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Take a quick slide based tour of the MioWorks.com application

Take a quick slide based tour of the MioWorks.com application

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  • 1. Let’s take a tour visit www.mioworks.com to create your own account
  • 2. Start by filling out the short form to create your own MioWorks.com site. Remember your URL
  • 3. Log into your site with the User ID & Password you selected http://[thenameyouselected].mioworks.com
  • 4. Finish your setup by adding your company address and click continue
  • 5. The workbench is blank because we have nothing to do. Start by clicking on “ Contacts”
  • 6. The only contact is for you. Time to add another one - click “ Add new contact”
  • 7. Fill out the form to create a contact. Use an email you have access to so we can tour the customer portal
  • 8. You now see your new contact in the list. Go ahead and click on it
  • 9. This is the contact detail record Here is where we activate the customer portal
  • 10. You can add a note to save with this contact
  • 11. You can also add keywords to this contact
  • 12. Here we add a new task associated to this contact
  • 13. We can add issues to track against this contact. They can also be shared with the contact
  • 14. Save files right to the contact record. You can share with the contact and even ask for approval
  • 15. Workbench now shows the open tasks, issues and files. Filter by clicking on any of the buttons
  • 16. Click on the issue to view the details and provide a response. If shared, the contact will receive a notification
  • 17. MioWorks.com implemented a really sweet universal search system - just enter a term
  • 18. Results include contact records, notes, tasks, issues and even file descriptions. Perform an action right from here
  • 19. Find your contact and add a note all on the same page
  • 20. Activate the portal to automatically notify the contact of the URL, user id and password
  • 21. The email is from your company & includes the URL, user name and password
  • 22. Let’s login as the contact
  • 23. This is the customer portal. The contact can see the issue and the response.
  • 24. The contact can easily ask another question or make a request
  • 25. Click documents and the contact can download, view and approve the files
  • 26. Contacts can even upload files that you need from them
  • 27. The contact can view their profile information & will be able to update it
  • 28. Back in the MioWorks.com application you have control over the portal
  • 29. You even have control over the text of the emails that are sent to your contacts
  • 30. Visit www.mioworks.com to create your own account MioWorks.com connects you with your customers