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This presentation is brought to You by provides legal assistence in corporate and commercial matters. is a part of
BridgeWest is an international company based in Cyprus which provides business formation in Europe and offshore jurisdictions.

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Lawyers Finland

  1. 1. provides legal assistance to foreign investors in Finland A presentation brought by
  2. 2. Who we are has a team of lawyers whit big experience in different legal issues and as well who can help clients to set up their companies in Finland. Our lawyers will support clients with all procedures while opening a company and with other legal matters as well.
  3. 3. What we do may provide all required information about how to set up a company on behalf of foreign investors. We will also assist with all legal procedures related to foreign investments in Finland can equally provide related services such as accounting in business and tax consultancy, lawsuits, mergers and acquisitions and other matters related to corporate law in Finland.
  4. 4. What legal services we provide in Finland • Formation of Finish Companies • Establishment of Subsidiaries or Branches in Finland • Applications for Special Permits or Licenses for Company Activities • Mergers and Acquisitions in Finland • Liquidation and Dissolution of Finish Companies • Corporate and Commercial Litigation • Tax Advice and Tax Planning
  5. 5. What services can provide • Company domiciliation services • Accounting services • Assistance and representation for the incorporation of Oys, Oyjs and other type of entities • As well other lawyer services
  6. 6. How we can help • Company formation of any type • Mergers and Acquisitions in Finland • Liquidation and Dissolution of Finish Companies • Corporate and commercial litigation, tax advice and tax planning
  7. 7. Type of companies we can establish • private limited company (Oy), • public limited company (Oyj), • limited partnership (Ky), • general partnership (Ay), • Private Person Carrying on Trade, • Branch of a Foreign Company (sivuliike).
  8. 8. Why open a business in Finland • The withholding tax on dividends, interests and royalties with some countries is inexistent: France, Ireland, United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates. • The inheritances and gifts are also subject to the special provision of certain treaties. The usual domestic tax can vary from 10 % to 32 %, with a minimum inheritance taxation of 20000 EUR and a 4000 EUR gift tax. • The dividends, interests and royalties are also subject to the double tax treaties. Their rates can be minimized or even exempt. Usually, the withholding taxes on dividends, interests and royalties paid to nonresidents are 24.5%. The minimized taxes are situated between 5%-15%.
  9. 9. How helped their clients • German investor opening a GmbH in Finland for real estate purposes. • Dutch company setting up a Finnish subsidiary in order to start its IT activity in this country. • Estonian business conducting a corporate due diligence procedure on a Finnish LTD company. • Opening a representative office of a European medical company.
  10. 10. is a part of an international Legal Consultant company based in Cyprus with offices throughout Europe and offshore jurisdictions. Throughout the years, has gained an excellent experience in company formation, debt collection and others legal and commercial matters.
  11. 11. Thank you for your attention For more information please contact us at E-mail: Ph./Fax:(+44)203-287 0408