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Shaping Scientific Pakistani Advertising for Global Economy

Pak Advertising for Global Economy

  1. 1. Shaping Scientific PakistaniAdvertising for Global Economy 380+ New Jobs in 2014 Excellent Media Ecosystem $5.5 Million Ad Services Exports
  2. 2. Contents  Preface  Advertising Industry of Pakistan  Problems and Challenges  Pakistan Exportable Advertising Services  Pakistan Advertising Foundation  Roadmap and Milestones  Media Ecosystem Targets  Programs I to XII  Economic Benefits of Programs  Start-up Grant Required  Discussion Questions  Stakeholders’ Response
  3. 3. Preface First advertising agency was established in Karachi in 1953. Today there are more than 300 advertising agencies throughout the country. Pakistan Advertising Association was formed for sustainable progress of advertising industry with special focus on human resources development. Ad agencies are still perceived as commission agents of print and electronic media. They are not recognized yet as change catalyst. Advertising employees do not enjoy social security and old age benefits. This insecurity has damaged creativity and quality of work. No Pakistani has achieved yet Ogilvy Award. For increasing advertising services exports, there is need of Pakistan Advertising Federation. Hopefully policy makers and working adpersons would get up and stand for their rights. Advertising Industry More than 250 advertising agencies working in Pakistan employ over 2000 advertising workers. More than 200 MBAs are serving the industry. Ad agencies usually get commission from newspapers, TV and Radio channels. Latest information about ad agencies and suspended agencies can be had from websites of APNS and PBA.
  4. 4. Income Disparity There is huge wealth and income difference between media workers (journalists) and advertising workers. No advertising worker gets grants for marriage and house building. Ninety percent adpersons are registered with EOBI. This insecurity adversely affects communication, creativity and quality. Ad Services Exports Advertising services exports of Pakistan were meager in 2011 and 2012. Exact information can be had from website of TDAP.
  5. 5. Neglected Regions There are few leading advertising agencies of Pakistan having branch offices in FATA, Gilgit-Baltistan, Azad Kashmir and Baluchistan. Media buying houses and ad agencies like Adcom, Lowe & Rauf, Manhattan Leo Burnett and Synergy must have branch offices in FATA, Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Kashmir to measure outreach campaigns of National AIDS Control Program and Polio Eradication Program. Missed Opportunities Advertising agencies could not develop marketing campaigns for 220 registered political parties in general elections 2013. They missed advertising business of Rs.6 to 8 billion (US$ 50 Million).
  6. 6. Intl Opportunities China, Hong Kong, UAE and America enjoy well developed advertising industries. They require ad professionals with right mix of skills. Digital advertising and native advertising are growing worldwide. USA requires about 200,000 ad professionals knowing statistical research techniques. Pakistani adpersons have good knowledge of English and Arabic besides technical communication skills. Foreign affiliated ad agencies like Orient Dentsu and Spectrum DYR do not prepare adpersons for international markets. Advertising Volume
  7. 7. Promotional Volume 2012 2014 Federal Government Rs.2 B Rs.2.2 B Government of Punjab Rs.1 B Rs.1 B Government of Sindh Rs.1 B Rs.1 B Government of Baluchistan Rs.0.2 B Rs.0.2 B Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Rs.0.4 B Rs.0.5 B Government of Azad Kashmir Rs.0.2 B Rs.0.2 B Telecom Companies Rs.5 B Rs.5.4 B Banks Rs.3 B Rs.3 B Real Estate Companies Rs.2 B Rs.2.2 B Education Sector Rs.4 B Rs.4 B FMCGs Rs.10 B Rs.10.5 B SMEs Sector Rs.0.5 B Rs.0.5 B Non Government Organizations Rs.0.3 B Rs.0.4 B One UN Programme Rs.0.2 B Rs.0.3 B Rs.29.8 Billion Rs.31.4 Billion
  8. 8. Exportable Ad Services  Online Copywriting  Copywriting  Creative Writing  Technical Writing  Article & Blog Writing  Word Processing  Data Entry & Research  Proofreading  Photography  Translation (Eng-Arab / Eng-Urdu)  Editing  Microsite Development  Graphic Designing  Product & Package Designing  Publishing  Industrial Research  Fashion Designing  AV Production  Vinography  Modeling  Printing  Social Media Marketing  Online Telemarketing  Business Research
  9. 9. Pak Advertising Foundation It will be established as a not-for- profit organization under the Companies Ordinance 1984 and will plan for promotion of advertising industry and protection of advertising workers in Pakistan and neglected regions. It will develop effective mechanism for shaping advertising matching with global economy. Patron-in-Chief: Chairman: Appointed by election Members: 3 Advertising Agencies, 3 Advertising Professionals Meetings: Monthly or as desired by the Chairman PAF Advisory Board Shaikh Imran Irshad Pirana Syed Masood Hashmi Orientedge Sardar Hasan Studio4 Tahir Mehmood Vini Vici Syed Shahzad Ali Vibrant Naeem Ahmad Thoughts [Formation of Advisory Board is an activity of PAF. Above advertising practitioners will be requested as honorary board members.]
  10. 10. Roadmap  Planning for Pakistan Advertising Foundation  Looking for Patron-in-Chief  Registration of PAF with SECP and PCP  Hiring of office in Peshawar or Islaabad  Selection of members and office staff  Registration of advertising workers  Funds mobilization  Facilities and grants to advertising workers  Standard development for ad agencies  20-25% commission for ad agencies  Certification of ad workers for overseas jobs and training  Publication of reports for stakeholders  Self owned building in Peshawar or Islamabad (Inaugurated by President of Pakistan or Donor representative)  Elections for chairman and members  Regional Offices Milestones or Targets  Database of Advertising Workers  New Ad Agencies in Neglected Areas (FATA, AJ&K, Gilgit-Baltistan and Baluchistan)  Restoration of Suspended Ad Agencies and Radio Channels  Individual Grants to Advertising Workers (House building – marriage – accident)  Training Courses  Employment Opportunities (Male and Female)  Overseas Employment of Advertising Workers  Advertising Services Exports 2014  Foreign Remittances by Advertising Workers 2014
  11. 11. Media Ecosystem Targets FATA AJ&K  Ad Agencies 3 3  PR Agencies 2 2  Newspapers (Pashto, Kashmiri) 3 3  Monthly Magazines 2 2  Urdu Newspapers 1 1  English Newspapers 1 1  Radio Channels (Pashto, Kashmiri) 4 3  Urdu Radio Channels 2 2  English Radio Channels 1 1  Satellite TV Channels 1 1  Research Firms 2 2  Outdoor Ad Agencies 3 3  Social Mobilization Firms 5 5  Countryside-Message Circulation Firms 2 2  SMS Advertising Firms 2 2 Population 4410000 (2013) Population 4567982 (2008)
  12. 12. Baluchistan Gilgit-Baltistan  Ad Agencies 5 3  PR Agencies 3 2  Newspapers (Balochi, Pashto, Shina, Chitrali) 3 3  Monthly Magazines 4 2  Urdu Newspapers 1 1  English Newspapers 1 1  Radio Channels (Balochi, Pashto, Shina, Chitrali) 5 3  Urdu Radio Channels 3 2  English Radio Channels 2 1  Satellite TV Channels 1 1  Research Firms 6 4  Outdoor Ad Agencies 5 3  Social Mobilization Firms 5 5  Countryside-Message Circulation Firms 4 2  SMS Advertising Firms 2 2 Population 7914000 (2011) Population 1800000 (2008) Media Ecosystem Targets
  13. 13. Training of Adpersons Pakistan Advertising Foundation will arrange courses in collaboration with the following organizations:  National Productivity Organization (SPO)  Skills Development Council (SDC)  Pakistan Institute of Modern Studies (PIMS)  SZABIST  The Institute for Career and Personal Development (ICPD)  Pakistan Advertisers’ Society (PAS)  Hunerkada  Ilm Ideas Project Program I Intl Jobs for Adpersons Pakistan Advertising Foundation will contact with the following organizations:  Overseas Employment Corporation (OEC)  Overseas Pakistanis Foundation (OPF)  Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI)  Pakistan Overseas Employment Promoters Association (POEPA)  Foreign Missions in Pakistan  Pakistan Missions Abroad Program II
  14. 14. Financial Benefits for Adpersons  Life Insurance: It can be provided by telecom or insurance companies of Pakistan.  Pension: It can be provided by EOBI, Government of Pakistan.  Marriage Grant: It can be provided by EOBI or Workers Welfare Fund.  5-Marla Plots: These can be provided by Government of Pakistan and Chief Ministers’ Secretariats.  House Building Grant: It can be provided by Press Council of Pakistan or HBFC.
  15. 15. Pakistani Adv Women There is no platform for women in advertising industry. Pakistan Advertising Foundation will help forming pool of advertising women for global economy. Program III Media in Neglected Areas Financial incentives will be given to current and potential entrepreneurs and companies to establish offices in AJ&K, FATA, Frontier Regions, Gilgit- Baltistan and Baluchistan. PAF will contact Press Information Department besides launching mass media communication campaign. Program IV
  16. 16. Restoration of Suspended Ad Agencies Finance will be provided to suspended ad agencies, radio and TV channels. Beneficiaries will be asked to return the finance in quarterly installments by submitting undertaking on judicial papers. Undertaking/ Oath I/We __________will only use finance to restore ______ and endeavor to return the finance in quarterly installments to PakistanAdvertising Foundation. Membership No. Date: Signature & Stamp
  17. 17. A Model Ad Agency Research Dept Studio & Production Intl Business Dept Country Business Dept Regional Business Dept TQM Dept Admin Dept CEO 8+ Persons 20+ Persons 8+ Persons 15+ Persons 30+ Persons 5 Persons 6 Persons [Advertising agencies will be asked to re-organize their departments.] 2 Advisors
  18. 18. Publication Advertising Services Exports new world everyday Pakistan Advertising Foundation Contents • Executive Summary • Punjab • Sindh • Balochistan • Khyber Pakhtunkhwa • Azad Kashmir • FATA • FR Regions • Gilgit-Baltistan Atlas 2014
  19. 19. Healthcare Program Pakistan Advertising Foundation will endeavor for better mental and physical health of advertising persons in collaboration with the following organizations:  Pakistan Medical Council  Pakistan Dental Association  United Nations Office for Drugs & Crime (UNODC)  International Labor Organization (ILO) ProgramV
  20. 20. Funds Mobilization Strategies  Press Council of Pakistan, Government of Pakistan  Provincial Governments  SMEDA  Donor agencies  International advertising associations  Quarterly Advertising Magazine  Fund raising events (TV Talk Show, Concert, Walk A Cause, Expo)  Appointment of honorary ambassador (Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy or Faryal Gohar)  Ad workers’ registration (Rs.100 once)  Certificate to ad workers for overseas training (Rs.1000 each)  Ad agencies contribution (Rs.5000 annually) ProgramVI President ICCI & KPCCI President ICCI or President KP Chamber of Commerce & Industry is requested to ask their members to spend 15% to 20% annual budget on marketing and advertising.
  21. 21. Integrated Support Mobilization Pakistan Business Associations Institutions of Government of Pakistan International Donor Agencies One United Nations Programme
  22. 22. Donor Agencies Donors have been taking active part in socio-economic development of Pakistan. Fifteen to twenty percent mass communication annual expenditure by beneficiaries must be made mandatory. JETRO, USAID, AKDN, NorAID, JICA, DAI and DFID are requested to endorse proposed programs and approve start-up grant for establishing Pakistan Advertising Foundation in 2013 or 2014. One UN Programme United Nations have been taking active part in socio-economic development of Pakistan through OP I and OP II. Besides 15% to 20% spending on mass communication annually, ILO, UNDP, UNIDO, UNOPS, UNCTAD, UNODC and UN Women are requested to approve start-up grant for establishing Pakistan Advertising Foundation in 2013.
  23. 23. Top 5 Pakistani Ad Agencies Advertising agencies are well aware of their corporate social responsibility. Adcom, IAL Saatchi & Saatchi, Interflow Communications, JWT Pakistan and Lowe & Rauf are requested to help establishing Pakistan Advertising Foundation in 2013. Outdoor Media Development Outdoor media has got tremendous significance but there are no uniform advertising rates of outdoor media throughout the country. Pakistan Advertising Foundation will develop tariff rate in collaboration with outdoor media owners and marketers.
  24. 24. CMC Agencies Grassroots level communication is the real test of marketing and advertising. Literacy level, particularly female, is very low in far flung rural areas of country. Female literacy level is 1.8% in Frontier Region Tank. Pakistan Advertising Foundation will encourage entrepreneurs to establish countryside-message- circulation agencies for effective communication. Ad Services Exports Intl Demand Supply oDesk Pak Advertising Agencies Advertising agencies of Pakistan should contact oDesk Corporation to export their services. They must hire services of Total Quality Management (TQM) consultants, experts and professionals.
  25. 25. Digital Adv Development SMS Advertising and Mass Email Advertising have got tremendous significance but there are no uniform advertising rates of digital advertising firms throughout the country. Pakistan Advertising Foundation will develop tariff rate in collaboration with digital marketing companies’ owners and marketers. Benefits to Ad Agencies  Expansion of advertising industry in neglected areas  More job opportunities for youth of country  Affiliation with international ad agencies will be easier  ISO-9000 certification
  26. 26. Jobs Creation Male & Female
  27. 27. Economic Benefits of PAF Pakistan Advertising Federation would ameliorate the lives of about 2000 adpersons besides creating better standard of living. Revolving Finance Fund will be managed by an expert member to generate income for adpersons. Revival of suspended ad agencies and radio channels would create new jobs. No one would be able to exploit ad professionals. Export of skilled advertising professionals to U.S. and Middle East will increase income of ad professionals. One can state that Pakistan Advertising Foundation would help increasing 0.05% GDP of Pakistan annually in shape of advertising services exports and foreign remittances.
  28. 28. Income Forecast US$ Million
  29. 29. Media Ecosystem AJ&K FATA Gilgit- Baltistan Baluchistan [2014]
  30. 30. Progress Chart Intervention Accord (Planning) Action (Implementation) Assessment (Evaluation) Program I Goals agreement with stakeholders Finalizing skills training module with institutions No. of adpersons trained in 2013 Foreign Study Visits Program II Goals agreement with stakeholders Management By Objectives by POEPA, OEC and POF Overseas jobs in 2013 Program III Goals agreement with ad agencies Social security of adpersons EOBI registration Program IV Goals agreement with ad agencies and UN Women Advertising Women Directory Female share in advertising services exports of Pakistan Program V Goals agreement with ad agencies and SMEDA Restoration of entities and Kaizen approach in ad agencies Restored media entities in 2013 Program VI Goals agreement with Government, SMEDA and UNIDO Grants for ad agencies from government & One UN Program No. of media entities in FATA, AJK and G- B Program VII Goals well defined Publication of Pakistan Advertising Atlas No. of copies distributed Program VIII Goals agreement with ad agencies MBO & Kaizen adoption by ad agencies Program IX Targets well defined Formation of Pakistan Advertising Foundation Grants received in 2013 Program X Goals agreement with UNIDO and SMEDA Formation of Outdoor Media Association New outdoor publicity firms in 2013 Program XI Goals agreement with business organizations MBO by Chambers of Commerce & Industry New CMC firms registered with SECP in 2013 Program XII Goals agreement with ad agencies and TDAP MBO & Kaizen by ad agencies & TDAP Exports Targets Gap in 2013 Program XIII Goals well defined New tariff rates for SMS & Email Advertising New digital marketing firms registered
  31. 31. Start-up Grant Required  Rented Head Office Building  Furniture & Equipment  Monthly Office Expenses  Program I to XIII Rs.50 Million (USD 500000) are required to establish Pakistan Advertising Foundation on sound footing. Fixed (One Time)  Finance  Furniture  Office Building Variable (Quarterly)  Salaries  Utility Bills  Outreach Modes of Grant
  32. 32. Grant Applicant Fasttrack Communication (Pvt.) Ltd. 5, Masjid Street, Khyber Colony 2, Tahkal Payan, Peshawar. Web: Tel & Fax: 0092 91 5711945 Established: 2010 Incorporated: 2012 Corporate Universal Identification No.: 0081189 Evaluation & Monitoring Pakistan Advertising Foundation will maintain accounts and funds and report to stakeholders. Defined milestones and targets can be verified independently. Chairman will report milestones and achievements-gap to donors for use of grants.
  33. 33. Discussion Questions Q- Is there need for Pakistan Advertising Foundation (PAF)? Q- Will advertising professionals be able to form PAF by December 2013? Q- Do U.S. companies really need ad professionals? Q- What was exact volume of advertising services exports of Pakistan in 2012? Q- Should Javed Jabbar, Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy or Taher Anwar Khan be made honorary ambassador or patron-in- chief of PAF? Q- Do corporate clients pay for communication or media services? Q- Is it difficult for a 10-year old advertising agency to open branch offices in FATA, Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Kashmir? Patron-in-Chief Search We have requested the following organizations to patronize the Pakistan Advertising Foundation:  Zafar Bakhtawari, President ICCI  President KP Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KPCCI)  President Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce & Industry (RCCI)  President Pakistan Society of Criminology (PSC)  Sayyeda Zoone Abbas, CEO Thali  Omar Manzur, Mobilink Foundation  Faraz Masood Hamidi, CEO D’Hamidi Partnership
  34. 34. Stakeholders’ Responses Besides donors, we have shared the information with government and corporate sector of Pakistan. Advertising professionals have liked the expected impact of PAF. Royal Norwegian Embassy in Islamabad has assured for technical and financial assistance in 2014. Systematic conception, development and advocacy of the Pakistan Advertising Foundation show that writer is “Advertising Einstein”. Umer Hayat Faisal, MBA Pakistan Advertising Foundation is an economic roadmap for next 10 years. Sajed Imtiaz deserves excellence award from Engro Corporation. Abdul Wadud Sajid Imtiaz Expert Member, CDKN Member, Harvard Business Review Economic Advisor shortlisted, British High Commission Islamabad Member, Pakistan Society of Criminology Feedback:
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