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Cold war (origins)
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Cold war (origins)



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  • 5. It is worth remembering that in Britain and the USA 1939-40 Stalin appeared to be just as much a villain as Hitler.
    • The USSR was still isolated as the world ’ s only communist country.
    • The turmoil of the Purges and Stalin ’ s reputation.
    • In August 1939 Soviet leader Stalin signed a Non- Aggression Pact with German leader, Adolf Hitler.
    • In September 1939 Hitler and Stalin both attacked Poland and divided the country up between them.
    • In November 1939 the USSR attacked Finland.
    • In June-July 1940 the USSR invaded and took control of Baltic States of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia.
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  • 8. In November 1939 the USSR attacked Finland
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    • In June‐July 1940 the USSR invaded and took control of Baltic States of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia.
    • In 1940 Britain was the only European country at war with Germany and Italy.
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    • But in June 1941 everything changed. Hitler turned on Stalin and invaded the USSR. The decisive conflict of World War 2 began, which Stalin won, but at a terrible cost.
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    • The next activity focuses on the relationship between the wartime allies Britain, the USA and the USSR.
    • The sources will look at how the allies worked together, and how the allies wanted their own people to see this co-operation.
  • 14. But how the differences and mistrust were still there!
  • 15. TASK
    • Use the answer sheet that you filled out while viewing the 10 sources around the room and answer the following question in 2-3 paragraphs (no more than 4; no less than 2):
    • Describe or analyse the relationship between the Allies using evidence from the 10 sources to support each point that you make (2-3 points) in your response.