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Start with a free practice analysis to increase your bottom line. …

Start with a free practice analysis to increase your bottom line.
How doctors and hospital can get more of their money faster 2% rejection rate proven 98% recovery of all revenues.
www.medicalbillrecoverysolutions.com more info

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  • 1. How Doctors Can Get More of Their Money, Faster
  • 2. Doctors Have a Big Problem
    • Only have two sources of income:
      • Insurance
      • Patients
    And Both Are Usually Slow to Pay… If They Ever Pay at All!
  • 3. Innovative Services Patient Payment Plan Web-Based Claims Filing Profit Recovery Services Patient Well-Care Program
  • 4. Innovative Services Web-Based Claims Filing
  • 5. Doctors Make Money Seeing Patients
    • “ Some doctors spend more time filling out forms than taking care of patients.”
          • Dr. C. Everett Koop Former Surgeon General
  • 6. Problems with Typical Claims Filing
    • SLOW
      • Turn-around up to 58 days
    • High Rejection Rate
      • National Rejection Rate is 34%
    • High Cost
      • National Average of $12 per claim*
    * American Medical Association Survey
  • 7. The Outsourced Solution
    • Reduced Rejection Rate
    • Less than 2%
    • Lower Billing Costs
    • Save up to 50% by outsourcing
      • Faster Payment of Claims
      • Average of 14 days
  • 8. You Have Two Options
    • 1. Invest thousands of dollars in hardware, software, training and support
    • OR
    • 2. OUTSOURCE IT!
  • 9. Problems with Filing Claims In-House
    • Initial Costs are expensive
    • Computer Setup is Complex
    • Staff Learning-curve is high
    • On-going Costs
      • New Staff Training
      • Constant Updates to Software
      • On-going Support
  • 10. Outsourced Claims Filing How it Works – Step One
    • Patient and Claims data is faxed into our HIPAA-Compliant online system
  • 11. Step Two
    • Claims are submitted within 24 hours
    Medicare/Medicaid Insurance Companies
  • 12. Step Three
    • Payments from insurance companies are sent directly to the doctor
  • 13. Final Step
    • You verify claims status in our web-based system and we invoice you for claims filed
  • 14. Innovative Services Patient Payment Plan Web-Based Claims Filing
  • 15. Collecting from Patients Can be a Nightmare
    • The average healthcare provider only collects 49% of what patients owe
    • Even the patients that do pay are EXTREMELY SLOW!
  • 16. How Do YOU Deal With Slow-Pays?
    • Collection Agency?
      • Up to 50% of whatever they collect
      • May damage patient/doctor rapport
    • In-house Financing?
      • You become a banker!
      • Payments trickle in over 60-120 days
    • Write it off?
      • How much are you losing each year?
  • 17. Automatic Money
    • You can have all the money that is owed by your patients
    • deposited into your bank account
    • on the same day every month
    • W ithout having to send a single invoice .
  • 18. Patient Payment Plan
    • Benefits to you…
      • The ability to to extend credit with assurance of payment
      • Filters out bad credit risks
      • Staff can concentrate on patient care
      • Increases your cash-flow
    • Process used by…
      • Insurance Companies
      • Health Clubs
      • Mortgage Companies, etc.
  • 19.  
  • 20. Quotes From Dr. Becker’s Letter
  • 21. Innovative Services Patient Payment Plan Web-Based Claims Filing Patient Well Care Program
  • 22. We Can Help The Doctor See More Patients
    • Automated Cards and letters can be sent out to remind patients of:
        • Appointments
        • Physicals
        • Mammograms
        • Check ups
        • Other Well Care Programs
  • 23. We Do It All
    • Full-color greeting and postcards
      • Printed, addressed and mailed to patients automatically each month
    • Pre-designed campaigns that you can alter any way you wish
    • Doctor’s signature printed in blue ink on each card
    • All for less than what you would pay for just a card
  • 24. Innovative Services Patient Payment Plan Web-Based Claims Filing Profit Recovery Services Patient Well Care Program
  • 25. We Can Recover Your Lost Profits
    • We are NOT a collection agency
    • We use technology to collect your past due accounts
    • Collection rate averages 41% of money owed, even after 120 days
    • Fee as low as 5% of collected amounts
  • 26. How Do We Do It?
    • Series of letters mailed f rom you, on your letterhead, suggesting
        • Credit Bureau Reporting
        • Collection Agency intervention
        • Intensive Attorney intervention
    • All payments sent directly to you
    • Collection fees only on money collected
  • 27. How Can We Help You? It Starts With A Free Practice Analysis