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Floor Heating System which can save you energy upto 60%!

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Daewoo Enertec Catalogue

  1. 1. DAEWOO FLOOR HEATING SYSTEM For your healthy & energy saving system DAEWOO ENERTEC
  2. 2. GREETINGS! Since global oil pricing has been rising, our company has readjusted the overall energy reduction to make it suitable for the era of high oil prices and we made an effort to develop alternative energy source which is called Ondol heating system. Traditional Ondol is used to heat homes by using hot air coming from the burning wood under the floor. However, a big change occured. Nowadays, we use to electric floor heating system. So it can reduce the Oil price as well as gas heating cost and prevent global warming as it does not generate carbon dioxide. The comfort and warmth that it brings is quite better compared to that of western heating style. Therefore Ondol system became popular throughout the world. Our electric floor heating system offers the affordable luxury of warm floors and barefoot comfort that anyone can enjoy anytime. Also installing is easy so you can place it anywhere you desire for the enjoyment of warm floors. Our floor heating system allows homeowners to enjoy warm temperature with a reduced utility cost and maximized energy efficiency. We, in our company, would like to guarantee that we can meet the standards you have for a heating system.DAEWOO ENERTECTECHNOLOGIES PATENTED BY THE KOREAN INTELLECTUALPROPERTY OFFICE• 2006.02 Granted Utility Model No. 0408349 on Heating Generating Plate• 2006.03 Granted Utility Model No. 0412561 on Heating Cable• 2007.01 Granted Trademark Registration No. 0695865 on ENERPIA• 2008.02 Granted Patent No. 0805702 on Electric Heating System of X-L PIPE• 2008.02 Granted Patent No. 0805703 on the Pressure Absorbing Device in X-L PIPE• 2008.11 Granted Utility Model No. 0442474 on The Pressure Absorbing Device in X-L PIPEHISTORY• 2006.05 Certified 4 Safety Certifications for Electrical Appliances by Korea Testing Laboratory• 2007.02 Founded Daewoo Enertec Inc, Daegu Factory• 2008.03 Certified as “Venture Company” by Korea Technology credit guarantee fund• 2008.03 Registered as a bidder who participates in Public Procurement Service’s bidding for supplying goods and services• 2008.06 Open R&D Department• 2008.10 CE Certified, UL Certified• 2009.03 ISO 14001:2004 Certified• 2009.03 RoHS Certified• 2009.05 Q-Mark Certified• 2009.10 Open Chinese branch office• 2010.01 ISO 9001:2008 Certified• 2010.01 Gost Certified• 2010.03 Certified as “Technical Innovative Company INNO-BIZ” by small and Medium Business Administration• 2010.09 Expanded Facilities 75m/m Extruding Machine, 100m/m Extruding Machine
  3. 3. NON-MAGNETIC HEATING CABLEDW WHAT IS THE NON-MAGNETIC HEATING CABLE?It is a form of heating system with utilizes heat conduction and radiant heatfor indoor climate control.Heat can be provided by electric cable instead of boiler or water circulationmotor and its installation is easy. Dry or humid heat as the 21st centuryenergy efficient heating system delivers to the entire room and the peoplewithout any harmful effects due to 7mm heat conductor, double coated PEcable, and the electromagnetic wave screen.DW PICTURE OF CABLE DW BENEFITS & USAGE Ground return (Earth return) to improve safety Non-magnetic, Single point power connection to increase work efficiency Fasting heating for non residential building Easy and economical to install and operate Ideal for an accommodation School, Office, Restraint, Work place, Night watchman’s room. Waiting room, Dormitory, Rest area, Security office, etc Auditorium, Conference room Swimming pool, Barn, Aqua Farm, Greenhouse Heat Barn, Aqua-farm, Greenhouse heatDW SPECIFICATION OF PRODUCT Electric Power Apply Length Sort Model Consumption Area (m) High Grade: 25w/m (w/h) (m2) 7 Core Double line (Heating line DW25W11L 275 11.0 1.65 2 string)/Non- DW25W22L 550 22.0 3.30 Magnetic Ground system, High DW25W33L 825 33.0 4.96 Copper/Aluminum Grade Fiber Braided DW25W44L 1100 44.0 6.61 Thickness 7mm(7 Type) DW25W66L 1650 66.0 9.92 Separate order 20w DW25W88L 2200 88.0 13.20 DW25W110L 2750 110.0 16.50
  4. 4. ELECTRIC X-L PIPE HEATING SYSTEM DW WHAT IS X-L PIPE HEATING SYSTEM?It is an innovative heating system that uses heat and increased pressure generated by Heat Transfer Medium by heatingthe sealed X-L PIPE without boiler in which water or other fluid is heated and water circulation motor which pumps watercirculated in the PIPE.Heated electric wires in X-L pipe collect vapors in the upper part of X-L pipe, resulting in internal pressure and unclearboiling when temperature difference between liquid and gas is over 10°C.As a result, internal pressure will be the negative pressure which is lower than atmospheric pressure at room temperatureand so, boiling temperature of water will get lower. The temperature of floor will be increased and heat will last longeraccording to Nucleate Boiling phenomenon. Therefore, this process increases energy efficiency and you can save energyby using this energy saving product.One of the products using this technology is a pressure cooker.It is the innovative high energy efficient floor heating system that has no heat loss and achieves 30°C rise effect intemperature. Our patented pressure absorbing device absorbs too much internal pressure and also the heat transfermedium and carbon tissue absorb the electromagnetic waves for well-being life.Nucleate Boiling phenomenon : The process of forming steam bubbles within liquid in micro cavities adjacent to thewall if the wall temperature at the heat transfer surface rises above the saturation temperature while the bulk of the liquidis subcooled. The bubbles grow until they reach some critical size, at which point they separate from the wall and arecarried into the main fluid stream. DW 5 CONDITIONS OF ELECTRIC X-L PIPE HEATING SYSTEM1.Pressure absorbing device : It absorbs the internal pressure caused the Nucleate Boiling.2.Double Coated Electric Wires : Since the conductor and the electric wire processing affect on product life and its function, make sure to read the followings. -Conductor : 7 Strained Nickel - Chrome Coil -The First Coating : Silicon Rubber coating that can stand very high temperature(280ºC) and has excellent insulating quality, -The Second Coating : Heat resistant Teflon rubber  Length : 9.8m (X-L PIPE 4.9m) coating that is water resistant and chemical  Resistance : 182Ω (266w/h) resistant.  Gauge ; WISE (Germany) 3kgt/㎡3.Heat Conducing Medium : They should not freeze at twenty degrees below zero.4.Hearmless to Human Body : Electromagnetic waves are absorbed by itself.5.Cable : Should not exceed 20W/m.(According to Clause 5, Article 225 of Electric Installation Regulations. “The temperature of Electric wires should not exceed 80ºC” and/or “Internal Temperature of X-L should not exceed 80ºC) Internal Pressure Test of Internal Pressure Test of Measurement of Daewoo Heating PIPE Other Company Electromagnetic waves
  5. 5. DAEWOO The Productivity to create Energy Utopia Efficient and energy saving heaing system DW BENEFITS OF ELECTRIC X-L PIPE HEATING SYSTEM Economic Safety Durable • No heat loss • Water leakage prevention • Cold lead installation and safety • Accumulation of Heat • No Electromagnetic waves valve for over pressure • Low Electric Power Consumption • Clean Energy • Long lasting • Low installation expenses • Low temperature resistant (-20ºC) Easy & Convenient Functional Various way • No space for boiler • Traditional floor heat • Accommodations, Schools, Vacation • Good customer service (Warranty) • Sectional heat / Whole floor heat facilities • Easy to use • Well-being • Hospital, Post-Delivery care center, Church • Easy heating system change • Restaurant, Green house, Swimming Pool, Factory (Electric X-L PIPE) DW SPECIFICATIONS OF ELECTRIC X-L PIPE HEATING SYSTEM Power Caloric Heating Avr. Power Model Dimension Input Value Capacity Comsumption DW-010 14m×15Φ 1032kcal/h 3.3m2 DW-015 21m×15Φ 1548kcal/h 4.95m2 DW-020 28m×15Φ 20~ 2064kcal/h 6.6m2 76wh/m2 DW-025 35m×15Φ 40W/m 2580kcal/h 8.25m 2 DW-030 42m×15Φ 3096kcal/h 9.9m2 DW-040 56m×15Φ 4128kcal/h 13.2m2 DW CONSTRUCTION METHODS 1 2 3 4 5 Heat Insulating Material  Wire Mash to fix  Set a Inspecting Box which  X-L PIPE - Start from In-  Install the sensor of - Silver insulator on is same height with the spect box to return the END Temperature - Temperature the aerated concrete or decorative design CAP (Pitch 200~250m sensor for humid environ- Styrofoam ment at the Exothermic 6 7 8 9 10   Test of Exothermic -   Cover the Inspecting Box Install Thermostat - Finishing Mortar - Finishing Materials - - Do not come in when Electro power of 220 V is Check of Electric power Plastering 30~40m Install Finishing Materials consumption and heating Thickness depends on the and Inspecting Box plastering connecting with the I/O value after electric power types of plastering connection(15A) supply
  6. 6. HEATING FILM USING THE HIGH EFFICIENT RADIANT HEAT DW WHAT IS DAEWOO HEATING FILM?It is an innovative heating system that is made with gravureprinting of heat generating carbon tissue on PET Film andcopper busbar. Since it emits far infrared rays and anions, warmradiant heat can be felt for a well-being life.This film is ideal for during the certain time for the sectionalspace that needs to be heated because it requires a short periodof time to make heat so suitable for customer, accommodation,office, church, restaurant, and stairs. For stable use, werecommend you to use the hardwood as the finishing material.If you are using for the linoleum finishing or humid environment,you need to consult with a construction company. DW BENEFITS OF HEATING FILM1.Energy can be saved more than 65%.(On regular basis)2.No need space for boiler3.Far infrared radiation (90.3%) and anions (250cc) are emitted to improve health.4.Don’t worry about smoke, noise, fueling, freezing.5.Convinient control such as sectional heating, central heating and sectional control.6.One day installation and immediately usable7.Free to choose of finishing materials8.Fast installation without taking off the existing floor9.It can lower the height of ceiling and the weight of building. DW FEATURES OF HEATING FILM1.Burning resist PET application : The ivory PET Film is used the XB-65 with VTH-2 chip in for heatdefying insulation which has the UL Certificate and is manufactured by Doraysaeghan.2. Gravure printing : As screen printing cannot print carbon tissue evenly, it is inappropriate for the heatgenerating plate. It can be partially overheated to cause fire and short circuit. We, however, have chosenthe gravure rotary printing press to pursue to the safety by giving electric resistance evenly to the HeatGenerating Plate.3. Wide silver space : The silver space is for the space between carbon and copper busbar where theelectrical energy is converted to thermal energy. This space prevent spark, and is important part relatedto product life and safety. We broadened this space for safety.4. Copper busbar with 12mm of width and 10amp : Wide copper busbar to restrain overheating.The thinner PET has superior adhesive strength and keeps air cut.
  7. 7. DAEWOO The Productivity to create Energy Utopia Efficient and energy saving heaing system DW TYPES AND SPECIFICATIONS OF HEATING FILM Power Caloric Packing Model no. Width Consumption Value Unit DW050-100W220V 50cm 100wh/m 86Kcal/h 150m/Roll DW080-160W220V 80cm 160wh/m 138Kcal/h 100m/Roll DW100-200W220V 100cm 200wh/m 172Kcal/h 100m/Roll ※ Available for 110V DWM310 220V 200W/M 10/01/01 K001 1m Width 80cm Width 50cm Width Daewoo Thickness Customer Manufacture Cutting line Consumption Date Material Voltage Inspector DW CROSS SECTIONAL VIEW OF HEATING FILM  Sub Type(Japan restaurant High class restaurant, stairs and so on..)  General Tyep (Inn, Office, Church and so on…) DW GROUND PLAN AND CROSS SECTIONAL VIEW OF CONSTRUCTION Ground Plan of Construction Cross sectional view of Heating Film Floor Insulator(5mm) Daewoo Film Heater(0.4mm) Protecting vinyl(0.1mm) Wood Flooring DW SUBSIDIARY MATERIAL OF HEATING FILM Heating insulating Compressor Terminal Compressor Insulator Tape for Dampproofing materials for film
  8. 8. DIY Mat Cable DW What is DIY Mat Cable?The Cable Mat floor heating system is construction and installation methodology does not require any specialtools and is quickly stuck to a clean subfloor using the attached adhesive tape strips. The ease of installationalso makes them an ideal “ Do it yourself” or Trade kit without requirements or experience for planning theirlayouts. And uncomplicated concept specifically designed for the professional user. The electric heating cableis attached to a tough fiber glass mesh, rolled out before tiling and connected to a programmable thermostat.It is suitable for in tile-adhesive, thin set or in-screed floor heating applications directly beneath tile, stone,floating and timber floor finishes, suitable sub-floors include concrete slabs, suspended timber, F/C sheetfloors or existing tile DW SPECIFICATION OF MAT CABLE Model Apply Area Power Length(m) Square neter(L×W) DW20W 1.0M 1m2 140w/h 7 0.5×2m DW20W 1.5M 1.5m2 210w/h 10.5 0.5×3m DW20W 2.0M 2.0m2 280w/h 14 0.5×4m DW20W 3.0M 3.0m2 420w/h 21 0.5×6m DW20W 4.0M 4.0m2 560w/h 28 0.5×8m DW20W 5.0M 5.0m2 700w/h 35 0.5×10m DW20W 6.0M 6.0m2 840w/h 42 0.5×12m DW20W 8.0M 8.0m2 1120w/h 56 0.5×16m DW20W 10.0M 10.0m2 1400w/h 70 0.5×20m DW20W 15.0M 15.0m2 2100w/h 105 0.5×30m DW20W 20.0M 20.0m2 2800w/h 140 0.5×40m DW Construction Order of Mat Cable 1 2 3 4 Clean the floor  Spread the mat, so as  When layout direction is  When the mat is laid in completely without dust to stick the cold lead changed, do not cut the other direction, turn the out of the mat and lay cable but the mat only. mat only to the desired the cable above the mat direction, but not the cable. 5 6 7 8    After layout, check with Connect power to the Connect wet After installation, the tester if resistance controller. IN → to the out-let temperature sensor to Cement or tile adhesive and current are right. for plugging / OUT → to the the cable. is spread on the surface cable (Take care of insulation and dried out. and dampproofing)
  9. 9. Snow Melting CableDW WHAT IS DAEWOO Snow Melting Cable? It is automatic snow removing and anti freezing system for winter. It is cutting edge snow, ice removingdevice to help safe working and driving, reduce thedamage of building and guarantees the safety of people, vehicle and building. Daewoo ENERTECK HeatingCable is the most perfect heating cable forsnow/ice removal. It is manufactured with 100% shield effectiveness to endure various physical impactsduring construction. It has the best safely for electricity leakage and electric shock with perfect ground.DW Cross view of Snow Melting CableDW Special features of Snow Melting Cable Strong wire prevents the damage of the product which may be generated heavy load of the road (vehicle driving) after construction Secondary grounding function of strong wire allows perfect ground. It prevents the damage of heating cable by 100% braiding. It minimizes surrounding electromagnetic waves using pair wire type.DW Specification of Snow Melting Cable Model Power Dimensions DW30W15S 450w/h 15m×Ø0.75 DW30W30S 900w/h 30m×Ø0.75 30w/h per MФ 7.5mm Heat lineФ3mm strong DW30W45S 1350w/h 45m×Ø0.75 wire DW30W60S 1800w/h 60m×Ø0.75 DW30W90S 2700w/h 90m×Ø0.75DW Construction Cross View of Snow Melting Cable  Concrete Finishing  Asphalt Finishing
  10. 10. DAEWOO ENERTEC INC. Head Office No. 508, Digital Empire Building, 685, Gasan Dong, Geom-Chen Gu, Seoul, Korea Tel : +82-2-2624-2380 Fax : +82-2-2624-2381 Factory 148-21, Namsan 2-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu, KOREA Tel : +82-53-474-8050 Fax : +82-53-473-8050 E-mail : info@floorwarm.net Http:/www.floorwarm.net Patent No. 0805702 Patent No. 0805703 Certificate of Quality Evaluations (Test Result)(Pressure Controlling Balls) (Heat System of XL Pipe) AssuranceEuropean Safety Certification UL Certification ISO9001 GOST(Russia) Certification (CE)