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Description of Sydney and Australia pointing out its most important facts

Description of Sydney and Australia pointing out its most important facts

Published in: Education, Travel, Sports
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  • 1. A presentation about Australia – Sydney
  • 2. Seven States of Australia Capital Canberra: 308,100 Olympic games 2002 Highest population: 3,986,700 Formula 1 Grand Prix and 2nd biggest city : 3.371.300
  • 3. Expanse in Mio. Sq km. 7,682 3,689 residents/ sq km 2,3 132,6 total population in Mio. 18,5 489,2 the coastline is about 36,735km. Europe Australia
  • 4. One of the reasons to visit Australia
    • The Grat Barrier Reef who`s the red centre of Australia.
    • Or maybe the Outback who has got a very big expanse,where for example the bushmen, the Aboriginies and different kinds of animals, like kangaroos live.
    • You can also visit the Natoinalparks of Australia,
    • can go hiking in the rain forest or cycling.
  • 5. Sydney- House of Opera
  • 6. Sydney earlier:
    • Sydney was founded in 26.01.1788 in Port Jackson Bay.
    • The Rocks were the origin of Sydney. It was founded in 1788 as a convict colony. It follow warehouses and control buildings.
    • Then the district decline and thieves shape.
    • Until 1988 Sydney was restored very strainfull.
    • Today are there Pubs, Cafes, Boutiques, Galleries, Restaurants and nice boulevards at the habour.
    • But the Essex-Street shows the dark side from the past of Sydney. The characteristic of the execution place is the gallow.
  • 7. Sydney today:
    • Sydney was founded 26.01.1788 as the first white colony of Australia.
    • The Opera House is since 1973 one of the famous sight of Sydney. It shows operas, musicals, theaters.
    • The Sydney Harbour Bridge is a leader relation from the North to the South. The distance is about 1150m. and the curve size is 503m.
    • Sydney Tower is the biggest building of Australia with a height of 305m.
    • Sydney has got a lot of Parks like the Hyde Park. The Botanic Garden stands for the first farm in Australia. You can see there a cross-section of the australian plants and also can you see tropical plants.
    • Tauranga Zoo hold 3500 different animals. They have in large part native animals.
    • The Sydney Aquarium is in the habour of Darling. Big glasstunnels keep under the water through corals with sharks, rays and crocodiles.
    • Traditionel flea markets are in districts of Paddington, Double Bay and The Rocks.
  • 8. Olympic Games 2000
    • The Olymic Games took place at 15th September to the 1st of October.
    • 11035 athletes and sportswomen took part from 199 different countries in 28 different kinds of sport.
    • But they had only 300 gold madels for giving away.
    • Sydney won close before Peking to present the Games. In the 5th gangway Sydney was able to carry through Berlin, Peking, Istanbul and Manchester.
  • 9. Activities:
    • You can visit the opera.
    • Sightseeing is another desiring thing.
    • Swimming at the Manly Beach, no problem, or do you like surfing more, volleyball and enjoing lunch at the seaside then make a trip to the Bondi Beach.
    • You can visit the aquarium.
    • You can visit the zoo, too.
    • You can go bridge climbing at the Habour Bridge.
    • You can go hiking in the nature.
    • Shopping in the city is a have to in the Pitt and George Street.
  • 10.
    • Springs were the internet : www . google .de
    • - pictures about Sydney
    • - Australia
    • - Sydney
    • - Universal dictionary 2003:
    • - English dictionary
    • - Olympic dictionary / Sydney
    • I hope you had fun and thank you for your Attention!