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  • is there a way to import the Schoolloop Grade Book into Moodle or Aeries?
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  • 1. What a Student Sees in His Portal
  • 2. Assignments are placed on student’s calendar Student’s schedule and links to classes and teacher web pages.
  • 3. What a Parent Sees in His Portal
  • 4. Teacher Web Page Course Web Page for Each Course Gradebook Assignments Calendar Course Center for each course LoopMail Groups SchoolLoop Stuff is Interconnected
  • 5. Log in. On first log in, you will be asked to re-set your password.
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  • 8. You can send e-mail through Loop Mail to anyone registered with School Loop: Parents, Students, Teachers, even the Teacher Librarian!!! It is an INTRANET tool—noboday from the outside can reach it.
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  • 10. Anytime students drop, you’ll get this message when you open a gradebook.
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  • 12. Setting Up Your Gradebook 1. Open “Settings” If you are weighting your grades by category, and the categories are the same in all your classes, go here.
  • 13. To Enter an Assignment
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  • 17. Publishing Options And shows up in students/parents e-mail
  • 18. When entering grades, “Autofill” is handy if nearly everyone is getting the same grade.
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  • 20. All your assignments will list here. They will all be checked automatically except those with no scores or partially completed columns. Check all the assignments you want posted. These will show up on parents’ and students’ School Loop pages. After checking boxes for all assignments you want posted, click “Publish.”
  • 21. To Print or View Reports
  • 22.