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  • Two approaches that are win-win for everybody!
  • Let’s first talk about reciprocity- This is doing good for someone else without any expectation of return-Scientifically, it pays off. Let me explain. Cornell University study- Soda Giver…
  • The next approach I call the hero approach- Let them be the hero- So what’s the worst that will happen? No matter what happens, the world is a better place because you used one or more forms of reciprocity!
  • Don’t join the NFL Club- Let them know that your friendship is what you truly value and that your excited about what your doing. If they’re not, no problem. Let the results you experience and the change you have be the inspiration for further discussion.
  • Offer solution for something they are dealing with… but don’t totally fufill it. Create interest through…
  • Create interest through an open loop- I may have something that could help-
  • Later, close the loop with what would be best for them. But allow their curiosity to simmer for a little while.
  • Another great way to help friends see the value is through a third party authorityThis could be your upline, or someone else involved in the business- just not you. No one is a prophet in their own land.
  • I’m going to tell you the most important thing to have with you at all times!Before I tell you what you must always have, I need to tell you what is on everyone’s mind. This will give your some context for what I’m going to tell you.
  • Everyone is thinking, What’s in it for me?This is not egocentric or selfish, because I actually believe that the majority of people are giving, caring and good. But, we all have limited resources, so if we are going to pay for something, we need to know the answer to:“What’s in it for me?”If this is what everyone thinks before making a purchase, you need to have something very specific with you at all times. This thing is the tool of your profession. It is the way you effectively and efficiently offer people their best possible health. This thing is:
  • You must have with you, at all times: Questions…You see, if everyone is thinking, WIIFM, and you just start talking at them with all the things you offer or what they should do or what they should take, you haven’t answered their WIIFM, UNTIL, you find out what it is they want and need. You need to find out what their pain point is- meaning what it is that causes them to suffer in and way shape or form.
  • At Nature’s Sunshine, we serve people where they suffer, but without in depth and curious questions we’ll never find out where they suffer. In addition, Questions are the Power of a conversation. They begin conversations, they continue conversations, they direct conversations, they are the driver or a conversation. So, always, always have questions if you are going to easily share NSP. Questions are the beginning of a path that will allow you to truly understand and answer the WIIFM of your prospect.
  • So, Let’sdiscuss how to make suggestions using questions. As adults, we don’t like to be told what to do, unless we attribute the person authority or expertise that we buy into. Other than that, we are fairly guarded about what we will agree to. Unless, it is something we thought of! If it is a conclusion we came to on our own, we are much more likely to follow through.
  • Use questions as a path you set someone on where they can find their own answer, with your guidance. When you want to suggest something, create a question that frames something they already enjoy as being improved with what you suggest. One pointer though, make it CONCRETE for them! Don’t talk vaguely, talk about concrete examples applicable to their life that you learned from all of the questions you asked. Lets try one: For example, if I wanted to make a suggestion to a friend that they should be on Super Trio, and that friend loves being with their grandchildren. You could ask:If you took Super Trio with all its benefits, how would it help you enjoy your grandkids more? (more time with them, more energy while with them…)Of if you have a work associate who loves riding horses, that you think might benefit from Solstic Energy, you might ask:If you used Solstic Energy with all its benefits, how could you enjoy horse riding more? (I could ride a long time again, I could get up early and have energy for a morning ride…)This Concrete step in making a suggestion using a question is often overlooked because we think we have it covered. We think that if we say, “your life, health and wellness will be improved by taking this product that they will see that they’ll be helped in all areas.”But, people don’t take action on all areas. They take action on one focus and then later find that it benefits all areas. By making it concrete as a benefit for something they already enjoy- just adding to it- they make the connection we need them to make in order to own the conclusion.
  • One note though while doing this… be quiet! Let them talk after you ask the question. Let them talk to they can discover for themselves how the product you’ve suggested will impact their life. Help them continue their own discovery by using questions that continue the conversation such as: Tell me more…That’s interesting, why does that have such significance?How have you been suffering so long?
  • So, Lets talk about another suggestion that you’ll want to make as you build a business. It is possible to suggest that someone invest in a product for health, but harder to get a long term commitment to health. Sometimes a story or analogy helps before you make a suggestion with a question. Let me give you an example: Brush your teeth 14 times. Then, not again for a week.Stinky teeth- This is how many people approach their health and then they have stinky health, like stinky health. So, invest in your health and do it with Sunshine Rewards! You get free products and free shipping- every month! If you invested in your health with sunshine rewards and all its benefits, how could you better enjoy your work out regimine? (again, making it concrete for them)
  • Now, lets discuss how the rubber meets the road- for those of us who are not health geniuses. So, I’ve invited a health genius to help us with some ideas on how to help others.
  • Webinar success week 2012 share nsp

    1. 1. Why Success Week?1. Leaders Success Summit2. Education Week - Spring 20133. 12 Monthly Health Webinars4. 48 Natural Health Education Seminars
    2. 2. Success Week Webinars! Nov. 12-19• www.nspwebinars.com• Build Instant Rapport with Prospects• Social Media for Beginners• Social Media to Effectively Build Your Business• Easily Share NSP with Others• How to Maximize NSP’s Compensation Plan• Live Giveaways at the end of this Webinar!• Product Promotions
    3. 3. All webinar resources can befound at www.nspwebinars.com A phone recording of this webinar is available at1-712-432-0453 PIN 7876408 (Not a toll-free call)
    4. 4. Type in Your Questions!
    5. 5. Simple Ways to ShareNature’s Sunshine with Others Jon Raynes Jay Vanden Heuvel
    6. 6. Break the Ice! (with warmth)
    7. 7. ExUxS=
    8. 8. Review:• Do good, get good!• Let someone be a hero.• ExUxS=
    9. 9. Take action for traction! Challenge 1: Do something kind for or make a hero out of 2 strangers today.
    10. 10. Share with Friends! (without losing friends)
    11. 11. Review:• Your results are their inspiration.• Create interest with an open loop.• Use a third party authority.
    12. 12. Take action for traction! Challenge 2: Create one open loop today and close it tomorrow.
    13. 13. Most Important Thing!(The tool of your profession…)
    14. 14. Make Suggestions! (using Questions)
    15. 15. Review:• Answer WIIFM for prospect.• Questions are power.• Make suggestions with Questions.
    16. 16. Take action for traction! Challenge 3: Have a full conversation today where you only ask questions.
    17. 17. Rubber meets the road! (for the rest of us)
    18. 18. Dr. Jay Vanden Heuvel• Ph.D. Traditional Naturopathy• Ph.D. Holistic Health Sciences• AAED, CFT• Also, a really great guy!
    19. 19. What are the mostcommon problems you see?
    20. 20. Questions & Answers
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    22. 22. LiveGiveawayWinners
    23. 23. Thank You for Joining Us! Tomorrow: Easier Than You Thought:How to Maximize NSP’s Compensation Plan
    24. 24. US Success Week Promotions (Nov. 12-19) $2 off, Buy 4 Get 1 Free, Buy 9 Get 3 Free• Probiotic Eleven• Proactazyme• Everflex• Skeletal Strength• Perfect Eyes• Thyroid Activator• Magnesium Complex• HSN-W• Para-Cleanse• Bowel Detox