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  1. 1. SUNSHINEVol. 34 No. 2 April 2009 HORIZONS A Tough Economy Requires Extra SolutionsProvo, Utah—Financially trying times don’tdampen the quest for better health or extraincome. Offer people health solutions and agreat income opportunity—with the HerbalSolutions catalog from Nature’s Sunshine(enclosed). Our brand-new catalog features ourtop 30 sellers with more product information,user tips and scientific facts. Help your friends find improved healthand greater financial stability with Nature’sSunshine. National Convention Education Week may 4–8 2009 in Las Vegas Bringing You Five FREE Join us August Natural Health Seminars 24–28 as we gather in Las Vegas for our national NSP’s 2009 TAC convention. Be the Trip to Alaska first to hear about new products for… is coming in September!
  2. 2. Mark Your Calendar:May 4–8 Is Spring Education Week!Enjoy Five FREE Natural Health Seminars on Your Computer or Phone Back by popular demand! NSP has put together another FREE, week-long educationbonanza! Tune in each day to attend a FREE one-hour Webinar (Web seminar)/confer-ence call, where you’ll learn valuable natural health information from our knowledgeableinstructors. Education Week means great information from true health experts. Everyone who par-ticipates in all five sessions will receive a certificate of completion along with other terrificrewards. Here’s our fantastic schedule. Date Speaker Topic Monday, May 4 Dr. Gordon Pedersen, Solve it with Silver: New effective ways to Ph.D. in Toxicology use Silver Shield in your home Tuesday, May 5 Kay Lubecke, Digestive Dilemmas: How to improve your B.S., M.S. in Education, National Manager health from the inside out This is a publication of Nature’s Wednesday, Laura Jacobs, Herbal Health Care for Hard Times: Natural Sunshine Products, Inc., designed May 6 Iridologist, Herbalist, Kinesiologist, Nutritionist remedies for everyday problems especially for natural health enthusiasts. Also available in Thursday, May 7 Mary Ward, Chinese Wisdom for Emotional and Mental Spanish. Certified Herbalist, Iridologist Health: Battle stress, depression and anxiety For more information on how Friday, May 8 Sylvia Rogers, Deep-Down Detox: Targeted programs for to sign up as an NSP Independent B.S. in Nursing, Masters in Nutrition the kidneys, lungs, skin, cells and colon Distributor, call 1-800-223-8225. All Webinars will take place live at 11:00 a.m. Mountain Time. Sunshine Horizons, April 2009, They will be rebroadcast at 3:00, 6:00, 8:00 and 10:00 p.m. Mountain Time. Vol. 34, No. 2. Sunshine Horizons is a publication of Nature’sHow to Register Sunshine Products, Inc., 75 East 1700 South, Provo, Utah 84606.Go to and provide your information. You’ll receive an email confirming your regis- Copyright © 2009. Printed in thetration along with a link for you to join the Webinars. Space is limited, so register early. USA. All rights reserved.Receive Special Discounts and Prizes Change of address:Webinar attendees will receive special discounts on Webinar-featured products. Use the promo code given Order Sales Dept., P.O. Boxduring the Webinar/conference call to save on featured products. Plus, attend any three Webinars and 19005, Provo, Utah’ll earn $50 in free product credit. Attend all five sessions and get $100 in credit! Order Placement Services By Internet:Share this Event with Others www.naturessunshine.comShare this FREE educational opportunity with your group members and friends. Call and email your By Phone:successline and invite them to participate. And promote Education Week with our flyer (available at www. • Order Sales 1-800-453-1422 (English); 1-800-321-0214 (Spanish). Hours are Monday–Friday fromIf Participating by phone, call Customer Service to register. 6 a.m.–6:30 p.m. and Saturday from 7 a.m.–3:30 p.m. Mountain To participate by phone only: Press *82, then dial 1-712-432-0453, Time. PIN 8626#. (Long distance rates may apply.) Each day’s call is • TTY for Hearing Impaired: available from 1 p.m. Mountain time until about 11:30 a.m. the 1-800-892-6450 (English only). following day. By Mail: • Order Sales Department (*82 deactivates caller ID blocking, allowing NSP to know who you are and al- locate the product credit you earn for participating. You need to participate for the Nature’s Sunshine Products duration of the call to qualify for product credit.) P.O. Box 19005 Provo, Utah 84605-9005
  3. 3. H e r b a l S o l u t i o n s Enjoy the All-New Herbal Solutions CatalogW e’re pleased to introduce a brand-new catalog—the new Herbal Solutions, featuring our top 30-selling products! Wehave completely reworked this popular sales piece and hope youand your customers find it informative and beneficial. Share the newHerbal Solutions with your friends and customers by using thesestock numbers. ❧ Stock Direct Member to Product QV No. Cost Member 9760-4 Herbal Solutions (100) $36.50 0.00 $42.00 2740-4 Herbal Solutions (10) $3.95 0.00 $4.55A n n o u n ce m e n t sJoin us in Las Vegas for Convention 2009 Don’t Miss our Week-long TAC Trip to Alaska in Everyone is invited to attend our national convention September!in Las Vegas in August. Qualification for NSP Managers Area Managers and above, join us for our exclusiveends May 31. If you don’t qualify or would like to bring Top Achievers Club trip as we cruise Alaska thisfamily or NSP members with you, join us at the following September. Earn 50 or 100 percent of your trip for tworates: people by meeting your QV goals. Qualification ends Regular pricing Sunshine Select pricing May 31. For complete details, visit our website at www. or call Customer Service. Registration $60 2 for 1 Meetings only $250 2 for 1 Wanted to Buy Convention for 1 $750* $600 Viral Recovery and Incontinence homeopathics, Nature’s Phenyltol® (original formula), Vegetable *based on double occupancy. Seasoning Broth, SynerProTein® (original flavor).Please call NSP Customer Service at 1-800-223-8225 for Nanette Gil, 1-661-323-4658.complete details.E v e n t s C a l e n d a rAll-NEW for 2009! Natural May Product Training Coming EventsHealth and Education 2 Albuquerque, N.M. FREE NSPWebinars Saturday, April 18Seminars Rochester, N.Y. Join the Product Focus Herb ConferenceExperience three new Smithfield, N.C. Webinar. Log in at any of Des Moines, Iowacourses: Understanding 16 Helena, Mont. the available times: 11 a.m. Speaker: Dr. Inge WetzelNature’s Pharmacy, The Joplin, Mo. (LIVE), 3 p.m., 6 p.m., 8 Contact Dixie HuntSeven-Step Candida Solution June p.m., 10 p.m. Mountain 1-515-987-1939and Change Your Brain, 6 Kansas City, Mo. Time. Register at www.Change Your Life. 27 Baton Rouge, La. Herb Conference August Or listen by phone. Dial Green Bay, Wis.April 1 Houston, Texas 1-712-432-0453, PIN#8626 Speaker: Clell Fowles4 Myerstown, Pa. 15 Atlanta, Ga. (not a toll-free call). Contact Jay or Tracy18 Austin, Texas Next message available from Vanden Heuvel Memphis, Tenn. Business Training noon April 8 to noon April 9. 1-920-434-902525 Arbor, Mich. Ann Webinar April 8 Wednesday—ALJ® Asheville, N.C. April 22 May 4–8—Education Week! May 20–23, 2009 Marietta, Ohio June 3 Wednesday— Rising Star Oklahoma City, Okla. Chlorophyll Provo and Spanish Fork, UtahFor complete details, go to Call Customer Service at 1-800-223-8225 to register for a school or seminar.For information on seminars in Spanish, visit our website, or call 1-800-321-4652. Dates and locations are subject to change.
  4. 4. B u s i n e s s B u i l d i n gBusiness SymposiumPart #3How to Develop Managers This is the third in Six years later, thea series of business- Brinkers were ready tobuilding articles taken re-focus their efforts onfrom presentations given at their NSP business. ToNSP’s Business Symposium, start, they looked at theirheld in conjunction with success the first timeour National Convention around and evaluated2008. The symposium what worked and whatfeatured industry leaders they could improve.and successful Managers, Christine said that afterwho shared some of their they joined NSP inideas and secrets for 1996, they became verybuilding and maintaining a product-focused. “Wethriving business. shared the wholesale opportunity withE ric and Christine Brinker, RegionalManagers from Latrobe, everyone. We worked hard, and put forth a lot of time and effort in ourPa., shared their success retail store. We taughttips with attendees in a others to retail.” Now,seminar titled “16 Managers they are adding somethingin 6 Months.” The Brinkers Eric went back to work in corporate they didn’t do the firstdeveloped 25 new Managers in the America as a “lean” consultant. time around—sharing the businesspast year after a six-year hiatus, Lean thinking is a concept most opportunity with everyone. Theyduring which time they focused on often applied to manufacturing and were also able to add some ofbuilding their family, rather than involves making processes more Eric’s “lean thinking.”their business. During that break, efficient and removing waste. The Brinkers’ Tips for Success Some Additional Tips • now what’s going on in your group. Check your online K Developing a Business Plan reports: make calls to people who are close to earning a • rite down what is working for you and what isn’t. W rebate check, those who haven’t ordered, etc. • et specific goals. Examples may be breaking out 2–3 solid S • inders–Givers. Sign up new members under other F Managers every month or teaching a certain number of Managers in your group. This may seem counterintuitive, classes every month. but it can give a boost to your Managers and really kick- • ase your business plan on your goals. When developing B start their business. your plan, make it an action plan by filling it with verbs. • nvite new members to business meetings. Keep track of I Put the Plan into Effect those who were unable to attend and give them one-on-one • uild personal relationships with people. B training. • ign up your customers as new members. It is a favor to S • e accessible to your group. B them. They will get better health, save money and even • romote members and Managers by allowing them to P make money. participate in meetings and even consultations. • hen new members get their first rebate check, begin W • ecognize your members when they become Managers. R business training. Explain how their check can grow. Send them a gift, take them to lunch or give them a phone • hare ways that your new members can build an NSP S call. Be sure to let them know what being a Manager means business immediately. and the rewards that are available.
  5. 5. January 2009 Ovations Rank AdvancementsNew Area Managers “After struggling with serious health and immune system issues, Jane began her journey back to health with Nature’s Sunshine products 16 years ago. Her desire to pursue an alternative healing route was partly motivated by the prospect of being on nine prescriptions for the rest of her life. “I thank God for His healing herbs that restored my health and life. I could not have achieved this without my sponsor, LaDonna Frantz, and I am continuously impressed with her tireless dedication and devotion to educating all who want to learn about natural health. “Along with our philosophy of healthy living, we also raise natural beef on our farm for our customers. Thank you, NSP, for supplying the highest quality herbal supplements that change people’s lives and improve their health. What a blessing to witness NSP’s exceptional quality and purity improving our friends’ and neighbors’ lives!” Jane Jerry Gettelfinger, Depauw, Ind. “Nature’s Sunshine has benefited our family with added income and health improvements. The company offers many business tools such as the MyNSP website, as well as the colorful and informative catalogues and brochures. Education is available through the free Webinars and low-cost area seminars. “We are thankful for the integrity and high standards upheld by NSP. From the courteous, efficient folks taking our orders at Home Office to the knowledgeable presenters at educational events, Nature’s Sunshine makes an immense effort to serve its consultants and customers. “Through the help and encouragement of our upline sponsors Betty and Frank Russell and Betty and Mitch Martin, our business has steadily grown. We’ve earned some wonderful stays at beautiful convention sites and met many fine people interested in helping others attain better health and living. Aside from the financial and physical gains with this great company, we enjoy the continuing friendships with those we meet and the satisfaction that comes from sharing the keys to a vibrant life.” Cheryl George Gott, Lake Charles, La. Dale Patricia Ann Tamminga, Grand Rapids, Mich.New District Managers Jeanne Brown, Richard Jerry Dietrich, Christine David Rowland, Los Angeles, Calif. Valley City, N.D. Lakewood, Colo.
  6. 6. Top 50 Successline QV for Fourth Quarter 20081. Jack Ritchason, Calif. 26. Solomon Anna Wickey, Ind.2. Dave Susie Burke, Texas 27. Greg Smith Dale Oaks, Calif.3. Frank Irene Miesse, Ohio 28. Susan Stevenson and Robert Bertha Stevenson, Ga.4. Denise Pasillas, Calif. 29. Vincent Marcia Luse, Ariz.5. Jim Linda Jenks, Nev. 30. Nanette Gil, Calif.6. Harry Lyman, Nev. 31. Don Kay Lubecke, Ariz.7. RoseAnn Dan Miesse, Ohio 32. Marjorie Ward, Calif.8. Joan Vandergriff Donita Wiggins, Texas 33. John Ruth Fitzgerald, Fla.9. Kenneth, Jr. Bonnie Stejskal, Texas 34. Sharon Lang, Ariz.10. Mique Bashaw Kirk Bashaw, Va. 35. Margaret Brignolo, Ga.11. Glenn Norma Whitney Trust, Calif. 36. Bonnie Clayton, Mo.12. Roger Shirley Price, Ariz. 37. Darl, Dale Mary Stoops, Ohio13. Wayne Jeanette Chaney, Calif. 38. Joy Marshall Pam Joseph, Ariz.14. Jacquelyn Bahr Pinkham, Colo. 39. Verna Miller, Ariz.15. Gerald Loretta Flora, Ind. 40. Alex Louise Brensike, Texas16. Jonas Ada Yoder, Ohio 41. Richard Joyce Williams, Va.17. Daniel Marilyn Inman, Ohio 42. Richard Carol Dicks, N.J.18. Ashlie Overman Emily James, Fla. 43. Jean Ron Weddle, Ill.19. Rolene Barnard, Calif. 44. Lloyd Lucille Ernst, Okla.20. Judy James, Tenn. 45. Leona Eugene Reams, Kan.21. Jennifer Weiss, Calif. 46. Charlie Allred, Ala.22. Charles Molitor, Ore. 47. Ardyce Serge Sviatzky, Calif.23. Wayne Velma Keith, Utah 48. Lee Ruth Farley, Texas24. Kenneth Evelyn Moore and Dennis Moore, Neb. 49. Joseph Druist, Pa.25. Stacey Killpack, Utah 50. Mary Charles Grisham, Texas Top 50 by Group QV for Fourth Quarter 20081. Michael Kathleen Velez, Iowa 26. Patricia William Adams, Calif.2. Name requested withheld 27. Jake Elizabeth Schwartz, Ind.3. John Roxanne Howlett, Tenn. 28. Jack Ritchason, Calif.4. Terry-Lynn Hall, S.C. 29. Richard Slayton Dottie Eggeman, Nev.5. Mary Ron Ward, Ill. 30. Pamela Shouse, Fla.6. Frank Irene Miesse, Ohio 31. Toni Robert Holland, Ariz.7. Nanette Gil, Calif. 32. Ivy Bridge, Calif.8. Matthew Nell Stauffer, Colo. 33. Teresa Roger Bertke, Ohio9. Ann Wade Mindy Wade, Mich. 34. Misty Chaney, Ind.10. Rhonda Phillip Dial, Ala. 35. Tonja Wells, Texas11. Beverly Brown, Minn. 36. Betty Frank Russell and Nicole Jay Betz, Kan.12. Donna Randal Watkins, Va. 37. LaDonna Daniel Frantz, Ind.13. Hannah Simmons, Pa. 38. Gwen Orman, Va.14. Eliezer Sandra Ben-Joseph, Texas 39. Elizabeth Baker, Mich.15. Lizzie Smith, N.C. 40. Kenneth, Jr. Bonnie Stejskal, Texas16. Dennis Diane Reed, Ind. 41. Erlene Richard Russell, Ore.17. Dori Cranmore, Alaska 42. Lillian Ronzio, Pa.18. Darlene Haberer, N.C. 43. Jennifer Cheeseman, Ohio19. Solomon Anna Wickey, Ind. 44. Linda Lee Clark, Calif.20. Jonas Ada Yoder, Ohio 45. Terri Stevens, Ind.21. Brenda Montrella, Pa. 46. Rafeek Khan, Fla.22. Paul Sharon Tsui, Texas 47. Carol Pruner, Nev.23. Rebecca Vagedes, Ohio 48. Gerald Loretta Flora, Ind.24. Ruby Lawler, Texas 49. Deborah Mohrman, N.C.25. Alex Louise Brensike, Texas 50. Lou David Herron, Ohio
  7. 7. National Convention2009 in Las VegasHurry, qualifications end May 31! Get ready for an over-the-top National Make Convention at the Paris Hotel in Las in your Vegas. Nobody does big and fabulous s ure to jo in Las ily like Las Vegas, and NSP is planning a NSP fam August. convention to match. Join us August 24–28. his National Convention 2009 offers you Vegas t ions end at a fantastic setting. The Paris Hotel is Qualific 1. centrally located on the Las Vegas Strip, May 3 offering the excitement of Vegas along with the authentic details that transport you to Paris. As always, you’ll be treated to educational sessions and workshops to help you build your business and give you more in-depth product knowledge. This year’s product workshops will focus on children’s health and weight management. Exciting, Inspiring Speakers Nationally renowned speaker Gary Coxe will share his dynamic presentation with you and get you thinking in new ways. Gary helps people make dramatic changes in all areas of life and will intrigue and inspire you to do what you never thought possible. Dr. Mark Hyman was Two Ways to Qualify co-medical director at Canyon Ranch Lenox, an 1. Increase your Group QV—September 1, 2008–May 31, 2009 internationally acclaimed Convention for 2*: Increase your monthly Group QV average during the qualification period by at least 600 QV/month, health resort, and is compared to the same period in the prior year. currently on the faculty Convention for 1*: Increase your monthly Group QV average during and board of directors of this qualification period by at least 400 QV/month, the Institute for Functional compared to the same period in the prior year. Medicine, a pioneering 2. Achieve Total Group QV—September 1, 2008–May 31, 2009 educational center for training health Convention for 2*: Accumulate a total of 90,000 Group QV during the professionals in the science and practice qualification period. of nutritional biochemistry, molecular Convention for 1*: Accumulate a total of 60,000 Group QV during the medicine and preventing and treating qualification period. the diseases of aging. He is the co- Earn Bonus QV author of the New York Times bestseller Breakout Bonus QV: ou’ll receive 1,000 Bonus QV for each new Y Ultraprevention, the Six Week Plan that Manager you break out during the qualification Will Make You Healthy for Life. Dr. Hyman period (for both methods). is a regular guest on the Today Show and Sponsoring Bonus QV: ou’ll receive 50 Bonus QV (max. of 250/month) Y has appeared on The Early Show, The for each new Member you sponsor during the View, CNN and PBS. qualification period (both methods). *Travel not included.
  8. 8. Herbal Solutions 2009N at u r e ’ s S u n s h i n e ’ s t o p 3 0 p r o d u c t s Red Grape: a key ingredient in one of our top 10 products
  9. 9. 1 Silver Shield with Aqua Sol® Technology When it comes to your health, silver is better than gold We live in a world full of foreign invaders. Wouldn’t it be nice to cover yourself in protective body armor? Perhaps a shield? Silver Shield delivers an exclusive 18 parts per million of pure silver that stays suspended in purified, deionized water. Recent studies by major universities have shown Silver Shield to be an effective immune system booster, discouraging unwanted invaders and making it the perfect addition to your immune- health arsenal. Stock No. 4274-1 (18 ppm) (4 fl. oz.) Retail $32.65 Member Price $21.75 Historical Uses of Silver • ilver was part of Hippocrates’ pharmacopeia. S • n ancient times, Phoenicians and Romans stored water, I wine and vinegar in silver jugs to prevent spoilage. • n the early 1800s, doctors used silver sutures to stitch I wounds. • n the early 20th century, placing a silver dollar in the I bottom of milk bottles was standard practice. • nd, when the former Soviet Union needed to sterilize A recycled water on their space vehicles, they turned to silver. Patented Aqua Sol Technology Patented Aqua Sol Technology represents the latest advancement in colloidal silver. With Aqua Sol Technology, silver particles with an interior of elemental2 silver and an exterior of ionic silver oxide are placed in a Thai-Go® colloidal suspension in water. The result is fine, particle- Power-Packed Purple Juice sized colloids with amazing bioavailability. Combats Free Radicals and More! Thai-Go antioxidant beverage featuring mangosteen and its pericarp may be the best-tasting, most-powerful antioxidant beverage on the market. Thai-Go’s Thai-Go Tops unique formula blends the radical-fighting benefits Competition of mangosteen fruit and pericarp with wolfberry, In 2008, health and sea buckthorn, red grapes, grape seeds and skins, nutrition researcher raspberries, blueberries, apple extract and green tea for Kimberly Day tested three a flavorful, energizing zing to your taste buds and your of the top-selling antioxidant immune system. drinks on the market to Thai-Go is replete with xanthones, bioflavonoids determine if they delivered and antioxidants. Xanthones are plant phenols the benefits they claimed to offer. Ms. Day sent samples found in selected (mostly tropical) plants. They of Thai-Go and two other appear to offer antioxidant and immune system popular antioxidant drinks support to the body. Bioflavonoids support to Brunswick Laboratories. circulatory system health and function, and The drinks were tested they aid the immune system. Antioxidants to determine their ORAC benefit the entire body as they help mop up free value. (ORAC is the most radicals. widely accepted method Brunswick Laboratories, the leading of measuring a food’s commercial lab specializing in the science of antioxidant content.) Brand antioxidants and oxidative stress, certifies that B had the lowest ORAC value at 23,323 per sample; every bottle of Thai-Go delivers unparalleled Brand X, at 24,480, came in antioxidant protection. just ahead of Brand B. NSP Stock No. 4095-1 Thai-Go had an ORAC value (2 25 fl. oz. bottles) of 51,939, more than double Retail $82.45 Member Price $54.95 that of its competitors.Visit for all of our product options.*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 1
  10. 10. 3 CleanStart® Keep Your System Humming The human body truly is a precision-crafted machine. But even the finest machine requires regular maintenance to continue performing its best. CleanStart is a two-week cleansing program designed to offer that periodic maintenance. Over time, toxins and waste can accumulate, causing many to feel sluggish. CleanStart helps the body flush the intestinal system of these An estimated 30 million Americans suffer built-up substances, which may in turn bring increased energy from occasional constipation or sluggish bowels. levels and an improved sense of well-being. To combat the problem, over half a billion Conveniently prepackaged into daily servings, CleanStart is easy to use. Each dollars are spent annually on over-the-counter capsule packet includes one capsule of Enviro-Detox™ and two capsules of LBS laxatives, which often produce harsh side effects II®. Each drink mix packet includes a balanced mix of psyllium hulls, Bentonite and only limited results. clay, aloe vera juice and chlorophyll. Choose from Wild Berry or Apple-Cinnamon flavors. Taken together, these carefully selected products are powerful enough to be effective, yet gentle enough to be comfortable. Stock No. 3993-8 (Wild Berry 14-day supply) Retail $68.95 Member Price $45.95 Stock No. 3992-6 (Apple-Cinnamon 14-day supply) Some Chlorophyll Tips: Retail $68.95 Member Price $45.95 • Liquid Chlorophyll harvests the green chlorophyll from4 a natural plant source and Liquid Chlorophyll contains 100% natural Nature’s Green Sunshine spearmint oil. For a Chlorophyll not only gives plants that rich, green color, refreshing, purifying drink, it harnesses the sun’s energy through photosynthesis and mix 1 teaspoonful into 8 oz. performs vital, life-promoting functions. Humans can’t pure water. capitalize on the sun’s rays in the same way, but Liquid • Use Liquid Chlorophyll in Chlorophyll can help. the morning to help your A consistent top-seller, Liquid Chlorophyll provides energy mouth feel fresher. and nutrition to the human body. It also promotes optimal immune response, helps deodorize the body, helps support the natural cleansing of the blood, nourishes skin cells, strengthens cell membranes, soothes the body tissues and leaves both breath and mouth minty fresh. Stock No. 1683-7 (16 fl. oz.) Retail $15.70 Member Price $10.45 Stock No. 1689-6 (32 fl. oz.) Retail $28.15 Member Price $18.755 Food Enzymes The keys to healthy digestion What Are Enzymes? Having the necessary enzymes to properly digest Enzymes are specialized proteins that foods allows the body to completely break down food instigate important chemical reactions in the and harvest more usable nutrients from it. Improper diet, body. The body produces digestive enzymes stress and aging all affect a person’s capacity to digest that break food down into usable forms: food efficiently. Moreover, the cooking process often kills • proteins➞peptides and amino acids natural enzymes needed to digest food, forcing the body to • carbohydrates➞monosaccharides and smaller supply replacement enzymes—if it can! polysaccharides Supplementing with a well-rounded enzyme formula— • fats➞fatty acids and glycerol As we age, our bodies begin to produce fewer like NSP’s powerful, unique Food Enzymes—promotes of these necessary enzymes. And, depending maximum digestion and may help minimize digestive on our dietary choices, we get little or no help discomfort. It provides pepsin (breaks down meat and from the foods we eat. Raw or perishable foods other proteins in an acid environment), pancreatin (breaks like fresh fruit and vegetables contain natural down proteins, carbohydrates and fats in an alkaline enzymes that help the stomach and digestive environment), mycozyme (breaks down starches), papain tract break down food. Processed foods (digests proteins), bromelain (digests protein) and bile salts (anything that you can store on the shelf for (emulsifies fats and prepares them for breakdown by lipase). more than a week) contain little or no enzymes, Stock No. 1836-9 (120) capsules Retail $24.25 Member Price $16.15 so the body must rely on its own ability to digest foods. More than Just Digestion “I was having a terrible time digesting most foods Food Enzymes offers more complete digestive after my gallbladder was removed, plus I suffered from support when taken with meals. Taken between serious indigestion issues. I began taking Food Enzymes meals, Food Enzymes works systemically to and LBS II. I am now able to eat lettuce and popcorn break down proteins associated with joint without problems.” —Sandy C. health, arterial health and immune activation.2 To order, contact your Nature’s Sunshine Herb Specialist.
  11. 11. 6 Benefits of Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids Super Omega-3 EPA • Brain health. Essential fatty acids—especially DHA— EFAs—The Essence of Heart help maintain the composition of brain tissue. and Brain Health • Cardiovascular health. EPA and DHA fatty acids Your body derives four basic fats from foods. support heart health and function. Some of these—especially saturated fat—have • Cell membranes. Omega-3s are key components of earned a bad reputation in recent years. In truth, healthy, flexible cell membranes. however, “good fats”—called essential fatty Structural health. Omega-3s help keep joints healthy, • acids, or EFAs—are required by the body for and may increase calcium absorption, which is vital to optimal health. the integrity of the bones. Omega-3 fatty acids and other EFAs are not made by the body, so they must be found through diet or “Super Omega-3 EPA provides EPA and DHA, fatty acids supplementation. Super Omega-3 that are less prone to oxidation in the body, and which, in EPA softgels contain 1,000 mg fish turn, may help lower plasma triglycerides and raise HDL (good oil, which provides generous amounts of cholesterol) levels. Low-density lipoprotein oxidation has been implicated as a two beneficial fatty acids, EPA and DHA. negative factor in coronary heart health. Since EPA and DHA are less prone to oxidation Consuming omega-3 fatty acids like EPA and than other fatty acids, their presence helps reduce oxidation of these lipoproteins. “Consumption of food that is fried in oil—particularly unsaturated oils—increases DHA may reduce one’s risk of coronary heart the workload on the body in dealing with lipid oxidation products. Diets with sufficient disease. Though not conclusive, the FDA has tocopherols, carotenoids and polyphenols can help prevent undesirable lipid oxidation.” evaluated the scientific data and determined — Paul Peaden, Research Leader, NSP RD Dept. that there is evidence supporting this claim. Stock No. 1515-7 (60 softgels) Retail $32.95 Member Price $21.957 Super Supplemental Vitamins Minerals A Super Way to Supplement Your Daily Diet Super Supplemental has been a sound, well-balanced formula—and one of our best-selling products—since 1986! It combines the vitamin and mineral nutrients often missing from our diets with supportive herbs to help ensure adequate nutrition. Super Supplemental is available with or without iron. This well-rounded multivitamin provides 100 percent or more of the recommended Daily Value of 12 essential vitamins, plus significant amounts of 13 important minerals. Super Supplemental also contains two important antioxidants: lutein, which supports eye, heart and skin health; and lycopene, which supports liver, lung, prostate gland, colon and skin health. And unlike many commercially available multivitamins, Super Supplemental contains no artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors or preservatives. You’ll feel great knowing you’re getting all of the basic nutrients your body needs to function at its best—even when your diet falls short. See what a difference the right vitamin supplement can make! Stock No. 1792-7 (120 capsules) Retail $25.75 Member Price $17.15 Stock No. 1809-0 without Iron (120 capsules) Retail $25.75 Member Price $17.158 Nutri-Calm® Help for Life in a Hectic World In today’s pressure-filled world, it’s no wonder many people have come to rely on chemical substances to help them sleep and cope with the demands of daily life. Nature’s Sunshine offers a natural alternative to help combat stress and anxiety: Nutri-Calm. This top seller is loaded with B vitamins and carefully selected herbs that support and feed the nervous system. A formula unique to Nature’s Sunshine, Nutri-Calm contains vitamins B1, B2, niacin, B6, B12, biotin, pantothenic acid, vitamin C, schizandra fruit, choline bitartrate, inositol, bee pollen, PABA, lemon bioflavonoids, hops flowers, passion flowers and valerian root. It is all-natural and contains no artificial flavors, colors, starch or yeast. Nutri-Calm helps to soothe frayed nerves, aids in relaxation and encourages restful sleep with healthy doses of essential vitamins and supportive herbs. Nourish your nervous system and buffer the effects of stress with this natural stress-buster. Stock No. 1617-3 (100 tablets) Retail $33.40 Member Price $22.25 Stock No. 4803-3 (60 tablets) Retail $20.65 Member Price $13.75 A survey conducted by the American Psychological Association (APA) found that Americans often resort to unhealthy behaviors such as comfort eating, poor diet choices, smoking and inactivity to help deal with stress. The survey results agree with research that shows 43 percent of adults suffer adverse health effects because of stress.Visit for all of our product options.*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 3
  12. 12. 9 EverFlex® with Hyaluronic Acid Keep the joints flexible Joint health issues sure put a damper on an active lifestyle—tennis elbow, runner’s knee, swimmer’s shoulder. Healthy joints are vital to overall well- being. Aging, poor diet and overuse can underscore the importance of joint “I didn’t know what to do for the lack of flexibility in my knee. I started taking EverFlex and within two weeks, I was able to resume my health maintenance. regular workouts, which EverFlex formula benefits the structural system and supports healthy joints. includes lifting and It offers the nutritional advantages of glucosamine, chondroitin, hyaluronic acid squatting free weights.” and MSM combined with devil’s claw herb in one convenient tablet. —Patricia B. Glucosamine protects connective tissues, helps maintain the integrity and mobility of joints, and helps lubricate joints by replenishing synovial fluid, which promotes a joint’s shock-absorbing abilities. Chondroitin sulfate attracts fluid and draws nutrients into the cartilage, making the cartilage more shock absorbent. It also promotes growth and normal tissue generation and keeps enzymes in balance. Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is present in many fresh foods, but it is destroyed through cooking, processing and storage. Supplementing with this nutrient ensures an adequate supply of sulfur—an important structural component of the connective tissue that joins muscle to bone. Hyaluronic acid is an important component of cartilage and synovial fluid that occurs naturally throughout the body. This molecule plays a crucial role in joint motion, the maintenance of joint homeostasis, skin support, and the maintenance of viscosity and elasticity of the fluid surrounding the joints. EverFlex also contains devil’s claw, an herb long used to support joint health. Stock No. 948-4 (60 tablets) Retail $38.65 Member Price $25.7510 Bifidophilus Flora Force® Providing billions of friendly microflora Every body is home to friendly bacteria that perform vital roles in the digestion of foods, absorption of nutrients and in Probiotics and Prebiotics Probiotics are live microorganisms promoting immunity. Maintaining these friendly populations that, when ingested, provide a health is critical to overall health, though they are often damaged benefit to their host. For that reason, or depleted by stress, diet, aging and illness. Probiotic they are sometimes called beneficial supplements help replenish the populations of these friendly bacteria or friendly flora. intestinal flora. Taking quality supplements can immediately Prebiotics also provide benefits. They are indigestible components of provide you with improved health and added protection. foods that stimulate the growth of Bifidophilus Flora Force contains four strains of beneficial friendly bacteria. Bifidophilus Flora microflora to help strengthen and replenish the friendly flora Force contains both probiotics (L. population in the gut. Lactobacillus acidophilus helps in the acidophilus, B. longum, L. casei and L. production of enzymes, which enhances the assimilation rhamnosus) and prebiotics (fructo- of nutrients. Among other things, it produces certain oligosaccharides). vitamins and lactase and competes with other, less-friendly microorganisms for food and living space in the Probiotics in Your Grocery Store colon. It helps enhance elimination and assist white As evidence builds for the blood cells. Bifidobacterium longum secretes acids that benefits of friendly microflora to the intestinal system, probiotic help maintain a stable microbiological environment. supplements have become more Bifidophilus Flora Force also includes L. casei and L. widespread. You can even find rhamnosus (for immune system support) plus fructo- probiotic supplementation in many oligosaccharides to support the growth of beneficial mainstream foods at your local organisms. grocery store. For instance, while Stock No. 4080-4 (90 capsules) most yogurts contain some level of Retail $26.95 Member Price $17.95 active cultures, every major brand of yogurt now carries lines with extra probiotic strength. You’ll also find probiotics in some fermented milk or juice products, and in miso, tempeh and fermented grain or soybean “More and more research is showing that products. However, the FDA does probiotics in general are immune-system enhancers.” not require food manufacturers to Source: list the amount of probiotics in their smart/food-and-nutrition/tip/8079 products.4 To order, contact your Nature’s Sunshine Herb Specialist.
  13. 13. 11 Candida Clear A Clear Path to Better Intestinal Balance This targeted program peaked at number 11 in its first four months of sale! Candida Clear is a 14-day program to help the body in its fight to properly balance good and bad microscopic flora. Yeast feeds on sugar, and let’s face it, most of us eat way too much sugar…over 100 pounds per person per year! And don’t even talk about simple carbs. Candida Clear offers a two-fold attack strategy: 1. Break down the coating of the yeast itself, and 2. create an environment that is inhospitable There are more than 20 species of Candida, the to yeast. The Enzyme pack contains a proprietary blend of carbohydrase most common being Candida albicans. These fungi and protease enzymes to digest the yeast’s exterior coating. The Combo live on all surfaces of our bodies, particularly in pack contains Pau D’arco, Caprylic Acid formula and Yeast/Fungal Detox warm and moist areas. Source: capsules (featuring oregano), which have been shown to help balance the colonization of candida. Stock No. 958-7 (14 day) Retail $101.95 Member Price $67.9512 A Recipe for Nutritional Super Trio™ Success Plug the Holes in Your Diet Super Supplemental Vitamins Getting adequate daily nutrition is one of the best Minerals (without Iron). ways to maintain good health and avoid future health Provides 100% of the recommended daily value of 12 essential vitamins problems. But getting that nutrition can be difficult— and six minerals. especially when we’re surrounded by over-processed, Super Omega-3 EPA. Supportive under-nourishing foods. but not conclusive research shows Super Trio is a comprehensive daily nutrition that consuming omega-3 fatty acids program designed to plug the gaps in your diet. like those found in fish oil may help Prepackaged into daily servings, Super Trio meets your reduce the risk of coronary heart daily nutrition needs simply and conveniently. Each disease. packet combines the benefits of Super Supplemental Super ORAC. These Vitamins Minerals, Super Omega-3 EPA and antioxidants—like green tea leaves Super ORAC antioxidant formula. This proprietary extract, mangosteen pericarp extract, turmeric root extract and açai berry combination offers essential fatty acids, vitamins, extract—help neutralize the effects minerals and antioxidants—each a vital component of good nutrition. of free radicals, keeping cells healthy. Stock No. 20-5 (30 day) Retail $75.40 Member Price $50.2513 Mega-Chel® Give your circulation a powerhouse of nutrition. USER TIP: For best results, How can you mend a “broken” heart? Well, start with take Mega-Chel according to Nature’s Sunshine’s premier circulatory-system product, the directions on the label. Start Mega-Chel, a combination of 35 nutrients for circulatory with 1 tablet twice daily for a system support. These nutrients, including minerals, vitamins, week, and work up to 4 tablets herbs, glandular substances and amino acids, support normal twice daily. Maintain this level circulation and blood vessel health. Mega-Chel features for three to four months then vitamins B1, B6, B12, natural vitamin E, selenium, ginkgo leaf, taper off in a similar manner. hawthorn berries and co-enzyme Q10. It may help strengthen and support arteries, veins and capillaries; and neutralize damaging free radicals. Stock No. 1611-1 (180 tablets) Retail $44.95 Member Price $29.95 Stock No. 4050-6 (90 tablets) Retail $24.40 Member Price $16.2514 Proactazyme® Plus Here’s Where You Want to Break Down Fact: Your body requires certain enzymes to help break down foods in the digestive tract. Fact: fresh foods contain some enzymes while processed foods rarely do. Fact: As we age, our enzyme production often slows down, leading to digestive challenges. Proactazyme Plus contains 9 different digestive enzymes from plants that aid the breakdown of all food types—proteins, carbs and fats. These include proteases, amylase, glucoamylase, lipase, cellulase, invertase, malt diastase, alpha-galactosidase and peptidase. It also includes a base of digestion- supporting herbs like caraway seed, fennel seed and ginger rhizome. This is an awesome product for optimizing digestion. Take the Proactazyme Challenge. Try 1 or 2 capsules with each meal for a week, and see how great you feel! Stock No. 1525-0 (100 capsules) Retail $28.15 Member Price $18.75Visit for all of our product options.*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 5
  14. 14. 15 Probiotic Eleven® For a Healthy Intestinal Tract, Get Proactive with Probiotics Probiotics are live microorganisms found in the intestines. Their job is to assist in breaking down food and generally keep the gut healthy. Probiotic supplements are recommended for re-populating the intestinal tract with beneficial microorganisms when needed, and Probiotic Eleven provides 11 strains of friendly flora. Use Probiotic Eleven anytime the microbial population in your intestinal tract has been compromised, such as after colon cleansing, intestinal distress or antibiotic use. These helpful microflora support digestion, regulate intestinal functions, promote immunity and aid in elimination. Keep your system balanced with help from Probiotic Eleven. Tip: To maximize shelf life, store probiotics in the fridge or freezer! Stock No. 1510-1 (90 capsules) Retail $34.15 Member Price $22.7516 Tiao He Cleanse® East Meets West to Promote Intestinal Balance The Chinese herbal philosophy dates back millennia. Drawing on historical Eastern nutritional wisdom and Western experience, NSP created the Tiao He Cleanse, in the pursuit of intestinal tiao he—balance and harmony. Herbs in this blend help support the healthy cleansing of metabolic waste and support intestinal regularity. It may also improve feelings of energy and well-being. Tiao He Cleanse includes psyllium hulls for a terrific source of soluble fiber. It’s all-capsule medium is perfect for those who don’t tolerate heavy cleansing drinks. The Tiao He Cleanse is Americans spent $715 comprised of six existing NSP products: million on over-the- • Chinese Liver Balance TCM Concentrate (offers digestive support) • All Cell Detox (intestinal support) counter laxatives in 2006. • LBS II (intestinal support) • Psyllium Hulls (bulking agent) • Burdock root (intestinal system support) • Black Walnut Hulls ATC Concentrate (digestive system help) Take as directed. If bowel movements are too loose, reduce the number of packets being used. Not recommended for children. Stock No. 3050-5 (15 day) Retail $38.25 Member Price $25.5017 LBS II® Bowel Health Is No Laughing Matter It’s no mistake that several of our top-selling products support bowel health and regularity. LBS II—originally an abbreviation for lower bowel stimulant—is an intestinal system formula that supports healthy elimination and regular bowel health. LBS II may help improve bowel frequency without cramping or diarrhea. It contains cascara sagrada bark, buckthorn bark, licorice root, capsicum fruit, ginger rhizome, Oregon grape root and rhizome, Turkey rhubarb root, couch grass rhizome and red clover flowers. LBS II is a key ingredient in both CleanStart and the Tiao He cleanse. Stock No. 990-1 (100 capsules) Retail $17.40 Member Price $11.60 Nature’s Noni® What Is Noni Fruit? A health secret from the tropic The noni tree, or For centuries, Polynesian and other tropical Morinda citrifolia, is a cultures have used Morinda citrifolia, or small tree with shiny,18 noni, for its dietary benefits. The morinda dark green leaves and a plant’s white blossoms develop into pungent-smelling fruit that small, oblong fruit. Noni yields an amazing juice. The noni fruit is an essential part of fruit turns from green to native diets because it supports the digestive, immune, intestinal yellow-white as it ripens. and respiratory systems. NSP brings this powerful plant to you The fruit is soft and wet and has a cheesy aroma. in the form of Nature’s Noni Juice, a pure and potent form of It is native to Southeast Morinda citrifolia fruit that’s sure to support your health. Asia, but has spread Miraculous, tropical noni juice is also known to support the throughout the Indian nervous and skeletal systems, promote healthy-looking skin subcontinent, Pacific and create a sense of general well-being. The phytonutrients islands, French Polynesia in Nature’s Noni Juice support the body’s cells in their battle and the Dominican against oxidative damage caused by pollution, chemicals and a Republic. host of other radical-generating processes. Stock No. 4066-7 (16 fl. oz.) Retail $24.75 Member Price $16.50 Nature’s Noni and the Stock No. 4042-7 (2-32 fl. oz. ea.) Retail $90.75 Member Price $60.50 Immune Response An independently conducted study from “I am the mother of three small children and often find myself stressed a renowned university and depressed. After using Nature’s Noni, I feel more alive. The other day research center showed I felt so tired that I didn’t have the strength to get out of bed. I took a big that NSP Nature’s Noni spoonful of Nature’s Noni, and five minutes later I was up and doing all outperformed another my chores. Everyone has noticed the change in me.” —Martha E. brand better than 6 to 1 in stimulating immune system response. 6 To order, contact your Nature’s Sunshine Herb Specialist.
  15. 15. Calcium Needs Based on Age Age Birth to 6 months Calcium (mg)/day 210 19 Calcium–Magnesium Keep Building dem Bones Women need plenty of vital minerals to maintain bone health and strength, especially 6 months to 1 year 270 as they advance in age. This formula provides 400 mg calcium, 200 mg magnesium, plus beneficial amounts of vitamin D (100 IU), phosphorus, zinc, copper and boron per serving to 1-3 years 500 help strengthen and nourish bones. 4-8 years 800 Our SynerPro® formula also includes a proprietary, synergistic blend of vegetable powders 9-18 years 1,300 and other nutrients that provide nourishment to cells. These include broccoli flowers, carrot 19-50 years 1,000 Calcium and magnesium are used root, red beet root, rosemary leaf, tomato fruit, in tandem in the body. For maximum 51-70 years 1,200 turmeric root, cabbage leaf, grapefruit and utilization, you should take in half as Over 70 years 1,200 orange bioflavonoids, and hesperidin. much magnesium as calcium. Stock No. 3194-9 (240 tablets) Source: Source: Retail $23.65 Member Price $15.75 displayarticle.php/article1080.html living-with-osteoporosis-7/calcium-supplements Silver Shield Gel20 Silver protection in a topical gel NSP Silver Shield with Aqua Sol Technology has been shown to be an effective cleaning agent that also moisturizes the skin. Our Silver Shield Gel contains Silver Shield with Aqua Sol Technology. This clear gel product promotes natural hydration and moisturizing. It is manufactured with a patented process using Aqua Sol Technology with strict quality control to verify atomic adsorption. The result is fine, particle-sized colloids with maximum bioavailability. Silver Shield Gel is completely non-toxic, safe and fantastic; there is no risk of heavy metal contamination from using this product. This gel provides 24 parts per million of pure, bioavailable silver. Stock No. 4950-1 (3 oz. tube) Retail $23.65 Member Price $15.7521 “While Co-Q10 is present in every cell, the Co-Q10 (75 mg) human body produces maximum quantities Count on Co-Q10 for Cardiac Care around age 20, and production levels decrease Co-Q10 is a naturally occurring compound found in the body, and it’s a with age, to the point that by age 40 the body’s powerful antioxidant. This coenzyme, similar to a vitamin, plays an essential role production is cut in half.” in producing cellular energy— without which, your cells could not function. Source: Nutraceuticals World, January/ Co-Q10 is found in high concentrations within tissues and organs that require February 2009, p. 46. a lot of energy. The heart is just such an organ, which is why Co-Q10 is vital in promoting cardiovascular health. As an antioxidant, Co-Q10 scavenges free radicals, protects cardiac cells and promotes the regeneration of vitamin E, another heart-healthy antioxidant. Co-Q10 may also help maintain blood pressure levels already within the normal range. Co-Q10 75 mg softgels feature an oil-based delivery system, which improves bioavailability (making it about three times more bioavailable than the powdered form). Stock No. 1895-5 (60 softgels) Retail $63.40 Member Price $42.25Visit for all of our product options.*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 7
  16. 16. 22 Bone Regeneration Skeletal Strength® Although bones typically stop growing in size Keeping your foundation strong during the teenage years, the growing process Bones are living tissue. In addition continues as bones continually rebuild themselves. to providing structural support, they Bones contain two types of cells—osteoblasts store minerals for use in times of special and osteoclasts—which work together to build needs like growth. In order to maintain new bone material on the outside and remove old structural integrity and keep minerals material on the inside. To sustain this regenerative in our bones, we need a constant supply effort, the body must receive sufficient supplies of these nutrients. Skeletal Strength of calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D. During provides them. shortages of these nutrients in the bloodstream, the body will remove them from the bones, Its essential nutrients increase the which can lead to weak and porous bones. body’s ability to repair tissue and maintain cellular integrity. Calcium helps Keeping Your Structural System Strong build bone strength, normalize muscle • Lead an active life. Weight-bearing exercise is contraction and regulate nerve function. especially important for maintaining strong Magnesium governs the proper utilization bones and stable joints. Also, focus on your of calcium in joints, bones, muscles and nerves. core muscles to build a solid foundation. Boron, copper and zinc help build and maintain strong • Stand up straight. Your mom was right, good bones and muscles. Iron and manganese are essential for calcium absorption posture is important. Poor posture can lead to and blood building. Vitamin A promotes the efficient use of calcium. Vitamin muscle imbalances, which in turn develop into musculoskeletal problems. D aids bone mineralization and increases calcium absorption. Vitamin C • Choose a diet rich in vitamins and minerals, helps cement cells together with collagen. Vitamin B6 is used by the body to especially calcium and vitamin D. And check manufacture proteins needed for strong bones, new red blood cell production your medications. Some meds make it difficult and energy. Vitamin B12 contributes to hemoglobin production. for your body to process nutrients. Stock No. 1806-7 (150 tablets) Retail $20.80 Member Price $13.85 • Avoid smoking.23 B-Complex Capsules Life Feels Less Complex When You’re Getting Your B-Complex! Ways Your Body Can Many different vitamin B compounds are grouped under the Lose its Store of B name B-complex. Because these essential vitamins are easily lost, Vitamins a quality supplement can offer a host of benefits and ensure that • Cooking and refining B-vitamin depletion doesn’t rob you of feeling your best! foods removes B B vitamins are particularly important for the nervous system. vitamins from foods. • Consuming coffee, tea They are also vital for proper digestive function and enzyme or alcohol forces them reactions that control energy, circulation, hormone levels and from the body. overall health. Their actions are interdependent, so for greatest • Perspiring heavily efficiency, B-complex vitamins should be taken together. Nature’s expels B vitamins. Sunshine’s balanced B-complex formula has generous amounts of • Experiencing physically each B vitamin in a proprietary blend of herbs to replenish lost stressful conditions nutrients and keep you feeling great. burns up Bs. Stock No. 1778-9 (100 capsules) Retail $21.25 Member Price $14.1524 Men’s Formula Powerful Prostate Product Sometime between the ages of 40 and 50, most men start to experience prostate issues. NSP Men’s Formula with Lycopene combines minerals and herbs known to support prostate health, including saw palmetto extract, all-natural lycopene (a red bioflavonoid from tomatoes), pumpkin seeds, pygeum bark extract, gotu kola, stinging nettle extract and zinc. Stock No. 3112-7 (60 capsules) Retail $29.95 Member Price $19.95 Many European studies and some American studies show that saw palmetto is effective in supporting prostate gland health.8 To order, contact your Nature’s Sunshine Herb Specialist.
  17. 17. 25 Adrenal Support Give Your Adrenal Gland a Hand The adrenals produce hormones that help balance blood sugar, which helps your body to manage the daily ebbs and flows of energy. When blood sugar drops, the adrenals release hormones that cause it to rise, increasing energy. When you’re under stress, the adrenals again release hormones in an effort to increase energy. This second reaction can be described as the “fight or flight” response. Being under consistent stress takes a toll on the adrenal glands, and eventually, they run out of steam and stop producing sufficient hormones. Adrenal Support helps maintain normal adrenal function by supporting the body’s ability to regulate stress. Adrenal Support is formulated with powdered bovine adrenal gland from New Zealand, along with a synergistic blend of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and adaptogenic herbs. These ingredients include vitamins B1, B2, B6, pantothenic acid and vitamin C, plus zinc, protease, borage oil powder, licorice root and schizandra fruit. Stock No. 1507-0 (60 capsules) Retail $24.45 Member Price $16.3026 The Problem with Constipation Cascara Sagrada The digestive system is designed Elimination with a little help from nature to extract the nutrients from the Occasional constipation may be common, but few people associate the eliminative food we eat and pass along the function with joint health, energy levels, skin conditions, breath odor and immune waste. The colon simultaneously function. These health issues and pushes digested matter along and elimination may be linked because reabsorbs water and mineral salts. Like Fine Wine and Cheese… When food moves too slowly or the digestive and intestinal systems Cascara sagrada bark should be aged for at feed the entire body, and during that stops in the colon, some of the toxic least one year or properly cured before it is waste that should be eliminated process the waste and toxins that consumed. Fresh cascara sagrada is irritating may be reabsorbed into the body. are produced must be removed. to the gastrointestinal system and can cause Cascara sagrada, or sacred bark, vomiting and upset stomach. NSP’s Quality What is Healthy Elimination? is one of Nature’s Sunshine’s most Assurance team tests each lot to verify that the Natural health experts popular and best-selling herbal harsh active compounds have been oxidized recommend three bowel products. As a nutritional support to assure a safer, more pleasant experience. movements a day. You eat three for proper waste elimination, the times a day, shouldn’t you eliminate bark has been used by cultures around the world. Cascara sagrada acts as an herbal just as much? Anything less may laxative, influences intestinal contraction and supports a clean, healthy colon. This herb is indicate a sluggish bowel. a key component of LBS II. Stock No. 170-8 (100 capsules) Also available in Vegitabs. Retail $14.35 Member Price $9.5527 “ALJ has been a wonderful addition to our ALJ® daily supplements. My husband was having Defend against seasonal challenges. trouble with seasonal challenges both in the spring This unique NSP formula is very popular for respiratory health. and fall. I wanted a safe product for him. We Comprised of boneset, fennel, fenugreek, horseradish and mullein, heard about ALJ and started using it right away. ALJ supports healthy lung function and encourages the respiratory What a blessing!” tract to gently cleanse itself. ALJ also helps promote respiratory —Sally Peterson, Tomahawk, Wis. tissue health. Stock No. 774-3 (100 capsules) Also available in Vegitabs and liquid herb. Retail $15.75 Member Price $10.50Visit for all of our product options.*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 9