Evaluation phase 1


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Evaluation phase 1

  1. 1. Purpose Our aim is to keep in track of our evaluation questions, we will be constantly answering and addinganswers to the questions through out the whole process. Alexa Ranussi Dafne Caldatto Rafaella Batista
  2. 2. Question 1 In what ways does yourmedia product use, develop and challenge forms and conventions of real media product? a) How do real media products (real TV documentaries) use/develop/challenge forms
  3. 3. FORM Use/Develop/Challen Description & Example from real TV ge Purpose documentary Develop – This shot It gives us some Transgenders:1. Framing is developing the form information about the Pakistan’s Open Secret of framing in people that are in the documentaries by frame but not a lot. having three people in The effect is that the one framing. producers might be rushing to give us a lot of information.2. Transition Use – In the It gives us the idea of My Big Fat Gypsy documentary they watching something Wedding only use in fast pace as if we transitions, as it were present at the seems normal, it gives place, and it also us the idea of creates a realism watching a normal towards the footage where there documentary as it is isn’t a lot of transitions real footage. with just cuts
  4. 4. FORM Use/Develop/Challen Description & Example from real TV ge Purpose documentary3. Titles Challenge – Here is It challenges it My Big Fat Gypsy an example of a titles because we normally Wedding where it challenges see simple titles and the form that not a lot of animation documentaries usually as it tries to be use to show their realistic with less topic. edited footage4. Music Developing – it It makes us Gay to Z develops the usual understand that it form of documentaries targets young people as it targets a younger as the music is very audience. Normally upbeat and makes us documentaries have a want to watch the rest serious beat in order of the documentary. to make the documentary serious
  5. 5. FORM Use/Develop/Challen Description & Example from real TV ge Purpose documentary5. Special Challenge – in the Here they use My Big Fat GypsyEffect captions and titles it animation to show Wedding challenges the normal the titles but it links form in TV very nicely to the documentaries over all topic which is because it uses wedding and it animation and it is not confirms to the so common that audience that the documentary will be talking about.6. Transition Challenge – the The transitions create Gay to Z transitions challenge a really fast pace but the form of it syncs with the documentaries music very nicely, it because it has a fast really helps the pace and it creates a audience understand upbeat aspect to the that it is targeting documentary as it is younger people. targeting young people
  6. 6. FORM Use/Develop/Challen Description & Example from real TV ge Purpose documentary7. Captions Develop – they are The captions are Gay to Z developing the very nicely done captions because because it is not normally it would be actually on the very simple and plain, bottom of the screen but in this documentary and it relates very they are developing nicely to the over all maybe because of topic as it has a their target audience young face. but it has a great impact
  7. 7. Question 1 In what ways does yourmedia product use, develop and challenge forms and conventions of real media product? b) How do real media products (real TV documentaries) use/develop/challenge conventions
  8. 8. Conventions Use/Develop/Challe Description & Example from real TV nge Purpose documentary1. Presenter Challenge – the The documentary Gay to Z documentary uses voice over to challenges the usual talk about the topic convention as it has but there is not a no presenter, there is clear evidence of a only voice over but no presenter. The presenter voice over is telling us about the couple. Kill it, cut it, use it Use – The The documentary documentary only follows the normal uses the convention conventions such of a presenter, it has as having a one presenter and it presenter to talk has like a case study through the documentary. The presenter follows a case study with
  9. 9. Conventions Use/Develop/Challen Description & Example from real TV ge Purpose documentary David Cameron Speech2. PastFootage Use – this The purpose was to documentary only create and impact uses the past footage on the viewers. This convention which was was also done in only used because order to show the they didn’t have a lot public that they of past footage, they knew what they have focused on were talking about. actual footage3. Voice over Use – This The scene goes My Crazy Media Life – documentary uses along with what she Telling the World I’m HIV voice over to tell is saying, it relates things but syncing to the storyline as with the image. It uses she is saying the voice over something about normally and does not herself and the
  10. 10. Conventions Use/Develop/Challen Description & Example from real TV ge Purpose documentary Use – there is not a My Crazy Media Life – Telling development in this Here she is telling us the World I’m HIV4. Real documentary as most of the about her experience,Footage images/footage are real and she is talking directly footage and we can see that to the camera but in is real because it follows a another shot. life of a young girl5. Interview Develop – the documentary The documentary has Homophobia develops this convention varies interviews which because it has a lot of allows the public to interviews which creates an understand different effect to the audience situations. This clip for because they have different example talks to a Gay opinions boy which allow us to understand his own struggle6. Handheld Use – they have used this This scene shows how Homophobia convention wisely to show people can be aggressiveCamera the aggression towards the towards the LGBT LGBT community community. This indicates that the handheld camera was only used and was used wisely
  11. 11. Question 1 In what ways does yourmedia product use, develop and challenge forms and conventions of real media product? c) How does your TV documentary use/develop/challenge forms
  12. 12. FORM Use/Develop/Challeng Description & Purpose Example from e real TV documentary1. Framing Use – we will only use By using framing form we this form because we will be following do not want to make the documentaries form and audience confused, it will make it clear to the also it can relate audience, also we do not appropriately to the need to develop or overall documentary. challenge this form to meet our target audience.2. Transition Develop – we will Even though we want to develop the form of develop the form of transitions as we want transitions we do not to meet our target want to use it without audience and also we being necessary, we only want to make upbeat want to make it upbeat with different types of transitions3. Titles Develop – Usually in a To make it appropriate to documentary, titles and our target audience, we captions are very formal want to use animations, and realistic, but we to show connotations of want to develop it to our topic. make it appropriate to
  13. 13. FORM Use/Develop/Chall Description & Example from real TV enge Purpose documentary4. Editing Develop – We will In order to make it try to develop our appropriate to our editing by using audience, and our different types of target audience. The editing than the editing has to be conventional. ‘invisible’ so that the audience doesn’t get confused.5. Music Develop – We’ll Limited amount of consider using very copyright music, from upbeat music, Lady Gaga for which is different example, to support from the the idea of our topic conventional, and also it is very because as a appropriate to our documentary is target audience very realistic, we’ll try to use unrealistic upbeats.
  14. 14. FORM Use/Develop/Challen Description & Example from real TV ge Purpose documentary6. Special Use – Special effects We do not want toEffect are very hard to develop this form as challenge, and also a it is very difficult to documentary must be show special effects realistic, without many in documentaries, artificial aspects however we will try to use different platforms to create special effects to show statistics.7. Captions Develop – we want to This meaning that show the name of the we want to show the interview in a different captions at the way to suit our target background, maybe audience with rainbows because we want to link to our overall topic.
  15. 15. Question 1 In what ways does yourmedia product use, develop and challenge forms and conventions of real media product? d) How does your TV documentary use/develop/challenge conventions
  16. 16. Convention Use/Develop/Chall Description & Purpose Example from enge real TV documentary We will only use We will use the1. Presenter the presenter convention as the convention as we presenter will show a lot will have one of information and will be presenter through there to understand out the series. about the topic as well. We will only use This convention we will2. Past Footage the convention of use in order to show past footage, in history facts such as the order to show facts laws and how it has and the history of changed. It will help us documentaries. It to gain information and will help us as we to inform the audience have to back up about the main topic. our information We will develop the This will be used so that3. Voiceover voiceover we can sync the images convention, as we that we show. We want will be using it a lot to show a lot of images in order to explain and different shots but our images we need to explain
  17. 17. Convention Use/Develop/Challenge Description & Purpose Example from real TV documentary Develop – We want to We want to show a lot of4. Real develop this convention real footage as we will befootage because we want to learning from interviews show real footage to and also as our presenter show our own research will be living a experience and our own learning from LGBT community, by researching and finding out about Challenge – because we We will interview varies5. Interview will use a lot of people that understand interviews so that we about LGBT, such as can understand more the Stonewall and LGBT topic and also to inform Community the audience even further about LGBT6. Expert Challenge – We will We want to challenge this challenge this convention because we convention by having 3 want to show that we or more expert opinions understand about the topic because we want to and one way to do that is promote debate and by having some experts
  18. 18. Question 3 What have you learned from your audience feedback?
  19. 19. • The overall topic of our documentary is How is LGBT perceived by society? • Each episode would be about Ignorance, Tolerance and Acceptance of LGBT • The purpose of our documentary is to inform people about LGBT and to promote the tolerance/acceptance in our society, but also to discover whether we tolerate or accept LGBT.WHO IS YOUR TARGET HOW DID YOU DECIDE ON CHOOSING AAUDIENCE TARGET AUDIENCE?Our target audience is young We did a lot of research on target audience, suchpeople (age 15 – 30). We want to as questionnaires, interviews and case studies.target these age range as they We found out that our main target audience wouldshow more interest about this topic. be young people because they showed a lot ofAge: 15-30 interest into our topic. Elderly people were not soEthnicity : All engaged with the topic, therefore our aim is to promote LGBT Community through all ages, but mainly attract more young people.
  20. 20. • Our target audience would want to watch our documentary because of the different platforms that we’ll use, upbeats music and entertaining forms.LIST OF FORMS WHY WOULD YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE BE ATTRACTED TOUSED YOUR DOCUMENTARY THROUGH THE FORMS?Titles We tried to develop the conventional forms, because we wantedFraming to attract young people, and the usual forms that we see inTransitions documentaries are very formal. Therefore, by using animationsEditing and different technology platforms, we hope to engage our targetMusic audience.CaptionsSpecial EffectsLIST OF WHY WOULD YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE BE ATTRACTEDCONVENTIONS TO YOUR DOCUMENTARY THROUGH THE CONVENTIONS?USEDPresenter For our conventions, we want to stick with the conventional styleVoice-over to also emphasise that the topic is very serious and we want toPast Footage promote tolerance and acceptance, and to promote debate. OurReal Footage purpose is to inform young people, therefore our documentaryInterviews needs to have a serious side as well.
  21. 21. VideoPHASE HOW DID YOU WHAT DID YOU HOW DID YOU QUESTION THEM? LEARN CONSIDER & APPLY THEIR FEEDBACK? One of the ways that we We have learned that We have done charts and questioned people was with a giving options to people is graphs to log their answersR &P: chart filling which allowed themuch easier to which allowed us to go backBrainstormi public just to fill in the understand their thoughts and forth from their opinions.ng answers. where as when they don’t have options they won’t have a precise answer. We did simple videos where We have learned that We edited the video and we we asked them questions and collecting footage from got a conclusion at the end,R &P: we asked for ideas to which interviews gave us a which helped us to changeResearch we would include in our different idea towards the our mind towards the overall documentary actual documentary topic of the documentary We have used different We have learned that we We applied our feedback in platforms such as PowerPoint have to plan things on different ways in order toR &P: and Prezi, but one of the best media platforms such as consider what the public said.Planning ways that we had was to have different brainstorming notes and to put and mind maps.
  22. 22. AncillariesPHASE HOW DID YOU WHAT DID YOU HOW DID YOU QUESTION LEARN CONSIDER & APPLY THEM? THEIR FEEDBACK? We have used different We have learned that in With the feedback that weR &P: media platforms such order to brainstorm the received we did graphs and as PowerPoint and feedback that we receive charts to keep a log ofBrainstormi most of our we have to put on paper first everythingng brainstorming was and then put on a media done in paper and then platform scanned to the computer Most of our research Because we have kept We have considered all our was done in a media everything in one place it was research as a bank of help,R &P: good because we could save platform. Such as because we wouldResearch internet, and prezi. and go back over it whenever constantly go back over it we wanted to. whenever we felt that we didn’t know something All our question was We have learned that we Whenever we got aR &P: done on paper, our plan work better on paper and feedback we would write was done on paper and then we could just make it into our blogs, and justPlanning then scanned to the look nicer on the computer keep a record (log) of computer. otherwise we would loose everything.
  23. 23. Question 4 How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
  24. 24. VideoPHASE MEDIA DETAILS OF TECHNOLOGY SKILLS TECHNOLO & ACQUIRED GY USED HOW IT WAS USED (gained) We have used We have brainstormed every We have learned toR &P: PowerPoint idea in different media platforms keep in track of ourBrainstorming Presentation, so that it is easier for us to ideas and to keep(video) Prezi access and to modify ideas. it organised. Organisation was one of the skills that we have gained. We have We have researched in a lot of We haveR &P: Research used Google, information on the internet, we understood our(video) Wikipedia, have also found a lot of topic, and we have BlogSpot, information in books. also learned to find YouTube information easier on internet. We have used We have learned to keep Organisation,R &P: Planning PowerPoint, organised our ideas, we used which allowed us(video) Prezi. everyday and we could save to keep a log of every detail every plan that we
  25. 25. Ancillari esPHASE MEDIA TECHNOLO GY USED DETAILS OF TECHNOLOGY & HOW IT WAS USED SKILLS ACQUIRED (gained) PowerPoint, It allowed us to keep our ideas We learned to beR &P: Prezi and together, and it helped us to organised and toBrainstorming Photoshop have easy access whenever it keep a log of(ancillaries) was necessary everything. Google, We searched for information We have learnedR &P: Research Online via internet and we have to look for(ancillaries) Magazines looked for different different perspectives towards LGBT. information on different sites. PowerPoint, We have used different We have learnedR &P: Planning Prezi, technologies platforms to plan to explore(ancillaries) Photoshop our ancillaries, Photoshop was different platforms and InDesign the most useful as we can to plan our ideas, and it allows us to