130128 personal finance january 2013


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130128 personal finance january 2013

  1. 1. Daberistic Financial ServicesCreating Financial Security, Prosperity and Wealth www.daberistic.com Daberistic
  2. 2. Agenda• MSA for 2013• New Vitality benefits• Special offers from product providers• Unit trusts you should consider Daberistic
  3. 3. Daberistic Financial Services• Authorised financial services provider, FSP # 25477• “One-stop shop” offering – Life insurance – Medical aid – Investments – Car and household insurance – Business insurance Daberistic
  4. 4. Our product providers Daberistic
  5. 5. A New Year, a New Start• Have you set your financial goals for 2013? – Pay off home loan – Pay off credit card debts – Pay off vehicle finance – Save money for a rainy day – Save for children’s education – Invest for financial freedom / start an investment account Daberistic
  6. 6. MSA for 2013Executive Plan Annual MSAMain member R11,292Adult R11,292Child R2,136 Membership composition Annual MSA M R11,292 M+A R22,584 M + 1C R13,428 M + A + 1C R24,720 M + A + 2C R26,856 Daberistic
  7. 7. Vitality 2013• Greater HealthyFood choices: introducing new HealthyFood partner Woolworths – Get up to 25% cash back on HealthyFood from Woolworths – From 2013, the HealthyFood benefit will include Woolworths as a benefit partner for Discovery Health members on Executive and Classic Plans (excluding Classic Core), making it possible to get cash back on HealthyFood at Pick n Pay and Woolworths. Daberistic
  8. 8. HealthyFood 20131. Activate the benefit – Activate the HealthyFood benefit and you get 10% cash back at Pick n Pay and Woolworths.2. Complete a Vitality Health Review and choose where you want to get up to 25% cash back – You can choose between Woolworths and Pick n Pay to get up to 25% cash back. You will still get 10% cash back when shopping at the other partner. Daberistic
  9. 9. HealthyFood 2013• The foods that you get up to 25% cash back on at Woolworths, include the key food groups: fruit, vegetables, protein, carbohydrate-rich foods, dairy, lentils and legumes and oils, nuts, seeds and spreads. The foods will be listed in the Woolworths HealthyFood catalogue. Daberistic
  10. 10. HealthyFood 2013• Vitality points for HealthyFood items – From 2013, Vitality members with an active HealthyFood benefit will earn 20 Vitality points for every HealthyFood item. We will deduct five Vitality points for less desirable items in your trolley. Daberistic
  11. 11. Making a move towards technology- driven personal wellness engagement• LivingVitality: Track, improve and engage for better health and fitness LivingVitality is an interactive platform that gives you fitness, nutrition and health support to manage your wellbeing. LivingVitality will be available on www.discovery.co.za, on your Android or Apple tablet or phone. All you need to do is create your profile, and you’ll have all your wellness information in one place.• • Get expert advice and read blogs on fitness, healthy eating, pregnancy and parenting.• • Log workouts through multiple devices and access exercise plans to support your fitness goals.• • Eat right with the help of weight trackers, calorie calculators, eating plans and healthy recipes.• • Manage chronic health conditions.• • Set up and join groups, and challenge friends.• By using the tools and trackers on LivingVitality, you’ll earn up to 5 000 Vitality points. You’ll also earn up to 150 points for every session using a Vitality supported and web-enabled fitness and activity monitor or the LivingVitality smartphone app. Daberistic
  12. 12. Get to Gold• Getting to Gold status is easy with Vitality. Not only can you now earn points using a number of mobile devices through LivingVitality, you’ll also earn points for achieving your Personal Health Goals based on your individual health risks. As soon as you fill in your Vitality Health Review, you’ll get a report of health risks and what you need to do to get healthier, like improving your nutrition, taking part in sporting events or reaching your target weight. As you complete activities and reach the identified Personal Health Goals, you’ll earn more Vitality points and get to Gold Vitality status sooner than you think. Daberistic
  13. 13. VitalityMobile• connecting Vitality members through FREE CALLS and boosted data• Choose your cellphone contract – You have access to top of the range phone brands such as Apple, Samsung and BlackBerry with a competitive contract from the Cell C range. It is not available on Straight Up 30, 50, Straight Up TopUp 30 and 50 contracts or prepaid options. Daberistic
  14. 14. VitalityMobile• Activate VitalityMobile for R29 a month – Call other Vitality members with VitalityMobile for free. Over and above the standard contract offer, you will get: – Free calls to all Vitality members with VitalityMobile – A 50% data boost on VitalityMobile packages, with a minimum of 100MB – International calls from just 99c a minute.• The bigger the network of connected Vitality members, the greater the proportion of free calls you will have. The more family and friends activate VitalityMobile, the greater your monthly savings will be. Daberistic
  15. 15. DiscoveryCard 2013• New partners Builders Warehouse and Builders Express  Incredible Connection  Sunglass Hut• discovery/mall opens up a whole new world of online shopping Daberistic
  16. 16. Special offers – Discovery Life• Discovery Life yearly payback benefit – Limited time offer, ends 25 February – Very popular with clients – Guaranteed 20% for every year first 5 years, then every 5 years – E.g. life insurance premium R500 per month – Minimum R1,200 payback end of year 1 Daberistic
  17. 17. Special offer - Sanlam• Sanlam Cumulus investment, lump sum Minimum R100,000 5-year term 105% allocation e.g. Invest R200,000, Sanlam credits investment account with R210,000 from day 1 Daberistic
  18. 18. Special offer - Sanlam• Sanlam Cumulus investment, recurring premium Minimum R1,000 per month 10-year term 102% allocation e.g. Invest R1,000 every month, Sanlam credits investment account with R1,020 Daberistic
  19. 19. Unit trusts you should consider• Coronation Top 20• Coronation Global Emerging Markets Flexible Fund• Coronation Balanced Plus Fund Daberistic
  20. 20. Coronation Top 20• Invests in companies listed on the JSE• A top-performing equity fund over 1, 3, 5 and 10 years• Suitable for investors: – Seeks capital growth – Can tolerate short-term volatilities• Minimum investment: R500 per month, R20,000 lump sum Daberistic
  21. 21. Coronation Top 20 Fund Daberistic
  22. 22. Coronation Global Emerging Markets Fund• Invests in companies in emerging markets around the world• Returned 30% last year• Suitable for investors: – Seeks capital growth in emerging markets – Rand hedge – Can tolerate short-term volatilities• Minimum investment: R500 per month, R20,000 lump sum Daberistic
  23. 23. Coronation Global Emerging Markets Daberistic
  24. 24. Coronation Balanced Plus Fund• Invests according to Regulation 28• A top-performing balanced fund over 1, 3, 5 and 10 years• Suitable for investors: – All-round investment – Seeks more stable returns• Minimum investment: R500 per month, R20,000 lump sum Daberistic
  25. 25. Coronation Balanced Plus Fund Daberistic