Backbone of Economy


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Armed forces of Pakistan offer education and jobs even in time of recession.

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Backbone of Economy

  1. 1. Backbone of Pakistani Economy A Practical Proposal
  2. 2. Armed forces of Pakistan are an integral part of Pakistani economy. These offer jobs to Pakistani youth and serve as cushion to avoid recession. In Pakistan, military service is not essential or compulsory for every undergraduate or graduate. Every year three forces advertise for recruitment countrywide for different cadres. Selection on merit is done by inter services selection boards in different major cities like Karachi, Kohat and Gujranwala. Young men join forces at their own will whereas women love to join armed forces to learn leadership. Foreigners also get training and education besides joint exercises. There are three types of officers; commissioned, junior commissioned & non- commissioned. It is a misconception that selection and promotion in armed forces are done on nepotism instead of skill- based merit and performance. Armed forces produce leaders by lifelong training at score of schools and institutions countrywide. Cadet colleges and defense universities also offer admission to students. Government is aware of role of dynamic 600K+ HR forces thus it has been increasing defense budget.
  3. 3. Current annual budget is just US$6.3 billion. There is strict audit system for expenditures. One must remember that armed forces of Pakistan are peaceful and these do not have aggressive attitude towards neighborly countries. Armed forces have been participated in UN peacekeeping missions worldwide. Every citizen has a blood relative in the armed forces thus be it flood, earthquake, elections or terrorism activity, armed forces have been helping the civil compatriots. Armed forces take great care of families of injured on duty, deceased, discharged at will and retired officers and soldiers. One finds better climate and health conditions in 41 cantonments. Sajid Imtiaz Chief Editor, Daily 10 Minutes Communications Expert, CDKN Honorary Member, Pakistan Society of Criminology Some short sighted political analysts, journalists and economists are against organized growth of defense sector. Mostly defense organizations keep quality standards like ISO-9000. Next annual defense budget must be around US$8 billion. Introduction of Sports Corps will make armed forces a role model for the world. Hopefully JCOAS will setup Sports Corps in armed forces of Pakistan.