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  1. 1. MANAGER EXTRA March 2010 Introducing: Co-Q10 50 mg Krill Oil
  2. 2. Introducing Co-Enzyme Q10 50 mg Softgels A s technology advances, we learn more about the human body and Co-Q10 material is often found in a crystalline state, which is less-absorbable Our Most Bioavailable Co-Q10 Yet! how it works. We also by the body. Some Ours is up to gather details about how manufacturers begin their eight times more supplements are utilized processes with a crystal- absorbable than the in the body. This type of free form of Co-Q10. advancement can lead to But after processing, the crystal version! innovative change and Co-Q10 re-crystallizes A double-blind newer, better products, inside their softgel human clinical like our new Co-Q10 50 capsule. To avoid this, trial showed that mg softgels. certain manufacturers Nature’s Sunshine’s Co-Q10 is a vitamin- use solvents in their Co-Q10 50 mg was like substance present in products. But these every cell in the body. solvents may interfere at least eight It is vital for cellular with absorption or cause times more readily energy, cardiovascular other issues. absorbed than health and longevity. Co-Q10 helps Nature’s Sunshine’s new formula competing products. reduce oxidative stress in all cells uses a patented lipid blend to keep Our 50 mg crystal- throughout the body and especially Co-Q10 from crystallizing and free liquid is contributes to the health of the heart, yields maximum bioavailability. kidneys, liver and pancreas. Usually Take 1 softgel with a meal daily for equivalent to 400 mg after age 30, the body’s production of circulatory support. of co-Q10 powder. Co-Q10 declines, which creates a need This product replaces Co-Q 10 75 Are you getting your for supplementation in some people. mg and Co-Q10 30 mg. money’s worth? N S P P r o d u c t u p d a t e NEW Sunshine Heroes Sample Packets! W e’ve made it easy for your customers (and their kids) to try our new Sunshine • very Sunshine Heroes product E contains the Protector Shield Blend of fruits, vegetables and powerful Heroes Multivitamin and Mineral antioxidants for added nutritional soft chews. Our new sample value and immune system support. pack contains two great-tasting • Introduce your customers Multivitamin and Mineral soft chews to the whole Sunshine that kids love to eat. Once they taste Heroes line it, they’ll be back to buy. of children’s • ach packet provides valuable E supplements by amounts of vitamins A, C, D3, giving them a free E, B6, B12, folic acid, biotin, sample packet. pantothenic acid and zinc. Stock No. Product Direct Cost QV Points Mem. to Mem. Sugg. Retail 4109-8 Co-Q10 50 mg (30 softgels) $22.95 22.95 $26.40 $34.45 3348-2 Sun. Heroes Sample Packs (30) $14.95 10.00 $17.20 $22.40
  3. 3. Krill Oil with Vitamin K2 and AstaxanthinHeart Help from the Antarctic Getting adequate levels of omega-3 fatty acids is one of the best things you can dofor your heart. Omega-3s, commonly found in cold water fish as well as some fruitsand vegetables, are vital to the health of the cell membrane and also contribute tocardiovascular, brain and structural system health. Nature’s Sunshine is pleased toannounce the addition of Krill Oil with Vitamin K2 and Astaxanthin to our line of heart-healthful products. Krill oil is a source of highly bioavailable omega-3 fatty acids extracted fromAntarctic krill (Euphausia superba) that contains phospholipids, which bind to theomega-3s allowing for better absorption. These phospholipids are an essentialcomponent of all cell membranes, keeping toxins out and letting more nutrients andoxygen in. Krill oil also contains natural astaxanthin,a powerful antioxidant, and NSP Krill Oil adds the Features and Benefits of Krill Oilcardiovascular benefits of vitamin K2. with Vitamin K2 and Astaxanthin: • ontains omega-3 fatty acids. C • aintains cardiovascular health. M • upports healthy brain function. S • rovides joint and skin support. P • s extracted from Antarctic krill. I What is Antarctic Krill? Krill represents the largest biomass on earth with an estimated 500 to 800 million tons of krill in the oceans. Krill are tiny crustaceans that are a critical food source for whales, penguins and other ocean animals. Antarctic krill are the most robust and sustainable source of krill. Because krill are such a vital species to the oceanic ecosystems, harvesting is highly regulated. Trawling is only allowed during the main season and only 1% of the allowable limit is actually harvested. These restrictions ensure that the krill population remains sustainable. Stock No. Product Direct Cost QV Points Mem. to Mem. Sugg. Retail 1516-3 Krill Oil w/Vitamin K2 and Astaxanthin (60 softgels) $39.95 39.95 $45.95 $59.95 March 2010, Manager Extra 1
  4. 4. Doing Our Part for the Environment and for Society Check out the Greener Side of NSP by Darlyn Britt From the beginning, NSP has dedicated its efforts to giving people the natural products and information they need to improve their physical and financial health. As part of our commitment to making the world a healthier, happier place, we strive to find ways to lessen our environmental impact and contribute to the health and well-being of those in great need! This article presents a few more reasons why you can be proud to be part of Nature’s Sunshine. —Greg Halliday, President, U.S. Division Nature’s Sunshine Products is proud to be both environmentally and socially conscious. We’d like to illustrate this with some examples. Packaging Bottles. All of our plastic bottles—including our polycarbonate water bottles and those used for supplements—are recyclable. Our glass bottles are made from 40% recycled glass. Shipping boxes. Our shipping boxes are composed of 30–40% post-consumer recycled material. All corrugated cardboard that doesn’t leave the plant (e.g. shipped to customers) is used for storage or recycled (375,000 lbs. yearly). Molded pulp cushions that protect glass bottles are made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper. Revamped Packaging. We recently changed the containers for Nutri-Burn® and SynerProTein® from hard plastic jars to gusseted plastic sacks. These bags protect the product inside and use less of the earth’s resources. They also take less fuel to ship because they are lighter and take up less pallet space. These new bags also feature2 Manager Extra, March 2010
  5. 5. water-based inks. Some companies in the industry use solvents to manufacture this type of bag.Solvents can impact the earth when emitted after use. NSP contracts with manufacturers that do notuse solvents. Stuffer paper. We stuff our order boxes with paper that is 50% post-consumer recycled material.Products NSP Sunshine Concentrate all-purpose cleaner contains a biodegradable surfactant. That meansthat the product does not contain ingredients that can accumulate in the environment (like phosphate-containing soaps).ManufacturingOur state-of-the-art manufacturing facility boasts: • nergy-efficient lighting that is controlled by motion sensors and turns off when not in use E • kylights in the warehouse areas that provide natural light during the day S • ffective insulation (to help control heating and cooling costs) E • white, reflective roof membrane (to keep cooling costs down in the warmer months) A • imer-controlled heating and cooling that keeps buildings from being heated or cooled when not T in useWaterNature’s Sunshine conserves water in various ways: • ur Liquid Line rinsing equipment only sprays when bottles are present to avoid wasting water. O • e use motion-activated hand-washing facilities. W • e have timers on our outdoor watering system and lock our outdoor spigots. WOther • e reuse wooden pallets hundreds of times. W • ur storage barrels are cleaned, sanitized and reused several times before they are retired. O • e recycle gear oil and hydraulic oil used in warehouse forklifts. W • SP participates in the Shred-it program, where waste paper is shredded on-site and then N recycled. Each year, the company saves approximately 244 trees using this program. • SP offers paperless paychecks (direct deposit and online statements) to employees and N managers. • e recycle aluminum cans in both the Provo and Spanish Fork lunchrooms. W • e will soon offer fully biodegradable plastic customer bags that degrade in less than five years. WWe Are Socially Conscious Too As a company, and often with the combined support of NSP managers, Nature’s Sunshine hasprovided financial or other aid for: • ictims of Hurricane Mitch in Honduras and Nicaragua, October 1998 V • merican Red Cross after Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on U.S. (NSP matched employee donations A 100%.) • ndonesian/Thailand tsunami disaster relief (December 2004) I • elief for victims of Hurricane Katrina, which struck Aug. 26, 2005. (Donations were accepted R and matched at our National Convention in Salt Lake City just days after the hurricane hit.) • ictims of other natural disasters including the recent earthquake in Haiti V Nature’s Sunshine also oversees and supports the Health Freedom Fund—a lobbying group thatacts as a watchdog for natural health issues on both federal and state levels. At certain times of theyear, the company matches manager contributions/increases. We are partners with the Little Heroes Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated tosupporting children throughout the world. With NSP’s help, Little Heroes has built school houses inMali, refurbished and re-supplied hospitals in Russia, provided Silver Shield to clinics in Ghana andMali, and more. A portion of every purchase of Sunshine Heroes children’s supplements supports thisterrific organization. Nature’s Sunshine holds semi-annual blood drives at our Home Office in Spanish Fork and Provo. NSP is constantly working to positively impact our environment and to make a difference inpeople’s lives throughout the world. March 2010, Manager Extra 3
  6. 6. Stop Breathing the GunkImprove Your Indoor Air Quality NOW with the Boomerang Now with fan motor! a nearly silent n quiet-operatio You’ll love the Boomerang. Spring is a great time to get excited about the NSP Boomerang Air Surface Sanitizer. Before the pollen and dander really start to fly, get a Boomerang, and start sanitizing your home and office air! The patented Boomerang uses special nano-sized metals, including silver, that react with photons from ultraviolet light to create millions of negative ions. Positively charged particles in the air (bacteria, viruses, pollen, dust) are drawn to negative ions. Neutralized particles fall to the floor to be vacuumed up. And, negative ions neutralize airborne organisms on a cellular level so they cannot reproduce. The Boomerang Air Surface Sanitizer: • ills airborne microbes and neutralizes pollen K and particulates • akes the air you breathe cleaner and less M harmful • elps neutralize indoor odors of all types—pets, H smoke, ammonia, etc. • s lightweight and energy-efficient (draws 14 I watts of electricity) • eatures 25 percent quieter output F • s safe for pets, even exotic birds I • eets new California guidelines for ozone M emission (less than .05 ppm) • s made with pride in the U.S. I • equires no maintenance for up to three years R • s only available from Nature’s Sunshine I Simple Operation Place your Boomerang on a flat surface like a shelf or on top of your fridge, plug it in and forget about it! It works non-stop to sanitize and deodorize up to 2,000 square feet of open living space.4 Manager Extra, March 2010
  7. 7. Here’s what customers say BACKED BY SCIENCE! about the NSP Boomerang. Researchers at West Texas AM University found that Silver+ PCO technology “While attending National Convention in Las purifies the air and sanitizes surfaces. Vegas, I ordered both the Boomerang and the Air They measured tremendous reductions in Quality Test Kit. When the kit arrived, I went right methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus to work in my master bedroom. The ‘before’ petri (MRSA) on surfaces after using BoomerangBefore dish is quite disgusting-looking and disturbing. Three days after running the Boomerang constantly, technology. The study also measured a 75% I tested again. WOW, what a difference!! I felt it was reduction in fungus/mold, bacteria, viruses safe to take a deep breath in my master bedroom! and aeroallergens (pollen) after just eight “Thank you for the development of the hours of use! Boomerang, and thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my story!”After Mignonne R. Sharing the good news of cleaner air is rewarding! “We conducted an air quality test at a company When your group members purchase a that offers water exercise and therapeutic massage for injured dogs. The high humidity in their Boomerang, you get a bonus (if NSP business is a great environment for mold. We tested you are a Manager and have has alre ady already purchased your own paid ove the air before we started, then we ran the Boomerang r $100,0 00 unit)! You become eligible in specia for two days and tested again. Our customer was l bonuses convinced, and we sold a Boomerang unit to them.” to participate by purchasing ! Nick S. a Boomerang Air Sanitizer and by holding Manager status. NSP will track how “We decided to test the air quality at a house many Boomerangs you purchase and how many we are remodeling. We saw a definite reduction in the amount of bacteria growing after we ran the are purchased by Members of your group. EarnBefore Boomerang.” Boomerang Bonuses* for every unit you or your Angelica P., Cedar Grove, Wis. group Members purchase according to this chart. For complete rules and regulations, visit our “Using the Boomerang has kept my home website. smelling clean and seems to have reduced the dust in my home. We live near a limestone driveway that No. of Boomerang QV per can produce a lot of dust.” Units Bonus per Unit Unit Kristine D., ND, CNHP 1 $0 250After 2-9 $50/unit 250 “I had been having air quality concerns for a long 250 10-19 $75/unit time. My husband and I purchased a Boomerang Air 20+ $100/unit 250 Sanitizer from NSP. Within one hour, I could hardly believe the difference. I am grateful to Nature’s *Bonuses are in addition to normal rebates and commissions. Sunshine and to my upline manager Jay for this.” Joanne L., Neenah, Wis. Stock Direct QV Mem. to Sugg. Product No. Cost Points Mem. Retail 7030-5 Boomerang Air Sanitizer $495.00 250.00 $569.25 $649.95 5287-0 Boomerang Air Quality Test Kit* $19.95 0.00 $22.95 $29.95 5286-4 Boomerang brochure (10) $2.50 0.00 $2.90 0.00 *Test kit contains Indoor Air Quality booklet, Petri dishes (10) and materials for up to five tests. March 2010, Manager Extra 5
  8. 8. Celebrate Education Week with High 5’s from NSP!5 April 19-26, 2010 New exciting products! ? Trips for two to Cancun! Fantastic Webinars! Awesome speakers! Products for just $5! High Five #1: uring Education Week, we’ll introduce D 5 new products! Join us to get all of the details! High Five #2: e’ll give away 5 trips for two to our W 2011 Convention in Cancun, Mexico! High Five #3: atch 5 great Webinars at your W convenience all week long! High Five #4: Learn about exciting natural health topics from 5 fabulous speakers! High Five #5: ake advantage of 5 great products for T $5 each! Plus enjoy other benefits and giveaways. Don’t miss out! Tune in starting April 19th at Watch anytime, all week long at your convenience! We’ll see you there!
  9. 9. The Ultimate in Clean EnergyEnergize your body with the immune-supporting health benefits of one ofour most popular products, LiquidChlorophyll!
  10. 10. October 2009 Ovations Rank AdvancementsNew Sr. Divisional Managers New Regional Managers “Achieving Regional Manager has been an exciting and fulfilling journey. Not only have we had the opportunity to travel all over the world, but we have been able to help others and enhance many lives along the way using high- quality products and the awesome business-building program. NSP is truly an amazing company, and we are fortunate be a part of it.” Jennifer Stephen Hochell Pressimone, Fla. Debra Carl Schmidt, Ala. November 2009 Ovations Rank AdvancementsNew Divisional Managers New Area Manager “Nature’s Sunshine “I am extremely grateful to have been has enabled us to fulfill introduced to Nature’s Sunshine by a naturopath our dream of owning 10 years ago. It has changed the health of our a family business and three sons, especially considering I had been ministering to others. given a grim prognosis by the medical world for Helping people with one son. They are all healthy and well now, and I health and wealth praise God for leading me to the answers found in through NSP has nature. NSP has given me the incentive to become been fun, exciting and an herbalist and iridologist and the financial rewarding. Thank you!” freedom to do what I love. I spend five days a week consulting others on the same path now.” Paul Sharon Tsui, Texas Aimee Long, Pa. New Area Manager “My journey began with NSP in 2005 with health challenges.New Divisional Managers I have Crohn’s Disease and suffered for many years until I was introduced to a Certified Natural Health Professional who represented Nature’s Sunshine. I started taking the products and Judith Ralph Sutley, N.J. my life changed. Friends started asking me what I was doing, and that’s how my business started. Then people kept sending others my way, so I decided to become an herbalist. “Two years ago, I purchased my first business cards and nowNew Area Manager I am so blessed with an at-home business. I can be as involved as I want with my family life and help others at the same time. How incredible is that!!! Thanks, NSP, for helping so many people Eileen Kampfe, Fla. and making the best products available.” Luann Doyle, Texas 8 Manager Extra, March 2010
  11. 11. Ann o u n c e m e n t sPrice Increase Takes Effect April 1. Buy Now and Save! Lucas—and get a great herbal education! It is Nature’s Sunshine’s goal to provide you with the Popular NSP event speakers Dr. Hugo Rodier, Stevenfinest health supplements at the best possible prices. Horne and Judith Cobb will join us for this “educationalWe have recently completed negotiations with our raw fiesta.” We’ll also enjoy a Road to National Workshop:material suppliers and other vendors. Our purchasing Successfully Using the 3 Vital Behaviors to Grow Yourdepartment has done an exceptional job. We are pleased NSP announce that our 2010 overall price increase is The fun happens June 6–13, 2010, departing from Losslightly less than 1 percent—our lowest increase in Angeles (Long Beach), Calif. Cabins start at $610 (inside,several years! includes port taxes and fees). Registration takes place More than half of our products, including 59 of the top online March 1–19! Space is limited. First-come, first-100 sellers, will not see any price increase. Some specific served. For complete details, visit our website.product lines, along with some specialty products, haveexperienced a larger increase. These include Paw Paw Cancún Qualifications Are Well UnderwayCell-Reg™, our Chinese herb product line, homeopathic The qualification period for our Cancun Convention inremedies, Ayurvedic formulas and most of the Natria® March 2011 began Jan. 1, 2010 and runs through Oct. 31,products. 2010. Share your sunshine today so you can join us in The updated Master Price List in this issue reflects Cancun one year from now!the new pricing that begins April 1, 2010. You can savemoney by purchasing extra quantities of your favorites Clarification: Cancún Qualificationand top-sellers before March 31. The February Manager Extra (page 13) listed qualifications for our National Convention in CancunSunshine Friends Weight-Loss Contest Reminder in 2011. Please note that there is no “Convention for 1 Don’t forget to sign up with your friends for our 2010 method” for National Managers. Nationals may onlyweight-loss contest. Get a free T-shirt, discounts on qualify for two.NSP weight-loss products and online support/tips whenyou sign up before May 2. Follow Sunshine Friends onFacebook!Join us for a Summertime Cruise! Join Nature’s Sunshine on the Herbal ExplorationCruise this June aboard the Carnival Cruise Lines’Splendor. Visit Baja Mexico’s sunny and fun-filledports—Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan and Cabo SanE v e n t s C a l e n d a r2010 Natural Health and Education Seminars Product Training Coming Events Join us for our all-new Natural Health and Education Seminars for FREE NSPWebinars March 26–27, 20102010, featuring four brand-new modules. These include The Brilliant Join the Product Focus Herb ConferenceBody (two systems), If Only I Had More Energy: the Adrenal–Thyroid Webinar. Tune in live at 11:00 Springfield, OhioConnection and Parasites: The Uninvited Guests. Are you an a.m. on Monday, or watch the Speakers: Dr. Rallie McAllisterunknowing host? Webinar at your convenience and Frank Miesse through Friday of the same Contact: Bonnie DantzerMarch April May week. Register at www. 1-937-325-21736 Austin, Texas 10 nn Arbor, Mich. 1 A Boise, Idaho Listen by March 27 Clermont, Fla. Oklahoma City, Greensburg, Pa. phone: Dial 1-712-432-0453, Herb Conference Oak Lawn, Ill. Okla. Joplin, Mo. PIN#8626 (not a toll-free call). Bakersfield, Calif.13 ugusta, Ga. A Phoenix, Ariz. 15 ansas City, Mo. K March 8 Urinary System Speakers: Dr. Gordon Bluffton, Ind. 17 lbuquerque, N.M. A Rochester, N.Y. May 10 Respiratory System Pedersen, Dr. Jeff Bennert Omaha, Neb. Baton Rouge, La. San Ramon, Calif. Contact: NSP Customer Parsippany, N.J. Myerstown, Pa. Wilmington, N.C. Business Webinar Service 1-800-223-822520 orydon, Ind. C Tulsa, Okla. April 12 Effective Home April 19–26 Portland, Ore. 24 reen Bay, Wis. G Meetings Education Week Tyler, Texas Leominster, Mass. May 18–21 Yuma, Ariz. Rising Star27 anton, Ohio C Provo, Utah Richmond, Va. For complete details, go to Call Customer Service at 1-800-223-8225 to register for a school or seminar. For information on seminars in Spanish, visit our website, or call 1-800-321-4652. Dates and locations are subject to change. March 2010, Manager Extra 9
  12. 12. Buy products and become a distributor of NSP Nature’s Sunshine Products, Inc. USA: P.O. Box 1000 Spanish Fork, Utah 84660 CANADA: Australia New Zealand: MALTA Sponsors Country: Belarus; Sponsors Account Number: 1007815NSP Manager Extra, March 2010, is published by Nature’s Sunshine Products, Inc., 75 East 1700 South, Provo, Utah 84606. Copyright 2010. Printed in the USA. All rights reserved.At the What is more important than the heart? Providing oxygen and nutrients to your entire body, eliminating waste and toxins, the fist-sized heart is the hardest-working organ in the body,Heart supported by a network of nearly 60,000 miles of blood vessels. Let’s keep it healthy. Mega-Chel® of It This blend of 12 vitamins, 11 minerals, herbs and other nutrients supports the entire system—arteries, veins, capillaries—and the systems they nourish. All Krill Oil NEW! NSP Krill Oil contains heart-healthful omega-3s from Antarctic krill oil, plus the antioxidant astaxanthin and vitamin K2. Super Omega-3 EPA Super Omega-3 EPA is a source of EPA and DHA, which may help in the battle against coronary heart disease. Co-Q10 50 mg NEW! NSP’s patented lipid blend of Co-Q10 prevents crystallization and enhances absorption of this critical nutrient that contributes to heart health and vitality. Red Yeast Rice Red Yeast Rice naturally supports your body’s ability to maintain cholesterol levels already in the normal range. Stock Product Direct QV Member to Sugg. No. Cost Points Member Retail 1611-1 Mega-Chel (180 tablets) $29.95 25.50 $34.45 $44.95 4050-6 Mega-Chel (90 tablets) $16.25 13.25 $18.70 $24.40 1516-3 Krill Oil w/Vitamin K2 and Astaxanthin (60) $39.95 39.95 $45.95 $59.90 1515-7 Super Omega-3 EPA (60 softgel capsules) $21.95 21.95 $25.25 $32.95 4109-8 Co-Q10 50 mg (30 softgels) $22.95 22.95 $26.40 $34.40 558-3 Red Yeast Rice (120 capsules) $20.10 20.10 $23.15 $30.15