Assignment 9 group presentation 1st Draft


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This is our first draft of our Group Presentation

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Assignment 9 group presentation 1st Draft

  1. 1. The purpose of this presentation is that it is meant to be a plan of our 5 minute documentary, including primary researches and our different ideas.
  2. 2.  Idolatry Religion Role of women WWW EBI• Good research on all topics that • Had more research for Idolatry was the chosen topic and well devided episodes• Good knowlegde about religion • Organized the whole documentary for all ideas• Good images to all topics • Had embed video for idolatry • More research on Role of women • Knew more about religion (secularism)
  3. 3. How has technology influenced the habit of Development of the book reading? Unhealthy diet What influences us in having an unhealthy diet? Bullying Different types of bullying and its effects WWW EBI • Development of the book: • Development of the book: Promotes debate Consider problems to gain Good background research information about topic • Unhealthy Diet: • Unhealthy Diet: Good structure of episodes Too basic or not developed enough Promotes debate Needed more research to make it more interesting • Bullying: • Bullying: Good range of examples of bullying Basic topic, needed to develop to make it more interesting
  4. 4. Teenage relationships Relationships Homosexuality Nature vs Nurture Drugs Different types of drugs 6th Form Life Style Should we go to College or 6th form ? WWW EBI • Good research on the topics • Sub topics are weak • Considered 4 ideas • Some ideas were to vague • Used videos to explaix each topic • Considered Codes + Conventions
  5. 5. We decided to take homosexuality further because.. It is a topic that creates debate, and explores different opinions from a wide range of audience. Homosexuality is a current topic explored by our 21th century society, which is recently becoming more accepted than it was in the past. Development of idea from its initial state.. The initial episodes topics were very weak, so we decided to change the structure of the whole series.1. Nature vs. Nurture2. How is homosexuality perceived by religion3. How homosexuality has changed over time
  6. 6. Twins Stir Sexuality Debate Google Baby August 28, 2006 6:09 AM Globalisation and internet are making easier to have a baby. What really interested us was having two innocent This Documentary came up Tue children with the 31 May 2011 on Channel 4 same DNA having totally different sexuality choice. Homosexual people buy their babies through internet.;lst;1
  7. 7. This makes it very clearto the audience thatthere might be scenes The documentary analyses how thethat are strong and public nowadays are obsessed withpeople might not want to beauty and they are getting a lot ofwatch the documentary surgeries in order to always look young The documentary is once again very informative but at the same time it’s arguing that people do surgeries to look beautiful but it’s not necessary
  8. 8. Takes him from Birmingham to the West Bank, Location due tofrom Jerusalem to Turkey, and from Rome to religion most of it, it isBible Belt America. based in Jerusalem The documentary starts with voiceover, but there is a presenter introducing the theme of the documentary The documentary discusses that now we dont have so many problems with politics, ho-wrote-bible/ most of the problems come from the virtue of religion It analyses the principals of the word of God (bible)
  9. 9. The current debate is whether or not homosexuality is a result ofnature: a persons environment and surroundings, or of his biologyand genetics. The debate endures because both sides have theability to create a scientific environment to support their cause.Charles Darwin "...we do not even in the least know the finalcause of sexuality. The whole subject is hidden in darkness." Gender identity It was thought that a typical female-bodied person who is attracted to female-bodied persons would have masculine attributes, and vice versa. This understanding was shared by most of the significant theorists of homosexuality from the mid-19th century to early 20th century. However, this understanding of homosexuality as sexual inversion was disputed at the time, and through the second half of the 20th century, gender identity came to be increasingly seen as a phenomenon distinct from sexual orientation.
  10. 10. o The National Association for Research and Therapy ofHomosexuality (NARTH) states, “Many laymen now believethat homosexuality is part of who a person really is from themoment of conception.” The article continues asserting, “Thereis no evidence that shows that homosexuality is simply“genetic.” And none of the research claims there is. 1. What would a Christian’s response to these new findings be it they were at all possible? If such a gene like a homosexual gene was ever found, it would only deepen our understanding of how sin can affect the human body.
  11. 11. o This is a number of people from different countries, that has different attitudes whether homosexuality is justifiable or if it can be explained. It is concluded that attitudes toward homosexuality has become steadily more tolerant since the 1990s.
  12. 12. o This graph tells us what people from different ages think about homosexuality, whether it is Nature or Nurture. There is a greater percentage of teens that would accept homosexuality than middle- aged adults, and the same with middle-aged adults and the elderly.
  13. 13. - The map shows the difference between some cultures and countries towards homosexuality- It show how in some places homosexuality is still illegal
  14. 14. In different eras,cultures, and religions,homosexual behaviourhas been variouslyapproved, tolerated,punished, or banned.In most of Africa, Asia, and LatinAmerica, both the subject and thebehaviour are considered taboo,with some slight exception made inurban areas. Jewish, Christian, Sikh and Muslim cultures have generally perceived homosexual behaviour as sinful
  15. 15. Christianity and HomosexualityVirtually all Christians confirm the importance “If a man lies with a man as one liesof accepting and welcoming homosexuals into with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They musttheir communities and protecting their civil be put to death; their blood will be onrights, some Christians condemn homosexual their own heads.” (Leviticus 20:13)acts as sinful while others regard it as anatural, acceptable alternative.Judaism and HomosexualityThe historically prevalent view among Jews Like Christians theywas to regard homosexual intercourse as believe in the principal ofsinful, arguing that it was forbidden by the Leviticus, which does notTorah. However, this has been a subject of accept the act (sex) in acontention between various Jewish groups and homosexual relationship.has led to both debate and division amongmodern Jews.
  16. 16. Convention Use Develop ChallengePresenter We will develop this convention by using two presenters.Voice over We will use the voiceover “ Voice of God” to help the audience understand the statisticsReal footage We will only use this convention because we want our documentary to crate a sense of realism.Past footage We will use this conventionHistory of because it crates a debate,something because homosexuality wasnt accepted in the past.We preferred not to challenge the conventions, because we want to follows each of them to create more debate and a sense of realism.
  17. 17. LogoIntroduction Introduction of our • Statistics, how does Introducing chosen topic science explain the next• Taste of the whole Starting off with a homosexuality? episode. documentary question: What religion - Scenes of our Is homosexuality • What normal people says aboutdocumentary. Nature or Nurture? from the society think Homosexuali about the topic. ty? • Interview experts that know more about the topic. The reason The researchIntroduction of Series Introduction Show Development of Preview of (subtopic) subtopic. further development 2min 1min 2min 20sec
  18. 18. Nature vs. Nurture How is homosexuality How homosexuality has perceived by religion changed over time In this Episode we will… In this Episode we will… In this Episode we will…- Interview psychologists - What different religions think - How Homosexuality is about homosexuality portrayed in the media- Interview normal people (different perspectives, - What a priest says about the gender, race, ethnicity, -How homosexuality has topic. become accepted over time age, class) - Marriage and Religion (Elton - New events (gay pride) John)
  19. 19. 1) TV Broadcaster 2) Long shot of presenter 3) Close up shot of 4) Statists matching with Institution walking towards the presenter still introducing voice over , animated introduction, narrator camera and introducing the documentary. image and presenter saying the programme the documentary . narrating. of the TV channel .5) Images representing 6) Long shots or mid 7) Presenter introduces 8) Mid shot of peoplehomosexuality, matching shots of people walking the episode, voice over being interviewed ,with voice over talking down the street matching images that debating about the topic.about the whole topic of representing that it is a represent the topic of thethe documentary. polemic topic . episode .
  20. 20. 9) Statics and research 10) Two shot of an expert 11) Animated images 12) Presenterabout the topic with being interviewed by the reflecting what the _____________________voice over explaining presenter, giving info about narrator/expert is saying, an _____________________and matching the the topic . important info about the _____________________images. topic . _____________________13) Presenter 14) Mid shot of presenter 15) Flashing scenes of the 16) Flashing scene of the____________________ introducing the next next episode, matching next episode (showing an____________________ episode of the with the voice over expert on the topic) ,____________________ documentary . matching the image. matching with voiceover .
  21. 21. Questionnaire about Target Audience Documentary: HomosexualityName:________________ Age:______ Ethnicity:_________________ Interests:_____________1. Are you interested in watching a documentary about homosexuality?YesNo2. Do you prefer to watch an episode about:Nature VS NurtureReligionHow media portray homosexualityHow it has changed over time3. Would you like to know more about homosexuality?Yes 50% of peopleNo said they want know more about People Interviewed the topic. 45% 35% 15% 5% Nurture vs Religion How has it changed How media portray Nature over time homosexuality
  22. 22. 40-60 9% Target Audience Age Range 30-40 10% After researching 18-30 15-18 about target 23% 58% audience, we decided to target people between 15 – 30 years old because they seem to be moreAmount of people of certain age range that are interested in Homosexuality How to make it interesting to your target audience through form and conventions?FORM • Using upbeat music for background, and fast pace cuts, it’s a way to entertain mostly people that are 15 to 30 years old, which is our target audience age.CONVENTIONS • Showing statistics and inserting animation to it, it would make the documentary more entertaining and people of young age would be more interested.
  23. 23. Inspirational and award-winning documentaries Our chosen TV Channel is Chan4 from over 25 years of groundbreaking television What time?The channel has a lot of different times for the documentaries, for example Goes at 9pm Goes at 8pmI think our documentary is best to go around 8-9pm in order to follow the rulesof times of documentaries shown on TV How are you meeting OFCOMOFCOM’s main legal duties are to ensure that a wide range of high qualityprogrammes are provided, appealing to a range of tastes and interests. We aremeeting their rules by ensuring that people are protected from offensivematerial and keeping their privacy protected.
  24. 24. COLORS: The coloursrepresent the Gay pridethat they alwayscelebrate, their symbolis very colourful andwe want to follow thesame path as the gaypride.CREDITS: Withprofessional type ofwriting to show theimportance of payingattention to thesubject. The writing willshow the importance ofthe subject.
  25. 25.  Background music needs to be copyright free, so we decided to use a few seconds of a copyright music with asked permission to use it. We would like to use for the whole documentary upbeat music, to engage our target audience to watch our documentary. Upbeat music is modern and it attracts young people, as our documentary is about Homosexuality, our personal opinion is that fast pace and up beat music would represent homosexuality and it is a modern topic to talk about. /watch?v=- /watch?v=3RWOF25_HCw /watch?v=W9m7ukbpBI0 1WvJshtuKQ&feature=BF a&list=ULqGBSYX- A4T8&lf=mfu_in_order
  26. 26. Listing Magazine Listing magazine would you use, why?We would use TIME OUT LONDON, because it has asection for homosexuals, with detailed information onwhat to do in London that interests gays and lesbians. Inspirational Doublespread
  27. 27. Newspapers Which newspaper would you use to advertise your documentary, why?We would like to put our advertisement on METROnewspaper because it is something that young peopleand other people have easy access.
  28. 28. These examples are all from Metro Newspaper This This example is example is very good very nice because its again very because it colourful has and bright cartoon influence to it This advisement is about a game, we This is a This is a are inspired by this good advertisem one because it’s very example ent on the colourful and because it front page homosexuality advertises of the involves a colourful a program newspaper symbol and it links that is on back to Gay Pride Channel 4 Parade
  29. 29. In what ways does your media product, USE, DEVELOP,CHALLENGE forms andconventions of real media products?Do you think our music was effective and relative to our topic?What do you think went well?What do you think could be improved ?What we learnt?Audience FeedbackHow we used media technology in the following- Research and Planning- Construction- EvaluationHow effective is the combination of your main media product and ancillary text?How did you USE, DEVELOP, CHALLENGE the convention of the ancillary?