Forensic Linguistics:The Practical Applications


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Forensic Linguistics:The Practical Applications

  1. 1. Forensic LinguisticsThe Practical Applications
  2. 2. What is forensic science?Bones CSI
  3. 3. Forensic Science• “forensic” basically answering questions of interest in a legal setting.• Umbrella term encompassing:• The physiological sciences, anthropology, entomology, botany, biology.• Criminalistics such as ballistics, accounting and fingerprints.• And the social sciences including psychology, and LINGUISTICS.
  4. 4. Forensic Linguistics• A relatively new discipline• The use of linguistic theory to:• Interpret the law• Facilitate and analyze law to lay person interactions• And to compile expert linguistic evidence
  5. 5. “[[Would it be incorrect to suggest] that it wasnot so much a tripping but] [because of the state of inebriation of yourself,] [that you fell over]?”
  6. 6. Clark and Clark 1977
  7. 7. General Pattern ± Explicit Negative Response TimeTrue affirmative The square is present. FastestFalse affirmative The circle is present.False negative The square isn’t present.True negative The circle isn’t present. Slowest
  8. 8. “[[Would it be incorrect to suggest] that it wasnot so much a tripping but] [because of the state of inebriation of yourself,] [that you fell over]?”
  9. 9. Disputed authorship• Idiolect – individuals unique linguistically.• Potential authors in a case of disputed texts.• Individual sylism in text messages.
  10. 10. Known Text Messages• Yeah shudbgud.i just have2get myfinga out and do anothatape.wil do it on sun.will seems keen2x• Shit is it.fuck icant2day ive already booked2go bowling.cantrealy pull out.wil go2shop and get her sumetsoon.thanx4tdlin me x• No reason just seing what ur up2.want2go shopping on fri and2will’s on sun if ur up2itSorryimnot out2nite havnt seen u 4a while free2moro at all x
  11. 11. Disputed Text Messages• Thought uwer grassing me up.miteb in trubwivme dad told mum i was lvingdidntgiv a shit.been2 kessick camping was great.ave2 go cya• Hi jen tell jaki am ok know ever 1s gonab mad tell themi am in Scotland wiv my boyfriend. shittingmeselfdads gona kill me mum dont give a shite.hopenikdidnt grass me up.keeping phone of.tell dad car jumps out of gear and stalls put it back in auction.tell himi am sorry• Y do u h8 me i know mum does.told her i was goin.iaint cumin back and the pigs wont find me.i am happy living up here.every1 h8s me in rich only m8 i got is jak.txtu couple wks tell pigsi am nearly 20 aint cumin back they can shiteoff• She got me in this shit its her fault not mine get blame 4evrything.i am sorry ok just had 2lveshes a bitch no food in and always searching me room eating me sweets.ave2 go oki am very sorry x
  12. 12. Study by Tim GrantIn 5000+ text messages, between a 500+member data pool texts from the same authorwere more similar than those betweendifferent authors.
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