Assignment 9 draft 3 part 3


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Assignment 9 draft 3 part 3

  1. 1. WHO IS YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE?Age 15 – 30 years oldGender All genders, as our topic is LGBT it includes every gender identity.Ethnicity All – not specifiedHobbies All – not specifiedLocation All locations are targeted but central London is where we get audience feedback.Social Class All – not specified
  2. 2. Questionnaire: 55% 30% We have done a questionnaire 15 asking people if % they would like to watch a documentary Ignorance Toleranc Acceptanc about ignorance, e e tolerance or acceptance.
  3. 3. Target Audience Age Range 40-60 30-40 9% 10% 18-30 15-18 23% 58% After researching about target audience, weAmount of people of certain age range that decided to target are interested in our documentary about people between 15 LGBT – 30 years old because they seem to be more interested in the LGBT community
  4. 4. Inspirational and award-winning documentaries from over 25 years Our chosen channel is Channel 4 because of groundbreaking most of our inspirational documentary television comes from them. We also looked at the topics they explore and the talk a lot about out topic.• My transsexual summer 29/11/11 10pm• Gay to Z 19/03/09 As we can see all our inspirational•Transgender: Pakistans open secret 13/12/11 documentaries10pm goes on after 10pm which•My big Gay Prom 03/12/08 10:35pm shows that our target audience•Google Baby 31 May 2011 have to be over a certain age.
  5. 5. How are you meeting OFCOM OFCOM’s main legal duties are to ensure that a wide range of high quality programmes are provided, appealing to a range of tastes and interests. We are meeting their rules by ensuring that people are protected from offensive material and keeping their privacy protected.According to OFCOM this are some things we can include and something we should avoid on our documentaryWhat we can use We cant use• Strong language • Discrimination• Sexual scenes • No content that creates racism• Violence scenes to a certain extend
  6. 6. 2011 – 2012 Regulations These are some of OFCOM’s regulations. It helps them to keep in track of their duty towards their costumers.
  7. 7. R - RespectA - Accept This is the meaning for Rainbow – we thought that because theirI – Identity symbol is colourful and it has aN - Nation rainbow it can easily be related toB - Be the overall topic.O - OutW - Where This are some powerful Lets get better together sentences we made up to be the The right to be colourful title of our documentary. We The rainbow society tried to have a second meaning The rainbow research behind each title.
  8. 8. In this title idea we decided to use the colourful background but the writing more serious and plain. The colour indicates our topic and the writing indicates that it’s a serious subject. We decided to use the word RAINBOW because it has a double meaning. A Rainbow its colourful which emphasises the LGBT flag. The font is simple but it has a strong meaning.R INB W This title has the symbols of the LGBT people indicating
  9. 9. This is one of the ideas we had before which now we know we cant use the term homosexuality but we still think that the ideas of colouring the letters might work well.We experimented some ideas wehad on titles on paint and this iswhat we got. It`s colourful andstraight forward
  10. 10. The captions are very nicely done becauseit is not actually on the bottom of the screenand it relates very nicely to the over all topicas it has a young layout.This captions are very nicely done and veryprofessional which shows seriousness , andthis is what we want to send across on ourdocumentary.
  11. 11. This is a caption we made to develop moreour ideas with the colourful background. We experimented some captions for our documentary, as we got inspired by:Alexa Ranussi - Presenter We used Paint to do it, its effectiveAlexa Ranussi and at the same time serious, because of its font. Presenter