Week 11 virtual class talking about food_14.6.2013


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slide lớp học ảo tuần 11 với chủ đề "Talking about food" liên hệ daihoctructuyen.edu.vn để biết thêm chi tiết.

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Week 11 virtual class talking about food_14.6.2013

  1. 1. Welcome to Virtual Class!L p h c s b t đ u trong ít phút n a.ớ ọ ẽ ắ ầ ữKhung gi h cờ ọ• Ca 1: 8h30 – 9h30• Ca 2: 10h – 11h• Ca 3: 13h – 14h• Ca 4: 14h30 – 15h30Quy đ nh V-Classị• H c viên chu n b headphone đọ ẩ ị ểth c hành nóiự• H c viên đ i tên theo c u trúc:ọ ổ ấtên + họ và có d u.ấVí d : H ng Ph m, Th o Nguy nụ ư ạ ả ễwww.daihoctructuyen.edu.vn E-mail: giangvien@daihoctructuyen.edu.vn
  2. 2. Talking about foodVirtual Class | Week 11www.daihoctructuyen.edu.vn
  3. 3. Food PyramidDairyMeat &otherproteinFat, oil,sugarFruit VegetableGrains• For good health, eat alot of grains,vegetables, and fruit.• Eat some dairy, meat,and other protein.• Eat very little fat, oil,and sugar.breadcerealcrackers ricepastaGrainspotatolettucecarrottomatobroccoliorange strawberry mangoapplebananacheeseyogurtmilkbeaneggbeefchickenfishpotato chipcandyoilbuttercream
  4. 4. Food – Likes & dislikes• What food do you like?I like + food.• What food you don’t like?I don’t like + food.• Do you like + food?Yes, I like + food (very much).Oh, I love + food./ I love eating + food.No, I don’t like + food (very much).No, I hate + food.www.daihoctructuyen.edu.vn
  5. 5. Food – Taste1 2 3 45 6 7 8www.daihoctructuyen.edu.vn
  6. 6. Food – Condition1 2 3 45 6 7 8www.daihoctructuyen.edu.vn
  7. 7. Talking about the look, smell and tasteof food• The cake looks delicious.• The food smells good.• It smells like heaven in thekitchen.• The curry is really tasty.• My wifes home-made cookies areyummy. (yummy = delicious)• My mothers apple pie is out of thisworld. (very delicious)• The steak looks over-cooked.• The soup is a bit too salty.• The meat is tough and dry.• The taste of this dish is a bit bland.• The steak tastes like a piece of leather.(hard and tasteless)• The food in the new Italian restaurant issecond to none. (the very best)• The food in that restaurant is reallydisgusting. (not delicious)www.daihoctructuyen.edu.vn
  8. 8. Saying you are hungry• Im hungry.• Im starved. (very hungry)• Im famished. (very hungry)• Im so hungry I could eat a horse.• I feel a bit peckish. (a little bit hungry)www.daihoctructuyen.edu.vn
  9. 9. Complaining about the food• Excuse me, this soup is cold.• This meat is too tough/overcooked.• This meat is not fresh.• This steak is rare. I want it well-done.• There is a fly in my soup!• I cant eat this. Its too salty!www.daihoctructuyen.edu.vn
  10. 10. Practice 1Crossword: http://2ndnature-online-eikaiwa.com/Expressions/Module-6/Exercises/Unit_6.1puzzle.htmwww.daihoctructuyen.edu.vn
  11. 11. Practice 2: Choose the correct answer.1. “Her apple pie is out of this world” meansA.Her apple pie is no longer availableB.You can’t find her apple pie.C.Her apple pie is very delicious.2. “I’m famished” meansA.I’m very tired.B.I’m very hungry.C.I’m a bit hungry.3. “I’m peckish” meansA.I’m a bit hungry.B.I’m starving.C.I’m full.4. “His pizza is second to none” meansA.His pizza is very cheap.B.His pizza is the best.C.His pizza is the worst.5. “The meat tastes like a piece of leather” meansA.The meat is very tasty.B.The meat is very yummy.C.The meat is very tough.6. The food is disgusting meansA.The food is very bad.B.The food is delicious.C.The food is cold.www.daihoctructuyen.edu.vn
  12. 12. Conversation 1Waiter: Heres your grilled salmon, andheres your steak. Enjoy!John & Jill: Thanks.John: Ummm... The food smells good.Jill: It sure does. Oh, the salmon isreally tasty. Hows your steak?John: Very tender and juicy. Excellent.www.daihoctructuyen.edu.vn
  13. 13. Conversation 2John Wheres our food? Im starving!Jill Yes! This is ridiculous! Im famished!John Excuse me!Waiter Yes?John Weve ordered our food over half an hour ago, and werestill waiting for it. Whats going on?Waiter Im sorry, we are really busy tonight. Ill check with thekitchen.www.daihoctructuyen.edu.vn
  14. 14. Thank you!See you next weekwww.daihoctructuyen.edu.vn