2011 SBS Singapore | Putting Facebook to Work Effectively: Lessons From Over 300 Campaigns
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2011 SBS Singapore | Putting Facebook to Work Effectively: Lessons From Over 300 Campaigns






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2011 SBS Singapore | Putting Facebook to Work Effectively: Lessons From Over 300 Campaigns 2011 SBS Singapore | Putting Facebook to Work Effectively: Lessons From Over 300 Campaigns Presentation Transcript

  • Facebook: Observations & Lessons Learned from >300 Campaigns
    • Social Business Summit
    • Singapore
    • Kevin Tate
  • >300 Facebook programs for >200 brands since 2006
  • You can look at Facebook through many different lenses … … today I’m going to focus on the Marketing lens.
  • Why is Facebook interesting to a Marketer?
    • Scale
    • More than 600 million active users, about 70% outside the US
    • 50% of our active users log on to Facebook in any given day
    • Average user has 130 friends
    • People spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook
    • Activity
    • There are over 900 million objects that people interact with (pages, groups, events and community pages)
    • Average user is connected to 80 community pages, groups and events
    • Average user creates 90 pieces of content each month
    • More than 30 billion pieces of content (web links, news stories, blog posts, notes, photo albums, etc.) shared each month .
  • Observations & Lessons Learned
    • How does Facebook “work” ?
    • What’s it good for (and not good for) ?
    • What does this mean for a brand ?
    • What does this mean for the web as a whole ?
  • Media + Experiences = A Symbiotic Relationship
    • Traditional media is about watching
    • Digital media is about watching online
    • Social media is about doing
    posting commenting creating discussing sharing
  • A landscape in which brands & friends compete for attention Primary Corporate or Product Website Conversion Social Microsites Amplify Online Marketing
    • Facebook Connect, Social APIs
    Engagement Fan Pages
    • Conversation Hub
    • Status Updates
    • Promo Posts
    • External Links
    • Polls, etc.
    • Social Landing Pages
    • Promotions
    • Campaigns
    • Calls-to-action
    • Targeted Content
    Wall Custom Tabs
    • Engagement Apps Brand Experience to Activate Audiences
    • Value / Utility
    • Contests / Promos
    • Integrated Apps
    • Customer Acquisition
    • Sharing & Evangelism
    Awareness Engagement Ads
    • Buying highly targeted attention
    • Initial fans, program promotion, reach local & demos
  • Facebook is not (very) good for (yet)…
    • Acquisition Marketing (traditional “funnel”)
      • Mousetraps vs. Mouse Parties (“noisy funnel”)
    • Getting people to buy stuff
      • Commerce is becoming an activity (rather than a destination), but it’s still early
    • Making people care about something – just because it’s “on Facebook”
      • If it isn’t work forwarding in an email, being on Facebook isn’t going to make it “go viral”
  • Facebook is good for…
    • Awareness – Using highly targeted media spend to reach customers who match our demo/psych criteria, in target geo markets. Outreach to influencers in key social media outlets & communities [ Finding ]
    • Amplification – Leveraging social media presence, content and conversation (“earned media”) to generate social momentum that amplifies the awareness efforts [ Sharing]
    • Activation – Giving people a way to participate in and engage with the brand in ways that are “naturally noisy” and add to the conversation & social momentum [ DOing]
    • Advocacy – Turning customers into evangelists by giving them ways to spread the word – both in social media, and in the real world [ Evangelizing]
  • Social Presence, Apps, Campaigns: Many Ways to Win Southwest Airlines Promotion grew 100k to 750k fans in 2 weeks Travelocity Over a million votes for the Cabin Fever campaign HBO Doubled active fan base through friend referrals American Express Highly integrated social programs to promote charitable giving Walmart & ASPCA Raised over $100k from fans – with no media (all viral) Disney Extending the guest experience, launching new attractions
  • These modes of engagement represent the future of…
    • Targeted Advertising
      • Profile/Preference-based instead of content/context-based
    • Permission / Opt-in Marketing
      • “ Like” is the new “I agree to receive…”
    • Loyalty Programs
      • Goodbye email newsletter, hello Fan Page Wall
    • … and “figuring out what works on Facebook” really means “figuring out what’s going to work from now on”.
  • Marketers who want to put this landscape to work…
    • Need to focus on:
    • Authentic conversations
    • Customer participation
    • Influencers & advocates
    • “ Socializing ” their business
    • Need to move away from:
    • Talking at customers w/ Ads
    • “ Cost per Click” only models
    • Traditional “Persona” targeting
    • Corporate silos / barriers
  • 90% of the time, this is how to go 0  100 in Facebook
    • Tactics : Give fans things to do, share, participate in
    • Metrics : Activity completions, shares, reach, eCPM
    • Tactics : Build out the content, start right conversation
    • Metrics : # Fans, conversation velocity & sentiment
    • Tactics : Programs to let evangelists “raise their hand”
    • Metrics : Referrals, retention, new customer acquisition
  • Social Engagement Programs in Facebook Disney
    • Disney has over 100 million fans across more than 200 Facebook pages
    • Concept, plan, design build & manage programs for Disney parks, resorts and cruise lines
    • Social and mobile apps to extend the guest experience - and spread the word
  • What the Web “does” is changing Friends Likes Targeting
  • The social/mobile web is runs on Attention Streams
  • What Facebook is really doing…
    • Facebook is betting they can beat Google AdSense by creating an ad-targeting system based on profiles & preferences, instead of Page Rank.
    • They are right. (whether or not they win)
  • What’s a brand to do in this new stream-ified, social-ized, facebook-ed web?
    • It’s going to get increasingly hard to fake it So make sure your products & services are good, before you ask people to start talking about them
    • You need to earn your way into customers’ attention streams So you better get to know them, especially the ones that matter most
    • Most of “traditional” marketing will be integrated with “social” So get out there and figure out what works before your competitors do… and may find new business opportunities along the way
  • … and remember, Facebook is a platform and paradigm that’s changing more than just Marketing Customer Service Product Innovation Sales Public Relations Talent Management
  • Thank You.
    • Kevin Tate
    • [email_address]