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Daedalus netnography & brand communities

  1. 1. April 2012 | 1   Netnography & Brand 26  April  2012   Communities
  2. 2. April 2012 | Smark | Brands & CommunitiesAgenda 2   •  Brand Communities and Branded Communities •  Investigating perceptions via Netnography •  Case Study / Example •  Q&A
  3. 3. April 2012 | 3   Intro Brand Communities and Branded Communities
  4. 4. April 2012 | Smark | Brands & CommunitiesBrand(ed) Communities 4   “A brand community is a specialized, non-geographically bound community, based on a structured set of social relations among admirers of a brand. […]Brand communities exhibit three traditional markers of community: shared consciousness, rituals and traditions, and a sense of moral responsibility.” Muniz Albert M. Jr. and Thomas C. O’Guinn (2001), Brand Community, Journal of Consumer Research, 27 (March), 412-32. Brand communities will become branded communities (owned by brands)
  5. 5. April 2012 | Smark | Brands & CommunitiesBrand Communities 5  
  6. 6. April 2012 | Smark | Brands & CommunitiesMember Types within Brand Communities 6  
  7. 7. April 2012 | Smark | Brands & CommunitiesExamples of Brand Communities 7   FMCG  brands  will  gain  foothold  within   brand(ed)  communiAes  
  8. 8. April 2012 | Smark | Brands & CommunitiesPast – Present – Future 8   Past   Present   Future   Support  Groups   Brand   Brand     Communi3es   Communi3es   Mul3  Level       Marke3ng   Crowd  Sourcing   Branded     Communi3es   Mul3  Level     Marke3ng   Crowd  Sourcing   FragmentaAon  lies     Mul3  Level   ahead!   Marke3ng  
  9. 9. April 2012 | Smark | Brands & CommunitiesInspiration Sources for Brand(ed) Communities 9  
  10. 10. April 2012 | Smark | Brands & CommunitiesInformation Needs for Marketers 10   Who  is  in   charge  with   talking  to   them   ? Ideas   How  many   • New  Products   • Communi3es   • Customer   • Individuals   Service   How  are   How  can  we   they   intervene   organized   What/  when   do  they  talk   about  us   Case  Study  
  11. 11. April 2012 | Smark | Brands & CommunitiesInformation Needs for Marketers 11   Who  is  in   charge  with   talking  to   Netnography   them   ? Ideas   How  many   • New  Products   • Customer   Service   • Communi3es   • Individuals   Social  Networks  Analysis   Classic  Market  Research   How  are   How  can  we   they   intervene   organized   Data  overload  is   What/  when   do  they  talk   the  key  issue.   about  us   Language  barrier   next.  
  12. 12. April 2012 | 12   Investigating Perceptions via Netnography
  13. 13. April 2012 | Smark | Brands & CommunitiesOne Brand. Many Consumer Perspectives 13   •  They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And on the internet everybody is somebody. •  Companies use Netnography methods to: •  Investigate issues related to a brand’s reputation •  Uncover novel usage methods and product ideas
  14. 14. April 2012 | Smark | Brands & CommunitiesWe Make Sense out of Online Conversations 14   Forums   Blogs   TwiOer   Online   Facebook   Websites   Media   Other   Newspapers   Opinion   Leaders   •  Consumer generated messages are of different shapes and size and we make sense out of them. •  We identify 3 main types of messages: 1 Consumer-led media, 2 media channels shared between brands and consumers and 3 third-party platforms such as newspapers
  15. 15. April 2012 | Smark | Brands & CommunitiesThe 5 Steps towards Netnography Reports 15   1.  Orientation Orienta3on   •  First we have an in-depth discussion with the client. We learn as much as possible about the brand. •  We also identify the main sources of consumer generated media Hypothesis   Feedback   2.  Hypothesis •  Brainstorming generates the a priori list of concepts Field-­‐   work   and keywords 3.  Fieldwork •  We collect data points and react to any additional keywords and concepts which come up during this Analysis   stage 4.  Analysis •  Identifying trends, clusters and correlations Report  &   recommenda3ons   5.  Recommendations
  16. 16. April 2012 | 16   Case Study
  17. 17. April 2012 | Smark | Brands & Communities 17   Types of Communities From Daedalus Socialyzer (Facebook Analysis)
  18. 18. April 2012 | Smark | Brands & CommunitiesEngagement Matrix RO – Type of Communities 18   0.025% Missionary Engaged 0.020% Bubble Size: Doncafe Comment Rate 0.015% Share Rate Lays 0.010% LOréal Ursus s  bran ds  Legend   Orange 2  cosme3cFood&  Drink   Bitdefender Nivea 0.005%Other  FMCG   PepsiIT&C   PassiveRetail   Lenor Parfumelle Closed Lidl 0.000% 0.000% 0.050% 0.100% 0.150% 0.200% 0.250% Like Rate Period covered: December 2011, January 2012 and February 2012
  19. 19. April 2012 | Smark | Brands & CommunitiesNivea Romania Engagement Profile 19   Media Type Performance Post Subjects 0.014% 0.012% Bubble Size: Comment Picture 0.010% Rate Share Rate 0.008% Link 0.006% 0.004% Link - blog/site 0.002% Text 0.000% 0.000% 0.050% 0.100% 0.150% 0.200% 0.250% 0.300% Like Rate Highest  rates  of Media  Type What  it  says Probabil  cel  mai  popular  gest  de  iubire,  sarutul,  e  acea  experienta  care  ne  aduce  mai  aproape  de  cel  drag  ;).   Pentru  senzatii  neasteptate,  rasfatati-­‐va  buzele  cu  balsamul  NIVEA  Lip  Care  Fruity  Shine  CHERRY.   Picture Ingredientele  naturale  precum  uleiul  de  migdale,  uleiul  de  jojoba  si  untul  de  shea  va  vor  lasa  buzele  moi  si   catifelate,  iar  aroma  de  cirese  si  nuanta  glossy  discreta  vor  Ki  arma  voastra  secreta  in  jocul  seductiei.    Incercati-­‐l!   Picture Fetelor,  iata  intrebarea  zilei:  par  drept  sau  par  ondulat?   Fetelor,  astazi  va  incurajam  sa  dati  frau  liber  creativitatii.     Picture Iata  un  pont  care  va  va  ajuta  sa  va  surprindeti  iubitul  cu  un  mic  dejun  romantic  de  Ziua  Indragostitilor.     Pentru  rezultate  surprinzatoare,  e  suKicient  sa  urmati  pasii  de  mai  jos.  Sa  ne  spuneti  cum  a  iesit  ;)   Period covered: December 2011, January 2012 and February 2012
  20. 20. April 2012 | Smark | Brands & Communities 20   Sunscreen Community From Netnography
  21. 21. April 2012 | Smark | Brands & CommunitiesWhere We Searched for Opinions 21   General  Interests   Mothers   •  forum.soVpedia.com   •  www.desprecopii.com   •  www.copilul.ro   •  forum.7p.ro   •  www.bebelu.ro   Medical  Communi3es   Lifestyle   •  forum.romedic.ro   •  www.eva.ro   •  forum.an3concep3onale.ro   •  www.kudika.ro   •  www.garbo.ro   •  www.miresici.ro     •  danasota.com  
  22. 22. April 2012 | Smark | Brands & CommunitiesGoogle search evolution – Romanian websites - Sunscreen 22   Videos Blogs 35 33 12,000 30 9670 10,000 25 8,000 20 18 5850 6,000 15 11 10 11 9 4,000 2980 10 2,000 5 911 32 185 0 0 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Forums All  websites 12,000 10900 1,400,000 1,250,000 10,000 1,200,000 8,000 1,000,000 800,000 6,000 600,000 518,000 4,000 400,000 305,000 2,000 240,000 983 982 169 245 460 200,000 112,000 0 45,200 0 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Note:  2011  includes  Google  search  results  during  the  1st  of  January  2011  à  31st  of  July  2011.   Source:  Google  search  results  on  websites  wri>en  in  Romanian,  Google.com,    10th  of  August  2011  
  23. 23. April 2012 | Smark | Brands & CommunitiesNivea: Facebook communication vs. Netnography 23   Netnography  
  24. 24. April 2012 | Smark | Brands & CommunitiesContent 24   A.  Key  Ideas   B.  Sunscreen  in  General   975   entries   C.  Sunscreen    for  Adults   E.  Self  tanning  
  25. 25. April 2012 | Smark | Brands & CommunitiesKey Ideas. Sunscreen 25   •  Overall, the discussion had a strongly positive note and revolved around benefits •  81% of the comments on the subject of sunscreen were expressed in a positive manner •  People talking on this subject are persons mostly preoccupied with choosing the best product with the best performance and best characteristics for their own use or for their children •  They seem to prefer to do some serious desk research work before deciding and buying a certain product •  Spring months are the months when people start talking about sunscreen, preparing for the summer    
  26. 26. April 2012 | Smark | Brands & CommunitiesKey Ideas. Sunscreen 26   •  The durability of the sunscreen is not crucial for users •  Doctors act as an important influencer for mothers •  Nivea, Elmiplant, Iwostin and Avene are the brands which appear most frequently in the discussions women have on-line regarding which sunscreen products to use, either on a positive note or a negative one •  In terms of features, women appreciate most if the product comes with a spray •  Women also appreciate a lot when the product gets very well into the skin. More than that, finding the best sunscreen product, non-sticky and non-greasy, especially for an oily skin seems to be a problem for many women.
  27. 27. April 2012 | 27   Sunscreen  
  28. 28. April 2012 | Smark | Brands & CommunitiesThe 8 dimensions of quality model The  8  Dimensions  of  Quality     28   Performance   •  In analyzing the motivations of people using Features  /  Ingredients   sunscreen, we used the 8 dimensions of quality model. Reliability   •  According to this model, we identified in the database references grouped in 6 dimensions: Compliance   •  Performance •  Features / Ingredients •  Reliability Durability   •  Durability •  Aesthetics Maintenance   •  Perceived quality. Aesthetics   Perceived  quality   Source:  Garvin,  David  .A.,  "Compe3ng  on  the  Eight  Dimensions  of  Quality",  Harvard   Business  Review,  November-­‐December  1987  
  29. 29. April 2012 | Smark | Brands & CommunitiesOpinions structure. Positive arguments 29   •   “This  product  assures  both  UVA  and  UVB   •   “This  product  is  better  when   Performance   protection”     combined  with  natural  alternatives   •   “This  product  assures  a  good  tan:  quick,   (olive  oil,  almonds  oil,  etc.)”   beautiful  and  uniform   •   “This  product  has  no  perfume  /  a   •   “I  use  this  product  also  as  a  makeup  base”   discreet  perfume”   Features  /   Ingredients   •   “This  product  is  also  recommended  for  cloudy   •   “This  product  is  equipped  with  a   days  /  days  with  a  moderate  sun”   spray”   •   “This  product  is  also  recommended  in  special   •   “I  prefer  handmade  products”   skin  cases  (moles,  freckles,  warts,  atopic   •   “This  product  contains  zinc  oxide”   dermatitis,  etc.)”   Reliability   •   “I  consider  this  a  quality   product  /  This  product  is  very   Quality   •   “This  product  is  safe,  I  trust  it”     good.”   •   “This  product  is  also  recommended  for  infants   (0-­‐6  months)”   •   “Products  containing  parabens  are  however   Durability   •   “This  product  is  waterproof”   safe”   Aesthetics   •   “This  product  gets  into  the  skin  very  well”  
  30. 30. April 2012 | Smark | Brands & CommunitiesOpinions structure. Negative arguments 30   •   “This  product  does  not  assure  good  protection”   Performance   •   “The  product  does  not  assure  a  good  tan”   •   “  I  prefer  natural  alternatives”       •   “The  product  contains  chemicals”   •   “The  product  does  not  assure  UVB  protection”   •   “The  product  contains  zinc”   •   “The  product  causes  pimps,  irritations,  allergies,   •   “The  product  has  a  heavy   Features  /   sunburns  and  spots  on  the  skin”   perfume”   Ingredients   •   “Organic  products  are  not   sufNicient,  do  not  offer  sufNicient   protection”   •   “The  product  is  not  safe  for  infants    and  small   Reliability   children”   •   “The  product  can  cause  cancer”   •   “I  consider  this  a  low  quality   •   “This  products  is  not  suitable  for  pregnant   product  /  This  product  is  not  so   women”   Quality   •   “This  product  is  difNicult  to  use”   good.”   •   “I  am  not  satisNied  with  this   product”   Durability   •   “The  product  is  not   waterproof”   •   “This  product  makes  the  skin  look  greasy”   •   “The  product’s  effect  lasts   •   “This  product  gives  the  skin  an  unpleasant  tan   short  time”   Aesthetics   color“  
  31. 31. April 2012 | Smark | Brands & CommunitiesSunscreen. Comments overview 31   Number  of  positive  and  negative  comments  related  to  sunscreen   150 120 2008   2009   2010   2011   •  Given  the  products  speciKics,  springtime  and     90         summertime  represent  the  most  relevant  period  for           posting  discussions  related  to  sunscreen.   60 •  May  seems  to  be  the  month  recording  the  largest  on-­‐ 30         line  buzz  on  this  subject.  Right  before  the  actual   0         summer  start,  people  begin  to  inquire  about  the  best   sunscreen  products  or  which  ones  they  should  avoid.   Oct Oct Oct Aug Aug Aug Jan Jan Jan Jan Dec Dec Dec Nov Nov Nov Jul Sep Jul Sep Jul Sep Jul Mar Mar Mar Mar Jun Jun Jun Jun Apr Apr Apr Apr Feb Feb Feb Feb May May May May Presence  of  positive  /  negative  references  split  by  the  8  quality   dimensions  model   378      81%*    19%*   Positive  comments   Negative  comments   195 195     1.3   1.2   Positive  references     Negative  references     66 per  comment  on   per  comment  on   32 30 33 35 21 14 17 average   average   1 Performance   Features   Quality   Reliability Aesthetics Durability   *From  the  total  of  777  pro  and  con  comments  related  to  sunscreen  
  32. 32. April 2012 | Smark | Brands & CommunitiesSunscreen. Top Brands Most Referred to Negative  associations   Positive  associations   32   Sunscreen  for  children   Sunscreen  for  adults   Sunscreen  for  children  and  adults   Avene 10 57 Nivea 6 34 Nivea 20 69 La  Roche  Posay 4 56 Elmiplant 19 10 Avene 14 75 Nivea 14 35 Iwostin 26 La  Roche  Posay 12 69 Mustela 7 30 Avene 4 18 Elmiplant 21 38 Elmiplant 2 28 La  Roche  Posay 8 13 Mustela 7 30 Klorane 3 25 Garnier 1 19 Bioderma 2 28 Avon 1 19 Vichy Eco  Cosmetics 26 8 21 L  Oreal 14 Bubchen 24 Klorane 3 25 Bioderma 13 Chicco 5 14 Iwostin 26 Gerocossen 3 9 Vichy 2 17 Eco  Cosmetics 26
  33. 33. April 2012 | 33   Sunscreen  for  adults  
  34. 34. April 2012 | Smark | Brands & CommunitiesSunscreen for adults. Performance arguments 34   Top  Brands     mentioned  when  people  talk  about  the  Performance   of  the  sunscreen  products   Negative  associations   Elmiplant 10   2 Positive  associations   Nivea 10 •  Nivea,  Iwostin  and  Avene  are  the  brands  whose  sunscreen   Iwostin 9 performance  people  appreciate  the  most.       •  Iwostin  ‘s  position    was  mainly  driven  by  a  campaign  which   Avene 8 promoted  Iwostin’s  sunscreen  set  of  products  via  women’  and   La  Roche  Posay 1   7 lifestyle  blogs  in  June  2011.  Some  of  the  blogs  also  organized  a   series  of  competition  to  win    Iwostin    Solecrin  products,  which   Garnier 7 caused  many  positive  reactions  in  the  on-­‐line  environment.   •  Elmiplant  stands  out    as  the  brand,  whose  performance  is   Bioderma 7 strongly  criticized.  All  the  negative  references  revolve  around   SkinCeuticals   4 the  fact  that  the  product  offers  no  real  sun  protection  and   causes  sunburns.   L  Oreal 4 Eucerin 4 Clarins 4
  35. 35. April 2012 | Smark | Brands & CommunitiesSunscreen for adults. Features arguments Negative  associations   Positive  associations   35   Associations  with  brands   “About  Iwostin:  Sunscreen  spray,  waterproof,  SPF  30+.  This  one  has   Products  equipped     Iwostin   5   become  my  favorite.  Yes,  you  read  it  right    :  )    it’s  much  easier  to   with  spray   21 Nivea   3   apply,  thanks  to  the  spray,  has  a  lighter  consistency,  gets  into  skin   Avon   2   fast  and  makes  the  skin  look  dewy  ..  A  healthy  glow,  so  to  speak.     Garnier   2   ¾  from  these  persons   “You  combine  them  in  your  palm  and  you  apply  the  mix  (this  is  how   Products  preferred  in   prefer  to  combine  the  use   18 I  do  it)  or  you  apply  the  cream,  wait  until  it  gets  into  the  skin,  after   combination  with   of  the  sunscreen  product   which  you  apply  olive  oil  on  your  skin”         natural  oils   with  olive  oil.     “I  recommend  Piz  Buin  products  to  the  ladies  who  are  very  keen  on   Good  price  -­‐  quality  ratio   12 No    brand  stands  out   the  products’  quality,  but  who  are  not  willing  to  pay  too  much  on  a   cream.   And  if  you  are  already  tanned,  I  recommend  you  Nivea  products”   “Monica,  of  course  there  are  bio  sun  lotions,  which  are  parabens-­‐free  of  course.  They  also  have  no  perfume  and  no   parafNin.  But  usually  the  main  active  ingredient  which  ensures  the  sun  protection  is  the  titan  oxide  or  the  zinc  oxide.   These  present  an  average  environment  risk,  but  are  accepted  in  the  bio  products  also,  because  are  the  most  efNicient   Organic  products   7 ingredients  in  protecting  against  UV  sunrays.    It  seems  there  are  no  plant-­‐based  products  which  can  offer  this  kind  of   protection  and  after  all,  this  is  the  purpose  of  the  sun  lotions…  In  terms  of  brands,  among  the  products  which  can  be   found  in  Romania,  I  can  recommend  Lavera  and  Aubrey  Organics,  which  have  sunscreen  products.  “    “I  use  a  combination  of  oils,  specially  prepared  by  me:  olive  oil   The  majority  of  the  people   with  oily  vitamin  A,  sea  buckthorn  oil,  all  other  oils  which  fall  in   preferring  only  natural   Natural  alternatives   my  hands  and  vitamin  E.  It  moisturizes  the  skin  very  well,  it’s  cheap   products  use  olive  oil  to  get   preferred   26 and  very  good.  I  know  what  it  contains,  plus  the  tan  you  get  by   a  nice  tan.  Other  options   using  it  is  incredible.  It  has  a  special  golden  hue.  I  recommend  this   are:  sea  buckthorn  oil  ,   combination  to  everybody.”     beer  and  shea  butter.  
  36. 36. April 2012 | Smark | Brands & CommunitiesSunscreen for adults. Reliability arguments 36   •  People  using  sunscreen  products  do  not  seem  to  especially  appreciate  the  reliability  of  these  products.    Safety  and  trust  are   probably  concepts  or  associations  users  may  take  for  granted,  when  they  are  satisKied  with  a  sunscreen  products   •  In  the  set  of  negative  references,  there  are  complaints  about  the  sunscreen  products’  reliability.  There  are  two  lines  people  talk   about:   Lack  of  trust     Products  can   in  products   cause  cancer   Negative  associations   Positive  associations   11   7   “Anyway,  in  my  opinion,  the  recommendations  coming  from   dermatologists  are  relative,  because  there  are  a  lot  of  companies  using   “Hi  Monica,  I  read  the  article  you  posted  and  indeed  I  also  understood   specialists  to  advertise  and  promote  their  own  products,  thanks  to  the   that  the  sunscreen  products  can  cause  cancer,  but  this  thing  is   degree  of  trust  the  consumers  have  in  these  doctors.  For  now,  I  don’t   available  for  the  products  which  are  not  organic.   know  if  your  dermatologist  falls  into  this  category.  Personally,  I  wouldn’t   As  far  as  I  read,  the  sunscreen  products  such  as  Nivea,  Vichy,  Garnier   use  Vichy  products  and  I  will  never  trust  the  dermatologist  who  will   have  such  a  composition  which  gets  well  into  the  skin  and  protects  the   recommend  these  products  to  me.”       skin  under  epidermis,  letting  all  UV  rays  to  get  into  epidermis  and  thus       activating  the  cancer  cells.         “Hello,     On  the  other  hand,  organic  sunscreen  products  do  not  get  well  into  the   Be  careful  with  the  sunscreen  products.  They  were  proved  to  be   skin  (that’s  why  there  is  a  whitish  look  after  you  apply  it)  and  the   carcinogenic  and  are  still  available  on  the  market,  despite  all  of  this.   protection  is  effective    on  the  skin  surface.     Here  you  have  more  details:     This  is  the  major  difference  between  them,  as  far  as  I  know.  But  I  don’t   http://www.doctorating.ro/stiri_detail.php?id=358”   know  what’s  the  thing  with  the  foundation  cream.  I  don’t  know  if  the     organic  ones  are  protecting  better  the  facial  complexion  against  the  UV   “Well  said….  About  olive  oil  …  this  is  more  or  less  …  but  I  don’t  really   rays  rather  than  the  ones  we  Nind  in  stores.”   trust  those  sunscreen  products  …  “  
  37. 37. April 2012 | Smark | Brands & CommunitiesSunscreen for adults. Aesthetics arguments 37   Sunscreen  is  sticky,  does  not  get  well  into   Sunscreen  is  oil  free,  gets  well  into  the  skin   the  skin,  makes  the  skin  look  oily   Number  of  references       Number  of  times  each  brand  got  associated  with   Number  of  times  each  brand  got  associated  with:   •     Vichy  (2  times)   •   Avene  (2  times)   Iwostin 3 •     La  Roche  Posay  (1  time)   6 16   La  Roche  Posay 3 Uriage 2 Negative  associations   Positive  associations   “Hello,  can  you  recommend  me  a  face  cream  with  a  minimum  SPF  of  50  for   “As  a  main  idea,  there  is  no  big  difference  between  SPF  30  and  SPF  50.    But   an  oily  complexion?  I  tried  Avene  50+  last  year,  but  my  complexion  looked   if  you  choose  Vichy  with  SPF  50  with  no  oily  effect,  buy  the  ultra-­‐Nluid   too  oily,  like  it  was  shining.  I  don’t  think  there  is  a  problem  for  me  if  the   emulsion  with  a  SPF  50+.  It  leaves  no  whitish  look,  it  is  not  sticky  and  has  no   cream  leaves  white  spots,  for  me  it  is  important  that  the  cream  is  not   perfume.  It  is  very  good,  I  bought  it  for  my  mother  last  year,  as  she  had  the   colored  per  se.  The  bottom  line  is  that  I  want  to  have  a  white  ghost  facial   same  demands  as  you  had.“   complexion.  And  I  am  willing  to  pay  maximum  60  lei  for  it.  Thanks!”               “I  used  two  products  from  La  Roche  Posay  Anthelios:  that  Nluid  lotion  for   “I  also  bought  Anthelios  50+,  but  it  is  sticky  …  However,  I  think  all  these   mixed  complexion,  which  is  not  sticky;  however  I  didn’t  like  the  fact  that  it   with  SPF  50+  are  sticky  ..  I  remain  loyal  to  my  Anthelios.  Specially  if    Dia   was  too  Nluid,  compared  to  the  second  cream  I  bought  recently  and  which  I   too  says  Vichy  is  sticky.     enjoyed  more:  a  melt-­‐in  cream  also  from  La  Roche,  with  a  SPF  50+.”   Have  you  ever  used  Anthelios  for  face?  It’s  like  a  Nluid  emulsion  ..     Something  like  this….  I  am  thinking  of  buying  it  for  me,  but  I  wish  it  weren’t   “I  recommend  Nivea  with  SPF  30  for  body,  it’s  great,  I  never  get  sun  burned,   sticky…  “   it  smells  nice,  it’s  moisturizing,  had  no  pimps  when  I  used  it,  even  if    I  react     really  easily  to  other  products.  For  facial  complexion  I  would  recommend   “During  my  pregnancy,  I  used  a  Vichy  sun  lotion  and  I  didn’t  like  it.  I  felt  it   Bioderma,  I  only  heard  good  things  about  them,  or  Avene  –  this  is  what  I   was  really  oily  and  it  seemed  like  I  had  a  mask  on  my  face.  I  chose  La  Roche   am  using  now  –  they  have  that  emulsion  for  oily  /  mixed  /  sensitive  facial   Posay  from  these  two“     complexion,  I  don’t  get  sun  burned,  it  protects  me  from  the  wind  or  other   things”  
  38. 38. April 2012 | 38   Takeaway
  39. 39. April 2012 | Smark | Brands & CommunitiesTakeaway 39   •  Brand communities are fueled by passion. What will drive branded communities? •  Data overload should keep being the most important obstacle for brand Marke3ng   managers •  “Closed communities” •  Fragmentation of brand communities will Third   Sales   persist and even increase as the cost of Party   the supporting infrastructure is decreasing •  Research can help identify key members Customer   PR   of the communities but is most powerful Service   when applied to identify opinions and in- group hierarchies
  40. 40. April 2012 | 40   Q&A Thank you! /DaedalusMillwardBrown Andrei.Iordache @ daedalusmb.ro