
    • Actively shaping diversity: deliberately mixed teams.The right combination results in more innovation “How do innovations arise? To understand this, we needand success. to focus on diversity rather than just thinking about skills. Diversity is probably the most powerful driver of innovation.” Scott E. Page, Professor of Political Sciences, University of MichiganWe rely on the We specifically set up teams of men and women frompotential of different generations, disciplines, divisions, cultures,heterogeneous and countries to work on our automotive conceptsteams in our change and financial services.and innovationprojects. A mixture The advantages of diverse teams. During severalof people with studies, research institute Catalyst has found thatdifferent talents companies with management teams composed of aand perspectives mixture of women and men achieve better financialenables us to results. An analysis of 17,000 patents revealed thatreflect our markets products developed by teams whose members comeand improve how from a variety of divisions enjoy outstanding marketwe perform our success. Teamwork between older and younger work- Diversity in practicetasks. ers boosts the productivity of all age groups – as con- firmed by the Center for European Economic Research (ZWE) in 2010. Deliberately mixed teams are an essen- Vehicle production involves tial part of developing excellent solutions. teamwork. Foremen and forewomen experienced in Our strategy: activating the potential of mixed diversity have been training teams. Our strategy: activating the potential of mixed their colleagues since 2010. teams. Diversity management follows a broadly based Forepersons also attend strategy in order to identify and use the diverse range diversity workshops, where of talent available in the company. The basis for this is they receive ideas on how provided by an appreciative and tolerant work environ- to challenge and support ment that is supported by laws and guidelines, such mixed teams in production. as the German General Equal Treatment Act (AGG), the Diversity Charter, and the Group-wide agreement on ‘Innovations management fair behavior in the workplace. Diversity workshops for with mixed teams’ project. managers and forepersons encourage teamwork in all It’s all in the mix – which is corporate units. Innovations management with delib- why Daimler is examining erately mixed teams is being analyzed in a research various team constellations. project. Heterogeneous teams have been found to be more suc- cessful in the production of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, with lower error rates, less absenteeism, and more sug- gestions for improvement. A step ahead: interdiscipli- nary research teams. An innovative combination of groundbreaking drive tech- nology and specially selected fragrances can result in fuel savings for trucks. Daimler researchers have developed a ‘power-napping’ function that uses orange fragrance to make drivers more alert and help them adopt a more economical driving style.16 17
    • Actively shaping diversity: talent management.Recruiting, developing, and encouraging “It won’t be any easier in the future to hire and retainthe best people. talented people. Global competition to attract specialists, particularly engineers, will continue to intensify.” Ursula Schwarzenbart, Director Global Diversity Office and Performance & Potential Management, Daimler AGSo that we can Diversity management enables us to specificallybuild on our address the wide-ranging values and individualleading position, requirements of candidates and employees. As anwe need excellent employer of choice, we provide a global environmentspecialists and for the most talented people.managers – nowand in the future. Outstanding employees constitute a valuable resource. In 2010, 66,700 engineering vacancies in Germany were advertised in Ingenieurmonitor, which is published by the Association of German Engineers (VDI) and the Cologne Institute for Economic Research (IW). Besides the lack of specialist workers, the inter- national labor market is characterized by changed age structures, individualized societies, and globalized careers, according to Booz & Co. The labor market is made up of all kinds of people – from generation Y to working parents to the 50-plus generation. They offer a wide range of skills that we want to acquire and hold on to for the future. Our strategy: seizing all opportunities in the labor market. By incorporating diversity aspects into our HR programs, we are making ourselves future-proof as an employer. Our aim is to identify individual skills, deploy them effectively, and use the resources of employees in all generations. As part of this, we are focusing on highly trained women, generation-spanning cooperation, and employees with an international profile. This is where vocational training and talent management programs come in, such as CAReer, the Daimler Student Partnership, and the Arab-European Internship eXchange. Talent management is backed up by continuing professional development activities. Diversity in practice CAReer – the global talent Arab-European Internship Experience for the future. Passing on knowledge: management program. Exchange. As part of this Daimler’s generations senior consultants. Retired International project assign- joint project run by Daimler campaign. The average age employees from research ments give engineering and the pan-Arabic organi- of Daimler employees in and development have been and economics graduates zation Young Arab Leaders Germany is currently 42 but supporting younger col- the chance to get to know (YAL), talented young people is set to rise to 47 by 2020. leagues in this division since Daimler. Every year, 35 undertake internships in Daimler established an inter- 2008. The program run by percent of the program’s sales, research and develop- disciplinary working group the R&D Technical Academy intake are female. In 2010, ment, and IT. This program in 2011 in order to make the is a successful example of CAReer participants filled benefits everyone because most of the valuable contri- how the company can retain several hundred vacancies many former YAL interns bution of older members of valuable expertise. at all sites. have gone on to become staff. Daimler employees.18 19
    • Actively shaping diversity: work-life integration.The right place at the right time. “We are aiming for a corporate culture in which work-life-balance is permanently enshrined – through values, words, and deeds. This is the only way to maintain a balance between work and private life.” Ursula Spellenberg, Health & Safety Policy, Daimler AG, and leader of the ‘work-life-balance’ research projectAs people’s life- Working time models that enable employees to inte- Our strategy: providing room for maneuver.styles become grate their work and private life (work-life-integration) We are taking employees’ various needs into consid-increasingly varied, are popular. The reasons for this popularity are as eration through diversity management. One of theit is becoming diverse as the people working at Daimler: more women ways in which we are creating more flexibility is themore important to in management positions, fathers who need time to works agreement on mobile working, which came intomaintain harmony look after their children, older generations of employ- effect in 2009. Other working time models availablebetween their ees, and generation Y. Flexibility is also essential for at Daimler are part-time work, job sharing, work oncareer and private international cooperation. demand (flexi-pool), sabbaticals, and options to enablelife. By giving our staff to care for relatives. The sternchen nurseriesemployees flex- Flexibility brings benefits for both employees and offer high-quality day care at many Daimler sites inibility in terms of the company. Being able to balance their work with Germany.when and where their family life is one of the biggest motivating factorsthey work, we are for employees, and it increases their job satisfactionenabling them to and loyalty. The company gains too: from better qual-maintain a healthy ity work, fewer stress-related illnesses and absences,work-life balance. and a competitive edge when recruiting top-level candidates. Such employees consider flexible working hours to be one of the aspects that make an employer attractive, according to The European Graduate Survey 2002. These are advantages that we want to make use of now and in the future. Diversity in practice Research project sternchen day-care ‘Both …’, not ‘either/or’. Assuming responsibility ‘Balance between work nurseries. As a team lead for IT as a father. life and private life’ – More women in manage- platforms and a mother, The works agreement on Work-Life-Balance. ment posts mean more Silke Bartel has two mobile working is ideal In Cooperation with mothers in positions of responsible jobs. She is for Stefan Sand, who is a Heidelberg University, responsibility. That is totally committed to both father and works in the Daimler’s Unit Health & why sternchen day-care of them. By working part- benchmark factory at the Safety Policy is examining nurseries will be available time she may not put in as Mannheim site. He can how a good work-life at all 14 Daimler sites in many hours as she would carry on working and not balance can safeguard Germany by 2012. This if she were full time, but miss out on his son grow- employees’ ability and investment is worthwhile she is more effective in ing up. A laptop and inter- willingness to deliver for the company because some ways. Daimler’s net connection enable him excellence. In 2010, 6,200 if employees know their working time models will to access the Daimler IT Daimler employees were children are in safe hands, enable her to take on network from home. questioned as part of the they will be more focused more extensive tasks if study. Experts and plant on their work and more she wants to later on. representatives began loyal to the company. implementing the resulting change processes in 2011.20 21
    • Actively shaping diversity: Employee Resource Groups.Strength in numbers. “Networking is like riding a bike with the wind behind you – it boosts your own efforts. Discussing shared interests generates added value for us and the company.” Sigrun Schmalzriedt, Manager for Global Products, Processes, & Systems, Mercedes-Benz Bank, and member of the women’s business networkBy networking, The ERGs enable a culture of diversity to flourish atemployees are Daimler. These initiatives were established as a resulttaking it upon them- of people’s day-to-day work. They are a chance forselves to help employees at all levels and from all sites and divisionsshape the company. to meet up and talk about their common interests andEmployee Resource objectives.Groups (ERGs)provide a forum for ERGs are pivotal to the company’s success. Activeshared interests, networking strengthens employees’ loyalty to theexperiences, company and contributes to establishing a creativeand values. They and motivational work environment. ERGs representconnect units and the company’s interests both internally and externallydivisions, providing and foster a positive image, thereby generating lastinga platform for added value for employees and Daimler.potential improve-ments and new Our strategy: supporting ERG involvement.solutions. A culture of networking is an integral part of diversity management. We support this culture as part of our diversity activities and are in favor of Daimler employ- ees establishing ERGs; three new ones were initiated in 2009 alone. If required, the ERGs can obtain advice from the company and use its facilities, such as meet- ing rooms and communications equipment. Diversity in practice DMN: diversity FNW: women’s network Women’s business network. Daimler Türk-Treff. GL@D: gay, lesbian, bisexual, forepersons’ network. The women’s network, which The aim of the women’s busi- Daimler’s Turkish group is and transgender network The DMN is Germany’s was founded in Stuttgart in ness network at Mercedes- the oldest ERG in Germany at Daimler. first professional network 1999, provides a platform for Benz Bank and Daimler and aims to eliminate preju- Coming out mobilizes poten- for diversity in a business professional personal dialog Financial Services Stuttgart dices and show that Daimler tial, and GL@D is support- setting. It sees itself as a among women. Members in is to actively shape diversity sets standards in terms of ing change. Besides raising point of contact, source the network support each and promote personal and corporate culture. To do so, awareness among managers of help, and intermediary other by attending lectures, professional development. the group has forged con- and employees, the group’s for diversity matters. A events, coaching, and train- Management talks, panel tacts in politics, business, members can be contacted diversity database, peer- ing as well as helping each discussions, workshops, and education, culture, and sport. about individual issues. group consultation, and other overcome career business lunches are all part The group is sought after for GL@D wants to provide ideas discussions support the obstacles. of the program. its expertise, which is used about customer communica- foremen and forewomen in in Mercedes-Benz’s intercul- tion and a positive image as unlocking the potential of tural customer communica- an employer. diversity at all sites and in tions, for example.22 all divisions. 23
    • Actively shaping diversity: international cooperation.Thinking globally, acting locally. “Being part of the bigger picture – but without losing your own identity: our culture of integration is enabling us to establish diversity management worldwide with regional differences.” Frithjof Punke, Head of HR and Diversity Officer, Daimler TrucksTraining programs So that it can take advantage of global market Diversity in practicesupport Daimler’s growth, Daimler is represented in nearly everypartnerships and country of the world. It has more than 260,000activities at its employees worldwide, who come from over 140 Mercedes-Benz do Brasil.locations around different countries. We are expanding our presence In Brazil, women have thethe globe, including in the fast-growing markets of the BRIC countries same opportunities as men.in the emerging by entering into strategic partnerships. That is why, in contrast tomarkets. We take Germany, the focus here isaccount of country- Seizing market opportunities worldwide. Global not on the advancement ofspecific circum- integration of research and development activities women. Instead, we concen-stances when as well as production and sales sites is presenting trate on cultural differences,implementing our Daimler with opportunities to enhance its efficiency ethnic origin, and the integra-diversity strategies. and competitiveness. Partnerships with Kamaz, BYD, tion of people with disabilities. and Renault-Nissan are increasing our potential in the emerging markets. Diversity and cooperation MBRDI Bangalore and MTC programs provide a foundation for intercultural skills Ulm. Mercedes-Benz Research and international teamwork. and Development India (MBRDI) is our largest center Our strategy: fostering individuals’ intercultural for research and development skills. We adapt the programs to specific local outside Germany. MBRDI set requirements, whether training courses and work- up the Offshoring Fitness & shops on intercultural cooperation or TANDEM Intercultural Cooperation mentoring with a focus on internationality. In this (OFIC) program in collabora- area, diversity management includes sending staff tion with the Mercedes-Benz on global assignments and specifically recruiting Technology Center (MTC) in employees and managers with an international Ulm, Germany. The program’s profile. aim is to enable targeted and successful collaboration in a spirit of understanding among colleagues, customers, and partners from both cultures. Daimler Corporate Academy. The Cooperation Excellence portfolio of training courses and workshops provides support to employees and managers who are participat- ing in internal and external international projects, such as with MBRDI, Renault Nis- san, Kamaz, or BYD. The main elements are the workshops in which Daimler employees and representatives of our partners jointly analyze the partnership, get to know each other and their corporate cultures better, agree on ground rules, and thereby pave the way for successful, trust-based teamwork.24 25
    • 1989 Works agreement on family and careerHighlights of diversity management. 1998 Declaration on diversity and equal opportunitiesWe have passed significant milestones en route 2000 Works agreementto creating a culture of diversity. on the advancement of women 2001 Works agreements on part-time work and family leave 2005 Establishment of a Group-wide diversity management organization 2006 Launch of the diversity workshops 2006 Board of Management adopts the aspirational guidelines on the advancement of women 2006 Daimler is a co-initiator of the Diversity Charter in Germany 2007 Diversity management becomes a key managerial responsibility 2007 Board of Management establishes the sternchen day-care nurseries 2008 Diversity management is integrated into Corporate Communications 2009 Daimler is a co-publisher of the ‘Vielfalt erleben’ magazine series 2009 Works agreement on mobile working 2009 External dialog on methods of success and experiences 2010 Diversity statement: ‘Diversity shapes our future’ 2010 Fifth diversity conference: ‘Diversity as an economic force’ 2011 TANDEM mentoring is expanded to cover the topics of generations and internationality 2011 Think tanks for advancing diversity work and involving managers and all employees 2011 Pilot project on innovations management with deliberately mixed teams26 27
    • Diversity in figures. We are internationally recognized as a company that values and embraces diversity in all its dimensions. We achieved ourWe have already achieved objective long before 2020: 20 percent of management positionsmeasurable success in many areas. are filled by women. Diversity, whether gender, generation management, or multiculturalism, is a given at Daimler – on the Board of Management and at all levels of the company. Diversity makes us more successful because we see it as enrichment. Our managers are the architects of an organization in which everyone is motivated to deliver excellence. Daimler 4,400 260,000 offers all of its employees the best opportunities to grow and Since 2006, Daimler managers have Daimler’s diversity management unites attended around 400 diversity work- over 260,000 employees from 140 develop. Everyone is part of the company in their own particular shops in which they have learned how countries at 90 sites on five continents. to unlock the potential of diversity for day-to-day work. 570 1 By 2012, Daimler’s sternchen nurseries at the 14 production sites in Germany Diversity perspectives. Dr. Christine Hohmann-Dennhardt is will offer a total of 570 day-care places What we think 2020 could look like for us. the first woman on Daimler’s Board for children under the age of three. of Management – and one of only a few female board members in DAX companies. 2 Gender diversity extends to the Daimler Supervisory Board: the two managers way. We all play a role in our continuous improvement. Diversity 2020/20 Sari Baldauf and Petraea Heynike joined management makes Daimler appealing to all specialized workers. Daimler has set itself the target of in 2008 and 2011 respectively. We are delighted with the high level of interest from candidates. increasing the proportion of women Many envy us for the loyalty of our employees. We use our in executive management positions across the Group to 20 percent 800 Employee Resource Groups specifically to generate innovation Over 800 mentees and mentors have by 2020. participated in the TANDEM mentoring and win over new groups of customers. Diversity of opinion, not program in four years. subjective views! A lively exchange of different opinions enables 400 us to find the best solution together. Daimler incorporates relevant Some 400 men and women attended Daimler’s annual diversity conference 1,000 ideas from society into all its activities. But we also see ourselves More than 1,000 companies have in 2010. In 2006, we had begun with already signed the Diversity Charter, as an instigator of social advancement. We combine the talents just 160 guests, all of them women. of which Daimler is a co-initiator. and expertise of both young and experienced employees. This 29 enables us to continually create added value for Daimler. Men and In 2009, the proportion of non-German women, young and old, with different backgrounds, lifestyles, executive managers was 29 percent at and perspectives, share their experiences on a mixed Board of Daimler. In comparison, 20 percent of the German population has a migration Management. Diversity is a given at Daimler – we are proud that background, and this figure is rising. we are so diverse.28 29
    • Our Brands.Diversity management organization.Group-wide and worldwide. Diversity is the force that drives our progress. Having invented the automobile, Daimler will continue to shape the future of Mobility. Everyone will work together in a culture of diversity and appreciation, contributing their passion and expertise to ensure the company’s success. The diversity organization provides the framework Daimler at a glance. Company founders Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Benz with which we establish diversity management wrote history when they invented the automobile in 1886. And 125 years throughout the Group. The Board of Management, later, in this anniversary year of 2011, Daimler AG is one of the world’s managers, HR departments, and over 100 contact most successful automotive companies. With its Mercedes-Benz Cars, persons for diversity work together worldwide to Daimler Trucks, Mercedes-Benz Vans, Daimler Buses, and Daimler Financial create awareness of the diversity programs through- Services divisions, the company is one of the leading global suppliers of out the company and among the public. premium cars and the largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles. Daimler Financial Services offers a comprehensive range of financial services including Contact: gdo@daimler.com financing, leasing, insurance, and fleet management.30
    • Daimler AG, Stuttgart, COM/M 5836/1637/02/0511Daimler AGStuttgart, Germanywww.daimler.comwww.daimler.mobi