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LinkedIn for CPAs


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Presentation about LinkedIn to the employees of Davis Kinard & Co., an accounting firm in Abilene, Texas. Presentation delivered June 17, 2011, by Dave Hogan, APR.

Presentation about LinkedIn to the employees of Davis Kinard & Co., an accounting firm in Abilene, Texas. Presentation delivered June 17, 2011, by Dave Hogan, APR.

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  • 1. For CPAs
    • By Dave Hogan, APR, CFP
    • For Davis Kinard & Co. Pc
    • Abilene, Texas
    • June 17, 2011
  • 2. Today’s objectives
    • Better understanding of LinkedIn’s role as a professional social media network
    • How LinkedIn can benefit you and the firm
    • Four special tips for making your LinkedIn page stand out and reflect a highly polished image
  • 3. Communicating used to be easier
  • 4. Growth of social media LinkedIn is part of a worldwide phenomenon; social media was an unknown concept just a decade ago
    • and both launched in 2003
    • began in 2004
    • introduced in 2005
    • launched in 2006
  • 5. LinkedIn’s rapid growth
    • More than 100 million members in more than 200 countries
    • Executives from all of the Fortune 500 companies found on LinkedIn
    • More than 1 million company pages
  • 6. LinkedIn’s successful IPO NYSE – May 2011
  • 7. If LinkedIn is so successful …
    • Then how come nobody knows the CEO’s name?
    • Why hasn’t anyone made a movie about it yet?
    • How come Lady Gaga doesn’t have a page?
    • Why haven’t members of Congress shared racy photos on LinkedIn?
  • 8. LinkedIn is a different kind of social network
    • LinkedIn is for business associates and clients, whereas Facebook is primarily for friends and family
    • The tone of LinkedIn is more professional
    • LinkedIn has high acceptance and credibility
  • 9. Benefits
    • Establish your professional ID or personal brand
    • Network with clients, other professionals
    • Build the firm’s reputation and raise its visibility
  • 10. Getting started with LinkedIn
  • 11.
  • 12. Your photo
    • Your photo helps people find you
    • Keep it professional (this isn’t Facebook)
  • 13.
  • 14. Tip # 1: Schedule a photo day at the office
    • Schedule a professional photographer to set up a studio at the firm and shoot everyone’s photo on the same day
    • Ensures consistent quality and uniform style for all employees’ LinkedIn photos
    • Use photos elsewhere – Website, e-newsletter and for media publicity
  • 15. Your headline
    • Use headline to build your personal brand
    • Don’t just list your job title
    • Think strategically and be specific
  • 16. Employment, education
    • Adding current and past employment and education will help you expand your connections and help people find you more easily
  • 17. Websites, blogs and social media links
    • Add links to company or personal websites, blogs and social media services such as Twitter
  • 18. Tip # 2: Personalize your website addresses
    • LinkedIn assigns generic names to websites, such as “company website.”
    • Edit website names to be more specific, such as “Davis Kinard & Co. website.
  • 19. Public profile
    • Promote your LinkedIn presence by adding the public profile link to your email signature, business cards and promotional materials.
  • 20. Tip # 3: Change your public profile hyperlink
    • LinkedIn issues a long URL address that is difficult to use and remember
    • Personalize your public profile in the “Edit Profile” screen and create a new, shorter address that includes your name
  • 21. Your Summary section
    • Summary section is where you can highlight your special skills and interests. Be strategic!
    • The summary can be in narrative (paragraphs) or outline (bullet points) format
    • Proofread carefully to maintain credibility, quality
  • 22. Start connecting!
    • Your “friends” or “followers” on LinkedIn are called “connections.”
    • Proactively search for new connections and continue to grow your list
    • Connect with co-workers, former co-workers, friends in the industry, clients and prospects, other professionals in town, experts in your field, college classmates.
  • 23. Levels of connections
  • 24. Going to the next level with LinkedIn
  • 25. Status updates
    • Include status updates when you attend a conference, participate in a “lunch and learn” CPE event, write a published article, give a speech, win an award, etc.
    • Also use status updates to link to interesting articles you have read elsewhere.
  • 26. Tip # 4: Update your status frequently
    • Update your status often, at least monthly, to keep your profile fresh
    • Your “connections” on LinkedIn receive a message every time you update your status, so this keeps you top of mind with them
  • 27. Using LinkedIn Groups
    • Joining Groups establishes your professional identity and credentials
    • Joining Groups expands your networking possibilities
    • Joining Groups lets you participate in industry discussions
  • 28. Example of Group discussion
  • 29. Example of Group discussion
  • 30. Types of Groups
    • Professional organizations: AICPA, state CPA societies, practice groups, etc.
    • University alumni and business school associations
    • Past employers alumni groups
    • Personal interests: Golf, sports, travel
  • 31. Nearly 1,500 accounting Groups on LinkedIn
  • 32. Blog and Twitter links
    • Include recent blog posts or tweets on your LinkedIn public profile
  • 33. Links to presentations
    • Include links to your PowerPoint presentations or PDFs on your LinkedIn public profile using or Google Presentations.
  • 34. Other applications
    • Reading lists
    • Answers
    • Events
    • Collaboration
  • 35. For more information
    • Visit the LinkedIn learning center:
  • 36. For more information
    • Visit LinkedIn’s channel on YouTube:
  • 37. For more information
    • Join SocialCPAs on LinkedIn:
  • 38. About the speaker
    • E-mail: [email_address]
    • Linkedin:
    • Twitter:
    • Slideshare: