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Talk Fusion - Contact Manager
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Talk Fusion - Contact Manager


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  • 1. FONTS:
  • 2. LET’S GET STARTED! 1. Log in to your Video Communication Center, and click the Contact Manager tab. CONTACT MANAGER WELCOME TO THE TALK FUSION CONTACT MANAGER TUTORIAL With 24/7 access to your Video Communication Center and Contact Manager, you can send Video Emails and Video Newsletters, invite participants to a Video Conference or Live Broadcast with Talk Fusion CONNECT, and build your email lists anytime, in just a few simple steps! You can also update your profile, upgrade your Monthly Subscription Plan and customize your Automatic Opt-In Confirmation Email, all from the same location in your Video Message Center!
  • 3. 2. This is your easy-to-use all-in- one Contact Manager. Here, you can add individual or groups of contacts, create and edit folders, upgrade your Monthly Subscription Plan and more! Let’s begin by personalizing your account profile, and taking a look at everything the Contact Manager can do for you. 3. Click on the “Settings” icon in the top right corner of your Contact Manager, next to your name. This will bring up the “Options” window. 4. Here you can add or edit personal information like your company name, email address, phone number and account password. To upload an avatar image to your profile, simply click the “Upload File” button, choose an image of acceptable size and format (JPG, GIF, PNG no larger than 700k) and click “Upload.” Once uploaded, you can crop the image to your satisfaction, or discard it and try another image.
  • 4. 5. Your Contact Manager keeps a real-time count of the number of contacts uploaded by your users. To see more detailed information, or to add, delete or edit users on your Talk Fusion account, just click the “View account users now!” link. 6. The Talk Fusion Monthly Subscription Plan A allows Executive and Elite members to import up to 1,000 individual email addresses into your Contact Manager, and Pro Pak members to import up to 3,000 addresses. If you need to import more contacts than your Monthly Subscription allows, you can easily upgrade right from the Contact Manager!
  • 5. 7. In order to provide you with the best possible service while keeping deliverability high and spam complaints low, Talk Fusion uses Double Opt-In Confirmation. This just means that each new contact you add is automatically sent an email requesting that they confirm their desire to be added to your mailing list. 8. Click on the “Single Contact” icon at the top right of your Contact Manager. This will open the “ADD CONTACT” pop-up. Simply enter your new contact’s information, select a destination folder, and click “CREATE CONTACT.” (If you have not created any folders, your contact information will automatically be stored in the “Unfiled Contacts” folder.) Your new contact will appear in the list of “All Contacts” on the Contact Manager’s main page. In the body of your confirmation email, just double-click on the text to enter your message in the language of your choice, then click the disk icon to save your changes. When you are satisfied with your custom message, just click “Update Message,” or return to the default text in English by clicking “Reset Message.” While this process is completely automatic for your convenience, Talk Fusion offers you the opportunity to customize the text of your confirmation email, and translate it into the language of your choice! Just click on the link pictured to take you to your editable confirmation email. Please note: New contacts will automatically be sent an Opt-In Confirmation email through Talk Fusion’s Double Opt-In system. The contact’s status will appear as “Opt-In Pending” until they respond, at which time their status will change to “Opt-In Confirmed.” Now that you’ve seen everything you can do in your Contact Manager, let’s begin creating and importing your contacts.
  • 6. 9. To import an entire list of contacts, click on the “Import Contact List” icon at the top right of your Contact Manager. This will open the “Import Contact List” pop-up. Be sure to prepare your list before attempting to import your contacts. For example, check for complete email addresses (with “.com” included) and correct punctuation. The Contact Manager asks for Name and Email Address columns, both of which are required. (A phone number column is optional.) Keep in mind the maximum Contact Folder size is 1,000 unique email addresses. You may need to divide your contacts into groups or files of 1,000 to save time when importing. Here, you have the ability to upload a contact list from Outlook Express, Outlook or Microsoft Excel as an .xls (Excel 1997-2003 format) file. The “Import Contact List” page includes detailed instructions on importing your lists. You can also import your Gmail, Yahoo or other contact lists, once they have been exported to your computer and saved as an .xls file. 10. For Excel, create a contact list on your computer in the following order: NAME EMAIL PHONE To ensure that your data transfers correctly, make sure to check your contact list for any apostrophes, commas or any insufficient email addresses—such as missing the “.com”—before importing them into your address book.
  • 7. 11. To import your .xls file, just click “Choose File” or “Browse,” depending on your browser, and select the appropriate contact list (.xls file) from your computer. Then click Import. 12. Once you’ve imported your file, if any corrections are needed, just click “Fix file and import again.” Verify the sample information provided is correct—if prompted, drag the names of the columns (Name, Email, Phone) to the appropriate column. When your list is the way you want it, choose a folder from the drop- down list or type a new folder name into the blank box, then click “Verified and ready to import.” You will see a message confirming the number of contacts you have imported and the name of the folder where they are stored.
  • 8. 13. Now that your contacts have been added, you can search them, edit confirmed contacts’ information, group them into folders, remove them from your lists and more, all from your Contact Manager! It’s all right here: To create a new folder, simply click the folder icon above the “Groups” window, give it a name in the pop-up window, and Click “OK.” View, edit or delete folders by clicking the box next to the folder, then clicking the appropriate icon (Add, Edit, Remove) above the “Groups” window. When a folder is selected, all contacts in that folder appear in the “Contacts” window. To edit, remove, move or export and individual contact, just click the box next to the contact’s name in the “Contacts” window, then click the appropriate icon above. Congratulations! Now that you know how to import and manage your contacts, you can build, edit and maintain your contact lists with ease! This is where the real fun begins—sending unique Video Emails and Video Newsletters to your recipients, inviting guests to your presentations with Talk Fusion CONNECT, and much, much more!
  • 9. Managing your contacts has never been easier! With 24/7 access and our comprehensive, easy-to-use management solution, you can build your lists, maintain your groups and engage your audience through Video Emails, Video Newsletters and Talk Fusion CONNECT with just a few clicks! CONTACT MANAGER TUTORIAL