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Dahlheim & Sjöqvist Selected Cases

Dahlheim & Sjöqvist Selected Cases



Vi är både en PR-byrå och en webbyrå. Vi vet att samverkan mellan dessa discipliner gör att de uppsatta affärsmålen nås. Detta görs genom att skapa genuina relationer; genom att tillföra ...

Vi är både en PR-byrå och en webbyrå. Vi vet att samverkan mellan dessa discipliner gör att de uppsatta affärsmålen nås. Detta görs genom att skapa genuina relationer; genom att tillföra värde för målgruppen förbättrar vi upplevelsen för alla. Vi har valt att kalla det Public Engagement.

Vi arbetar både traditionellt och digitalt; PR: Strategi,
Planering och analyser, Omvärldsbevakning och mätning, Medierelationer, Textproduktion (t.ex. releaser, debattartiklar), Rådgivning/utbildning sociala medier, Kriskommunikation, medieträning. Online: Strategi, Planning och analyser, Design och utveckling av webbsiter, Intranät och annan intern kommunikation, eCommerce, Mobilt innehåll (applikationer, mobilsajter), Sociala funktioner (design och utveckling av bloggar, communities, widgets, interaktiva banners, applikationer), Foto- och filmproduktion



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    Dahlheim & Sjöqvist Selected Cases Dahlheim & Sjöqvist Selected Cases Presentation Transcript

    • Om Dahlheim & SjöqvistVi är både en PR-byrå och en webbyrå. Vi vet attsamverkan mellan dessa discipliner gör att de uppsattaaffärsmålen nås. Detta görs genom att skapa genuinarelationer; genom att tillföra värde för målgruppenförbättrar vi upplevelsen för alla. Vi har valt att kalla detPublic Engagement.Vi arbetar både traditionellt och digitalt.
    • PR•  Strategi•  Planering och analyser•  Omvärldsbevakning och mätning•  Medierelationer•  Textproduktion (t.ex. releaser, debattartiklar)•  Rådgivning/utbildning sociala medier•  Kriskommunikation, medieträning•  Online
    • Online•  Strategi•  Planning och analyser•  Design och utveckling av webbsiter•  Intranät och annan intern kommunikation•  eCommerce•  Mobilt innehåll (applikationer, mobilsajter)•  Sociala funktioner (design och utveckling av bloggar, communities, widgets, interaktiva banners, applikationer)•  Foto- och filmproduktion
    • Winner SABRE AWARDS! Winner SPINN! Finalist! EUROPEAN! EXCELLENCE! AWARDS! HP Summer Camp forYoung Gamers Leverage Sales
    • Campaign siteThe HP Inferno Webradio As Displayed! on the Website of Inferno Online!
    • BackgroundA survey conducted by the Mayflower Charity Foundation(Sweden s largest Child help organization) showed thatthere are less summer camps for kids this year. With thatin mind, and with our mission to introduce the newgaming computer Z800 to a new target group, we createda HP Summer Camp for young gamers.
    • PurposeThe objectives where to position HP and Z800 within acontext of gaming and to encourage gamers to engage withthe brand at their terms. The HP Summer Camp waslocated at Inferno Online, the largest gaming centre in theNordics.
    • The CampaignOur three part strategy was based on public engagement;•  1) A spokespersons programme. We identified about 60 young gamers and several key people within the gaming culture. With their help we could through word-of-mouth create hype around the HP Summer Camp. Among the key people were the pop duo Rebound, Thomas Bengtsson (Award winning World of Warcraft player), SK| Allen and SK|Budak (Award winning clan, Counter-Strike), Fnatic ZAAZ and inzane (Swedens most famous female Counter-Strike Players), Johanna Beckman (Hostess on Radio Sweden).
    • The Campaign•  2) Invite young gamers to a Summer Camp where they could test HPs gaming desktop computer Z800 and HP Gaming Mouse with VooDooDNA.•  3) Create a unique media channel, HP Inferno Webradio – hosted by young gamers, as well as using Facebook and IRC.
    • TechnologyThe core of the Webradio Station was based on a modifiedversion of IceCast2, an Open Source Multimedia StreamingServer, capable of real time transcoding of the high qualityinput stream into MP3 and OGG.The infrastructure consisted of a cluster of relay servers tohandle the load of thousands of concurrent listeners withlittle to no lag while using a high bitrate in order to ensurethe highest quality broadcasts.
    • TechnologyUsers were able to listen to the live stream via a number ofways;•  The Flash based widget, placed on HP’s and Inferno Online’s websites as well as the user’s own websites by using a custom embed code.•  Directly from any iOS based device, i.e. iPhone, iPad, etc.•  By using a M3U or XSPF playlists in the user’s preferred audio player, such as WinAmp.
    • TechnologyLastly, users were given access to a custom API, allowingthem to develop their own applications that streamed theWebradio broadcast. The API was available alongsidesample documents and files on how to create their ownFlash based widgets as well as ideas on other kinds ofimplementation.
    • ResultsResults and expectations were exceeded already after thefirst week when we surpassed the objective regarding thenumber of listeners for the entire campaign and became thelargest gaming radio in the Nordics. We created what wewanted – a natural link between HP and gaming andmanaged to create hype around the HP Summer Camp,HP s gaming radio, and increase sales of products withingaming by 70%.
    • Results•  Radio listeners: 100 000/month (20X objective)•  Articles, gaming press online: 6 (3X objective)•  Online: 3 000 000 (6X objective)•  Visitors to the Summer Camp: 6000 (12X objective)•  Increased sales of products in Gaming: 70% (7X objective)
    • Finalist SABRE AWARDS! ApolloSilence... Aaaaand... Action!
    • Campaign site
    • BackgroundIn a media landscape where consumers are getting more andmore cynical about commercial messages, companies need tochange to a dialogue with the consumers. Internet offers thepossibility to invite consumers to co-creation; Co-brandingand Co-production of products, services, and also thecommunication around them.That s the strategy of Silence… Aaaand… Action! , acampaign that lets the consumer shape the product and also dothe commercial that sells this product themselves. Acommercial that later also will be shown on national TV.
    • PurposeThe purpose with the campaign was to:•  Increase brand awareness, by co-branding with the consumers•  Communicate that Apollo (tour-operator, charter trips) listens to the customers and invites to a dialogue, co-creating the products/services, and the commercial messages•  Involve consumers/customers to make sure products and communications are relevant.
    • The CampaignViral campaign invited consumers to go to a site and uploadtheir own video with a commercial TV spot they had done athome, showing how they want their ideal holiday organized byApollo. All videos shown on web-site as they were uploaded,à la YouTube, and rated by viewers and also an expert jury.Professional film directors were continuously blogging on theweb-site, communicating with viewers and participators,adding their own reflections and spreading know-how aboutfilm making.
    • TechnologyThe website was built as a community with YouTube-likequalities; the users were able to upload their movies in filesizes up to 2 GB, with a maximum resolution of 1920x1080.The asynchronous upload was handled by a Flash front endwith a PHP and MySQL back end on a dedicated server. Theuploaded file was then converted in the background into FlashVideo and several screenshots using FFMpeg or Mencoder.The converted video was displayed on the website for otherusers to see, rate, comment and share.
    • Results75 trade/media (although this was not an objective) and 786individual blogs linked to the site and 132 from Facebook,spreading the link to a minimum of 3.000.000 viewers. 119films of acceptable quality were uploaded, and 146.000 peopleactively engaged in the site and the Directors blog.
    • Winner! EUROPEAN EXCELLENCE AWARDS! AudioProMaking Audio Pro the no. 1 music application on MySpace
    • Campaign site
    • BackgroundOur mission was to introduce the new loudspeaker StereoTwo and increase awareness of the Swedish HiFi companyAudio Pro with focus on a broad target group – music lovers.We wanted to position Audio Pro within a context of lifestyleand encourage a broader consumer base to engage with thebrand.
    • PurposeTo create something that would be appreciated by the targetgroup whilst positioning Audio Pro as a innovative leader inthe areas of music and sound. To fulfill this strategy wewanted to collaborate with musicians to lend credibility andcreate word of mouth. Sharing music and information is asolid part of the social media landscape and a natural way forthe target group to interact. It was important that the socialmedia platform could easily be shared and passed on onlinewhich is why we decided to create a widget.
    • The CampaignWe initiated collaboration with a leading Swedish DJ. Sheselected the music for the widget and daily updated it withnew songs. As a compliment we did a series of videorecordings with Audio Pro s sound professor, where heexplained the philosophy behind the brand. The widget wasmade accessible via Audiopro.eu, Windows Live, MySpace,Facebook and iGoogle among others.
    • TechnologyServer side, a custom built streaming server, capable ofhandling streaming of both video and audio at the same time,was the core of the setup. The infrastructure was scalable andload balanced and was able to handle tens of thousands ofconcurrent connections with no lag for the front end user.The administrator could upload a wide variety of media;video, audio and images. Video and audio got converted in thebackground on a dedicated server using FFMpeg andMEncoder. Product images and cover art for the music wereresized in order to fit different sizes of the widget.
    • TechnologyAll content was dynamically fetched by the Flash based widget.The widget listened for changes on the server, thus enabling itto pull new content ad hoc and redraw itself in real time. Thewidget’s audio player was playlist based, allowing for hours ofcontinuous play. It was available in two different sizes, inlandscape and portrait, carefully selected to fit most layouts.
    • ResultsOur goals were for the widget to be placed on 200 highlyinfluential websites. The widget became the no.1 MySpaceapplication hit in the category recent popular music and thefirst Swedish music app on Facebook. It got over 5700 uniqueusers on MySpace and an additional 1000 unique users onother internet sites. The collaboration involved 40 hot artistssuch as Promoe and Timbuktu.
    • ResultsPositive buzz took place in blogs and forums with users talkingabout the brand within a context of love for music . With atotal reach that amounted to 329 000 unique views a day,reaching our goal of 200 websites by 3400% and the widgetspread to countries as diverse as the USA, Russia and Spain,our campaign became a milestone in the development of theSwedish social media scene.
    • No. 1 MySpace App Hit in the Recent Popular MusicMore Than 5700 Unique Users!
    • MySpace App on Artist s MySpace Page!
    • First Swedish Music Facebook App!
    • Buzz on Music Forums!
    • Launch Week Statistics!
    • Winner! Finalist SABRE AWARDS! EUROPEAN EXCELLENCE! AWARDS! NaturvårdsverketTeaching 100 000 people a day how to recycle
    • Campaign Widget! Placed on IKEA !
    • BackgroundA survey conducted by the Battery Recycling Campaign (BRC)showed that the Swedes think that recycling batteries is animportant environmental measure – but they didn t knowwhere the recycling stations were located. We wanted to raisegeneral awareness and increase traffic to BRC s website by100%.
    • PurposeTo spread BRC s message using collaboration andengagement, make recycling easy and fun and give peopletools to express their engagement.
    • The CampaignWe designed a Google Maps mashup recycling station mapcontaining all recycling stations in Sweden and a digital badgebased on a social media widget. The badge contained the map,RSS feeds with BRC news, personal films with BRC staff andpartners, and a digital program where people like me ,companies and NGO s could join the BRC movement.
    • The CampaignWe engaged with companies, NGO s and bloggers. IKEA wasone of the 12 major partners that we delivered. All partnersdisplayed the digital badge on their main sites.We launched Social Media Pressroom on BRC s website, aYouTube channel and a Facebook profile to encouragedialogue.
    • TechnologyA Google Maps mashup was created where the user couldenter his or hers address and locate the nearest recyclingstation. The mashup was placed on BRC’s website.The Flash based multi media widget enabled the user to searchdirectly from within the Widget. The widget displayed a widevariety of multi media information such as streaming video,information about the Christmas gift hunt, instructions onhow to embed the widget on an external website, and more.The administrator could add and remove content at will,which was acknowledged by the widget in real time.
    • The Widget Maker! The Social Media Widget!Dynamic and Customizable in Both Size and Color!
    • ResultsTraffic to the website increased by 500% and media coveragewas generated in 60 dailies reaching 3 million people (notincluding online coverage). The widget reached 100 000 aday. After the campaign 83% of the Swedes now feel fullyinformed about where to recycle batteries (64% prior). Thegoals were surpassed and the campaign fundamentally changedconsumer s behavior.
    • Clas Ohlson!One of Scandinavia’s Most Well Known Chains Stores and Internet Shops for Home Appliances!
    • Coop Sweden!Coop Sweden Operates FMCG Shops and Accounts for 21,4 %! of the Entire Swedish FMCG Sector!
    • Pop Star Lisa Miskovsky’s MySpace Page! Lisa Miskovsky Was Part of the Christmas Gift Hunt!
    • iGoogle!
    • Facebook!
    • Winner SABRE AWARDS! Winner! Winner SPINN! EUROPEAN! EXCELLENCE! AWARDS! William Dahlheim! Pelle Sjöqvist! Dahlheim & Sjöqvistwilliam@dahlheimsjoqvist.com pelle@dahlheimsjoqvist.com Torstenssonsgatan 4 0708 77 32 10! 0707 49 50 73 ! 114 56 Stockholm !