MEIEA Dove Awards MTSU Cyber PR Case Study


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MEIEA Dove Awards MTSU Cyber PR Case Study by Charlie Dahan.

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MEIEA Dove Awards MTSU Cyber PR Case Study

  1. 1. The 2012 Dove Awards Cyber PR Marketing Plan by the Advanced Cyber PR Class ® ®
  2. 2. Charlie B. Dahan 7
  3. 3. A process where: Social Media (w/ engaged behavior), P.R. (outreach & some processes) Analytics Direct to Fan and Online Marketing intersect.
  4. 4. First RIM 4130 - Cyber PR in the Entertainment Industry class offered in Fall 2011 Spring 2012 - 2 RIM 4130s and one Advanced section, RIM 4230, offered #CyberPRMTSU
  5. 5. First 5 weeks - “Boot Camp” & group projects (Facebook, Twitter, Pitch, Demos) Next 4 weeks - Cyber PR analysis, analytics, marketing theories & case studies. Guest speakers (Ariel Hyatt, Ian Rogers, Jay Frank, Cassie Petrey, Bobby Owsinski) Final 6 weeks - group project promoting artist. G A P
  6. 6. Why The Dove Awards? Emphasize skills that are transferrable to different industries Offers multiple talking points The Dove Awards provide the students the opportunity to work on / with: brand management brand development not for profit / charity music live event TV Show
  7. 7. Our Partners / Sponsors & Mentors
  8. 8. Tools Used:
  9. 9. The Cyber PR Krewe Alicia Adams (CPRC) Rachel Cunningham (CPRC) Andrew Ferguson (CPRC) Jared French (CPRC) Spencer Green Julia Grimoldi Cynthia Parkhurst
  10. 10. Our First Class
  11. 11. The ultimate goals: initiate / stimulate dialogue and create content. Links to video of meeting with Jackie Patillo: Part 1 - Part 2 -
  12. 12. Alicia Adams Rachel Cunningham Andrew Ferguson Jared French Spencer Green Julia Grimoldi Cynthia Parkhurst Dylan Phillips Cory Smith Ashton Streifert Garret Thomson Angela Walton Social Media (SM) PR (PR) Content Creation (CC)
  13. 13. Social Media Team Social Media / Direct to Fan (SM) Creation, promotion & Maintenance of Facebook, Twitter & YouTube pages Create & maintain “Email for Media” campaign (Topspin) Identify other possible social media outlets & create campaigns for them Create engagement contests Identify & engage with appropriate groups, festivals, etc (coordinate with PR) Live blogging at events Analytics of campaigns using Next Big Sound, Topspin, etc.
  14. 14. PR / Website Team Creation, editing & submitting for approval of Press Releases Identification of appropriate blogs, podcasts & videocasts Identify & engage with appropriate groups, festivals, etc (coordinate with SM) Create contests & incentives for the above Creating & promoting channels / playlists at Spotify, Rdio, MOG Create streaming media widgets for website, social media pages, etc (via Topspin) Identify changes needed to DA & GMA website - suggest & oversee their implementation Wikipedia pages, RSS, Tumblr Analytics of campaigns using Next Big Sound, Topspin, etc.
  15. 15. Content Creation Team Curate & identify content for promotional use from GMA, artists, labels,etc Identify & aggregate appropriate ‘published’ content for YouTube channel, etc (coordinate with SM group) Create new content for YouTube channel, etc. Streaming events Coordinate, create and send email newsletters (via Topspin) Analytics of campaigns using Next Big Sound, Topspin, etc. Create and coordinate content creation contests. Flickr, Instagram, etc.
  16. 16. Analytics Colin Willis from Next Big Sound Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 -
  17. 17. Social Media Team To increase and engage the online Christian music community through promotion of the 2012 GMA Dove Awards & future Dove Awards. To centralize and build the Dove Awards’ brand on social media by increasing and engaging the Christian music community. To establish an online community and engage those interested in Christian music in order to promote current and future Dove Awards. >>
  18. 18. Content RTs, @ replies, #MM & #FF Daily Themes (above), Bible verses & inspirational quotes on photos #ToTheDoves & other #hashtags & keywords ...And Appropriate format for FB, YT, etc
  19. 19. PR Team Website: Email For Media widget for newsletters through Topspin, link to all Dove Awards media and social media outlets, suggest some user-friendly changes for websites. Wikipedia: Update official Dove Awards page with a comprehensive list of awards and winners and remove negative sections that could harm their reputation. Streaming Media: Topspin streaming player of 2 free tracks. Generate a working Spotify playlist with all nominees represented, in addition to replicating the playlist on streaming sites like MOG and Rdio. Blogs/PR: Pitch to blogs and podcasts , i.e. Christian, gospel, praise and Atlanta-based media. Create contests for fans & blogs.
  20. 20. Email for Media Widget Placed the sharable widget on website and social media properties Tracks donated by Brian Free & Assurance “Never Walk Alone” & Shonlock “Hello”
  21. 21. Contests Hear It First Woobox Twitter Facebook
  22. 22. Content Creation Documentation & Live Blogging: Film & take pictures of Dove events. Interview artists, presenters, etc. Create Content: Cull video, photos & other media from Dove Awards archives for use by SM & PR teams. Edit content using Final Cut X & Apple’s Compressor for YouTube use. Content Aggregation: Gather video and photos from various sources (YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo, etc) to YouTube channel, etc. Newsletters / Email list: design, send & measure numerous consumer emails Analytics Gurus
  23. 23. Some Results & Observations & Observations
  24. 24. Initial Numbers: - 0 (new page) - 1960 - 0 -0 -0 -0 Ending Numbers:
  25. 25. io at in om N Aw ard ns 0) 30 (+ st 1 ai Em as l B l Sh o w( +9 00 ) 0) 10 (+ t A ir on G C M +2 ( 0) 0
  26. 26. Engagement 12% of our tweets caused an @reply 54% of our tweets were RT’ed Each RT was RT’ed avg. of 5x
  27. 27. ai l (+ Bla 12 st 0) / Co nt e ) m st 55 (+ E ds ar 1s t w A 0) tions (+4 Nomina PAGE LIKES
  28. 28. YouTube Activity = More Followers & Engagement
  29. 29. Overall Engagement
  30. 30. Facebook Ads Our first Facebook Ads just stated the information about the Dove Awards. We found success associating The Dove Awards to liking something else or using a photo of a Christian artist at the Dove Awards.
  31. 31. From 0 to 465 in 60 Days
  32. 32. Emails 90% open rate 25% click thru / email sent rate CTR primarily to Social Media properties CTAs >1% unsubscribe rate
  33. 33. You Haven’t Lived as a Teacher Until...
  34. 34. You’ve Seen You Students Dressed Like This!
  35. 35. 2 Any Questions, Comments, Clarifications or Ambiguities? @indielabelnews cdahan@mtsu.ed u