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Colorado  DeMolay_ Yearbook_ 2011-2012
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Colorado DeMolay_ Yearbook_ 2011-2012






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Colorado DeMolay_ Yearbook_ 2011-2012 Document Transcript

  • 1. 2
  • 2. 84th Annual Conclave Winter Park Mountain LodgeJune 28-July 1, 2012 Contents: DeMolay Life 4 Chapters 19 Awards & Honors 29 State Line 37 Sweethearts 45 EO & Advisors 51 The Year Ahead 57 Masonic Supporters 63 Other Supporters 97 Boosters 106 Acknowledgements 107 3
  • 3. Run your car4
  • 4. Off the side of the road 5
  • 5. Get stuck in a ditch6
  • 6. Way out in the middle of nowhere 7
  • 7. Well man, I’ve been there8
  • 8. Or get yourself in a bind 9
  • 9. Lose the shirt off your back r reve e Fo s ar m ond tÄÄ Dia àU fãxxà{xtÜ10
  • 10. Need a floor007 11
  • 11. Need a couch12
  • 12. Need a bus fare007 13
  • 13. Man, I’ve been there14
  • 14. You find out who your friends are 15
  • 15. 16
  • 16. Colorado Chapters 17
  • 17. 18
  • 18. 19
  • 19. 20
  • 20. 21
  • 21. 22
  • 22. 23
  • 23. 24
  • 24. 25
  • 25. 26
  • 26. 27
  • 27. 28
  • 28. 29
  • 29. 30
  • 30. Honors & AwardsAn award - is an achievement to be worked toward, a goal or a recog- nition to be earned. You can apply for an award.An honor - is granted without the recipient knowing about it until it is announced. DeMolay honors must be voted on by the ISC as a whole. 31
  • 31. One of the most prestigious awards in all of DeMolay, the Past Master CouncilorsMeritorious Service Award, was designed by our founder, "Dad" Frank S. Land.The award itself is an attractive gold-colored medal and is granted withoutcharge. Qualifying for the PMC-MSA is an exercise in good program planning. 2011 Recipients Tim Zumalt - Broomfield Lawrence Mack - Arapahoe Zach Bush - ColumbineThe Degree of Chevalier is the highest honor that an active DeMolay can re-ceive. This honor also may be granted to a Senior DeMolay. The Degree is acitation for outstanding and marked DeMolay activity and labor. 2011 Recipients Zach Bush - Columbine Sean Finn - Aurora J.D. Gile - High Plains Jake Lord - High Plains Lawrence Mack - ArapahoeThe Representative DeMolay Award is the highest self-achievement awardActive and Senior DeMolays can earn. Its a self-assessment program where youprogress toward goals you set for yourself. You complete a detailed survey ofyour interests, achievements, general knowledge and habits. 2011 Recipients Zach Bush - Columbine Benny Nandin - Colorado Springs Keith Chandler - AuroraJurisdiction Awards - 2011Chapter of the Year Colorado Springs ChapterAdvisor of the Year Tom & Kris ZumaltSweetheart of the Year April Allen32
  • 32. 2011 Majority Recipients Jeremy Fairchild - Broomfield Sean Finn - Aurora Nick Guzzo - Millennium Andrew Rutter - Columbine R.T. Weaver - Aurora Community Service Award Aurora Chapter Mr. Conclave Justin SingletonSweetheart Test Award Recipients Dad Keith Chandler Jonathan Hollandsworth Dillon Dick Jayuan JonesHonorary Past State Sweethearts Alyssa Allen Mom Chris Wempe 33
  • 33. Colorado DeMolay Ritual Tournament 2012 Competition ResultsFlower Talk 1st Place, Tim Zumalt - Broomfield 2nd Place, Lawrence Mack - ArapahoeCeremony Of Light 1st Place, Lawrence Mack - Arapahoe 2nd Place, Alex Hollandsworth - BroomfieldCeremony of Light - Team 1st Place, Arapahoe 2nd Place, High PlainsDeMolay Degree/Jacques DeMolay 1st Place, Alex Hollandsworth - BroomfieldDeMolay Degree/Master Inquisitor 1st Place, Jonathan Hollandsworth - BroomfieldDeMolay Degree/Orator 1st Place, Zach Zumalt - Broomfield34
  • 34. Initiatory Degree/Marshal 1st Place, Jonathan Hollandsworth - BroomfieldInitiatory Degree/Master Councilor 1st Place, Alex Hollandsworth - Broomfield 2nd Place, Dom Barrera - ArapahoeChapter Proficiency - Chaplain 1st Place, Alex Hollandsworth - Broomfield 2nd Place, Zach Zumalt - Broomfield 3rd Place, Mason Sellars - Golden ChapterChapter Proficiency - Master Councilor 1st Place, Jonathan Hollandsworth - Broomfield 2nd Place, Lawrence Mack - ArapahoeFourth Section/Master Councilor 1st Place, Alex Hollandsworth - BroomfieldObligations Nathan Burns - ArapahoePreceptor 4th 1st Place, Mason Sellars - Golden 35
  • 35. 36
  • 36. 37
  • 37. 2011 Chevalier’s - J.D. Gile, Lawrence Mack, Sean Finn, Zach Bush, Jake Lord 2011 Majority Members - R.T. Weaver, Andrew Rutter, Nick Guzzo, Sean Finn, Jeremy Fairchild38
  • 38. What Relay Means… I walked to the track not sure what to expect. I left the track with a deep, sincere respect. I watched so many walk lap after lap, Some stopped for while to grab a quick nap. Most were lost in memories and thoughts of someone dear, Thinking of the loved ones pain and fear. For me as I walked I thought of my hero, my Mother, But as I walked a little more, I thought of so many others. I thought of the friends I met as part of this event, I thought of others who were in Heaven as God sent. I thought of the love and dedication of the committee of Relay, How their actions speak so much louder than words could say. This disease called cancer is hated by so many, A cure will be found with each and every penny. Our path was lit by those who are fighting and those who fought, In each Luminaria, was someone loved and something special taught. So what does Relay for Life now mean to me? It means the fight must go on until everyone is free. It means that survivors, caregivers and believers like us all, Can walk around a track standing proud and tall.We look cancer in the eye and say without fear, A cure to end you is so very, very near. Tanya Scott June 12, 2012 39
  • 39. 40
  • 40. State Line 41
  • 41. 42
  • 42. Dear Colorado DeMolay, I am honored to have served this organization on the state line forthree years, and I am greatly looking forward to being your State MasterCouncilor and helping you this year. We had some awesome events thispast year and I have planned some exciting events for this year. I am look-ing forward to working with and getting to know all of the Colorado chap-ters as we push this year to its full potential! With your help, DeMolay cangrow and reach new heights. To tell you a little about myself, I will be a sophomore at ColoradoState University this fall. Being Deputy State Master Councilor this pastyear has given me the opportunity to learn how best to balance school andDeMolay so I can be prepared for this year. Since I have been part of theWestern Slope and am now a part of the Front Range, I look forward toconnecting chapters across the state and promoting brotherhood. DeMolay is a brotherhood. The individuals are what make the or-ganization; so let’s work together to make this year the best it can be! 43
  • 43. 44
  • 44. 45
  • 45. Year Past State Master Councilor Chapter2012 Lawrence Mack Arapahoe2010-2011 Dom Barrera Millennium2009-2010 Nick Guzzo Millennium2008-2009 Ory Newman Broomfield2007-2008 James Reiter Colorado Springs2006-2007 Austin Hinkle Colorado Springs2005-2006 Nathaniel Crask Broomfield2004-2005 Tristin Murphy Millenium2003-2004 Kyle Murphy Millenium2002-2003 Steven Rousell Broomfield2001-2002 Joshua Hoyle Broomfield2000-2001 Abe Pilato Poudre Valley1999-2000 Brandon Duncan Englewood1998-1999 Glen Brown Colorado Springs1997-1998 Clinton (C.W.) Garrett Englewood1996-1997 Matt Bucher Colorado Springs1995-1996 Tyler Chesher Englewood1995 Travis Graves Greeley1994-1995 Dale Lundgren Lakewood1993-1994 Michael Foster Aurora1992-1993 Bernie Lehman Broomfield1991-1992 Stephen Brothers Aurora1990-1991 Herbert Carr Columbine1989-1990 Marc Seter Broomfield1988-1989 Roger Wilson Longmont1987-1988 Greg Greenstreet Lamar1986-1987 Kyle Taylor Longmont1985-1986 Bob Screws Arvada46
  • 46. Year Past State Master Councilor Chapter1984-1985 Chris Hochmuth Columbine1983-1984 Randy (Rand) Ahrens Englewood1982-1983 Keith Loring Columbine1981-1982 Alan Arney Lakewood1980-1981 James Hursch Englewood1979-1980 Tim Riggle Columbine1978-1979 Bob Cornellie Columbine1977-1978 Jeff Bush Columbine1976-1977 Charley Rastle Mile Hi1975-1976 Rick Jewert Poudre Valley1974-1975 Dave Schachterle Mile Hi1973-1974 Doug Ahrens Englewood1972-1973 Mark Wilson Denver1971-1972 Bob Hoyle Broomfield1970-1971 Randall Beeson Aurora1969-1970 Kent Gould Boulder1968-1969 Donald Inkin Mile Hi1967-1968 Tom Montel Fort Morgan1966-1967 Tom Selders Greeley1965-1966 John Lamb Fellowship1964-1965 Charles Larsen Fellowship1963-1964 Steve Dillman Boulder1962-1963 Douglas Kelly Arvada1961-1962 Ronald Blumberg Grand Mesa1960-1961 Craig Eckhard Lakewood1959-1960 Bill Weakley Sterling1958-1959 Max Timmons Columbine1957-1958 John Goetz Fort Morgan 47
  • 47. Year Past State Master Councilor Chapter1956-1957 Christian Johnson Boulder1955-1956 Wayne Cheedle Columbine1954-1955 Gene Frankbery Arvada1953-1954 Bryon McGlothlin Valley1952-1953 Paul Kopecky Denver1951-1952 Michael Straver Colorado Springs1950-1951 Max Shelf Canon City1949-1950 Dean Carpenter Greeley1948-1949 Jack Blackmarr Boulder1947-1948 Wayne Jurgens Longmont1946-1947 William Tilson Canon City1945-1946 Tracey Heatwhol Keystone1944-1945 Donald Ramstetter Golden1943-1944 John Wilson Fellowship1942-1943 Dale Miller Greeley1941-1942 James Esterly Gunnison1940-1941 Kenneth Rupe Pueblo1939-1940 Fred Siebert Columbine1938-1939 John Lovett Trinidad1937-1938 Wynn Bostrom Wray1936-1937 George Robb Golden1935-1936 Fritz Royal Valley1934-1935 Lee Sneddon Salida1933-1934 Weldon Bentson Boulder1932-1933 James Ellis Greeley1931-1932 James Groves1930-1931 Clifford Churchill Denver1929-1930 Paul West Pueblo48
  • 48. Sweethearts 49
  • 49. 50
  • 50. 51
  • 51. Year Past State Sweethearts Chapter2010-2011 Angela Wempe High Plains2009-2010 Lainey Anselmo Broomfield2008-2009 Jerica Barton Millennium2007-2008 Ashley Sabartinelli Colorado Springs2006-2007 Katelin Holloway Aurora2005-2006 Alex Davis Broomfield2004-2005 Stephanie Miller Colorado Springs2003-2004 Shannon Wells Aurora2002-2003 Brittany Crask Murphy Broomfield2000-2001 Ashleigh Neumann Trabert Aurora1999-2000 Nicole Felton Pilato Poudre Valley1998-1999 Angela DeSautell Monte Vista1997-1998 Tara Graves Hoffner Poudre Valley1996-1997 Taryn Johnson Hybeck Englewood1995-1996 Julie Foster Wright Aurora1995 Aimee Atkins Berry Lakewood1994-1995 Aimee Atkins Berry Lakewood1993-1994 Renee Purswell Rutherford Wheat Ridge1992-1993 Ester Lawton Poudre Valley1991-1992 Jeni Warren Lehman Poudre Valley1990-1991 Wendy Wilson Longmont1989-1990 Sarah Speights Ehn Lamar1988-1989 Julie Watkins Duff Arvada1987-1988 Laree Deitrich Lamar1986-1987 Teri Flick Key Columbine1985-1986 Jeannette Snidow Piel1984-1985 Martha Hancock Velasquez52
  • 52. Year Past State Sweetheart Chapter1983-1984 Jennifer Hunter Torres1982-1983 Shelly Waide Rios Loveland1981-1982 Jodi Graham Burnett Boulder1980-1981 Sarah Lorenz Feichtinger1979-1980 Janet Crow1978-1979 Carrie Castle1977-1978 Tamara Schmidt1973-1974 Debi Koerner Ahrens1971-1972 Carol Weisgerber Longmont1970-1971 Debbie Dean Longmont1969-1970 Debbie Culp Hunziker Lakewood1968-1969 Barbara Bergess Denver1967-1968 Rhonda Jones Monte Vista1966-1967 Nadine Adams Longmont1965-1966 Dandy Keeler Longmont1964-1965 Janet Boyd Greeley1963-1964 Cyndy Schaefer Mile Hi1962-1963 Winnie Wellein Wheat Ridge1961-1962 Georgia Bonham Pueblo1960-1961 Jeanene Lowder Center1959-1960 Karen Soyster Canyon City1958-1959 Judy Walkins Sterling1957-1958 Susan Barnhart Sterling1956-1957 Evenly Wilson Columbine1955-1956 Kay Hicks Golden1954-1955 Vivian Bruner Columbine1953-1954 Callie Ward Grand Mesa 53
  • 53. 54
  • 54. Executive Officer & Advisors 55
  • 55. Dad Gary Mueller56
  • 56. 57
  • 57. 58
  • 58. Guild of the Leather Apron/Advisor of the YearThe Advisor of the Year honor is designed to give singularrecognition to a DeMolay Advisor who in the past year has madeoutstanding contributions to the growth and success of theOrder. The Advisor is one who exemplifies the ideals andprecepts of the Order of DeMolay in daily life as well as in his orher work with the young men in DeMolay. 2011 Recipients Dad Tom Zumalt - Broomfield Mom Kris Zumalt - Broomfield Cross of HonorAn Advisor who wears the Cross of Honor has received adistinctive honor that can only be given by DeMolayInternational to a member of an Advisory Council or a personalrepresentative of an Executive Officer. It denotes three or moreyears of conspicuous meritorious service to a Chapter or jurisdiction, andexceptionally outstanding efforts on behalf of DeMolay. 2011 Recipients Dad John Gile - High Plains Dad Todd Thompson - High Plains Mom Laura Lewis - High Plains Meritorious Service Award Mom Linda Chandler Mom Chris Wempe 59
  • 59. 60
  • 60. The Year Ahead…. 61
  • 61. 62
  • 62. 63
  • 63. 64
  • 64. 65
  • 65. 66
  • 66. MasonicSupporters 67
  • 67. 68
  • 68. 69
  • 69. 70
  • 70. 71
  • 71. DENVER-Colorado COMMANDERY No. 1 Knights Templar SUPPORTS COLORADO DEMOLAY Best Wishes for a Successful Conclave!72
  • 72. 73
  • 73. 74
  • 74. Since 1863 Union Lodge #7 has saluted the American Flag. Now we salute “these young men, so soon to become thecitizens by whose patriotism its honor must be defended” as they gather for the Colorado DeMolay 2012 Conclave Union Lodge #7, AF&AM Chartered November 3, 1863 Constituted November 20, 1863 2nd and 4th Saturdays, 6 p.m. 1614 Welton Street Denver, Colorado Born in Conflict, Dwelling in Unity 75
  • 75. Silver Star Chapter #40, Montrose Would like to Honor: Patricia Andrea Associate Grand Matron Karen Hinton, Grand Ruth Wishing Colorado DeMolay another year of Success!76
  • 76. 77
  • 77. 78
  • 78. 79
  • 79. Don’t be too timid and squeamish about your actions. All Life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better. Ralph Waldo Emerson80
  • 80. Southern Colorado ConsistoryAncient and Accepted Scottish Rite Of Freemasonry 1150 Panorama Drive Colorado Springs CongratulationsColorado Springs DeMolay Chapter And Colorado DeMolay On your year of Growth. 81
  • 81. 82
  • 82. Colorado Springs Shrine Club Wishes the Members of Colorado DeMolay a Great Year! Have a good time at Conclave.The Colorado Springs Shrine is located at the corner of 33rd Street and Pikes Peak Avenue in Colorado Springs. If you live in the Colorado Springs area and dont happen to belong to the Club, give us a call at 719-632-3881 and stop by to see the facility . 83
  • 83. Colorado Springs Lodge No 76 A.F. & A.M. Congratulations Colorado Springs DeMolay on a great year. Have fun at Conclave! Good Luck Colorado DeMolay in the upcoming year.84
  • 84. 85
  • 85. 86
  • 86. 87
  • 87. 88
  • 88. 89
  • 89. 90
  • 90. 91
  • 91. 92
  • 92. 93
  • 93. 94
  • 94. 95
  • 95. 96
  • 96. 97
  • 97. 98
  • 98. 99
  • 99. 100
  • 100. 101
  • 101. 102
  • 102. Other Supporters 103
  • 103. 104
  • 104. McKesson is ranked 15th on theFORTUNE 500 with more than $112.1billion in annual revenue. The companydelivers vital medicines, medical suppliesand health care information technologysolutions that touch the lives of patientsin every health care setting. The depthand breadth of the company’s productand service offerings, coupled with thelargest customer base in the health careindustry, uniquely position McKesson tomeet the needs of its customers.Headquartered in San Francisco,California, McKesson is America’s oldestand largest healthcare services company.We employ more than 32,500 peoplearound the world. Wishing the members and friends of Colorado DeMolay an enjoyable and memorable Conclave session. 105
  • 105. CEmbroidery SColorado Springs Embroidery, Inc. Embroidery ~ Screen Printing ~ Leather Work ~ Promotional Products Kurt Murray-Cameron 212 Buchanan Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80907 Phone (719) 633-1130 Fax (719) 633-1356 Cell (719) 460-7510 cosembroidery@yahoo.com106
  • 106. 107
  • 107. Brown’s Compounding Center is Colorado’s premier compounding pharmacy, providing customized prescriptions for patients since 2004. We are a full service compounding pharmacy offering treatment options in Customized Hormone Replacement, veterinary medicine, pediatric medicine, pain management, injectables, aseptic/sterile compounds and much more. We are able to bill many insurances and offer free mail out delivery. Brown’s Compounding Center “Making medications that fit our patients.”108
  • 108. 109
  • 109. 110
  • 110. 111
  • 111. 112
  • 112. 113
  • 113. Landry Cleaning House cleaning & business cleaning. Move in and move outs. 8 years of experience. Licensed and insured. Call Liz Landry 719- 235-7112114
  • 114. 115
  • 115. DeMo lay Boosters Best Wishes for a Successful Conclave from Dawn #125, OES *** Colorado DeMolay Have a great time at Conclave! The Higgins ***Congratulations Colorado Demolay!! You were great this year!! Taylor Sellars *** May DeMolay continue to grow and become the organization it is meant to be. Conger- Matthew Conger-Eldeen *** Mom Bierhaus *** Mason, You rocked it, this year! So PROUD! Aunt Jessie *** Congrats on a great year. Have another one this year! Wayne Wells116
  • 116. Acknowledgements I would like to thank the following individuals for their assistance in completingthe Yearbook. With special thanks to the hard working youth and adults who solicitedads for this publication. Through your efforts we surpassed last years ad sales and 8people went to Conclave for FREE. I would also like to acknowledge and thankLawrence Mack for his help and support. It was greatly appreciated.Mom Karen AnselmoYearbook Coordinator, 2011-2012DeMolay Life Pictures courtesy of: Mom Pam Gale Dad Tom Zumalt Mom Kellie SellarsColorado Chapter Pages Thanks to the following Chapters for submitting yearbook pages: Arapahoe Chapter Broomfield Chapter Columbine Chapter Golden Chapter High Plains ChapterHonors & Awards Special thanks to: Dad Pilato for submission of the Competition resultsState Line Thank you to the elected officers who submitted yearbook pages and for those of you who sold yearbook ads an even bigger Thank You!!Sweethearts Many thanks to Angela and the sweethearts for submitting pages for this section.The Year Ahead Thank you Zach Bush for providing information for the coming year. Thanks to EVERYONE who supported Colorado DeMolay by purchasing ads in this publication! A HUGE thank you to Dad Mueller for turning the yearbook into an online flipbook. Enjoy! 117
  • 117. This publication acknowledges authority and yields allegiance to the International Supreme Council of the Order of DeMolay, whose see is at Kansas City, in the state of Missouri, United States of America, of which Frank S. Land was founder and Gary Mueller, Executive Officer for the Jurisdiction of Colorado.118