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The New Hands On Dad Modern Media Man (M3) Summit
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The New Hands On Dad Modern Media Man (M3) Summit


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M3 Presentation from Mom Central and Dad Central Consulting, featuring the new Hands On Dad.

M3 Presentation from Mom Central and Dad Central Consulting, featuring the new Hands On Dad.

Published in: Business

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  • 1. The New “Hands On Dad”™
    Stacy DeBroff
    John Porcaro
  • 2. Huge Growth in the MomSphere…
    • The number of Mom Bloggers has grown exponentially over the past five years from less than 50 to millions.
    • 3. Brands now spend over $500,000 on robust social media campaigns, where they tested the waters with $500.
    • 4. The stage has been set for the rise of the new Dad Influencer…
  • 5. Who We Are
    • Specialize in Marketing to Moms and Dads
    • 6. Help companies develop meaningful conversations, connections, and communities with Moms and Dads
    • 7. Reach Moms and Dads and engage them in powerful word-of-mouth programs: Ambassadors, viral marketing across social media platforms, geo-targeted events
    • 8. Moms and Dads take action and recommend your brand, fueling brand awareness, engagement, product trial, and sales
    • 9. Work with over 200 national brands
    • 10. Breadth of consulting services, including research and social media strategy and listening, for start-up and established brands
    • 11. Offices in US and Canada
  • 12. But First – What is Influencer Marketing in Action
    The Best In the World: Oprah
  • 13. She Recommends a Product and People Embrace it
  • 14. It Doesn’t Matter the Platform She’s On
    Do you even know what network her TV show airs on?
  • 15. Her Passion Translates into Millions in Sales
  • 16. Mom and Dad Influencers Operate as a Microcosm of Oprah
  • 17. 3,143 Followers
    4,432,934 VisitorsAlexa Rank: 334,256
    Nashville eZineAlexa Rank: 758,438
    Facebook Group
    607 Members
    How Does Lindsay Ferrier Reach Moms?
    Alexa Rank: 125,575
    634,403 VisitorsAlexa Rank: 1,089,037
    Alexa Rank: 49,673
    Alexa Rank: 103,265
    Featured Mom Blog
    Alexa Rank: 4,073
    Nashville Newspaper
    Alexa Rank: 66,483
    399 Friends
  • 18. Brands Recognize the Value of Influencer Marketing
  • 19. Meet the First Dad Influencer: Paul Revere
    The British are coming!!!
  • 20. End Result: An Accelerated Market for Dads
  • 21. www.DadCentralConsulting.com13
  • 22. Influencer Marketing in Use: The Xbox Case Study 14
  • 23. Who Are The Gamers?
    • Not just “teenagers” playing videogames
    Average age: 34
    • Not only guys
    60% male, 40% female
    • Not just playing violent videogames
    60% of videogames sold are rated EC, E, or E10+
    • Not just playing alone
    Half of parents in America play videogames with theirchildren at least once a week
    • There is no “one kind of gamer.” 15
  • 24. Find the Influencers 16
  • 25. Provide Something Worth Talking About 17
  • 26. Inside Access 18
  • 27. Turn Influencers into Brand Ambassadors 19
  • 28. Get Involved Locally 20
  • 29. www.DadCentralConsulting.com21
  • 30. Dad Influencers On the Rise 22
  • 31. Dads Defined: The Past
    Lots of free time with friends
    Long day, tedious work
    Wife, One kid, and a Dinosaur 23
  • 32. Dads Defined: The Future
    Wife, Two Kids, a Dog
    (and a robot nanny)
    Working in the Office 9-5
    Responsible Family Automobile
    Relaxing at Home 24
  • 33. Who Are Today’s Dads?
    • August 2010 study by Dad Central Consulting
    • 34. Over 700 members of the Dad Central Consulting Testing Panel with children at home under the age of 18 25
  • 35. The “Hands On Dad”™
    • 97% feel being a Dad influences how they make purchase decisions.
    • 36. 95% believe their criteria for purchases now gets influenced by the needs and interests of their family.
    • 37. 90% say being a Dad influences whom they trust when seeking advice.
    • 38. 84% of Dads now purchase a much broader set of consumer products than before becoming a parent.
    • 39. 46% report being less likely to make impulse decision. 26
  • 40. The “Dad Lens”™ Influences Purchases
    80% of Dads feel they make purchases through a “Dad Lens.”™
    Dad Lens
    Dad & Me Lens
    Me Lens
    Home Entertainment
    Major Household Products
    Home Computing
    Sporting Events
    Financial Services 27
  • 41. Who Dads Trust Most for Advice
    When asked to rank who they trust the most for advice about family purchases, an overwhelming number of Dads (88%) said they trusted their wife, spouse, or partner the most (top 3). 28
  • 42. Who Dads Trust Most
    Dads trust different sources of information depending on what they are purchasing,
    • Household: Wife/Spouse/Partner, Parents, Product Ratings & Recommendations.
    • 43. Sports: Other Dads, Friends
    • 44. Technology: Other Dads, Product Ratings & Recommendations, Magazine articles, Friends
    • 45. Auto: Other Dads
    • 46. Games: Their Children
    • 47. Appliances: Wife/Spouse/Partner
    • 48. Finance: Wife/Spouse/Partner, Parents
    • 49. Gifts: Wife/Spouse/Partner, Moms 29
  • 50. Dads Trust Other Dads
    Dads trust other Dads for first-hand advice when it comes to parenting their children and purchase decisions for their family and household items.
    Dads also trust other Dads more than any other source of information for advice when purchasing in the fields of sports, technology and auto.
    57% 30
  • 51. How Dads Connect with Other Dads
    Dads connect with fellow Dads through a variety of ways both offline and online. 80% of Dads say they most commonly connect through one-on-one conversations: 31
  • 52. Dads’ Purchases After Consulting Other Dads 32
  • 83. Power of Dads Twitter Meetup
    Q1: How has being a Dad changed your life?
    Less leisure time, time and money focus on family, just about everything…
    Q2: What influenced purchases before?
    Wants, desires, friends, impulse…
    Q3: What influences purchases now?
    Family needs, children, spouse, budget…
    Q4: Where do you go for advice?
    Wife, family, Internet, reviews, other Dads…
    Q5: How do you connect with other Dads?
    Online, at games, school events, church…
    Q6: What was the last purchase you made after consulting another parent?
    Car seat, Xbox, swing set, sheetrock, bike, laptop, beer, camera, table saw, diapers…
    One hour: Aug 25, 12-1 PM EDT
    1,500+ Tweets
    100,454 followers reached
    1.6 million impressions
    Power of Dads Twitter Meetup 33
  • 84. Whit Honea in Action
    10,000 Visitors
    48,000 Visitors
    617 Friends
    Featured Blogger
    Featured Blogger
    Featured Dad Blog
    Featured Blogger
    Featured Blogger
  • 85. Jason Bean in Action: Gatorade 35
  • 86. Muskrat in Action: Ralph Lauren 36
  • 87. The Emergent Dad Influencer
  • 88. Key Takeaways
    • Market has been proven by Mom Influencers
    • 89. Brands have embraced Influencer marketing
    • 90. A new Hands on Dad™ has emerged and shifted perceptions through the Dad Lens™
    • 91. Dads are Influencers with strong audiences and reach
    • 92. We are at the start of an exciting, dynamic and nascent influencer vertical
  • 93. We look forward to working with you in the future. Thank you for coming out this morning and listening to our presentation.
    The Mom & Dad Central Team
  • 94. 77 Chapel Street
    Newton, MA 02458
    617.244.3002 | Facebook: Dad Central | Twitter: DadCentral