Vol. 36 No. 3 July 2011   HORIZONS   ®Find Your Brilliant Body
C     o   n    t   e    n   t   s                                                                                         ...
Brilliant choices for     Brilliant healthBetter Health Comes One Choice at a Time                                        ...
and shipped across the world, ripening along                                     the way. And it probably goes without say...
your            Brilliant body        Everybody deserves brilliant health. Nature’s        Sunshine can help. That’s why w...
Four Facets of a Brilliant Body                                   #1 Core Health                                   C    or...
Key NSP Products for Core HealthSuper Supplemental Vitamins and Minerals	 Super Supplemental balances any diet by providin...
Four Facets of a Brilliant Body                                   #2 Weight Management                                   T...
•  ating smaller meals more frequently works if you choose nutritious foods and    E    control portion sizes.	 •  on’t el...
Four Facets of a Brilliant Body                                   #3 Energy  Fitness                                   A  ...
Key Energy  Fitness ProductsSolstic Energy	 Solstic Energy is a low-calorie, sugar-free energy drink featuring guarana*, K...
Four Facets of a Brilliant Body                                   #4 Body Systems                                   A    B...
Stock No.                  Product                   Direct Cost   QV Points    Sugg. Retail   5380-0         Digestive Sy...
Brilliant results       We thought you’d like to read what your fellow NSP       fans are saying about our newest products...
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Nutrition products-for-core-health-july2011

  1. 1. Vol. 36 No. 3 July 2011 HORIZONS ®Find Your Brilliant Body
  2. 2. C o n t e n t s This is a publication of Nature’s Sunshine Products, Inc., designed Brilliant Choices for Brilliant Health 1 especially for natural health enthusiasts. Editor: Darlyn Britt Writer: Courtney Hammond Art Director: Julie Larsen Your Brilliant Body 3 Designer: Rick Utykanski For more information on how to sign up as an NSP Independent Four Facets of a Brilliant Body 4-11 Distributor, call 1-800-223-8225. Printed on recycled paper Sunshine Horizons, July Brilliant Results, Testimonials 12 2011, Vol. 36, No. 3. Sunshine Horizons is a publication of Nature’s Sunshine Products, Inc., 75 East 1700 South, Provo, Utah 84606. Copyright © 2011. Printed in the USA. All rights reserved. Announcements/Calendar 13 Correspondence: Sunshine Horizons Editor, P.O. Box 19005, Provo, Utah 84605-9005. Change of address: Here’s to Brilliance Contact the Order Sales Department or Customer Service. A few years ago, I had the pleasure of attending a lecture given by Laura Jacobs, an Area Manager in Utah. She talked in part about upgrading our food choices. The closer we can get to eating fresh, raw foods, the more Visit our website at www.naturessunshine.com. Order Placement Services nutrients and fiber they have and the better they are for our bodies. By Internet: She asked us to think about whole oats vs. oatmeal. The first is found in www.naturessunshine.com nature, and the second way more refined. Also, consider produce. Are we eating fresh fruits and vegetables right from a garden or farm? Or have they been trucked in from out of state (or out of the country)? Do we eat many By Phone: of our veggies from the freezer or from cans? • Order Sales Department: No matter where our eating habits lie on the spectrum of what’s good for 1-800-453-1422 (English); 1-800-321-0214 (Spanish). us, we can improve and upgrade them. We can make healthier choices, and Hours are Monday–Friday from that can have a lasting impact on ourselves and our families. I remember 6 a.m.–6:30 p.m. and Saturday Laura saying you don’t have to give up the things you love, like ice cream. from 7 a.m.–3:30 p.m. But choose a brand that is all natural and not laden with hormones or Mountain Time. artificial flavors and colors. • TTY for Hearing Impaired: Get more ideas on upgrading your food in this issue. And discover how 1-800-892-6450 (English only). you can work to find your brilliant body. By Mail: Here’s to brilliance! • Order Sales Department Nature’s Sunshine Products Darlyn Britt P.O. Box 19005 Editorial Manager Provo, Utah 84605-9005
  3. 3. Brilliant choices for Brilliant healthBetter Health Comes One Choice at a Time by Courtney Hammond Good health is largely made up of a series ofgood choices. Sure, genetics play a role in disease.But to a large extent, the biggest indicator of healthis the everyday choices we make about how we useour body and what we put into it. Did you know that more than 25 percent ofAmericans eat at least one fast food meal everyday? Or, that research shows that Americans spendmore time watching TV than any other leisureactivity, including exercising, reading or socializing? Nearly all of us can benefit from investing more inour health. No matter where you are on your way toa brilliant body, choose today to make a few brighter What about Organic?choices. Organic food growers strive to provide food that is free of chemical additives. The best choice for......................................... nutrient-rich, chemical-free produce is local, organicEating Choices produce because it’s picked in its prime, available You’ve heard it before, you are what you eat.Just like a car, better fuel (food) produces better immediately and free of pesticides. In manyperformance. If you want more energy, or to lose locations, however, local organic produce is notweight, or better mental focus, or greater immunefunction, or just better overall health, consider what available. The jury’s out on whether, in that case,kind of gas you’re putting in your tank. local or organic is the more healthful choice. How much of your diet is made up of nutrient-poor foods? Food processing can remove much Certain produce items absorb more chemicals,of the beneficial nutrients found in natural foods. hormones and other additives. It is recommendedThen add artificial flavors and colors found in manyprocessed foods, and you have little left that your that you buy these foods—sometimes called thebody can actually use to feed your systems. “dirty dozen”—organic. They include nectarines, celery, pears, peaches, apples, cherries, strawberries,Consider some wiser food choices: • hoose foods that are as close as possible to C imported grapes, spinach, potatoes, bell peppers their natural state. Fresh fruit is more nutrient- and raspberries. Produce that is least contaminated dense than frozen fruit, which in turn tends to have more nutrients than canned fruit. The by pesticides includes asparagus, avocados, same goes for vegetables. Fruits and vegetables bananas, broccoli, cauliflower, corn, kiwis, mangoes, that were picked in their prime contain more nutrients than produce that was picked early onions, papayas, pineapples and sweet peas. July 2011, Sunshine Horizons 1
  4. 4. and shipped across the world, ripening along the way. And it probably goes without saying that fruit—fresh, frozen or canned—is preferable to fruit processed into any number of non-fruit forms. • ead labels. Notice what is added to your food. R Look for things like sugar content, fat content and sodium content. All of these can have a deleterious effect on your health. • eware your beverages. Often a weight- B management plan is derailed by the extra calories a dieter drinks throughout the day, or a well-balanced meal is left uneaten by a child that has filled up on juices or soda. Pure water is always a healthful beverage choice; soda never is. Be careful with fruit and vegetable juices; they are usually sweetened and don’t contain the fiber that an actual fruit or vegetable can provide. • hoose lean meats. Lean meats are better for C your waistline and heart. White meats are leaner than red meats, though grass-fed beef has about the same amount of fat as skinless chicken. Lifestyle Choices Smart lifestyle choices contribute to a healthy body. Nearly all of us can afford to make a few healthy upgrades to our daily lifestyle. • xercise. The general recommendation is at E least 30 minutes of moderate exercise five days a week. If you aren’t there yet, consider how much physical activity you get and commit to increasing it. • uit smoking. Few things are as harmful Q to your health as smoking. If you are a non-smoker, don’t start. If you smoke, find ways to limit your intake and investigate programs that can help you quit. • editate. Meditation has been practiced for M thousands of years. It brings the mind and body into better balance and can produce a deep level of relaxation that can help combat stress and its associated effects. Meditation involves focusing the mind and tuning out all the jumbled thoughts and feelings that race through your mind. • aintain relationships. Relationships with M friends and family are vital to emotional health. Medical research shows that people who have a strong social network live longer; the heart of those with healthy relationships responds better to stress; and that strong social connections bolster the immune response. Make time for the special people in your life. Take a moment to reflect on where you are on your way to a brilliant body. Then invest in your wellbeing by making a few health goals. You’ll reach your goals by making one healthy choice at a time.2 Sunshine Horizons, July 2011
  5. 5. your Brilliant body Everybody deserves brilliant health. Nature’s Sunshine can help. That’s why we introduced It’s within reach Brilliant Body, a simple plan that will put you on New! Love and Peas JumpStart Option track to feeling vibrant and energetic by: 1. leansing and nourishing your body with C You can now get the JumpStart pack with Love and Peas! Core Health products. 2. chieving and maintaining healthy weight A Love and Peas protein powder offers 20 grams per serving with Weight Management products. of vegetable protein from split yellow peas and other 3. Increasing your energy with Energy Fitness supplements. nourishing whole foods. NSP Love and Peas contains no 4. Targeting specific health challenges with dairy, lactose or gluten. This product is Vegan Certified. Body System Packs. New JumpStart packs make it easy to start Love and Peas also finding your Brilliant Body. They combine great- contains plant- NEW! tasting meal replacement drinks with nutritional supplements for core health and energy fitness. based enzymes to Choose from three JumpStart programs: help break down JumpStart: contains Super Supplemental Vitamins protein for better and Minerals (without iron), SmartMeal Vanilla and SmartMeal Chai (or 2 Love and Peas) and Solstic absorption. Energy. JumpStart Plus: includes everything in JumpStart and upgrades Super Supplemental to Super Trio. JumpStart Complete: gives you everything in Direct QV Sugg. JumpStart Plus and adds a Wild Berry CleanStart® Stock No. Product Cost Points Retail cleanse. 16382-5 JumpStart $95.10 95.10 $142.75 Start discovering your Brilliant Body today! Use 16502-1 JumpStart—Love and Peas $97.10 87.20 $145.65 JumpStart packs to help you. Or create your own 16383-7 JumpStart Plus $128.10 128.10 $192.25 brilliant program. 16384-3 JumpStart Complete $174.05 174.05 $261.20 JumpStart a solid health plan, covering all three categories. Super Supplemental without Iron, SmartMeal Vanilla Chai, Solstic Energy JumpStart plusadd powerful antioxidants and essential omega-3 fatty acids.Super Trio, SmartMeal Vanilla Chai, Solstic Energy JumpStart complete CleanStart helps you get the bad stuff out. Super Trio, Wild Berry CleanStart, SmartMeal Vanilla Chai, Solstic Energy July 2011, Sunshine Horizons 3
  6. 6. Four Facets of a Brilliant Body #1 Core Health C ore Health is about building a solid foundation for good and lasting health. In construction, without a solid foundation, a house can’t do its job of protecting its inhabitants from the elements, much less provide the comfort we associate with a home. In terms of health, without a solid foundation of core health, your body can’t protect you from immune challenges or the onset of disease. And it certainly can’t provide the energy, stamina, peace of mind and sense of well being that you really want. Core health starts with proper amounts of vital nutrients, including: Vitamins are substances needed by the body for normal growth and function. They must be obtained by food because they are either not made at all by the body, or not made in sufficient quantities to ensure good health. Minerals. In addition to vitamins, your body needs minerals to function normally. Both macro minerals—calcium, phosphorus and magnesium—and numerous trace minerals are necessary. Fiber is the indigestible food stuff found in whole grains, fruits and vegetables. It is vital to the health of the colon and heart because it absorbs waste, toxins, cholesterol and excess water and provides the bulk needed to move them through the colon and out of the body. Enzymes help your body get the most from food. They break down food into the basic nutrients the body needs. Without proper enzymes, digestion can be incomplete. Essential Fatty Acids, both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, are sometimes known as the good fats because they are necessary for good health. They are considered “essential” because your body cannot manufacture them; they must be obtained through the diet. Antioxidants sweep up and neutralize free radicals produced as a byproduct of normal body processes, such as metabolism, and by environmental pollutants. Left un-neutralized, free radicals can cause cell damage and other issues ranging from cell abnormalities to premature aging. Start with a Clean Slate An effective colon cleanse is an ideal way to start any health program. It helps the body get rid of the buildup of toxins and wastes that can clog the colon. A cleanse also leaves a clean colon able to more effectively remove future waste. In effect, it cleans the whole body, not just the colon, making it possible for the body to properly absorb healthfulNature’s Sunshine Products, Inc. nutrients. Order Sales 1-800-453-1422 www.naturessunshine.com 4 Sunshine Horizons, July 2011
  7. 7. Key NSP Products for Core HealthSuper Supplemental Vitamins and Minerals Super Supplemental balances any diet by providing 100 percent or more of the DailyValues for 12 essential vitamins, offering especially generous amounts of Bvitamins for energy. It also offers significant amounts of 13 important minerals Menand contains two powerful antioxidants: lutein and lycopene. Available with or don’t norma llwithout iron. need extra ir y on. Women do.Super Trio Super Trio is a one-month supply of basic nutrition, making proper nourishment simpleand convenient. Super Trio comes in convenient packets to be taken twice each day. Eachpacket contains: • uper Supplemental Vitamins Minerals, a comprehensive vitamin and mineral S supplement. • uper Omega-3 EPA, to satisfy your body’s need for essential fatty acids. S • uper ORAC, packed with powerful free-radical quenching antioxidants. SCleanStart® CleanStart is a safe, effective two-week colon cleanse program. It gently removes thewaste and common colon toxins that affect overall good health. CleanStart may boostenergy and promote a feeling of well-being. Available in Wild Berry or Apple-Cinnamonflavors. Direct QV Sugg. Stock No. Product Cost Points Retail 1792-7 Super Supplemental Vitamins Minerals (120) $17.25 17.25 $25.90 1809-0 Super Supplemental Vit. Min. w/o Iron (120) $17.25 17.25 $25.90 Nature’s Sunshine Products, Inc. 20-5 Super Trio (60 packets) $50.25 50.25 $75.40 Order Sales 1-800-453-1422 3993-8 CleanStart Wild Berry (14 day) $45.95 45.95 $68.95 www.naturessunshine.com 3992-6 CleanStart Apple/Cinnamon (14 day) $45.95 45.95 $68.95 July 2011, Sunshine Horizons 5
  8. 8. Four Facets of a Brilliant Body #2 Weight Management T he second facet of body brilliance is achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. In the last decade or so, researchers have confirmed strong correlations between excess weight and the onset of disease. Proper weight is beneficial, not only in terms of avoiding disease but in having adequate energy for daily living. It also boosts self-esteem, which can affect job opportunities, social activities and so much more. There’s no shortage of weight-loss advice in the stratosphere. Today, let’s look at three simple questions. What do you eat? What kinds of foods go in your mouth? Consider the quality of your foods—whole grain, raw/fresh, processed, preservatives. Reading food labels can be eye opening. But if it’s too overwhelming, simply ask yourself, “What kind of nutrition will this food offer my body?” Fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grain products tend to make you feel full more quickly than refined foods with little fiber or volume. Protein and fat are important. Protein fuels muscle building and repair, which is needed during and after exercise. And fat helps with satiety, or satisfaction. Choose lean proteins and good fats like those found in nuts, when possible. How much do you eat? Pay attention. Write it down if you dare. Add up all meals, snacks, grazing before bed. And don’t forget drinks. Do you eat a plateful at lunch and dinner? What about second helpings? Do you eat out more than once a week? Keep in mind many restaurants serve portions that could nearly feed two adults. Don’t forget to consider “How much do you drink?” Many people consume as much as 500 calories a day or more in beverages. That might be 25% or more of your suggested daily calorie intake! Drink water, lots of it. Start by drinking at least 64 ounces of water a day. Water helps move food through the GI tract, flushes toxins, rehydrates the body after exercise and helps you feel full. And it’s FREE! How much do you move? Movement, activity, exercise. Call it what you will, it’s important to health and vital to weight management. Exercise helps keep muscles toned and increases metabolism. It’s good for the cardiovascular system and helps joints too. Set a goal to walk 60 minutes a day. If you can’t do this, then start where you can and gradually increase. Move your body. Find If you’re social and it fits your budget, a gym something you enjoy. membership is great. Take spinning classes with a friend. Ride a bike. Swim at a Learn how to use free weights. If you don’t want to be local pool. Join a hiking seen by others, work out at home on a treadmill or bike. club. Take tennis Listen to good music or watch a TV program while you lessons. Try yoga. Do walk. Try boxing. Buy a new pair of sneakers or a new something! Anything! exercise outfit to make moving more fun or enticing. Other Stepping Stones to Success Keep these in mind.Nature’s Sunshine Products, Inc. • alories are the amount of energy a food or beverage contains. To lose weight, you C Order Sales 1-800-453-1422 need to consume fewer calories than you burn. www.naturessunshine.com • upport yields success. Get friends and family onboard with your goals. Share your S successes or challenges with them. Find an exercise partner. • asting, effective weight loss takes time. Don’t try to lose too much too soon. L 6 Sunshine Horizons, July 2011
  9. 9. • ating smaller meals more frequently works if you choose nutritious foods and E control portion sizes. • on’t eliminate favorite foods/snacks. Banishing sweet treats activates the brain’s D stress system, making you want them even more. “Learn… to balance your diet without depriving yourself,” says Lisa Dorfman, R.D., director of sports nutrition and performance for UHealth at the University of Miami. • ou can overcome genetics. A 2009 Finnish study of same-sex identical twins showed Y that the twin who exercised more had as much as 50% less belly fat than the twin that didn’t exercise. • at in the kitchen not in front of the TV. E Meal replacement can provide effectivesupport to weight management. Control yourcalories with a delicious, nutritious drink forone or two meals a day. Then eat a balanced,healthful dinner. NSP offers three proteinpowders that provide excellent nutrition alongwith needed nutrients.SmartMealA SmartMeal nutritional shake mix provides 15grams of protein per serving (from soy, pea andgolden chlorella), omega-3 fatty acids and 35%or more of the Daily Value of 18 vitamins andminerals. All at 130–140 calories per serving.In vanilla, chocolate and chai. “Smart Meal is a hugeLove and Peas, now available in a step up for the junk foodJumpStart pack! generation….I love it!This vegan-certified protein drink powder Especially the chai flavor!comes from split yellow peas, bean powders “Love and Peas is oneand bean flakes. It provides 20 grams of of our finest products. It’svegetable protein per serving along with low-glycemic, alkaline and75% of the Daily Value of 18 vitamins and gluten-free!”minerals. 180 calories per serving. Vanilla. —Jennifer W.Nutri-Burn®Nutri-Burn protein powder supportsmetabolism and lean muscle mass. Itprovides 25 grams of lactose-free wheyprotein per serving along with 60% ormore of the Daily Value of 14 vitamins andminerals. Also features CLA, l-carnitineand green tea extract for overall weightmanagement support. And it tastes delicious!In chocolate and vanilla.Not available in a JumpStart pack. Direct QV Sugg. Stock No. Product Cost Points Retail 3085-8 SmartMeal Vanilla (510 grams) $23.95 23.95 $35.90 3084-4 SmartMeal Chocolate (555 grams) $23.95 23.95 $35.90 3086-2 SmartMeal Chai (510 grams) $23.95 23.95 $35.90 3082-9 Love and Peas (675 grams) $24.95 20.00 $37.40 Nature’s Sunshine Products, Inc. 3078-0 Nutri-Burn Chocolate (915 grams) $32.50 20.00 $48.75 Order Sales 1-800-453-1422 www.naturessunshine.com 3080-0 Nutri-Burn Vanilla (870 grams) $32.50 20.00 $48.75 July 2011, Sunshine Horizons 7
  10. 10. Four Facets of a Brilliant Body #3 Energy Fitness A sk anyone over 40 if he or she would like more energy. Come to think of it, ask any parent of young children if they want more energy. Or a parent of teenagers…or college students. Whatever his or her situation in life, just about everyone wants more energy. With energy you can enjoy life the way you want to, whether that’s staying awake in classes, keeping up with your children, reaching your fitness goals, completing that list of projects, or doing all of the activities you want to do. Elements of Energy Proper Nutrition is vital to every body process, including energy production, because nutrients provide the fuel your body systems need to function. If you don’t give yourself the components of energy—vital nutrients along with a proper balance of high-quality protein and carbohydrates—your body cannot produce energy. For more on vital nutrients and core health, see pages 4–5. Healthful Eating. Sugar may seem to provide the body with a jolt of energy, but after an initial high, energy levels crash. Ditto for foods that are quickly converted to sugars in the body, such as white flour, white rice and other simple carbohydrates. Adequate Sleep. It goes without saying that your body needs adequate rest to create energy. A tired body is, well, a tired body. Experts recommend that adults get 7–9 hours of sleep a night. With sleep and energy, more is not always better. Too much sleep can leave you feeling slow and sluggish. Physical Activity. It may seem counterintuitive because the last thing you want to do when you’re feeling tired is go for a jog. But research suggests that regular exercise increases energy levels, even amongNature’s Sunshine Products, Inc. people who suffer from chronic Order Sales 1-800-453-1422 medical conditions. www.naturessunshine.com 8 Sunshine Horizons, July 2011
  11. 11. Key Energy Fitness ProductsSolstic Energy Solstic Energy is a low-calorie, sugar-free energy drink featuring guarana*, Koreanginseng, green tea and B vitamins. While many energy drinks contain questionableingredients, Solstic Energy features only natural ingredients that help energize the body,fight fatigue, increase mental focus and boost metabolism. It is conveniently packaged inindividual stick packets to be opened, mixed in a bottle of water and enjoyed.Solstic Revive Solstic Revive replaces vital nutrients lost during exercise, stress, dehydration andmalnutrition, including calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium. It also providesamino acids for muscular support and 500 mg glucosamine to help maintain healthyjoints and cartilage. It’s perfect before, during and after strenuous exercise.See our price list for more great Energy Fitness products! *Each serving contains 60 mg natural caffeine from guarana seed extract. Direct QV Sugg. Stock No. Product Nature’s Sunshine Products, Inc. Cost Points Retail Order Sales 1-800-453-1422 6521-2 Solstic Energy (30 stick packets) $29.95 29.95 $44.95 www.naturessunshine.com 6507-7 Solstic Revive (30 stick packets) $33.95 33.95 $50.95 July 2011, Sunshine Horizons 9
  12. 12. Four Facets of a Brilliant Body #4 Body Systems A Brilliant Body has 10 systems working together for health and harmony. Age, genetics, poor nutrition, bad habits and other factors weaken the systems. Often they can be nourished back to improved health through good nutrition and supplementation. After you address core health, weight management, and energy and fitness, target your nutritional needs with these specific supplement programs. Digestive System pack (stomach and small intestine) Contains Proactazyme®, Anti-Gas TCM Concentrate and Probiotic Eleven. • elps break down (digest) all types of food. H • upports detoxification. S • elps rebalance the population of flora in the gut. H Hepatic System pack (liver) Contains Milk Thistle Combination, Liver Balance TCM and Psyllium Hulls capsules. • rotects liver cells against toxins. P • upports liver cleansing. S • ay help reduce stress. M • rovides fiber, which helps with toxin removal. P • upports the liver and gallbladder. S Intestinal System pack (colon) Contains Bowel Detox, Psyllium Hulls capsules and Probiotic Eleven. • leans and builds the intestinal system C and supports elimination. • rovides soluble fiber, which helps with P toxin removal. • elps rebalance the population of flora H in the gut. • upports the immune system. S Circulatory System pack (heart) Contains Ginkgo Hawthorn, Co-Q10 50 and Super Omega-3 EPA. • trengthens cardiac muscle S function. • elps increase circulation in the H extremities. • ay help energize the M heart. • rovides essential P fatty acids, which support heart health.Nature’s Sunshine Products, Inc. Order Sales 1-800-453-1422 www.naturessunshine.com 10 Sunshine Horizons, July 2011
  13. 13. Stock No. Product Direct Cost QV Points Sugg. Retail 5380-0 Digestive System Pack (30 day) $54.95 54.95 $82.45 5381-1 Hepatic System Pack (30 day) $50.00 50.00 $75.00 5382-9 Intestinal System Pack (30 day) $44.95 44.95 $67.45 5383-6 Circulatory System Pack (30 day) $54.95 54.95 $82.45 5384-4 Nervous System Pack (30 day) $50.00 50.00 $75.00 5385-8 Immune System Pack (30 day) $54.95 54.95 $82.45 5386-2 Respiratory System Pack (30 day) $64.95 64.95 $97.45 5387-3 Urinary System Pack (30 day) $50.00 50.00 $75.00 5388-7 Glandular System Pack (30 day) $40.00 40.00 $60.00 5389-5 Structural System Pack (30 day) $64.95 64.95 $97.45Nervous System pack (brain)Contains Nutri-Calm®, Stress-J, AdaptaMax® and Nerve Eight.• rovides nutrients to help feed and soothe the nervous system. P• rovides anti-stress herbs for occasional stress relief. P• elps build the body’s ability to adapt to stress. H• elps calm nerves. H• upports restful sleep. SImmune System pack (lymph system)Contains VS-C®, Elderberry D3fense and Immune Stimulator. • elps create an environment inhospitable to foreign invaders. H • rovides herbal immune system support. P • timulates natural defenses to repel invaders when under attack. S Respiratory System pack (lungs and sinuses) Contains Lung Support TCM, Bronchial Formula and ALJ®. • upports the lungs, sinuses and bronchial system. S • rovides nutrients that support upper respiratory airways. P • elps maintain already clear sinus passages and healthy lung function. H Urinary System pack (kidneys) Contains Urinary Maintenance, Combination Potassium and KB-C TCM. • trengthens and balances the urinary system. S • upports kidney function. S • ay help to strengthen the bones. M Glandular System pack (all glands, especially the adrenals) Contains Master Gland Formula, AdaptaMax and Adrenal Support. • ourishes all of the glands. N • elps the body cope with and manage stressful conditions. H • upports positive mood and promotes energy. S Structural System pack (bones and joints) Contains Skeletal Strength®, Joint Support and EverFlex® with Hyaluronic Acid. • uilds and strengthens the entire structural system. B • rovides nutrition to joints and bones. P • upports joint health and lubrication. S • ncreases shock absorption and flexibility in joints. I Nature’s Sunshine Products, Inc. Order Sales 1-800-453-1422 www.naturessunshine.com July 2011, Sunshine Horizons 11
  14. 14. Brilliant results We thought you’d like to read what your fellow NSP fans are saying about our newest products. Share your own testimonial on www.nspsunshine.com. Log in with your account number and PIN then click on Forums to read or post your own comments. Or send an email to stories@natr.com. SmartMeal Nutritional Shake Mix Edith L. writes that at her Brilliant Body parties, she makes a SmartMeal shake using almond milk. “Peo- ple love it,” she says. ...................................... “The SmartMeal drinks taste good. Because of the taste, I will [keep] using them…. I think it’s great.” —Carole H. ...................................... “I really love the taste of the new SmartMeal drinks. I was surprised at first that NSP used sugar. But I know a number of people who will have nothing to do with stevia or xylitol. So this is a great option for them. And the sugar content is only 6 grams.” —Linda Leon M. ........................................................................... Solstic Energy “Solstic Energy drink is an upgrade from all the caffeine products many [people] are now using. It has only 4 grams of carbs compared with 25 grams in [popular] energy drinks. It also has B vitamins and herbs to support the adrenals. I am helping quite a few people get off caffeine. They love it!” —Jerene and Bob O. ........................................................................... “I love the Solstic Energy. It has a lot to offer. I am really excited about the Solstic Revive.” —Linda Leon M. ........................................................................... On Brilliant Body Parties “My manager and other upline members helped me understand what a ‘reasonable’ earning goal per party might be. Then, we sat down and tried to figure out what it would take to make that happen. Using the new Brilliant Body Party/Presentation at gatherings weekly is a big part of the plan. I am sharing with just about everyone who will listen. “Showing the plan casually to individuals, couples or even several family members at once has really paid off. Because I was patient with a few people on a smaller scale, now those folks are willing to host several parties over a period of two months because we have built a basis of trust. “I’ve used the party plan binder and may expand on it by adding more products. The party plan is a great base on which I plan on building several different types of presentations.” —“Sunny Nature,” Calif.12 Sunshine Horizons, July 2011
  15. 15. A n n o u n c e m e n t s Last Call for Leaders Success Summit unforgettable beach experience at the fabulous Hilton Leaders Success Summit (formerly Leaders Hawaiian Village on Waikiki. Be part of the fun as we Conference) is two months away! Join your NSP celebrate four decades of brilliant health and success. friends in San Diego, Calif., Sept. 7–10 to learn new Qualify in one of four ways! Qualifications continue ways to share and build your business, and inspire through October 31, 2011. Get complete details on our your members. Get ideas from other successful NSP website. leaders. It’s all happening at the beautiful, new Hilton Reminder: Withholding Tax on Commissions Bayfront Hotel. Cost is $300 per person and includes NSP is required to withhold tax on the commissions meetings, materials, and opening and closing earned from a group for all individuals who have banquets. Bring an NSP member with you who attends not submitted a Taxpayer’s Identification Number for the first time and get 2-for-1 admission!* Or, bring (TIN) to Home Office. A TIN is either an individual’s your spouse for just $100 ($400 per couple). 9-digit Social Security number or a 9-digit federal Register July 5–22 at www.naturessunshine.com. identification number. Reserve your hotel room by calling 1-800-HILTONS. The rate of backup withholding is currently Ask for the Nature’s Sunshine group rate ($139/night 28 percent. If Home Office does not have your plus tax), and get a 10% discount when you check out. TIN, please provide it before you begin earning Book by August 7 to guarantee availability. commissions. Mail your information to: Invest in your business! Join us in San Diego in September. NSP Accounting Dept. P.O. Box 19005 *Both you and your member must attend the summit. Register separately and pay in advance. After the conference, you’ll each Provo, Utah 84605-9005 get $150 back. Or fax it to 1-801-342-4642. 40 Years of Sunshine…and Aloha If you have given your TIN to NSP, please verify Next year’s national convention is in HAWAII! that your tax ID number and name are correct and that Join your NSP family March 5–9, 2012 for an they match the files of the IRS or SSA.NS P C a l e n d ar2011 Natural Health and Education Seminars Product Training Attend a Natural Health and Education Seminar in FREE NSP Webinarsyour area, featuring four great topics: Join the Product Focus Webinar. Tune in live at • he Brilliant Body—Respiratory T 11:00 a.m. on Tuesday, or watch the Webinar at your • he Brilliant Body—Hepatic T convenience through Friday of the same week. Register at • oving your Lungs: Conquering Asthma and L www.NSPwebinars.com. Listen by phone: Dial 1-712-432- Allergies Naturally 0453, PIN#8626 (not a toll-free call). • uilding Your Business Step by Step B July 12 Cost is just $35 for this all-day educational event August 9and includes incredible training materials. Please visit September 14our website for the latest seminar information andlocations. FREE Business Webinars Oct. 18July September www.nspwebinars.com16 Kansas City, Mo. 17 Honolulu, Hawaii Coming Events 24 Birmingham, Ala. Sept. 7–10, 2011August Columbus, Ohio Leaders Success Summit6 Columbia, S.C. Denver, Colo. Hilton Bayfront Hotel San Diego, Calif.20 Atlanta, Ga. El Segundo, Calif. For complete details, go to www.naturessunshine.com. Call Customer Service at 1-800-223-8225 to register for a school or seminar. For information on seminars in Spanish, visit our website, or call 1-800-321-4652. Dates and locations are subject to change. July 2011, Sunshine Horizons 13
  16. 16. Nature’s Sunshine Products, Inc. Buy products and become a distributor of NSP P Box 1000 .O. USA: Spanish Fork, Utah 84660 http://www.naturessunshine.com/ CANADA: http://www.naturessunshine.ca/ Australia http://www.naturessunshine.com.au/ New Zealand: http://www.natsun.co.nz/ MALTA http://nspeuroplan.com/ Sponsors Country: Belarus; Sponsors Account Number: 1007815 Party NSP Style Join the fun! Earn some extra money! Share brilliant health! Brilliant Body parties are a hit! And they’re simple and fun. Buy a kit or borrow one from your upline manager, and you can party too! • se the presenter flipchart to share quick and U simple ways to better health. • ive away some prizes. G • hare why you like NSP products. S • ake a few orders. T • lan your next party. P That’s it! “We held our first Brilliant Body party on a Saturday. There were about a dozen people in attendance. My husband did the presentation, and three people decided to take the challenge and signed up for the JumpStart Program on AutoShip. “After everybody left, we sat at the host’s kitchen table and entered the orders online. We discovered that we earned $355 in two hours. Wow! We got paid for doing what we love—telling people how to improve their lives and health with NSP products— and it was so-o-o-o much fun.” —Gwen Jenkins, Ill.Start today! It’s a brilliant decision.Invest in a kit and see howbrilliant your business can be! Stock No. Product Direct Cost QV Points 16343-9 Brilliant Body Party Presenter Kit $174.95 0.00
  17. 17. February–April 2011 Ovations Rank Advancements New Divisional Managers “NSP has allowed us the opportunity to not only help others find optimal health, but to help them build their own NSP businesses. We have the flexibility to raise a family, to minister to others and to make some wonderful friends along the way! We thank God for bringing NSP and so many amazing downline managers into our lives!” Eric Christine Brinker, Pa. New Area Manager “Nature’s Sunshine has allowed me the freedom of health and happiness. I was introduced to the product while dealing with my own health issue. I used Skeletal Strength , Nutri-Calm and Food Enzymes ® ® to name a few. Through my healing, I developed a desire to want to help others. I now own Body Basics Herbs Yoga Studio and truly love what I do. Many blessings to the continued success of NSP and to the healing and happiness of others.” Rodney Elkins, TexasNew Area Manager New Area Manager “For several decades now, “Thank you, our family has been proud Nature’s to be associated with Sunshine, for the Nature’s Sunshine. Our opportunity to commitment to our clients’ bring health and needs and concerns is key to wellness to me, developing their confidence, my family, friends resulting in the expansion and those I serve of both our practice and as an herbalist that of our downline and natural health managers’ and members’.” professional.” Lori García, N.M. Carolyn R. Simpson, Kan.
  18. 18. .... . . . . . . ... . . . . . . . Managers of the Year Jay and Tracy Vanden Heuvel ............. J ay and Tracy Vanden Heuvel of Oneida, Wis., were named Managers of the Year at our National Convention in Cancun. Jay and Tracy joined Nature’s Sunshine in 1994, but their interest in natural health began long before that. In fact, when Jay’s dad was diagnosed with serious compromised immune-system issues in 1990 and given six months to live, Jay nursed him back to health with natural products, including Essiac tea that Jay made himself. When he found Nature’s Sunshine’s capsulized version and was satisfied with NSP’s unsurpassed quality, the Vanden Heuvels joined Nature’s Sunshine. One year later they became Managers. “We began by seeing people. Word spread that my father, who had been given a very limited life expectancy, was alive and healthy five years later. It grew from there,” says Jay. “We both ended up retiring from big corporate jobs to pursue our dreams of helping people one at a time and to work for ourselves. That has since grown into helping thousands,” says Tracy. “To date we have seen over 16,000 people and lectured to over 100,000. Our families laughed at us and thought we would surely starve! They are not laughing anymore. Our business has grown from individual counseling to international lecturing. We have seen places like Hawaii going on five times. All because NSP is in our life.”
  19. 19. The Vanden Heuvels built their business as of education doesn’t matter. Your background doesn’t practitioners and realized a lot of success with their matter,” explains Jay. “Passion is the most important by-appointment model. In 2008, they decided to factor to your success. Passion can’t be taught, but embrace network marketing. Today about 30 percent if you have it, there is no reason why you can’t be of their time is spent as practitioners, while the bulk of successful. You just have to care. If you care, you have their time is spent lecturing with NSP and mentoring. passion. And if you have passion, you’ll make it.” Tracy In the past three years, the Vanden Heuvels have echoes that sentiment, “If you have passion, becoming become passionate about mentoring. “I always tell brilliant in business, health and life will naturally people to be the manager you wish you had, and follow.” be the mentor that you want to mentor you. And I And to those with the passion, the Vanden tell those that I am mentoring that I want them to Heuvels have another piece of advice: never give be bigger and better than we are. Getting into this up. “Every single person will be challenged at some business is challenging. People need leadership and point. It’s tough to get to the point where you can mentoring,” explains Jay. “The key to success is being support yourself full-time. But be persistent and be duplicable,” says Tracy. “When we mentor, we teach courageous,” Jay counsels. “Failure is simply not an them everything we know so that they can duplicate, option,” says Tracy. “It is not always easy, but as a and beat, our success,” adds Jay. friend of mine says, ‘Success is the only option.’ Work To others, Jay and Tracy advise passion. “Your level for it.”... . . . . . . . . ................................ . . . . . “Jay and Tracy are as passionate about Nature’s Sunshine as they are about the Green Bay Packers. They are a case study in human kindness and hard work; the kind of people that you find yourself wanting to get to know. Congratulations, Jay and Tracy! Thank you for being part of the NSP Revolution!” —Mat Larsen, Marketing Product Manager “I first met Jay and Tracy at our Rising Star Convention in 2002. Jay stood out because of his fantastically bright Green Bay Packer outfit. Being a devout Green Bay Packer fan myself, it was obvious to me that Jay was my kind of a guy. He was cool, he was outstanding, and, of course, he was (and still is) a Rising Star. “Over the years, Jay and Tracy have demonstrated to me their outstanding qualities in terms of leadership, knowledge, education and the training of others, and, perhaps most importantly, an excellent caring attitude. Their managerial skills are exceptional. . . . “When I first learned of their award, I thought that it was so fitting and appropriate that Jay and Tracy, who are so deserving of this honor, were named Managers of the Year at the same time that the Packers won the Super Bowl. Rewards are earned through hard work and a resourceful, positive attitude. “CONGRATULATIONS, Jay and Tracy!” —Dr. Bill Keller, Vice President of Health Sciences and Educational Services “Jay and Tracy are great people who represent NSP well. I have known them for many years, and have talked with them through many different experiences life throws at us. They both impress me with their unique abilities to overcome obstacles, remain positive and focused on their future goals. Jay and Tracy Vanden Heuvel are deserving recipients of the NSP Manager of the Year award!” —Blake Christensen, Director of Marketing
  20. 20. Make Your Summer’s Nature’s Fresh Ahh summer. Long days full of pool parties, Kitchencamping trips, barbecues, vacations. Plus grass With the kids home, and backyard partiesstains, sand tracked through the house and and family reunions, summer eating can leadsmoky campfire-stained clothing. Make sure your to piles of dishes. Nature’s Fresh Dish Soap andsummer is Nature’s Fresh! Dishwasher Gel get dishes clean without any harmful phosphates.Laundry Nature’s Fresh Laundry Soap, Bamboo Dryer Surface CleanersSheets and Fabric Brightener help you stay on Nature’s Fresh Citrus Surface Cleanertop of summer laundry, ensuring clothes remain cleans up the sticky spills with ease. And Silverclean and bright. Our Laundry Soap is strong Shield Surface Wipes add the extra, sanitizingenough for the camping clothes or chlorinated protection of silver.swimsuits. Fabric Brightener helps with especiallytough stains and keeps your whites summer Enzyme Spraybright. Bamboo Dryer Sheets soften and leave While the summer breeze or the ocean sprayyour clothes smelling like a summer breeze. may smell good, campfire shirts and sweaty soccer uniforms don’t. Nature’s Fresh Enzyme Spray breaks down organic stains and odors. Good for the Planet Too Nature’s Fresh home cleaning products are formulated with all-natural, plant-derived, biodegradable ingredients that are safe for you, your family and our planet. Choose Nature’s Fresh over household products with harsh chemicals or unfriendly cleaning agents that can cause irritation or allergic reactions. Stock No. Product Direct Cost QV Points Sugg. Retail 1561-5 Nature’s Fresh Laundry Soap (50 fl. oz.) $10.95 6.00 $16.45 1564-8 Nature’s Fresh Bamboo Dryer Sheets (50) $5.95 3.00 $8.95 1563-2 Nature’s Fresh Fabric Brightener (3.2 lbs.) $14.95 5.00 $22.45 1567-7 Nature’s Fresh Dishwasher Gel (40 fl. oz.) $7.95 3.50 $11.95 1566-6 Nature’s Fresh Dish Soap (28 fl. oz.) $6.50 3.00 $9.75 1565-4 Nature’s Fresh Citrus Surface Cleaner (22 fl. oz.) $6.50 3.25 $9.75 1568-3 Nature’s Fresh Silver Shield Surface Wipes (30) $4.50 2.00 $6.75 1549-7 Nature’s Fresh Enzyme Spray (22 fl. oz.) $14.25 10.00 $21.40 ID: 1007815 Market: Belarus