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  • d‘strict odyssey !   are the two words that best describe the company. As you can see from the name, which consists of ‘ d ’ as in ‘design’ & ‘digital’, and the word ‘ strict ,’ d‘strict is committed to design digital era with its strict design standards. And the odyssey is our journey to find the true message of ‘Digital.’ As well as the journey into the district which means both digital area and time.   Now, the ‘d’strict odyssey’ begins.
  • About Dstrict 2008

    1. 2. It’s design area encompasses web sites, mobile UIs and digital devices. However, designing digital experience does not care whether it is digital device or media because it is all about providing users with holistic experiences. d’strict designs digital experience.
    2. 3. The ‘MSCUI Future Vision’ shows the health care we will be experiencing in the future regardless of digital media or device. Designing user experiences that are optimized for the digital domain: that is what we do.
    3. 4. 2003 , Nike Jumpman 23.com S/W Platform H/W Platform Contents User Application Flash Interface S/W Platform H/W Platform Contents User Service / Application Flash Interface / Widget 2008 , Nike Plus Input Interface Nike Plus Gadget Let’s take online marketing for example. If you compare Nike’s online marketing in 2003 and 2008, you will find that today’s online marketing is providing the holistic experience which includes digital contents, devices and applications, let alone web sites.
    4. 5. Contents User Monitor Output Dispay Keyboard Input Device MS Word Application / Service Windows Vista O/S We create UX platform. From the perspective of UX Platform, we understand how digital contents are created, distributed and experienced, build optimized strategies and present excellent designs.
    5. 6. O/S Application / Service Input interface Output Display UX Platform Contents User H/W Platform S/W Platform We create UX platform. An UX Platform consists of software design (operation system, applications, etc.) and hardware design (input interfaces, output displays, etc.)
    6. 7. Digital Video Experience Platform Input interface Output Display Video Contents H/W Platform youtube.com S/W Platform Application / Service O/S Digital Music Experience Platform Successful examples of digital media and devices prove how the holistic experience design is important to platform where contents are distributed to users. Music Contents iTunes S/W Platform Application / Service O/S Input interface Output Display H/W Platform iPod
    7. 8. application & service S/W Platform H/W Platform Contents User Application / Service d‘strict boasts unrivaled creative muscles in designing user interfaces for ‘Application & Service’ which are used for web sites, mobile phones, IPTV, etc. It is becoming increasingly important to encourage users to more intently engage to a service. That is why we focus resources on ‘Immersed Interface.’
    8. 9. The Veracruz Online Catalogue of Hyundai Motors, allowed users to effectively navigate the entire site with numbers of eye-catching rich media without having to move through pages maximizing user’s attention. d’strict reference : hyundai veracruz online catalog (Golden Award, 2006 Korea Design Award, Digital Media Section)
    9. 10. d’strict reference : mobile widget solution ‘Uplex’ Uplex is a 3D navigational widget solution for mobile devices provided by d’strict. By using Flash Lite 1.1 technology, it naturally zooms in/out and pans with minimum resources increasing accessibility to contents and maximizing users’ attention.
    10. 11. input interface UIs of software platform and input interfaces of hardware platform are combined. A new concept of digital experience environment with the new format of input interfaces are becoming more important. S/W Platform H/W Platform Contents User Input interface d‘strict strive to achieve better ‘Physicality’ which will enable users to activate and use complicated functions with a simple physical activity through smarter UX intelligence.
    11. 12. ∙ File type : MP3, WMA, OGG Vorbis ∙ Max. Playtime : more than 5~7Hr (only play the music) ∙ Dimension (mm) : 46 X 46 X 11.3 (player, memory) ∙ Headphone output : (L)18mW + (R)18mW max. volume ∙ Operational temperature (°C) : -10~60 ∙ File bit rate : MP3 - 8Kbps~320Kbps, VBR, : WMA - 32Kbps~192Kbps, : OGG Vorbis – Q0~Q10 ∙ Capacity : 128M(for music disk), 256M, 512M, 1G, 2G, 4G Next Generation Disk with Communication Capability Scalable from 128M to 4G Communicate with devices through USB interface 128M (for Digital Disc) / 256M ~ 4G (for Blank Disc) d’strict reference : U disc U Disk, a part of Music Experience Platform of d’strict, is a next generation disk with ultra-slim USB memories inside. It can play music stored in the memory chip or can be connected to PC or mobile phones to play music.
    12. 13. ∙ Battery : Li-pol 300mAh ∙ Display : 0.3” SLIM SEG’ ASS’Y ∙ S/N Ratio : 90dB ∙ Charge time : 1Hr 30Min~2Hr ∙ Frequency range : 20Hz~20KHz ∙ FM transmitter ∙ Stereo sound ∙ Firmware upgrade Ultra Light, Small MP3 Player Compatible with U Disk. Extremely light weight Attractive price. d’strict reference : U player U Player, a part of Music Experience Platform of d’strict, adopted Multi-Touch Input Interface and compatible with U Disk.
    13. 14. In a conventional design development process, planning, designing and activities are separated and efforts were put just to produce deliverables. Today, this model no longer valid to meet the needs of digital environment which is never static.
    14. 15. What we need is a new approach that puts ‘the best user experience’ in the core surrounded by strategy, design and implementation continuously validating each other.
    15. 16. user centered modeling rapid prototyping iterative development d’strict retains various methodologies including multi-dimensional user research, rapid prototyping and iterative development process for verification in each process steps. d’strict method : FITI (from idea to implementation)
    16. 19. d’strict team organization d‘strict consists of highly professional functional teams specialized for each elements of successful UX Platform, which are: Contents, S/W Platform and H/W Platform.
    17. 21. SKT MOBILE WIDGET UI/GUI Development Users put information and service they want on the background of cell phones UI / GUI modeling UI / GUI prototyping GUI guideline
    18. 22. SKT T-BLOG UI/GUI Development Social network service accessible via cell phone and Internet UI / GUI modeling UI/ GUI prototyping
    19. 23. UCO DIGITAL MUSIC SERVICE & DEVICE An experimental project on the possibility of holistic UX integrating Service Interaction and Product Patented UX modeling UX prototyping UX management
    20. 24. UPLEX FLASH MOBILE WIDGET SOLUTION An experimental project on the possibility of holistic UX developing new concept of UX for mobiles Patented UX modeling UX prototyping
    21. 25. SKY MOBILE PROMOTION UI / GUI New generation UI/GUI development Optimized design for Flash Lite application based on SKY GUI Identity UI / GUI modeling UI/ GUI prototyping
    22. 26. HANABANK E-BANKING Developed various user experiences to help users perform tasks they need through the Intelligent Banking. Strategy Management www.hanabank.com
    23. 27. SAMSUNG ANYCALL.COM Online promotion for new Samsung mobiles (local market) Strategy Management
    24. 28. SAMSUNG.COM ONLINE OVERHAUL Renovation project for samsung.com. d‘strict successfully implemented excellent Product Presentation and Web 2.0 service and plans to roll out this site to 50 countries by the first half of 2008. Plan-to-Implementation: New PPS (Product Presentation Style) Supervised development of UIs and UIDs
    25. 29. SAMSUNG.COM ONLINE BRAND COMMUNITY ‘ EXPERIENCE’ Brand Communication Platform optimized to provide brand and product experience. UX Research & Strategy Site development Contents creation & Providing
    26. 30. SAMSUNG GLOBAL EXHIBITION ONLINE PROMOTION The site provided information of products and overseas exhibitions of Samsung Electronics. By producing visitors’ opinion written by hired bloggers, we have built a contents distribution platform closer to users. UX Research & Strategic Contents Creation UI Design www.samsungexhibition.com
    27. 31. SAMSUNG MOBILE DIGITAL PROMOTION ‘ ARMANI PHONE’ Two key feature of the brand (Signature Elegance & Simplicity) and Touch croix UI were effectively conveyed through emotional movies and flash techniques, respectively maximizing the synergy effect. Mobile online brand promotion site movie, online
    28. 32. SAMSUNG MOBILE DIGITAL PROMOTION ‘ LIFE DIARY’ movie UX Research & Strategic Contents Creation UI Design
    29. 33. SAMSUNG MOBILE ONLINE PROMOTION ‘ MUSIC PHONE’ Integrated promotion site for Samsung Mobile Music Phone Family Online promotion strategic UX / UI design UI prototyping
    30. 34. SAMSUNG MOBILE U900 DIGITAL BTL TSR microsite Poster Video Tutorial Font Development Marketing strategic UX / UI design UI prototyping Product microsite and teaser campaign promotion
    31. 35. YAHOO ANNUAL- PARTNERSHIP New design for yahoo blog, image box and news UI Strategic Guideline
    32. 36. SAMSUNG HOME NETWORK SERVICE ONLINE PROMOTION The home network brand, operated by Samsung DSC, is an advanced form of HA (Home Automation) which provides users with integrated digital experiences. Site development Persona Character Modeling