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Hamlet and Bakistan
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An experiment work in literature and current affairs.

An experiment work in literature and current affairs.

Published in Government & Nonprofit
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  • 1. Hamlet and Bakistan Sajed Imtiaz
  • 2. Hamlet and Bakistan Sajed Imtiaz
  • 3. All rights reserved. Copyright Title: Hamlet and Bakistan – New World Order Author: Sajed Imtiaz Publisher: 1 st Edition: 2013 Quantity: 500 Copies Price: Rs.
  • 4. Dedication This book is dedicated to Arab Hussain Khan, Ashraf Khan Sherpao, Fazal Rabbi Khan, Muhammad Nadeem Qureshi, Zahid Kamal Butt, Abdul Khaliq Butt, Sohail Kisat, Pakistan Society of Criminology, Computer Association of Pakistan and Internet Crime Complaint Center
  • 5. Contents Foreword Hamlet and Bakistan About the Author
  • 6. Foreword Writers have been trying to bridge the communication gap between different cultures and civilizations. They have been quoting poets and philosophers for effective communication. Hamlet and Bakistan – New World Order is true picture of contemporary Pakistan and addressed to overseas Pakistanis. It portrays chronic problems and their solutions for sustainable progress of country. Sajed Imtiaz creatively carved the title and contents. This work has enhanced mental age and collective consciousness of Pakistani nation. More than one thousand persons have enjoyed it. English knowing populace can enjoy it anytime anywhere in the world.
  • 7. Hamlet and Bakistan: For Hecuba! What’s Hecuba to him, or he to Hecuba, that he should weep for her? What would he do, Had he the motive and the cue for passion that I have? People find Allama Muhammad Iqbal in persona of Imran Khan and are joining Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf. [09 December 2011] Hamlet and Bakistan: To be, or not to be, that is the question, Whether it’s nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, Or to take arms against a sea of troubles, And by opposing them, end them. Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza is first role model politician. After visit from England, dramatic change has come in his personality and behavior. Daily 10 Minutes requests development-oriented Pakistanis to stand by Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza who did not say he is Rosulzada. [10 December 2011]
  • 8. Hamlet and Bakistan: Nay, do not think I flatter, For what advancement may I hope from thee, That no revenue hast but thy good spirits to feed and clothe thee? Why should the poor be flattered? Pakistan People Party has failed in providing food, clothe and home to Pakistanis. Imran Khan and Daniyal Aziz need to concentrate on employment and energy to make Pakistan truly a dynamic democracy. [11 December 2011] Hamlet and Bakistan: I’ll call thee Hamlet, King, Father, royal Dane. O, answer me! Let me not burst in ignorance, but tell why thy canonized bones hearsed in death have burst their cerements? People of Pakistan are carefully watching Imran Khan, Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza, Mian Nawaz Sharif and Syed Munawar Hassan to provide them employment and energy. [12 December 2011]
  • 9. Hamlet and Bakistan: I will tell you why, so shall my anticipation prevent your discovery, and your secrecy to the king and queen moult no feather. Pakistanis know energy resources and problems of country but feel pity over inefficient tail-career technocrats and leaders. [13 December 2011] Hamlet and Bakistan: Let me see. [He takes the skull] Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio – a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy. Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza and Afaq Ahmad have shown the real face and figure of Rehman Malik and Altaf Hussain respectively. It is collective duty of Rehman Malik and Altaf Hussain to clear mess from beloved Pakistan. [14 December 2011]
  • 10. Hamlet and Bakistan: You cannot, sir, take from me anything that I will more willingly part withal: except my life, except my life, except my life. Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza is committed to bring into light assassins of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto like Mian Nawaz Sharif. They are ready to give their lives for Daughter of The East. [15 December 2011] Hamlet and Bakistan: What is a man, if his chief good and market of his time be but to sleep and feed? A beast, no more: Sure he that made us with such large discourse, looking before and after, gave us not that capability and god-like reason to fust in us unused. Pakistanis have to share vision and targets to achieve millennium development goals by 2015. [16 December 2011]
  • 11. Hamlet and Bakistan: We shall know by this fellow. The players cannot keep counsel, they’ll tell all. Politics is a serious business. So far leading political players are Imran Khan and Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza. Poor people have great expectations from them. [18 December 2011] Hamlet and Bakistan: For murder, though it have no tongue, will speak with most miraculous organs … The spirit that I have seen may be a devil, and the devil hath power it assume a pleasing shape. What to speak of murder of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto, murder of Shahbaz Taseer will have to come out. Police knows that no abductor keeps a kidnapped person for more than 100 days. [20 December 2011]
  • 12. Hamlet and Bakistan: Has this fellow no feeling of his business that a sings in graves- making? Home Minister Rehman Malik is worried over security situation and monitors performance of law enforcing agencies to make beloved Pakistan a bed of roses. He would disclose assassins of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto on 27th December 2011 or on eve of New Year 2012. [21 December 2011] Hamlet and Bakistan: Your wisdom should show itself more richer to signify this to the doctor. For, for me to put him to his purgation, would perhaps plunge him into more choler. Fourth death anniversary of Benazir Bhutto is at hand; her friends and foes have become melancholic because of frustration in bringing into light assassins. [24 December 2011]
  • 13. Hamlet and Bakistan: ‘By and by’ is easily said. Leave me, friends. It is now the very witching time of night, when churchyards yawn, and hell itself breathes out contagion to this world: now could I drink hot blood, and do such bitter business as the day would quake to look on. Benazir Bhutto lovers especially Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza and Abid Sher Ali are passing though the turbulent times. [30 December 2011] Hamlet and Bakistan: Has this fellow no feeling of his business that a sings in graves- making? Home Minister Rehman Malik is worried over security situation and monitors performance of law enforcing agencies to make beloved Pakistan a bed of roses. He would never disclose assassins of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto even in 2012. [04 January 2012]
  • 14. Hamlet and Bakistan: That I can keep your counsel and not mine own. Besides, to be demanded of a sponge, what replication should be made by the son of a king? Pakistanis have been fed up with promises made by politicians. They see utter darkness in coming days. [11 January 2012] Hamlet and Bakistan: Ha, ha! Are you honest? People are doubting each other about honesty and transparency. No one knows who killed Benazir Bhutto. No one knows how Osama Ben Laden was killed. No one knows who coined Memogate scandal. [14 January 2012]
  • 15. Hamlet and Bakistan: I dare not confess that, lest I should compare with him in excellence, but to know a man well were to know himself. Pakistani politicians and spin doctors are in perpetual habit of point scoring. Chaudhry Nasar Ali Khan’s team is more mature than Rehman Malik’s. [25 January 2012] Hamlet and Bakistan: We shall know by this fellow. The players cannot keep counsel, they’ll tell all. Politicians are smart to tame Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza and Altaf Hussain. Pakistani youth is expecting truth, nothing except truth, from Mansur Ijaz. [02 February 2012]
  • 16. Hamlet and Bakistan: I am constant to my purposes, they follow the king’s pleasure. If his fitness speaks, mine is ready; now or whensoever, provided I be so able as now. Every literary man in Pakistan unconsciously behaves like Hamlet instead of Adonis. [03 February 2012] Hamlet and Bakistan: That I can keep your counsel and not mine own. Besides, to be demanded of a sponge, what replication should be made by the son of a king? Pakistanis, especially media community, carefully note promises of politicians and they have found new light in shape of Imran Khan. [04 February 2012]
  • 17. Hamlet and Bakistan: Readers of www.daily- b-rich.webs.com and Facebookers are requested to collect pieces of Hamlet and Bakistan and make a documentary for international award. It can be presented as research paper and young research scholar. Hopefully Red Communications would take notice of this opportunity. [06 February 2012] Hamlet and Bakistan: Here’s the commission, read it at more leisure but wilt thou hear now how I did proceed? Memogate Scandal Investigation Commission is an eye wash in eyes of judges to keep away from assassination of Benazir Bhutto. For judiciary with due respect, an old principle and protocol i.e. First Thing First. [11 February 2012]
  • 18. Hamlet and Bakistan: There’s another. Why may not that be the skull of a lawyer? Where be his quiddities now, his quillities, his cases, his tenures, and his tricks? After Dr. Babar Awan, senior lawyer Aitazaz Ahsan has seen his fate. Both will plan something new for Pakistan People’s Party. [12 February 2012] Hamlet and Bakistan: Ay, sir, that soaks up the king’s countenance, his rewards, his authorities. But such officers do the king best service in the end, he keeps them like an apple in the corner of his jaw, first mouthed to be last swallowed. President Asif Ali Zardari is a Sindhi and his best friend no one knows except Benazir Bhutto. [18 February 2012]
  • 19. Hamlet and Bakistan: O God, God, how weary, stale, flat, and unprofitable seem to me all the uses of this world! Fie on’t, ah fie. Subedar Rab Nawaz sans Naib Subedar was rebuking God and government even in front of lady constables in Islamabad. [22 February 2012] Hamlet and Bakistan: I’ll call thee Hamlet, King, father and royal Dane. O, answer me! Let me not burst in ignorance, but tell why thy canonized bones hearsed in death have burst their cerements? After four years, government has pinpointed killers of Benazir Bhutto. For fair justice, there is no lover of Benazir Bhutto in Pakistan. [23 February 2012]
  • 20. Hamlet and Bakistan: Haste me to know’t, that I with wings as swift as meditation or the thoughts of love, may sweep to my revenge. Mysterious murder of Benazir Bhutto has put Hamlet-lovers in psychological trouble in Pakistan. [02 March 2012] Hamlet and Bakistan: O all you host of heaven! O earth! What else? And shall I couple hell? O fie! Hold, hold, my heart, and you my sinews, grow not instant old, but bear me stiffly up … remember thee? Ay thou poor ghost whiles memory holds a seat in this distracted globe. Remember thee. People of Pakistan have been conditioned to mini budgets in garb and shape of price hike of basic utilities. [03 March 2012]
  • 21. Hamlet and Bakistan: Be not too tame neither, but let your own discretion be your tutor, suit the action to the word, the word to the action, with this special observance, that you overstep not the modesty of nature. Very few Pakistanis know targets of Millennium Development Goals and MDGs Clock made in 2007. Hopefully Prime Minister’s Advisor Faisal Sakhi Butt will fix MDGs Clock in model metropolis i.e. Islamabad. [04 March 2012] Hamlet and Bakistan: The time is out of joint, O cursed spite, that ever I was born to set it right! Nay come, let’s go together. Unfavorable macro political economic environment of country has made Hamlet in action and he is searching likeminded mainstream groups like Youth Parliament to bring change in country. [05 March 2012]
  • 22. Hamlet and Bakistan: Ah, ha! Come, some music! Come, the recorders! For if the king like not the comedy, why then, belike, he likes it not, perdy. Come, some music. It has been long to enjoy good symphony in Pakistan. The song “Who Humsafar Tha” by Quratul Aain Baloch has different meaning to different people thus it is a masterpiece in difficult time. [07 March 2012] Hamlet and Bakistan: A whole one, I. For thou dost know, O Damon dear, this realm dismantled was of Jove himself, and now reigns here a very, very – peacock. In 15th century, Bakistan was an integral part of India when rulers were Moghals. Sheik Network of Pakistan is gaining momentum in the country in all circles instead of Haqqani Network. [08 March 2012]
  • 23. Hamlet and Bakistan: Hear you, sir, what is the reason that you use me thus? I loved you ever, but it is no matter, let Hercules himself do what he may, the cat will mew, the dog will have his day. Mostly Pakistanis questioning President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari for not distributing free plots to them in Baluchistan and Khyber Pakhtunkwa for building mini homes. [09 Mar 2012] Hamlet and Bakistan: That skull had a tongue in it, and could sing once! How the knave jowls it to the ground, as if they were Cain’s jaw bone, that did the first murder! This might be the pate of a politician, which this ass now o’er reaches; one that would circumvent God, might it not? People have been conditioned to most heinous sin i.e. murder even murders of politicians. [11 March 2012]
  • 24. Hamlet and Bakistan: How absolute the knave is! We must speak by the card or equivocation will undo us. Lord, Horatio, this three years I have took note of it, the age is grown so picked, that the toe of the peasant comes so near the heel of the courtier he galls his kibe….How long hast thou been grave-maker? Op-Ed “Hamlet and Bakistan” was first published three months back in Daily 10 Minutes and Daily B-Rich, serious e- papers of Pakistan. [13 March 2012] Hamlet and Bakistan: Why, I will fight with him upon this theme until my eyelids will no longer wag. Imran Khan, Chairman Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf, still has to decide his best critical aide-de-camp to win the elections through issue-based politics. [14 March 2012]
  • 25. Hamlet and Bakistan: Sir, I will walk here in the hall, if it pleases his majesty. It is the breathing time of day with me. Let the foils be brought, the gentleman willing, and the king hold his purpose, I will win for him and I can, if not I will gain nothing but my shame and the odd hits. People are resolved to form new provinces; Sareiki, Hazara and Bahawalpur for better education and economic development. [17 March 2012] Hamlet and Bakistan: O villainy! ho! let the door be locked – treachery! seek it out. Hamlet is resolutely solving problems to make the country truly democratic. O local government representatives! Where are you? [19 March 2012]
  • 26. Hamlet and Bakistan: O, I die, Horatio, the potent poison quite over-crows my spirit, I cannot live to hear the news from England, but I do prophesy the election lights on Fortinbras, he has my dying voice. So tell him, with th’occurents more and less which have solicited – the rest is silence. Problems and progress go together in life. Best political party in Pakistan is United National Movement i.e. MQM in Urdu. Altaf Hussain living in London is much needed back home for free, fair and transparent general elections to be held in 2013. [20 March 2012] Hamlet and Bakistan: Yes, by Saint Patrick, but there is, Horatio, and much offence too – touching this vision here, it is an honest ghost that let me tell you – for your desire to know what is between us, O’ermaster’t as you may. On 72nd Pakistan Day, www.daily10minutes.com is resolved for white economy, polity and technology amongst bottlenecks. [23 March 2012]
  • 27. Hamlet and Bakistan: Give every man thy ear, but few thy voice, take each man’s censure, but reserve thy judgement. Government of Pakistan neither listens nor reacts in words of Amna Janjua. Imran Khan has been judgmental about system, government and politicians. Khawaja Khalil Salar can become a leader if he carefully studies flaws in Imran Khan’s character. [27 March 2012] Hamlet and Bakistan: Hillo, ho, ho, boy! Come, bird, come. Shakespeare lovers are waiting for white crow as a sign of change and creativity as they have been conditioned to sit-ins and protests. [28 March 2012] Hamlet and Bakistan: Indeed, indeed, sirs, but this troubles me. Hold you the watch to- night? There are score of important cases listed with Supreme Court of Pakistan yet 192 million Pakistanis wait for some big glad tiding. [3 April 2012]
  • 28. Hamlet and Bakistan: O reform it altogether, and let those that play your clowns speak no more than is set down for them, for there be of them that will themselves laugh, to set on some quantity of barren spectators to laugh too, though in the mean time some necessary question of the play be then to be considered. Khawaja Khalil Salar has started a new save campaign through Pakistan Solidarity Referendum. He is striving for welfare of 98% Pakistanis. [07 April 2012] Hamlet and Bakistan: Your wisdom should show itself more richer to signify this to the doctor. For, for me to put him to his purgation, would perhaps plunge him into more choler. Pak-America government to government relations are improving every passing year that frustrate religious parties including Jamat-e-Islami. [08 April 2012]
  • 29. Hamlet and Bakistan: It is as easy as lying; govern these ventages with your fingers and thumb, give it breath with your mouth, and it will discourse most eloquent music – look you, these are the stops. Editors and anchors have been suggesting innovative solutions to government yet there is no eloquent music from Islamabad. [09 April 2012] Hamlet and Bakistan: O, I could tell you – but let it be; Horatio, I am dead, thou livest, report me and my cause aright to the unsatisfied. People in a hamlet in Dera Ghazi Khan are facing nuclear toxic waste and waiting for eloquent music. [10 April 2012]
  • 30. Hamlet and Bakistan: Look here, upon this picture, and on this the counterfeit presentment of two brothers. See what a grace was seated on this brow – Hyperion’s curls, the front of Jove himself, an eye like Mars to threaten and command, a station like the herald Mercury, new-lighted on a heaven–kissing hill a combination and a form indeed, where every god did seem to set his seal to give the world assurance of a man. One-decade old photo of a Gemini writer, Sheik Sajed Imtiaz, shows the shadow of shadow of the first man i.e. Hamlet. [13 April 2012]
  • 31. Hamlet and Bakistan: No, faith, not a jot, but to follow him thither with modesty enough, and likelihood to lead it; as thus – Alexander died, Alexander was buried, Alexander returneth to dust, the dust is earth, of earth we make loam, and why of that loam whereto he was converted might they not stop a beer-barrel? Whenever raining happens in Pakistan some groups do firework to expel natural clemency and mystic. It is a strange phenomenon for Shakespeare lovers. [20 April 2012] Hamlet and Bakistan: On him! on him! Look you, how pale he glares! His form and cause conjoined, preaching to stones, would make them capable. Do not look upon me, lest with this piteous action you convert my stern effects, then what I have to do will want true colour, tears perchance for blood. What to speak of Giyari Avalanche incident, lately a Boeing of Bhoja Air killed 127 passengers. Blood tears are in everyone’s eyes. [21 April 2012]
  • 32. Hamlet and Bakistan: Why, let the stricken deer go weep, the hart ungalled play, for some must watch while some must sleep, thus runs the world away. Judiciary of Pakistan is watching without sleep all stakeholders yet requires more funds for effective dispensation of justice and natural economic system ensuring employment and innovation. [24 April 2012] Hamlet and Bakistan: O God! I could be bounded in a nut-shell, and count myself a king of infinite space; were it not that I have bad dreams. Islamic political parties have been striving for kingdom in Pakistan on pattern of Saudi Arabia and UAE. Let us strive for people-focused kingdom on pattern of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in Pakistan. [27 April 2012]
  • 33. Hamlet and Bakistan: Slanders, sir; for the satirical rogue says here that old men have grey beards, that their faces are wrinkled, their eyes purging thick amber and plum tree gum, and that they have a plentiful lack of wit, together with most weak hams-all which, sir, though I most powerfully and potently believe, yet I hold it not honesty to have it thus set down, for yourself, sir, shall grow old as I am…if like a crab you could go backward. Anyone can find old people in mausoleums of saints rebuking government and God for miserable condition. [28 April 2012] Hamlet and Bakistan: Words, words, words. Newspapers and television channels are full of words, statements and speeches but no solution to chronic problems. Action and only action people require. [29 April 2012]
  • 34. Hamlet and Bakistan: Sir, in my heart there was a kind of fighting that would not let me sleep – methought I lay worse than the mutines in the bilboes. Rashly, and praised be rashness for it …. Let us know our indiscretion sometimes serves us well, when our deep plots do pall, and that should learn us there’s a divinity that shapes our ends, rough-hew them how we will. Proactively all seven pillars of state are striving for bright future of people except former bureaucrat and current home minister Rehman Malik. [01 May 2012]
  • 35. Hamlet and Bakistan: What a piece of work is a man, how noble in reason, how infinite in faculties, in form and moving, how express and admirable in action, how like an angel in apprehension, how like a god: the beauty of the world; the paragon of animals; and yet to me, what is this quintessence of dust? Man delights not me, no, nor woman neither, though by your smiling you seem say so. Persistent dissatisfaction equally innovates like necessity. Financially crunch Daily 10 Minutes is equally endeavoring for business at home and peace abroad. [03 May 2012]
  • 36. Hamlet and Bakistan: Observe my uncle – if his occulted guilt do not itself unkennel in one speech, it is a damned ghost that we have seen, and my imaginations are as foul as Vulcan’s stithy; give him heedful note, for I mine eyes will rivet to his face, and after we will both our judgements join in censure of his seeming. Barrister Dr. Farooq Hasan like Muhammad Rasheed Ahmed – father of socialism – is carefully observing the wire pullers who deliberately keep the poor poor. [04 May 2012] Hamlet and Bakistan: Then is doomsday near. But your news is not true. Let me question more in particular: what have you, my good friends, deserved at the hands of Fortune, that she sends you to prison hither? Spin doctors and secretaries have been manipulating information whereas analysts and journalists clear the perception. We cannot state that Jang Group is not state within state. [06 May 2012]
  • 37. Hamlet and Bakistan: O wretched state! O bosom black as death! O limed soul, that struggling to be free, art more engaged; help, angels! Make assay, bow stubborn knees, and heart, with strings of steel, be soft as sinews of the new-born babe – all may be well. Pakistanis are looking for an honest-yet-competent leader and votary of Allama Muhammad Iqbal to be remained creatively competitive in coming centuries. In Punjab, Sharif Brothers are light whereas Chaudhry Brothers a flare. [08 May 2012] Hamlet and Bakistan: In heaven – send thither to see, if your messenger find him not there, seek him i’th’other place yourself. But if indeed you find him not within this month, you shall nose him as you go up the stairs into the lobby. May is the most beautiful month as Premier has been made ineligible as parliamentarian for 5 years. People are foreseeing next government under dynamic leadership of Mian Shehbaz Sharif. [10 May 2012]
  • 38. Hamlet and Bakistan: Beggar that I am, I am even poor in thanks, but I thank you – and sure, dear friends, my thanks are too dear a halfpenny: were you not sent for? Is it your own inclining? Is it a free visitation? Come, come, deal justly with me, come, come, nay speak. People are astonished over mysterious escape of Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza, former home minister of Sindh. Let us wait for his confessional autobiography. [12 May 2012] Hamlet and Bakistan: Or of a courtier, which could say ‘Good morrow, sweet lord! How dost thou, good lord?’ This might be my lord such-a-one, that praised my lord such-a- one’s horse, when a’ meant to beg it, might it not? Advisors have been making and destroying regimes and governments in the world. Pakistani political and media advisors are learning marketing-before-breakfast to achieve desired results for the economy. [15 May 2012]
  • 39. Hamlet and Bakistan: Ay, sir, but ‘While the grass grows’ – the proverb is something musty. Living in and solving myraid of problems is crux of life. Residents of Islamabad are overjoyed on local government elections. [26 May 2012] Hamlet and Bakistan: It shall be so, madness in great must not unwatched go. Former ambassador and writer, Attaul Haq Qasmi has declared himself a jack-ass instead of a horse. Very few humans are alive today in world. [28 May 2012] Hamlet and Bakistan: If circumstances lead me, I will find where truth is hid, though it were hid indeed within the Center. Governor State Bank of Pakistan, Anwar Yasin, has alarmed over poor macro economic situation whereas missile race is going on. Pakistanis think and track truth and friends. [30 May 2012]
  • 40. Hamlet and Bakistan: Doubt truth to be a liar/ But never doubt I love. Though fierce criticism to federal budget 2012-13 yet tea- lovers and tea companies are pleased with substantial slash in general sales tax. Opinion leaders would watch new price of tea cup countrywide. [06 June 2012] Hamlet and Bakistan: Laertes, was your father dear to you? Or are you like the painting of a sorrow, a face without a heart? At the burial of Mehdi Hasan, wealthy journalists are enjoying CJP-Malik Riaz tussle, not advocating for External Jury in all courts of country. [14 June 2012]
  • 41. Hamlet and Bakistan: Why right, you are in the right, and so without more circumstance at all I hold it fit that we shake hands and part, you, as your business and desire shall point you, for every man hath business and desire such as it is, and for my own poor part, look you, I will go pray. People demand for royal entitlements like landlords and are consciously striving to become scholars, poets, musicians, singers, marketers and actors to uplift their life and lot. [20 June 2012] Hamlet and Bakistan: Such an act that blurs the grace and blush of modesty, calls virtue hypocrite, takes off the rose from the fair forehead of an innocent love and sets a blister there, makes marriage vows as false as dicers’ oaths. Custodians and protectors of democracy are proactive for basic entitlements. Everyone in country is carefully watching fate of new premier Raja Pervez Ashraf. Supreme Court of Pakistan is grace and blush of democracy. [26 June 2012]
  • 42. Hamlet and Bakistan: Neither a borrower nor a lender be, for loan oft loses both itself and friend, and borrowing dulls the edge of husbandry. Youth is questioning about huge foreign debts and supporting Supreme Court and Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf to bring Swiss money back home to achieve good governance and millennium development goals and targets. [06 July 2012] Hamlet and Bakistan: Make you a wholesome answer – my wit’s diseased. Corruption and development go together. This dogma promoted by leading politicians like Benazir Bhutto. Supreme Court, USAID, and Imran Khan are endeavoring to invalid the dogma. [14 July 2012]
  • 43. Hamlet and Bakistan: But orderly to end where I begun, Our wills and fates do so contrary run, That our devices still are overthrown, Our thoughts are ours, their ends none of our own. President Asif Ali Zardari is endeavoring to bring seven tribal agencies into mainstream to make Pakistan a truly dynamic democracy in Asia. Let us welcome a new province “Sheenwar”. [20 July 2012] Hamlet and Bakistan: What have you done, my lord, with the dead body? Over three thousand persons have been killed in drone attacks. Medea Benjamin, 59-year American writer is once again visiting Pakistan to end drone attacks. Third millennia humans are still learning humanity. [27 July 2012]
  • 44. Hamlet and Bakistan: The single and peculiar life is bound with all the strength and armour of the mind to keep itself from noyance, but much more that spirit upon whose weal depends and rests the lives of many. Traditional three pillars of state alongwith media are purging themselves to foster sustainable economic development whereas people at hamlets waiting for Millennium Development Goals Clock. World finds the scribe best leadership option for Pakistan. [01 August 2012] Hamlet and Bakistan: Then thus she says, your behaviour hath struck her into amazement and admiration. Facebook is the new name of internet and media. In fact, Facebook is an index of our mind and a great philosopher is behind the book. World is anxiously waiting to admire innovators and discoverers from Pakistan. [08 August 2012]
  • 45. Hamlet and Bakistan: O such a deed as from the body of contraction plucks the very soul, and sweet religion makes a rhapsody of words; heaven’s face does glow, and this solidity and compound mass with heated visage, as against the doom, is thought-sick at the act. Twin earthquakes in Iran took over 150 human lives. Why human beings do not design a device that shows ebb and flow of earthquake pulses? O East and West, let’s work together for Smart Intel Box. [13 August 2012] Hamlet and Bakistan: O Jephthah, judge of Israel, what a treasure hadst thou. Pakistanis have started believing themselves as citizens of world like Socrates. They have started getting income for watching advertisements online. Soon TV channels and traditional newspapers will offer viewers and readers for communicated contents especially advertisements. The day of prosperity is at hand. [23 August 2012]
  • 46. Hamlet and Bakistan: Not that I think you did not love your father, but that I know love is begun by time, and that I see in passages of proof time qualifies the spark and fire of it. Pakistanis know that seven spiritual fathers are immortal and they are learning about The 2045 Initiative by Dmitry Itskov and start visiting www.23572.webs.com. [30 August 2012] Hamlet and Bakistan: Most necessary ‘tis that we forget to pay ourselves what to oursleves is debt. What to oursleves in passion we propose, the passion ending, doth the purpose lose. After a long time, there is a best weekly television program “I Will Wakeup” for civic sense. Still there remains “Techful Pakistan”, another television program to be produced and aired. [11 September 2012]
  • 47. Hamlet and Bakistan: The violence of either grief or joy their own enactures with themselves destroy, where joy most revels, grief doth most lament, grief joys, joy grieves, on slender accident. Families of missing persons are temperately criticizing the state whereas representative government of PPP is endeavoring to breed pool of patriotic citizens for peace and prosperity. Besides stagflation, missing citizens is the hottest issue in next general elections for political parties. [24 September 2012] Hamlet and Bakistan: This world is not for aye, nor ‘tis not strange that even our loves should with our fortunes change: For ‘tis a question left us yet to prove, whether love lead fortune, or else fortune love. Before 1947, our leaders like Liaqat Ali Khan developed love for America. At the end of War on Terror, Pakistanis expect comprehensive rehabilitation of Tribal Areas through implementation of Prime Prosperity Paradigm. [01 October 2012]
  • 48. Hamlet and Bakistan: I have words to speak in thine ear will make thee dumb, yet are they much too light for the bore of the matter. Champion of education and National Peace Prize winner, 14-year old Malala Yousafzai is in critical condition after having shots from Taliban at Mingora. It is not possible to educate groups or individuals, worldwide and kindle light of knowledge and tolerance. [10 October 2012] Hamlet and Bakistan: O, for two special reasons, which may to you perhaps seem unsinewed, but yet to me they’re strong. Pakistan is a free market democratic economy where political parties do not introduce and promote young leaders. Besides exclusive Governor of FATA, there is need to revive National Reconstruction Bureau. [21 October 2012]
  • 49. Hamlet and Bakistan: Thou know’st ‘tis common, all that lives must die, passing through nature to eternity. Lately English writer Maryam Jamila and Urdu poetess Samina Raja have departed in Lahore and Islamabad respectively living behind their memories and works. Hopefully Pakistanis would start discovering and honouring self- actualized ladies. [01 November 2012] Hamlet and Bakistan: Madam, I swear I use no art at all. That he is mad ‘tis true, ‘tis true, ‘tis pity, and pity ‘tis ‘tis true – a foolish figure, but farewell it, for I will use no art. Today no one is cognitively disturbed or imbalance. Kashmiris question to the democratic dominated world. Thus brevity is the soul of wit. [14 November 2012]
  • 50. Hamlet and Bakistan: I dare not confess that, lest I should compare with him in excellence, but to know a man well were to know himself. Courtney Powell has formed social better business bureau for the new age. PublikDemand and Codepink are signs of secure consumerism. [04 December 2012] Hamlet and Bakistan: O, ‘tis most sweet when in one line two crafts directly meet. At home, people are fed up with rhyme and reason and wish for instant answer to chronic problems. [12 December 2012] Hamlet and Bakistan: Diseases desperate grown by desperate appliance are relieved, or not at all. Worldwide people are worried about latest nuclear test of North Korea. [12 February 2013]
  • 51. About the Author Sajed Imtiaz hails from Islamabad and did graduation in Psychology and Economics. In 1994, he served in College of Army Education, Jhika Gali, Murree. He has served in leading advertising agencies in Islamabad and Peshawar. Forty-two years old Sajed Imtiaz is editor-in-chief of Daily 10 Minutes, 1 st Pakistani online e-paper with balance sheet. He is expert member of CDKN and lifetime member of First Mennonite Church of Pakistan. Besides editing books and reports, he has written one score of film scripts. Sajed Imtiaz’s under-publication book “Cyber Crimes – 25 Factual Cases” is a trendsetter in world. He aims to be a Senator of Pakistan. Contact: sajedimtiaz@hotmail.com