29 Ts: Sustainable Development Indicators


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29 indicators of sustainable economic development in 2010s.

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29 Ts: Sustainable Development Indicators

  1. 1. 29Ts Sustainable Development Indicators (A Thesis)
  2. 2. Problem The researcher has been writing economic reports on Pakistan. He has been studying news articles but could not understand the fact-fudging by the policymakers. Students of Economics asked me to give new parameters to forecast economic progress of Pakistan.
  3. 3. Hypothesis Twenty-nine indicators clearly elucidate the state of a State for scholars and policymakers worldwide. Statement Should Pak-India become one to apply this neuro- socio-economic theory?
  4. 4. Tree Trees are essential for life like water. They not only provide us oxygen but also create positive externality. Forests cover less than 5% landmass. Trees must be chosen carefully. Recently a Pakistani soldier has made world record by planting 10,000 saplings in a day. Every beggar in India and Pakistan must be asked to plant a tree for his or her lifetime spiritual reward.
  5. 5. Travel Modern transportation means are in use worldwide. Pakistan has a good infrastructure of road, rail and air travel and transportation. Besides spiral effect of inflation, price hike of petrol has increased the cost of travel. It is still difficult to travel far-flung hilly areas where roads are not available. Indus River can be used for sea travel and transportation throughout Pakistan with collaboration with China or America.
  6. 6. Train Every year about 70 million Pakistanis travel by train inside the country. Cargo railcars help transfer heavy goods at cheaper rate. Interior of trains can be used for advertising and awareness. Pakistani trains never keep time. Japanese and Russian experts can improve Pakistan Railways. Management of Pakistani trains should be given to private sector for efficiency and profit generation.
  7. 7. Trade Local and international trades are very important in any economy. Local trade is conducted chiefly through road and rail whereas international trade is done through air and sea. The competitive advantage of Pakistan is staple crops and couple of industrial goods. International trade for Pakistan has been remained in deficit as imports are greater than exports.
  8. 8. Tourism Tourism of Pakistan is declining because of terrorism and lack of best facilities to international tourists. There is no Disney Land and Desert Tourism. King Abdullah of the H.K. of Jordan is famous for promoting tourism in his country. We find statements on internet that Pakistan is best for Terrorism Tourism. Arrival of international tourists will be down in calendar year 2011.
  9. 9. Taekwondo This physical game represents sports in any country. Though Hockey is our national game yet we investment time, energy and money on Cricket. Pakistani cricketers have made the country a mighty laughing stock in the world. Cricketers are famous in match fixing and gambling. Progress of a country must be evaluated in number of sportspersons produced in a year.
  10. 10. Tax Tax is the backbone of every economy. Taxes are increasing every passing year in Pakistan. The volume of federal fiscal budget for year 2011-12 is around Rs.1780 billion. Generally Pakistanis are tax-evading people as tax of Rs.37 billion was evaded on ESAF Containers smuggling. Tax-GDP ratio in Pakistan is lowest in Asia. It is said that deposits of Rs.28 trillion in Swiss Banks can facilitate Pakistani taxpayers. I still claim that Cyber Tax-Free Pakistani Economy is possible.
  11. 11. Tort Tort stands for lawyers and judiciary in a country. Youth choose this profession for love of M.A. Jinnah. Lawyers never advocate for “External Jury Members” in court for speedy justice. According to Charles de Montesquieu, useless laws weaken the necessary laws. Pakistani jurists make money from people and don’t abrogate useless laws. My thesis “Avenues of Justice” can be read.
  12. 12. Tea Tea is served in every home, office and place especially in northern areas. Pakistan also produces and imports tea. Couples of tea brands are available with high price. Scientists have discovered fluoride in black tea. We take tea religiously several times a day without considering physician’s advice. Children should be served two cups of tea daily especially Moroccan.
  13. 13. Tobacco Though tobacco is a wormwood product yet it is widely used in the world. No wise person recommends tobacco yet this industry is growing every year. Indians and Pakistanis are cigarette smokers conditioned by the British. Can in Islamabad British High Commissioner, Mr. Adam Thomson restrain Pakistanis from this habit? Price wise Pakistani cigarette smokers are being fooled by tobacco companies.
  14. 14. Textile Pakistani textiles are elegant and famous in the world because of Manchester of East i.e. Faisalabad. Fabric gurus are Bhatti and BeeJee. Federal Ministry of Textile has been established for competitive edge of Pakistani textiles in Europe and North America. Graduates are carving fine prints for spinning mills and ladies.
  15. 15. Technology Pakistanis are using state-of-the-art home appliances and computer equipments. Radios, personal computers and wireless internet have become part of every village. Still we have to develop Smart Intel Boxes for households and offices. At Government level, security technology is lacking which is evident from murders of Benazir Bhutto and Salmaan Taseer. Corporate sector must finance for research and development in Biotechnology and Neuroeconomics.
  16. 16. Television Television set has become part of every family. These are used in every good office. Pakistanis are fond of watching TV from a distance of under 10 feet. Leading brands are Philips, Sony and Hitachi. Nobel TV is also manufacturing color TV sets. The world is still waiting for sublime definition TV sets with fragrance and early warning device.
  17. 17. Telephone Telephone has become part and parcel of every Pakistani individual and organization. Cellular phone consumers have crossed 100 million in the country. People can get their favorite number from couple of network. Leading cell operators are Telenor and Mobilink whereas landline operators are PTCL and SCO. People and children should keep cell phone away especially at nighttime.
  18. 18. Terrorism Pakistan is inflicted with terrorism and has seen over one decade. Everybody around the world has become bore with terroristic activities in this country. Solution of terrorism is only and only sophisticated technology. United States of America is providing all assistance and Pakistan has to get rid of this daymare by 2011.
  19. 19. Tuberculosis TB is symbol of diseases. Pakistanis are infected with score of diseases including TB. Direct Observe Treatment Strategy (DOTS) is the modern remedy for this disease. Students can know about wellness of people with diseases spurred by animals. Dustbins along roadsides in Islamabad are major source of diseases.
  20. 20. Tomato It is a source of vitamin and used in every dish in every house and office. Pakistan is self sufficient in producing tomato but sometime we see shortfall. Household women use yogurt as alternate of tomato. Irani tomato dishes are famous in the world.
  21. 21. Tractor Tractors and trolleys are important in agriculture sector of Pakistan. They enable farmers to move their crops from villages and towns to factories and cities. The number of tractors and trolleys are steadily increasing in Pakistan owing to loans from several banks.
  22. 22. Tube-Well Tube-well are important for watering the crops in Pakistan and India. Government of India is providing free electricity to tube-well owners for better crops. Loans are also being given to farmers in Pakistan especially in Punjab to buy solar-and-wind operated tube- wells.
  23. 23. Tablet Pharmacy is important sector of an economy. Tablet is symbol of vaccinations and drugs. Tablets must be used in consultation with physicians and psychiatrists. Lots of Pakistani and Multi National Corporations are producing life saving drugs. More investment is required to produce cost-effective medicines.
  24. 24. Toy Toys are essentials for children’s mental health. Lots of toys from China are available in bazaars throughout the country. Pakistani toy makers have to compete with Japanese gismos and gadget makers to qualify for Silicon City.
  25. 25. T-Guarder It is a symbol for housing sector. Mostly companies use them at factories. In villages, people still use them for making homes and garages. Several companies are manufacturing them. Several housing societies are providing houses to people. In future, people will make houses in water like U.A.E. Pakistanis can also make houses on Indus River.
  26. 26. Teeth Teeth represent population in a country. Strong 32 teeth in an adult person tell a lot about physical health. Dental surgeons recommend for cleaning teeth thrice a day and regular checkup twice a year. Pakistanis must follow “12-Tooth Smile” as a happy-go- lucky nation.
  27. 27. Tan Sen A country can be measured by musicians and singers produced in a year. In Pakistan, music bands are famous but cinema is in trouble. Famous singers are Freeha Altaf and Hadiqa Kiyani. Music schools must be established to create good symphonies for depressive nation.
  28. 28. Toma Hawk We teach nonviolence to children but make arms. This phenomenon makes us fool in eyes of children and aliens. Pakistan and India are racing for missile technology that hampers progress. Arm race is undesirable in any country, therefore, the North and Los Angeles must take note of it.
  29. 29. Teacher A country is known by its teachers. Progress of a country can be checked by number and quality of teachers produced in a year. I have already suggested that university professors must teach in schools one day in a week. It’s shame that we could not produce just ten Nobel Laureates since 1971.
  30. 30. Tourmaline Gems and jewelry of Pakistan are famous in world especially in South Africa. Gems are worn by women and men in Pakistan. They think that gems bring some happiness which is not true. There are natural deposits of raw gems in Pakhtoonkwa and Baluchistan. Some people wear gems as a code in insecurity zone. There are few gem-refining factories in Pakistan.
  31. 31. Thoughts Performance of a country can be evaluated by ideas or concepts generated in a year. Knowledge Network of Bob Buckman is a role model for all. Talented Pakistanis developed new products and theories that remain hidden. Engro Corporation or Pakistan Center for Philanthropy must arrange expos in major cities to showcase ideas.
  32. 32. Tension Though Dr. Riaz Bhatti, Pakistani psychologist has discovered solution for whims which Hakim Luqmaan (RA) could not find out. Moreover, 97% Pakistanis are under depression. Laughter therapy is short-run solution whereas economic wellbeing is permanent solution.
  33. 33. Argument for Hypothesis There is no need to merge Pakistan and India to implement this neuro-socio-economic theory. Two or more countries can be compared with these prime indicators.
  34. 34. Global & Local Knowledgebase Neuropolitician A politician who endeavors to understand oneself and mental state of his or her constituent members for mutual development. 12-Tooth Smile It is desirable smile for Pakistanis and Indians if they want to improve tourism and win hearts of U.S. Congress. Daymare It is frightening day dreaming faced to security officers in Pakistan.
  35. 35. T-Scale 2010 (Pakistan) Indicator Objective (Economist) Normative (Citizen) Affirmative (Politician) Travel Up + Trade Up + Tourism Down + Concerning Tax Up + Terrorism Up - Very Concerning Technology Up + Teeth Up + Television Up + Tractor Up + Tomato Up + Tobacco Up - Concerning Tea Up + Train Down + Concerning
  36. 36. T-Scale 2010 (Pakistan) Indicator Objective (Economist) Normative (Citizen) Affirmative (Politician) Textile Up + Telephone Up + Tuberculosis Up - Concerning Tube-Well Up + Tablet Up + Toy Up + Tree Up + Tort Up - Concerning Tan Sen Down + Concerning Toma Hawk Up - Concerning Teacher Up + Taekwando Down + Concerning Telephone Up +
  37. 37. Countries Index The following countries have been discussed in the theory which prove that it can be implemented worldwide. Canada China India Iran Japan Jordan Morocco Pakistan Russia South Africa United Arab Emirates United Kingdom Unites States of America
  38. 38. Findings • Intelligent Pakistani people know about problems and their solutions as well. • In any country between the lines suggestions can be implemented e.g. 12-Tooth Smile attitude, Smart Intel Box, and Water Homes. • Everyone can get benefit from this unique American-style thesis.
  39. 39. Recommendations • Scholars are requested to give feedback. They can suggest further indicators start with “T”. • In Post-Wikileaks-World, quarterly or annual economic reports must be developed in public sector and foreign missions on 29Ts Indicators. • This theory must be made part of Basic Economics at “A” level because it is easy to remember and implement. • It can be translated in other languages but with prior permission of theorist.
  40. 40. Global Challenge This is a simplified sustainable development indicators theory for children and economists. It took me twenty-three days to complete the thesis. This theory must be made part of Kinder Gorton so that we could produce right kind of Neuroeconomists and Neuropoliticians.
  41. 41. Bibliography Book: Principles of Economics, Paul A. Samuelson Book: The Affluent Society, John Kenneth Galbraith Book: Principles of Economics, K.K. Dewitt Book: The Economics of Public Issues, Douglass C. North & Roger Le Roy Miller Thesis: Aborigine Economic Development Model, Sheik Sajed Imtiaz Thesis: Employment for Economic Expansion, Sheik Sajed Imtiaz Thesis: Cyber Tax-Free Economic Model, Sheik Sajed Imtiaz Thesis: 5Es Development Model, Sheik Sajed Imtiaz Thesis: TNCs Economic Development Model, Sheik Sajed Imtiaz
  42. 42. Dedication This theory is dedicated to Edward de Bono, Patri Friedman, Richard A. Holbrooke, K.K. Dewitt, Paul J. Zak, Mehbub ul Haq, Sheik Jamaluddin, Arab Hussain and Suleiman Aziz, my cousin.
  43. 43. Thesis Submission • Higher Education Commission, Pakistan • University of The Punjab, Lahore • Preston University, Islamabad • The Seasteading Institute, California • Alternate Solutions Institute, Lahore • Intellectual Property Organization, Islamabad • Beijing North University • University of West of England, Bristol • USAID Pakistan • Daily India Today • Iqbal Academy, England • Jewish Call of Reason • Daily Times • Spiral 23 Tribe, New York • Cornell University, New York • Intl Advertising Association • Pakistan Advertising Association • Beacon House Schools System • Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad • Barkatullah University, Bhopal • Transparency International Pakistan, Karachi • Lahore University of Management Sciences • Yunus Center, Dhaka • Time Magazine • Forbes Magazine • Jewish Press • Islamabad Foreign Women Association
  44. 44. Credits Audience: Worldwide Writer: Sajed Imtiaz Feedback: sajedimtiaz@hotmail.com