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Martian Chronicles
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Martian Chronicles

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  • 1. Martian Chronicles APRIL 2000: The Third Expedition By Luke Commins and Alex Adranly
  • 2. Chapter Summary and Setting
    • In April of 2000, the crew of 16 lands on Mars to find a small American town.  Captain John Black is skeptical of the situation but Hinkston and the others see it as a miracle. They are greeted by a brass band, and members of the crew meet long-lost members of their families.  Caption Black finds his parents and his brother John.  When going to sleep next to his brother John, he realizes the martian trap and tries to run away, but "John" stops him.  The next morning, all sixteen members of the crew are in coffins with the families marching them to the funeral.  Their faces slowly begin to look like Martians.   
    • setting: 
    • Mars, April 2000
  • 3. Elements of Plot
    • Inciting Incident: The crew finds the small American town on Mars
    • Rising Action: The crew all meet the long-lost members of their families. 
    • Climax: Captain John Black is killed trying to escape the Martian trap
    • Falling Action: The coffins of the crew are being carried to the funeral 
    • Resolution: The faces' of the people in the town start to turn into the faces of Martians.  
  • 4. Parallel Episodes
    • The subplot of this story is more directed towards the Martians than the crew members.  The Martians' plan to kill the crew was very complex; different from what is seen in earlier stories. They lured the crew members in and waited for the right time.  The Martians have also developed the ability to take the form of what the humans saw as dear family members.  This subplot reveals the scary abilities the Martians have developed. 
  • 5. 5. Motivations of the Characters Characters:  Captain John Black- Seeing all his teammates lured in by dead families. Lustig- Meeting his dead "family", feeling of love Samuel Hinkston- excitement towards unraveling the mystery of mars Martians- Hatred towards all earth people
  • 6. 6. Idioms, analogies, personification, etc. • Simile: their faces shifting like wax • Shimmering as all things shimmer on a hot day – Both on page 48
  • 7. 7. The Message • People let their emotions take control of them. Be aware of what is happening around you before you take action.