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THE QURAN, a book which brings glad tidings to mankind along ...

THE QURAN, a book which brings glad tidings to mankind along
with divine admonition, stresses the importance of man's discovery
of truth on both spiritual and intellectual planes.
Every book has its objective and the objective of the Quran is to
make man aware of the Creation plan of God. That is, to tell man
why God created this world; what the purpose is of settling man on
earth; what is required from man in his pre-death life span, and what
he is going to confront after death. The purpose of the Quran is to
make man aware of this reality, thus serving to guide man on his
entire journey through life into the after-life.
The main themes of the Quran are enlightenment, closeness to
God, peace and spirituality. The Quran uses several terms, tawassum,
tadabbur, and tafakkur, which indicate the learning of lessons
through reflection, thinking and contemplation on the signs of God
scattered across the world. The present translation of the Quran has
been done keeping in mind these very themes.



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    Quran english-translation Quran english-translation Document Transcript

    • THE QURANTHE QURAN, a book which brings glad tidings to mankind alongwith divine admonition, stresses the importance of man’s discoveryof truth on both spiritual and intellectual planes. Every book has its objective and the objective of the Quran is tomake man aware of the Creation plan of God. That is, to tell manwhy God created this world; what the purpose is of settling man onearth; what is required from man in his pre-death life span, and whathe is going to confront after death. The purpose of the Quran is tomake man aware of this reality, thus serving to guide man on hisentire journey through life into the after-life. The main themes of the Quran are enlightenment, closeness toGod, peace and spirituality. The Quran uses several terms, tawassum,tadabbur, and tafakkur, which indicate the learning of lessonsthrough reflection, thinking and contemplation on the signs of Godscattered across the world. The present translation of the Quran hasbeen done keeping in mind these very themes.
    • MAULANA WAHIDUDDIN KHAN, born in 1925 at Azamgarh in India,is an Islamic spiritual scholar who is well versed in both classicalIslamic learning and modern science. The mission of his life froma very early stage has been the establishment of world-wide peace.To this end he has devoted much time and effort to the developmentof a complete ideology of peace and non-violence based on theteachings of the Quran. In the course of his research, the Maulanacame to the conclusion that the need of the hour was to presentIslamic teachings in the style and language of the present day.Keeping this ideal consistently before him, he has written over 200books on Islam. In 1983, he wrote a commentary on the Quran, theArabic version of which was published by Darel Wafa, Cairo asal-Tadhkir al-Qawim fi Tafsir al-Quran al-Hakim. To cater toinquisitive minds and the needs of the spiritually inclined, theMaulana established at New Delhi in 2001 the Centre for Peace andSpirituality. His most recent publication is The Prophet of Peace:The Teachings of Muhammad (Penguin Books).FARIDA KHANAM, the daughter of Maulana Wahiduddin Khan,holds a Ph.D. in Islamic Studies. She is currently an associateprofessor at Jamia Millia Islamia University at New Delhi. She haswritten and translated a number of books on Islam.
    • GOODWORD’S QURAN PROJECT The Quran is the word of God and it is the duty of believers to communicatethe message of the Quran to all human beings so that they may know the reality of life. To facilitate this good work, Goodword Books has produced this English translation of the Quran, so that it may be distributed on a mass scale.This translation of the Quran is copyright free First published by Goodword Books 2009 Goodword Books 1, Nizamuddin West Market New Delhi - 110 013 Email: info@goodwordbooks.com www.goodwordbooks.com www.goodword.net Printed in India by Replika Press Pvt Ltd
    • CONTENTSIntroduction ix The Creation Plan of God x A Book of Divine Warning xi The Inner Spirit and God Realization xii The Word of God xiii Jihad is a Peaceful Ideological Struggle xiv A Revealed Book xviiChronological Table of the Quran xixMap of Arabian Peninsula at the Time of theRevelation of the Quran xxi THE QURAN 1. The Opening (Al-Fatihah) 1 2. The Heifer (Al-Baqarah) 1 3. The Family of ‘Imran (Al-‘Imran) 36 4. Women (Al-Nisa’) 56 5. The Table (Al-Ma’idah) 77 6. The Cattle (Al-An‘am) 92 7. The Heights (Al-A‘raf) 110 8. The Spoils of War (Al-Anfal) 129 9. Repentance (Al-Tawbah) 136 10. Jonah (Yunus) 151 11. Hud (Hud) 162 12. Joseph (Yusuf) 173 13. Thunder (Al-Ra‘d) 183 14. Abraham (Ibrahim) 188 15. The Rocky Tract (Al-Hijr) 193 16. Bees (Al-Nahl) 197 17. The Night Journey (Al-Isra’) 208
    • vi Contents 18. The Cave (Al-Kahf) 218 19. Mary (Maryam) 227 20. Ta Ha (Ta Ha) 233 21. The Prophets (Al-Anbiya’) 242 22. The Pilgrimage (Al-Hajj) 249 23. The Believers (Al-Mu’minun) 256 24. Light (Al-Nur) 263 25. The Criterion (Al-Furqan) 270 26. The Poets (Al-Shu‘ara’) 276 27. The Ants (Al-Naml) 284 28. The Story (Al-Qasas) 291 29. The Spider (Al-‘Ankabut) 299 30. The Romans (Al-Rum) 305 31. Luqman (Luqman) 310 32. Prostration (Al-Sajdah) 313 33. The Confederates (Al-Ahzab) 315 34. Sheba (Saba’) 323 35. The Creator (Fatir) 328 36. Ya Sin (Ya Sin) 333 37. The Ranks (Al-Saffat) 337 38. Sad (Sad) 343 39. The Crowds (Al-Zumar) 348 40. The Forgiver (Ghafir) 355 41. Revelations Well Expounded (Fussilat) 362 42. Mutual Consultation (Al-Shura) 367 43. Ornaments of Gold (Al-Zukhruf) 372 44. Smoke (Al-Dukhan) 377 45. Kneeling (Al-Jathiyah) 380 46. The Sand Dunes (Al-Ahqaf) 383 47. Muhammad (Muhammad) 387 48. Victory (Al-Fath) 390 49. The Apartments (Al-Hujurat) 394 50. Qaf (Qaf) 396
    • Contents vii51. Scattering Winds (Al-Dhariyat) 39852. Mount Sinai (Al-Tur) 40153. The Setting Star (Al-Najm) 40354. The Moon (Al-Qamar) 40555. The Merciful (Al-Rahman) 40856. The Inevitable Event (Al-Waqi‘ah) 41157. Iron (Al-Hadid) 41458. The Pleading (Al-Mujadalah) 41759. Banishment (Al-Hashr) 42060. She Who is Tested (Al-Mumtahanah) 42361. Ranks (Al-Saff) 42562. The Day of Congregation (Al-Jumu‘ah) 42763. The Hypocrites (Al-Munafiqun) 42864. Loss and Gain (Al-Taghabun) 42965. Divorce (Al-Talaq) 43166. Prohibition (Al-Tahrim) 43367. The Kingdom (Al-Mulk) 43468. The Pen (Al-Qalam) 43669. The Inevitable Hour (Al-Haqqah) 43970. The Ascending Stairways (Al-Ma‘arij) 44171. Noah (Nuh) 44272. The Jinn (Al-Jinn) 44473. The Wrapped One (Al-Muzzammil) 44574. Wrapped in his Cloak (Al-Muddaththir) 44775. The Day of Resurrection (Al-Qiyamah) 44976. Man (Al-Insan) 45077. Those that are Sent Forth (Al-Mursalat) 45278. The Tidings (Al-Naba’) 45379. The Pluckers (Al-Nazi‘at) 45580. He Frowned (‘Abasa) 45681. Folding Up (Al-Takwir) 45782. The Cleaving Asunder (Al-Infitar) 45883. Those who Give Short Measure (Al-Mutaffifin) 459
    • viii Contents 84. The Bursting Open (Al-Inshiqaq) 460 85. The Constellations (Al-Buruj) 461 86. That which Comes in the Night (Al-Tariq) 462 87. The Most High (Al-A‘la) 462 88. The Overwhelming Event (Al-Ghashiyah) 463 89. The Dawn (Al-Fajr) 464 90. The City (Al-Balad) 465 91. The Sun (Al-Shams) 465 92. Night (Al-Layl) 466 93. The Glorious Morning Light (Al-Duha) 467 94. Comfort (Al-Sharh) 467 95. The Fig (Al-Tin) 468 96. The Clot (Al-‘Alaq) 468 97. The Night of Destiny (Al-Qadr) 469 98. The Clear Evidence (Al-Bayyinah) 469 99. The Earthquake (Al-Zalzalah) 470100. The Snorting Horses (Al-‘Adiyat) 470101. The Clatterer (Al-Qari‘ah) 471102. Greed for More and More (Al-Takathur) 471103. The Passage of Time (Al-‘Asr) 472104. The Backbiter (Al-Humazah) 472105. The Elephant (Al-Fil) 472106. Quraysh (Quraysh) 473107. Small Things (Al-Ma‘un) 473108. Abundance (Al-Kawthar) 473109. Those who Deny the Truth (Al-Kafirun) 474 110. Help (Al-Nasr) 474 111. Twisted Fibre (Al-Masad) 474112. Oneness (Al-Ikhlas) 475113. Daybreak (Al-Falaq) 475114. People (Al-Nas) 475Index 476
    • INTRODUCTIONThe Quran is the Book of God. It has been preserved in its entiretyfor all time to come. Although written originally in Arabic, it hasbeen made accessible, thanks to translations, to those who have noknowledge of Arabic. While no substitute for the original, translationsserve the signal purpose of spreading the word of God far beyondthe Arabic-speaking peoples to a far broader spectrum of humanity. The Quran is apparently in the Arabic language, but in reality, itis in the language of nature, that is, the language in which Goddirectly addressed all human beings at the time of Creation. Thisdivine invocation of humanity is ever-present in the consciousnessof all human beings, that is why the Quran is universallyunderstandable—to some on a conscious plane, and to others at thesubconscious level. This reality has been described in the Quran as‘clear revelations in the hearts of those who have been givenknowledge.’ This verse goes on to say that ‘none deny Ourrevelations save the wrongdoers’ (20:49). This means that the Divine Reality, explained by the Quran on aconscious plane, pre-exists in man at the level of the subconscious.The message of the Quran is not, therefore, something which isalien to man. It is in fact a verbal expression of that same DivineReality which is in consonance with man’s own nature and withwhich he is already familiar. The Quran explains this by saying thatthose born in later times were all initially born at the time of thecreation of Adam and, at that time, God had directly addressed allthese human souls. This event is thus alluded to in the Quran: ‘[Prophet], when your Lord brought forth the offspring from theloins of the Children of Adam and made them bear witness aboutthemselves, He said, ‘Am I not your Lord?’ and they replied, ‘Yes,
    • x Introductionwe bear witness that You are.’ So you cannot say on the Day ofResurrection, ‘We were not aware of this’ (7:172). In the following verse, the Quran makes further mention of thedialogue between God and man: ‘Surely We offered Our trust to the heavens and the earth, and thehills, but they shrank from bearing it and were afraid of it. And manundertook it. But he has proved a tyrant and a fool’ (33:72). The Quran, for man, is in essence already known to him, ratherthan an entirely unknown entity. In reality, the Quran is theunfolding of the human mind. When one whose nature is alive—having saved himself fromlater conditioning—reads the Quran, those brain cells will beactivated wherein God’s first address lies preserved. If we keep thisin mind, it will not be difficult to appreciate that the translation ofthe Quran is a valid means of understanding it. If God’s address was the First Covenant, the Quran is the SecondCovenant. Each testifies to the veracity of the other. If one has little,or even no grasp of the Arabic language, and can read the scripturesonly in translation, he should not anticipate that he will be frustratedin his understanding of the Quran, for the Quranic concept of manas the natural recipient of God’s word has become a reality inmodern times. The science of the genetic code and the findings ofanthropology both fully support this viewpoint. The Creation Plan of GodEvery book has its objective and the objective of the Quran is tomake man aware of the Creation plan of God. That is, to tell manwhy God created this world; what the purpose is of settling man onearth; what is required from man in his pre-death life span, and whathe is going to confront after death. Man is born as an eternalcreature. When God created man as such, He divided his life span
    • Introduction xiinto two periods, the pre-death period, which is a time of trial, andthe post-death period, which is the time for receiving the rewardsor punishment merited by one’s actions during one’s lifetime. Thesetake the form of eternal paradise or eternal hell. The purpose of theQuran is to make man aware of this reality. This is the theme of thisdivine Book, which serves to guide man through his entire journeythrough life into the after-life. It would be correct to say that man is a seeker by birth. Thesequestions lurk in everyone’s mind: Who am I? What is the purposeof my life? What is the reality of life and death? What is the secretof man’s success and failure? etc. According to the Quran, theanswer to these questions is that the present world is the testingground and whatever man has been endowed with in his pre-deathperiod is all a part of the test. The Hereafter is the place where theresult of the test will be taken into account by the Almighty andwhatever man receives in the life after death, by way of reward orpunishment, will be commensurate with his deeds in this world. Thesecret of man’s success in this life is to understand God’s creationplan and map out his life accordingly. A Book of Divine WarningThe Quran is a book of divine warning. A combination of lessonsand admonitions, it would be even more appropriately called a bookof wisdom. The Quran does not follow the pattern of the traditionaldidactic book. In fact, when the average reader picks up the Quran,it appears to him to be a collection of fragmentary statements.Apparently this feeling is not unreal. But this arrangement of theQuran is not due to any shortcoming, but is rather in conformancewith the Quranic plan of retaining its original form in order to fulfillits purpose of conveying the message of truth to the reader who may,
    • xii Introductionin his forays into the scriptures, read only one page, one verse orone line at a time. One vital aspect of the Quran is that it is a reminder of theblessings granted by the Supreme Benefactor. The most importantof these are the exceptional qualities with which God endowed manwhen He created him. Another great blessing is that He settled himon the earth, a planet where all kinds of support systems existed forhis benefit. The purpose of the Quran is to ensure that, whileenjoying these blessings of nature, man will keep his Benefactor inmind: he must acknowledge the munificence of his Creator. It is inso doing that man will gain entry into eternal paradise; ignoring hisBenefactor, on the other hand, will lead man straight to hell. TheQuran is indeed a reminder of this inescapable reality. There are some who think that the presence of a realized personis essential for an understanding of the Quran. That is, it is solelywith the assistance of a spiritual person that the meaning of theQuran may be revealed. This is to underestimate both man and theQuran. The Quran addresses man’s mind and the mind is man’sgreatest faculty. Discovering the Quran, therefore, on a purelyintellectual level is sufficient to arrive at its meaning. Indeed, at theintellectual level, the Quran becomes an open book But those whodiscover the Quran at any lower level cannot be said to havediscovered it at all. Falling back instead on their communitytraditions for instruction and enlightenment cannot compare withthe ideal approach to religion that the Quran so consistently offers. The Inner Spirit and God RealizationOne important quality of the Quran is that it gives us only basic,but essential principles, often resorting to reiteration to emphasizethem. On the contrary, non-basics, or matters relating only to form,constitute only a negligible part of the scriptures. This is in
    • Introduction xiiiconsonance with the Quranic scheme, the importance of form beingentirely secondary. To the Quran, only those precepts are importantwhich figure as fundamental guidelines. This aspect of the Quranis so clear that its reader cannot but appreciate it. The truth is that the inner spirit is of the utmost importance in thebuilding of the Islamic personality. Once the inner spirit isdeveloped, correct form will naturally ensue. But form on its owncan never produce the inner spirit. That is why the aim of the Quranis to initiate and bring to fruition an intellectual revolution withinman. The expression used by the Quran for this intellectualrevolution is ma‘rifah (realization of truth) (5:83). The Quran stresses the importance of man’s discovery of truth atthe level of realization. True faith in God is what one achieves atsuch a level. Where there is no realization, there is no faith. The Word of GodWhen you read the Quran, you will repeatedly find it stated that itis the word of God. Apparently this is a plain fact. But when seenin context, it is an extraordinary statement. There are many booksin the world which are believed to be sacred. But, except for theQuran, we do not find any religious book which thus projects itselfas the word of God. This kind of statement, appearing uniquely inthe Quran, gives a point of departure to the reader. He then studiesit as an exceptional book, rather than as a common book written byhuman beings. We find recurring in the Quran statements wordedmore or less as follows, ‘O man, it is your Lord, who is addressingyou. Listen to His words and follow Him.’ Even this style of addressis quite exceptional. This kind of direct divine invocation is notpresent in any other book. It leaves a lasting impression on man. Hefeels his Lord is directly addressing him. This feeling compels manto take the assertions of the Quran with extreme seriousness, rather
    • xiv Introductionthan treat them like everyday statements in an ordinary book. Thestyle of compilation of the Quran is also unique. Books written byhuman beings usually have their material arranged in order from Ato Z, according to the topic. But the Quran does not follow a patternof this kind, so that to the common man it appears to be lacking inorder. When looked at in reality, however, it will emerge as anextremely coherent and orderly book, and quite majestic in its styleof writing. While reading the Quran, we feel that its writer is on avery high pedestal from where He is looking down and addressingthe whole of humanity, which is His special concern. This addressfocuses on different groups of human beings, while encompassingall of them. One special aspect of the Quran is that at any moment its readercan consult its Writer, put his questions and receive answers, for theWriter of the Quran is God Himself. He is a living God. As man’sCreator, He directly hears and answers man’s call. Jihad is a Peaceful Ideological StruggleThose who are introduced to the Quran only through the media,generally have the impression that the Quran is a book of jihad, andjihad to them is an attempt to achieve one’s goal by means ofviolence. But this idea is based on a misunderstanding. Anyone whoreads the Quran for himself will easily appreciate that its messagehas nothing to do with violence. The Quran is, from beginning toend, a book which promulgates peace and in no way countenancesviolence. It is true that jihad is one of the teachings of the Quran.But jihad, taken in its correct sense, is the name of peaceful strugglerather than of any kind of violent action. The Quranic concept ofjihad is expressed in the following verse, ‘Do greater jihad (i.estrive more strenuously) with the help of this [Quran]’ (25:52).
    • Introduction xv Obviously, the Quran is not a weapon, but a book which givesus an introduction to the divine ideology of peaceful struggle. Themethod of such a struggle, according to the Quran, is ‘to speak tothem a word to reach their very soul’ (4:63). So, the desired approach, acccording to the Quran, is one whichmoves man’s heart and mind. That is, in addressing people’s minds,it satisfies them, convinces them of the veracity of the Quran and,in short, brings about an intellectual revolution within them. Thisis the mission of the Quran. And this mission can be performed onlyby means of rational arguments. This target can never be achievedby means of violence or armed action. It is true that there are certain verses in the Quran, which conveyinjunctions similar to the following, ‘Slay them wherever you findthem’ (2:191). Referring to such verses, there are some who attempt to give theimpression that Islam is a religion of war and violence. This istotally untrue. Such verses relate, in a restricted sense, to those whohave unilaterally attacked the Muslims. The above verse does notconvey the general command of Islam. The truth of the matter is that the Quran was not revealed in thecomplete form in which it exists today. It was revealed from timeto time, according to the circumstances, over a time span of 23years. If this is divided into years of war and peace, the period ofpeace amounts to 20 years, while that of war amounts only to 3years. The revelations during these 20 peaceful years were thepeaceful teachings of Islam as are conveyed in the verses regardingthe realization of God, worship, morality, justice, etc. This division of commands into different categories is a naturalone and is found in all religious books. For instance, the Gita, theholy book of the Hindus, pertains to wisdom and moral values. Yetalong with this is the exhortation of Krishna to Arjuna, encouraging
    • xvi Introductionhim to fight (Bhagavad Gita, 3:30). This does not mean thatbelievers in the Gita should wage wars all the time. MahatmaGandhi, after all, derived his philosophy of non-violence from thesame Gita. The exhortation to wage war in the Gita applies only toexceptional cases where circumstances leave no choice. But forgeneral day-to-day existence it gives the same peaceful commandsas derived from it by Mahatma Gandhi. Similarly, Jesus Christ said, ‘Do not think that I came to bringpeace on Earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.’(Matthew, 10:34). It would not be right to conclude that the religion preached byChrist was one of war and violence, for such utterances relate purelyto particular occasions. So far as general life is concerned, Christtaught peaceful values, such as the building up of a good character,loving each other, helping the poor and needy, etc. The same is true of the Quran. When the Prophet Muhammademigrated from Makkah to Madinah, the idolatrous tribes wereaggressive towards him. But the Prophet always averted theirattacks by the exercise of patience and the strategy of avoidance.However on certain occasions no other options existed, save thatof retaliation. Therefore, he had to do battle on certain occasions.It was these circumstances, which occasioned those revelationsrelating to war. These commands, being specific to certaincircumstances, had no general application. They were not meant tobe valid for all time to come. That is why; the permanent status ofthe Prophet has been termed a ‘mercy for all mankind.’ (21:107) Islam is a religion of peace in the fullest sense of the word. TheQuran calls its way ‘the paths of peace’ (5:16). It describesreconciliation as the best policy (4:128), and states that God abhorsany disturbance of the peace (2:205). We can say that it is noexaggeration to say that Islam and violence are contradictory to
    • Introduction xviieach other. The concept of Islamic violence is so obviouslyunfounded that prima facie it stands rejected. The fact that violenceis not sustainable, in the present world, is sufficient indication thatviolence, as a principle, is quite alien to the scheme of things inIslam. Islam claims to be an eternal religion and, as such, couldnever afford to uphold any principle, which could not stand up tothe test of time. Any attempt to bracket violence with Islamamounts, therefore, to casting doubt upon the very eternity of theIslamic religion. Islamic terrorism is a contradiction in terms, muchlike ‘pacifist’ terrorism. And the truth of the matter is that, all theteachings of Islam are based, directly or indirectly, on the principleof peace. A Revealed BookThe Quran is a book of God revealed to the Prophet Muhammad.It did not come to him in the form of a complete book, but in partsover a period of 23 years. The first part was revealed in 610 AD,when the Prophet Muhammad was in Makkah. Subsequently,different parts continued to be revealed regularly, the final partbeing revealed in 632, when the Prophet was in Madinah. There are 114 chapters in the Quran, both long and short. Theverses number about 6600. To meet the needs of recitation, theQuran was divided into 30 parts. These parts were finally set inorder under the guidance of the Angel Gabriel, through whom Godhad revealed the Quran. When the Quran was revealed in the first quarter of the 7thcentury, paper had already been invented. This paper, known aspapyrus, was made by hand from the fibres of certain trees.Whenever any part of the Quran was revealed, it was written downon papyrus, or in Arabic, qirtas (6:7). During this process, peoplecommitted the verses to memory, the Quran being the only Islamic
    • xviii Introductionliterature which was recited in prayer, as well as being read out forthe purposes of da‘wah. In this way, the Quran continued to besimultaneously memorized as well as written down. This methodof preservation continued during the lifetime of the ProphetMuhammad. In this way, the Quran was preserved during thelifetime of the Prophet. The third caliph, ‘Uthman ibn ‘Affan, had several copiesprepared. He sent these to different cities, where they were kept inthe great mosques. People not only recited from these copies, butalso prepared more copies from them. The writing of the Quran by hand continued till the printing presswas invented and paper began to be manufactured on a large scale,thanks to the industrial revolution. Then, the Quran began to beprinted. Printing methods went on improving and so the printing ofthe Quran also improved. Now printed copies of the Quran havebecome so common that they can be found in every home, mosque,library and bookstore. Today anyone can find a beautiful copy ofthe Quran, wherever he might be, in any part of the globe. Maulana Wahiduddin Khan sk@skhan.org
    • CHRONOLOGICAL TABLE OF THE QURAN570 Birth of the Prophet Muhammad (the Prophet’s father died a few months before his birth)576 Death of the Prophet’s mother Aminah, when the Prophet is six year old578 Death of the Prophet’s grandfather, ‘Abdul Muttalib595 The Prophet’s marriage to Khadijah610 The Prophet receives the first revelation of the Quran at Mount al-Nur near Makkah613 First public preaching.615 Migration of some of the companions of the Prophet to Abyssinia (Ethiopia) to avoid persecution at the hands of the Makkans616-619 The Banu Hashim boycotts the Prophet and his family619 Death of the Prophet’s wife Khadijah and uncle Abu Talib619 The Prophet visits Taif for support, but the people there give him humiliating treatment.620 The Prophet’s Night Journey to Jerusalem and then to the Seven Heavens622 The Prophet’s migration (hijrah) from Makkah to Madinah, which marks the beginning of the Islamic calendar624 Battle of Badr: the pagan Makkans were defeated by the Muslims
    • xx Chronological Table of the Quran625 Battle of Uhud: the Muslims were defeated by the pagan Makkans628 The Peace Treaty of Hudaybiyyah. Ten year no-war pact with pagan Makkans, allowing peaceful preaching of Islam. As a result many came into the fold of Islam630 No-war pact broken by the pagan Makkans. Makkah’s surrender—the Prophet forgives the Makkans and entire population enters the fold of Islam631 ‘The Year of Embassies’—Islam accepted by Arabian tribes. The Prophet enters into peace treaties with the Christians and Jewish tribes632 The Prophet’s Farewell Pilgrimage to Makkah632 8th June. Death of the Prophet Muhammad at Madinah633 Quran prepared in one volume by Caliph Abu Bakr645 Caliph ‘Uthman has several copies of the Quran made and distributed in neighbouring countries1153 First Latin translation of the Quran1543 First printed edition with preface by Martin Luther1649 Alexander Ross translates the Quran into English from French1734 George Sale’s translation of the Quran1930 Muhammad Marmaduke Pickthall’s translation of the Quran1934 ‘Abdullah Yusuf ‘Ali’s translation of the Quran1980 Muhammad Asad’s translation of the Quran
    • Map of Arabian Peninsula showing places at the time of the revelation of the Quran, 610-632. N W E S
    • Blank
    • (xxiv)Blank
    • 1. THE OPENING 1 In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful2 All praise is due to God, turn for help. 6 Guide us to thethe Lord of the Universe; straight path: 7 the path of those3 the Beneficent, the Merciful; You have blessed; not of4 Lord of the Day of those who have incurred YourJudgement. 5 You alone we wrath, nor of those who haveworship, and to You alone we gone astray. 2. THE HEIFER In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful1 6 Alif Lam Mim As for those who are bent on denying the truth, it makes no2 This is the Book; there is no difference to them whether youdoubt in it. It is a guide for those warn them or not, they will notwho are mindful of God, 3 who believe. 7 God has sealed theirbelieve in the unseen, and are hearts and their ears, and oversteadfast in prayer, and spend their eyes there is a covering.out of what We have provided They will have a terriblethem with; 4 those who believe punishment.in the revelation sent down to 8 There are some who say, ‘Weyou and in what was sent before believe in God and the Lastyou, and firmly believe in the Day,’ yet they are not believers.life to come—5 they are the 9 They seek to deceive God andpeople who are rightly following the believers, but they onlytheir Lord and it is they who deceive themselves, though theyshall be successful. do not realize it. 10 In their hearts
    • 2 The Quran 2:11is a disease, which God has up all around them, God tookincreased. They will have a away their light and left them inpainful punishment, because they utter darkness, unable to see—have been lying. 11 When they 18 deaf, dumb, and blind: theyare told, ‘Do not cause corruption will never return [to the rightin the land,’ they say, ‘We are path]. 19 Or their case is like thatonly promoters of peace,’ 12 but of heavy rain pouring down fromit is they who are really causing the clouds, accompanied bycorruption, though they do not darkness, thunder and lightning;realize it. 13 And when they are they thrust their fingers in theirtold, ‘Believe as other people ears at the sound of thunderclapshave believed,’ they say, ‘Are we for fear of death. God thusto believe just as fools believe?’ encompasses those who denySurely they are the fools, even the truth. 20 The lightning almostthough they do not realize it. takes away their sight: whenever14 When they meet those who it flashes upon them, they walkbelieve, they say, ‘We believe.’ on, but as soon as darkness fallsBut when they are alone with around them, they stand still.their evil leaders, they say, ‘We Indeed, if God pleased, He couldare really with you; we were take away their hearing and theironly mocking.’ 15 God will sight: God has power over allrequite them for their mockery, things.and draw them on, for a while, to 21 People, worship your Lord,wander blindly in their insolence. who created you and those before16 Such are those who have taken you, so that you may becomemisguidance in exchange for righteous, 22 who made the earthguidance; but their bargain does a bed, and the sky a canopy; andnot profit them, nor have they it is He who sends down rainfound true guidance. from above for the growth of 17 They are like those who every kind of food for yourkindled a fire, and when it lighted sustenance. And do not
    • 2:31 The Heifer 3knowingly set up rivals to God. guides many by it. But He makes23 If you are in doubt about the only the disobedient go astray:revelation We have sent down to 27 those who break God’sOur servant, then produce a covenant after they have pledgedsingle chapter like it, and call to keep it, and sever whateverupon your helpers besides God, God has ordered to be joined,if you are truthful. 24 But if you and spread corruption in thecannot do it, and you can never land—it is they who are thedo it, then guard yourselves losers. 28 How can you disbelieveagainst the Fire whose fuel is in God when you were deadmen and stones, prepared for [lifeless] and He gave you life?those who deny the truth. 25 Give He will let you die once more,the good news to those who then bring you back to life again,believe and do good works, that whereupon you will be returnedthey will have Gardens through to Him. 29 It is He who createdwhich rivers flow: whenever they everything on the earth for you:are given fruit to eat they will then He turned towards heavensay, ‘This is what we were and fashioned it into the sevenprovided with before,’ because heavens. He has knowledge ofthey were given similar things. all things.And there will be pure spouses 30 When your Lord said to thefor them, and they will abide angels, ‘I am putting a successorthere forever. on earth,’ they said, ‘Will You 26 God does not disdain to place someone there who willgive a parable about a gnat or a cause corruption on it and shedsmaller creature. The faithful blood, while we glorify You withknow that it is the truth from Your praise and extol Yourtheir Lord, but those who deny holiness?’ [God] answered,the truth ask, ‘What could God ‘Surely, I know that which youmean by this parable?’ He lets do not know.’many go astray through it, and 31 He taught Adam all the
    • 4 The Quran 2:32names, then He set them before abode and your livelihood for athe angels and said, ‘Tell Me the while!’ 37 Then Adam receivednames of these, if what you say some words [of prayer] from hisbe true.’ 32 They said, ‘Glory be Lord and He accepted histo You; we have no knowledge repentance. He is the Forgivingexcept whatever You have taught One, the Merciful. 38 We said,us. You are the All Knowing, the ‘Go down, all of you, from here:All Wise.’ 33 Then He said, ‘O then when guidance comes toAdam, tell them their names.’ you from Me, anyone whoWhen Adam had told them the follows My guidance will havenames, God said to the angels, no fear, nor will they grieve—‘Did I not say to you: I know the 39 those who deny and reject Oursecrets of the heavens and of the signs shall be the inhabitants ofearth, and I know what you the Fire; therein shall they abidereveal and what you conceal?’ forever.’ 34 40 When We said to the angels, Children of Israel, remember‘Bow down before Adam,’ they the favours I have bestowed uponall bowed except for Iblis [Satan]. you, and fulfil the covenant thatHe refused and acted proudly you made with Me. I shall fulfiland became an unbeliever. 35 We the covenant I made with you.said, ‘O Adam! live with your Fear Me alone. 41 And believe inwife in Paradise and eat freely the message I have sent downfrom it anywhere you may wish. which fulfils that [predictionsYet do not approach this tree lest about the last prophet in theiryou become wrongdoers.’ 36 But Scripture] which you alreadySatan caused them both to slip possess and do not be foremostthrough this and thus brought among those who deny its truth.about the loss of their former Do not sell My revelations for astate. We said, ‘Go down from paltry price; fear Me alone. 42 Dohere as enemies to each other; not mix truth with falsehood, orand on earth you shall have your hide the truth when you know it.
    • 2:57 The Heifer 543 Attend to your prayers, give for you and saved you andthe zakat [prescribed alms] and drowned Pharaoh’s people, whilebow down with those who bow you looked on. 51 We appointeddown. 44 Do you admonish others for Moses forty nights [on Mountto do good and forget this Sinai], and in his absence youyourselves? Yet you read the Book. took to worshipping the calf,Will you not then understand? and thus became transgressors.45 52 Seek help with patience and Yet after that We pardonedprayer; this is indeed an exacting you, so that you might be grateful.discipline, but not to the humble, 53 Remember when We gave46 who know for certain that they Moses the Scripture, and thewill meet their Lord, and that criterion [to distinguish betweenthey will return to Him. right and wrong], so that you 47 Children of Israel, remember might be guided. 54 When MosesMy blessing which I have said to his people, ‘O my people,bestowed on you, and how I you have indeed wrongedfavoured you above all other yourselves by worshipping thepeople. 48 Guard yourselves calf; turn in repentance to youragainst the Day on which no soul Creator and slay [the culprits]shall in the least avail another, among you. That course is bestwhen neither intercession nor for you in the sight of yourransom shall be accepted from it Maker.’ He relented towards you.nor shall help be given to it. He is the Forgiving One, the49 Remember when We delivered Merciful. 55 Remember when youyou from Pharaoh’s people, who said, ‘Moses, we will not believesubjected you to grievous in you until we see God with ourtorment, slaying your sons and own eyes,’ a thunderbolt strucksparing only your daughters— you while you were looking on.surely in that there was a great 56 Then We brought you back totrial for you from your Lord— life after your death, so that you50 and when We divided the sea might be grateful. 57 Then We
    • 6 The Quran 2:58caused the clouds to provide 61 When you said, ‘Moses, weshade for you and sent down for cannot bear to eat only one kindyou manna and quails, saying, of food, so pray to your Lord to‘Eat the good things We have bring forth for us some of theprovided for you.’ Indeed, they earth’s produce, its herbs anddid not wrong Us, but they cucumbers, its garlic, lentils,wronged themselves. and onions.’ He said, ‘Would 58 Remember when We said, you take a lesser thing in‘Enter this land and eat freely exchange for what is better? Gowherever you will. Make your to some town and there you willway through the gates, bowing find all that you demand.’down and saying, “God! Forgive Abasement and destitution wereus our sins.” We shall forgive stamped upon them, and theyyou your sins and We shall give incurred the wrath of God, forabundance to those who do having rejected His signs, andgood.’ 59 But the wrongdoers they killed His prophets unjustly,changed the words to something because they were rebels andother than what they had been transgressors.told. So We sent down upon the 62 The believers, the Jews, thetransgressors a punishment from Christians, and the Sabaeans—heaven, because they were all those who believe in God anddisobedient. 60 When Moses the Last Day and do goodprayed for water for his people, deeds—will be rewarded by theirWe said to him, ‘Strike the rock Lord; they shall have no fear, norwith your staff!’ And there shall they grieve.gushed out from it twelve 63 [Children of Israel], Wesprings. Each tribe knew its made a covenant with you anddrinking-place. [We said], ‘Eat raised the mountain high aboveand drink what God has provided you, saying, ‘Hold fast to whatand do not act wrongfully in the We have given you and bear itsland, spreading corruption.’ contents in mind, so that you
    • 2:75 The Heifer 7may guard yourselves [against your Lord to make it clear to usevil].’ 64 Yet after that you turned the exact type of heifer she shouldaway, and but for God’s grace be, for to us all heifers lookand mercy, you would have surely alike. If God wills, we shallbeen among the losers. 65 You be rightly guided.’ 71 Mosesare aware of those who answered, ‘Your Lord says, shetransgressed in the matter of the should be a heifer which has notSabbath, whereupon We said to been yoked to plough the land orthem, ‘Be as apes, despised!’ water the fields, a heifer free66 We made their fate an example from any blemish.’ ‘Now youto their own generation and to have told us the truth,’ theythose who followed them and a answered, and they sacrificed it,lesson to those who fear God. though they would rather not 67 When Moses said to his have done it. 72 Then, when youpeople, ‘God commands you to [Israelites] killed someone andsacrifice a heifer,’ they said, ‘Are started to blame one another—you making a mockery of us?’ God brought to light what youHe answered, ‘God forbid that I concealed—73 We said, ‘Strikeshould be so ignorant!’ 68 They [the corpse] with a part of it.’said, ‘Ask your Lord to make it Thus God restores the dead toclear to us what sort of heifer she life and shows you His signs, soshould be.’ He answered, ‘God that you may understand.says she should be neither too 74 Then your hearts became asold nor too young, but in hard as rock or even harder: for,between, so do as you are there are rocks from whichcommanded.’ 69 They said, ‘Call streams gush forth; and, thereon your Lord for us, to show us are some that cleave asunder andwhat colour she should be.’ He water flows out from them, whileanswered, ‘God says she should others fall down for fear of God.be a bright yellow heifer, pleasing God is not unaware of what you do.to the eye.’ 70 They said, ‘Ask 75 Do you then hope that they
    • 8 The Quran 2:76will believe in you when some of days!’ Say [to them], ‘Have youthem have already heard the word received a promise from God—of God and then, after having for God never breaks Hisunderstood it, they knowingly promise—or do you attributeperverted it? 76 When they meet something to God which you dothe faithful, they say, ‘We are not know?’ 81 Truly, those whobelievers.’ But when alone, they do evil and are encompassed bysay to each other, ‘Must you tell their misdeeds, shall be thethem what God has revealed to inmates of the Fire. Therein theyus? They will only use it to argue shall abide forever, 82 but thoseagainst you before your Lord! who believe and do good worksHave you no sense?’ 77 Do they are the heirs of Paradise; therenot know that God knows all they shall abide forever.that they conceal and all that 83 Remember when We made athey disclose? covenant with the Children of 78 There are among them Israel, ‘Worship none but Godunlettered people who have no and be good to your parents andreal knowledge of the Scriptures, to relatives and orphans and theknowing only their own wishful needy. And speak kindly tothinking and following only people. Attend to your prayersconjecture. 79 Woe to those who and pay the zakat [prescribedwrite the scripture with their alms].’ But with the exception ofown hands, and then declare, a few, you turned away [in‘This is from God,’ in order to aversion] and paid no heed.sell it for a paltry price. Woe to 84 When We made a covenantthem because of what their own with you, We said, ‘You shall nothands have written, and woe to shed each other’s blood, nor turnthem for what they have earned. your people out of their homes.’80 They say, ‘The Fire is not You consented to this and boregoing to touch us, and [even if it witness. 85 Yet, here you are,does], it will only be for a few slaying one another and driving
    • 2:91 The Heifer 9some of your own people from impenetrably wrapped [againsttheir homelands, aiding one whatever you say],’ but God hasanother against them, committing rejected them for their denial;sin and aggression; but if they they have but little faith.came to you as captives, you 89 And now that a Bookwould ransom them. Surely their has come to them from God,very expulsion was unlawful for fulfilling that [predictions aboutyou. Do you believe in one part the final prophet in theirof the Book and deny another scriptures] which is with them,part of it? Those of you who act they deny it—whereas previouslythus shall be rewarded with they used to pray for victorydisgrace in this world and with a against the disbelievers—yetsevere punishment on the Day of when there came to them thatResurrection. God is never which they recognized as theunaware of what you do. 86 Such truth, they rejected it. God’sare they who buy the life of this rejection is the due of all whoworld at the price of the deny the truth. 90 What they haveHereafter. Their punishment sold their souls for is evil: to theshall not be lightened for them, denial of God’s own revelation,nor shall they be helped. grudging that He should reveal 87 To Moses We gave the His bounty to whom He choosesBook and sent a succession of from among His servants! Theymessengers after him. We gave have incurred wrath upon wrath.Jesus, son of Mary, clear signs Humiliating punishment awaitsand strengthened him with the those who deny the truth.Holy Spirit. But, whenever a 91 When they are told, ‘Believemessenger came to you with in what God has revealed,’ theysomething which you did not say, ‘We believe in what wasdesire, you grew arrogant, calling revealed to us,’ while they denysome liars and slaying others. the truth in what has been sent88 They say, ‘Our hearts are down after that, even though it is
    • 10 The Quran 2:92the Truth, confirming that which a thousand years, though eventhey already have. Say, ‘Why did such a long life would not saveyou kill God’s prophets in the them from [Our] punishment;past, if you were true believers? and God sees all that they do.92 97 Moses came to you with clear Say, ‘Anyone who is ansigns, but in his absence you enemy of Gabriel—who byworshipped the calf and became God’s leave has brought down towrongdoers.’ 93 When We made your heart [the Quran] fulfillinga covenant with you and raised that [predictions about the lastthe mountain above you saying, prophet in the earlier revelations]‘Hold firmly to what We have which precedes it, and is agiven you and listen,’ you said, guidance and good news for the‘We hear, but we disobey,’ and faithful—98 whoever is an enemytheir hearts were filled with the of God, His angels, or Hislove of the calf, because of their messengers, or of Gabriel orrefusal to acknowledge the truth. Michael, will surely find thatSay, ‘Evil is that to which your God too is the enemy of thosefaith enjoins you if you are indeed who deny the truth.’ 99 We havebelievers.’ 94 Say, ‘If God’s abode sent down clear signs to you andof the Hereafter is for you alone, no one will reject them exceptto the exclusion of all others, the wicked. 100 Why is it that,then wish for death, if you are whenever they make a covenant,truthful.’ 95 But they will never some of them cast it aside?wish for death, because of what Most of them do not believe.their own hands have sent on 101 Whenever a messenger frombefore them; God is fully aware God has come to them, fulfillingof the wrongdoers. 96 You will that [predictions] which theyfind them clinging to life more already had, some of those toeagerly than any other people, whom the Book was given have casteven the polytheists. Any of them off the Book of God behind theirwould wish to be given a life of backs as if they had no knowledge.
    • 2:107 The Heifer 11 102 They pursued what the the Prophet, ‘Ra‘ina’ but say,devils falsely attributed to the ‘Unzurna,’ and listen to himkingdom of Solomon. Solomon with attention.a For those whowas not an unbeliever: it is the deny the truth, there is a painfuldevils who are unbelievers. They punishment. 105 They who denytaught people witchcraft, and the truth from among the Peoplethat which was sent down to of the Book, or from amongHarut and Marut, the two angels those who associate partners within Babylon. But these two taught God, do not desire that any goodno one until they had said, ‘We should be sent down to you fromare but a trial, therefore, do not your Lord. But God singles outdisbelieve [in God’s guidance].’ for His grace whom He wills—So men learnt from them that by for God is limitless in His greatwhich they caused discord bounty. 106 If We abrogate a versebetween man and wife; but they or cause it to be forgotten, Weharmed no one thereby, except will replace it by a better one orby the command of God; [on the one similar to it. Do you notcontrary], these people learned know that God has power overthat which would harm them and all things? 107 Do you not knowdo them no good, knowing full that the kingdom of the heavenswell that whoever acquired [this and the earth belongs to Godknowledge] would have no share alone? And that there is noin the Hereafter. Evil indeed was protector or helper for youthe [price] for which they soldtheir souls, if only they had a Some people would sit in theknown it. 103 And had they but Prophet’s company and, by playing onbelieved and been mindful of words, make a mockery of hisGod, His reward would have been teachings. For instance, instead of using the unambiguous Arabic wordfar better for them, if they had but for ‘May we have your attention’—known it. ‘unzurna’—they would say ‘ra‘ina’, 104 Believers, do not say to meaning ‘our shepherd’.
    • 12 The Quran 2:108besides God? 108 Do you [all] Christians have no ground towant to question your messenger stand on,’ and the Christians say,just as Moses was questioned ‘The Jews have no ground topreviously? Anyone who stand on.’ Yet they both reciteexchanges faith for unbelief has the Book, and those who havestrayed from the right path. no knowledge say the same; God 109 Many among the People of will judge between them on thethe Book wish, through envy, to Day of Resurrection concerninglead you back to unbelief, now their disputes. 114 Who could bethat you have embraced the faith more wicked than someone whoand the truth has been made prevents God’s name from beingplain to them. But you should mentioned in His places ofpardon them and bear with them worship, and seeks to bring aboutuntil God gives His command. their ruin, while it behoves theseTruly, God has power over all men to enter them with fear inthings. 110 Attend to your prayers their hearts? There is disgrace inand pay the prescribed alms; any store for them in this world andgood you store up for yourselves, a great punishment in the next.you will find it with God. 115 The East and the West belongCertainly, God sees what you do. to God. Whichever way you turn,111 They declare, ‘None shall ever there is the Face of God. God isenter Heaven unless he be a Jew all pervading and all knowing.or a Christian.’ This is their own 116 They say, ‘God has takenwishful thinking. [Prophet], say, a son.’ Glory be to Him!‘Produce your evidence if you Everything in the heavens andare telling the truth.’ 112 Indeed, the earth belongs to Him; allthose who submit themselves to things are obedient to Him. 117 HeGod and act righteously shall be is the Originator of the heavensrewarded by their Lord: they shall and the earth, and when Hehave no fear, nor shall they grieve. decrees something, He says only, 113 The Jews say, ‘The ‘Be!’ and it is.
    • 2:126 The Heifer 13 118 Those who are devoid of when no human being shall availknowledge say, ‘Why does God another. Nor shall ransom benot speak to us or show us a accepted from any of them, norsign?’ The same demand was shall intercession be of any usemade by those before them; their to them, and none shall behearts are all alike. We have succoured. 124 When his Lordmade the signs clear to those tested Abraham with certainwhose faith is firm. 119 We have commands and he fulfilled them,sent you with the truth, bearing He said, ‘I will make you agood news and giving warning. leader of men.’ Abraham asked,You will not be held accountable ‘And what of my descendants?’for the people of the Fire. He answered, ‘My covenant does120 Neither the Christians nor the not extend to the transgressors.’Jews will be pleased with you 125 And We made the Houseuntil you follow their ways. Say, [the Ka‘bah] a place of assembly‘God’s guidance is the only true and a sanctuary for mankind,guidance.’ If you followed their [saying], ‘Make the place wheredesires after the knowledge Abraham stood a place ofwhich has come to you, you worship.’ We commandedwould not have any patron or Abraham and Ishmael, ‘Purifysupporter against God. 121 Those My House for those who walkwhom We have given this Book round it, those who stay there forfollow it as it ought to be devotion, and those who bowfollowed; it is they who [truly] down and prostrate themselves.’believe in it; those who deny it 126 And when Abraham prayed,will be the losers. ‘My Lord, make this city a city 122 Children of Israel, of peace, and provide itsremember My favour which I inhabitants with fruits, such ofhave bestowed upon you, and them as believe in God and thehow I preferred you above all Last Day.’ God said, ‘As forother people; 123 and fear a Day those who deny the truth, I will
    • 14 The Quran 2:127grant them benefits for a short 132 and Abraham enjoined hiswhile and then subject them to sons to do the same, as didthe punishment of the Fire—an Jacob, ‘My sons, God has chosenevil destination.’ this religion for you; so do not 127 And when Abraham and let death overtake you, exceptIshmael were laying the when you are in a state offoundations of the House, [they submission.’ 133 Were you presentprayed], ‘Our Lord, accept this when Jacob faced the hour offrom us; for You are All Hearing, death and he asked his sons,All Knowing. 128 Lord, make us ‘Who will you worship aftersubmissive to You; make of our me?’ They answered, ‘We willdescendants a nation that will worship your God and the Godsubmit to You. Teach us our rites of your fathers, Abraham andof worship and turn to us with Ishmael and Isaac: the one God;mercy; You are the Forgiving we have submitted ourselves toOne and the Merciful. 129 Our Him.’ 134 Those were a peopleLord, send forth to them a that have passed away; whatmessenger of their own to recite they did is theirs and what youYour revelations to them, to teach have done is yours. You will notthem the Scripture and wisdom, be answerable for their deeds.and purify them. You are the 135 They say, ‘Be Jews orMighty, the Wise One.’ Christians, and you shall be 130 Who but a foolish man rightly guided.’ Say, ‘By nowould turn away from the means! We believe in the faith ofreligion of Abraham? We chose Abraham, who was ever inclinedhim in this world, and in the [to God]; he was not one ofHereafter he shall be among the those who set up partners withrighteous. 131 When his Lord said God.’ 136 Say, ‘We believe into him, ‘Surrender!’ he God and what was revealed toresponded, ‘I have surrendered us; and what was revealed toto the Lord of the Universe,’ Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob,
    • 2:144 The Heifer 15and their descendants, and what 141 Those were a people that havewas given to Moses and Jesus passed away; theirs is what theyand what was given to the [other] did and yours what youprophets by their Lord. We make have done. You shall not beno distinction between any of answerable for their deeds.them. It is to Him that we 142 The foolish will ask, ‘Whatsurrender ourselves.’ 137 If they has made them turn away frombelieve as you have believed, their direction of prayer whichthen are they rightly guided; but they used to face?’ Say, ‘Theif they turn back, then know that East and the West belong tothey are entrenched in hostility. God. He guides whom He pleasesGod will surely suffice to defend to the right path.’ 143 Thus Weyou against them, for He is All have made you a middle nation,Hearing, All Knowing. 138 We so that you may act as witnessestake on God’s own dye. Who has for mankind, and the Messengera better dye than God’s? We may be a witness for you. Weworship Him alone. 139 Say, ‘Do decreed your former prayeryou dispute with us about God, direction towards which you usedwhile He is our Lord and your to face only in order that WeLord? We have our actions and might make a clear distinctionyou have your actions. We are between the Messenger’s truedevoted to Him alone. 140 Do followers and those who were toyou claim that Abraham and turn their backs on him. ThisIshmael and Isaac and Jacob and was indeed a hard test for all buttheir descendants were all Jews those whom God has guided.or Christians?’ Say, ‘Do you God will never let your faith goknow better or does God? And to waste. God is compassionatewho could be more unjust than and merciful to mankind.one who conceals a testimony 144 We have frequently seengiven to him by God? God is not you turn your face towardsunaware of what you do.’ heaven. So We will make you
    • 16 The Quran 2:145turn in a direction for prayer that may be, God will bring you allwill please you. So turn your before Him. God has power overface now towards the Sacred all things. 149 Wherever you setMosque: and wherever you may out from, turn your face inbe, turn your faces towards it. the direction of the SacredThose who were given the Book Mosque—this is the truth fromknow this to be the truth from your Lord: He is not unaware oftheir Lord. God is not unaware what you do—150 wherever youof what they do. 145 But even if come from, turn your face to theyou should produce every kind Sacred Mosque; wherever youof sign for those who have been may be, turn your faces towardsgiven the Book, they would never it, so that people will not haveaccept your prayer direction, nor any argument against you exceptwould you accept their prayer for the wrongdoers among them.direction: nor would any of them Do not fear them; fear Me, soaccept one another’s direction. that I may perfect My favour toIf, after all the knowledge you you and you may be rightlyhave been given, you yield to guided. 151 Thus We have senttheir desires, then, you shall among you a Messenger of yoursurely become a transgressor. own to recite Our revelations to146 Those to whom We have given you, purify you and teach youthe Book recognize it just as they the Book and wisdom, and torecognize their own sons. But, teach you what you did not know.some of them knowingly conceal 152 So remember Me; I willthe truth. 147 Truth is what comes remember you. Be thankful tofrom your Lord; therefore, do Me and do not be ungrateful.not be of those who doubt. 153 You who believe, seek help 148 Each community has its through patience and prayer;own direction in which it turns: surely, God is with the steadfast.vie, then, with one another in 154 Do not say that those who aredoing good works. Wherever you killed in God’s cause are dead;
    • 2:165 The Heifer 17they are alive, but you are not accept their repentance: I amaware of it. 155 We shall certainly the Ever Relenting, the Mosttest you with fear and hunger, Merciful. 161 Those who denyand loss of property, lives and the truth, and die as deniers, oncrops. Give good news to those them shall be the curse of Godwho endure with fortitude. and of angels and of men156 Those who say, when afflicted altogether. 162 Under it they shallwith a calamity, ‘We belong to remain forever; their punishmentGod and to Him we shall return,’ shall not be lightened, nor shall157 are the ones who will have they be granted respite.blessings and mercy from their 163 Your God is one God. ThereLord: it is they who are on the is no deity save Him. He is theright path! Compassionate, the Merciful. 158 Safa and Marwah are 164 In the creation of the heavensamong the symbols set up by and the earth; in the alternationGod; there is nothing wrong if of night and day; in the ships thatanyone goes on a pilgrimage to sail the ocean bearing cargoesthe House, or performs a minor beneficial to man; in the waterpilgrimage, in walking to and fro which God sends down from thebetween them. Of anyone who sky and with which He revivesdoes good of his own accord, the earth after its death, scatteringGod is appreciative, and aware. over it all kinds of animals; in159 Those who conceal the the courses of the winds, and inevidence of the truth and the the clouds pressed into serviceguidance We have revealed, after between earth and sky, there areWe have made them clear to indeed signs for people who usepeople in the Scripture, will be their reason.rejected by God and so do others. 165 Yet there are some who set160 But from those who repent up equals with God and adoreand mend their ways and make them with the adoration due toknown the truth, I will certainly God, but those who believe love
    • 18 The Quran 2:166God most. If only the wrongdoers did not use their reason, andcould see—as they will see when were devoid of all guidance.they face the punishment—that 171 Those who deny the truth areall power belongs to God, and like animals which hear nothingthat God is severe in punishment. in your call but the sound of a166 When they face their voice, without understanding itspunishment, those who have meaning. They are deaf, dumbbeen followed will disown their and blind. They understandfollowers, and all their ties shall nothing.be cut asunder, 167 those who 172 Believers, eat thefollowed will say, ‘If we could wholesome things which Weonly return to the world, we have provided for you and givewould disown them as they have thanks to God, if it is Him youdisowned us.’ God will thus show worship. 173 He has forbiddenthem their actions as a cause of you only carrion, blood, and thebitter regret and remorse. They flesh of swine; also any fleshshall never emerge from the Fire. that is consecrated other than in 168 O mankind, eat whatever is the name of God. But for onelawful and wholesome on the who is driven by necessity,earth; and do not follow in the neither craving nor transgressing,footsteps of Satan; for he is it is no sin. For God is forgivingindeed your avowed enemy. and merciful. 174 Those who169 He bids you only to do evil conceal any part of the Scripturesand to commit deeds of which God has revealed in orderabomination and to attribute to to gain some paltry end, simplyGod something of which you fill their bellies with Fire. On thehave no knowledge. 170 But when Day of Resurrection, God willthey are told, ‘Follow what God neither speak to them nor purifyhas sent down,’ they answer, them. They will have a painful‘We will follow the ways of our punishment. 175 Those are thefathers,’ even though their fathers ones who have taken error in
    • 2:182 The Heifer 19exchange for guidance and female for the female. If thepunishment for forgiveness. How offender is granted somelittle do they seem to fear the remission by the heir of the slainFire! 176 That is because God has person, the agreed penalty shouldsent down the Book with the be equitably exacted and shouldtruth. And those who pursue be discharged in a handsomedifferences in the Scriptures go manner. This is an alleviationmuch too far in dissension. from your Lord and an act of 177 Virtue does not consist in grace. He who transgresses afterwhether you face towards the this shall have a painfulEast or the West; virtue means punishment. 179 In [this law of]believing in God, the Last Day, retribution there is life for you,the angels, the Book and the O people of understanding, soprophets; the virtuous are those that perhaps you will be mindfulwho, despite their love for it, of God. 180 It is prescribed thatgive away their wealth to their when death approaches any ofrelatives and to orphans and the you and he is leaving behindvery poor, and to travellers and wealth, he shall make a will inthose who ask [for charity], and favour of his parents and relativesto set slaves free, and who attend equitably. This is a duty for allto their prayers and pay the alms, who fear God. 181 Anyone whoand who keep their pledges when alters it once he has heard it shallthey make them, and show be accountable for his crime.patience in hardship and Surely, God is all hearing and alladversity, and in times of distress. knowing. 182 But if anyoneSuch are the true believers; and apprehends partiality or ansuch are the God-fearing. injustice on the part of a testator, 178 Believers, retribution is it shall be no sin for him to bringprescribed for you in cases of about a settlement between themurder: the free man for the free parties. God is forgiving andman, the slave for the slave, the merciful.
    • 20 The Quran 2:183 183 Believers, fasting has been and so that you may be gratefulprescribed for you, just as it was to Him.prescribed for those before you, 186 When My servants ask youso that you may guard yourselves about Me, say that I am near. Iagainst evil. 184 Fast for a respond to the call of one whospecified number of days, but if calls, whenever he calls to Me:any one among you is ill or on a let them, then, respond to Me,journey, let him fast the same and believe in Me, so that theynumber of days later. For those may be rightly guided. 187 It haswho can fast only with extreme been made lawful for you to godifficulty, there is a way to to your wives on the night of thecompensate—the feeding of a fast: they are like a garment forneedy person. But he who does you, and you are like a garmentgood of his own accord shall be for them. God is aware that youwell rewarded; but to fast is were deceiving yourselves andbetter for you, if you only knew. He has turned in mercy towards185 The month of Ramadan is the you and pardoned you. So youmonth when the Quran was sent may now consort with them anddown as guidance for mankind seek what God has ordained forwith clear proofs of guidance you. Eat and drink until theand the criterion by which to white thread of dawn becomesdistinguish right from wrong. distinct from the black. ThenTherefore, whoever of you is resume the fast until nightfall,present in that month, let him and do not approach them duringfast; but he who is ill or on a the nights of your devotionaljourney shall fast a similar retreat in the mosques. These arenumber of days later on. God the limits set by God, so do notdesires ease for you, not hardship. approach them. Thus He makesHe desires you to fast the whole clear His commandments tomonth, so that you may glorify mankind, so that they may guardHim for His having guided you themselves [against evil]. 188 Do
    • 2:196 The Heifer 21not consume one another’s unless they fight you there. Ifproperty by unjust means, they do fight you, slay them—nor offer it as a bribe to the such is the reward for those whoauthorities, so that you may deny the truth—192 but if theydeliberately and wrongfully desist, then surely God is mostdevour a part of other people’s forgiving and merciful. 193 Fightwealth. them until there is no more fitna 189 They ask you about the [religious persecution] andphases of the moon. Say, ‘They religion belongs to God alone. Ifare a means of determining time they desist, then let there befor the regulation of people’s no hostility, except towardsaffairs and for the pilgrimage.’ aggressors.Piety does not consist in entering 194 A sacred month for a sacredyour houses from the rear. Indeed, month: violation of sanctity callsone who guards himself against for fair retribution. Thus youevil out of fear of God is the may exact retribution fromtruly righteous one. Enter your whoever transgresses againsthouses by their doors and be you, in proportion to hismindful of God, so that you may transgression. Fear God andprosper. 190 And fight in God’s know that God is with those whocause against those who wage are mindful of Him. 195 Spendwar against you, but do not for God’s cause: but do not castcommit aggression—for surely, yourselves into destruction byGod does not love aggressors. your own hands. Do good, God191 Slay them wherever you find loves the doers of good.them [those who fight against 196 Perform the Hajj and theyou]; a drive them out of the minor pilgrimage [umrah] forplaces from which they drove the sake of God. If you areyou, for [religious] persecutionis worse than killing. Do not a See pages xiv to xvii of thefight them at the Sacred Mosque Introduction.
    • 22 The Quran 2:197prevented from doing so, then best of all provision is God-make whatever offering you can consciousness. Always beafford and do not shave your mindful of Me, you that areheads until the offering has endowed with understanding.reached the place of sacrifice. 198 You will be committing noBut if any of you is ill, or has an sin if [during the pilgrimage]ailment of the head, he should you seek to obtain any bountycompensate by fasting or from your Lord. When you returnalmsgiving or sacrifice. In times from Arafat, remember God atof peace, if any of you combines the sacred place, and rememberthe minor pilgrimage with the Him as He has guided you.Hajj, he should make whatever Before this you were surelyoffering he can afford, but if he astray. 199 Then press on fromlacks the means, then let him fast where the pilgrims stream forththree days during the pilgrimage and ask God’s forgiveness. Godand for seven days after his is ever forgiving and mostreturn; that is, ten days in all. merciful. 200 When you haveThat is incumbent upon anyone performed the acts of worshipwhose family does not live near prescribed for you, celebrate thethe Sacred Mosque. Fear God praises of God as you celebratedand know that God is severe in the praises of your fathers, orpunishment. 197 The pilgrimage even more fervently than that.is in the appointed months. There are some who say, ‘OurWhoever intends to perform it Lord, give us abundance in thisduring them must abstain from world.’ These shall have no shareindecent speech, from all wicked in the world to come. 201 Butconduct, and from quarrelling there are others who pray, ‘Ourwhile on the pilgrimage. Lord, grant us good in this worldWhatever good you may do, God as well as good in the world tois aware of it. Make provision come, and protect us from thefor yourselves—but surely, the torment of the Fire.’ 202 They
    • 2:213 The Heifer 23shall have a good share from 208 Believers, surrenderwhat they have earned. God yourselves totally to God, andis swift in His reckoning. do not follow in the footsteps of203 Remember God during the Satan; surely, he is your swornappointed days; for one who enemy. 209 But if you lapse afterhastens to leave in two days, it the clear signs that have come toshall be no sin; and for one who you, then know that God isstays on, it shall be no sin for mighty and wise. 210 Are theyhim either. This is for one who only waiting for God as well asfears God. Have fear of God, the angels to come down to themand know that you shall all be under canopies of clouds, so thatgathered before Him. the matter will be settled? All 204 There are some men whose things return to God. 211 Ask theviews on the affairs of this life Children of Israel how manymay please you. They even call clear signs We have given them.on God to witness whatever is in Anyone who changes God’stheir heart, yet they are the most blessing once it has come to himcontentious of quarrellers. will find God is stern in205 When he turns away, he sets punishment. 212 The life of thisout to spread corruption in the world is made to appear attractiveland, destroying crops and cattle. for those who deny the truth andGod does not love corruption. they scoff at those who believe.206 When he is told, ‘Have fear But those who fear God shall beof God,’ he is seized by pride above them on the Day ofwhich drives him to wrongdoing. Resurrection: God bestows HisHell shall be enough for him. A bounties on whoever He pleasesdreadful resting place. 207 But without stinting.there are others who would 213 Mankind was once a singlededicate themselves to seeking community, [but then peoplethe pleasure of God. God is developed differences], so Godcompassionate to His servants. sent prophets to them as bearers
    • 24 The Quran 2:214of good tidings and warning, 216 Fighting [in defence] isand sent down with them the ordained for you, abhorent as itBook containing the truth, so may be to you. You may dislikethat He might judge between something although it is goodtheir disputes. It was only those for you, or like somethingto whom it [the scripture] was although it is bad for you: Godgiven who disagreed about it knows but you do not.after clear signs had come to 217 They ask you about fightingthem, because of rivalry between in the sacred month. Say, ‘Tothem. God by His will guided fight [in a sacred month] is athe believers to the truth about grave matter; but barring peoplewhich the others had disputed. from the path of God, to denyGod guides whom He will to a Him, and expelling people fromstraight path. 214 Do you think the Sacred Mosque are far graverthat you will enter Paradise in His sight; and persecution iswithout having suffered like worse than killing.’ They willthose who passed away before not stop fighting you until theyyou? Affliction and hardship make you renounce your faith, ifbefell them and so shaken were they can. Whoever of you turnsthey that the Messenger and the back from his faith and dies as abelievers with him would denier of the truth will have hisexclaim, ‘When will God’s help deeds come to nothing in thiscome?’ Surely the help of God world and the Hereafter, and heis near. will be an inhabitant of the Fire, 215 They will ask you what to abide therein forever. 218 Butthey should spend on others. those who have believed,Say, ‘Whatever you give should migrated, and striven for God’sbe for parents, close relatives, cause, can look forward to God’sorphans, the needy, and mercy: God is forgiving andtravellers. God is well aware of merciful.whatever good you do.’ 219 They ask you [Prophet]
    • 2:224 The Heifer 25about intoxicants and gambling. God, till they have believed; aSay, ‘There is great sin in both, believing bondman is certainlyalthough they have some benefit better than a man who associatesfor people: but their harm is partners with God, even thoughgreater than their benefit.’ They he may please you. Such peopleask you what they should spend call you to Hell-fire; but God[in God’s cause]. Say, ‘Whatever calls you to Paradise and tois surplus to your needs.’ Thus forgiveness. He makes HisGod makes His commandments messages clear to people, so thatclear to you so that you may they might bear them inreflect 220 upon this world and mind. 222 They ask you aboutthe Hereafter. They ask you about menstruation. Say, ‘It is anorphans. Say, ‘Promotion of their impurity, so keep away fromwelfare is an act of great women during it and do notgoodness. There is no harm in approach them until they areyour living together with them, cleansed; when they are cleansedfor they are your brothers. God you may approach them as Godknows the mischief-maker from has ordained. God loves thosethe reformer. If God had so who turn to Him in penitencewilled, He would have afflicted and He loves those who keepyou with hardship. Surely, God themselves clean. 223 Your wivesis mighty and wise.’ are your fields. Go, then, into 221 Do not marry women who your fields as you will. Do goodassociate partners with God until deeds, and fear God, and knowthey believe. A believing that you shall meet Him.’ Givebondwoman is better than a good tidings to the believers.woman who associates partners 224 Do not make God a pretext,with God, however pleasing she when you swear by Him, tomay appear to you. Nor give avoid doing good, beingbelieving women in marriage to righteous and making peacemen who associate partners with between people. God is all
    • 26 The Quran 2:225hearing and all knowing. 225 God twice, and then a woman mustwill not call you to account for be retained honourably orany oaths you uttered released with kindness. It is notunintentionally, but He will take lawful for you to take awayyou to task for what is intended anything of what you have givenin your hearts. God is most your wives, unless both fear thatforgiving and forbearing. 226 For they would not be able to observethose who swear that they will the bounds set by God. In such anot approach their wives, there case it shall be no sin for eithershall be a waiting period of four of them if the woman opts tomonths: if they revert to give something for her release.conciliation, surely, God is most These are the bounds set by God;forgiving and ever merciful; do not transgress them. Those227 but if they decide upon who transgress the bounds ofdivorce, God is all hearing and God are wrongdoers. 230 And ifall knowing. 228 Divorced women man finally divorces his wife, heshould wait for three menstrual cannot remarry her until she hascycles; it is unlawful for them, if married another man. Then if thethey believe in God and the Last next husband divorces her, thereDay, to hide what God has created will be no blame on either ofin their wombs. Their husbands them if the former husband andhave the right to take them back wife return to one another,within that time, if they desire to provided they think that they canbe reconciled. The wives have keep within the bounds set byrights corresponding to those God. These are the boundswhich the husbands have, prescribed by God, whichaccording to what is recognized He makes clear to men ofto be fair, but men have a rank understanding. 231 Once youabove them. God is almighty divorce women, and they haveand all wise. reached the end of their waiting 229 Divorce may be pronounced period, then either retain them in
    • 2:235 The Heifer 27all decency or part from them bear. No mother should be madedecently. Do not retain them in to suffer on account of her child,order to harm them or to wrong and no father should be made tothem. Whoever does this, wrongs suffer on account of his child.his own soul. Do not make a The same duties devolve uponmockery of God’s revelations. the father’s heir [in case of theRemember the favours God has death of the father]. But if, afterbestowed upon you, and the Book consultation, they choose byand the wisdom He has revealed mutual agreement to wean theto exhort you. Fear God and know child, there shall be no blame onthat God is aware of everything. them. Nor shall it be any offence 232 When you divorce women for you if you desire to engage aand they reach the end of their wet-nurse for your children,waiting period, do not prevent provided you hand over whatthem from marrying other men, you have agreed to pay, in aif they have come to an reasonable manner. Have fear ofhonourable agreement. This is God and know that God isenjoined on every one of you observant of all your actions.who believes in God and the 234 If any of you die and leaveLast Day; it is more wholesome widows, the widows should waitand purer for you. God knows, for four months and ten days.but you do not know. 233 And the When they have reached the end[divorced] mothers should nurse of their waiting period you willtheir children for two whole not be blamed for what they mayyears, if they wish to complete reasonably choose to do withthe period of nursing; and during themselves: God is aware ofthat period the father of the child what you do. 235 It shall be noshall be responsible for the offence for you to hint at amaintenance of the mother in a proposal of marriage [to divorcedreasonable manner. No soul is or widowed women] or to cherishcharged with more than it can them in your hearts. God knows
    • 28 The Quran 2:236that you will bear them in mind. nearer to righteousness. Do notBut do not enter into any secret neglect any chance of behavingarrangement with them, beyond benevolently towards each other.conveying some indication to God is observant of whateverthem of your inclination. Do not you do.proceed with tying the marriage- 238 Be ever mindful of prayers,knot before the end of their especially the middle prayer; andwaiting period. Know that God stand up before God inhas knowledge of all your submissive devotion. 239 Whenthoughts. Therefore, take heed you are exposed to danger, prayand bear in mind that God is on foot or while riding; whenforgiving and forbearing. 236 You you are safe again, rememberwill not be blamed [for not paying God, for He has taught you whatthe dower money] if you divorce you did not know. 240 If any ofwomen when you have not yet you die and leave widows, makeconsummated the marriage or a bequest for them of a year’sfixed a dower money upon them, maintenance without causingbut make fair provision for them, them to leave their homes; but ifthe affluent according to his they leave of their own accord,means and the straitened you will not be blamed for whataccording to his means; this is they may reasonably choose tobinding on righteous men. 237 If do with themselves. God isyou divorce them before the almighty and wise. 241 Formarriage is consummated, but divorced women a provisionafter their dower money has been according to what is fair shallsettled, give them the half of also be made. This is antheir dower money, unless they obligation binding on the[the women] agree to forego it, righteous. 242 Thus God makesor the man [the husband] in His commandments clear to you,whose hand lies the marriage so that you may understand.knot foregoes it. To forego is 243 Have you not seen those
    • 2:249 The Heifer 29who fled their homes in their God knows the wrongdoers.thousands for fear of death, 247 Their prophet said to them,whereupon God said to them, ‘God has now appointed Talut to‘Die!’ and later brought them be your king.’ But they replied,back to life? Surely God is ‘How can he be king over usbountiful to mankind, but most when we are worthier of kingshipof them are ungrateful. 244 Fight than he and he has not even been[in defence] in God’s cause and granted an abundance of wealth?’remember that He is all hearing He said, ‘God has chosen himand all knowing. 245 Who will over you, and has given himgive God a generous loan? He great knowledge and physique.will multiply it many times over. God grants kingship to whoeverIt is God who withholds, and He pleases: God is magnanimousGod who gives abundantly, and and all knowing.’ 248 Theirit is to Him that you shall all be prophet also said to them, ‘Thereturned. sign of his kingship is that the 246 Have you not heard of what Ark [of the Covenant] shall comethe chiefs of the Children of to you. Therein shall beIsrael demanded of one of their tranquillity from your Lord, andprophets after Moses? They said, the relics which the House of‘Appoint for us a king, and we Moses and the House of Aaronwill fight for the cause of God.’ left behind. It will be borne byHe replied, ‘What if you refuse the angels. There is a sign in thisto fight, when ordered to do so?’ for you, if you believe.’‘Why should we not fight for the 249 When Talut set out with hiscause of God,’ they replied, forces, he said to them, ‘God‘when we have been driven forth will test you with a river: whoeverfrom our homes and our drinks from it is not with me andchildren?’ But when at last they whoever does not drink is withwere commanded to fight, they me. There will, however, be noall refused, except a few of them. blame upon one who sips only a
    • 30 The Quran 2:250handful from it.’ But, except for all truth, for you are truly one ofa few of them, they all drank the messengers. 253 Of thesefrom it. When he and those who messengers, We have givenbelieved along with him had something additional amongcrossed the river, they said, ‘We them. There are some to whomhave no strength today against God spoke directly and othersGoliath and his warriors.’ But He exalted in rank. We gavethose of them who believed that Jesus, son of Mary clear signs,they would meet God replied, and strengthened him with the‘Many a small group, by God’s holy spirit. Had God pleased,command has prevailed against those who succeeded them woulda large group. God is indeed not have fought against onewith the steadfast.’ 250 When they another after the clear signs hadmet Goliath and his warriors, come to them. But they disagreedthey said, ‘Our Lord, bestow among themselves; somepatience upon us, make us stand believed, while others did not.firm, and help us against those Yet had God willed, they wouldwho deny the truth.’ 251 And so not have fought against oneby the command of God they another; but God does whateverdefeated them. David killed He wills.Goliath, and God gave him 254 Believers, spend out ofkingship and wisdom, and what We have given you, beforeimparted to him the knowledge the Day comes when there willof whatever He willed. Had it be neither trading, friendship nornot been for God’s repelling intercession. Truly, it is thosesome people by means of others, who deny the truth who are thethe earth would have been filled wrongdoers. 255 God: there is nowith corruption. But God is deity save Him, the Living, thebountiful to His creatures. Eternal One. Neither slumber 252 These are the revelations nor sleep overtakes Him. To Himof God which We recite to you in belong whatsoever is in the
    • 2:259 The Heifer 31heavens and whatsoever is on bestowed the kingdom uponthe earth. Who can intercede him? Abraham said, ‘My Lord iswith Him except by His the one who gives life and bringspermission? He knows all that is death.’ He answered, ‘I [too]before them and all that is behind give life and bring death!’them. They can grasp only that Abraham said, ‘God brings uppart of His knowledge which He the sun from the east, so bring itwills. His throne extends over up yourself from the west.’ Thenthe heavens and the earth; and the disbeliever was confounded.their upholding does not weary God does not guide theHim. He is the Sublime, the wrongdoers.Almighty One! 256 There shall 259 Or of him who, whenbe no compulsion in religion: passing by a town the roofs oftrue guidance has become distinct which had caved in, exclaimed,from error. But whoever refuses ‘How will God restore it to lifeto be led by Satan and believes in after its destruction?’ ThereuponGod has grasped the strong God caused him to die, and afterhandhold that will never break. a hundred years, brought himGod is all hearing and all back to life. God asked, ‘Howknowing. 257 God is the patron long have you remained in thisof the faithful. He leads them state?’ He answered, ‘I havefrom darkness to the light. As for remained a day or part of a day.’those who deny the truth, their God said, ‘No, you havesupporter is Satan, who brings remained in this state for athem out of light into darkness. hundred years. Now look at yourThey are the heirs of the Fire, food and your drink; they haveand there they will remain not rotted. Look at your ass. Weforever. will make you a sign to mankind. 258 Have you not heard of him Look at the bones—how We setwho argued with Abraham about them together, then clothe themhis Lord because God had with flesh!’ When it had all
    • 32 The Quran 2:260become clear to him, he said, hurtful words: God is self-‘Now I know that God has power sufficient and forbearing.over all things.’ 260 When 264 Believers, do not cancel outAbraham said, ‘Show me, my your charitable deeds withLord, how You revive the dead!’ reminders and hurtful words, likeGod said, ‘Do you not believe?’ one who spends his wealth onlyAbraham answered, ‘Yes, indeed to be seen by people, and notI do believe, but just to reassure believing in God and the Lastmy heart.’ Then God said, ‘Take Day. Such men are like a rockfour birds, and train them to covered with earth: a showercome back to you. Then place falls upon it and leaves it hardthem separately on each hilltop, and bare. They will gain nothingand call them: they will come from their works. God does notflying to you. Know that God is guide those who deny the truth.almighty and wise.’ 265 But those who spend their 261 Those who spend their wealth in order to gain God’swealth for God’s cause may be approval, and to strengthen theircompared to a grain of corn souls are like a garden onwhich sprouts into seven ears, elevated ground. When heavywith a hundred grains in each rain falls on it, it doubles itsear: for God grants manifold produce; and if heavy rain doesincrease to whom He wills; God not fall, then light rain suffices.is infinite and all knowing. God sees what you do. 266 Would262 Those who spend their wealth any of you, being a man wellfor God’s cause and do not follow advanced in age with helplesstheir almsgiving with taunts and children to support, like to haveinsults shall be rewarded by their a garden of dates and grapes,Lord; they shall have no fear, nor watered by rivers and containingshall they grieve. 263 A kind word all kinds of fruits, stricken by aand forgiveness is better than a fiery whirlwind and utterlycharitable deed followed by scorched? Thus God makes His
    • 2:275 The Heifer 33signs clear to you, so that you deeds. God is aware of all thatmay reflect. you do. 272 It is not your 267 Believers, give charitably responsibility to make themfrom the good things which you follow the right path; God guideshave earned and what We whomever He pleases. Whateverproduce for you from the earth; wealth you spend is to your ownnot worthless things which you benefit, provided that you spendyourselves would only only to seek the favour of God.reluctantly accept. Know that Whatever wealth you spend [forGod is self-sufficient and God’s cause] shall be repaid topraiseworthy. 268 Satan threatens you in full and you shall not beyou with the prospect of poverty wronged. 273 The needy, who areand commands you to do foul too engrossed in God’s cause todeeds. But God promises His be able to travel about the land inforgiveness and His bounty. God search of a livelihood, areis bountiful and all knowing. considered by those who are269 He grants wisdom to whom unaware of their condition to beHe will; and whoever is granted free from want, because theywisdom has indeed been granted refrain from begging. But theyabundant wealth. Yet none bear can be known from theirthis in mind except those appearance. They do not makeendowed with understanding. insistent demands upon people. 270 Whatever you spend and Whatever wealth you spend, Godwhatever vows you make are knows it. 274 Those who spendknown to God, but the their wealth night and day, bothwrongdoers shall have no privately and publicly, willhelpers. 271 If you give charity receive their reward from theiropenly, it is good, but if you keep Lord. They shall have no fear,it secret and give to the needy in nor shall they grieve.private, that is better for you, and 275 Those who live onit will atone for some of your bad usury shall rise up before God
    • 34 The Quran 2:276like men whom Satan has not wrong [others] and you willdemented by his touch; for they not be wronged. 280 If the debtorsay, ‘Buying and selling is only is in straitened circumstances,a kind of usury.’ But God has then grant him respite till a timemade trade lawful and made of ease. If you were to write it offusury unlawful. Therefore, he as an act of charity, that wouldwho desists because of the be better for you, if only youadmonition that has come to him knew. 281 Fear the Day when youfrom his Lord may retain what shall be made to return to God;he has received in the past; and then every soul shall be paid init will be for God to judge him. full what it has earned; and theyThose who revert to it shall be shall not be wronged.the inmates of the Fire; they 282 Believers, when youshall abide therein forever. contract a debt for a stated term,276 God blights usury and blesses put it down in writing; have acharitable deeds. God does not scribe write it down with fairnesslove the ungrateful wrongdoer. between you. No scribe should277 Those who believe, do good refuse to write: let him write asdeeds, attend to their prayers God has taught him, let the debtorand engage in almsgiving, shall dictate, and let him fear God, hisbe rewarded by their Lord and Lord, and not diminish [the debt]shall have no fear, nor shall they at all. If the debtor is weak ingrieve. mind or body, or unable to 278 Believers, have fear of God, dictate, then in fairness let hisand give up what is still due to guardian dictate for him. Call inyou from usury, if you are true two of your men as witnesses.believers. 279 For, if you do not But if two men cannot be found,do so, then know that you are at then call one man and two womenwar with God and His out of those you approve of asMessenger. But if you repent, witnesses, so that if one of theyou may retain your capital. Do two women should forget the
    • 2:286 The Heifer 35other can remind her. Let the If someone does conceal it, inwitnesses not refuse when they his heart he commits a crime.are summoned. Do not be God knows what you do.disinclined to write down your 284 All that the heavens anddebts, be they small or large, the earth contain belongs to God,together with the date of whether you disclose what is inpayment. This is more just in the your minds or keep it hidden.sight of God; it is more reliable God will bring you to accountas testimony, and more likely to for it. He will forgive whom Heprevent doubts arising between will and punish whom Heyou, unless it be ready pleases: He has power over allmerchandise which you give or things. 285 The Messengertake from hand to hand, then it believes in what has been sentwill not be held against you for down to him from his Lord, andnot writing it down. Have [so do] believers. They all believewitnesses present whenever you in God and His angels, Histrade with one another, and let scriptures, and His messengers.no harm be done to either scribe They say, ‘We do not differentiateor witness, for if you did cause between any of His messengers.them harm, it would be a crime We hear and obey. Grant us Youron your part. Be mindful of God; forgiveness, Lord, to You weHe teaches you: He has full shall all return!’ 286 God does notknowledge of everything. 283 If charge a soul with more than ityou are on a journey and do not can bear. It shall be requitedfind any literate person, for whatever good andsomething should be handed over whatever evil it has done. [Theyas security. If one of you entrusts pray], ‘Our Lord, do not take usanother with something, let the to task if we forget or make atrustee restore the pledge to its mistake! Our Lord, do not placeowner; and let him fear God, his on us a burden like the one YouLord. Do not conceal testimony. placed on those before us!
    • 36 The Quran 3:1Our Lord, do not place on mercy on us. You are ourus a burden we have not Lord and Sustainer, so helpthe strength to bear! Pardon us; us against those who denyand forgive us; and have the truth.’ 3 . T H E FA M I LY O F ‘ I M R A N In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful1 Alif Lam Mim 7 It is He who has sent down the Book to you. Some of its2 God! There is no deity save verses are clear and precise inHim, the Living, the Sustainer. meaning—they are the basis of3 He has sent down the Book to the Book—while others areyou with truth, which fulfils [the allegorical. Those with deviationpredictions] in the Scriptures that in their hearts pursue thepreceded it: He sent down the allegorical, so as to createTorah and the Gospel 4 in the dissension by seeking to explainpast as guidance for mankind; it: but no one knows its meaningHe has [also] sent down the except God. Those who areStandard by which to discern the firmly grounded in knowledgetrue from the false. Surely those say, ‘We believe in it: it is allwho deny God’s signs will suffer from our Lord.’ But only thesevere punishment. God is wise take heed. 8 ‘Our Lord, domighty and capable of not let our hearts deviate afterretribution. 5 Nothing on earth or You have guided us. Bestowin the heavens is hidden from upon us Your mercy. Surely YouGod: 6 it is He who shapes you in are a Munificent Giver. 9 Ourthe womb as He will. There is no Lord, You will surely gather alldeity save Him, the Mighty, the mankind on the Day ofWise One. whose coming there is no doubt.
    • 3:19 The Family of ‘Imran 37God never fails to fulfill His attractive to people. All this ispromise.’ the provision of the worldly life; 10 As for those who deny the but the most excellent abode istruth, their wealth and children with God. 15 Say, ‘Shall I tell youwill not help them against God. of something better than all ofThey will be fuel for the Fire. these? For the God-fearing, there11 Their end will be like Pharaoh’s are Gardens in nearness to theirpeople and those before them; God with rivers flowing throughthey denied Our signs, so God them where they shall live foreverseized them in their sinfulness: with pure spouses and theGod is stern in punishment. goodwill of God. God is12 Say to those who deny the watching His servants —16 thosetruth, ‘You shall be overcome who say, “Lord, we believe inand driven into Hell—an evil You, forgive us our sins andresting place!’ 13 There was a keep us from the punishment ofsign for you in the two groups the Fire,” 17 those who arewhich met face to face [at Badr], steadfast, truthful, obedient, andone party fighting for the cause those who spend [for God’sof God and the other made up of cause] and who pray before dawnthose who deny the truth. The for forgiveness.’faithful saw with their own eyes 18 God bears witness that therethat the others were twice their is no deity save Him, as do thenumber: but God strengthens angels and those who possesswith His succour whom He wills. knowledge. He is the upholderIn this, there is indeed a lesson of justice. There is no diety savefor all who have eyes to see. Him, the Mighty, the Wise One. 14 19 The satisfaction of worldly The only true religion in God’sdesires through women, and sight is complete submission tochildren, and heaped-up treasures God. And those who were givenof gold and silver, and pedigreed the Book disagreed only out ofhorses, and cattle and lands is rivalry, after knowledge had been
    • 38 The Quran 3:20given to them—he who denies touch us only for a limitedGod’s signs should know that number of days.’ Thus the falseGod is swift in His reckoning. beliefs which they have invented20 If they dispute with you, say, ‘I have deluded them in the matterhave submitted my whole being of their religion. 25 How will itto God and so have those who be when We gather them allfollow me.’ And ask those who together upon a Day which ishave been given the Book, as sure to come, when every humanwell as the unlettered, ‘Do you being shall be repaid in full forsubmit yourselves to God in the what he has done? They will notsame way?’ If they submit be wronged. 26 Say, ‘Lord,themselves to Him, they are on sovereign of all sovereignty. Youthe right path; but if they turn bestow sovereignty on whomaway, your duty is only to convey you will and take it away fromthe message. God is observant of whom You please; You exaltall His servants. 21 Those who whoever You will and abasedeny God’s signs and kill the whoever You will. All that isprophets unjustly and kill those good lies in Your hands. Youwho enjoin justice—give them have the power to will anything.warning of a woeful 27 You cause the night to passpunishment— 22 their deeds will into the day, and the day into thecome to nothing in this world as night; You bring forth the livingwell as in the hereafter; they will from the lifeless and the lifelesshave no supporters. from the living. You give without 23 Have you not seen those measure to whom You will.’who received a portion of the 28 Let not the believers takeBook? When they are invited to those who deny the truth foraccept the judgement of God’s their allies in preference to theBook, a group of them turns believers—anyone who does thataway in aversion. 24 That is will isolate himself completelybecause they say, ‘The Fire will from God—unless it be to protect
    • 3:37 The Family of ‘Imran 39yourselves against them in this hears all and knows all.way.a God admonishes you to 35 Remember when the wife offear Him: for, to God shall all ‘Imran said, ‘My Lord, I havereturn. 29 Say, ‘God knows dedicated what is in my wombeverything that is in your heart, entirely to Your service. Sowhether you conceal it or reveal accept this from me. You are theit; He knows everything that the One who hears and knows all.’heavens and earth contain; God 36 When she gave birth, she said,has power over all things.’ 30 On ‘My Lord, I have given birth tothe Day when every human being a girl’—God knew very wellwill find himself faced with all what she had given birth to: athe good that he has done, and male is not like a female—‘Iwith all the evil that he has done, have named her Mary and placedmany will wish that there were a her and her children in Yourlong space of time between protection from the rejectedhimself and that [Day]. God Satan.’ 37 Her Lord graciouslyadmonishes you to fear Him, but accepted her and made her growGod is compassionate towards in goodness and entrusted her toHis servants. 31 Say, ‘If you love the care of Zachariah. EveryGod, follow me and God will time Zachariah visited her in herlove you and forgive you your chamber he found somesins. God is most forgiving, and provision with her. He asked,most merciful.’ 32 Say, ‘Obey ‘Mary, where did this provisionGod and the Messenger,’ and if come from?’ She replied,they turn away, God does notlove those who deny the truth. 33 a A believer treats all human beings God chose Adam and Noahand the family of Abraham and with justice and fairness, without differentiating between Muslims andthe family of ‘Imran above all non-Muslims. But friendship with non-His creatures. 34 They are the Muslims who are at war with Islam isoffspring of one another. God not lawful.
    • 40 The Quran 3:38‘This is from God. God provides you over [all] the women of yourfor whoever He wills time. 43 O Mary! Remain trulywithout measure.’ 38 Thereupon devout to your Sustainer, andZachariah prayed to his Lord, prostrate yourself in worship,saying, ‘Lord, grant me by Your and bow down with those whoown grace virtuous offspring. bow down [before Him].’ 44 ThisYou are the hearer of all prayers.’ is an account of the unseen,39 As he stood praying in the which We reveal to you. Youchamber, the angels called out to were not with them when theyhim, saying, ‘God gives you the drew lots as to which of themgood news of John, who shall should be Mary’s guardian andconfirm the Word from God, and you were not with them when[shall be] outstanding among they disputed with one another.men, and utterly chaste, and a 45 When the angels said, ‘Oprophet from among the Mary, your Lord gives you goodrighteous.’ 40 ‘Lord,’ said news of a Word from Him. HisZachariah, ‘how shall I have a name is the Messiah, Jesus, sonson when I am now overtaken by of Mary, honoured in this worldold age and my wife is barren?’ and in the next and one of those‘Such is the will of God,’ replied who are granted nearness to God.[the angel], ‘He does what He 46 And he shall speak to men inpleases.’ 41 He said, ‘My Lord, his cradle, and as a grown man,grant me a sign.’ [The angel] and shall be one of the righteous.’said, ‘Your sign is that you will 47 ‘Lord,’ she said, ‘how can Inot be able to speak to people for have a child when no man hasthree days except by signs. touched me?’ [The angel] replied,Remember your Lord much and ‘Thus it is: God creates what Heglorify Him morning and wills: when He wills a thing Heevening.’ 42 The angels said, need only say, “Be,” and it is.‘Mary, God has selected you and 48 God will instruct him in thepurified you. He has selected Book and in wisdom and in the
    • 3:60 The Family of ‘Imran 41Torah and in the Gospel. 49 He believe in what You have sentwill make him a messenger to down and we follow thethe Children of Israel. He will messenger, so count us amongsay: “I have come to you with a those who bear witness.’ 54 Andsign from your Lord. I will make they schemed but God alsothe shape of a bird out of clay for schemed and God is the Best ofyou and then breathe into it and, Schemers. 55 God said, ‘O Jesus,by God’s leave, it will become a I shall cause you to die and willliving bird. And by God’s leave raise you up to Me and shallI will heal the blind and the leper clear you [of the calumnies] ofand bring the dead to life. I will the disbelievers, and shall placetell you what you may eat and those who follow you abovewhat to store up in your homes. those who deny the truth, untilSurely in this there is a sign for the Day of Judgement; then toyou, if you are believers. 50 I Me shall all return and I willcome to fulfill [the prediction] judge between you regardingof the Torah which preceded me your disputes. 56 Those who denyand to make lawful for you some the truth shall be sternly punishedof what was forbidden to you in this world and in the world toand I come to you with a sign come: there shall be none to helpfrom your Lord. So fear God and them.’ 57 As for those who haveobey me. 51 God is my Lord and believed and do good works,your Lord, so worship Him. That they shall be given their rewardis the straight path.”’ in full. God does not love evil- 52 When Jesus perceived their doers. 58 This which We recite todenial, he said, ‘Who will be my you is a revelation and a wisehelpers in God’s cause?’ The reminder.disciples said, ‘We are God’s 59 Jesus in the sight of God ishelpers, we believe in God. Bear like Adam. He created him fromwitness that we have surrendered dust; then said to him, ‘Be!’ andourselves. 53 Our Lord, we he was. 60 This is the truth from
    • 42 The Quran 3:61your Lord, so do not be among you had some knowledge. Mustthe doubters. 61 And if anyone you now argue about things ofshould argue with you about this which you have no knowledge?[truth] after the knowledge you God knows, but you do not know.have received, say to them, 67 Abraham was neither a Jew‘Come! Let us gather our sons nor a Christian. He was anand your sons, our women and upright man, one who hadyour women, and ourselves and surrendered himself to God. Heyourselves; and then let us pray was not one of those whoearnestly and invoke the curse of associate partners with God.God upon the liars. 62 This is the 68 Surely, the people who aretrue account. There is no deity closest to Abraham are thosesave Him. God is Mighty and who followed him and thisWise.’ 63 And if they turn away, Prophet [Muhammad], and thoseGod knows well the evil-doers. who believe in him. God is the 64 Say, ‘People of the Book, guardian of the believers.let us come to a word common to 69 Some of the People of theus that we shall worship none Book wish to lead you astray butbut God and that we shall they only lead themselves astray,associate no partner with Him though they do not realise it.and that none of us shall take 70 People of the Book! Whyothers, besides God, for lords.’ do you deny God’s signs,And if they turn away, say, ‘Bear having been witnesses thereof ?witness that we have submitted 71 People of the Book! Why doto God.’ 65 People of the Book, you mix truth with falsehoodwhy do you dispute about and knowingly conceal the truth?Abraham when the Torah and 72 Some of the People of theGospel were only sent down Book say to one another, ‘Believeafter him. Do you not use your in what is revealed to the faithfulreason? 66 You are those who in the morning and deny it in thedisputed about things of which evening, so that they [the
    • 3:80 The Family of ‘Imran 43Muslims] may themselves who honour their covenants andabandon their faith [in fear Him. God loves theconfusion]. 73 Believe only in righteous.those who follow your own 77 Those who sell out God’sreligion.’ Say to them, ‘Surely, covenant and their oaths for athe true guidance is the guidance paltry price will have no share infrom God.’ [But you think it is the life to come on the Day ofimpossible that] someone else Resurrection. God will neithermay be granted [revelation] such speak to them nor cast a lookas you were granted—or else upon them on the Day ofthat they should contend against Judgement, nor will He purifyyou before your Lord. Say, ‘All them. For them there shall be agrace is in the hands of God; He grievous punishment. 78 Theregrants it to whom He wills: for are some among them who distortGod is boundless, and all the Book by the way they speakknowing, 74 He singles out for to make you think that what theyHis mercy whoever He pleases. say is from the Book, whereas itGod is the Lord of exceeding is not. They say it is from Godbounty.’ 75 Among the people of whereas it is not. Thus they tellthe Book there are some who, if a lie about God and they know it.you entrust them with a heap of 79 No one to whom God hasgold, will return it to you. But given the Scriptures and onthere are others of them who, if whom He has bestowed wisdomyou entrust them with a single and prophethood would say todinar, will not return it to you, men, ‘Worship me instead ofunless you keep demanding it God.’ [He would say rather], ‘Befrom them. That is because they devoted servants of God, for yousay, ‘We are under no obligation have taught and studied thetowards the gentiles.’ They Scriptures.’ 80 Nor would hedeliberately tell lies about God. enjoin you to take the angels and76 Indeed God loves those the prophets as your lords; how
    • 44 The Quran 3:81could he command you to be Jesus and the prophets from theirdisbelievers after you have Lord. We make no distinctionsubmitted to God. between any of them. It is to Him 81 When God made a covenant that we have surrenderedwith the prophets, He said, ‘Here ourselves.’ 85 If anyone seeks ais the Book and the wisdom religion other than Islamwhich I have given you. When [submission to God], it will notthere comes to you a messenger be accepted from him; he will befulfilling that [predictions about among the losers in the Hereafter.him in their Scripture] which is 86 How would God bestow Hiswith you, you must believe in guidance upon people who havehim and help him. Do you then opted for unbelief after havingaffirm this and accept the embraced the faith and havingresponsibility I have laid upon borne witness that thisyou in these terms?’ They said, Messenger is true and [after] all‘We will affirm it.’ God said, evidence of the truth has come to‘Then bear witness, and I will them? For, God does not guidebear witness with you.’ 82 Now such wrongdoers: 87 such peoplewhoever turns away after this, will be rewarded with rejectionare surely transgressors. 83 Do by God, by the angels, by allthey seek a religion other than mankind. 88 In this state theythe religion of God, when shall abide forever; theireverything in the heavens and punishment shall not be lightenedthe earth has submitted to Him, nor shall they be granted respite.willingly or unwillingly? To Him 89 Except for those whothey shall all return. 84 Say, ‘We afterwards repent and reform.believe in God and in what has God is forgiving and merciful;been sent down to us and to 90 but as for those who are bentAbraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob on denying the truth afterand the Tribes. We believe in accepting the true faith and growwhat has been given to Moses, in their refusal to acknowledge
    • 3:101 The Family of ‘Imran 45the truth, their repentance will It is a blessed place; a source ofnot be accepted. They are the guidance for the whole world.ones who have gone far astray. 97 There are clear signs in it; it is91 Those who reject faith and die the place where Abraham stood.in the state of rejection will not Anyone who enters it will bebe saved, even if they offer as secure. Pilgrimage to the Houseransom enough gold to fill the is a duty to God for anyoneentire earth. Painful punishment who is able to undertakeis in store for them and they will it. Anyone who disbelieveshave no supporters. should remember that God is 92 Never will you attain to independent of all creatures.righteousness unless you spend 98 Say, ‘People of the Book, whyfor the cause of God out of what do you reject God’s revelationsyou cherish; and whatever you when God is witness to all thatspend is known to God. 93 All you do?’ 99 Say, ‘People of thefood was lawful for the Children Book, why do you turn theof Israel, except whatever Israel believers away from the path ofhad made unlawful for himself God, seeking to make it crooked,before the Torah was sent down. while you are witnesses thereof?Say to them, ‘Bring the Torah God is not unaware of what youthen and read it, if you are do.’truthful. 94 Those who, after this, 100 O believers, if you yield topersist in making up lies and some of those who were givenattributing them to God are the Scripture, they will causetransgressors.’ 95 Say, ‘God you to renounce the truth afterspeaks the Truth, so follow the you have believed. 101 But howfaith of Abraham. He was an can you deny the truth whenupright man and he was not one God’s revelations are beingof the polytheists.’ 96 The first conveyed to you and His ownHouse to be built for mankind Messenger is in your midst? Hewas the one at Bakkah [Makkah]. who holds fast to God is indeed
    • 46 The Quran 3:102guided to the straight path. the truth!’ 107 But as for those102 Believers, fear God as is His with shining faces, they shalldue, and when death comes, be abide forever in God’s grace.in a state of complete submission 108 These are God’s revelations;to Him. 103 Hold fast to the cord We recite them to you in allof God and let nothing divide truth. God desires no injustice toyou. Remember the blessings He mankind. 109 His is all that thehas bestowed upon you; you heavens and the earth contain.were enemies and then He united To God shall all things return.your hearts and by His grace you 110 You are indeed the bestbecame brothers; you were on community that has ever beenthe brink of an abyss of Fire and brought forth for [the good of]He rescued you from it. Thus mankind. You enjoin what isGod makes His signs clear to you, good, and forbid what is evil,so that you may find guidance. and you believe in God. If the 104 Let there be a group among People of the Book had alsoyou who call others to good, and believed, it would have surelyenjoin what is right, and forbid been better for them. Some ofwhat is wrong: those who do this them are true believers, but mostshall be successful. 105 Do not be of them are disobedient. 111 Theylike those who, after they had can do you very little harm; ifbeen given clear evidence, split they come out to fight you, theyinto factions and differed among will show you their backs; thenthemselves: a terrible punishment they shall not be helped—awaits such people. 106 On the 112 abasement shall attend themDay when some faces are bright wherever they are found, unlessand some faces are dark, it will they make a covenant with Godbe said to those with darkened or with man. They have incurredfaces, ‘Did you reject faith after God’s wrath and have beenaccepting it? Taste, then, this utterly humbled, because theypunishment for having denied have persistently disbelieved in
    • 3:122 The Family of ‘Imran 47God’s signs and killed prophets 118 Believers, do not takeunjustly. This resulted from their outsiders as your intimate friends,disobedience and their habit of they will spare no effort to harmtransgression. you. They love to see you suffer; 113 Yet they are not all alike. their hatred is evident from theOf the People of the Book there words which fall from theirare some who stand by their mouths. But what their heartscovenant; they recite the word of conceal is far worse. We haveGod during the night and made Our signs clear to you; willprostrate themselves before Him, you not understand? 119 It is you114 who believe in God and the who love them, but they do notLast Day, who enjoin justice and love you; you believe in all theforbid evil and vie with each revealed Books. When they meetother in good works. These are you, they say, ‘We believe,’ butrighteous men 115 and they will when they are alone, they bitenot be denied [the reward] for their fingertips with rage. Say,whatever good deeds they do: ‘Die of rage!’ God is aware ofGod knows the righteous. 116 As what your hearts contain.for those who deny the truth, 120 Whenever something goodneither their possessions nor their happens to you, it grieves them;children shall avail them in the but when evil befalls you, theyleast against God. They will be rejoice. If you persevere and fearinmates of the Fire. They will God, their designs will neverremain there for ever; 117 that harm you in the least: Godwhich they spend in pursuit of encompasses all that they do.the life of this world is like a 121 When you set out at dawnbiting frosty blast which smites from your home to assign battlethe harvest of a people who have positions to the believers—Godwronged themselves, and destroys hears all and knows all. 122 Whenit. God is not unjust to them; they two groups from among youare unjust to their own souls. were about to lose heart, God
    • 48 The Quran 3:123was their protector. In God let forgives whoever He pleases andthe faithful put their trust. 123 God punishes whoever He pleases.had already helped you at Badr, God is most forgiving andwhen you were weak. Fear God, ever merciful.so that you may be grateful. 130 Believers, do not devour124 [And remember] when you usury multiplied many timessaid to the believers, ‘Does it not over. Fear God, so that you maysuffice that your Lord helps you prosper— 131 guard yourselfby sending down three thousand against the Fire prepared forangels? 125 If you remain patient those who deny the truth—and God-fearing, and the enemy 132 and obey God and theshould fall upon you all of a Messenger, so that you may besudden, Your Lord will reinforce given mercy. 133 And vie withyou with five thousand angels one another for your Lord’sclearly marked!’ 126 and God forgiveness and for a Paradise asordained this only as good news vast as the heavens and the earth,for you so that your hearts might which has been prepared for thebe comforted—help comes only God-fearing, 134 for those whofrom God, the Powerful, the spend, both in prosperity andWise One—127 and so that He adversity, who restrain their angermight cut off a portion of those and are forgiving towards theirwho are bent on denying the fellow men—God loves thosetruth or abase them so that they who do good works. 135 Andmight be turned back frustrated. who, when they have committed128 You have no say in this an indecency or have wrongedaffair to decide whether He will their souls, remember God andrelent towards them or He will pray that their sins be forgiven—punish them: they are for who but God can forgivewrongdoers. 129 Whatever is in sins?—and do not knowinglythe heavens and whatever is on persist in their misdeeds, 136 theirthe earth belong to God. He recompense is forgiveness from
    • 3:147 The Family of ‘Imran 49their Lord, and Gardens with strive hard for His cause andrivers flowing through them, endure with fortitude? 143 Youwhere they will abide forever. were longing for death, beforeHow excellent will be the reward you met it. Now you have seen itof those who do good works. with your own eyes.137 144 There are many examples [of Muhammad is only athe communities] that have messenger. Messengers havepassed away before you: travel passed away before him. If hethrough the land, and see what should die, or be killed, will youwas the end of those who rejected turn back on your heels? Thosethe Truth. 138 This Quran is an who turn on their heels do notexposition for the people and a harm the Lord in the least. Godguidance and admonition for will reward the grateful. 145 Nothose who fear God. soul shall die except with God’s 139 And do not become faint of permission and at an appointedheart, nor grieve—you will have time. And if one desires thethe upper hand, if you are rewards of this world, We shallbelievers— 140 if you have grant it to him; and if one desiressuffered a wound, they too have the rewards of the life to come,suffered a similar wound. We We shall grant it to him. We willbring these days to men by turns, reward the grateful. 146 Howso that God may know those many a prophet has fought withwho believe, and choose many devout men alongside him!witnesses from among you; and They did not lose heart, despiteGod does not love the unjust, all that they had to suffer in141 so that God may purge those God’s path. They neitherwho believe and wipe out those weakened nor yielded. God loveswho deny the truth. 142 Do you the patient! 147 All they said was,suppose that you would enter the ‘Our Lord, forgive us our sinsGarden, without God knowing and our excesses. Make our feetthose among you who would firm, and help us against those
    • 50 The Quran 3:148who deny the truth,’ 148 and so He might put you to the test, HeGod gave them both the rewards prevented you from defeatingof this life and the excellent your foes. But now He hasrecompense of the life to come: pardoned you: God is mostGod loves those who do good. gracious to the believers. 149 153 Believers, if you yield to When you were running awaythose who deny the truth, they and did not look back at anyone,will cause you to turn back on while the Messenger was callingyour heels and you will turn into to you from behind, He paid youlosers. 150 No, indeed! it is God back with one sorrow afterwho is your protector: He is the another, so that you might notbest supporter. 151 We will strike grieve for what you lost, nor forawe into the hearts of those who what befell you. God is aware ofdeny the truth, because they have what you do.associated partners with God, 154 Then, after sorrow He sentfor which He has sent down no down peace [of mind] upon youauthority. Their abode shall be in the shape of drowsiness thatthe Fire, and evil indeed is the overcame some of you, but thereabode of the wrongdoers. 152 And were others who were anxiousGod made good His promise to only about themselves. Theyyou when by His leave you were entertained false notions aboutabout to destroy your foes, but God, like the notions of the daysthen your courage failed you and of ignorance. ‘Have we any sayyou disagreed among yourselves in the matter?’ they asked. Say to[concerning the Prophet’s them, ‘All is in the hands ofdirection] and disobeyed it, after God.’ They conceal in their heartsHe had brought you within sight what they would not reveal toof what you wished for—some you. They say, ‘Had we had anyof you desired the goods of this say in the matter, none of usworld and some of you desired would have been killed here.’the Hereafter—then in order that Say to them, ‘Had you stayed in
    • 3:162 The Family of ‘Imran 51your homes, those whose death grace are better than all that onehad been decreed would could amass. 158 For, indeed, ifnevertheless have gone forth to you die or are killed, it is to Godthe places where they were that you shall be gathered. 159 Itdestined to die.’ And all this is by God’s grace that you werebefell you so that God might test gentle with them—for if you hadwhat is in your minds. And in been harsh and hard-hearted, theyorder to purify what was in your would surely have desertedhearts. For God is aware of your you—so bear with them andinnermost thoughts. 155 Those of pray for forgiveness for them.you who turned away on the day Take counsel with them in thethe two hosts met [in battle] conduct of affairs; then, whenwere made to slip by Satan on you have decided upon a courseaccount of some of their deeds. of action, place your trust inBut God has pardoned them: God: for God loves those whoGod is forgiving and forbearing. place their trust in Him. 160 If 156 Believers, do not be like God helps you, none canthose who are bent on denying overcome you, but if Hethe truth and who say of their withdraws His help from you,brothers, when they travel about who is there who can help youthe land or go forth to war, ‘Had besides Him? In God, then, letthey but remained with us, they the believers place their trust!would not have died, or been 161 It is not for any Prophet toslain’—for God will cause such hold back anything; he who hidesthoughts to become a source of anything away shall bring it forthbitter regret in their hearts, since on the Day of Resurrection, whenit is God who gives life and every human being shall becauses death. And God sees all repaid in full for whatever he hasthat you do. 157 If you are killed done, and none shall be wronged.or die in God’s cause, then surely 162 Can one who seeks theforgiveness from God and His pleasure of God, be like one who
    • 52 The Quran 3:163incurs the wrath of God and would surely follow you.’ Theywhose abode shall be Hell—an were that day nearer to unbeliefevil destination? 163 All have a than to belief. The words theydifferent standing in the eyes of utter bear no relation to what isGod, and God is observant of all in their hearts. God knows welltheir actions. 164 Indeed, God has what they conceal. 168 Those whoconferred a great favour on the stayed behind, said of theirbelievers in sending a Messenger brothers, ‘Had they listened tofrom among themselves, to recite us, they would not have beenHis revelations to them, and killed.’ Say to them, ‘Ward offpurify them, and teaches them death from yourselves, then, ifthe Book and wisdom, for, before what you say be true!’that they were surely in manifest 169 Do not think of those whoerror. have been killed in God’s cause 165 What! When a misfortune as dead. They are alive, and wellbefalls you, after you had provided for by their Lord;yourself inflicted twice as heavy 170 they are joyful because oflosses, you say, ‘How has this what God has bestowed on themcome about?’ Say, ‘It was your of His grace and they rejoice thatown fault.’ Truly, God has the those they left behind, who havepower to will anything: 166 the not yet joined them, that theymisfortune which befell you on shall have no fear, nor shall theythe day when the two armies met grieve; 171 rejoicing in God’shappened by God’s leave, so that grace and bounty. [They knowHe might mark out the [true] that] God will not fail to requitebelievers 167 and know those who the believers. 172 Those whoacted hypocritically.’ When they responded to the call of God andwere told, ‘Come, fight in God’s the Messenger, despite theircause and defend yourselves,’ having received an injury, andthey replied, ‘If we knew that such of them as did good deedsfighting would take place, we and feared God, shall have a
    • 3:181 The Family of ‘Imran 53great reward. 173 Those who, on only cause them to increasebeing told that, ‘the enemy has in disobedience—shamefulgathered against you a great punishment awaits them. 179 Onforce, so fear them,’ only grew no account will God leave thestronger in their faith and replied, believers in the condition in‘God is sufficient for us. He is which they are now, until Hethe best guardian.’ 174 They separates the evil from the good.returned home with God’s favour Nor will God reveal to you theand blessings, without having unseen. But God chooses thosebeen touched by evil; for they of his messengers whom He will.pursued God’s pleasure. And Therefore, believe in God andGod’s bounty is infinite. 175 It is His messengers, for if you haveSatan who instills fear [into you] faith and guard yourselvesof his followers; do not fear against evil, you shall have athem. But fear Me, if you are great reward.true believers. 180 Let not those who are 176 And let not those grieve niggardly with what God hasyou who vie with one another in granted them out of His bountydenying the truth: they cannot think that it is good for them.harm God in the least; it is God’s Indeed, it is evil for them. Whatwill that they will have no share they are niggardly about shall bein the life to come—a severe hung about their necks like apunishment awaits them. collar on the Day of Resurrection.177 Those who have bought a It is God who will inherit thedenial of truth at the price of heavens and the earth: God isfaith can in no way harm God; aware of all that you do. 181 Godpainful punishment awaits them. has indeed heard the words of178 Let not those who deny the those who said, ‘Behold, God istruth think that Our granting poor while we are rich!’ We shallthem respite is good for them: record what they have said—andOur granting them respite will their slaying of the prophets
    • 54 The Quran 3:182unjustly—and We shall say, hear many hurtful things from‘Taste the torment of burning. those who were given the Book182 In return for what your own before you and from those whohands have wrought—for never set up partners with God, but ifdoes God do the least wrong to you endure with fortitudeHis creatures!’ 183 To those who and restrain yourselves, thatsay, ‘God has commanded us not indeed is a matter of strongto believe in any messenger determination. 187 God made aunless he brings down to us an covenant with those who wereoffering to be consumed by fire,’ given the Book to make it knownsay, ‘Messengers before me have to people and not conceal it. Butcome to you with clear signs, they cast it behind their backsincluding the one you demand. and bartered it for a paltry price:Why did you kill them, if you are what an evil bargain they made!telling the truth?’ 184 If they deny 188 Those who exult in theiryou, so have other messengers misdeeds and love to be praisedbeen denied before you, who for what they have not donecame with clear signs, scriptures should not suppose that they areand enlightening book. 185 Every secure from punishment;human being is bound to taste they shall suffer a grievousdeath: and you shall receive your punishment. 189 The kingdom ofrewards in full on the Day of the heavens and the earth belongsResurrection. He who is kept to God; God has power over allaway from the Fire and is things.admitted to Paradise, will surely 190 There are signs in thetriumph; for the life of this world creation of the heavens and theis nothing but an illusory earth, and in the alternation ofenjoyment. night and day for people of 186 You will surely be tried and understanding; 191who remembertested in your possessions and God while standing, sitting andyour persons, and you shall surely [lying] on their sides, and who
    • 3:200 The Family of ‘Imran 55ponder over the creation of the persecution in My cause, whoheavens and the earth, saying, fought and were killed. I will‘Lord, You have not created all certainly admit them to Gardensthis without purpose. Glory be to through which rivers flow, as aYou! Save us from the torment reward from God: with God isof the Fire. 192 Lord, those whom the best reward.’ 196 Do not beYou condemn to enter the Fire deceived by the actions of thoseYou have surely brought to who deny the truth in the land:disgrace. Wrongdoers will have 197 this is only a brief enjoyment,no supporters. 193 Lord, we have after which Hell shall be theirheard a caller calling to the true abode—what an evil restingfaith saying, “Believe in your place! 198 Those who fear theirLord,” and we believed. Lord, Lord shall have gardens throughforgive us our sins and remove which rivers flow, wherein theyfrom us our bad deeds and make will abide forever: and a goodlyus die with the virtuous. 194 Our welcome from their Lord. God’sLord! Grant us what You have recompense is best for thepromised to us through Your virtuous. 199 Some of the Peoplemessengers, and do not humiliate of the Book believe in God, andus on the Day of Resurrection. in what has been revealed to youSurely, You never fail to fulfill and what was revealed to them.Your promise.’ They humble themselves before 195 Their Lord accepted their God and do not sell God’sprayer, saying, ‘I will deny no revelations for a trifling price.man or woman among you the These shall be rewarded by theirreward of their labours. You are Lord: God is swift in reckoning!members one of another. I will 200 Believers, endure, vie withcertainly forgive the sins of those each other in endurance, standwho emigrated and were expelled firm in your faith and fear God,from their homes, who suffered so that you may succeed.
    • (56) 4. WOMEN In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful1 their dowers willingly, but if O mankind! Fear your Lord,who created you from a single they, of their own accord, remitsoul. He created its mate from it any part of it to you, you mayand from the two of them spread make use of it with pleasure andcountless men and women goodwill. 5[throughout the earth]. Fear God, Do not give those who are ofin whose name you appeal to one immature mind your propertyanother, and be mindful of your which God has granted you as aobligations in respect of ties of means of support: makekinship. God is always watching provision for them out of it, andover you.a 2 Give the orphans the clothe them, and give them goodpossessions that belong to them, advice. 6 Keep a close check ondo not exchange good things orphans till they attain the age ofwith bad and do not consume marriage; then, if you find themtheir property, adding it to your to be mature of mind, hand overown. Surely, this is a great crime. their property to them. Do not3 consume it by wasteful spending, If you fear that you cannot dealfairly with orphan girls, you maymarry women of your choice,two or three or four; but if you aAll human beings are one and thefear that you might not be able to same by birth. Ultimately, everyonetreat them with equal fairness, can trace his origin to the same manthen only one—or [from among] and woman as father and mother. It is, therefore, necessary that all humanthose whom you rightfully beings should have a feeling of affinitypossess. That is more likely to with each other and live with fairnesskeep you from committing an and goodwill like the members of oneinjustice. 4 And give the women extended family.
    • 4:12 Women 57 11before they come of age. If the Concerning your children,guardian is affluent, let him God enjoins you that a maleabstain altogether, and if he is shall receive a share equivalentpoor, let him have for himself to that of two females. But ifwhat is just and reasonable. there are more than two females,When you hand over their then their share is two thirds ofproperty to them, call witnesses the inheritance. If there is onlyin their presence; God is one, she will receive the half.sufficient as a Reckoner. 7 Men Each of your parents receives ashall have a share in what parents sixth of what you leave if youand relatives leave behind, and have children. If you are childlesswomen shall have a share in and your heirs are your parents,what parents and relatives leave your mother receives a third. Ifbehind, whether it be little or you have brothers [or sisters] yourmuch. This is ordained [by God]. mother receives a sixth, after8 If other relatives, orphans or [the deduction of] any bequestneedy people are present at the you make or the repayment oftime of the division, then provide any debts with regard to yourfor them out of it, and speak father and your sons. You do notkindly to them. 9 Those who are know which of them is going toconcerned about the fate of their benefit you more: but this fixingown helpless children if they of portions is by God and He isshould die and leave them behind all knowing and all wise. 12 Youshould show the same concern will inherit half of what yourfor orphans. Let them fear God wives leave, provided they haveand uphold justice. 10 Those who left no children. But if they leaveconsume the property of orphans children then you inherit a quarterunjustly are actually swallowing of what they leave, after paymentfire into their own bellies; soon of any bequests they may havethey will burn in the blazing made or any debts they may haveFlame. incurred. Your wives shall inherit
    • 58 The Quran 4:13one quarter of what you leave if yourselves against them; if theyyou are childless. But if you testify to their guilt, confine themleave children, your wives shall to the house until death releasesinherit one eighth, after payment them or until God gives themof any bequest or debts. If a man another way out. 16 If two menor woman has no direct heirs commit a like abomination,[neither children or parents] but punish them both. If they repenthas left a brother or a sister, they and mend their ways, leave themshall each inherit one sixth, but alone. God is forgiving andif they are more than two, they merciful. 17 But God undertakesshare one third between them, to accept repentance only fromafter payment of any bequests or those who do evil out ofdebts, so that no harm is done to ignorance and those who repentanyone. That is a commandment soon after. God turns towardsfrom God: God is all knowing such people with mercy; He isand forbearing. 13 These are the all knowing and all wise.limits set by God. Anyone who 18 Forgiveness is not for thoseobeys God and His Messenger who continue to do evil deedswill be admitted to Gardens until, when death comes upon onethrough which rivers flow, to of them, he says: ‘Now I repent!’live there forever. That will be nor from those who die as deniersthe supreme achievement. 14 But of the truth. We have prepared aanyone who disobeys God and painful punishment for them.His Messenger and transgresses 19 Believers, it is not lawfulHis limits shall be cast into a for you to inherit women againstFire, wherein he will abide their will, nor should you detainforever. And he shall have a them wrongfully, so that youhumiliating punishment. may take away a part of what you 15 If any of your women have given them, unless they arecommit fornication, call in four guilty of something clearlymale witnesses from among outrageous. Live with them in
    • 4:25 Women 59accordance with what is fair and if you have not consummatedkind; if you dislike them, it may your marriage then you will notbe that you dislike something be blamed [if you marry theirwhich God might make a source daughters.] You are alsoof abundant good. 20 If you desire forbidden to marry the spousesto replace one wife with another, of your sons or two sistersdo not take any part of her dower together, except what has alreadyback: even if you have given her passed. Surely, God is ever-a treasure. Would you take it by forgiving and merciful. 24 Alsoslandering her and with manifest forbidden are married women,sinfulness? 21 How can you take except those who have passedit when you have been intimate into your hands as prisoners ofwith one another, and she has war. This is a commandment oftaken a solemn pledge from you? God to you. All women other22 Do not marry women whom than these are lawful to you,your fathers married, except for provided you seek them withwhat has already taken place in your wealth in honest wedlock,the past. This is indeed a shameful not in fornication. When youdeed, a loathsome thing and an consummate your marriage withevil practice. them, give the dowers due to 23 You are forbidden to take as them. And there is no sin for youwives your mothers, daughters, in what you do by mutualsisters, paternal and maternal agreement after the fixing of theaunts, your brothers’ daughters dower. God is all knowing andand your sisters’ daughters, your wise. 25 If any of you cannotfoster mothers and foster sisters, afford to marry a free believingyour wives’ mothers and woman let him marry one of hisstepdaughters in your protection believing maids whom heand the daughters of your wives possesses. God best knows yourwith whom you have faith. You are one of another. Soconsummated your marriage; but marry them with their owner’s
    • 60 The Quran 4:26permission, and give them their through transgression anddower according to what is fair, injustice, We shall cast him intoneither committing fornication the Fire; and that is easy for God.nor taking secret paramours. And 31 If you shun the great sins youif, after they are married, they have been forbidden, We shallcommit adultery they shall have cancel out your minor misdeedshalf the punishment prescribed and admit you to a place offor a free woman. This is for honour. 32 Do not covet thethose of you who fear lest he bounties which God hasshould fall into sin. But that it is bestowed more abundantly onbetter for you to practise self some of you than on others. Menrestraint. God is most forgiving shall be rewarded according toand merciful. their deeds, and women shall be 26 God wishes to explain things rewarded according to theirto you and guide you to the ways deeds. You should rather askof those who have gone before God for His bounty. God hasyou and to turn to you in mercy. knowledge of all things. 33 WeGod is all knowing and all wise. have appointed heirs for27 He wishes to turn towards you everything that parents and closein mercy, but those who follow relatives leave behind. As fortheir own passions want you to those with whom you havedrift far away from the right entered into agreements, let them,path. 28 God wishes to lighten too, have their due. God isyour burdens, for, man has been witness to all things.created weak. 34 Men are protectors of 29 Believers, do not wrongfully women, because God has madeconsume each other’s wealth, some of them excel others andbut trade with it by mutual because they spend their wealthconsent. Do not kill one another, on them. So virtuous women arefor God is most merciful to you. obedient and guard in the30 If anyone does these things husband’s absence what God
    • 4:42 Women 61would have them guard. As for punishment for those who denythose from whom you apprehend the truth. 38 And [God does notinfidelity, admonish them, then like] those who spend theirrefuse to share their beds, and wealth for the sake of ostentation,finally hit them [lightly].a Then who do not believe in God or theif they obey you, take no further Last Day. Whoever has Satan asaction against them. For God is his companion has an evilHigh, Great. 35 If you fear any companion. 39 What harm couldbreach between a man and his befall them if they believed inwife, appoint one arbiter from God and the Last Day, and spenthis family and one arbiter from out of what God bestowed onher family. If they both want to them? God knows them well.set things right, God will bring 40 God does not wrong anyoneabout a reconciliation between by as much as a grain’s weight.them: He is all knowing and all If there be a good deed, He willaware. repay twofold, and will bestow 36 Worship God: and do not out of His own bounty anassociate partners with Him. Be immense reward.good to your parents, to relatives, 41 What will they do when Weto orphans, to the needy, and the bring a witness from eachneighbour who is a kinsman, and community and bring you as athe neighbour who is not related witness against these people?to you and your companions and 42 On that Day, those who werethe wayfarers and those whom bent on denying the truth andyou rightfully possess. God does disobeyed the Messenger willnot like arrogant, boastful people, wish that the earth were made37 who are miserly and enjoinothers to be the same and conceal a This signifies a symbolic act, asthe riches which God has given the Prophet forbade the beating ofthem of His bounty. We woman saying, ‘Never beat God’shave prepared a humiliating handmaidens’.
    • 62 The Quran 4:43level above them. They will not ‘We hear and we obey,’ andbe able to hide anything ‘Listen to us and look at us withfrom God. 43 Believers, do not favour,’ that would have beenapproach your prayers when you better and more proper for them.are drunk, until you understand God has rejected them for theirwhat you say, nor when you are defiance so that they shall notin a state of impurity, —except believe, except a few of them.when you are on a journey—till 47 O People of the Book,you have bathed. And if you are believe in what We have sentill, or on a journey or have down, fulfilling [the predictions]relieved yourselves or when you that is with you, before Wehave consorted with women and destroy [your sense of] direction,you cannot find any water, then so as to confound or reject you,find some clean sand and wipe as We rejected those who brokeyour face and your hands with it. the Sabbath: God’s command isGod is gracious and forgiving. always carried out. 48 God will 44 Do you not know of those not forgive anyone forwho were in possession of a associating something with Him,portion of the Book? They buy while He will forgive whoeverup error and want you to lose He wishes for anything besidesyour way. 45 God is quite aware that. Whoever ascribes partnersas to who your enemies are; God to God is guilty of a monstroussuffices as a patron, and God sin. 49 Have you not seen thosesuffices as a supporter. 46 Some who consider themselves pure?Jews take words out of their It is indeed God who purifiescontext and say, ‘We have heard, whoever He pleases and nonebut we disobey,’ or ‘Hear without shall be wronged by as much aslistening.’ And they say ‘Look at a hair’s breadth. 50 See how theyus,’ twisting the phrase with their attribute their own lyingtongues so as to disparage inventions to God. This is inreligion. But if they had said, itself a flagrant sin!
    • 4:61 Women 63 51 Have you not seen those enter Gardens through whichwho were in possession of a rivers flow, to dwell thereinportion of the Book? They forever; therein they shall havebelieve in idols and devils. They pure spouses, and We shall admitsay of those who deny the truth, them into a dense shade.‘They are more rightly guided 58 God commands you to handthan the believers.’ 52 Those are back your trusts to their rightfulthe ones God has rejected: you owners, and when you judgewill not find anyone to help between people, to judge withthose God has rejected. 53 Have fairness. God’s instructions tothey a share in God’s kingdom? you are excellent. God hears andIf they did, they would not give sees all things. 59 Believers, obeyothers so much as the groove of God and obey the Messengera date stone. 54 Do they envy and those who have beenothers because of what God has entrusted with authority amonggiven them out of His bounty? you. If you are in dispute overWe granted the House of any matter, refer it to God andAbraham the Book and wisdom the Messenger, if you trulyand We granted them a great believe in God and the Last Day:kingdom. 55 Some of them this is best, and best in the end.believed in it and some held 60 Have you not seen those whoback from it. Hell will suffice as profess to believe in what hasa blazing Fire. 56 We shall send been revealed to you and [tothose who reject Our revelations other prophets] before you? Theyto the Fire. When their skins are seek the judgement of evilburnt up, We shall replace them people, although they werewith new ones so that they may commanded not to obey them.continue to taste the punishment. And Satan wants to lead themGod is mighty and wise. 57 As far astray. 61 When they are told,for those who believe and do ‘Come to what God has sentgood works, We shall make them down and to the Messenger,’ you
    • 64 The Quran 4:62see the hypocrites turn away dwellings,’ they would have notfrom you. 62 How will it be when done it, save a few of them. Ifan affliction befalls them because they had done what they wereof what they themselves have instructed to do, it would havedone? They will come to you, been better for them, as well asswearing by God, saying that more strengthening [for theirthey were seeking nothing but faith], 67 and We would havegoodwill and conciliation. 63 But given them a great reward of OurGod knows all that is in their own, 68 and guided them to ahearts; so ignore what they say, straight path. 69 Whoever obeysadmonish them and speak to God and the Messenger will bethem in such terms as will address among those He has blessed: thetheir minds. messengers, the truthful, the 64 All the messengers We sent witnesses, and the righteous.were meant to be obeyed by What excellent companions theseGod’s leave. If they had come to are! 70 That is God’s favour.you and sought forgiveness from Sufficient is God’s infiniteGod whenever they wronged knowledge.themselves, and the Messenger 71 You who believe, take yourhad prayed for forgiveness for precautions and then go forth inthem, they would have found small groups or go forth allthat God is ever-forgiving and together. 72 Among you are somemerciful. 65 By your Lord, they who lag behind and if youwill not be true believers until encounter a setback, they say,they seek your arbitration in their ‘God has been gracious to me; Idisputes and find within was not present with them.’ 73 Butthemselves no doubt about what if, by God’s grace, good fortuneyou decide and accept it should be your lot, they will say,wholeheartedly. 66 If We had ‘If only I had been with them Icommanded them, ‘Lay down should have achieved a greatyour lives or leave your success,’ as if no affection had
    • 4:81 Women 65existed between you and them. postpone it for a little while74 Let those who would exchange longer!’ Say, ‘The benefits ofthe life of this world for the this world are negligible and theHereafter, fight for the cause of Hereafter will be better for oneGod;a whoever fights for the who fears God; and you shall notcause of God, whether he is slain be wronged in the slightest. 78or is victorious, to him We shall Wherever you may be, deathgive a great reward. 75 And how will overtake you, even if you beshould you not fight for the in strongly built towers.’ If somecause of God, and for the helpless good befalls them, they say, ‘Thisold men, women, and children is from God,’ and if ill befallswho say, ‘Deliver us, Lord, from them, they say, ‘This is fromthis city of wrongdoers, grant us you.’ Tell them, ‘All is froma protector out of Your grace and God.’ But what is wrong withgrant us a supporter out of Your these people that they failgrace?’ 76 The believers fight for to understand anything? 79the cause of God, while those Whatever good befalls you, itwho reject faith fight for Satan. is from God: and whatever illThen fight the allies of Satan: befalls you is from yourself. WeSatan’s scheming is truly weak. have sent you forth as a 77 Have you not seen those to messenger to mankind; and Godwhom it was said, ‘Restrain your suffices as a witness. 80hands, say your prayers and pay He who obeys the Messengerthe prescribed alms?’ And when obeys God. As for those whothey have been ordered to fight, turn away, know that We havesome of them have felt afraid of not sent you to be their keeper. 81human beings just as they should They say: ‘We obey you,’ butbe afraid of God, or they are as soon as they leave you, aeven more afraid. They say, ‘OurLord, why have You ordered us a See pages xiv to xvii of theto fight? If You would only Introduction.
    • 66 The Quran 4:82group of them plan together by rallies to an evil cause shall benight against what you say. God answerable for his part in it: for,records whatever they scheme. indeed, God watches overSo ignore them, and put your everything. 86 When you aretrust in God. God is sufficient as greeted by anyone, respond witha trustee. 82 Do they not ponder a better greeting or at least returnon the Quran? If it had been it; God takes account of allfrom anyone other than God, things. 87 He is God: there is nothey would have found much deity other than Him. He willinconsistency in it. 83 When they gather you all together on thehear any news, whether of peace Day of Resurrection, there is noor of something fearful, they doubt about it. Whose word canspread it about; whereas if they be truer than God’s?referred it to the Messenger and 88 How is it that you are dividedto those in authority among them, into two groups regarding thethose of them who sought news hypocrites, when God Himselfwould have investigated it and cast them back [to disbelief]could have arrived at the truth of because of their misdeeds? Dothe matter. But for God’s grace you seek to guide those whomand mercy, all but a few of you God allows to go astray? Youwould have followed Satan. cannot guide those whom God 84 So fight for the cause of allows to go astray. 89 They wantGod. You are responsible only you to deny the Truth, so thatfor yourself. Urge on the you may become all alike. Dobelievers. God may fend off the not take them as your allies untilpower [violence] of those who they emigrate in the way of God.deny the truth, for He is stronger If they turn back, seize them andin might and stronger in inflicting kill them a wherever you maypunishment. 85 Whoever ralliesto a good cause shall have a a See pages xiv to xvii of theshare in its blessing; and whoever Introduction.
    • 4:94 Women 67find them; and take no friend or believer by mistake should free ahelper from among them. 90 But believing slave and pay bloodmake an exception of those who money to the victim’s relativesseek refuge with people with unless they forego it as an act ofwhom you have a treaty, or who charity. If the victim belongs tocome over to you because their a people at war with you, but ishearts forbid them to fight against a believer, then the compensationyou or against their own people. is to free a believing slave. If heHad God pleased, He would belongs to a people with whomhave given them power over you have a treaty, then blood-you, so that they would have money should be handed over totaken up arms against you. his relatives and a believing slaveTherefore, if they keep away set free. Anyone who lacks thefrom you and cease their hostility means must fast for twoand propose peace to you, God consecutive months. Such is thedoes not allow you to harm penance imposed by God. Godthem. 91 You will find others is all knowing and wise. 93 Ifwho wish to be safe from you, anyone kills a believerand from their own people, deliberately, his reward shall beyet whenever they find an eternal Hell. God will condemnopportunity of inflicting harm, him and reject him, and preparethey plunge into it. So if they for him a terrible punishment.neither withdraw, nor offer you 94 Believers, when you go forthpeace, nor restrain themselves in the cause of God, make duefrom fighting you, seize and kill investigation and do not say tothem wherever you encounter those who offer you the greetingthem. Over such people We have of peace, ‘You are no believer!’given you clear authority. because you seek the good things 92 No believer should kill of this life. With God there areanother believer, unless it be by good things in plenty. Youmistake. Anyone who kills a yourself were in the same
    • 68 The Quran 4:95position before, but God weak ones among men, womenconferred His special favour on and children, as are incapable ofyou. Therefore, take care to adopting any plan or of findinginvestigate. Surely God is well- any way out. 99 God may wellaware of what you do. 95 Those pardon them. God is ever-believers who stay behind—apart pardoning and ever forgiving.from those forced by necessity— 100 Whoever emigrates for theare not equal to those who strive cause of God will find manyhard in God’s cause with their places of refuge in the land andpossessions and their persons. plentiful provision. Those whoGod has given those who strive leave home for the cause of Godwith their goods and their persons and His Messenger; but is thena higher rank than those who overtaken by death, shall bestayed behind. God has promised recompensed by God. God isall a good reward; but far greater most forgiving and ever-merciful.is the recompense of those who 101 When you [believers] arestrive for Him—96 high ranks travelling in the land, you willconferred by Him as well as not be blamed for shorteningforgiveness and mercy. God is your prayers, if you fear theforgiving and merciful. disbelievers may harm you. They 97 When the angels take the are your avowed enemies.souls of those who have wronged 102 When you are among thethemselves, they will ask, ‘What believers and lead them in prayer,was wrong with you?’ They will let only part of them stand upanswer, ‘We were too weak on along with you, armed with theirearth.’ The angels will say, ‘Was weapons. After they haveGod’s earth not spacious enough prostrated themselves, let themfor you to have migrated to some withdraw to the rear to standother place?’ These are the ones guard and then let another party,whose abode shall be Hell, an who have not yet prayed, comeevil destination—98 except such forward and pray with you. And
    • 4:112 Women 69let them also be on their guard, has shown you. And do not be anarmed with their weapons. Those advocate for the treacherous.who deny the truth want you to 106 Ask God for forgiveness: Hebe negligent of your arms and is most forgiving and merciful.your baggage, so that they may 107 And do not plead on behalf offall upon you suddenly. It is no those who are dishonest tooffence for you to lay aside your themselves. Surely God does notarms when overtaken by heavy love one who is treacherous andrain or illness, and always take sinful. 108 They feel ashamedevery precaution for defence. before men but do not feelGod has prepared a humiliating ashamed before God, despite Hispunishment for those who deny being present with them whenthe truth. 103 When you have they plot at night, uttering thingsfinished the prayer, remember of which He does not approve;God while standing, and sitting, and indeed God is fully aware ofand lying on your sides. When what they do.you feel secure, say your prayers 109 You might argue on theirin the prescribed form. Believers behalf in the life of this world:are under the obligation to say but who will argue on their behalftheir prayers at the appointed with God on the Day ofhours. 104 Do not relent in the Resurrection and who will bepursuit of the enemy. If you are their defender? 110 Yet anyonesuffering hardships, they too are who does evil or wrongs his ownsuffering similar hardships, but soul and then asks God forwhat you can hope for from forgiveness will find GodGod, they cannot. God is all forgiving and merciful. 111 Heknowing and wise. who commits sin does so against 105 We have sent the Book his own soul. God is all knowingdown to you with the truth so and wise. 112 And anyone whothat you may judge among commits an offence or a sin, thenmankind by means of what God charges an innocent person with
    • 70 The Quran 4:113it, shall certainly bear the guilt Whoever ascribes partners toof a calumny and a manifest sin. God has strayed far indeed.113 117 If it were not for the grace of They [the polytheists] callGod and His mercy to you, some upon female deities, and theyof them had resolved to lead you invoke none but Satan, theastray but they lead astray no one rebellious one, 118 whom Godbut themselves. Nor can they do has rejected. He said [to God], ‘Iyou any harm. God has sent will assuredly take a number ofdown to you the Book and Your servants, 119 and shall leadWisdom and has taught you what them astray, and fill them withyou did not know. God’s favour vain desires and order them toto you has been great indeed. slit the ears of cattle. I shall order 114 There is no good in most of them to tamper with God’stheir secret talk, except in the creation. Whoever chooses Satancase of those who enjoin charity as a patron instead of God isand kindness, or reconciliation utterly ruined: 120 he holds outbetween people. If anyone does promises to them, and fills themthat, seeking the pleasure of God, with vain desires: but Satan’sWe will give him an immense promises are nothing butreward. 115 But if anyone opposes delusion. 121 Hell shall be theirthe Messenger after his guidance home: they shall find no refugehas become clear to him, and from it. 122 As for those whofollows a path other than that of believe and do good works. Wethe faithful, We shall let him shall admit them to Gardenspursue his chosen path and shall through which rivers flow; whereincast him into Hell: an evil they will abide forever. This is adestination. promise from God; and whose 116 Surely, God will not forgive word could be truer than God’s?the ascribing of partners to Him. 123 It is not your desires, norHe forgives whoever He will for the desires of the People of theanything other than that. Book, that shall prevail. Anyone
    • 4:131 Women 71who commits evil will be has knowledge of all the goodrewarded accordingly. He will you do. 128 If a woman fears ill-not find any protector or patron treatment or indifference on thefor himself besides God. part of her husband, it shall be124 Anyone who performs good no offence for her to seek adeeds, whether it be a man or reconciliation, for reconciliationwoman, provided that he is a is best. But people are prone tobeliever, shall enter Paradise. selfish greed. If you do good andNo one shall suffer the least fear Him, surely God is aware ofinjustice. 125 Who is better in what you do. 129 You will neverfaith than one who submits be able to treat your wives withhimself wholly to God, acts equal fairness, however muchrighteously, and follows the you may desire to do so, but doreligion of Abraham, the upright not ignore one wife altogether,in faith, whom God chose for a leaving her suspended [betweenfriend? 126 To God belongs all marriage and divorce]. And ifthat the heavens and earth you make amends and actcontain. God has knowledge of righteously, surely God is mostall things. forgiving and merciful. 130 If they 127 They consult you decide to separate, God willconcerning women. Say, ‘God compensate both out of Hishas given you directions own abundance: God is bountifulconcerning them. The and wise.commandment given to you in 131 All that the heavens andthe Book concerns the orphan the earth contain belongs to God.girls to whom you do not give We have commanded those whowhat is prescribed for them, and were given the Scripture beforewhom you nevertheless desire to you, and We command you tomarry, and about helpless fear God. If you deny Him, knowchildren. He has instructed you that all that the heavens and theto deal justly with orphans. God earth contain belongs to God.
    • 72 The Quran 4:132God is self-sufficient and sent down before. He who deniespraiseworthy. 132 All that the God, His angels, His Scriptures,heavens and the earth contain His messengers and the Lastbelongs to God; and none is as Day has surely gone far astray.worthy of trust as God. 133 If He 137 As for those who come towanted, He could remove you believe, and then deny the truth,altogether and replace you with and again come to believe, andother people: He has the full again deny the truth, andpower to do so. 134 If one desires thereafter grow stubborn in theirthe rewards of this world [let denial of the truth—God willhim remember that] with God never forgive them, nor will Heare the rewards of [both] this guide them. 138 Warn theworld and the life to come: hypocrites that for them there isand God is indeed all hearing, a painful punishment. 139 As forall seeing. those who take the deniers of the 135 Believers, be strict in truth for their allies rather thanupholding justice and bear the believers—do they seekwitness for the sake of God, even honour in their company? Surelythough it be against yourselves, all honour belongs to God.your parents, or your kindred. 140 He has instructed you inBe they rich or poor, God knows the Book that, when you hearbetter about them both. Do not, people deny or ridicule God’sthen, follow your own desires, revelations, you must not sitlest you swerve from justice. If with them unless they engage inyou conceal the truth or evade it, other talk, or else you yourselvesthen remember that God is well shall become like them. Godaware of all that you do. will gather all the hypocrites and 136 Believers, believe in God those who deny the truth togetherand His Messenger and in the in Hell. 141 The hypocrites waitScripture He sent down to His to see what happens to you and,Messenger, as well as what He if God grants you a victory, they
    • 4:152 Women 73say, ‘Were we not on your side?’ mend their ways, who hold fastAnd if those who deny the truth to God and are sincere in theirhave a share of it [victory] they worship of God will be joinedsay to them, ‘Did we not help with the believers; and God willyou win, and protect you from bestow a great reward upon thethe believers?’ God will judge believers. 147 Why should Godbetween you [all] on punish you, if you render thanksResurrection Day. And never will to Him and believe in Him? GodGod allow those who deny the is appreciative and aware.truth to harm the believers. 148 God does not love the 142 The hypocrites seek to utterance of evil words except inoutwit God—but it is He who the case of someone who hasoutwits them. And when they been wronged. God hears all andstand up for prayer, they do so knows all. 149 Whether you revealreluctantly and to be seen by any good or hide it, or pardonothers, and they hardly remember any evil, God is forgiving and allGod at all. 143 They vacillate powerful. 150 Those who denybetween the two, belonging God and His messengers andneither to one side nor the other. seek to make a distinctionBut for him whom God allows between God and His messengersto go astray you can never find and say, ‘We believe in somethe way for him. 144 Do not take messengers and disbelieve indeniers of the truth [who are at others’, and desire to adopt awar with you] for your allies in position in between. 151 Thosepreference to believers. Would indeed are they who are denyingyou give God a clear proof the truth beyond doubt, and Weagainst yourselves? 145 The have prepared a humiliatinghypocrites shall surely be in the punishment for the deniers. 152 Tolowest depth of the Fire; and you those who believe in God andwill find no helper for them. His messengers, and make no146 But those who repent and distinction between any of them,
    • 74 The Quran 4:153to those—We shall surely give account of their denial of thethem their rewards. God is most truth. Except for a few of them,forgiving and merciful. they have no faith. 156 They 153 The People of the Book ask denied the truth and uttered ayou to bring down for them a monstrous slander against Mary.book from heaven. Of Moses 157 They declared, ‘We have putthey demanded a greater thing to death the Messiah, Jesus, sonthan that. They said to him: of Mary, the Messenger of God.’‘Show us God face to face.’ A They did not kill him, nor didthunderbolt struck them for their they crucify him, but it onlywickedness. After that, they took seemed to them [as if it had beento worshipping the [golden] calf, so]. And those who differ in thisafter all evidence of the truth had matter are in doubt concerning it.come to them! Yet We pardoned They have no definite knowledgeeven that and bestowed on Moses about it, but only follow mereclear authority. 154 And We raised conjecture. But they certainlyabove them the Mount, while did not kill him. 158 God raisedmaking a covenant with them, him towards Himself. God isand We said to them. ‘Enter the almighty and wise.gate humbly,’ and We also 159 There is none among thecommanded them, ‘Transgress People of the Book but willnot in the matter of the Sabbath.’ believe in it before his death;We took from them a firm and on the Day of Resurrectioncovenant. he shall be a witness against them. 155 160 But they broke their Because of the wrongdoingscovenant; and they rejected the of the Jews, We forbade themsigns of God; and put the certain good things that had beenprophets to death without allowed to them before; forjustification, and said, ‘Our having frequently debarredhearts are sealed.’ It is God who others from God’s path; 161 forhas sealed their hearts, on taking usury, when they had been
    • 4:170 Women 75forbidden to do so. And because coming of the messengers. Godof their devouring people’s is mighty, wise.awealth wrongfully. We have 166 But God bears witness toprepared a painful punishment what He has sent down to you.for those of them who [continue He has sent it down with Histo] deny the truth. 162 But to knowledge. The angels too bearthose of them, who are firmly witness. And God suffices as agrounded in knowledge, and the witness. 167 Those who are bentbelievers, who truly believe in on denying the truth and onwhat is revealed to you, and what turning others away from thewas revealed before you. To those path of God have strayed farwho pray regularly and pay the from the right path. 168 God willzakat [prescribed alms] and not forgive those who deny thebelieve in God and the Last Day, truth and act wrongfully, norWe will surely give a great reward. will He guide them, 169 to any 163 We have sent revelation to path other than the path of Hell,you [Prophet] as We did to Noah wherein they shall abide forever.and the prophets who came after That is easy enough for God.him, to Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, 170 Mankind! The Messenger hasJacob, and the Tribes, to Jesus, brought you the truth from yourJob, Jonah, Aaron, and Solomon a God created man, and then Heand David, to whom We gave the created Paradise and Hell. Man wasPsalms. 164 We have told you later settled on the earth. Here manabout some messengers sent has freedom to do as he wishes. Butpreviously, while We have not this freedom is not forever. It isyet told you about others. God temporary and meant for his trial. It isspoke to Moses directly. 165 They so that good and bad may bewere messengers, bearing good distinguished from one another. God is watching those who, despite beingnews and giving warning, so granted freedom, can adopt realisticthat mankind would have no attitudes, and surrender themselves toexcuse before God, after the the will of God.
    • 76 The Quran 4:171Lord, so believe for your own recompensed by Him. And Hegood. And if you deny the truth, will give them yet more out ofknow that to God belongs all that His bounty; and as for those whothe heavens and the earth contain. were disdainful and proud, HeGod is all knowing and wise. will punish them with a painful 171 People of the Book! Do not punishment. And they will notgo to extremes in your religion. find anyone to help or protectSay nothing but the truth about them against God. 174 Men, youGod. The Christ Jesus, son of have received clear evidenceMary, was only a messenger of from your Lord. We have sentGod and His word, conveyed to down a clear light to you.Mary, a spirit from Him. So 175 As for those who believe inbelieve in God and His God and hold fast to Him, Hemessengers and do not say: will admit them to His mercy‘There are three [gods].’ Desist, and His grace; He will guideit will be better for you. Indeed, them towards Him on a straightGod is the one and only God. His path. 176 They ask you forHoliness is far above having a instruction. Say, ‘God instructsson. To Him belongs whatever is you concerning the indirect heirs.in the heavens and whatever is on If a person dies childless but hasthe earth. And God is sufficient a sister, she receives half of whatas a guardian. 172 Surely, the he leaves, and he is her heir ifMessiah would never disdain to she dies childless. If there arebe accounted a servant of God. two sisters, they receive two-Nor would the angels who are thirds of what he leaves. If therenearest to Him. If any do disdain are brothers and sisters, the shareto worship Him, and grow of each male shall be that of twoarrogant, He will in any case females. God makes things cleargather them all before Him. to you, so that you will not go173 Those who believe and do astray. God has knowledge ofgood works will be fully all things.’
    • (77) 5 . T H E TA B L E In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful1 blood and pork; and any flesh Believers, fulfill yourobligations. All livestock is over which the name of anylawful for you, other than that other than God is invoked; andwhich is hereby announced to any creature which has beenyou. You are forbidden to kill strangled, or killed by a blow orgame while you are on a in a fall, or has been gored topilgrimage—God commands death or half-eaten by a wildwhat He will. 2 Believers, violate animal, saving that which youneither the sanctity of God’s make lawful [by slaughteringsigns, the Sacred Month, the properly while it was still alive]sacrificial animals, the animals and what has been slaughtered atwearing garlands [indicating they an altar. You are forbidden toare to be sacrificed] nor those on make the division of [meat] bytheir way to the Sacred House means of divining arrows: that isseeking the bounty and pleasure sinful conduct. Those who denyof their Lord. When, on the truth have this day despairedcompletion of your pilgrimage, of ever harming your religion.you take off the garb of the So do not fear them. Fear Me.pilgrim, you may hunt. Do not Today I have completed yourlet the enmity of those who religion for you and completedbarred you from the Sacred My blessing upon you. I haveMosque lead you into sin. Help chosen for you Islam as yourone another in goodness and in religion. But if anyone is forcedpiety. Do not help one another in by hunger to eat something whichsin and transgression. Fear God! is forbidden, not intending toGod is severe in punishment. commit a sin, he will find God 3 forgiving and merciful. You are forbidden carrion,
    • 78 The Quran 5:4 4 If they ask you what has been state of impurity, take a full bath.made lawful for them, say, ‘All Should you be ill or on a journeygood things have been made or when you have just relievedlawful for you;’ and what you yourselves, or you havehave taught your birds and beasts consorted with your spouses,of prey to catch, training them as purify yourself by bathing. IfGod has taught you. So eat what you can find no water, take somethey catch for you, but first clean sand and rub your facespronounce God’s name over it. and hands with it. God does notFear God, for God is swift in wish to place any burden on you;taking account. 5 Today, all good He only wishes to purify you andthings have been made lawful to perfect His favour to you, inyou. The food of the People of order that you may be grateful.the Book is lawful to you, and 7 Remember God’s favour toyour food is lawful to them. The you, and the covenant, which Hechaste believing women and the made with you when you said,chaste women of the people who ‘We hear and we obey.’ Fearwere given the Book before you, God. God has full knowledge ofare lawful to you, provided that the innermost thoughts of men.you give them their dowers, and 8 Believers, be steadfast in themarry them, neither committing cause of God and bear witnessfornication nor taking them as with justice. Do not let yourmistresses. The deeds of anyone enmity for others turn you awaywho rejects the faith will come from justice. Deal justly; that isto nothing, and in the Hereafter nearer to being God-fearing. Fearhe will be among the losers. God. God is aware of all that you 6 Believers, when you rise to do. 9 God has promised thosepray, wash your faces and your who believe and do good deedshands up to the elbows and wipe forgiveness and a great reward;your heads and [wash] your feet 10 but those who deny the truthup to the ankles. If you are in a and deny Our signs are destined
    • 5:17 The Table 79for Hell. 11 Believers, remember them. But pardon them, and bearthe blessings which God with them; truly, God loves thebestowed upon you when a doers of good.certain people were about to lay 14 We also made a covenanthands on you and He held back with those who say, ‘We aretheir hands from you. Have fear Christians.’ But they too haveof God and in God let the forgotten much of what theybelievers place their trust. were enjoined. So, We have put 12 God made a covenant with enmity and hatred between themthe Children of Israel; and raised till the Day of Judgement; andamong them twelve leaders. God soon God will declare to themsaid, ‘Surely, I am with you. If what they have been doing.you attend to your prayers and 15 People of the Book! Ourpay the alms and believe in My Messenger has come to makemessengers and support them, clear to you much of what youand give a generous loan to God, have hidden of the ScripturesI will certainly forgive you your and to forgive you much. A lightsins and admit you into Gardens has now come to you from Godthrough which rivers flow. and a clear Book, 16 wherebyWhoever among you denies the God guides to the ways of peacetruth after this shall go astray all who seek His good pleasure,from the straight path.’ 13 Since bringing them from darkness tothey broke their solemn pledge, the light, by His will, and guidingWe laid on them Our curse and them to a straight path. 17 Inhardened their hearts. They blasphemy indeed are those whodistorted the meaning of the say, ‘God is Christ, the son ofrevealed words, taking them out Mary.’ Say, ‘Who then couldof their context, and forgot much prevent God if He so willedof what they were enjoined. You from destroying Christ, son ofwill constantly discover treachery Mary, and his mother andon their part, except for a few of everyone on earth? The kingdom
    • 80 The Quran 5:18of the heavens and the earth and you [favours] such as He has noteverything between them belong granted to anyone else in theto God. He creates what He will world. 21 O my people! Enter theand God has power over all things.’ holy land which God has 18 The Jews and the Christians assigned for you. Do not turnsay, ‘We are the children of God back, or you will be the losers.’and His beloved ones.’ Say, 22 They said, ‘Moses, in that land‘Then why does He punish you there is a powerful people. Neverfor your sins? Indeed, you are shall we enter it until they leavebut human beings among those it: if they leave, then we shallHe has created. He forgives certainly enter it.’ 23 Thereuponwhom He pleases and punishes two God-fearing men whom Godwhom He pleases. The kingdom had blessed said, ‘Go into themof the heavens and the earth and through the gate—for as soon asall that is between them, belong you enter, you shall surely beto God and all shall return to victorious! Put your trust in GodHim.’ 19 People of the Book, Our if you are true believers.’ 24 TheyMessenger has come to you to said, ‘We will never enter it,make things clear to you after an Moses, as long as they are there.interval between the messengers, Go, you and your Lord, andlest you say, ‘No bearer of glad fight, and we will stay here.’ 25tidings and no warner has come Moses supplicated, ‘Lord, Ito us.’ So a bearer of glad tidings have power over none but myselfand a warner has indeed come to and my brother; so separate usyou. God has the power to do from the disobedient people.’ 26all things. God said, ‘The land is 20 forbidden to them for forty years, Remember when Moses saidto his people, ‘O my people! while they wander around theRemember God’s favour to you, earth, bewildered; do not grieveHe has raised up prophets among over these wicked people.’ 27you, made you kings, and granted Relate to them, the true story
    • 5:36 The Table 81of the two sons of Adam. When corruption in the land— shall bethey both presented an offering, regarded as having killed allit was accepted from one of mankind, and that whoever savedthem and not from the other. The a human life shall be regarded aslatter said, ‘I shall kill you!’ The having saved all mankind. Ourformer said, ‘God accepts messengers came to them with[things] only from the righteous. clear signs, but many of them28 If you raise your hand to kill continued to commit excesses inme, I will not raise mine to kill the land. 33 Those that make waryou. I fear God, the Lord of the against God and His MessengerUniverse, 29 and I want you to and spread disorder in the landbear your sins against me as well shall be put to death or crucifiedas your own sins and become an or have their hands and feet cutinhabitant of the Fire. Such is off on alternate sides, or bethe reward of the wrongdoers.’ banished from the country. They 30 His lower self persuaded shall be disgraced in this world,him to kill his brother, and he and then severely punished inkilled him and he became one of the Hereafter, 34 except for thosethe lost. 31 Then God sent a raven, who repent before you gainwhich scratched the earth, so power over them: for you mustthat He might show him how to know that God is forgiving andhide the corpse of his brother. merciful.‘Alas!’ he cried, ‘Am I not able 35 Believers, fear God and seekeven to be like this raven, so that ways to come closer to Him andI may hide the corpse of my strive for His cause, so that youbrother?’ And he repented. may prosper. 36 As for those who 32 That was why We laid it reject Faith, if they haddown for the Children of Israel everything on earth, and twice asthat whoever killed a human much again and offered it tobeing—except as a punishment ransom themselves from thefor murder or for spreading torment of the Day of
    • 82 The Quran 5:37Resurrection, it shall not be [religious leaders] who do notaccepted from them—they will come to you [out of pride andhave a painful punishment. conceit]. They [these leaders]37 They will want to get out of take words out of their contextthe Fire but they will be unable and say, ‘If this be given to you,to do so: theirs shall be a lasting receive it, but if not, thenpunishment. 38 Cut off the hands beware!’ If anyone’s trial isof thieves, whether they are male intended by God, you cannot inor female, as a [deterrent] the least prevail against God onpunishment from God for what his behalf. Those whose heartsthey have done. God is almighty God does not intend to purifyand wise. 39 But God will surely shall be subjected to disgrace inturn in mercy to him who repents this world and a severeafter his transgression and punishment in the Hereafter.reforms. Surely, God is most 42 They listen eagerly toforgiving and ever merciful. falsehood, and devour forbidden40 Do you not know that the things voraciously. If they comekingdom of the heavens and to you, then judge between themearth belongs to God? He or avoid them. If you avoidpunishes whom He will and them, they can in no way harmforgives whom He pleases. God you, but if you do judge, judgehas power over all things. them with fairness: God loves 41 Messenger, do not be grieved those that deal justly. 43 But whyby those who vie with one do they come to you foranother in denying the truth; judgement when they have thethose who say with their tongues, Torah, which enshrines God’s‘We believe,’ but have no faith own judgement? Yet, in spite ofin their hearts; from among the that, they turn their backs; andJews also, there are those who certainly they will not believe.listen eagerly to any lies. They 44 We have revealed the Torah,listen to you to convey to others in which there is guidance and
    • 5:49 The Table 83light. By it the prophets who according to what God haswere obedient to Us judged the revealed in it. Those who do notJews, and so did the rabbis and judge by what God has sentthe priests, according to God’s down are rebellious.Book which had been entrusted 48 We have sent down the Bookto their care; and to which they to you with the truth, fulfilling [thewere witnesses. Have no fear of predictions] revealed in the previousman; fear Me, and do not sell My scriptures and determining what isrevelations for a paltry sum. true therein, and as a guardian overThose who do not judge by what it. Judge, therefore, between themGod has sent down are deniers by what God has revealed, and doof truth. 45 We prescribed for not follow their vain desires turningthem in [the Torah]: a life for a away from the truth that has comelife, an eye for an eye, a nose for to you. To every one of you Wea nose, an ear for an ear, a tooth have ordained a law and a way, andfor a tooth, and a wound for a had God so willed, He would havewound. But, if anyone forgoes it, made you all a single community,this shall be for him an expiation. but He did not so will, in order thatThose who do not judge by what He might try you by what He hasGod has sent down are given you. Vie, then, with onewrongdoers! 46 We caused Jesus, another in doing good works; toson of Mary to follow in their God you shall all return; then Hefootsteps, fulfilling what had will make clear to you about whatbeen revealed before him in the you have been disputing.Torah. We gave him the Gospel, 49 Judge between them by whatwhich contained guidance and God has sent down and do not belight, fulfilling what was revealed led by their desires. Beware ofbefore it in the Torah: a guide them lest they turn you awayand an admonition to the God- from a part of that what God hasfearing. 47 Therefore, let those revealed to you. If they rejectwho follow the Gospel judge your judgement, know that God
    • 84 The Quran 5:50intends to punish them for the Him and are loved by Him, whosins they have committed. Indeed will be kind and consideratea large number of the people are towards believers and firm anddisobedient. 50 Is it pagan laws unyielding towards those whothat they wish to be judged by? deny the truth. They will striveWho is a better judge than God hard for the cause of God andfor men whose faith is firm? will in no way take to heart the 51 Believers, do not take the reproaches of the fault finder.Jews and Christians as allies. Such is God’s bounty, which HeThey are allies with one another. gives to anyone He wishes. GodWhoever of you takes them as an is bountiful and all-knowing. 55ally shall become one of them. Your helpers are only God andGod does not guide the His Messenger and the believerswrongdoers. 52 You will see those who say their prayers and paywhose minds are diseased the alms and bow down inhastening towards them, saying, worship. 56 Those who ally‘We fear lest a misfortune befall themsleves with God, Hisus.’ But God may well bring Messenger, and the believersabout victory or make a decision must know that God’s party iswhich is favourable to you. Then sure to triumph. 57they will repent of the thoughts, Believers! Do not seek thewhich they secretly harboured in friendship of those who weretheir hearts. 53 Then the believers given the Book before you or thewill say, ‘Are these the men who disbelievers who ridicule yourswore their strongest oaths by religion and make a jest of it.aGod, that they were with you?’ Have fear of God, if you are trueTheir works will come to nothing believers. 58 When you call themand they will lose all. to prayer, they treat it as a jest 54 Believers, if any among you and a diversion. This is becauserenounce the faith, God willreplace them by others who love a See note to 3:28.
    • 5:66 The Table 85they are devoid of understanding. what is unlawful? Their actions59 Say, ‘People of the Book! Do are indeed vile.you resent us only because we 64 The Jews say, ‘The hand ofbelieve in God and in what has God is tied up.’ May their ownbeen revealed to us and to others hands be tied up and may they bebefore, and because most of you cursed for what they say. Noare disobedient?’ 60 Say, ‘Shall I indeed! His hands are bothtell you who will receive a worse outstretched: He bestows as Hereward from God? Those whom will. What is revealed to youGod has rejected and with whom from your Lord will surelyHe has been angry transforming increase in most of them theirthem into apes and swine, and obstinate rebellion and denial ofthose who serve the devil.a They truth; and We have sown amongwere condemned as apes and them enmity and hatred till theswine and those who worship Day of Resurrection. Wheneverthe evil. These are in the worst they kindle the fire of war, Godplight and farthest astray from puts it out. They spread evil inthe right path.’ the land, but God does not love 61 When they come to you they the evil-doers.say, ‘We believe,’ but they come 65 If only the People of the[with the resolve] to deny the Book would believe and betruth and leave in the same state. mindful of God, We would surelyGod knows best what they are pardon their sins and We wouldconcealing. 62 You see many surely admit them into theamong them vie with one another Gardens of Bliss. 66 If they hadin sin and transgression and a It is not in a literal sense but haspractice what is unlawful. It isvile indeed what they have been a symbolic conotation, describing their moral degradation. They were notdoing! 63 Why do their rabbis converted to such animals in physicaland scholars not forbid them to sense, but their character andutter sinful words or to consume behaviour became like apes and swine.
    • 86 The Quran 5:67observed the Torah and the 70 We made a covenant withGospel and what was revealed to the Children of Israel and sentthem from their Lord, they would forth messengers among them.surely have been nourished from But whenever a messenger cameabove and from below. There are to them with a message that wassome among them who are on not to their liking, some theythe right course; but there are accused of lying, while othersmany among them who do they put to death, 71 and theynothing but evil. imagined that no harm would 67 O Messenger, deliver come to them; and so theywhatever has been sent down to became blind and deaf [of heart].you by your Lord. If you do not God turned to them in mercy; yetdo so, you will not have conveyed again many of them became blindHis message. God will defend and deaf. God is fully aware ofyou from mankind. For God does their actions.not guide those who deny the truth. 72 Indeed, they are deniers of 68 Say, ‘People of the Book, the truth who say, ‘God is theyou have no ground to stand on Christ, the son of Mary.’ For theuntil you observe the Torah and Christ himself said, ‘Children ofthe Gospel and what is revealed Israel, serve God, my Lord andto you from your Lord.’ What is your Lord.’ If anyone associatesrevealed to you from your Lord anything with God, God willwill surely increase many of them forbid him the Garden and thein rebellion and in their denial of Fire will be his home. Thethe truth. But do not grieve for wrongdoers shall have nothose who deny the truth. helpers. 73 They are deniers of69 Believers, Jews, Sabaeans and the truth who say, ‘God is one ofChristians—whoever believes in three.’ There is only One God. IfGod and the Last Day and does they do not desist from so saying,what is right—shall have nothing a painful punishment is bound toto fear nor shall they grieve. befall such of them as are bent
    • 5:84 The Table 87on denying the truth. 74 Why do things they did. Evil indeed werethey not turn to God and ask for their deeds. 80 You see manyHis forgiveness? God is forgiving among them allying themselvesand merciful. 75 Christ, son of with those who deny the truth.Mary, was no more than a Evil is that which their soulsmessenger. Many messengers have sent on ahead for them.passed away before him. His They have incurred the wrath ofmother was a virtuous woman; God and shall suffer eternaland they both ate food [like punishment. 81 Had they believedother mortals]. See how We make in God and the Prophet and whatthe signs clear to them! See how was revealed to him, they wouldthey turn away! 76 Say, ‘Do you not have taken those who denyworship something other than the truth as their allies, but manyGod, that has no power to do you of them are disobedient.harm or good? God alone is the 82 You will find that theAll Hearing and All Knowing.’ bitterest in their enmity to the 77 Say, ‘People of the Book! faithful are the Jews and theDo not go to extremes in your polytheists; the nearest inreligion and do not follow the affection to them are those whowhims of those who went astray say, ‘We are Christians.’ That isbefore you—they caused many because there are priests andto go astray and themselves monks among them; and becausestrayed away from the right path.’ they are free from pride. 83 When 78 Those of the Children of they listen to what has been sentIsrael who were bent on denying down to the Messenger, you seethe truth were cursed by David their eyes overflowing with tears,and Jesus, the son of Mary. That because of the Truth theywas because they disobeyed and recognize. They say, ‘Our Lord,were given to transgression; we believe, so count us among79 they would not prevent one those who bear witness. 84 Whyanother from doing the wrong should we not believe in God
    • 88 The Quran 5:85and in the truth that has come That is the expiation of yourdown to us? We yearn for our breaking the oaths that you haveLord to admit us among the sworn. Do keep your oaths. Thusrighteous.’ 85 And for their words God explains to you HisGod will reward them with commandments, so that you mayGardens through which rivers flow, be grateful.wherein they shall abide forever. 90 Believers, intoxicants andThat is the reward of those who gambling and [occult dedicationdo good. 86 But those who deny of] stones and divining arrowsthe truth and deny Our signs will are abominations devised bybecome the inmates of Hell. Satan. Avoid them, so that you 87 Believers, do not forbid the may prosper. 91 Satan seeks towholesome good things, which sow enmity and hatred amongGod made lawful to you. Do not you by means of wine andtransgress; God does not love gambling, and to keep you fromthe transgressors. 88 Eat the the remembrance of God andlawful and wholesome things, from your prayers. Will you notwhich God has given you. Fear then abstain? 92 Obey God andGod, in whom you believe. obey the Messenger, and be ever89 God will not call you to on your guard [against evil]. Butaccount for your meaningless if you turn away, then know thatoaths, but He will call you to Our Messenger’s duty is only toaccount for the oaths, which you deliver the message clearly.swear in earnest. The expiation 93 Those who believe and dofor a broken oath is the feeding good deeds will not be blamedof ten needy men with such food for what they may haveas you normally offer to your consumed [in the past], so longown people; or the clothing of as they fear God and believe inten needy men; or the freeing of Him and do good works; so longone slave. Anyone who lacks the as they fear God and believe inmeans shall fast for three days. Him, so long as they fear God
    • 5:101 The Table 89and do good deeds. For God provision made for you and forloves those who do good. seafarers. But you are forbidden 94 Believers, God will test you the game of the land while youwith game which come within are on a pilgrimage. Have fear ofthe reach of your hands and God, before whom you shall allspears, so that He may know be gathered. 97 God has made thethose who fear Him, even if they Ka‘bah, the Sacred House, acannot see Him. Anyone who means of support as well as theoversteps the limits after this sacred month and the sacrificialwill have a painful punishment. animals with their garlands. That95 Believers, do not kill any game is so that you may know thatwhile you are on a pilgrimage. God has knowledge of whateverAnyone of you who kills game is in the heavens and on the earthdeliberately shall make and that He is fully aware of allcompensation with an animal things. 98 Know that God iswhich is the equivalent of what severe in punishment, yet mosthe has killed, to be determined forgiving and merciful. 99 Theby two just men from among Messenger’s sole duty is toyou, as an offering brought to convey the message. God knowsthe Ka‘bah; or he shall, in what you reveal and what youexpiation, either feed the poor or hide. 100 Say, ‘The bad and thedo the equivalent of that in good are not alike, even thoughfasting, so that he may taste the the abundance of the bad mayconsequence of his deeds. God appear pleasing to you. So fearforgives what is past, but if God, O men of understanding,anyone relapses into so that you may prosper.’wrongdoing, God will exact His 101 Believers, do not askretribution. God is mighty, the questions about things which, ifLord of retribution. they were made known to you, 96 To hunt and to eat the fish of would only become burdensomethe sea is made lawful for you, a for you; but if you ask them
    • 90 The Quran 5:102when the Quran is being approaches you, let two just menrevealed, they shall be made from among you act as witnessesplain to you—God has kept silent when you make your testaments;about them: God is most or two men from another tribe, ifforgiving and forbearing. the calamity of death overtakes102 Other people before you you while you are travelling inenquired about such things, but the land. Detain them afterwhen they were disclosed to prayers, and if you doubt theirthem, they refused to carry them honesty, let them swear by God,out. 103 God has ordained no ‘We will not sell our testimonysanctity about animals described for any price, even to a kinsman.as bahirah, or sa’ibah, or wasilah And we will not conceal theor ham.a Those who deny the testimony of God. If we did, wetruth invent falsehoods about would indeed be guilty of sin.’ 107God. Most of them do not use If it turns out that both provetheir reason: 104 when it is said to dishonest, two others should takethem, ‘Come to what God has their place from amongst thosesent down and to the Messenger.’ whose rights have been usurpedThey reply, ‘The faith we have and let them swear by God,inherited from our fathers saying, ‘Our testimony is indeedis sufficient for us.’ Even truer than the testimony of thesethough their forefathers knew two. And we have not beennothing and were not guided! guilty of any misstatement for105 Believers, take care of your then indeed we would beown souls. The misguided cannot transgressors.’ 108 That makes itharm you as long as you are more likely that people will bearguided. All of you will return to true witness, or else they willGod. Then He will make you a These are different categories ofrealize that which you used to domestic animals which the pre-do. Islamic Arabs used to dedicate to their 106 Believers, when death deities.
    • 5:115 The Table 91fear that their oaths will be them with clear signs, when thosecontradicted by the oaths of of them who denied the truthothers. Heed God and listen; said, “This is sheer magic.”God does not guide a rebellious, 111 [Remember the time], whendisobedient people. I inspired the disciples to believe 109 The Day when God in Me and in My messenger, theyassembles the messengers and replied, “We believe, bearasks them, ‘What was the witness that we have submitted.”’response you received [from the 112 When the disciples said, ‘Opeople]?’ they will reply, ‘We Jesus, son of Mary! Can yourhave no knowledge of it. You Lord send down to us fromalone know what is hidden.’ heaven a table spread with food?’110 Then God will say, ‘Jesus, He replied, ‘Have fear of God, ifson of Mary, remember My you are true believers.’ 113 Theyfavour to you and to your mother: said, ‘We want to eat from it, sohow I strengthened you with the that we may satisfy our heartsholy spirit, so that you could and know that you have told usspeak to people in childhood the truth, and that we should beand in maturity; and how I taught witnesses of it.’ 114 Jesus, son ofyou the Book, and wisdom, the Mary, said, ‘O God, our Lord!Torah and the Gospel; how by Send down for us a table spreadMy leave you fashioned from with food from heaven, so that itclay the shape of a bird and blew may be a feast for us, for the firstupon it, so that, by My leave, it of us and for the last of us: abecame a bird, and healed the sign from You. Give us ourblind and the leper by My sustenance, for You are the bestpermission, and when you of sustainers.’ 115 God replied, ‘Ibrought forth the dead by My will certainly send it down topermission; and how I prevented you, but whosoever of you denythe Children of Israel from the truth thereafter will beharming you when you came to punished with a punishment such
    • 92 The Quran 5:116as I have never meted out to remained among them, and whenanyone else in the world.’ You did cause me to die, You 116 When God says, ‘Jesus, son were the watcher over them. Youof Mary, did you say to people, are the witness of all things, 118“Take me and my mother as two and if You punish them, theydeities besides God”?’ He will are surely Your servants; and ifanswer, ‘Glory be to You! How You forgive them, You are surelycould I ever say that to which I the Mighty and Wise.’ 119have no right? If I had ever said God will say, ‘This is theso, You would surely have known Day when the truthful will benefitit. You know what is in my mind, from their truthfulness. They shallwhile I do not know anything forever dwell in Gardens throughthat is within Yours. You alone which rivers flow. God is pleasedare the knower of unseen with them and they with Him:things— 117 I told them only what that is the supreme triumph. 120You commanded me to, The kingdom of the heavens“Worship God, my Lord and and the earth and everything inyour Lord.” I was a witness to them belongs to God: He haswhat they did as long as I power over all things. 6 . T H E C AT T L E In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful1 Praise be to God, who has decreed a term [for you]—a termcreated the heavens and the earth known [only] to Him. Yet youand brought into being darkness are still in doubt— 3 He is Godand light. Yet those who deny both in the heavens and on earth.the truth set up equals to their He has knowledge of all that youLord! 2 It is He who has created hide and all that you reveal. Heyou out of clay, and then has knows what you do; 4 yet every
    • 6:16 The Cattle 93time a sign comes to them from man as well, and would havetheir Lord, they turn away from thus added to their confusion.it. 5 They have rejected truth 10 Messengers have been mockedwhenever it came to them, yet before you, but those who scoffed[more] news will reach them were overtaken by the very thingconcerning what they have been they scoffed at. 11 Say, ‘Travelmaking a mockery of. 6 Have about the land and see what wasthey not seen how many the end of the deniers.’generations We destroyed before 12 Say, ‘To whom belongs allthem? We established them on that is in the heavens and earth?’the earth more firmly than you, Say, ‘To God. He has taken itand We sent the clouds over upon Himself to be merciful.them, pouring down abundant That He will gather you on therain; and made the rivers flow at Day of Resurrection is beyondtheir feet. Yet We destroyed them all doubt. Those who havefor their sins, and raised up other forfeited their souls will nevergenerations after them. have faith.’ 13 To Him belongs 7 But even if We had sent all that dwells in the night anddown to you a Book written on the day. He is the All Hearingparchment, and they had touched and the All Knowing. 14 Say,it with their own hands—those ‘Shall I take as my protectorwho deny the truth would still someone other than God, Creatorhave said, ‘This is mere magic.’ of the heavens and the earth,8 They ask, ‘Why has an angel who feeds all and is fed bynot been sent down to him?’ If none?’ Say, ‘I have beenWe did send down an angel, the commanded to be the first ofmatter would be settled and they those who submit. Do not be onewould not have been granted any of the polytheists.’ 15 Say, ‘I willrespite. 9 Indeed, if We had sent never disobey my Lord, for I fearan angel as messenger, We would the punishment of a dreadfulhave made him in the form of a Day.’ 16 Anyone from whom
    • 94 The Quran 6:17punishment is averted on that invents a lie against God andDay has been shown great denies His signs? Assuredly, themercy by God. That is a supreme wrongdoers will not succeed.achievement. 22 On the Day when We gather 17 If God should let any harm them all together, We will say totouch you, no one could remove those who associated [others withit except He; while if He should Us], ‘Where are those partnerslet some good touch you, know that you claimed?’ 23 Then theythat He has the power to do all will have no excuse but to say,that He wills. 18 He reigns ‘By God our Lord, we haveSupreme over His servants; and never been polytheists.’ 24 SeeHe is the All Wise, the All Aware. how they lie to themselves, and19 Ask them, ‘What carries the how those [the deities] theymost weight as a witness?’ Tell invented have deserted them.them it is God. He is a witness 25 Among them are some whobetween you and me. Say, ‘This listen to you, but We have placedQuran has been revealed to me veils over their hearts andso that through it I may warn you deafness in their ears whichand whoever it reaches. Do you prevent them from understandingreally bear witness that there are what you say. Even if they sawother deities beside God?’ Say, all the signs, they would still not‘I do not bear witness to this.’ believe in them. When thoseSay, ‘He is only one God, and I who deny the truth come todisown whatever you associate dispute with you, they will say,with Him.’ ‘This is nothing but ancient 20 Those to whom We have fables,’ 26 and they bar othersgiven the Scriptures know this from believing and themselvesas they know their own sons. But keep away. But they ruin no onethose who have ruined their souls but themselves, though they failwill not believe. 21 Who does to realize this. 27 If you couldgreater wrong than he who only see when they are set before
    • 6:37 The Cattle 95the Fire. They will say, ‘If only the Home of the Hereafter is bestwe could be sent back. Then we for those who fear God. Will youwould not deny the signs of our not understand?Lord and we would be of the 33 We know that what they saybelievers.’ 28 The truth they used grieves you. It is not you that theto hide will become all too clear wrongdoers are rejecting, ratherto them. But if they were sent it is the signs of God that theyback, they would return to what reject. 34 Other messengers havethey had been forbidden. For been denied before you, andthey are indeed liars. they bore their rejection and 29 They say, ‘There is nothing persecution steadfastly, until Ourbeyond our life in this world: we help came to them. There is noshall not be raised up again from one who can change the wordsthe dead.’ 30 If you could only of God. You have alreadysee when they are made to stand received some account of thosebefore their Lord! He will ask messengers. 35 If you find theirthem, ‘Is this [second life] not rejection hard to bear, then seekthe truth?’ They will say, ‘Yes, a tunnel into the ground or aby our Lord!’ He will say, ‘Then, ladder into the sky, if you can,taste the punishment that comes and bring them a sign. Had Godfrom your having refused to so willed, He would indeed haveacknowledge the truth!’ given them all [His] guidance. 31 Those indeed are the losers So do not be among the ignorant.who deny the meeting with God. 36 Only they who listen canWhen the Hour comes on them respond to a call; and as for thesuddenly, they cry, ‘Alas for us, dead, God will raise them up,that we neglected it!’ They shall and then they will all return tobear their burdens on their backs. Him.Evil are the burdens they shall 37 They ask, ‘Why has no signbear. 32 The life of this world is been sent down to him from hisbut a sport and a pastime. Surely Lord?’ Say, ‘God alone has the
    • 96 The Quran 6:38power to send down a sign.’ But humble themselves. 43 When themost of them do not understand: affliction decreed by Us befell38 there is not an animal that them, they did not humblemoves about on the earth, nor a themselves, but rather their heartsbird that flies on its two wings, hardened, for Satan had made allbut are creatures like you. We their doings seem fair to them.have left out nothing in the 44 When they had forgotten OurBook—they shall all be gathered admonition, We granted them allbefore their Lord. 39 Those who that they desired; but just as theyreject Our signs are deaf and were rejoicing in what they weredumb, [groping along] in given, We seized them suddenlydarkness. God lets anyone He and they were plunged intowishes go astray and sets whoever despair. 45 The wrongdoers wereHe will on a straight path. thus annihilated. All praise be to 40 Say, ‘Tell me if the God, the Lord of the Worlds.punishment of God came upon 46 Say, ‘If God should takeyou or the Hour overtook you, away your hearing and your sightwould you call upon any other and seal your hearts, who is thethan God, if you are truthful?’ deity who could restore it to you41 Indeed, it is on Him that you save God?’ See how We explainwould call, and He could remove the signs to them in diversethat [affliction] which made you ways, yet they turn away. 47 Askcall on Him, if He will, and then them, ‘Tell me, if the punishmentyou would forget [the false of God came upon you suddenlydeities] which you associate with or predictably, would any but theHim!’ wrongdoers be destroyed?’ 48 We 42 We sent messengers before send the messengers only to giveyou [Prophet] to many good news and to warn, so thosecommunities and afflicted their who believe and reformpeople with suffering and themselves need have nohardship, so that they might fear, nor will they grieve.
    • 6:59 The Cattle 9749 54 Chastisement will befall those When those who believe inwho reject Our signs because of Our revelations come to you,their disobedience. 50 Say, ‘I do say, ‘Peace be upon you. Yournot say to you that I possess the Lord has taken it upon Himselftreasures of God, nor do I know to be merciful. So that if any onethe unseen, nor do I say to you among you does evil in ignorancethat I am an angel. I follow only and repents thereafter and makesthat which is revealed to me.’ amends, then He is mostSay, ‘Are the blind and the seeing forgiving and ever merciful.’alike? Can you not then think?’ 55 Thus We make plain Our signs, 51 Warn by it those who fear to so that the path of the evil-doersbe gathered before their Lord, might be laid bare.when they have no guardian or 56 Say, ‘I am forbidden tointercessor besides God, so that worship those you call uponthey may become God-fearing. besides God.’ Say, ‘I do not52 Do not send away those who follow your whims and desires.call upon their Lord in the If I did, I would go astray andmorning and in the evening, cease to be rightly guided.’ 57 Say,seeking only His grace. You are ‘I stand by the clear evidencenot by any means accountable from my Lord, yet you deny it.for them, nor are they What you seek to hasten is notaccountable for you. If you turn within my power. Judgement isthem away, you yourself will for God alone. He declares thebecome one of the unjust. 53 In truth. He is the best of judges.’this way We try some of them by 58 Say, ‘If what you seek to hastenmeans of others, so that they were within my power, the mattermay ask, ‘Are these [lowly ones] would be settled between youwhom God has singled out for and me. God best knows theHis favours from among us? evil-doers.’ 59 He holds the keysDoes God not know best who to the unseen; none knows themare the grateful ones?’ but He. He has knowledge of all
    • 98 The Quran 6:60that land and sea contain. No grateful.”?’ 64 Say, ‘It is Godleaf falls without His knowledge, who delivers you from it andnor is there a single grain in the from every other distress, yetdarkness of the earth, or anything, you associate partners with Him.’wet or dry, but is recorded in a 65 Say, ‘He has the power to sendclear Record. punishment on you from above 60 It is He who gathers you in your heads or from beneath yourat night and knows all that you feet, or to divide you in sects anddo by day; then He raises you up make you taste one another’sduring the day so that an violence.’ See how We explainappointed term may be Our revelations in various ways,completed. Then to Him you so that they may understand.shall return and He will declare 66 Your people have rejected theto you all that you used to do. message We have sent through61 He is the Absolute Master over you, though it is the truth. Say ‘IHis servants. He sends forth am not your keeper. 67 Everyguardians [angels] who watch prophecy has its fixed time to beover you until, when death fulfilled: and soon you will comeapproaches one of you, Our to know.’angels take his soul, and they 68 When you see peoplenever fail in their duty. 62 Then engaged in finding fault withthey will all be returned to God, Our revelations, withdraw fromtheir true Lord. The Judgement them until they turn to someis His alone. He is the swiftest other topic. Should Satan causereckoner. you to forget this, take leave of 63 Say, ‘Who is it who delivers the wrongdoers as soon as youyou from the dark depths of land remember. 69 The God-fearingand sea when you call out to Him are not in any way heldhumbly and in secret, saying, “If accountable for the wrongdoers;He rescues us from this, we shall their only duty is to remind them,most certainly be among the so that they may fear God.
    • 6:78 The Cattle 9970 73 Leave alone those for whom It was He who created thereligion is only a sport and heavens and the earth for a truepastime and are deceived by the purpose. On the Day when Helife of this world, but continue to says, ‘Be,’ it shall be: His word isremind them with the Quran, the truth. All sovereignty shall belest a soul be held in pledge His on the Day when the trumpetbecause of what it has wrought, is sounded. The Knower of thehaving no helper or intercessor unseen and the visible, He is thebesides God. Whatever ransom Wise, the Aware One. 74 Rememberthey may offer, it will not be when Abraham said to his father,accepted. Such are those that are Azar, ‘Do you take idols as yourdamned by their own actions: gods? I see that you and yourthey will have boiling water to people have clearly gone astray.’drink and a painful punishment 75 In this way We showedfor their denial of truth. Abraham Our kingdom of the 71 Say, ‘Instead of God, shall heavens and the earth, so that hewe call upon that which can might have certainty of faith.neither benefit us nor harm us? 76 When night descended on him,Are we to turn upon our heels he saw a star. He said, ‘This isafter God has guided us, like one my Lord!’ Then when it set hewho, beguiled by devils in the said, ‘I do not love things thatland, wanders bewildered, his set.’ 77 When he saw the mooncompanions calling him to the rise and spread its light, he said,right path, saying, “Come to ‘This is my Lord.’ But when itus”?’ Say, ‘God’s guidance is set, he said, ‘If my Lord does notthe only guidance. We are guide me, I will be one of thecommanded to surrender misguided people.’ 78 Then,ourselves to the Lord of the when he saw the sun shining, heUniverse, 72 say our prayers said, ‘This is my Lord! This isregularly and to fear God.’ He it the greatest of all!’ Then when itis to whom you will be gathered.’ set, he said, ‘My people, I disown
    • 100 The Quran 6:79all that you worship besides God. guided as We had guided Noah79 I have set my face with single- before. Among his descendantsminded devotion, towards Him were David and Solomon, andwho has created the heavens and Job, Joseph, Moses and Aaron.the earth, and I am not one of the Thus do We reward the righteous.polytheists.’ 80 His people argued 85 Zachariah, John, Jesus, andwith him. He said, ‘Are you Elijah—every one of them wasarguing with me about God, righteous—86 Ishmael, Elisha,while He has guided me? I have Jonah, and Lot—We favouredno fear of any partner you ascribe each one of them above otherto Him, unless my Lord should people, 87 and also some of theirwish otherwise. My Lord forefathers, their offspring, andencompasses all things in His their brothers: We chose themknowledge, so will you not pay and guided them to a straightheed? 81 Why should I fear what path. 88 This is the guidance ofyou associate with Him, while God: He gives that guidance toyou do not fear to associate with whichever of His servants HeGod that for which He has sent pleases. If they had associateddown to you no authority? Tell other deities with Him, surely allme, if you know the truth, which they did would have been of noside has more right to feel secure. avail. 89 Those are the ones to82 It is those who have faith, and whom We gave the Scripture,do not mix their faith with wisdom, and prophethood. Ifwrongdoing, who will be secure, these people [the Makkans] rejectand it is they who are rightly it, We shall entrust it to a peopleguided.’ 83 This is the reasoning who will never refuse toWe gave to Abraham against his acknowledge it. 90 Those [thepeople—We raise in rank anyone previous prophets] were theWe please—your Lord is wise people whom God guided.and aware. 84 We gave him Isaac Follow their guidance then andand Jacob, each of whom We say, ‘I ask no reward for this
    • 6:96 The Cattle 101from you: it is only a reminder God has sent down’? If youfor all mankind.’ 91 They do not could only see the wrongdoers inmake a just estimate of God, the throes of death when thewhen they say, ‘God has not angels are stretching out theirrevealed anything to any human hands, saying, ‘Give up yourbeing.’ Say, ‘Who revealed the souls. Today you will be repaidBook which Moses brought, a with a humiliating punishmentlight and guidance for the people, for saying false things aboutwhich you made into separate God and being arrogant aboutsheets, showing some but hiding His signs.’many? You have been taught 94 And now you have returnedthings that neither you nor your to Us, alone as We created you atforefathers had known before.’ first, leaving behind all that WeSay, ‘God has sent it;’ then leave gave you. Nor do We see withthem toying away with their you your intercessors, those youspeculation. claimed were your partners with 92 This is a blessed Book which God. The link between you is cutWe have revealed, confirming and that which you presumedwhat came before it, so that you has failed you. 95 It is God whomay warn the Mother of Cities splits the seed and the fruit-[Makkah] and the people around stone. He brings forth the livingit. Those who believe in the from the dead, and the dead fromHereafter do believe in it, and the living. That is God. Howthey are ever-mindful of their then can you, deluded, turn awayprayers. 93 Who could do greater from the truth?wrong than someone who invents 96 He causes the break of day,a lie against God or who says, ‘It and has made the night for resthas been revealed to me,’ while and He made the sun and thenothing has been revealed to moon to a precise measure. Thathim, or someone who says, ‘I is the measure determined by thewill send down the like of what All Mighty and the All Knowing.
    • 102 The Quran 6:9797 It is He who has set up for you Him. Hallowed be He and exaltedthe stars so that you might be far above what they ascribe toguided by them in the midst of Him, 101 the Originator of thethe darkness of land and sea. We heavens and the earth. How couldhave made the signs clear for He have a son when He has nopeople who want to understand.a consort? He created everything98 It is He who first produced and is aware of everything!you from a single soul, then gave 102 This is God, your Lord, thereyou a place to stay [in life] and is no God but Him, the Creatora resting place [after death]. We of all things, so worship Him;have made Our revelations clear He is the guardian of all things.to those who are men of 103 No vision can grasp Him, butunderstanding. He takes in over all vision; He is 99 It is He who sends down the Subtle and Aware One.water from the sky. With it We 104 Clear insights have come toproduce vegetation of all kinds; you from your Lord. Whoever,out of green foliage, We produce therefore, chooses to see, doesclustered grain; and from the so for his own good; and whoeverdate-palm, out of its sheath, We chooses to remain blind, does soproduce bunches of dates to his own loss. Say, ‘I am nothanging low. We produce here as your keeper.’ 105 This isvineyards and olive groves and how We explain Our revelationspomegranates, alike yet different. in various ways—so that theyLook at their fruit as He causes might come to the point of saying,it to grow and ripen. In this are ‘You have read this out to us,’signs for people who believe.100 a The gigantic system of the universe They have set up jinns asassociates with God, even though runs with such exactitude that no discrepancy has crept into it even afterHe created them! They have even millions of years. This proves thedared, in their ignorance, to immanence of a Being whose powersattribute sons and daughters to are of unlimited greatness.
    • 6:115 The Cattle 103and that We might make it clear them wander blindly in their[that this is the truth] to those insolence. 111 Even if We sentwho are eager to know. down angels to them, and caused 106 Follow what has been the dead to speak to them, andrevealed to you from your Lord: We gathered together everythingthere is no deity but Him; and in front of them, they would stillignore the polytheists. 107 If God not believe, unless God had sohad willed, they would not have willed. But most of them behaveassociated anything with Him. ignorantly. 112 In like manner WeWe did not appoint you over have assigned for every prophetthem as their keeper, nor are you an opponent, Satans from amongtheir guardian. 108 But do not men and jinn, who make evilrevile those [beings] whom they suggestions to each other byinvoke instead of God, lest they, means of specious words in orderin their hostility, revile God and to deceive—had it been yourout of ignorance. Thus to every Lord’s will, they would not havepeople We have caused their done so; so leave them alone toactions to seem fair. To their Lord their fabrication, 113 in order thatthey shall all return, and He will the hearts of those who do notdeclare to them all that they have believe in the life to come mightdone. 109 They swear a solemn incline towards those suggestionsoath by God that if there should and, being pleased, persist income to them a sign, they will their sinful ways. 114 Should Ibelieve in it. Say, ‘Signs are granted seek a judge other than God,only by God.’ How can you tell when it is He who has revealedthat if a sign be given to them, they the Book, clearly explained.will indeed believe in it? Those to whom We gave the 110 We will turn away their Book earlier know that it is thehearts and eyes from the Truth, truth revealed by your Lord.since they refused to believe in it Therefore, have no doubts.in the first instance. We will let 115 The Word of your Lord is
    • 104 The Quran 6:116perfected in truth and justice. is disobedience. The devilsNone can change His words. He inspire their followers to argueis the All Hearing, the All with you. If you obey them, youKnowing. 116 If you obey the will become of those whomajority of those on earth, they associate partners with God.will lead you astray from God’s 122 Can he who was dead, toway. They follow nothing but whom We gave life, and a lightconjecture. They are only whereby he could walk amongguessing. 117 Your Lord knows people be like him who is inbest who has strayed from His utter darkness from which heWay and He knows best those can never emerge? Thus thewho are guided. 118 Eat then, deeds of those who deny theonly that over which God’s name truth have been made fair-has been pronounced, if you seeming to them.truly believe in His revelations. 123 Thus We have placed 119 Why should you not eat leaders of the wicked in everywhat has been consecrated in town to plot therein. Yet it isGod’s name, when He has only against themselves that theyalready explained to you what scheme, though they may notHe has forbidden you, unless perceive it. 124 When a signyou are compelled by necessity? comes to them, they say, ‘WeSurely, many mislead others by will not believe in it until we aretheir desires through lack of given what God’s messengersknowledge. But your Lord best have been given. But God knowsknows the transgressors. best whom to appoint as His120 Eschew all sin, open or secret: Messenger. Humiliation beforeThose who commit sin will God and severe torment willreceive due punishment for their befall the evil-doers for theirsins, 121 and do not eat anything scheming. 125 When God desiresover which God’s name has not to guide someone, He opens hisbeen pronounced, for that surely breast to Islam; and whoever He
    • 6:135 The Cattle 105wills to let go astray, He causes of jinn and mankind! Didhis breast to be constricted as if messengers not come fromhe had to climb up to the skies. among you to recite MyThat is how God heaps ignominy revelations to you, and warn youupon those who refuse to believe. of the meeting of this Day?’ 126 This is the straight path They will say, ‘We bear witnessleading to your Lord. We have against ourselves.’ It was the lifemade the signs clear for thinking of this world that deceived themmen. 127 They shall dwell in the and so they will bear witnessHome of Peace with their Lord; against themselves, that theyHe will be their Protector as a rejected the truth. 131 Your Lordrecompense for what they have would not destroy a communitybeen doing. 128 On the day when for its wrongdoing, so long as itsHe gathers them all together, He people were still unaware. 132 Forwill say, ‘Company of jinn, you all are degrees of rank accordingtook away many followers among to their deeds; your Lord is notmankind.’ And their adherents unaware of anything they do.among mankind will say, ‘Our 133 Your Lord is the self-Lord, we benefited from one sufficient One, the merciful. Ifanother, but now we have reached He wills, He can take you awaythe end of the term which You and replace you by anyone Hedetermined for us.’ He will say, pleases, just as He raised you‘The Fire shall be your home, from the offspring of otherand there you shall remain people. 134 That which you areforever, except as God wills. promised shall surely come toSurely your Lord is wise and all pass and you cannot prevent it.knowing. 135 Say, ‘O my people! Go on 129 And in like manner We acting in your way; indeed I amshall keep the wrongdoers close going to act in my way; soon youto others as a punishment for will know whose end will betheir misdeeds. 130 Company best in the Hereafter.’ Surely, the
    • 106 The Quran 6:136wrongdoers shall not prosper. wombs of such and such cattle is136 They set aside for God a exclusively for our males and isshare in what He has produced, forbidden to our females. But ifsuch as crops and livestock, and it is stillborn, they may have athey say, ‘This is for God’—so share of it.’ God will soon punishthey claim!—and ‘this is for our them for their [false] attribution.associate-gods? Their associate- He is wise, and all-knowing.gods’ share does not reach God, 140 Losers indeed are they whowhereas God’s share reaches kill their children foolishly andtheir associate-gods. How ill without knowledge andthey judge! declare as forbidden what God 137 And in like manner, their has provided for them asassociate gods have made killing sustenance—a fabricationtheir children seem fair to many against God: they have gonepagans, so that they may ruin astray and have not chosen to bethem and cause confusion in rightly guided. 141 It is He whotheir religion. Had God pleased, has produced gardens, boththey would not have done so; so trellised and untrellised, and dateleave them to their false palms and field crops, all varyinginventions. 138 They also say, in taste, and the olive and the‘These animals and these crops pomegranate, both similar andare forbidden. None may eat dissimilar. Eat their fruits whenthem except those we permit.’ they bear fruit and give awaySo they claim! There are some what is due of them on the day ofanimals they exempt from labour their harvest. Do not wasteand some over which they do not anything. He does not love thepronounce God’s name, thus wasteful!committing a sin against Him. 142 Of the cattle there are someHe will requite them for the for carrying burdens and somefalsehoods they invent. for food. Eat what God has 139 They say, ‘What is in the provided for you and do not
    • 6:148 The Cattle 107follow in Satan’s footsteps, for someone other than God hashe is a declared enemy of yours. been invoked.’ But if anyone is143 God has created four kinds of forced by necessity, being neitherlivestock of either sex: two of disobedient nor exceeding thesheep and two of goats. Ask limit, then surely your Lord isthem, ‘Is it the two males He has most forgiving and merciful.forbidden or the two females or 146 We forbade the Jews allwhat the wombs of the two animals with claws and the fat offemales contain? Tell me on the sheep [and goats] and oxen,basis of knowledge, if you are except what is on their backs andtruthful.’ in their intestines and what 144 Again, of the camels there adheres to their bones. That isare two, and of the oxen two. the penalty We imposed on themAsk them, ‘Is it the two males for their disobedience. And WeHe has forbidden, or the two assuredly are true to Our word.females or what the wombs of 147 So, if they accuse you ofthe two females contain? Were lying, say, ‘The mercy of youryou present when God enjoined Lord is all-encompassing. Histhis on you?’ Who is more unjust punishment cannot be avertedthan one who, without from sinful men.’ 148 Those whoknowledge, fabricates a lie associate partners with God willagainst God, so that he may lead surely say, ‘Had God pleased,people astray without neither we nor our fathers wouldknowledge? Surely, God does have served other gods besidesnot guide the wrongdoers. 145 Say Him; nor would we have made[O Prophet], ‘In all that has been anything unlawful.’ Likewiserevealed to me, I do not find a those who lived before themban on anything to eat, except argued falsely until they came tofor carrion, flowing blood and taste Our punishment! Say, ‘Havepork, all these being unclean or you any knowledge? If so,profane, on which the name of produce it before us. You follow
    • 108 The Quran 6:149nothing but conjecture. You are orphan’s property, except withmerely guessing.’ the best intentions, before he 149 Say, ‘God alone has the comes of age. Give full measureconclusive proof. If He had and weight, according towilled, He could have guided justice—We never charge a soulevery one of you.’ 150 Say, ‘Come, with more than it can bear—bring your witnesses, who can when you speak, observe justice,testify that God forbade [all] even though it concerns a closethis.’ If they bear witness relative; and fulfil the covenants[falsely], do not bear witness of God. That is what He haswith them; nor yield to the wishes enjoined upon you so that youof those who deny Our signs, nor may take heed.of those who do not believe in 153 [He has enjoined], ‘This isthe life to come and set up others My straight path; so follow it,as equals with their Lord. 151 Say, and do not follow other ways:‘Come! I will tell you what your that will lead you away from HisLord has really forbidden you! path.’ That is what He enjoinsDo not associate anything with upon you, so that you may guardHim; be good to your parents; yourselves. 154 Then We gaveand do not kill your children for Moses the Book, completingfear of poverty—We shall [Our favour] to the righteous,provide sustenance for you as explaining everything clearly, aswell as for them—refrain from guidance and mercy, so that theycommitting indecent deeds, might believe in meeting their Lord.whether openly or in secret; and 155 This is a Book which Wedo not kill the life which God have revealed as a blessing—has made sacred, save by right. follow it and fear your Lord, soThat is what He has enjoined that you may receive mercy—upon you, so that you may 156 and not say, ‘The Book wasunderstand. only sent down to the two groups 152 Stay well away from an before us and we were indeed
    • 6:165 The Cattle 109unaware of their teachings,’ 157 or repaid with its equivalent andyou may say, ‘If the Book had they shall not be wronged. 161 Say,been sent down to us, we would ‘My Lord has guided me to asurely have followed its guidance straight path, and to an uprightbetter than they did.’ There has religion, the religion of Abrahamnow come to you clear evidence the upright, who was not of thosefrom your Lord, and guidance who associate partners with God.’and mercy. Who, then, is more 162 Say, ‘My prayer and myunjust than one who rejects the sacrifice and my life and mysigns of God and turns away from death are all for God, the Lord ofthem? We shall requite those who the worlds; 163 He has no partner.turn away from Our signs with a So am I commanded, and I am thepainful punishment, for their first of those who submit.’ 164 Say,turning away. 158 Are they waiting ‘Shall I seek a lord other thanfor the angels or your Lord to God, while He is the Lord of allcome down to them, or for some things?’ Everyone must bear theof your Lord’s signs to come? consequence of what he does,The day when some of the signs and no bearer of a burden canof your Lord shall come, it shall bear the burden of another. Thennot profit any human being who to your Lord you will return, anddid not believe before, or who did He will inform you of what younot do any good by his faith. Say used to dispute about. 165 It isto them, ‘Wait then, we too are He who has made youwaiting.’ 159 Have nothing to do successors [of others] on thewith those who have split up their earth and has exalted some ofreligion into sects. Their case you over the others in degreesrests with God; He will tell them of rank, so that He may testabout what they used to do. you by that which He has given 160 Whoever does a good deed you. Your Lord is swift inwill be repaid tenfold, but those punishment; yet surely He iswho do a bad deed will only be forgiving, and merciful.
    • (110) 7. THE HEIGHTS In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful1 Alif Lam Mim Sad heavy shall be successful, 9 and those whose good deeds are light2 This Book has been sent [in the balance] will be the onesdown to you—let there be no who have lost themselvesheaviness in your heart about because they wrongfully rejectedit—so that you may warn by Our signs.means of it and it is a reminder 10 We established you in theto the believers. 3 Follow what land and provided you with ahas been sent down to you by means of livelihood there: yetyour Lord and do not follow any you are seldom thankful. 11 Weprotector other than Him. How created you, then We shaped youseldom you take heed. 4 How and then We said to the angels,many towns We have destroyed. ‘Prostrate yourselves beforeOur scourge fell upon them by Adam,’ and they all prostratednight or at midday when they themselves, except Satan. Hewere resting: 5 and when Our was not among those whoscourge fell upon them, their prostrated themselves. 12 Godonly cry was, ‘We were indeed asked, ‘What prevented you fromwrongdoers!’ 6 Then shall We prostrating yourself when Iquestion those to whom Our commanded you to?’ He replied,message was sent and those ‘I am better than he is; Youthrough whom We sent it 7 with created me from fire, while Youfull knowledge, We shall tell created him from clay.’ 13 Godthem what they did, for We have said, ‘Get down from here! Thisnever been away from them. is no place for your arrogance.8 Truth alone will be of weight Get out! You are contemptible!’that Day. Those whose scales are 14 Satan said, ‘Give me respite
    • 7:27 The Heights 111until the Day of Resurrection,’ 22 Thus he cunningly seduced15 and God replied, ‘You are them. When they tasted the tree’sgranted respite.’ 16 Then Satan fruit, their nakedness becamesaid, ‘Because You have put me exposed to them and they startedin the wrong, I will lie in ambush covering themselves with thefor them on Your straight path: leaves of the garden. Their Lord17 then I will surely come upon called out to them, ‘Did I notthem from before them and from forbid you to approach that tree,behind them and from their right and did I not say to you thatand from their left, and then You Satan was surely your openwill find most of them enemy?’ 23 They replied, ‘Ourungrateful.’ 18 He said, ‘Get out Lord, we have wronged ourof here, despised, and rejected! I souls: if You do not forgive usshall fill Hell with all of those and have mercy on us, we shallwho follow you.’ be among the lost.’ 24 He said, 19 To Adam He said, ‘You and ‘Go down from here as enemiesyour wife, dwell in the Garden to each other. For a while, thereand eat and drink there from is an abode for you and awherever you wish, but do not provision on earth. 25 There youapproach this tree, lest you will live; there you will die; frombecome wrongdoers.’ 20 But there you will be raised up again.’Satan tempted them so that he 26 O children of Adam! Wemight reveal to them their have sent down to you clothes tonakedness which had been cover your nakedness, and to behidden from them. He said, ‘Your pleasing to the eye; but theLord has forbidden you to raiment of righteousness is theapproach this tree lest you should best. That is one of the signs ofbecome angels or become of the God. So that people may takeimmortals,’ 21 and he swore heed. 27 Children of Adam, doto them, ‘Surely, I am your not let Satan seduce you, just aswell-wisher.’ he turned your parents out of the
    • 112 The Quran 7:28Garden: he deprived them of but do not be wasteful: God doestheir garment in order to make not like wasteful people. 32 Say,them aware of their nakedness. ‘Who has forbidden theHe and his forces watch you adornment of God, which Hefrom where you do not see them! has brought forth for His servantsWe have made the devils friends and good things, clean and pure,of those who do not believe. which God has provided for His 28 And when they commit an servants?’ Say, ‘They are [lawful]indecency, they say, ‘This is what for the believers in the presentour fathers used to do and God life but they shall be exclusivelyhas enjoined it on us.’ Say, ‘God for them on the Day ofdoes not enjoin what is indecent. Resurrection.’ Thus We explainWould you attribute to God Our signs for a people whosomething of which you have no understand. 33 Say,‘My Lord hasknowledge?’ 29 Say, ‘My Lord forbidden indecency, both openhas commanded you to act justly. and hidden, sin and wrongfulTurn your faces up toward Him oppression and that, without Hisat every time and place of sanction, you associate thingsworship, and call upon Him, with Him, and that you say thingsmaking yourselves sincere about Him without knowledge.towards Him in religion. As He 34 For all people a term hasbrought you into being, so shall been set: and when [the end of]you return.’ 30 Some He has their term approaches, they canguided and some have earned neither delay it by a singlemisguidance: they have taken moment, nor can they advancedevils rather than God as their it. 35 Children of Adam! Ifpatrons, thinking that they are messengers come to you fromrightly guided. among yourselves, reciting My 31 O Children of Adam, dress revelations to you, then thoseyourself properly whenever you that take warning and mend theirare at worship: and eat and drink ways, on such shall come no fear
    • 7:43 The Heights 113nor shall they grieve. 36 But those know it’—39 then the precedingwho deny and scorn Our one will say to the succeedingrevelations shall be the inmates one: you are no better than us: soof Hell, where they shall remain taste the punishment you haveforever. 37 Who does a greater earned.’wrong than he who invents lies 40 The gates of Heaven shallagainst God or rejects His not be opened for those whorevelations? Such people will rejected Our signs and arrogantlyhave what has been decreed for spurned them; nor shall theythem. And when Our messengers enter Paradise until a camel shallcome to them to take away their pass through the eye of a needle.souls, they shall ask them, That is how We repay the evil-‘Where are those you used to doers—41 Hell shall be their bed,call upon besides God?’ They and over them will be coveringswill answer, ‘They have deserted of fire—thus shall We rewardus;’ and they will bear witness the wrongdoers. 42 But those whoagainst themselves that they were believed and did good deeds—disbelievers? and We do not burden any soul 38 God will say, ‘Enter the Fire with more than it can bear—and join the bands of jinn and such are the heirs of the Gardenmen that have gone before you.’ and there they will remainEvery time a host enters [the forever. 43 And We shall removefire], it will curse its fellow- whatever rancour may be in theirhost, then, when they are all hearts. At their feet shall flowgathered there, the last of them rivers. And they shall say, ‘Allwill say of the first, ‘Our Lord, it praise belongs to God who haswas they who led us astray: give guided us to this. Had God notthem double punishment in the guided us, we would never haveFire,’—God will say, ‘Every one found the way. The messengersof you will have double of our Lord brought the Truth.’ Apunishment, though you do not voice will call out to them, ‘This
    • 114 The Quran 7:44is the Garden which you have marks, ‘What use have your greatinherited by your labours.’ numbers and your false pride 44 The people of the Garden been? 49 See! are these not thewill call out to the people of the people you swore would neverFire, ‘We have found that what earn God’s mercy? “Enter theour Lord promised us is true. Garden! No fear shall come uponHave you, too, found that what you nor shall you grieve.”’your Lord promised you is true?’ 50 The people of the Fire shallThey will say, ‘Yes, we have!’ call out to the people of heaven,Then a crier shall call out among ‘Pour out some water on us, orthem saying, ‘The curse of God give us something out of thatis upon the wrongdoers— 45 who which God has bestowed uponturned people away from the you.’ But the blessed will reply,path of God and sought to make ‘God has forbidden all that toit appear crooked, and who those who denied the truth.denied the Hereafter.’ 51 Who treated religion as a 46 A barrier will divide the two pastime and an idle sport andgroups, and on the heights there whom the life of the world hadwill be men who recognize each beguiled.’ On that Day We shallgroup by their marks. They will forget them, as they forgot theircall out to the people of the meeting of that Day with Us, forGarden, ‘Peace be with you.’ they denied Our revelations.They will not have yet entered, 52 And surely We have broughtbut they will be hoping [to do them a Book which We haveso], 47 and when they turn their expounded with knowledge, aeyes towards the inmates of the guide and a mercy for those whoFire, they will say, ‘Our Lord, do believe. 53 Do they wait for thenot include us among the fulfillment of that of which itwrongdoers!’ 48 And the people warns? On the Day when thatof the heights will call out to fulfillment comes, those whomen they recognize by their had neglected it before will say,
    • 7:63 The Heights 115‘The messengers of our Lord did mercy, and when they haveindeed bring the truth. Have we gathered up the heavy clouds,then any intercessors who would We drive them on to a dead landintercede for us? Or, could we be where We cause rain to fall,sent back so that we might act bringing out all kinds of fruit,differently from the way we used just as We will raise the dead toto?’ They have indeed ruined life. Perhaps you will take heed.their souls and what they 58 Vegetation comes out of goodinvented has forsaken them. land in abundance by the will of 54 Your Lord is God, who its Lord, but out of bad land onlycreated the heavens and the earth scantily. Thus We explain Ourin six Days [periods] and then signs in diverse ways for thosesettled Himself firmly on the who give thanks.throne. He throws the veil of 59 We sent Noah to his people.night over the day, each seeking He said, ‘O my people, worshipthe other in rapid succession. It God; you have no other god butwas He who created the sun, the He. I fear for you the punishmentmoon and the stars, and made of a dreadful Day,’ 60 but thethem subservient to His will. His leading men of his people said,is the creation, His the command. ‘Truly, we see that you areBlessed be God, Lord of the obviously lost in error!’ 61 Saiduniverse! 55 Call on your Lord [Noah], ‘O my people! I am notwith humility and in secret—He in error. Indeed, I am a messengerdoes not love the transgressors: from the Lord of the Worlds, 62 I56 do not spread corruption on am conveying my Lord’sthe earth after it has been set in messages to you and giving youorder—pray to Him with fear sincere advice. I know thingsand hope, God’s mercy is close from God that you do not. 63 Doto those who do good. you find it so strange that a 57 It is God who sends forth message should come from yourthe winds as harbingers of His Lord through a man from among
    • 116 The Quran 7:64yourselves, so that he may warn the favours of God, so that youyou and so that you may fear may prosper.’God and be shown mercy?’ 64 But 70 They said, ‘Have you comethey denied him, so We saved to tell us to serve God alone andhim and those with him in the to forsake the gods ourArk, and We drowned those who forefathers served? Bring us thenrejected Our signs. They were what you threaten us with, if youindeed a blind people. are truthful.’ 71 He said, ‘Your 65 To the people of ‘Ad We Lord’s wrath and indignationsent their brother, Hud. He said, have already fallen upon you.‘O my people, worship God, you Would you dispute with me abouthave no other god but He. Then mere names, which you and yourwill you not be God-fearing?’ fathers have invented, and for66 The leading men of his people which God has revealed nowho refused to acknowledge the authority? Wait then if you will:truth, said, ‘We can see you are I am waiting alongside you.’a foolish man, and we think you 72 Then We saved him and thoseare lying.’ 67 He said, ‘My people, who were with him, by OurI am by no means a fool, but mercy; We annihilated those whorather am a messenger from the denied Our signs and would notLord of the Universe, 68 I am believe.conveying my Lord’s messages 73 To the Thamud We sent theirto you and I am your sincere and brother Salih. He said, ‘O myhonest adviser. 69 Do you find it people, worship God; you havestrange that a Message should no other god but Him. A veritablecome from your Lord, through proof has come to you from yourone of your own men, to Lord: this is God’s she-camel, awarn you? Remember how He sign for you, so let her feed inmade you successors of Noah’s God’s land and do not harm herpeople, and increased you in any way, or you will begreatly in stature. Remember overwhelmed by a painful
    • 7:86 The Heights 117punishment. 74 Remember when 80 We sent Lot, who said to hisHe made you successors to the people, ‘How can you commit‘Ad and settled you in the land. an abomination such as no oneYou built palaces on its plains in the world has ever done beforeand carved houses out of the you? 81 You lust after men rathermountains. Remember God’s than women! You transgress allblessings and do not spread bounds!’ 82 The only answercorruption in the land,’ 75 but the given by his people was, ‘Turnarrogant leaders of his people them out of your town. They aresaid to the believers who were people who regard themselves todeemed weak, ‘Do you know for be pure.’ 83 So We saved him andcertain that Salih is one sent his family—except for his wife.from his Lord?’ They replied, She was one of those who stayed‘We believe in the message which behind. 84 We rained down onhas been sent through him.’ them a shower [of brimstone].76 The arrogant leaders said, ‘We Then see what was the end of thereject what you believe in.’ 77 So evil-doers.they hamstrung the she-camel, 85 To Midian We sent theirand insolently defied the brother Shu‘ayb. He said, ‘O mycommandment of their Lord, people, worship God; you havesaying, ‘O Salih! Bring upon us no other god but Him. Clearwhat you threaten us with if you signs [evidence] has indeed comeare indeed a messenger.’ 78 So to you from your Lord. So givethe earthquake overwhelmed full measure and full weight,them, and morning found them and do not deliver short. Do notprostrate in their dwelling places. corrupt the land after it has been79 He left them, saying, ‘My set in order. This is for your ownpeople, I delivered my Lord’s good, if you are true believers.messages to you and counselled 86 Do not lie in ambush on everyyou sincerely, but you do not like pathway, threatening people,sincere advisors.’ barring those who believe from
    • 118 The Quran 7:87the Way of God, seeking to make you will certainly be the losers.’it appear crooked. Remember 91 Thereupon an earthquakewhen you were few in number overtook them and morningand He multiplied you. Consider found them lying flattened inthe fate of those who used to their homes; 92 those who hadspread corruption. 87 And if there denied Shu‘ayb became asis a group of you which believes though they had never lived there.in My message and others who Those who denied Shu‘ayb, weredisbelieve it, be patient until themselves the losers. 93 So heGod shall judge between us. He turned away from them, saying,is the best of judges.’ ‘My people, I delivered my 88 The arrogant leaders of his Lord’s messages to you and gavepeople said, ‘Shu‘ayb, we will you sincere advice, so whyexpel you and your fellow should I grieve for people whobelievers from our town unless refused to believe?’you return to our faith.’ He said, 94 Whenever We sent a prophet‘Even though we detest it? 89 We to a town, We afflicted its peoplewould be inventing lies against with suffering and adversity, soGod if we returned to your faith that they might humbleafter God has delivered us from themselves [before God], 95 andit. It is not for us to return to it then We changed their hardshipunless God our Lord so willed. into ease until they grew affluentOur Lord encompasses all things and said, ‘Our fathers had alsoin His knowledge. We have put experienced adversity andour trust in God. Our Lord, prosperity,’ then We seized themexpose the truth [and judge] suddenly, unawares. 96 Had thebetween us and our people, You people of those towns believedare the best judge.’ 90 The in and feared God, We wouldleading men of his people who have showered upon themwere bent on denying the truth, blessings from heaven and earth,said, ‘If you follow Shu‘ayb, but they rejected the truth. So
    • 7:112 The Heights 119We seized them on account of 103 After them We sent Mosestheir misdeeds. 97 Do the people with Our signs to Pharaoh andof these towns now feel secure his chiefs. But they willfullyagainst the coming of Our rejected them. Consider the endpunishment upon them by night of the evil-doers. 104 Moses said,while they are asleep? 98 Or, do ‘Pharaoh, I am a messenger fromthey feel secure against the the Lord of the Universe,coming of Our punishment upon 105 duty-bound to say nothingthem in the forenoon while they about God but the truth, and Iare at play? 99 Do they feel secure have brought you a clear signagainst God’s devising? No one from your Lord. Let the Childrenfeels secure against God’s devising of Israel go with me.’except for those doomed to ruin. 106 [Pharaoh] said, ‘If you come 100 Does it not guide the people with a sign, then produce it, ifwho inherit the land from former you are telling the truth.’ 107 Thenpeople that We can punish them Moses threw down his staff andfor their sins if We will? And suddenly, unmistakably, itseal up their hearts so that they appeared as a serpent, 108 and hewould not be able to lend an ear drew forth his hand, and itto words of guidance? 101 We appeared [shining] white to thehave told you the stories of those beholders. 109 The chiefs oftowns: their messengers came to Pharaoh’s people said, ‘This isthem with clear signs, but they most surely a skillful magician,were never going to believe in 110 who seeks to drive you fromsomething they had already your land!’ Pharaoh said, ‘Whatrejected. Thus God seals up the then do you advise?’ 111 Theyhearts of those who deny the said, ‘Let him and his brothertruth. 102 We found most of them wait awhile, and send into theuntrue to their covenants, indeed cities summoners, 112 who shouldWe found most of them to bring to you every skillfulbe defiant. magician.’
    • 120 The Quran 7:113 113 And the magicians came to to drive its people out. ButPharaoh and asked, ‘Shall we you shall soon know thehave a reward, if we should consequences, 124 I will cut offprevail?’ 114 Pharaoh replied, your hands and feet on alternate‘Certainly, and you shall also sides and then crucify you all!’become my courtiers.’ 115 They 125 They replied, ‘We shall surelysaid, ‘Moses, will you first throw, return to our Lord. 126 You wouldor shall we?’ 116 He said, ‘You punish us only because wethrow [first]!’ When they made believed in the signs of our Lordtheir cast, they bewitched the when they were shown to us.eyes of the people and struck Our Lord, pour patience uponthem with awe, for they showed us, and cause us to die in a statea great [feat of] magic. 117 Then of submission to You.’We inspired Moses, saying, 127 The chiefs of Pharaoh’s‘Throw down your staff.’ And it people said, ‘Will you allowimmediately swallowed up their Moses and his people to spreadfalse devices. 118 Thus the truth corruption in the land, and toprevailed and what they had forsake you and your gods?’ Heproduced came to nothing: replied, ‘We shall kill their male119 Pharaoh and his men were children and spare only thedefeated and utterly humiliated. females. We have complete120 And the sorcerers prostrated power over them.’ 128 Moses saidthemselves 121 and said, ‘We to his people, ‘Turn to God forbelieve in the Lord of the help and be patient. The earthUniverse, 122 the Lord of Moses belongs to God. He gives it toand Aaron!’ those of His servants whom He 123 Pharaoh said, ‘You dare chooses, and the future belongsbelieve in Him before I have to the God-fearing.’ 129 Theygiven you permission? Behold, replied, ‘We were beingthis is indeed a plot which you persecuted before you came tohave devised in this city in order us, and we are still being
    • 7:139 The Heights 121persecuted.’ He said, ‘Your Lord from us, we will surely believemay well destroy your enemy in you and let the Children ofand make you successors to the Israel go with you,’ 135 butland. Then He will see how you whenever We removed theconduct yourselves.’ plague from them, giving them 130 We afflicted Pharaoh’s time to make good their promise,people with shortages of food they would break their word.and famine so that they might 136 So We exacted retributiontake heed, 131 then when from them and drowned them insomething good came to them, the sea, because they rejectedthey said, ‘It is our due!’—but Our signs and paid no heed towhen something bad came, they them; 137 We made the peopleascribed it as an ill-omen to who were considered weakMoses and those with him. Surely inheritors of the eastern partstheir [evil] fortune had been and western parts of the landdecreed by God, but most of which We had blessed. Thusthem did not know this. 132 They your Lord’s good promise to thesaid, ‘Whatever miracles you Children of Israel was fulfilled,work to bewitch us, we will not because of their patience, andbelieve in you.’ We destroyed all that Pharaoh 133 Then We afflicted them and his people had built and allwith storms, and locusts, and that they had raised high.lice, and frogs, and blood: so 138 We brought the children ofmany clear signs. But they were Israel across the sea and theysteeped in arrogance, for they came upon a people who werewere a people given to sin. devoted to their idols. They said,134 Whenever a plague struck ‘Moses, give us a god just likethem, they would say, ‘Moses, the gods these people have.’ Hepray to your Lord for us by virtue said, ‘You are indeed an ignorantof the promise He has made to people: 139 what they are engagedyou: if you remove this plague in is doomed to destruction and
    • 122 The Quran 7:140all their works are in vain.’ 140 He unconscious. And when hesaid, ‘Shall I seek a deity for you recovered, he said, ‘Glory be toother than God, while it is He You, I turn towards You, and Iwho has exalted you above all am the first to believe.’peoples? 141 We delivered you 144 He replied, ‘Moses, I havefrom Pharaoh’s people, who chosen you of all mankind forafflicted you with dreadful My messages and My Words.torment, slaying your male Hold fast to what I have givenchildren and sparing only your you, and be among the grateful!’daughters. That was surely a 145 And We wrote for him upongreat trial for you by your Lord.’ the Tablets an admonition and 142 We appointed thirty nights details of all things, then [badefor Moses, then added ten more: him], ‘Hold fast to them; andthe term set by his Lord was command your people to followfulfilled in forty nights. Moses them in their best sense. Soon Isaid to his brother Aaron, ‘Take shall show you the home of themy place among my people: act wicked. 146 I will turn away fromrightly and do not follow the My signs all those who areway of those who spread arrogant in the land without anycorruption.’ 143 And when Moses right, so that even if they see allcame at Our appointed time and the signs they will not believe inhis Lord spoke to him, he said, them. If they see the right path,‘My Lord, show Yourself to me they shall not walk upon it: butso that I may look at You.’ He if they see the path of error, theyreplied, ‘You cannot see Me, but shall choose it for their path,look at the mountain; if it remains because they have given the liefirmly in its place, then only will to Our signs and paid no heed toyou see Me.’ And when his Lord them. 147 The actions of thosemanifested Himself on the who denied Our signs and themountain, He broke it into Meeting of the Hereafter willpieces and Moses felt down come to nothing—they shall
    • 7:155 The Heights 123be requited only, according to and admit us to Your mercy. Youtheir deeds.’ are the Most Merciful of the 148 In his absence, the people merciful.’of Moses made a calf from their 152 Those who took toornaments, an image which made worshipping the calf will bea lowing sound. Could they not afflicted by their Lord’s wrath,see that it did not speak to them and be disgraced in the life ofor guide them in any way? Yet this world. This is the way Wethey took to worshipping it: they requite those who inventwere evil-doers. 149 When they falsehoods. 153 As for those whowere afflicted with remorse, and committed evils, and thereafterrealized that they had indeed repented and believed, they shallgone astray, they said, ‘If our find your Lord forgiving andLord does not have mercy on us merciful.and forgive us, we shall be among 154 When his anger hadthe lost.’ 150 When Moses subsided, Moses took up thereturned to his people in anger Tablets upon which was inscribedand great sorrow, he said, ‘What a pledge of guidance and mercyan awful sin you have committed for those who fear their Lord.in my absence. Did you want to 155 And Moses chose from hishasten your Lord’s command?’ people seventy men for OurHe threw down the Tablets and appointment. When they wereseized his brother by the head, seized with violent quaking, hepulling him towards himself. prayed, ‘O my Lord! If it hadAaron said, ‘Son of my mother, been Your will, You could havethe people oppressed me and destroyed both them and mealmost killed me. Do not give long ago. But would You destroymy enemies cause to gloat over us for the deeds of the foolishme. Do not number me among ones among us? This is no morethe wrongdoers.’ 151 He said, ‘My than Your trial: by it You causeLord, forgive me and my brother whom You will to stray, and You
    • 124 The Quran 7:156lead whom You will to the right Messenger to you all, He haspath. You are our Protector. sovereignty over the heavens andForgive us, therefore, and have the earth. There is no god butmercy on us, for You are the best Him. He ordains life and death,of those who forgive. 156 Grant so believe in God and Hisus good things, both in this life Messenger, the unletteredand in the hereafter. To You prophet who believes in Godalone we turn.’ He replied, ‘As and His words. Follow him sofor My punishment, I smite with that you may be rightly guided.’it anyone I will. But My mercy 159 Yet there is a group amongencompasses all things. I shall the people of Moses who guideprescribe it for those who do with truth and act justly intheir duty, pay the zakat and who accordance with it.believe in Our signs. 157 Also 160 We divided them up intofor those who follow the twelve tribes, each a wholeMessenger—the unlettered community, and We revealed Ourprophet they find described in will to Moses, when his peoplethe Torah that is with them, and asked for water, saying, ‘Strikein the Gospel—who commands the rock with your staff.’ Twelvethem to do right and forbids springs gushed from it and eachthem to do wrong, who makes tribe knew its drinking place. Wegood things lawful to them and caused the clouds to draw theirbad things unlawful, who will shadow over them and sent downrelieve them of their burdens for them manna and quails,and of the shackles that weigh saying, ‘Eat the good things Weupon them. Those that believe in have given you.’ They did nothim and honour him, those that wrong Us; rather it wasaid him and follow the light sent themselves they wronged.down with him, shall surely 161 When they were told, ‘Settletriumph.’ down in the town and eat 158 Say, ‘People, I am God’s wherever you wish in it, and
    • 7:169 The Heights 125pray for forgiveness and enter prevent the doing of evil. Andthe gate in humility: We shall We meted out a severeforgive you your sins and shall punishment to the transgressorsbestow further favours upon because they were rebellious.those who do good,’ 162 the 166 And then, when theytransgressors among them disdainfully persisted in doingsubstituted something else for what they had been forbidden tothe word they had been given. do, We said to them, ‘Be as apes,So We sent them a punishment despised!’from heaven for their 167 Then your Lord declaredwrongdoing. that, until the Day of 163 Ask them about the town Resurrection, He would sendwhich was by the sea and what others against them to inflictbefell its people when they broke terrible suffering on them. Yourthe Sabbath. On their Sabbath Lord is swift in retribution; yetthe fish came to them near the surely He is most forgiving andsurface, but on week-days they merciful. 168 We split them upnever came near them—thus We into sections on the earth. Sometried them because of their of them are righteous while somedisobedience. 164 When some of of them are otherwise, and Wethem asked, ‘Why do you tested them with blessings andadmonish a people whom God is misfortunes, so that they mightgoing to destroy or to afflict with return to the right path.a severe punishment?’ They 169 They were succeeded byanswered, ‘In order to be free generations who inherited thefrom blame before your Lord, Scripture and took to the fleetingand that they may perhaps fear gains of this world, saying, ‘WeHim.’ shall certainly be forgiven.’ If 165 Therefore when they forgot there came to them similarwhat they had been reminded of, fleeting gains again, they wouldWe saved those who had tried to take them. Was a pledge not
    • 126 The Quran 7:170taken from them, written in the associated others with GodScripture, that they would not before our time, and we are onlysay anything but the truth about the descendants who came afterGod? And they have studied them. So are You going to destroywhatever is in it. Surely the us for what those inventors ofHome of the Hereafter is better falsehood did?’ 174 We explainfor those who fear Him. Will you Our signs in detail thus, so thatnot understand? 170 As for those perhaps they may return to Us.who hold fast to the Book and 175 Recite to them the tale ofare steadfast in prayer, We shall the man to whom We gave Ournot deny the righteous their signs, but who then cast them toreward. 171 When We suspended one side and Satan overtookthe mountain over them as if it him. And he became one ofwere a canopy, and they thought those who went astray—176 if itit was going to fall down on had been Our will, We couldthem, We said, ‘Hold on firmly have used these signs to exaltto what We have given you and him, but instead he clung to theremember what is in it, so that earth and followed his ownyou may remain conscious of desires—he was like a dog thatGod.’ pants whether you chase it away 172 When your Lord brought or leave it alone. Such are thoseforth offspring from the loins of who reject Our signs. Tell themthe Children of Adam and made this story so that they may reflect.them bear witness about 177 How evil is the case of thosethemselves, He said, ‘Am I not who deny Our signs. They onlyyour Lord?’ They replied, ‘We wrong themselves: 178 anyonebear witness that You are.’ This whom God guides has beenHe did, lest you should say on rightly guided; while those Hethe Day of Resurrection, ‘We lets go astray will surely be thehad no knowledge of that.’ 173 Or losers.lest you say, ‘Our forefathers 179 We created many of the
    • 7:189 The Heights 127jinn and mankind for hell. They them blundering about in theirhave hearts they do not arrogance. 187 They ask youunderstand with; they have eyes [Prophet] about the Hour ofthey do not see with; and they Doom, ‘When will it come?’have ears they do not hear with. Say, ‘Knowledge about it restsSuch people are like cattle—no, only with my Lord; He alonethey are even more misguided. will reveal when its time willSuch are the heedless. 180 God come, it lies heavy on the heavenshas the Most Excellent Names. and the earth: it will suddenlyCall on Him by His Names and overtake you.’ They will putkeep away from those who distort questions to you as though youthem. They shall be requited for had full knowledge of it. Say,what they do. 181 Of those We ‘Knowledge about it rests onlyhave created there are some who with God, though most peoplegive true guidance and act justly. do not realize it.’ 188 Say, ‘I myself182 We shall gradually seize those have no power to benefit or dowho reject Our signs from a harm, save as God pleases. If Iplace they do not recognize. had knowledge of the unseen, I183 For though I give them rein would have availed myself of anfor a while, My strategy is sure. abundance of good, and no harm 184 Have they not reflected that would have touched me. I amtheir companion is not mad? He but a warner and a bearer ofis only a plain warner. 185 Have good tidings for those who willthey not looked into the realms believe.’of the heavens and the earth and 189 It was He who created youall that God created, and seen from a single soul, and from itthat the end of their time might made its mate so that he maybe near? What will they believe find comfort in her. Once he hasin if they do not believe in this? covered her, she conceives and186 No one can guide those whom goes about with a light burden.God lets go astray: He leaves When it grows heavy, they both
    • 128 The Quran 7:190call to God, their Lord, ‘If You for it is He who protects thebestow on us a healthy child, we righteous. 197 Those whom youwill surely be grateful,’ 190 yet call on besides Him have nowhen He grants them a healthy power to help you, nor can theychild, they begin to ascribe to help themselves.’ 198 If you callothers a share in the gift they them to the right path, they willhave received. But God is far not hear you. You find themabove what they associate with looking towards you, but they doHim! 191 Do they associate with not see you.Him those who create nothing 199 Be tolerant; enjoin what isand are themselves created? right; and avoid the ignorant.192 200 They can give them no help, If an evil impulse from Satannor can they help themselves. provokes you, seek refuge with193 It makes no difference God; He is all hearing, and allwhether you call on them or knowing. 201 When any evilremain silent. If you call them to suggestion from Satan touchesthe right path, they will not follow those who fear God, they areyou. 194 Those whom you call on instantly alerted and becomebesides God are but creatures watchful; 202 but the followerslike yourselves. Call upon them, of devils are led relentlessly intothen, and let them respond to error by them. They never desist.you, if what you say is true. 203 When you do not bring 195 Have they feet to walk with? them a sign, they say, ‘Why doHave they hands to hold with? you not invent one?’ Say, ‘IHave they eyes to see with? follow only what is revealed toHave they ears to hear with? Say, me by my Lord. This Book is an‘Call upon those you associate enlightenment from your Lordwith God as partners, then all of and a guide and mercy to trueyou contrive against me and give believers. 204 When the Quranme no respite. 196 My protector is read, listen to it withis God who sent down the Book, attention, and hold your peace,
    • 8:8 The Spoils of War 129so that you may receive heedless—206 [even] the onesmercy. 205 Remember your Lord [angels] who live in the presencedeep in your very soul, in all of your Lord are not too proudhumility and awe, without raising to worship Him: they glorifyyour voice, morning and Him and prostrate themselvesevening—do not be one of the before Him. 8 . T H E S P O I L S O F WA R In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful1 5 They ask you about the spoils As it was your Lord whoof war. Say, ‘They belong to God rightfully brought you forth fromand His Messenger. So fear God, your house, even though someand set things right among of the believers disliked it, 6 andyourselves, and obey God and they disputed with youHis Messenger, if you are true concerning the truth after it hadbelievers: 2 true believers are become manifest, as though theythose whose hearts tremble with were being driven to their deathawe at the mention of God, and with open eyes. 7 God promisedwhose faith grows stronger as you that one of the two partiesthey listen to His revelations. would fall to you, and you wishedThey are those who put their that the one without sting shouldtrust in their Lord, 3 who pray be yours, but God wanted toregularly and give in alms out of establish the truth by His wordswhat We have provided for and cut off the root of those whothem. 4 Such are the true denied the truth—8 so that Hebelievers. They have a high might prove the truth to be truestanding with their Lord, His and the false to be false, howeverforgiveness and an honourable much the wrongdoers mightprovision made for them. dislike it.
    • 130 The Quran 8:9 9 15 When you prayed to your Believers, when you meet inLord for help, He answered, ‘I battle those who deny the truth,am sending to your aid a thousand never turn your backs on them:angels in succession.’ 10 God only 16 whoever turns his back ondid this to give you good news, such an occasion, unless it be asand so that your hearts might be a stratagem of war, or in anset at rest, for help comes from endeavour to join another groupGod alone. Surely, God is Mighty [of the believers] will indeedand Wise. 11 He brought draw down upon himself thedrowsiness upon you to give you wrath of God, and Hell shall beHis reassurance and sent down his abode and the worst indeed iswater from the sky upon you, so that destination.that He might thereby purify you 17 You did not kill them; it wasand remove Satan’s pollution God who killed them; and whenfrom you, and make your hearts you [Prophet] threw [sand] atstrong and your feet firm. them it was not you, but God12 When your Lord commanded who threw it so that He mightthe angels, saying, ‘I am with confer on the believers a greatyou, so make those who believe favour from Himself. Surely, Godstand firm. I will instill fear in is all hearing, all-knowing—the hearts of those who deny the 18 that is what happened—andtruth: so strike their necks and God will surely undermine thestrike all their finger joints!’a design of those who deny the13 That was because they defied truth. 19 If you were seeking aGod and His Messenger. He who judgement, a judgement has nowdefies God and His Messenger come to you. If you desist, it willshall be severely punished by be the better for you. But if youGod. 14 That is your punishment, return [to hostility] We too willtaste it then; and know that forthose who deny the truth there is a See pages xiv to xvii of thethe punishment of the Fire. Introduction.
    • 8:31 The Spoils of War 131return. And your host will avail few in number and wereyou naught, however numerous accounted weak in the land, everit may be, and [know] that surely fearing the onslaught of yourGod is with the believers. enemies, but He provided you 20 Believers, obey God and His with shelter, and supported youMessenger, and do not turn away with His help and provided youfrom him now that you have with good things, so that youheard all. 21 Do not be like those might be grateful. 27 Do notwho say, ‘We hear,’ but pay no betray God and His Messenger,heed to what they hear—22 the and do not knowingly violateworst creatures in God’s eyes are your trusts. 28 Know that yourthose who are deaf and dumb, wealth and children are a trialand who possess no and that there is an immenseunderstanding. 23 If God had reward with God.found any good in them, He 29 Believers, if you fear God,would certainly have made them He will grant you the ability tohear; but being as they are, even discriminate between right andif He makes them hear, they will wrong, and will forgive you yourturn away in aversion. sins: for God is limitless in His 24 Believers, obey God and the great bounty. 30 Remember howMessenger when he calls you to those who bent on denying thethat which gives you life. Know truth plotted against you tothat God stands between man imprison you or kill you or expeland his heart, and you shall all be you: they schemed—but Godgathered in His presence. 25 And also schemed. God is the best ofbeware of an affliction that will schemers.not smite exclusively those 31 Whenever Our revelationsamong you who have done are recited to them, they say, ‘Wewrong. Know that God is severe have heard them. If we wished,in exacting retribution. we could produce the like. They 26 Remember when you were are nothing but the fables of the
    • 132 The Quran 8:32ancients.’ 32 They also said, ‘God, in Hell. 37 So that God mayif this really is the truth from separate the bad from the good,You, then rain down upon us He will heap the wicked onestones from heaven, or send us upon another and then cast themsome other painful punishment.’ into Hell. These will surely be33 But God would not punish the losers.them while you [Prophet] were 38 Tell those who are bent onin their midst, nor would He denying the truth that if theypunish them so long as they desist, their past shall besought forgiveness. 34 Yet why forgiven, but if they persist inshould God not punish them sin, they have an example in thewhen they debar people from the fate of those who went before.Sacred Mosque, although they 39 Fight them until there is noare not its guardians? Its rightful more [religious] persecution,aguardians are those who fear and religion belongs wholly toGod, though most of them do God: if they desist, then surelynot realize it. 35 Their prayers at God is watchful of what they do,the Sacred House are nothing 40 but if they turn away, knowbut whistling and clapping of that God is your Protector; thehands. ‘So taste the punishment Best of Protectors and the Bestbecause of your denial.’ of Helpers! 36 41 Those who are bent on Know that one-fifth of yourdenying the truth are spending battle gains belongs to God andtheir wealth in debarring others the Messenger, to his closefrom the path of God. They will relatives and orphans, to thecontinue to spend it in this way needy and travellers, if youtill, in the end, this spending will believe in God and the revelationbecome a source of intense regret We sent down to Our servant onfor them, and then they will beovercome. And those who denied a See pages xiv to xvii of thethe truth will be gathered together Introduction.
    • 8:49 The Spoils of War 133the Decisive Day, the day when so that God might bring aboutthe two forces met. God has that which had been decreed.power over all things. Everything returns to God. 42 45 You were on the nearer side Believers! When youof the valley, and they were on encounter a party, remain firmthe farther side, and the caravan and remember God much, sowas below you. Had you wished that you may succeed. 46 Obeyto set a time by mutual God and His Messenger, andagreement, you would certainly avoid dissension, lest you falterhave disagreed on the timing. and are no longer held in awe.However, the encounter took Have patience: God is with thoseplace, so that God might settle a who are patient. 47 Do not be likematter which had already been those who left their homes fullordained, so that he who was to of conceit and showing off toperish might perish after clear others. They debar others fromevidence of the truth, and he the path of God: but God haswho was to live might live in knowledge of all their actions.clear evidence of the truth. 48 Satan made their deeds seemSurely, God is all hearing and fair to them and said, ‘None ofall-knowing. 43 God showed the people shall prevail againstthem to you in your dream as you this day; I shall be yoursmall in number. If He had shown protector!’ But when the twothem to you as many, you would forces came in sight of eachhave lost heart and disputed other, he turned on his heels,about the matter; but God saved saying, ‘This is where I leaveyou. He has full knowledge of you: I see what you do not, andwhat is in the human heart. I fear God—God is severe in His44 When at the time of your punishment.’ 49 The hypocritesencounter He made them appear and those whose hearts werefew in your eyes, and made you perverted said, ‘These peopleappear few in their eyes, it was [the believers] must be deluded
    • 134 The Quran 8:50by their religion.’ But he who sight of God are those who rejectplaces his trust in God [knows Him and will not believe; 56 thosethat], God is Almighty and Wise. with whom you have made a 50 If you could see, when the covenant, and who break theirangels take the souls of those covenant on every occasion andwho are bent on denying the have no fear [of God]. 57 Shouldtruth [at death], how they strike you encounter them in war, thentheir faces and backs: saying deal with them in such a manner‘Taste the punishment of the that those that follow them 51Burning! This is the should abandon their designspunishment for what your hands and may take warning. 58 And ifcommitted—for, God never does you learn of treachery on the partthe least wrong to His servants.’ of any people, throw their treaty52 Like Pharaoh’s people and back at them, so as to be on equalthose that have gone before them, terms, for God does not love thethey rejected God’s signs and treacherous.God seized them for their sins. 59 Let not the deniers thinkGod is strong, and severe in that they will ever get away.punishment! 53 God would never They cannot frustrate [God’swithdraw a favour that He had purpose]. They have not theconferred upon a people unless power to do so. 60 Prepare anythey change what is in their strength you can muster againsthearts. God is all hearing and all- them, and any cavalry with whichknowing. 54 Like Pharaoh’s you can overawe God’s enemypeople and those who went and your own enemy as well,before them, they denied their and others besides them whomLord’s signs: We destroyed them you do not know, but who arefor their sins, and We drowned known to God. Anything youPharaoh’s people—they were all spend in the way of God will beevil-doers. repaid to you in full. You will not 55 The worst creatures in the be wronged. 61 Then if they
    • 8:71 The Spoils of War 135should be inclined to make peace, and if there are a thousand ofmake peace with them, and put you, they will overcome twoyour trust in God. Surely, it is He thousand by God’s will. God iswho is All Hearing and All with the steadfast.Knowing. 62 Should they seek to 67 It is not right for a Prophetdeceive you, God is enough for to keep captives unless he hasyou: it was He who strengthened battled strenuously in the land.you with His help, and rallied You desire the gain of this world,the faithful around you, and while God desires for you thebound their hearts together. Hereafter—God is mighty and63 Even if you had spent all that wise. 68 Had it not been for a writis on the earth, you could from God that had already gonenot have bound their hearts forth, you would have beentogether, but God has bound severely punished on account ofthem together. Surely, He is what you took. 69 So eat of thatMighty and Wise. which you have gained in war as 64 O Prophet! God is sufficient lawful and good, and fear God.for you and the believers who Surely, God is most forgivingfollow you. 65 Prophet, urge the and merciful.believers to fight;a if there are 70 Prophet, tell those you havetwenty of you who are steadfast, taken captive: ‘If God knows ofthey will overcome two hundred, any good in your hearts, He willand if there are a hundred of you, give you something better thanthey will overcome a thousand what has been taken from you,of those who deny the truth, for and He will forgive you: God isthey are devoid of understanding. Forgiving and Merciful.’ 71 And66 God has now lightened your if they would betray you, theyburden, for He knows that there betrayed God before, and Heis weakness in you. If there are ahundred of you who are steadfast, a See pages xiv to xvii of thethey will overcome two hundred; Introduction.
    • 136 The Quran 8:72gave [you] power over them. the truth support one another. IfGod is aware and wise. you fail to do likewise, there will 72 Those who have believed be great disorder and corruptionand migrated and struggled for in the land. 74God’s cause with their Those who have believedpossessions and persons, and and migrated and striven for thethose who have given refuge and cause of God, as well as thosehelp, are the friends and who have given them refuge andprotectors of one another. But as support, are the true believers;for those who have come to they shall have forgiveness andbelieve without having migrated an honourable provision. 75 And—you are in no way responsible those who have believed laterfor their protection until they on, and emigrated and struggledmigrate. If they seek your help in for God’s sake alongside you arethe matter of religion, it is also a part of you. But as toincumbent on you to help them, blood relations, they are nearerexcept against a people with one to another in the Book ofwhom you have a pact. God sees God. God has full knowledge ofwhat you do. 73 Those who deny all things. 9 . R E P E N TA N C E1 This is a declaration of is a proclamation from God andimmunity from God and His His Messenger to the people onMessenger to the polytheists, the day of the Pilgrimage, thatwith whom you had made God is free of all obligation toagreements. 2 So go about in the the polytheists, and so is Hisland for four months, but know Messenger. If you repent, it willthat you cannot frustrate the plan be better for you, but if you turnof God and that God will disgrace away, then know that you cannotthose who deny the truth. 3 This frustrate the plan of God.
    • 9:12 Repentance 137Proclaim a grievous punishment except for those with whom youto those who are bent on denying entered into a treaty at the Sacredthe truth. 4 As for those who Mosque? As long as they acthave honoured the treaty you straight with you, act straightmade with them and who have with them. God loves those whonot supported anyone against are righteous. 8 How [can thereyou: fulfill your agreement with be a treaty] for, if they get thethem to the end of their term. upper hand over you, they willGod loves those who are respect neither kinship norrighteous. covenant. They [try to] please 5 When the forbidden months you with their tongues but theirhave passed, kill the polytheists hearts reject you; most of them[who are at war with you] are perfidious. 9 They have soldwherever you find them.a Take God’s revelations for a paltrythem captive, and besiege them, price, and barred others fromand lie in wait for them at every His path. How evil is what theyplace of ambush. But if they have been doing! 10 Whererepent, and take to prayer believers are concerned, theyregularly and pay the alms, then respect no tie of kinship or treaty.let them go their way. God is They are people who overstepforgiving and merciful. 6 If any the limits. 11 If they repent andone of the polytheists seeks keep up their prayers and pay theasylum with you, grant him alms, then they are your brethrenasylum so that he may hear the in faith. We make Our messagesword of God; then convey him to clear for people who are willinga place of safety. That is because to learn.they are a people who have no 12 But if they break faith afterknowledge. pledging it and revile your 7 How can there be a treatywith the polytheists on the part a See pages xiv to xvii of theof God and His Messenger, Introduction.
    • 138 The Quran 9:13religion, then fight these leaders they are self-confessedof unbelief, so that they may unbelievers. It is they whosedesist, for they have no regard works shall come to nothing andfor their pledged word. 13 Will they shall abide in Hell. 18 Onlyyou not fight against those who he should tend God’s houses ofhave broken their oaths and worship who believes in Godconspired to banish the and the Last Day, and is constantMessenger? They were the first in prayer, and spends in charity,to attack you. Do you fear them? and stands in awe of none butSurely God is more deserving of God: such people may hope toyour fear, if you are true be among the rightly guided.believers. 14 Fight them: God will 19 Do you regard giving water topunish them at your hands, and pilgrims and tending the Sacredwill disgrace them. He will help Mosque as being equal to theyou to overcome them and heal deeds of those who believe inthe hearts of the faithful; 15 He God and the Last Day and whowill remove the rage from their strive in God’s path? They arehearts. God will turn in His not equal in the sight of God.mercy to whom He wills. God is God does not guide such unjustall knowing and wise. people. 20 Those who have 16 Do you [O believers] think believed and have migrated, andthat you will be spared without have striven for God’s sake withGod identifying which of you their possessions and persons,have struggled and did not take stand much higher in God’sanyone for friends and protectors esteem. It is they who willexcept God, His Messenger, and triumph; 21 their Lord gives themthe believers? God is fully aware the good news of His mercy andof all your actions. His pleasure and gardens of 17 It is not right that the eternal bliss. 22 There they willpolytheists should frequent dwell for ever. Truly there is anGod’s places of worship while immense reward with God.
    • 9:30 Repentance 139 23 Believers, do not take your truth—for such is the recompensefathers and your brothers for of all who deny the truth—27 thenallies if they choose denial of after that, God will turn in Histruth in preference to faith. Those mercy to whom He wills: God isamong you who ally themselves forgiving and merciful.with them are wrongdoers. 28 Believers, know that the24 Say, ‘If your fathers and your polytheists are impure,a so theysons and your brothers and your should not approach the Sacredspouses and your tribe, and the Mosque after this year onwards.worldly goods which you have If you should fear destitution,acquired, and the commerce God will enrich you out of Hiswhich you fear will decline, and bounty, if He so wishes. God isthe homes you love are dearer to aware and wise.you than God and His Messenger 29 Fight those from among theand the struggle for His cause, People of the Book who believethen wait until God fulfills His neither in God, nor in the Lastdecree. God does not guide the Day, nor hold as unlawful whatdisobedient people.’ God and His Messenger have 25 Indeed, God has helped you declared to be unlawful, noron many occasions. On the day follow the true religion, untilof Hunayn, when you took pride they pay the tax willingly andin your great numbers, they agree to submit. 30 The Jews say,proved of no avail to you—for ‘Ezra is the son of God,’ and thethe earth, despite all its vastness, Christians say, ‘The Messiah isbecame [too] narrow for you and the son of God.’ These are butyou turned back, in retreat. 26 God their baseless utterances. Theycaused His tranquillity to descend imitate the assertions made inupon His Messenger and the earlier times by those who denyfaithful: and sent down forceswhich you did not see: He a The word impure (najas) connotespunished those who denied the spiritual, not physical impurity.
    • 140 The Quran 9:31the truth. May God destroy them! Day their treasure is heated up inHow far astray they have been led! the fire of hell, their foreheads 31 They have taken their and their sides and their backslearned men and their monks for shall be branded with it, and theytheir lords besides God. So have will be told, ‘This is what youthey taken the Messiah, son of hoarded up for yourselves. TasteMary, although they were then what you were hoarding.’commanded to worship only the 36 On the Day God createdOne God. There is no deity but heaven and earth, He decreedHe. He is far above whatever that the number of months shouldthey set up as His partners! be twelve in number. Out of 32 They want to extinguish these, four are sacred. That is theGod’s light with their mouths, true religion. Do not wrong yourbut God seeks only to perfect souls in these months. Fight theHis light, no matter how those polytheists all together, as theywho deny the truth may abhor it. fight you all together,a and know33 It is He who has sent His that God is with the righteous.Messenger with guidance and 37 The postponing of [sacredthe religion of Truth, so that He months] is but one more instancemay make it prevail of [their] refusal to acknowledge[ideologically] over every other the truth—by which those whoreligion, however much the are bent on denying the truth arepolytheists may hate this. led astray. They declare this to be 34 Believers, many religious permissible in one year andscholars and monks wrongfully forbidden in another year, soappropriate people’s possessions that they may adjust the monthsand turn people away from God’s which God has sanctified, thuspath! Tell those who hoard gold making lawful what God hasand silver instead of giving inGod’s cause that they will have a See pages xiv to xvii of thea painful punishment: 35 on the Introduction.
    • 9:46 Repentance 141forbidden. Their evil deed seems 41 Go forth, whether lightly orfair to them: God does not guide heavily equipped, and strive andthose who deny the truth. struggle, with your goods and 38 Believers, what is the matter your persons, for the cause ofwith you that when you are asked God. That is better for you, ifto go forth in the cause of God, you only knew. 42 Had the gainyou cling slothfully to the land? been immediate and the journeyDo you prefer the life of this shorter, they would haveworld to the Hereafter? But little followed you: but the distanceis the comfort of this life, seemed too great for them. Yetcompared to that of the Hereafter. they will swear by God, ‘Had we39 If you do not go forth, He will been able, we would have gonepunish you sternly and replace out with you.’ They bring ruinyou by other people. You will upon themselves. God knowsnot harm Him in the least. God that they are surely lying.has power over all things. 40 If 43 May God pardon you! Whyyou do not support him did you permit them to do so[Muhammad], know that God before it had become clear todid support him when those who you which ones were truthful, sodenied the truth expelled him that you might recognize the[when he was] the second of liars? 44 Those who believe intwo. When they were both in the God and the Last Day will nevercave, he [Muhammad] told his ask you to exempt them fromcompanion, ‘Do not worry; for striving with their wealth andGod is with us.’ So God sent His their lives—God best knows thetranquillity down on him and righteous— 45 only those seekaided him with forces invisible exemption who do not trulyto you and placed the word of believe in God and the Last Day,those who disbelieved lowest, and whose hearts have become awhile God’s word remained prey to doubt. Because theysupreme. God is powerful and wise. doubt, they waver. 46 If they had
    • 142 The Quran 9:47wished to go forth, they would beforehand!’ They turn awaysurely have made some rejoicing. 51 Say, ‘Nothing canpreparation for it, but God befall us, except what God hasdisliked their setting out [and ordained for us. He is ourbeing raised high in God’s eyes] Supreme Lord. In God let theand held them back. They were faithful put their trust.’ 52 Say,told to stay behind with those ‘Are you waiting for anything towho stay behind. befall us except one of the two 47 Had they gone forth with best things [Victory in this worldyou, they would only have proved or Paradise in the next]? But wea source of evil for you, and expect that God will send Hiswould have run back and forth punishment to you either directlyamong you, seeking to sow from Himself, or by our hands.discord among you: and among So wait, if you will; we too, areyou there were some who would waiting with you.’have willingly listened to them. 53 Say, ‘Whether you giveGod knows the evil-doers. willingly or unwillingly, your48 They have already tried to sow offerings shall not be accepteddissension, and hatched plots by God, for you are indeed aagainst you, until the truth disobedient people.’ 54 The onlybecame manifest and God’s will reason their contributions areprevailed, much to their disgust. not accepted is that they have 49 Some of them say, ‘Give us denied God and His Messenger,leave to stay behind and do not they come to the prayer halfput us to trial.’ Surely, they have heartedly, and they offeralready fallen into trial. Surely, contributions unwillingly. 55 DoHell shall engulf those who deny not let their wealth and childrenthe truth. 50 If good befalls you, impress you. For God seeks toit grieves them, but if a punish them through these thingsmisfortune befalls you, they say, in the life of this world, so that‘We took our precautions their souls shall depart while
    • 9:66 Repentance 143they are still denying the truth. 61 Among them are those who56 They swear by God that they vex the Prophet by saying, ‘Heare believers like you; but they listens to everyone.’ Say, ‘Hisare not. They are afraid [to appear listening to everyone is good forin their true colours]: 57 if they you; he believes in God and putscould find a place of refuge, or his trust in the faithful, and is aa cave or any hiding-place, they mercy to those of you whowould run there with frantic believe. Those who annoy God’shaste. Messenger shall have a painful 58 Among them there are some punishment.’ 62 They swear bywho find fault with you God in order to please youconcerning the distribution of [believers]: but it would be morealms. If a share is given to them, fitting for them to please Godthey are pleased, but if they and His Messenger, if they arereceive nothing, they grow believers. 63 Do they not knowresentful. 59 If only they had been that whoever opposes God andcontent with what God and His His Messenger shall abideMessenger had given them and forever in the fire of Hell? Thathad said, ‘God is sufficient for is the supreme humiliation.us. God will give us out of His 64 The hypocrites are afraidbounty, and so will His lest a chapter [of the Quran] beMessenger. To God alone do we sent down about them, tellingturn with hope!’ 60 Alms are only them what is in their hearts—for: the poor and the destitute, say, ‘Go on mocking. God willfor those who collect zakat, for surely bring to light what you areconciliating people’s hearts, for dreading.’ 65If you ask them,freeing slaves, for those in debt, they will say, ‘We were onlyfor spending for God’s cause, joking and playing with words.’and for travellers in need. It is a Say, ‘Would you make a mockerylegal obligation enjoined by God. of God and of His RevelationsGod is all-knowing and wise. and of His Messenger? 66 Make
    • 144 The Quran 9:67no excuses; you rejected the faith shall be the losers. 70 Have theyafter you accepted it.’ If We never heard the stories aboutpardon some of you, We will their predecessors, the peoplespunish others amongst you, for of Noah, ‘Ad, Thamud,they are guilty.’ Abraham, Midian, and of the 67 The hypocrites, both men ruined cities? Their messengersand women, are all alike. They brought them clear evidence ofenjoin what is evil, forbid what the truth. It was not God whois right and they are niggardly wronged them; they wrongedwhen it comes to spending for themselves.the cause of God. They have 71 The believers, both men andforgotten God, so He has women, are friends to each other;forgotten them. The hypocrites they enjoin what is good andare the disobedient ones. 68 God forbid evil, they attend to theirhas promised the hypocrites, both prayers and pay the alms andmen and women, and those who obey God and His Messenger.deny the truth, the Fire of Hell. On these God will have mercy,They shall abide in it forever. for God is almighty and wise.That is a sufficient recompense 72 God has promised thefor them. God has rejected them. believers, both men and women,They shall have everlasting Gardens through which riverspunishment. 69 Like those before flow, wherein they will abide,you who were stronger than you, and fine dwelling places inpossessed more wealth and Gardens of eternity. But the goodchildren; they enjoyed their share pleasure of God is greater still.in this life as you have enjoyed That is the supreme achievement.yours; like them, you have 73 O Prophet, strive againstindulged in idle talk. It is they those who deny the truth and thewhose works shall come to hypocrites, and be firm againstnothing in this world and in the them. Their abode shall be Hell:life to come—and it is they who an evil destination. 74 They swear
    • 9:82 Repentance 145by God that they did not, yet they that God knows what theyuttered the words of denial of conceal and what they talk abouttruth after they had accepted in secret? That God knows allIslam. They meditated a plot that is hidden?which they were unable to carry 79 As for those who ridiculeout, and being spiteful was their such believers as give alms freelyonly response to God, who had for the sake of God and tauntenriched them out of His bounty, those who find nothing to giveand to His Messenger. If they save that which they earn throughrepent, it will indeed be better their toil, God will cause theirfor them. If they turn away, God ridicule to rebound on them:will punish them with grievous they shall have a painfulsuffering in this world and the punishment. 80 It is the sameHereafter, and there will be whether or not you askno one on earth to protect or forgiveness for them. Even ifhelp them. you ask forgiveness for them 75 There are some among seventy times, God will notthem who pledged themselves forgive them, for they haveto God, saying, ‘If God gives denied God and His Messenger.us something out of His God does not guide the evil-bounty, we shall certainly doers.give alms and be righteous,’ 81 Those who stayed at home76 but when He bestowed His were glad that they were leftfavours on them they grew behind by God’s Messenger.niggardly, and turned away in They hated the thought of strivingaversion. 77 So He caused for God’s cause with theirhypocrisy to settle in their hearts possessions and their persons.until the Day of their meeting They said, ‘Do not go forth inwith Him, because they broke this heat.’ Say, ‘The Fire of Helltheir word to God, and because is far hotter.’ If only they couldthey lied. 78 Do they not know understand. 82 Let them laugh a
    • 146 The Quran 9:83little and weep much in return [at home]: their hearts are sealedfor their misdeeds. 83 So and so they do not understand.[Prophet], if God brings you 88 But the Messenger and thoseback to a group of them, and who shared his faith strove hardshould they ask your leave to go with their possessions and theirforth with you, say, ‘You shall lives. It is they who shall have allnever go forth with me and shall kinds of good, and it is they whonever fight an enemy with me. shall surely prosper. 89 God hasYou chose to sit at home the first prepared for them Gardenstime, so sit now with those who through which rivers flow, inremain behind.’ 84 And never [O which they shall abide forever.Muhammad] pray for one of That is the supreme triumph.them who dies, nor stand by his 90 Some of the desert Arabs,grave. For they denied God and too, came to make excuses,His Messenger, and died asking to be granted exemption.rebellious. Those who lied to God and His 85 Do not let their wealth and Messenger stayed behind attheir children dazzle you. God home. Those who denied theonly wants to punish them truth among them will bethrough these things in this afflicted with a painfulworld, and let their souls depart chastisement, 91 but no blamewhile they deny the truth. shall attach to the weak, the sick,86 When a chapter is revealed and those who have no means toenjoining, ‘Believe in God and spend, provided they are sincerestrive for the cause of God along to God and His Messenger. Therewith His Messenger,’ the wealthy is no reason to reproach thoseamong them ask you to exempt who do good deeds; God is mostthem saying, ‘Let us stay with forgiving and merciful. 92 Northose who are to stay behind.’ [does any blame] attach to those87 They preferred to be with [the who came to you to be providedwomen], who remained behind with mounts, and when you said,
    • 9:100 Repentance 147‘I can find no mounts for you,’ pleased with rebellious people.they went back, and tears welled 97 The desert Arabs are moreup in their eyes with sadness, stubborn in their denial of truthsince they could not find and hypocrisy, and are the leastany way to contribute. 93 The likely to be aware of the limitsblameworthy are those who are which God has revealed to Hismen of wealth and yet ask for Messenger. God is all knowingexemption. They are content to and wise. 98 Some desert Arabsbe with those [women] who stay regard what they give for thebehind. God has sealed their cause of God as a fine and waithearts: they do not understand. for some misfortune to befall 94 They will make excuses to you. May ill-fortune befall them!you when you return to them. God hears all and knows all.Say, ‘Do not make excuses, we 99 There are also those amongwill not believe you. God has them who believe in God and thealready informed us about you. Last Day and regard what theyGod will see your actions, as spend for the cause of God as awill His Messenger. Then you means of bringing them nearerwill be returned to the One who to God and of deserving theknows the seen and the unseen prayers of the Messenger. Thisand He will tell you all that you shall certainly be for them aused to do.’ 95 When you return, means of drawing near to God.they will swear to you by God so God will admit them into Histhat you may leave them alone, mercy; God is indeed mostso leave them alone. They are forgiving and merciful.unclean, and Hell will be their 100 As for those who led thehome as a reward for their way, the first of the emigrantsactions—96 they will swear to and the supporters, as well asyou, so that you may be pleased those who nobly followed them,with them. But [even] if you are God is well pleased with them,pleased with them, God is not and they are well pleased with
    • 148 The Quran 9:101Him; He has prepared for them will His Messenger and theGardens through which rivers believers. Soon you will beflow, where they shall dwell brought back to Him who knowsforever. That is the supreme what is hidden and what isachievement. 101 Some of the manifest: then He will show youdesert Arabs around you are the truth of all that you havehypocrites as are some of the done.’ 106 [There are yet] otherspeople of Madinah—they are whose cases are deferred until itobdurate in their hypocrisy. You is God’s will to judge them. Hedo not know them, but We know will either punish them, or turnthem. We shall cause them to suffer in mercy to them; God is alldoubly and then they will be knowing and wise.subjected to a great punishment. 107 Then there are those who 102 There are others who have built a mosque to cause harm, toconfessed their wrongdoing, who spread apostasy and disunityhave done some good deeds and among the believers—as ansome bad ones. It is likely that outpost for those who from theGod will turn to them in mercy. outset warred on God and HisSurely, God is most forgiving, Messenger. They swear, ‘Ourmerciful. 103 Take alms out of intentions were nothing buttheir wealth to cleanse them and good,’ but God bears witnesspurify them, and pray for them; that they are lying. 108 Do not setyour prayer will be a comfort to foot in it. Only a house ofthem. God is all hearing, all worship, founded from the veryknowing. 104 Do they not know first day upon piety, is worthy ofthat God accepts the repentance your setting foot therein. In it areof His servants and receives their men who love to be purified andalms, and that God is the God loves those who purifyForgiving, the Merciful One? themselves. 109 Who is better, he105 Say, ‘Do as you will. God who founds his building on thewill watch your conduct and so fear of God and His good
    • 9:117 Repentance 149 113pleasure, or he who builds on the It is not proper for thebrink of a crumbling precipice, Prophet and those who believeso that his house is ready to fall to seek forgiveness forwith him into the Fire of Hell? polytheists, even though theyGod does not guide the are close relatives, after it haswrongdoers: 110 the building become clear to them that theywhich they have built will never have earned the punishment ofcease to be a source of deep Hell. 114 Abraham’s askingdisquiet in their hearts, until forgiveness for his father wastheir hearts are cut to pieces. only because of a promise he hadGod is all knowing and wise. made to him, but when it became 111 God has bought from the clear to him, that he was God’sbelievers their lives and their enemy, he disassociated himselfwealth in return for the Garden. from him. Surely, Abraham wasThey fight for the cause of God most tender-hearted andand they kill and are killed.a It is forbearing. 115 God would nevera promise binding on Him in the lead a people astray after He hasTorah, the Gospel and the Quran, guided them and until He hasand who is truer to his promise made clear to them what theythan God? Rejoice then in the should guard against. God hasbargain you have made. That is knowledge of all things; 116the supreme achievement. surely to God belongs the112 [The believers are] those who kingdom of the heavens and ofturn to God in repentance; who the earth. He gives life and death.worship and praise Him; who go You have none besides God toabout in the land serving His protect or help you. 117cause, who bow down, who God turned in mercy to theprostrate themselves, who enjoin Prophet, and the emigrants andgood and forbid evil, and whoobserve the limits set by God. a See pages xiv to xvii of theGive good news to the believers! Introduction.
    • 150 The Quran 9:118the helpers who followed him in any loss upon the enemy, it shallthe hour of hardship. After the be counted as a good deed in thehearts of a group of them had sight of God—God will not denyalmost faltered, He turned the righteous their reward—towards them, for He was 121 and whenever they spendcompassionate and merciful anything [for the sake of God],towards them. 118 He has turned be it little or much, and wheneverwith mercy to the three whose they traverse the land [in God’scase was deferred, when the cause]—it is recorded to theirearth, for all its spaciousness, credit, and God will grant themclosed in upon them, and their the best reward for all that theyown souls seemed straitened to have been doing.them and they realised that there 122 It is not right that all thewas no refuge from God except believers should go out [in timein Him. He turned to them so of war] all together. Why, then,that they might turn to Him. God does not a party from everyis the Ever Forgiving, the Most group come to [the Prophet] inMerciful. order to acquire a deeper 119 Believers, fear God and knowledge of religion and tostand with the truthful. 120 It was warn their people, so that theynot proper for the people of can guard themselves againstMadinah and those desert Arabs evil?around them to hold back from 123 Believers! Fight againstfollowing God’s Messenger, and those deniers of the truth whoto prefer their own lives to his are near you.a Deal firmly withlife. This is because whenever them. Know that God isthey suffer from thirst or with those who fear Him.weariness or hunger for God’s 124 Whenever a chapter is sentcause, and whenever they takeany step which provokes those a See pages xiv to xviii of thewho deny the truth, or inflicts Introduction.
    • 10:4 Jonah 151down, there are some of them watching?’ Then they turn away.who say, ‘Which of you has had God has turned their hearts away,his faith increased by it?’ But, as because they are people who dofor those who believe, it increases not understand.their faith and they rejoice, 125 but 128 There has come to you aas for those with sickness in Messenger of your own. Yourtheir hearts, it adds defilement to suffering distresses him: he istheir defilement and they die in deeply concerned for youra state of denial of truth. 126 Do welfare and full of kindness andthey not see that they are tried mercy towards the believers. 129every year once or twice? Yet But if they turn away, say,they do not repent, nor would ‘God suffices me: there is nothey be admonished. 127 Whenever deity but He: in Him I have puta chapter is revealed, they glance my trust. He is the Lord of theat each other, asking, ‘Is anyone Glorious Throne.’ 10. JONAH In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful1 Alif Lam Ra say, ‘This man is clearly a sorcerer.’These are the verses of the Book 3 Truly, your Lord is God whoof Wisdom. 2 Does it seem created the heavens and the earthstrange to people that We have in six days [periods], then Hesent revelation to a man from ascended the Throne, disposingamong themselves, saying, ‘Warn the whole affair. No one maymankind and give glad tidings to intercede with Him save withthe believers that they have a His permission. Such is God,true rank [of honour] with their your Lord, so worship Him alone.Lord?’ Those who deny the truth Will you not take heed? 4 To Him
    • 152 The Quran 10:5you shall all return. God’s requital for their deeds. 9 Thosepromise is true; He originates who believe and do good deedsCreation, then He restores it, so will be guided by their Lordthat He may reward with justice because of their faith. Riversthose who believe and do good shall flow at their feet in theworks. Those who have denied Gardens of Bliss. 10 In that [statethe truth shall have boiling of happiness] they will call out;water to drink, and a painful ‘Glory be to You, O God!’, whilepunishment, because of their their greeting in it will be:denial. ‘Peace!’ And the close of their 5 It is He who made the sun call will be, ‘All praise is due toradiate a brilliant light and the God, the Lord of the Universe!’moon shed its lustre, and 11 Had God hastened theordained for it stages so that you punishment of men as He hastensmay learn to count out the years the good, the end of their term ofand [to make other such] life would already have beenreckoning of time. God has reached. We leave those who donot created all these without not hope to meet Us gropinga purpose. He makes plain along in their arrogance.His revelations to men 12 Whenever any trouble befallsof understanding. 6 In the a person, he prays to Us all thealternation of night and day, and time, lying on his side, sitting orin all that God has created in theheavens and the earth, there are a In the heavens and on the earth,signs for a God-fearing people.a there are countless signs, but they7 Those who entertain no hope serve as a lesson only for those whoof meeting Us, being pleased are God-fearing. Fear, or apprehension,and contented with the life of is a thing which makes a man serious. Unless a man is serious, he will notthis world, and those who give pay full attention to matters ofno heed to Our signs, 8 shall importance and will not understandhave their abode in the Fire in their various aspects.
    • 10:21 Jonah 153standing; but when We remove your knowledge. Indeed, I havehis trouble, he goes on his way spent a whole lifetime amongas if he had never prayed to Us you before it came to me. Howfor the removal of his trouble. can you not use your reason?’Thus it is that the doings of the 17 Who is more unjust than thetransgressors are made to look man who invents a falsehoodfair to them. about God or denies His signs? 13 And indeed, before your Surely, the guilty shall nevertime We destroyed [whole] prosper.generations when they 18 Instead of God they worship[persistently] did evil; their what neither harms nor benefitsmessengers came to them with them, and they say: ‘These areclear signs, but they would not our intercessors with God.’ Say,believe. Thus We requite the ‘Do you inform God aboutguilty. 14 Then We made you something in heavens and ontheir successors in the land, so earth that He does not know?that We might observe how you Glory be to Him; may He bewould conduct yourselves. Exalted over whatever they 15 When Our clear revelations associate [with Him]!’ 19 Mankindare recited to them, those who do was only one community, butnot expect to meet Us say, ‘Bring then they differed, and had it notus a different Quran, or make been for a prior word from yoursome changes in it.’ Say, ‘It is Lord, their differences would havenot for me to change it of my been settled for them.own accord. I follow only what 20 They ask, ‘Why has no signis revealed to me. I fear, if I were been sent down to him from histo disobey my Lord, the Lord?’ Tell them, ‘God alone haspunishment on a Dreadful Day.’ knowledge of the unseen. So16 Say, ‘If God had so wished, I wait; I too will wait with you.’would not have recited it to you, 21 Whenever We let mankindnor would He have brought it to taste mercy after some adversity
    • 154 The Quran 10:22has afflicted them, they forthwith on its finest appearance, andturn to devising false arguments looks beautiful, and its peopleagainst Our signs. Say, ‘God is think they have it under theirswifter in His devising! Our angels control, then by day or by night,are recording your intrigues.’ Our command comes to it and 22 It is God who enables you to We convert it into a field oftravel on land and sea. And when stubble, as if nothing had existedyou are sailing on ships and there the day before. Thus Werejoicing in the favourable wind, make plain Our revelations fora storm arrives, and the waves those who reflect.surge upon those on board from 25 God calls man to the homeevery side and they think they of peace and He guides whomare encompassed, then they make He wills to a straight path.a fervent appeal to God, saying 26 Those who do good worksin all sincerity, ‘If You deliver us shall have a good reward andfrom this, we will surely be of more besides. No darkness andthe thankful.’ 23 But when He no ignominy shall cover theirhas delivered them, they begin, faces. They are destined forwrongfully to commit excesses Paradise wherein they shall dwellin the land. O you men, your forever. 27 But as for those whoexcesses only affect your own have done evil deeds, theselves. Have the enjoyment of recompense shall be inthe present life. Then to Us you proportion. They will have noneshall return; and We will inform to defend them against God.you of all that you have done. Ignominy shall cover them, as 24 The life of the world is like though their faces were veiledthe water which We send down by the night’s own darkness. It isfrom the sky, and which is they who are destined for theabsorbed by the plants of the fire, where they will live forever.earth, from which men and cattle 28 On the Day when We gathereat. But when the earth has taken them all together, We shall say to
    • 10:38 Jonah 155those who ascribed partners to 34 Ask then, ‘Can any of yourGod, ‘Keep to your places, you partner-gods originate creation,and your partners!’ Then We shall and then reproduce it?’ Say, ‘It isseparate them from one another God who originates creation andand their partner-gods will say, ‘It then restores it: how then are youwas not us that you worshipped. so misled?’ 35 Say, ‘Does any of29 God suffices as a witness your partner-gods guide one tobetween us and you. We were the Truth?’ Say, ‘It is God whoentirely unaware that you guides to the truth. Then, is Heworshipped us.’ 30 Then every who guides to the truth moresoul shall realize what it has worthy to be followed or onedone. They shall be returned to who cannot find the way himselfGod, their true Master, and unless he be guided? What is theanything they had invented will matter with you? How ill youforsake them. judge!’ 36 Most of them follow 31 Say, ‘Who provides [suste- nothing but mere conjecture. Butnance] for you from heaven and conjecture is of no use againstearth? Who is it who controls the the Truth. God is well aware ofears and the eyes? Who brings what they do.forth the living from the dead, 37 This Quran is not such asand the dead from the living? could have been produced byAnd who governs all affairs?’ anyone but God. It fulfills thatThey will say, ‘God’. Then say, [the predictions] which came‘Will you not then fear Him? before it and gives a fuller32 That is God, your true Lord. explanation of the [earlier]What is there, besides the truth, Revelations. There is no doubtbut error? How then can you turn about it: it is from the Lord of theaway?’ 33 Thus the Word of your Universe. 38 Do they say, ‘He hasLord is proved true against those fabricated it?’ Say, ‘Bring mewho are disobedient. They will one chapter like it. Call on whomnot believe. you may besides God to help
    • 156 The Quran 10:39you, if what you say be true!’ an hour of a day. They will39 Indeed, they are denying recognize one another; lostsomething which they cannot indeed will be those whocomprehend; the reality not yet considered it a lie that they werehaving dawned on them. destined to meet God, and didLikewise those before them not follow the right path.rejected the truth. But see what 46 Whether We show youwas the end of the wrongdoers. something of what We have 40 Some of them will believe promised them or cause you toin it [the Quran], while others die [before that], to Us they shallwill not. And your Lord is fully return. God is Witness to all thataware of the evil-doers. 41 If they they do.should reject you, say, ‘My deeds 47 Every nation has aare mine and your deeds are messenger. Once their messengeryours. You are not accountable has come, judgement will befor my actions, nor am I passed upon them in all fairnessaccountable for what you do.’ and they will not be wronged.42 48 Some of them appear to be They say, ‘When will thislistening to you; but can you promise come to pass—if youmake the deaf hear, incapable as speak the truth?’ 49 Say, ‘I havethey are of understanding? no control over any harm or43 Some of them look fixedly at benefit to myself, except by theyou; but can you make the blind will of God. For every people,see, bereft as they are of sight? however, there is an appointed44 Surely, God does not wrong term. When the end of their termpeople at all, but people wrong arrives, they cannot postpone itthemselves. for an hour, nor can they advance 45 And on the Day when He it.’ 50 Say, ‘If His punishmentshall gather them together, it will comes upon you in the dead ofseem to them as if they had not night, or by the light of day, howtarried in the world longer than will the guilty escape it? 51 Will
    • 10:64 Jonah 157you believe in it only after it has grace and mercy of God let themovertaken you, although it was rejoice, for these are better thanyour wish to hurry it on?’ 52 Then the worldly riches which theythe evil-doers will be told, ‘Taste hoard.’ 59 Say, ‘Have youthe everlasting punishment. Have considered the provision Godyou not been rewarded according has sent down for you, and haveto your deeds?’ you made some of it unlawful 53 They enquire of you if this and some lawful?’ Say, ‘Haswill really happen. Tell them, God given you permission [to do‘Yes, by my Lord. Most certainly this], or are you inventingit will happen, and you cannot falsehoods about God?’ 60 Whatavert it.’ 54 If every wrongdoer will they think, those who inventpossessed all that was on the falsehoods about God, on theearth, he would seek to ransom Day of Resurrection? God ishimself with it: when they see bountiful to men: yet most ofthe punishment, they will repent them are not grateful.in secret. But judgement will be 61 In whatever activity you maypassed upon them in all fairness, be engaged, and whichever partand they will not be wronged. of the Quran you recite, and55 Assuredly, everything that is whatever deed you do, We arein the heavens and on the earth witness to it when you arebelongs to God. Assuredly, God’s engaged in it. Not the smallestpromise is true. Yet most of them particle on the earth or in heavendo not realize it. 56 He gives life is hidden from your Lord; andand brings about death, and to there is nothing smaller or biggerHim you shall all return. but is recorded in a clear Book. 57 62 O mankind! There has come Those who are close to Godto you an admonition from your shall certainly have no fear, norLord, a cure for what is in the shall they grieve. 63 For thosehearts, and a guide and a blessing who believe and are mindful ofto true believers. 58 Say, ‘In the God, 64 there is good news in
    • 158 The Quran 10:65this life and in the Hereafter: the Us they shall return. Then WeWord of God shall never change. shall make them taste a severeThat is the supreme triumph. punishment, because of their65 Do not let their words grieve denial of truth.you. Surely, all might and glory 71 Tell them the story of Noah.belongs to God alone; He is the He said to his people, ‘Myall-hearing, the all-knowing. people, if my presence among66 Surely, all who are in the you and my preaching to you ofheavens and on the earth belong God’s revelations offends you,to Him. What do those follow, know that I put my trust in God,who appeal to associates instead so agree on your course of action,of to God? They merely follow along with your partner-gods,conjecture and they are only and let no hesitation deflect youguessing. 67 It is He who has from it, then put it into effectmade the night dark for you so against me, and give me nothat you may rest in it, and the respite. 72 If you turn away fromday a source of light. Surely, me, remember I demand nothere are signs in this for a recompense from you. Only Godpeople who listen. will reward me and I have been 68 They say, ‘God has begotten commanded to submita son.’ Glory be to Him. He is the completely to Him.’ 73 Then theySelf-Sufficient One; everything rejected him; then We deliveredin the heavens and on the earth him and those with him in thebelongs to Him. Do you have Ark, and We made themany authority for this? Would successors; while We drownedyou ascribe to God something the others who belied Our signs.which you do not know? 69 Say, Observe then the fate of those‘Those who invent falsehoods who had been forewarned.about God shall not prosper.’ 74 After him We sent other70 Their portion is short-lived messengers to their respectiveenjoyment in this world; but to peoples, and they brought them
    • 10:87 Jonah 159clear proofs. But they would not nothing. Truly, God does notbelieve in the truth, because they support the work of mischief-had rejected it before. Thus We makers; 82 God establishes theseal up the hearts of the truth by His words, howevertransgressors. much the sinners may dislike it.’ 75 83 Then We sent forth Moses But none save a few youthsand Aaron with Our signs to declared their faith in Moses,Pharaoh and his nobles, but they [while others held back] for fearbehaved arrogantly, for they were that Pharaoh and his nobleswicked people. 76 When the truth would persecute them. Pharaohcame to them from Us, they said, was high and mighty in the land.‘This is plain sorcery.’ 77 Moses And one who transgressed allreplied, ‘Do you speak thus of bounds. 84 Moses said, ‘O mythe truth after it has been brought people; if you believe in God,to you? Can this be sorcery? [and] if you have surrenderedSorcerers never prosper.’ 78 They yourselves to Him, then in Himsaid, ‘Have you come to turn us alone put your trust.’ 85 Theyaway from what we found our said, ‘In God we put our trust.forefathers following, so that the Our Lord, make us not a trialtwo of you might become [the subject of persecution] forsupreme in this land? We will the oppressors. 86 And deliver usnever believe in you.’ by Your mercy from the people 79 Then Pharaoh said, ‘Bring who deny the truth.’me every skilled magician!’ 87 We revealed [Our will] to80 When the magicians came, Moses and his brother, saying,Moses said to them, ‘Cast down ‘Set aside for your people somewhatever you are going to cast houses in the city and turn themdown.’ 81 And when they had into places of worship, and bedone so, Moses said, ‘What you constant in prayer! And give [Ohave wrought is mere sorcery. Moses] the good news to theSurely, God will bring it to believers.’
    • 160 The Quran 10:88 88 Moses prayed, ‘Our Lord, people are indeed heedless ofYou have bestowed upon Our signs.’Pharaoh and his nobles pomp 93 We settled the Children ofand wealth in the present life, Israel in a blessed land, and Wewhereby they lead people astray provided them with good things.from Your path. Our Lord, And it was not until knowledgedestroy their riches and harden [of God’s revelation] was grantedtheir hearts, so that they shall not to them that they began to holdbelieve until they are faced with divergent views. Your Lord willgrievous punishment.’ judge between them on the Day 89 God said, ‘Your prayer is of Resurrection concerning thatgranted, so continue, then, both in which they differed.of you, steadfastly on the right 94 If you are in any doubtpath, and do not follow the path concerning what We have sentof those who have no knowledge.’ down to you, then question those 90 So We brought the Children who have read the Book beforeof Israel across the sea. Pharaoh you: the Truth has come to youand his troops pursued them from your Lord, so do not be onearrogantly and aggressively. of the doubters—95do not be oneWhen he was about to drown, who rejects God’s signs, for then[Pharaoh] exclaimed, ‘I believe you would become one of thethat there is no deity save Him in losers.whom the Children of Israel 96 Those against whom yourbelieve, and I am of those who Lord’s word has been confirmedsurrender themselves to Him!’ will never believe; 97 not even if91 ‘Only now? When you had every Sign were to come toalways been a rebel, and a them—until they see the painfulwrongdoer. 92 So We shall save punishment. 98 Why was thereyour body this day, so that you no other people, save the peoplemay serve as a sign for those of Jonah, who should havewho come after you: for many believed so that their belief
    • 10:109 Jonah 161would have benefited them. Once those whom you worship insteadthey believed, We lifted the of God, but rather I worship Godtorment of shame from them who will cause you to die, for Iduring their worldly life and let am commanded to be one of thethem enjoy Our provision for a believers.’ 105 And set your facewhile. towards the [true] faith in all 99 Had your Lord pleased, all uprightness, and do not be onethe people on earth would have of those who ascribe partners tobelieved in Him, without God; 106 and do not invokeexception. So will you compel besides God what can neitherpeople to become believers? help nor harm you. If you do,100 No soul can believe except by you will be one of thethe will of God. He will place wrongdoers. 107 If God inflictsthe filth [of doubt] upon those harm on you, no one can removewho do not use their reason. it but He, and if He intends good 101 Say, ‘Look at whatever for you, no one can withhold His[exists] in heavens and on earth.’ bounty; He grants His bounty toBut signs and warnings do not any of His servants whom Hebenefit the unbelievers. 102 What will. He is the Most Forgiving,can they be waiting for but the and the Most Merciful.punishment that came to those 108 Say, ‘Mankind, Truth hasbefore them? Say, ‘So wait; I am come to you from your Lord!one of those waiting with you.’ Anyone who accepts guidance is103 Then We shall save Our guided only for his own sake;messengers and those who and he who goes astray does sobelieve. Thus We have made it at his own peril. I am notincumbent upon Ourself to save appointed as your keeper.’the believers. 109 Follow what is revealed to 104 Say, ‘O people, if you are you, [O Prophet], and be steadfastin doubt concerning my religion, until God gives His judgement.then [know that] I do not worship He is the Best of Judges.
    • (162) 11 . H U D In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful1 Alif Lam Ra He knows their innermost thoughts. 6 There is not a living[This is] a Book, with verses creature on the earth but it is forwhich are fundamental [in God to provide its sustenance.nature], and then expounded in He knows its dwelling and itsdetail by One who is all wise and [final] resting place. All this isall aware. 2 [It teaches] that you recorded in a clear book.should worship none but God. I 7 Enthroned above the waters,am sent to you from Him to warn it was He who created theyou and to give you good tidings. heavens and the earth in six3 Seek forgiveness from your Days [periods], in order to testLord; then turn towards Him [in which of you is best in conduct.repentance]. He will make If you say, ‘You will [all] begenerous provision for you for raised up after death,’ those whoan appointed term and will deny the truth will say, ‘This isbestow His grace on all who just sheer sorcery!’ 8 If We defermerit it! But if you turn away, their punishment till an appointedthen I fear for you the torment of time, they ask, ‘What is holdinga dreadful Day: 4 to God you it back?’ On the Day when itshall all return; and He has power overtakes them, there will beover all things. nothing to avert it from them; 5 See how they cover and what they used to mock atthemselves up to hide [their shall encompass them.thoughts] from Him. But when 9 When We bestow upon manthey cover themselves up with a measure of Our grace and thentheir garments, He knows what take it away from him, he yieldsthey hide and what they reveal. to despair and becomes
    • 11:20 Hud 163ungrateful. 10 And if, after their deeds—nothing shall beadversity, We let him taste good denied them. 16 These are thefortune he says, ‘All my ills are people who, in the world togone.’ He becomes exultant and come, shall have nothing butboastful. 11 Not so those who are Hellfire and all that they used topatient and do good deeds. They do shall be in vain.shall have forgiveness and a great 17 Can they be compared toreward. those who possess a clear proof 12 You may [feel the from their Lord, followed up byinclination] to leave aside a part a witness from Him, preceded byof what is revealed to you and the Book of Moses, as a guideyou may be distressed because and a mercy? These peoplethey say, ‘Why has no treasure believe in it; whereas thosebeen sent down to him, why has groups that deny its truth areno angel come with him?’ But promised the Fire. Therefore,you are only to give warning. have no doubt about it. It is theGod is the guardian of all things. truth from your Lord, but most13 If they say, ‘He has invented it people do not believe it.himself.’ Say, ‘If you are truthful, 18 Who does greater wrongproduce ten invented chapters than the one who fabricates a lielike it, and call on whom you can against God? Such people shallbesides God, to help you.’ 14 But be brought before their Lord,if they do not respond to you, and the witnesses will say, ‘Thesethen know that this [Quran] is are the ones who lied about theirsent down with God’s knowledge Lord.’ Surely God’s rejection isand that there is no deity but merited by such wrongdoers.Him. Will you then surrender 19 Such as those who turn othersyourselves to Him? away from the path of God and 15 Those who desire the life of seek to make it appear crooked:this world and all its finery shall these are the ones who deny thebe repaid in full in this life for Hereafter. 20 They can never
    • 164 The Quran 11:21frustrate God on earth, nor have the lowliest of us, those ofthey any protectors besides God. immature judgement. We see noThey will be subjected to double superior merit in you; in fact wepunishment, for they could believe you are a liar.’neither hear nor see. 21 It is such 28 He said, ‘O my people, tellas these who have ruined their me: if I have clear evidence fromsouls, and that which they my Lord and He has favouredfabricated shall fail them. 22 In me with grace from Himself,the Hereafter, it is they who shall which you have been unable tobe the greatest losers. recognize, can we force it on you 23 Those who have believed against your will? 29 O myand done good deeds and people, I do not ask you for anyhumbled themselves before their money for this; my reward comesLord are destined for Paradise, only from God. I will not driveand they will live in it forever. away those who believe; they24 These two groups are like the shall surely meet their Lord. Yetblind and the deaf as compared I see that you are a people whowith those who can see and hear. act out of ignorance. 30 MyCan the two be equal? Will you people, who would support menot then understand? a against God if I were to drive 25 We sent Noah to his people. them off ? Will you not takeHe said, ‘I have come to you heed? 31 I do not say to you thatwith a clear warning: 26 worship I possess God’s treasures, or thatnone but God. I fear lestpunishment befall you on a a Faith, humility and righteouswoeful Day.’ 27 The leaders of deeds—all three are different aspectshis people, who refused to of the same reality. Faith is theacknowledge the truth, said, ‘We conscious discovery of God and His perfect attributes. Humility is the stateregard you only as a human of the heart which necessarily developsbeing like ourselves. We do not in man as a result of the discoverysee that anyone follows you but of God.
    • 11:41 Hud 165I have knowledge of the unseen, who already believe; do notor that I am an angel. Nor do I grieve, therefore, over what theysay concerning those upon have been doing. 37 Build thewhom you look with contempt, Ark under Our eyes and inthat God will not bestow any accordance with Our revelation.good upon them—God knows Do not plead with Me concerningbest what is in their hearts. If I the evil-doers. They shalldid, I would certainly be one of certainly be drowned.’ 38 So hethe wrongdoers.’ began to build the Ark, and 32 ‘Noah,’ they replied, ‘you whenever leaders of his peoplehave argued with us, and argued passed by, they scoffed at him.to excess. Now bring down upon He said, ‘If you are scoffing atus what you threaten us with, if us, we shall scoff at you [andyou speak the truth!?’ 33 He said, your ignorance], just as you scoff‘It is God who will bring it down at us: 39 you will soon come toupon you, if He wishes, and you know who will receive awill not be able to escape. 34 My humiliating punishment, and findadvice will not benefit you, no unleashed against him anmatter how sincerely I want to everlasting punishment.’advise you, if God lets you go 40 When Our command came,astray. He is your Lord and you and water gushed forth inwill all return to Him.’ torrents, We said to Noah, ‘Take 35 If they say, ‘He has invented into the Ark a pair from everyit himself,’ say to them, ‘If I have species, and your own family—indeed invented this myself, then except those on whom themay I be punished for my sin; I sentence has already been passed,am innocent of the crimes that and all the true believers.’ Butyou commit.’ only a few believed along with 36 God’s will was revealed to him. 41 Noah said, ‘Embark onNoah, ‘No more of your people it. In the name of God, it shall setwill believe in you than those sail and cast anchor. Truly, my
    • 166 The Quran 11:42Lord is forgiving and merciful.’ unrighteous in his conduct. Do42 The Ark sailed along with them not question Me about somethingthrough mountainous waves. of which you have no knowledge;Noah called out to his son who I admonish you lest you becomestood apart, ‘O my son! Embark like an ignorant man.’ 47 He said,with us and do not be among the ‘My Lord, I take refuge with Youdeniers!’ 43 He replied, ‘I shall from asking You something ofseek refuge on a mountain, which which I have no knowledge. Ifwill save me from the water.’ You do not forgive me and showNoah cried, ‘Today there is no me mercy, I shall be one of therefuge for anyone from God’s losers.’command except for those to 48 God said, ‘Noah, go ashorewhom He shows mercy!’ in peace; Our blessings uponThereupon, a wave swept in you and upon the people who arebetween them, and Noah’s son with you and upon some of thewas among those who were descendants of those who aredrowned. 44 A voice cried out, with you. [As for the‘Earth, swallow up your waters. unrighteous] We shall grantO sky, cease your rain.’ The provision for a time, then awaters receded. The command grievous punishment from Uswas fulfilled. The Ark came to shall afflict them.’ 49 These arerest on Mount Judi. It was said, tidings of the unseen that We‘Away with the wrong-doing reveal to you, [O Prophet], whichpeople.’ you did not know before, nor did 45 Noah called out to his Lord, your people, so be patient: thesaying, ‘My Lord, my son was a future belongs to the God-part of my family. Your promise fearing.was surely true. You are the most 50 To ‘Ad We sent their brotherjust of all judges.’ 46 God said, Hud. He said, ‘O my people,‘Noah, he was not one of your worship God alone; you have nofamily. For, indeed, he was god but Him. You do nothing but
    • 11:62 Hud 167fabricate lies. 51 I ask of you conveyed to you the messagenothing in return for this with which I was sent. My Lord[Message]. My recompense is will make another people yourwith Him who has created me. successors and you cannot harmWhy do you not use your reason? Him in the least. For my Lord is52 My people, seek forgiveness guardian over all things.’ 58 Whenof your Lord and turn to Him in Our command came, Werepentance. He will send from delivered Hud and those whothe sky abundant rain upon you; believed with him by Our specialHe will add strength to your mercy. We saved them from astrength. Do not turn away from severe punishment. 59 Such wereHim as evil-doers.’ the ‘Ad who denied the signs of 53 They replied, ‘Hud, you have their Lord and disobeyed Hisnot brought us any clear evidence messengers and followed theand we shall not forsake our bidding of every headstrongdeities merely at your behest, enemy of truth. 60 They werenor will we believe in you. 54 We pursued by a curse in this worldcan only say that some of our as they will be on the Day ofgods have stricken you with evil.’ Resurrection. Indeed, the ‘AdHe said, ‘I call God to witness, denied their Lord. So away withand you also bear witness, that I the ‘Ad, the people of Hud!disown those which you 61 To the Thamud We sent theirassociate with God. 55 So scheme brother Salih. He said, ‘Myagainst me, all of you together, people, worship God! You haveand then grant me no respite. 56 I no god but Him. It was He whohave put my trust in God, my brought you into being from theLord and your Lord. For there is earth and settled you upon it andno living creature which He does so ask His forgiveness. Turn tonot hold by its forelock. My Him in repentance. My Lord isLord is on the straight path. near and responsive.’ 62 They 57 ‘If you turn away, I have said, ‘O Salih! We had great
    • 168 The Quran 11:63hopes in you. Do you forbid us dwelt there. The Thamud deniedto worship what our fathers their Lord; cursed are the tribe ofworshipped? We are in grave Thamud.doubt, amounting to suspicion, 69 Our messengers came toconcerning that to which you Abraham with good news andcall us.’ 63 He said, ‘O my people, greeted him with, ‘Peace.’ Hetell me: if I have clear evidence too said, ‘Peace be on you,’ andfrom my Lord, and He has hastened to bring a roasted calf.granted His mercy, who then 70 But when he saw that theywill support me against God, if made no move to eat, he foundI disobey Him? You would only this strange and became afraidmake my loss greater. of them. They said, ‘Do not be 64 My people! This she-camel afraid, for we have been sent toof God is a sign for you. So leave the people of Lot.’ 71 His wife,her alone to graze on God’s who was standing nearby,earth. And do her no harm, lest laughed when We gave her theyou should be instantly afflicted good news of Isaac, and afterwith a torment.’ 65 But they Isaac, Jacob. 72 She said, ‘Alas!hamstrung her. He [Salih] said, Shall I bear a child in this old‘Enjoy yourselves in your homes age, while my husband here isfor three more days. This warning also old? This is indeed a strangewill not prove false.’ 66 Then thing!’ 73 They said, ‘Are youwhen Our command came by astonished at God’s command?Our grace, We saved Salih and May the mercy of God and Histhose who believed along with blessings be upon you, O peoplehim from the disgrace of that of this house. Surely, He isday. Surely, your Lord is powerful praiseworthy and glorious.’and mighty. 67 The wrongdoers 74 When the fear had leftwere overtaken by a dreadful Abraham, and the glad tidingsblast and they lay dead in their had been conveyed to him, hehomes, 68 as if they had never began to plead with Us for Lot’s
    • 11:87 Hud 169people, 75 for Abraham was So depart with your family whileforbearing, tender-hearted and it is yet night and let none of youoft-returning to God. 76 We said, look back. But your wife will‘Abraham, cease your pleading: suffer the fate that befalls thethe command of your Lord has others. Their appointed time isgone forth. There shall fall upon the morning: is the morning notthem a punishment which none near?’ 82 When Our commandcan avert!’ came, We turned that town upside 77 When Our messengers came down and We rained upon itto Lot, he was uneasy on this stones of clay, layer upon layer,account and felt powerless to 83 marked for them by the decreeprotect them. He said, ‘This is a of your Lord. The punishment ofdreadful day.’ 78 His people, who the unjust was not far off.were used to committing foul 84 To the people of Midian, Wedeeds, came running to him. He sent their brother Shu‘ayb. Hesaid, ‘My people, here are my said, ‘My people, worship God.daughters. They are purer for You have no deity other thanyou, [if you marry] so have some Him. Do not give short measurefear of God and do not disgrace and short weight. I see you areme before my guests. Is there not prospering. I fear for you thea single right-minded man among punishment of a fateful Day.you?’ 79 They replied, ‘You know 85 O my people, [always] givewe have no need of your full measure and weight, in alldaughters. You know very well fairness and do not defraudwhat we are seeking.’ people by making short delivery, 80 He said, ‘If only I had the and do not spread corruption instrength to stop you or could the land. 86 What God leavestake refuge in some powerful with you is the best for you, ifsupport!’ 81 They said, ‘Lot, we you are believers. I have notare your Lord’s messengers. By been appointed as your keeper.’no means shall they reach you! 87 They said, ‘Shu‘ayb, does
    • 170 The Quran 11:88your prayer tell you that we you say. In fact, we see that youshould abandon what our are powerless among us.Were itforefathers worshipped and that not for your clan, we would havewe should stop disposing of our stoned you, for you are not strongbelongings as we please? You against us.’ 92 He said, ‘Myare indeed the only wise and people, is my tribe mightier torightly-guided man!’ you than God? You put Him 88 [Shu‘ayb] said, ‘O my behind you, turning your backspeople! What do you think? If I on Him! Surely, my Lordhave clear evidence from my encompasses all that you do.Lord, and He has sustained me 93 My people, do what you willwith fair sustenance from and so shall I. You will certainlyHimself [should I not guide come to know who will receiveyou?]. I have no desire to do, out a punishment to disgrace him,of opposition to you, what I am and who is a liar. Wait on; I shallasking you not to do. I only want wait on with you.’to reform you as far as I can. Nor 94 When Our command came,can I succeed without God’s We saved Shu‘ayb and thosehelp. In Him I have put my trust who believed with him as aand to Him I turn. 89 O my people, mercy from Ourself, while thedo not let your opposition to me blast overtook the wrongdoers,bring upon you a fate similar to so that they lay dead in theirthe peoples of Noah or Hud or homes, 95 as though they hadSalih; nor is it long since the never dwelt therein. Oh, awaypeople of Lot were punished! with the people of Midian, just90 Seek forgiveness of your Lord as happened with the Thamud!and turn to Him in repentance. 96 We sent forth Moses withFor my Lord is indeed merciful Our signs and with manifestand loving.’ authority, 97 to Pharaoh and his 91 They replied, ‘Shu‘ayb, we nobles. But they followed thedo not understand much of what command of Pharaoh and the
    • 11:110 Hud 171command of Pharaoh was not time, 105 and when that Dayrightly directed. 98 He shall stand arrives, no soul shall speak butat the head of his people on the by His leave. Among those someDay of Resurrection, and shall shall be damned, and others shalllead them into the Fire. Evil is be blessed.the place to which they shall be 106 The wretched ones will beled. 99 A curse followed them in in the Fire sighing and groaning,this world, and shall follow them 107 remaining in it timelessly, foron the Day of Resurrection. What ever, as long as the heavens anda foul gift to be given! earth endure, except as your Lord 100 We relate to you such wills. Your Lord carries outaccounts of earlier towns: some whatever He wills. 108 Those whoof them are still standing; while are blessed shall abide in theothers have ceased to exist; Garden; they will dwell therein101 We did not wrong them; they as long as the heavens and thewronged themselves; the deities earth endure, except as your Lordthey called on besides God wills. Such bounty shall beavailed them nothing: when unending. 109 Have no doubt asGod’s command came upon them, to what they worship. Theythey only added to their ruin. worship nothing but what their 102 Such is the punishment of fathers worshipped beforeyour Lord when He seizes the [them]. We shall certainly givetowns in the midst of their sins: them their share in full, withoutHis punishing grip is terrible and diminishing anything.severe. 103 In that is a sign for 110 We certainly gave the Bookhim who fears the punishment of to Moses, but differences arosethe Hereafter. That is a Day for about it: had it not been that awhich mankind shall be gathered word had gone forth before fromtogether, a Day when all will be your Lord, Judgement wouldpresent. 104 We will only indeed have been passed on thempostpone it until a predetermined then and there: yet they are in
    • 172 The Quran 11:111grave doubt about it. 111 Your became guilty. 117 Your LordLord will reward each one of would never unjustly destroythem in full for their deeds. He is communities while their peoplewell-aware of all their actions. were trying to reform. 112 118 Therefore stand firm [in If your Lord had wished,the straight path] as you are He would have made mankindcommanded, along with those into one community. As it is,who have turned to God with they will not cease to dispute,—you, and do not exceed the 119 and to this end He has createdbounds, for He sees everything them [all], except for those toyou do. 113 Do not incline toward whom your Lord has shownthose who do wrong, lest the mercy. The word of your LordFire touch you. For [then] you shall be fulfilled, ‘I will fill Hellwould have none to protect you with jinn and men all together.’from God, and you will not be 120 We have told you the storieshelped. 114 Say your prayers of the prophets to make yourmorning and evening, and during heart firm and in these accountsparts of the night; surely good truth has come to you, with anmakes amends for evil. This is a exhortation and a reminder forreminder for people who pay the believers. 121 Say to thoseheed. 115 Be steadfast; for surely, who do not believe, you do thingsGod does not let the wages of the in your way and we are doingrighteous be wasted. things in our way, 122 and wait, 116 Why, then, were there not we too are waiting.’ 123 Theamong the generations before knowledge of the secret of theyou upright men who would heavens and the earth belongs tospeak out against the [spread of] God alone, and to Him shall allcorruption on earth—except for affairs be referred. So worshipthe few whom We saved? But Him and put your trust in Himthe wrongdoers pursued their alone. Your Lord is not unawareworldly pleasures and thus of what you do.
    • (173) 12. JOSEPH In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful1 Alif Lam Ra measure upon your forefathers, Abraham and Isaac. Truly, yourThese are verses from the clear Sustainer is all-knowing and wise!’Book. 2 We have sent down the 7 Surely, in Joseph and hisQuran in Arabic, so that you may brothers there are signs for theunderstand. 3 We recount to you inquirers. 8 They said [to eachthe best of narratives in revealing other], ‘Surely Joseph and histhis Quran to you, even though brother [Benjamin] are dearer toyou were unaware of it before it our father than ourselves,came. although we are a band. Truly, 4 When Joseph told his father, our father is clearly mistaken.‘My father, I saw eleven stars, 9 Therefore, let us put Joseph toand the sun and moon: I saw death or cast him away to somethem prostrate themselves before [far-off] land, so that our father’sme,’ 5 he replied, ‘My son, do attention should turn only to us,not relate your dream to your and you can thereafter become abrothers, lest they plot evil righteous people.’ 10 One of themagainst you—Satan is the sworn said, ‘Do not kill Joseph, but ifenemy of man. 6 You shall be you must do something, cast himchosen by your Lord and He into the bottom of a well; somewill impart to you some of the travellers will pick him up.’understanding of the inner 11 They said to their father,meaning of events. He will ‘Why do you not trust us withbestow the full measure of His Joseph? We are indeed his well-blessings upon you and upon the wishers. 12 Send him with usHouse of Jacob—even as He tomorrow, so that he may playformerly bestowed it in full and enjoy himself. We will look
    • 174 The Quran 12:13after him.’ 13 [Jacob] said, ‘It 19 And there came a caravan ofwould indeed grieve me if you travellers and they sent theirtook him away with you, and I water-drawer to draw water fromfear lest the wolf should devour the well. He let down his buckethim while you are off your guard.’ into the well and he exclaimed,14 They said, ‘Surely, if the wolf ‘Oh, what a lucky find, here is adevoured him while we were a boy!’ They hid him like a piecestrong party, we should indeed of merchandise, but God knewbe great losers.’ well what they did. 20 Later they 15 And so, when they went sold him for a paltry sum, a fewaway with him, they decided to pieces of silver [dirhams]: Socast him into the dark depths of little did they value him.a well. Then We revealed to him 21 The Egyptian who boughtOur will, ‘You shall [one day] him said to his wife, ‘Lodge himtell them of this deed of theirs, honourably, he may prove ofwhen they do not realize who benefit to us, or we may evenyou are.’ 16 And at nightfall they adopt him as our son.’ Thus Wecame to their father, weeping. established Joseph in the land,17 They said, ‘Father, we went so that We might teach him theoff racing and left Joseph with true meaning of events. God hasour belongings, and the wolf power over all things. However,devoured him. But you will not most people do not know this.believe us, even though we are 22 And when he reached maturity,telling the truth.’ 18 And they We bestowed on him rightshowed him their brother’s shirt, judgement and knowledge. Thusstained with false blood. ‘No!’ We reward those who do good.he cried. ‘Your souls have tempted 23 However, the woman inyou to do something evil! But it is whose house he lived, wanted tobest to be patient: God alone seduce him. One day she boltedcan help me bear the loss you the doors and said, ‘Come!’ Hespeak of.’ replied, ‘God forbid! Truly [your
    • 12:33 Joseph 175husband] is my master and has ask forgiveness for your sin, fortreated me honourably. you have done wrong.’Wrongdoers certainly never 30 Women in the town beganprosper.’ 24 She started towards to gossip, ‘The nobleman’s wifehim, and he would have is trying to seduce her slave!succumbed to her, if he had not Love for him consumes her heart!seen a sign from his Lord—We Indeed! We see her in manifestdid this in order to keep evil and error.’ 31 When she heard of theirindecency away from him, for he intrigues, she sent for them andwas truly one of Our chosen prepared a party for them. Sheservants. gave a knife to each of them [to 25 They both ran to the door cut fruits, etc.] and then askedand, in the struggle, she tore his Joseph to appear before them.shirt at the back. They found her When the women saw him, theyhusband at the door. She cried, were greatly amazed [at his‘Shall not the man who wished beauty], and they cut their hands,to violate your wife be thrown exclaiming, ‘God preserve us!into prison or sternly punished?’ This is no human being but a26 Joseph said, ‘It was she who noble angel!’ 32 She said, ‘Thissought to seduce me.’ One of her is he about whom you have beenhousehold testified, ‘If his shirt blaming me! And, indeed, I didis torn at the front then she is try to make him yield to me, butspeaking the truth, and he is he was unyielding. Now,lying. 27 But if it is torn from however, if he does not do as Ibehind then she is lying, and he bid him, he shall certainly be putspeaks the truth.’ 28 So when he in prison and be humiliated.’saw his shirt torn from behind 33 Joseph said, ‘O my Lord! I[her husband] said, ‘This is the would prefer prison to what theseguile of you women. Your guile women are inviting me to do.is great indeed. 29 Joseph, And if You do not avert theiroverlook this: but you [wife], guile from me, I may yield to
    • 176 The Quran 12:34them and so become one of the grace upon us and upon mankind;ignorant.’ 34 So his Lord even though most men are notanswered him and warded off grateful. 39 O my two fellow-their guile. He is All Hearing and prisoners! Are many diverse lordsAll Knowing. better, or God, the One, the 35 Yet, even after all the Almighty? 40 All those youevidence they had seen, they worship instead of Him are merethought it right to jail him for a names you and your forefatherstime. 36 Two young men entered have invented, names for whichthe prison along with him. One God has sent down no authority:of them said, ‘I saw myself [in a all power belongs to God alone,dream] I was pressing wine.’ and He orders you to worshipThe other said, ‘I dreamed I was none but Him: this is the truecarrying bread on my head from faith, though most people do notwhich the birds were eating. Tell realize it.us their meaning; for we see that 41 O my two fellow-prisoners,you are one who does good one of you will serve wine to his[to all].’ lord, the other of you will be 37 Joseph said to them, ‘I shall crucified and birds will feed offinform you of the interpretation his head. The matter about whichof your dreams before your meal you have been seeking myis brought to you. This is a part opinion has been so decreed.’of the knowledge that my Lord 42 He said to the one he thoughthas taught me. I have renounced would be saved, ‘Mention me tothe religion of the people who do your master.’ However Satannot believe in God and who deny made him forget to mention it tothe Hereafter. 38 I follow the his master, and so Josephreligion of my fathers, Abraham, remained in prison for a numberIsaac and Jacob; and it is not for of years.us to associate anyone with God 43 The king said, ‘I saw [in aas a partner. This is of God’s dream] seven fat cows which
    • 12:53 Joseph 177seven lean ones were eating, you stored. 49 Then a year willalso seven green ears of corn and come after that when people willseven others which were dry. have abundant rain and whenTell me the meaning of this once more they will press [winevision, my nobles, if you can and oil].’interpret visions.’ 44 They said, 50 The king said, ‘Bring him to‘These are confusing dreams and me.’ When the king’s messengerwe do not know the interpretation came to Joseph, he said, ‘Goof such dreams.’ 45 Then one of back to your master and ask himthe two men who had been about the women who cut theirreleased and who, after a long hands: my Lord knows well theirtime, remembered, said, ‘I shall guile.’ 51 The king asked thetell you its interpretation; women, ‘What was the truth oftherefore, give me leave to go [to the affair in which you tried toJoseph in prison].’ seduce Joseph?’ The women said, 46 ‘O truthful Joseph!’ he said, ‘God forbid! We know no evil of‘Tell us the meaning of a dream him.’ The wife of the noblemanin which seven fat cows are said, ‘The truth has now come tobeing eaten by seven lean ones, light. It was I who tried to seduceand there are seven green ears of him; he is surely an honest man.’corn and seven others which are 52 ‘From this,’ said Joseph,dry, so that I may return to my ‘[The nobleman] should knowpeople and inform them.’ that I did not betray him in his47 Joseph said, ‘You shall sow absence, and that God does notfor seven consecutive years as guide the plotting of theusual, but leave in the ear the treacherous. 53 I am not trying toharvest that you reap, except for absolve myself: for man’s verya little which you may eat. 48 Then soul incites him to evil unlessthere will follow seven years of my Lord bestows His mercy.great hardship which will Indeed, my Lord is forgiving andconsume all but a little of what merciful.’
    • 178 The Quran 12:54 54 The king said, ‘Bring him to grain from me, nor shall youme. I will take him for my special ever approach me again.’ 61 Theyservice.’ And when he had replied, ‘We shall try to persuadespoken to him, he said, ‘From his father to send him with us.now on you will dwell with us, We shall do [our utmost]!’honoured and trusted.’ 55 Joseph 62 Joseph said to his servants,said, ‘Place in my charge the ‘Put their money back into theirstorehouses of the land; for I am saddlebags, so that they willa good and knowledgeable recognize it when they returncustodian.’ 56 Thus We caused home to their family; thus theyJoseph to be established in a may come back.’ 63 When theyposition of authority in the land. returned to their father, they said,He could dwell therein wherever ‘Our father, any [further]he pleased. We bestow Our mercy measure of grain has been deniedon whomever We please, and We us, so send our brotherdo not allow the reward of the [Benjamin] along with us, sorighteous to go to waste. 57 Yet that we may obtain our measurethe reward of the hereafter is [of grain]; and, we shall guardbest for those who believe and him well.’ 64 He replied, ‘Am I toare mindful of God. trust you with him as I once 58 Joseph’s brothers arrived trusted you with his brother? Butand presented themselves before God is the best of guardians, thehim. He recognized them, but Most Merciful of all.’they did not know him. 59 When 65 When they opened theirhe had made provision for them, packs, they discovered that theirhe told them, ‘Bring me your money had been returned to them.brother on your father’s side. Do They said, ‘Our father, what moreyou not see that I give you full do we desire than this? Thismeasure and that I am the best of money of ours has been returnedhosts? 60 But if you do not bring to us, so we shall [again] buyhim to me, you shall have no food for our family and we shall
    • 12:76 Joseph 179guard our brother, and we shall themselves before Joseph, heobtain an additional camel-load took his brother [Benjamin]of grain. This [that we bring aside. He said, ‘I am your brother,now] is a small quantity.’ 66 He so do not feel distressed about[Jacob] said, ‘I will never send whatever they have been doing.’ 70him with you until you give me And when he had given thema solemn pledge, before God, their provisions, he placed athat you will indeed bring him drinking-cup in his brother’sback to me, unless you yourselves pack. Then a crier called outare trapped [in a compulsive after them, ‘Men of the caravan!situation].’ And when they had You have committed theft!’ 71given him their solemn pledge, They said, turning towards[Jacob] said, ‘God shall be him, ‘What is it that you havewitness to all that we say.’ lost?’ 72 ‘We miss the royal 67 ‘O my sons! Do not all of measuring bowl,’ he replied. ‘Heyou enter [the city] by one gate; who brings it shall have a camel- load of corn. I pledge my wordenter by separate gates. I cannot for it.’ 73 They said, ‘By God,help you in any way against you [ought to] know we have notGod; judgement is His alone. In come here to cause any troubleHim I have put my trust. In Him in the land. We are not thieves!’let the faithful put their trust.’ 74 The Egyptians asked them,68 They entered [safely] as their ‘And if we find that you arefather had told them. However, lying, what penalty shall we metehe had no power to guard them out to you?’ 75 They replied, ‘Theagainst God’s decree. It was only penalty should be that he ina wish in Jacob’s soul which he whose saddlebag it is found,had thus fulfilled. He was should be held [as bondman] topossessed of knowledge which atone for the crime. That is howWe had given him. But most we punish the wrongdoers.’ 76 Hepeople have no knowledge. [the herald] searched their bags 69 When they presented before his brother’s and then
    • 180 The Quran 12:77took out the cup from his took from you a pledge in God’sbrother’s bag. In this way, We name. You have already faileddevised a plan on behalf of with regard to Joseph, so I shallJoseph. He could not have never leave the land until mydetained his brother under the father permits me to, or GodKing’s law, unless God so willed. decides [things] for me. He isWe exalt whoever We please: but the best judge! 81 Return to yourabove those who have knowledge father and say, “Father, your sonthere is One all knowing. has committed a theft. We testify 77 They said, ‘If he is a thief, a only to what we know. Howbrother of his had [also] could we guard against thecommitted theft before him.’ But unforeseen? 82 Inquire of [theJoseph kept his secret and people of] the city where werevealed nothing to them. He lodged, and of the caravan withsaid [to himself], ‘Your deed which we travelled. We are tellingwas worse. God best knows the you the truth.”’things you speak of.’ 78 They 83 Jacob said, ‘No, but yousaid, ‘O exalted one, he has a have yourselves contrived a story.very aged father, take one of us But it is best to be patient. Godin his place. We can see that you may well bring them all back toare a very good man.’ 79 He me [in the end]. For He is indeedreplied, ‘God forbid that we full of knowledge and wisdom.’should take anyone other than 84 And he turned away fromthe person on whom we found them, crying, ‘Alas for Joseph!’our property. In that case, we His eyes went white with grief,would clearly be wrongdoers.’ and he was filled with sorrow. 80 85 When they had lost all hope They said, ‘By God, will youof [persuading] him, they keep on remembering Josephwithdrew, conferring among until your health is ruined, andthemselves. The eldest said, ‘Do you die?’ 86 He said ‘I onlyyou not know that your father complain of my anguish and my
    • 12:100 Joseph 181sorrow to God. God has made you this day; may God forgiveknown to me things that you do you! And He is the Most Mercifulnot know. 87 Go, my sons, and of those who show mercy. 93 Goseek news of Joseph and his with this shirt of mine and cast itbrother. Do not despair of God’s upon my father’s face. He willmercy; none but those who deny recover his sight; thereupon comethe truth despair of God’s mercy.’ [back] to me with all your family.’ 88 94 When his brothers presented When the caravan set outthemselves before Joseph, they from Egypt, their father [inpleaded, ‘Exalted one, distress Canaan] said, ‘You may think Ihas afflicted us and our family am senile, but I certainly perceiveand we have brought only a the breath of Joseph.’ 95 Theypaltry sum; but give us full said, ‘By God, you still persist inmeasure. Be charitable to us. your illusions!’ 96 But when theTruly, God rewards the bearer of the good news arrivedcharitable.’ 89 He said, ‘Are you and cast the shirt on Jacob’saware of what you did to Joseph face, his eyesight returned andand his brother in ignorance?’ he said, ‘Did I not tell you that I90 They exclaimed, ‘Are you know from God what you do notindeed Joseph?’ He replied, ‘I know?’ 97 They said, ‘O ouram Joseph and this is my brother. father! Ask forgiveness for ourGod has indeed been gracious to sins—we were truly in theus. The truth is that God does not wrong.’ 98 He said, ‘I shallwaste the reward of those who certainly ask my Lord to forgivedo good, who are righteous and you. Surely, He is the Moststeadfast.’ Forgiving and Merciful.’ 91 99 [The brothers] said, ‘By Then, when they presentedGod! Most certainly God has themselves before Joseph, heraised you high above us, and we drew his parents to him and said,have indeed been guilty!’ 92 He ‘Welcome to Egypt, in safety, ifsaid, ‘No blame [shall fall] on God wills!’ 100 He helped his
    • 182 The Quran 12:101parents to a couch and they all this. It is but a reminder for allfell down on their knees before mankind.him. He said, ‘My father, this is 105 And there are many signsthe interpretation of my dream. in the heavens and the earth thatMy Lord has made it come true! they pass by and give no heedHe was kind to me when He let to—106 and most of them, evenme out of prison and brought when they profess belief in God,you from the desert after Satan attribute partners to Him. 107 Dohad brought about discord they feel secure that the all-between me and my brethren. encompassing punishment ofMy Lord is the best planner in God will not come upon them, orachieving what He will; He is that the Last Hour will not comeAll Knowing, and Truly Wise.’ upon them suddenly when they 101 Then Joseph prayed, ‘My least expect it? 108 Say, ‘This isLord, You have given me power my way; on the basis of sureand taught me the interpretation knowledge, I call on you to haveof dreams. Creator of the heavens faith in God, I and those whoand the earth, You are my patron follow me. God is Holy; I am notin this world and the Hereafter! one of those who associateMake me die in submission to partners with God.’You and admit me among the 109 All the messengers We sentrighteous.’ before you [Muhammad] were 102 These are tidings of the human beings to whom We madeunseen that We reveal to you, [O revelations; they were menProphet], though you were not chosen from the people of theirpresent with them when they towns. Did they not travel acrossplotted and agreed upon a plan. the earth and see the end of those103 Yet most men will not become before them? Those who arebelievers, no matter how eager mindful of God prefer the life toyou may be. 104 You shall not come. Will you not thenask them for any reward for understand? 110 When the
    • 13:5 Thunder 183messengers lost all hopes and lesson for men of understanding.thought that they had been told This [Quran] is no invented tale,lies, Our help came to them: We but a confirmation of thesaved whoever We pleased, but previous [scripture] and aOur punishment will not be detailed explanation of all thingsaverted from the guilty. as well as guidance and mercy to 111 In their stories there is a true believers. 13. THUNDER In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful1 Alif Lam Mim Ra rivers, and fruits of every kind in male and female pairs. He drewThese are the verses of the Book. the veil of night over the day. InWhat is sent down to you from all this, truly, there are signs foryour Lord is the truth, yet most people who reflect.men do not believe in it. 2 It was 4 On the earth are diverseGod who raised the heavens tracts, adjoining one another:with no visible supports, and vineyards and cornfields andthen established Himself on the groves of palm, the single andthrone; He has regulated the sun the clustered. Their fruits areand the moon, so that each will nourished by the same water; yetpursue its course for an appointed We make the taste of some exceltime; He ordains all things and that of others. In this also aremakes plain His revelations, so signs for people who understand.that you may be certain of 5 If anything can astonish you,meeting your Lord; 3 it was He you should surely be astonishedwho spread out the earth and at their asking, ‘What? When weplaced upon it mountains and become dust, shall we be created
    • 184 The Quran 13:6anew?’ These are the ones who before him and behind him, whodeny their Lord: around their watch him at God’s command.necks there shall be fetters. They God does not change theare the inheritors of the Fire, and condition of a people’s lot, unlessshall abide therein forever. they change what is in their 6 They demand that you hasten hearts. But when God decreeson the evil rather than the good, punishment for a people, nonealthough there have been many can ward it off. Besides Him,examples of punishment before they have no protector.them—your Lord is full of 12 It is He who shows you theforgiveness for mankind, despite lightning, inspiring fear andtheir wrongdoings, but He is hope, and gathers up the heavytruly severe in punishment. clouds; 13 and the thunder 7 Those who deny the truth glorifies Him with His praiseask, ‘Why has no sign been sent and the angels do so too in awedown to him by His Lord?’ But of Him, and He sends Hisyou are only a warner; every thunderbolts to strike anyone Hepeople has its guide. pleases, yet they dispute about 8 God knows what every God, who is inexorable in Hisfemale bears. He knows of every power.change within the womb. For 14 The only true appeal is toeverything He has a proper God alone; those they appeal tomeasure; 9 He is the knower of instead of Him will never respondthe unseen and the visible, the to them in any way. They are likeGreat, the Most-Exalted. 10 It a man who stretches forth hismakes no difference whether you hands toward the water, so that itconverse in secret or aloud, may reach his mouth, but itwhether you hide under the cloak never does. The calls of thoseof night or walk about freely in who deny the truth are all inthe light of day. vain. 11 15 Each has guardian angels All who dwell in heavens
    • 13:23 Thunder 185and on the earth submit to God rewards for those who respondalone, willingly or unwillingly, to their Lord: while those whoas do their shadows in the do not respond to Him—if theymornings and in the evenings. possessed all that is on earth and16 Say, ‘Who is Lord of the twice as much, they would surelyheavens and the earth?’ Say, offer it as ransom [on the Day of‘God.’ Say, ‘Why do you take Judgement];—will have theprotectors other than Him, who worst reckoning and their goal iscan neither benefit nor harm Hell: and how evil a resting-even themselves?’ Say, ‘Are the place!blind and the seeing equal? Is 19 Can one who knows thatdarkness equal to the light? Or whatever has been sent down tohave they assigned partners to you from your Lord is the Truth,God who create as He creates, so be equal to one who is blind? Itthat both creations appear to is only those who are endowedthem alike?’ Say, ‘God is the with insight who pay heed; 20 theyCreator of all things. He is the who are true to their bond withOne, the Almighty.’ God and never break their 17 He sends down water from covenant; 21 and those who jointhe sky that fills riverbeds to together what God hasoverflowing, each according to commanded to be joined, andits measure. The torrent carries fear their Lord and dread thealong swelling foam, akin to harshness of the reckoning;what rises from smelted ore from 22 those who are steadfast inwhich man makes ornaments and seeking the favour of their Lord,tools. God thus depicts truth and and pray regularly and spendfalsehood. The scum is cast away, secretly and openly out of whatbut whatever is of use to man We have provided them with,remains behind. God thus speaks and ward off evil with good.in parables. Theirs shall be the final abode. 18 23 There will be the best of They shall enter the eternal
    • 186 The Quran 13:24Gardens of Eden, along with the remembrance of God hearts canrighteous from among their find comfort. 29 ‘As for thosefathers, wives and descendants. who believe and do righteousFrom every gate the angels will deeds—blissful is their end.’come to them, saying, 24 ‘Peace 30 Thus We have sent you to abe upon you for all that you have people, before whom othersteadfastly endured. How peoples have passed away, soexcellent is the final abode!’ that you may recite to them what 25 As for those who break the We have revealed to you. Yetcovenant of God, after having they deny the Gracious God.confirmed it, who cut asunder Say, ‘He is my Lord; there is nowhat God has commanded to be god but He. In Him I put my trustjoined and spread corruption in and to Him I shall return.’the land, a curse shall be laid on 31 Even if there were a Quranthem; they shall have an evil by which mountains could be setabode. 26 God gives abundantly in motion, by which the earthto whom He will and sparingly could be rent asunder, or byto whom He pleases—[those who which the dead could be made todeny the truth] rejoice in the life speak [they would not believe inof this world; yet the life of this it]. Surely all things are subjectworld is but a fleeting pleasure to God’s will. Are the faithfulcompared with the life to come. unaware that, had He pleased, 27 Those who deny the truth God could have guided allask, ‘Why has no Sign been sent mankind? Calamity shall notdown to him by his Lord?’ Say, cease to strike those who deny‘God lets go astray those whom the truth because of theirHe wills and guides to Himself misdeeds or to strike near theirthose who turn to Him, 28 those homes, until God’s promise bewho believe and whose hearts fulfilled. God will not fail tofind comfort in the remembrance keep His promise. 32 Otherof God—surely in the messengers were also mocked
    • 13:41 Thunder 187before you; but though I granted 36 Those to whom We sent therespite to those who denied the Scriptures rejoice in what hastruth, at last I seized them, and been revealed to you, while somehow awful was My punishment. factions deny parts of it. Say to 33 Is then He who watches them, ‘I have been commandedover every soul and its actions only to worship God and not to[like any other]? Yet they ascribe associate partners with Him: topartners to God. Say, ‘Name Him I pray and to Him I shallthem! Or do you presume to return.’ 37 Thus We have revealedinform Him of something on the it as a [clear] commandment inearth of which He does not Arabic. If you followed theirknow? Or, is all this only your desires after all the knowledgeverbal assertion?’ Indeed, their which has come to you, youdevices seem fair to those who would have no protector or shielddeny the truth, and they are kept against God. 38 We sent downback from the right path. There messengers before you and gavecan be no guide for those whom them wives and children. Yet itGod lets go astray. 34 Punishment was not possible for a messengerawaits them in the present life: to bring a sign, save by thebut harsher is the punishment of command of God. Every age hasthe Hereafter—no one will had its revelation. 39 Goddefend them against God. abrogates or confirms what He 35 Such is the Paradise which pleases; with Him is the sourcethe righteous have been of all commandments.promised: it is watered by 40 Whether We show you partrunning streams: eternal is its of what We have promised themfruit, and eternal is its shade. or cause you to pass away [beforeThat is the recompense of those that], your mission is only towho are righteous, but the give warning; it is for Us to dorecompense of those who deny the reckoning. 41 Do they not seethe truth is the Fire. how We come to [their] land and
    • 188 The Quran 13:42shrink its borders? God shall soon know for whom is thedecides—no one can reverse His final abode. 43decision—and He is swift in Those who deny the truthreckoning. 42 Those before them say, ‘You are not God’sdid also devise plots; but in all messenger.’ Say, ‘Sufficient isthings the master planning is God as my witness between meGod’s. He knows what each soul and you, and those who havedoes. Those who deny the truth knowledge of the Book.’ 14. ABRAHAM In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful1 4 Alif Lam Ra Each messenger We have sent has spoken in the language of hisWe have revealed to you this own people, so that he mightBook so that, by their Lord’s make the message clear to them.command, you may lead men But God lets go astray whom Hefrom darkness to the light: to the will and guides whom Hepath of the Mighty, the pleases. He is the Almighty, thePraiseworthy One, 2 to God, who All Wise. 5possesses whatever is in the We sent Moses with Ourheavens and whatever is on earth. signs, saying, ‘Lead your peopleWoe to those who deny the truth, out of the darkness into the light,for they shall be sternly punished! and remind them of God’s Days.3 Woe to those who love this life In that there are signs for everymore than the Hereafter; who patient, grateful person.’turn others away from the path 6 Moses said to his people,of God and seek to make it ‘Remember God’s goodness tocrooked. They have gone far astray. you when He delivered you from
    • 14:14 Abraham 189Pharaoh’s people who were Originator of the heavens andtreating you cruelly, putting your earth? He calls you to Him insons to death and sparing only order to forgive you some ofyour daughters. Surely that was your offences and to reprievea great trial from your Lord. you for a specific period.’ They7 Remember also the time when said, ‘You are only human beingsyour Lord declared, “If you are like ourselves! You want to divertgrateful, I will surely bestow us from what our forefathersmore favours on you; but if you have been worshipping, so bringare ungrateful, then know that us some clear authority.’My punishment is severe 11 Their messengers replied,indeed.”’ 8 Moses said, ‘Even if ‘We are indeed mortals likeyou should deny the truth, yourselves. But God bestows Hisand all who dwell on earth grace on such of His servants astogether, God is self-sufficient, He chooses. We cannot give youpraiseworthy.’ miracles, except by God’s leave. 9 Has not news come to you In God let true believers putconcerning those who preceded their trust—12 and why shouldyou, such as Noah’s people, and we not put our trust in God whenthe ‘Ad and Thamud, as well as He has already guided us to ourthose who came after them? Only paths? We will, surely, bear withGod knows who they were. The patience all the harm you do us.messengers came to them with So in God let those who trust putclear signs, but they put their their trust.’hands to their mouths saying, 13 Those who deny the truth‘We deny the message you have said to their messengers, ‘Webeen sent with. We have grave shall banish you from our landdoubts about what you are unless you return to our ways.’inviting us to do.’ But their Lord inspired the 10 Their messengers said, ‘Is messengers, saying, ‘We shallthere any doubt about God, the destroy the evil-doers, 14 and
    • 190 The Quran 14:15settle you on the land to succeed punishment?’ They will reply,them. That is [in store] for anyone ‘Had God given us guidance, wewho is in awe of meeting Me, would have guided you. It is alland who heeds My warnings.’ the same whether we are patient 15 When they sought Our or impatient; there is no escapeJudgement, every stubborn for us.’oppressor was frustrated. 22 When the Judgement has16 Beyond him is Hell, and he been passed, Satan will say toshall drink putrid water; 17 he them, ‘God made you a truewill sip and will not find it easy promise; I too made youto swallow it. Death will promises, but I failed you. I hadapproach him from every quarter, no authority over you, exceptyet he will not die. More intense that I called you and yousuffering will lie ahead of him. responded to me. Do not now 18 The works of those who blame me, but blame yourselves!deny their Lord are like ashes I cannot help you, nor can youwhich the wind scatters on a help me. I reject your former actstormy day: they shall gain in associating me with God.’nothing from what they do. To The wrongdoers will have aact thus is to stray far into error. painful punishment.19 23 Do you not see that God has But those who believed andcreated the heavens and the earth did good deeds will be broughtfor a purpose? He can eliminate into Gardens with rivers flowingyou if He wills and bring into through them. They shall abidebeing a new creation: 20 that is there forever by their Lord’sno difficult thing for God. permission, and will be welcomed 21 They shall all appear before with the greeting, ‘Peace’!God and the weak will say to 24 Do you not see how Godthose who behaved proudly, ‘We compares a good word to a goodwere your followers. Can you tree? Its root is firm and itsprotect us from God’s branches are in the sky, 25 it
    • 14:37 Abraham 191yields its fruit each season with 32 It was God who created theits Lord’s permission—God heavens and the earth. He sendsmakes such comparisons for down water from the sky withpeople, in order that they may which He brings forth fruits fortake heed—26 but an evil word is your sustenance; He has madelike an evil tree torn out of the ships subservient to you, so thatearth; it has no foothold. they may sail across the sea by 27 God will strengthen the His command; and has subjectedbelievers with His steadfast the rivers to you. 33 He has alsoword, both in the present life and subjected to you the sun and thein the Hereafter. God lets the moon, both steadfastly pursuingwrongdoers go astray. He does their courses. He has subjectedwhat He wills. to you the night as well as the 28 Do you not see those who, day; 34 He has given you all thatin exchange for God’s favour, you asked of Him; and if you tryoffer only ingratitude and cause to reckon up God’s favours, youtheir people to descend into the will not be able to count them.Abode of Ruin? 29 In Hell shall Truly man is very unjust, verythey burn; an evil place to stay. ungrateful.30 35 They have set up rivals to God [Remember] when Abrahamto lead people away from His said, ‘My Lord, make this a citypath. Say, ‘Enjoy yourselves of peace and help me and myawhile: you will then proceed to children to keep away fromthe Fire.’ worshipping idols. 36 My Lord, 31 Tell My servants, those who they have led so many menare true believers, to keep up astray! Anyone who follows meprayer and to give alms secretly is with me, but if anyone turnsand openly out of what We have against me, You are surelygiven them, before the Day forgiving and merciful. 37 O Lord! I have settledcomes when there will be neithertrading nor befriending. some of my offspring in an
    • 192 The Quran 14:38uncultivable valley near Your the punishment will come uponSacred House, Lord, so that they them, and when the wrongdoersmay say their prayers regularly. will say, ‘Our Lord, grant usSo, make people’s hearts incline respite for a short while. We willtowards them and provide them respond to Your call and willwith fruits so that they may be follow the messengers.’ [But Godgrateful. will answer], are you not those 38 Lord, You have knowledge who swore that you would neverof all that we hide and all that we suffer any decline? 45 You livedreveal: nothing in heaven or on in the dwellings of those whoearth is hidden from God. wronged themselves, and it was39 Praise be to God who has made clear to you how We hadbestowed upon me, despite my dealt with them and We gave youold age, Ishmael and Isaac. Surely many examples. 46 They hatchedmy Lord is the hearer of prayer. their plots; but these plots were40 Lord, grant that I may keep up all within God’s knowledge.the prayer, and so may my Though their plots were suchoffspring. My Lord, accept my as to shake the mountains,prayer. 41 Forgive me, Lord, and God will bring their plotsforgive my parents and all the to nothing.believers on the Day of 47 Never think that God willReckoning.’ fail in His promise to His 42 Do not think God is unaware messengers. God is mighty andof the wrongdoers’ actions. He capable of retribution. 48 On theonly gives them respite till the Day when the earth shall beDay on which all eyes will stare changed into another earth, asfixedly in horror. 43 They will shall be the heavens, they will allhurry on in fright, their heads appear before God, the One, thelifted up, their gaze directed Most Supreme. 49 On that Dayforward, their minds utterly void. you shall see the guilty bound in 44 Warn men of the Day when chains, 50 their garments shall be
    • 15:15 The Rocky Tract 193of pitch and the fire shall envelop Let them take warningtheir faces. 51 God will requite from it and know that Heeach soul according to its deeds. is but one God. Let thoseSwift is God’s reckoning. possessed of understanding may52 This is a message for mankind. take heed. 15. THE ROCKY TRACT In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful1 Alif Lam Ra if you are truthful?’ 8 But We send down the angels only toThese are the verses of a clear bring justice and then they willBook, the Quran. 2 A time will not be reprieved.surely come when those who are 9 It is We who have sent downbent on denying the truth will the Reminder and We will, mostwish that they had surrendered surely, safeguard it.themselves to God, 3 so leave 10 We sent messengers beforethem to eat and enjoy themselves you to the previous peoples, 11 butand let them be beguiled by vain there was never a messengerhopes; for soon they will realise who came to them but they[the truth]. 4 We have never mocked him: 12 thus We causedestroyed a township without a this [habit of mocking] to enterdefinite decree having been into the hearts of the sinful.issued; 5 no people can forestall 13 They will not believe in it,their doom, nor can they delay it. though they have before them 6 They say, ‘You to whom the the example of former peoples,Reminder [the Quran] has been 14 and even if We opened to themsent down, you are surely a door from heaven, and theypossessed. 7 Why do you not began ascending through it,bring down the angels upon us, 15 they would still say, ‘Our eyes
    • 194 The Quran 15:16have been dazzled. We are who will gather them. He is allbewitched.’ wise and all knowing. 16 26 We have placed We created man out of dryconstellations in heaven and have clay, from moulded mud, 27 andbeautified it for beholders, 17 and the jinn We had created beforeWe have guarded it from every from flaming fire.accursed devil: 18 but if anyone 28 Your Lord said to the angels,eavesdrops, he is pursued by a ‘I am about to bring into being abright flaming fire. man wrought from mud. 29 When 19 We have spread out the earth, I have formed him and breathedand set upon it firm mountains My spirit into him, fall down inand caused everything to grow prostration before him,’ 30 thenin due proportion. 20 We have the angels all prostratedprovided therein a means of themselves together. 31 But Satanlivelihood for you and for all did not; he refused to join thosethose creatures for whom you do who prostrated themselves.not provide. 32 God asked him, ‘What is the 21 There is not a thing but its matter with you, that you are notstorehouses are with Us. But We among those who have prostratedonly send down each thing in an themselves?’ 33 He replied, ‘I amappropriate measure: 22 We let not one to prostrate myself to aloose fertilizing winds, and bring man whom You have created outwater from the sky for you to of a clay of moulded mud.’drink; and you could not have 34 God said, ‘Then get out ofstored it up for yourselves. here; for you are accursed, 35 and 23 Truly, it is We who bring to the curse shall be on you till thelife and We who cause death and Day of Judgement!’ 36 Satan said,We are the inheritor of all things. ‘O my Lord! Grant me respite till24 We know those who lived the Day of Resurrection.’ 37 Hebefore you and those who will said, ‘You are granted respitecome after you. 25 It is your Lord 38 till that Appointed Day.’
    • 15:63 The Rocky Tract 195 39 51 He said, ‘My Lord, since Tell them about Abraham’sYou have let me go astray. I shall guests: 52 when they came to himmake the path of error seem they greeted him with: ‘Peace.’alluring to them on the earth and He said,‘We feel afraid of you.’shall mislead them all, 40 except 53 They said, ‘Do not be afraid.for Your chosen servants.’ We come to you with good news. 41 God said, ‘This is the path You shall have a son who shallwhich leads straight to Me. be endowed with great42 Surely, you shall have no power knowledge.’ 54 He said, ‘Do youover My true servants, except bring me such news despite mythose misguided ones who old age? What kind of goodchoose to follow you. 43 Surely, news are you bringing me?’Hell is the place to which they 55 They said, ‘We have, indeed,are destined, 44 it has seven gates: given you glad tidings in truth;and each gate has a portion of do not therefore despair.’ 56 Hethem allotted to it. said, ‘Who but the misguided 45 Truly, the God-fearing shall despair of the mercy ofdwell amid gardens and their Lord?’fountains—46 “Enter therein in 57 Then he asked, ‘What thenpeace and security!”— 47 We is your business, O messengers?’shall cleanse their hearts of all 58 They said, ‘We have been senttraces of ill-will; they will be forth to a guilty people.’ 59 Exceptlike brethren seated on couches for Lot’s household, all of whomfacing one another. 48 They will we shall rescue, 60 except hisnot be affected by any weariness wife. We have decreed that shethere, and they will never be will be among those who remainmade to leave.’ 49 Tell My behind [and will be lost].servants that I alone am the 61 When the messengers cameForgiving, the Merciful One, to Lot and his family, 62 he said,50 and that My punishment is a ‘You are strangers [to me].’painful punishment. 63 They said, ‘No, but we bring
    • 196 The Quran 15:64you news about what they 77 surely in this there is a sign fordisputed, 64 and we have come to those who believe.you with the truth, and surely we 78 The people of the Woodare truthful, 65 so leave with your were also surely wrongdoers.family some time in the latter 79 So We took vengeance onpart of the night, and walk behind them. Both are still there on thethem. Let none of you look back. highway, plain for all to see.Go where you are commanded.’ 80 The people of al-Hijr also66 We communicated to him Our rejected Our messengers: 81 Wedecree that the guilty ones would gave them Our signs, but theybe destroyed by the morning. turned away from them. 82 They 67 The people of the town came carved out dwellings in thealong, revelling, 68 and he told mountains, and lived inthem, ‘These are my guests, so security—83 the blast overtookdo not disgrace me. 69 Fear God them early one morning. 84 Alland do not shame me.’ 70 They that they had acquired was of nosaid, ‘Did we not forbid you to avail to them.extend hospitality to strangers?’ 85 We have created the heavens71 He said, ‘Here are my and the earth and all that isdaughters, if you must act in between the two in accordancethis way.’ with the requirements of truth 72 By your life, they wandered and wisdom. The Hour is surelyon in their wild intoxication coming. So overlook [their73 and thereupon the blast [of faults] with gracious forgiveness.Our punishment] overtook them 86 Surely your Lord is the Allat sunrise. 74 We turned the town Knowing Creator!upside down and rained upon 87 We have given you the seventhem stones of clay. 75 There are oft-recited verses and the greatcertainly signs in that for those Quran. 88 Do not strain your eyeswho can learn a lesson— 76 it is towards the worldly benefits Westill there on the highway— have bestowed on some of them,
    • 16:7 Bees 197nor grieve on their account. polytheists. 95 We will, surely,Lower your wing of mercy for suffice you against those whothe believers 89 and say, ‘I am, mock, 96 who set up another godindeed, a plain warner,’ 90 such with God, but they shall soonas We send down for those who learn. 97 We do indeed knoware divisive, 91 and who have how your heart is distressed atbroken the Scripture into what they say. 98 But glorifyfragments— 92 by your Lord, We your Lord with His praise,shall question them all 93 about and prostrate yourself: 99 andwhatever they had been doing! worship your Lord until 94 Proclaim openly what you what is certain [death] comesare commanded, and avoid the to you. 16. BEES In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful1 The decree of God is at hand, [mere] drop of sperm: yet heso do not seek to hasten it. Holy shows himself to be openlyis He, and exalted far above contentious! 5 He has createdwhat they associate with Him. cattle for you: from them you2 He sends down the angels with derive food and clothing andrevelations by His command to numerous other benefits; 6 howwhoever of His servants He pleasant they look when youpleases, saying, ‘Warn mankind bring them home in the eveningsthat there is no god save Me, so and when you take them out tofear Me.’ 3 He created the heavens pasture in the mornings. 7 Theyand the earth for a true purpose. carry your loads to places whichHe is exalted above anything you could otherwise not reachthey associate with Him. without great hardship—surely, 4 He created man out of a your Lord is compassionate and
    • 198 The Quran 16:8merciful— 8 He has created you the sea, so that you may eathorses, mules and donkeys, so its fresh seafood and bring forththat you may ride them, and also from it ornaments to wear. Youso that they may be put on show, see the ships cleaving through it.and He creates other things All this, so that you may seekbeyond your knowledge. His bounty and feel grateful. 9 15 The straight way leads to He has set up on the earthGod and there are ways which firm mountains, lest it shakedeviate from the right course. If under you, and rivers and tracks,He so wished, He would guide so that you may find your way,you all. 16 and He has set up other 10 It is He who sends down landmarks. By these and by thewater from the sky. From it you stars people set their course.drink and with it trees grow on 17 Is He, then, who creates likewhich you pasture your cattle. him who does not create? Will11 And with it He grows for you you not, then, take heed? 18 Ifcorn, and the olive and the date- you tried to count God’spalm and the grape, and all kinds blessings, you would never beof fruits. Surely, in that is a sign able to number them. God isfor a people who reflect. ever forgiving and most merciful. 12 19 He has made the night and God knows all that you concealthe day and the sun and the moon and all that you reveal.subservient to you; and all the 20 Those you call on besidesstars are subservient to His God cannot create anything. Theycommand. Surely in this there are are themselves created. 21 Theysigns for men of understanding. are dead, not living; nor do they13 On the earth He has fashioned know when they will be raised tofor you objects of various hues: life. 22 Your God is the One God.there is certainly a sign in that As for those who do not believefor people who pay heed. in the Hereafter, their hearts 14 It is He who subjected to refuse to admit the truth and they
    • 16:33 Bees 199are arrogant. 23 God surely knows 28 Those whose lives the angelswhat they conceal and what they take while they are wrongingreveal. He does not love the their own souls will offerarrogant. submission saying, ‘We were 24 When they are asked, ‘What not doing anything evil!’is it that your Lord has sent ‘Indeed!’ the angels will reply,down?’ they say, ‘Stories of the ‘God is aware of what you haveancients.’ 25 Let them bear all been doing, 29 so enter the gatestheir own burdens on of Hell. There you shall abideResurrection Day as well as some forever.’ Evil indeed is the abodeof the burdens of those whom of the arrogant.they lead astray without any 30 When those who fear Godknowledge. How evil the load are asked, ‘What has your Lordwith which they shall be sent down?’ Their reply is,burdened! ‘Goodness!’ The reward of those 26 Those who went before them who do good works in this worldalso plotted. But God struck at is good, but the abode of thethe foundations of their building, Hereafter is even better. Theand the roof fell down upon home of the righteous is indeedthem from above. The excellent. 31 They will enterpunishment came upon them Gardens of Eternity, where riversfrom where they did not expect. will flow at their feet. There they27 Then on the Day of will have all that they wish for.Resurrection He will disgrace Thus God rewards the righteous,them, and say, ‘Where are My 32 those whose lives the angelspartners for whose sake you take in a state of purity, sayingopposed [My guidance]?’ Those [to them], ‘Peace be on you;given knowledge will say, ‘This enter the Garden, because ofDay humiliation and affliction [the good] which you did [in thewill surely befall those who have world].’been denying the truth.’ 33 Are they waiting for the
    • 200 The Quran 16:34angels to come to them, or the messengers. 37 Though youfulfillment of your Lord’s will? [Prophet] may be eager to guideThose who went before them did them, God does not guide thosethe same. God did not whom He lets go astray, [becausewrong them; rather they of their refusal to give a positivewronged themselves. 34 The evil response to the truth]. They willresults of their deeds overtook have no supporters.them, and that which they 38 They swear their strongestused to mock at encompassed oaths by God that God will neverthem. raise the dead to life— 35 Those who associate [others nonetheless, it is a promise trulywith God] say, ‘If God had so binding on Him, even thoughwilled we would not have most people do not realize it—worshipped anything besides 39 this is so that He may makeHim, neither we nor our fathers, clear to them what they havenor would we have forbidden differed about and so that thoseanything without His sanction.’ who are bent on denying theSo did those who went before truth may realize that they werethem. The duty of the messengers lying. 40 When We will somethingis only to convey the message to happen, all that We say is,clearly. ‘Be!’ and it is. 36 41 We raised among every As for those who, afterpeople a messenger who persecution, migrated from theirenjoined, ‘Worship God alone homes for the cause of God, Weand shun the evil one.’ Then will provide them with a goodlyamong them were some whom abode in this life: but truly theGod guided and among them reward of the Hereafter will bewere others who became greater, if they only knew it.deserving of ruin. So travel across 42 They are the ones who arethe earth and observe what was steadfast and put their trust inthe end of those who rejected the their Lord.
    • 16:57 Bees 201 43 Before you also the all the creatures on the earthmessengers We sent were but prostrate themselves before God,[mortal] men to whom We as do the angels, and they do notvouchsafed revelation. Ask the behave proudly: 50 they fear theirPeople of the Book, if you do not Lord above them, and do whatknow. 44 [We sent them] with they are commanded.clear signs and scriptures. We 51 God says, ‘Do not take twohave sent down the Reminder to gods. He is only One God. Soyou, to enable you to make clear fear Me alone.’ 52 To Him belongsto mankind what has been sent whatsoever is in the heavens anddown to them, so that they may on the earth, and obedience isreflect upon it. due to Him alone. Will you then 45 Do those who devise evil fear anyone other than God?plans feel secure that God will 53 Whatever blessing you havenot make them sink into the is from God, and to Him youland, or that a punishment will turn for help when distress befallsnot come upon them from where you, 54 yet no sooner does Hethey least expect? 46 Or that He relieve your distress than somewill not seize them suddenly in among you set up other partnerstheir daily activities and they besides their Lord, 55 showingwill not be able to frustrate Him? no gratitude for what We have47 Or that He will not punish given them. Enjoy yourselvesthem by giving them a fright? awhile; but soon you will know!Indeed, your Lord is kind and 56 They even appoint a share ofmerciful. what We have provided for them 48 Have they not observed the [to false gods] they know nothingthings God has created, casting of. You shall surely be questionedtheir shadows right and about the lies you have beenleft, prostrating themselves fabricating.before God in all humility? 57 They assign daughters to49 Everything in the heavens and God—glory be to Him!—but for
    • 202 The Quran 16:58themselves [sons] that they desire messengers before you to otherto have. 58 When the birth of a nations. But Satan made theirgirl is announced to any of them, [foul] deeds seem fair to themhis face darkens and he is filled and today he is their patron.with gloom. 59 In his shame he They shall have a painfulhides himself away from his punishment. 64 We have only sentpeople, because of the bad news down the Book to you so thathe has been given. Should he you can make clear to them thatkeep her and feel disgraced or concerning which they differ,bury her in the dust? How ill and as a guidance and a mercy tothey judge! 60 The attribute of people who believe.evil applies to those who do not 65 God sends down water frombelieve in the Hereafter, while to the sky and with it revives theGod applies the highest attribute, earth when it is dead. There isfor He is Mighty, the Wise. truly a sign in this for people 61 If God were to take people who listen.to task for their wrongdoing, He 66 There is also a lesson forwould not leave even one living you in cattle. From the contentscreature on earth, but He gives of their bellies, from betweenthem respite till an appointed the dung and blood, We give youtime: when their time comes pure milk to drink, pleasant forthey cannot delay it for an hour, those who drink it. 67 From thenor can they bring it forward. fruit of the date palm and the 62 They attribute to God what grapes you derive intoxicants asthey themselves dislike and their well as wholesome food. Surelytongues utter the lie that all good in this there is a sign for men ofthings are for themselves. understanding.Without doubt, the Fire awaits 68 Your Lord inspired the bee,them, and they shall be hastened saying, ‘Make your homes in theon into it. mountains, in the trees, and also 63 By God! We have sent in the structures which men erect.
    • 16:77 Bees 20369 Then feed on every kind of of God, things that have nofruit, and follow the trodden control over their provision frompaths of your Lord.’ From its the heavens or the earth in anybelly comes a drink with different way, nor do they have any powercolours which provides healing [to do so]. 74 Do not comparefor mankind. Indeed, in this there God with anyone. God hasis a sign for people who give knowledge, but you have not.thought. 75 God makes a comparison 70 God created you; then He between an owned slaveshall cause you to die: and some possessing no power overshall have their lives prolonged anything, and someone to whomto abject old age, ceasing to We have given plentifulknow anything after once having provision, who gives out from ithad knowledge. God is all privately and openly. Are theyknowing and powerful. equal? Praise be to God! But 71 God has given some of you most people do not know it.more provision than others. 76 God makes anotherThose who have been given more comparison between two men,are unwilling to pass their one of whom is dumb and cannotprovision to the servants they do a thing, and is a burden on hispossess so that they become their master. Wherever he sends himequals. Will they then deny the on an errand, he brings [him] nofavour of God? good. Is he equal to someone 72 God has given you wives who commands justice and is onfrom among yourselves, and a straight path?given you children and 77 God alone has knowledgegrandchildren from your wives, of the hidden reality of theand provided wholesome things heavens and the earth; and thefor you. Will they then believe in coming of the Hour [offalsehood and deny God’s Judgement] is like the twinklingfavours? 73 They worship, instead of an eye, or even quicker.
    • 204 The Quran 16:78Surely God has full power over if they turn away, you areeverything. responsible only for conveying 78 God brought you forth from the message clearly. 83 Theythe wombs of your mothers while recognize the favour of God, yetyou knew nothing, and gave you they deny it; and most of themhearing and sight and hearts, so are ungrateful.that you might be grateful. 84 On the Day when We raise 79 Do they not see the birds up a witness from every people,held poised in the vault of those who were bent on denyingheaven? Nothing holds them up the truth will not be permitted toexcept God. Truly, there are signs put forward excuses, or to makein this for those who believe. amends. 85 When the wrongdoers80 God has made your houses face their punishment, it shallplaces of rest for you and made not be lightened for them, nortents for you out of cattle hides, shall they be granted anywhich are light for you to carry, reprieve.both when you are travelling and 86 When those who associatewhen you are staying in one partners with God see theirplace. He provides for you from associate gods, they will say,the wool and fur and hair of ‘Our Lord, these are our associatecattle, household goods and gods whom we used to call uponarticles for use for a time. instead of You.’ But they will 81 God has granted you shade throw back their words at them,out of what He has created, [saying], ‘Indeed you are liars,’places of shelter in the 87 and on that Day they will offermountains, garments with which total submission to God: and allto protect yourselves from the that they used to devise will failheat and coats of mail to shield them. 88 Upon all who were bentyou in battle. Thus He completes on denying the truth and whoHis favour to you, so that you turned others away from the pathmay submit wholly to Him. 82 But of God, We will heap punishment
    • 16:97 Bees 205upon punishment, in return for community could become biggerall the corruption that they than another. God is only testingbrought about. you by means of this. On the Day 89 The Day will come when of Resurrection He will make itWe raise up in every people a clear to you what you differedwitness against them from about.amongst themselves, and We will 93 Had God pleased, He wouldbring you as a witness against have united you in onethese people. We have sent down community; but He lets go astraythe Book to you to make whoever He will, and guideseverything clear, a guidance, and whoever He will, and you willa mercy, and glad tidings for surely be called upon to accountthose who submit to God. for all your actions. 90 God commands justice, 94 Do not use your oaths tokindness and giving their [due deceive each other lest any footto] near relatives, and He forbids should slip after being firmlyall shameful deeds, and injustice placed and lest you should tasteand transgression. He the penalty for having hinderedadmonishes you so that you may others from the path of God, fortake heed! then you will have a terrible 91 Fulfill the covenant of God punishment. 95 Do not sell God’swhen you have made one; and covenant for a paltry price. Whatdo not break your pledges after is with God is better for you iftheir confirmation. Indeed you you only knew.have made God your surety; for 96 What you have shall passGod knows all that you do. 92 Do away, but what is with God isnot, like the woman who unravels lasting. We will certainly giveher yarn after its strands have those who are patient their rewardbeen firmly spun, use your oaths according to the best of theiras a means of deceiving one actions. 97 To whoever does goodanother, just because one deeds, man or woman, and is a
    • 206 The Quran 16:98believer, We shall assuredly give 104 God will not guide those whoa good life; and We will bestow will not believe in the signs ofupon them their reward according God; and theirs will be a painfulto the best of their works. punishment. 105 Only those 98 When you read the Quran, fabricate lies concerning Godseek God’s protection from who do not believe in the signsSatan, the rejected one. 99 Surely, of God, and these are the liars.he has no power over those who 106 As for one who denies Godbelieve and put their trust in after he has believed, with thetheir Lord; 100 he has power only exception of one who is forcedover those who are willing to to do it, while his heart restsfollow him and associate others securely in faith, but one whowith God. opens his heart to a denial of 101 When We substitute one truth shall incur the wrath ofrevelation for another—and God God; such as these will have aknows best what He reveals— terrible punishment. 107 This isthey say, ‘You are but a because they prefer the life offabricator.’ Indeed, most of them this world to the Hereafter andhave no knowledge. 102 Say, ‘The because God does not guide thoseHoly Spirit has brought it down who deny the truth. 108 These areas truth from your Lord, so that the ones upon whose hearts andHe may strengthen those who hearing and sight God has set abelieve, and also as guidance seal. It is they who are heedless,and as good tidings for those 109 and in the life to come, theywho submit.’ will surely be the losers. 103 110 Indeed, We know what they Surely, your Lord will besay, ‘It is only a human being forgiving and merciful towardswho imparts [all] this to him!’ those who migrated afterBut the tongue of him to whom persecution and strove hard forthey point is foreign, whereas the cause of God and remainedthis is plain Arabic speech. steadfast. 111 On the Day each
    • 16:123 Bees 207soul will come pleading for itself, 116 Do not falsely declare, ‘Thisand every soul will be repaid is lawful, and this is forbidden,’according to whatever it has so as to invent a lie against God.done, and they will not be Surely, those who invent a liewronged. against God do not prosper— 112 117 God makes an example of a their enjoyment of this life istown that was secure and at ease, brief, and they shall have awith provisions coming to it painful punishment.abundantly from every quarter. 118 We forbade the Jews thoseThen it showed ingratitude for things We told you about before.God’s blessings and God We did not wrong them; ratherafflicted it with hunger and fear they wronged themselves.because of what they did. 119 Surely, your Lord is most113 There came to them a forgiving and ever mercifulmessenger from among towards those who do evil inthemselves, but they rejected him ignorance and truly repentas false, so punishment overtook thereafter and make amends.them, as they were wrongdoers. 120 Abraham was a community 114 So eat the lawful and good in himself devoted to God andthings which God has provided true in faith, He was not one offor you, and be thankful for the the polytheists; 121 he was thankfulblessing of God, if it is Him you for His blessings. God choseworship. 115 He has forbidden him and guided him to a straightyou only carrion, blood and the path. 122 We gave him blessingsflesh of swine; also any [flesh] in this world, and in the Hereafterconsecrated in the name of any he shall be among the righteous.but God. But if anyone is forced 123 Then We revealed Our will toby dire necessity, not desiring it you [O Muhammad], saying,or exceeding his immediate need, ‘Follow the religion of Abraham,God is forgiving and merciful the upright in faith; he was nottowards him. one of the polytheists.’
    • 208 The Quran 16:124 124 The Sabbath was only knows best those who areenjoined on those who differed rightly guided.about it. Your Lord will judge 126 If you want to retaliate,between them on the Day of retaliate to the same degree asResurrection regarding the things the injury done to you. But if youabout which they differed. are patient, it is better to be so. 125 127 Call to the way of Endure with patience; truly,your Lord with wisdom and your patience is possible onlyfair exhortation and reason with the help of God. Do notwith them in a way that grieve for them, or feel distressedis best. Your Lord knows because of their plottings, 128 forbest those who have strayed God is with those who areaway from His path, and He righteous and those who do good. 17. THE NIGHT JOURNEY In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful1 Holy is He who took His servant not take anyone besides Me as aby night from the sacred place of guardian, 3 you who are theworship [at Makkah] to the descendants of those whom Weremote house of worship [at carried in the Ark with Noah. HeJerusalem]—the precincts of was a truly thankful servant.’which We have blessed, so that 4 We forewarned the ChildrenWe might show him some of Our of Israel in the Scripture, ‘Twicesigns. Surely, it is He who is All you shall commit evil in theHearing, and All Seeing. land. You shall become great 2 We gave Moses the Book transgressors.’ 5 When the timeand made it a guide for the of the first of these warningsChildren of Israel saying, ‘Do came, We sent against you
    • 17:15 The Night Journey 209servants of Ours, of great might, eagerly as he should ask forwho ravaged your homes. So the good. Truly, man is indeed hasty.awarning was fulfilled, 6 and after 12 We have made the night anda time We allowed you to prevail the day as two signs. We blottedover them once again and aided out the sign of night and madeyou with wealth and offspring the sign of the day illuminating,and made you greater in number. so that you may seek the bounty 7 [We said], ‘If you persevere of your Lord and learn to computein doing good, you will be doing the seasons and the years. Wegood to yourselves; but if you do have set everything forth inevil, it will go against you.’ detail.When the time of the second 13 We have tied the fate ofwarning came, [We roused every man about his neck; andagainst you others] to disgrace We shall produce a book for himyou utterly and to enter the place on Resurrection Day that he willof worship as they had entered it find spread open. 14 It will say,before, utterly destroying all that ‘Read your record, today therethey laid their hands on. 8 We will be none but yourself to callsaid, ‘Your Lord may yet have you to account!’ 15 Whoevermercy on you, but if you do thesame again, so shall We: We a God wants man to be patient abouthave made Hell a prison for acquiring the immediate luxuries ofthose who deny the truth.’ the world, so that he should keep to 9 Surely, this Quran guides to the right path on his journey towardsthe most upright way and gives the Hereafter. But man, due to hisgood news to the believers who hasty nature, rushes to acquire ephem-do good deeds, so that they will eral worldly luxuries, which prove to be impediments to his continuing hishave a great reward 10 and warns onward journey. Man’s desire for in-those who deny the life to come stant gratification is the greatest rea-with grievous punishment. son for his being deprived of the 11 Yet man asks for evil as bounties of the Hereafter.
    • 210 The Quran 17:16chooses to follow the right path, desire the Hereafter] We bestowfollows it for his own good; and the bounty of your Lord: nonewhoever goes astray, goes astray shall be denied the bounty ofat his own peril; no bearer of your Lord—21 see how We haveburdens shall bear the burdens exalted some above others [inof another. Nor do We punish the present life]. Yet the Hereafteruntil We have sent forth a shall be greater in degrees ofmessenger to forewarn them. rank and greater in excellence. 16 22 When We decide to destroy Do not set up any othera town, We command the affluent deity beside God, lest you incursection of its people, but they disgrace, and be forsaken. 23 Yourtransgress therein; thus the word Lord has commanded that you[sentence of punishment] is should worship none but Him,justified, then We destroy the and show kindness to yourtown utterly. 17 How many parents. If either or both of themgenerations have We destroyed attain old age with you, say nosince Noah’s time. Your Lord is word of contempt to them andwell aware of the sins of His do not rebuke them, but alwaysservants and observes them all. speak gently to them 24 and treat 18 We give whatever We will them with humility andto whoever desires immediate tenderness and say, ‘Lord, begains; but then We have prepared merciful to them both, as theyHell for him which he will enter, raised me up when I was little.’disgraced and rejected. 25 Your Lord knows best what is19 Anyone who desires the in your hearts; if you areHereafter and makes a proper righteous, He is most forgivingeffort to achieve it, being a true to those who constantly turn tobeliever, shall find favour with Him.God for his endeavours. 26 Give to your relatives their 20 Upon all, both these [who due, and also to the needy anddesire the world] and those [who the wayfarer. Yet do not spend
    • 17:39 The Night Journey 211extravagantly; 27 spendthrifts are property, except with the best ofthe brothers of Satan, and Satan intentions, until they reachis ever ungrateful to his Lord— maturity. Keep your promises;28 but if, while waiting for your you will be called to account forLord’s bounty which you are every promise which you haveexpecting, you turn them down, made! 35 Give full measure, whenthen at least speak to them kindly. you measure, and weigh with 29 Be neither miserly, nor so accurate scales. That is fair, andopen-handed that you suffer better in the end.reproach and become destitute. 36 Do not follow what you do30 Your Lord gives abundantly to not know; for the ear and the eyewhom He will and sparingly to and the heart shall all be calledwhom He pleases. He is informed to account. 37 Do not walkand observant about His servants. proudly on the earth. You cannot 31 You shall not kill your cleave the earth, nor can youoffspring for fear of want. It is rival the mountains in height.We who provide for them, and 38 All that is evil in the sight offor you. Indeed, killing them is a your Lord, and is detestable.great sin. 32 Do not commit 39 This is part of the wisdomadultery,a for it is an indecent that your Lord has revealed to you.thing and an evil course. Do not set up any other deity 33 Do not take life which God with God, lest you be cast intohas made inviolate—except by Hell, condemned and rejected.right. If anyone is killedwrongfully, We have given a One of the evils, which God wantsauthority to his heirs to demand to root out completely, is adultery, orretribution, but let them not zina. That is, adultery is such a greattransgress the prescribed limits evil and is proof of such shameless- ness, that man should abstain evenin exacting retribution; for then from its initial stages. Here, only ahe will be assisted [by the law]. basic command has been given on this 34 Do not go near the orphans’ subject.
    • 212 The Quran 17:40 40 What! Has your Lord then Lord in your recitation of thefavoured you with sons and Quran, they turn their backs inHimself adopted females from aversion.among the angels? What you say 47 We are fully aware of whatis monstrous. 41 We have they wish to hear when theyexplained [the truth] in this Quran listen to you; and what they sayin various ways, so that they may when they converse in private;take heed, but it has only and when the wrongdoers say,increased their aversion. 42 Say, ‘You are only following a man‘If there were [other] deities who is bewitched!’ 48 See to whatalong with Him, as they claim, they liken you! But they are lostthen they would surely have tried and cannot find the right path.to find a way to the Lord of the 49 ‘What!’ they say, ‘When weThrone. 43 Glory be to Him! are turned to bones and dust,Exalted above all that they say! shall we be restored to life?’44 50 The seven heavens and the Say, ‘[yes] even if you turnedearth and all who dwell therein to stones or iron, 51 or any otherglorify Him. There is not a single substance which you thinkthing but glorifies Him with His unlikely to be given life.’ Thenpraise; but you do not understand they will ask, ‘Who is it thattheir glorification. Truly, He is shall restore us to life?’ Answerforbearing and most forgiving.’ them, ‘He who created you the 45 When you recite the Quran, first time.’ They will then shakeWe place an invisible barrier their heads at you and say, ‘Whenbetween you and those who do will that be?’ Say, ‘It may wellnot believe in the Hereafter. 46 We be very soon.’ 52 On that Day Heput veils over their hearts will call you, and you will answerto prevent them from by praising Him, thinking thatcomprehending it, and We afflict you have stayed for only a littletheir ears with deafness. When while.’you mention your one and only 53 Tell My servants that they
    • 17:62 The Night Journey 213should always say what is best. Judgement. That is recorded inSatan stirs up discord among the Book.them. Surely, Satan is an outright 59 Nothing prevents Us fromenemy to man. sending signs, except the fact 54 Your Lord is fully aware of that previous peoples deniedyou. He may show you mercy if them. We gave the people ofHe will, or punish you if He will. Thamud the she-camel as a clearWe have not sent you as their sign, yet they mistreated her. Weguardian. 55 Your Lord knows give signs only by way ofbest about everyone in the warning.heavens and on the earth. We 60 We told you that your Lordgave some prophets more than encompasses mankind. Weothers: We gave David the granted the vision which WePsalms. showed you, as well as the tree 56 Call upon those you claim that is cursed in the Quran, onlyto be deities besides God and as a test for mankind. We warnyou will know that they have no them, but this only increasespower to remove affliction from their insolence.you or to bring about any change 61 When We said to the angels,[that you may desire]. 57 Those ‘Prostrate yourselves beforewhom they invoke are themselves Adam,’ they all prostratedseeking a way of approach themselves except Iblis. He said,to their Lord, vying with ‘Am I to prostrate myself toeach other to be near Him. someone You have created outThey hope for His mercy of clay?’ 62 and [further] said,and fear His punishment. Surely, ‘Do you see this being whomthe punishment of your Lord You have exalted above me? Ifis to be feared: 58 there is You reprieve me until the Day ofnot a town [community] but Resurrection, I will bring all butWe shall destroy or sternly a few of his descendents underpunish it before the Day of my sway.’
    • 214 The Quran 17:63 63 God said, ‘Go away! Hell you are back on land, or Hiswill be your reward and the sending a deadly sand stormreward of any of them who follow upon you? Then you will findyou—an ample recompense. none to protect you. 69 Or do you64 Go ahead and entice feel secure against His sendingwhomsoever of them you can, you back to sea once again, andwith your voice, and mount raising a fierce gale against youassaults against them with your and causing you to drown incavalry and infantry and be their requital for your ingratitude? Youpartner in wealth and offspring, will find no helper against Usand make promises to them— there.Satan promises nothing but 70 We have honoured thedelusion—65 but over My true children of Adam, and have borneservants you shall have no power. them on the land and the sea,Your Lord will be their all- given them for sustenance thingssufficient guardian.’ which are good and pure; and 66 Your Lord is He who causes exalted them above many of Ourthe ships to move onward for creatures.you across the sea, so that you 71 The Day will surely comemay go in quest of His bounty: when We shall summon everyHe is most merciful towards people with their leader. Thenyou. 67 When danger threatens those who are given their recordsyou at sea, you call upon Him, in their right hands will readand forget all others you are their records [eagerly] and shallwont to invoke. But when He not in the least be wronged:brings you safe to land, you turn 72 but whoever has been blind inaway from Him. Man is ever this life will be blind in the lifeungrateful. to come, and still farther astray 68 Do you then feel secure from the path [of truth].against His causing you to be 73 They indeed sought to enticeswallowed up by the earth when you away from what We revealed
    • 17:87 The Night Journey 215to you, hoping that you might honourable entrance and aninvent something else in Our name; honourable exit, and sustain meand then they would have accepted with Your power.’ 81 Say, ‘Truthyou as a close friend. 74 If We had has come and falsehood hasnot made you stand firm, you would disappeared. Falsehood is alwaysalmost have inclined towards bound to wither away.’them a little. 75 In that case, We 82 We send down in the Quranshould have inflicted a double that which is healing and a mercypunishment in this life, and a to those who believe; as for the evil-double punishment after death. doers, it only increases their loss.Then you would have found no 83 When We bestow a favourone to help you against Us. upon a person, he turns his back 76 Indeed they came near to and draws aside; and when evilunsettling you, so that they might afflicts him he gives himself upexpel you from the land, but in to despair. 84 Say to them,that case they themselves would ‘Everyone acts in his own way,not have stayed on for very long and your Lord knows best who isafter you. 77 Such was Our way rightly guided.’with the messengers We sent 85 They question you about thebefore you, and you will find no Spirit. Say, ‘The Spirit is at mychange in Our ways. Lord’s command, and you have 78 Say your prayers from the been granted but littledecline of the sun, until nightfall; knowledge.’and at dawn—the recitation at 86 If We pleased, We woulddawn is indeed witnessed. 79 And certainly take away that whichduring the night wake up and We have revealed to you—thenpray, as an additional prayer: it you would find no guardian formay well be that your Lord will you against Us— 87 exceptraise you to a station of praise through the special mercy ofand glory.’ your Lord. His favours towards 80 Say, ‘Lord, grant me an you has been great indeed.
    • 216 The Quran 17:8888 Say, ‘If all men and jinn their query, ‘Has God sent agathered together to produce the human being as a messenger?’like of this Quran, they could not 95 Say, ‘If there had been angelsproduce one like it, however walking around on earth, Wemuch they helped one another.’ would have sent an angel down 89 In this Quran, We have set from Heaven as a messenger forout all kinds of examples for them.’ 96 Say, ‘God suffices as apeople, yet most of them persist witness between me and youin denying the truth. 90 They [all]. He is informed about anddeclare, ‘We will never believe observant of His servants.’in you until you cause a spring to 97 Those whom God guidesflow for us from the earth; 91 or are the truly guided, and foryou have a garden of date palms those whom He lets go astray,and vines, and cause streams to you will find no helper besidesflow plentifully in the midst of Him, on the Day of Judgement.them; 92 or you cause the heavens We shall gather them together,to fall down on us in pieces, as lying upon their faces, blind,you have claimed; or you bring dumb and deaf. Their abode shallGod and the angels before us be Hell. Every time the fire diesface to face; 93 or you have a down, We will make it blaze uphouse made of gold; or you again for them. 98 That is theirascend to heaven; and we will recompense, because theynot believe in your ascension rejected Our signs and asked,until you send down to us a ‘When we are reduced to bonesBook that we can read.’ Tell and dust, shall we indeed bethem, ‘Holy is my Lord. I am but raised up as a new creation?’a human being sent as a 99 Do they not see that God,messenger.’ who has created heavens and 94 Nothing has prevented men earth, is able to create the like offrom believing whenever them? He has appointed aguidance came to them, save definite term for them; there is
    • 17:111 The Night Journey 217no doubt about it, but the it has come down. We have sentwrongdoers persist in denying you forth only to give good newsthe truth. 100 Say, ‘Even if you and to give warning—106 Wepossessed the treasures of the have revealed the Quran bit bymercy of my Lord, you would bit so that you may recite it to thesurely hold them back for fear of people slowly and withspending. Man is indeed deliberation. We have impartedniggardly!’ it by gradual revelation. 101 107 We did indeed give Moses Say to them, ‘You maynine manifest signs; you can believe in it or not. Those toenquire from the Children of whom knowledge had beenIsrael. When he came to them, revealed, fall on their faces inPharaoh said to him, ‘Moses, I prostration when it is recited,can see that you are bewitched.’ 108 and say, “Glory to our Lord!102 He said, ‘You know full well Our Lord’s promise is bound tothat none has sent down these be fulfilled.” 109 They fall downsigns but the Lord of the heavens upon their faces weeping, andand the earth as eye-opening [the Quran] increases theirevidence. Indeed, Pharaoh, I can humility.’see that you are doomed.’ 103 So 110 Say, ‘Whether you call onhe resolved to scare them out of God or on the Merciful One: Histhe land: but We drowned him are the finest names.’ Pray neitheralong with all those who were in too loud a voice nor in silence,with him. 104 Thereafter, We said but between these two extremes.to the Israelites, ‘Dwell in the Seek a middle way 111 and say,land. When the promise of the ‘All praise is due to God whoHereafter comes to be fulfilled, has never begotten a son andWe shall assemble you all who has no partner in Histogether.’ kingdom; nor does anyone aid 105 We have revealed the Quran Him because of any weakness ofwith the truth, and with the truth His. Proclaim His greatness.’
    • (218) 1 8 . T H E C AV E In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful1 Praise be to God who has sent were one of Our wondrous signs?down to His servant—the Book, 10 When the young men soughtwhich is free from any ambiguity refuge in the cave, they said,2 and which rightly directs, to ‘Our Lord, grant us Your specialgive warning of stern punishment mercy and give us right guidancefrom Him, and to proclaim to the in our affair.’ 11 Then We causedbelievers who do righteous deeds them to fall into a deep sleep forthat they shall have an excellent many years inside the cave.recompense, 3 wherein they will 12 Then We woke them up againremain [in a state of bliss] so that We might see which offorever. 4 And to warn those who the two groups would bettersay, ‘God has taken to Himself a calculate the time they had stayedson.’ 5 They have no knowledge there.of this, nor did their forefathers 13 We shall tell you their storyhave any either. What they say is as it really was. They were youngmonstrous: they are merely men who believed in theiruttering falsehoods! Lord, and on whom We 6 Perhaps you may destroy bestowed further guidance. 14 Weyourself with grief if they do not strengthened their hearts, whenbelieve in this message. 7 We they rose up and declared, ‘Ourhave adorned the earth with Lord is the Lord of the heavensattractive things, so that We may and the earth. Never shall wetest mankind as to which one is call upon any deity other thanbest in conduct, 8 but We shall Him: for that would be anreduce all this to barren waste. outrageous thing to do. 15 These 9 Do you think that the Men of people of ours have taken deitiesthe Cave and the Inscription other than Him. Why do they not
    • 18:21 The Cave 219produce clear evidence about turned your back and fled inthem? Who is more wicked than terror.the man who invents a falsehood 19 In the course of time, Weagainst God? raised them up again so that they 16 ‘Now that you have might question one another. Onewithdrawn from them and from of them asked, ‘How long haveall that they worship instead of you stayed [here]?’ They said,God, take refuge in that cave; ‘We have stayed a day, or part ofyour Lord will extend His mercy a day.’ But others said, ‘Yourto you and will make fitting Lord knows best how long youprovision for you in your have stayed here. Let one of yousituation.’ go then with these silver coins to 17 The sun could be observed the town, and let him find outto incline away from their cave what food is purest there, andon the right, as it rose, and to bring you back a supply of it. Letturn away from them on the left, him conduct himself withwhen it set, while they lay in the caution and not disclose yourwide space inside the cave. This whereabouts to anyone: 20 for ifis one of the signs of God. He they find you out, they will stonewhom God guides is rightly you to death, or force you backguided; but for him whom He into their faith. In that case youlets go astray, you will find no would never prosper.’helper or guide. 21 Thus We disclosed things to 18 You would have thought them so that they might knowthey were awake, though they that God’s promise was true andlay asleep. We turned them over, there was no doubt about theto the right and the left, while Hour [Judgement Day]. Thetheir dog lay at the cave’s people argued about them amongentrance with legs outstretched. themselves. They said, ‘Build aHad you looked down and seen monument over them. Their Lordthem, you would have surely knows best concerning them.’
    • 220 The Quran 18:22Those who prevailed in their on the earth. How well He seesaffair said, ‘Let us surely build a and how well He hears! Man hasplace of worship over them.’ no other guardian besides Him. 22 Some will say, ‘They were He allows none to share Histhree, the fourth was their dog,’ sovereignty.and others will say, ‘They were 27 Proclaim what has beenfive, the sixth was their dog,’ revealed to you from your Lord’sguessing at random. And yet Book. None can change Hisothers say, ‘They were seven, the words. You shall find no refugeeighth was their dog.’ Say, ‘My besides Him. 28 Keep yourselfLord knows best their number.’ attached to those who call onOnly a few know anything about their Lord, morning and evening,them. Therefore, do not enter seeking His pleasure; and do notinto controversies over them, let your eyes turn away fromnor seek information about them them, desiring the attraction offrom any of them; 23 never say of worldly life; and do not obey oneanything, ‘I shall certainly do whose heart We have madethis tomorrow,’ 24 without heedless of Our remembrance,[adding], “if God so wills.” one who pursues his own whimsRemember your Lord whenever and becomes dissolute.you might forget and say, ‘I trust 29 Say, ‘This is the truth frommy Lord will guide me to that your Lord. Let him who will,which is even nearer to the right believe in it, and him who will,path than this.’ deny it.’ For the wrongdoers We 25 [Some say], ‘They stayed in have prepared a Fire which willtheir cave three hundred years,’ cover them like a canopy, and ifand to that some have added they beg for water, they will beanother nine years. 26 Say, ‘God given water as hot as moltenknows best how long they stayed lead, which will scald their faces:in it.’ Only God has knowledge how dreadful a drink, and howof the unseen in the heavens and evil a resting place!
    • 18:42 The Cave 221 30 As for those who believe that the Hour will ever come.and do good deeds—We do not Even if I am returned to mylet the reward of anyone who Lord, I shall surely find a betterdoes a good deed go to waste— place than this.’31 37 they shall dwell in the Gardens His companion replied, inof eternity where rivers flow at the course of their discussion,their feet. Reclining upon raised ‘Do you deny Him who createdcouches, they will be adorned you from dust, from a small dropwith bracelets of gold, and will of fluid, then formed you into awear green robes of fine silk and man? 38 But as far as I amheavy brocade. An excellent concerned, God alone is my Lordreward and an excellent resting and I set up no partners withplace! Him. 39 When you entered your 32 Recite to them the parable garden, why did you not say,of two men! One of them We “That which God wills [willprovided with two vineyards surely come to pass], there is nowhich We surrounded with date- power save with God?” Althoughpalms, and placed a field of you see I have less wealth andgrain in between; 33 each garden offspring than you, 40 my Lordproduced its fruit and did not fail may well give me a garden betterto yield its best; We even caused than yours and send downa river to gush forth in the midst thunderbolts from heaven uponof them, 34 and so he had fruit in your vineyard, turning it into aabundance. While conversing barren waste; 41 or its water maywith his companion, he said, ‘I sink into the earth, so that youam wealthier than you are, and will never be able to find ithave a bigger following!’ again!’35 Having thus harmed his own 42 So it was, and all his fruitsoul, he entered his garden was destroyed. The vines had allsaying, ‘I do not think this will fallen down on their trellises,ever perish, 36 and I do not believe and their owner wrung his hands,
    • 222 The Quran 18:43bewailing all that he had spent standing in rows and He will sayon his garden. He said, ‘Would to them, ‘Now you have come tothat I had not associated anyone Us as We created you at first. Butwith my Lord!’ 43 He had no you supposed that We would notparty to help him against God, appoint the time for thenor was he able to defend fulfillment of Our promise tohimself. 44 The only support is you.’from God, the True God. He is 49 The Book [of deeds] will bethe best in rewarding and the placed before them and you willbest in respect of the final see the guilty apprehensive aboutoutcome. its contents. They will say, ‘Woe 45 Give them an example about to us! What a record this is! Itworldly life. It is like the does not leave any deed, small orvegetation of the earth that large, unaccounted for!’ Theythrives when watered by the rain, will find everything they everwhich We send down from the did laid in front of them: yoursky, and then it all becomes Lord will not be unjust to anyone.stubble which the wind blows 50 When We said to the angels,away. God has power over all ‘Prostrate yourselves beforethings. 46 Wealth and children Adam,’ all prostrated themselvesare an ornament of the life of this except Satan. He was one of theworld. But deeds of lasting merit jinn and he disobeyed his Lord’sare better rewarded by your Lord command. Do you then take himand a far better source of hope. and his offspring as protectors 47 The Day We shall make the instead of Me, despite theirmountains move and you will enmity towards you? This issee the earth laid bare, and We an evil exchange for theshall gather all mankind together wrongdoers!and shall not leave any one of 51 I did not call them to witnessthem behind. 48 They will be at the creation of the heavensranged before your Lord, and the earth, nor at their own
    • 18:62 The Cave 223creation; I do not take as My is more wicked than he who hashelpers those who lead others been reminded of the revelationsastray. of his Lord, then turns away 52 On that Day He will say to from them and forgets what histhem, ‘Call on those whom you own hands have done? We havethought to be My partners.’ And cast veils over their hearts lestthey will call on them, but their they understand Our words, andprayer will not be heard; and We made them hard of hearing. Callshall place a barrier [of enmity] them as you may to the rightbetween them. 53 The guilty shall path, they shall never be guided.see the Fire and realize that they 58 Your Lord is the Forgivingare going to fall into it: they shall One, the possessor of mercy. Iffind no way of escape from it. He had to take them to task for 54 We have explained in the wrongs they have done, Hevarious ways in this Quran, for would have hastened theirthe benefit of mankind, all kinds punishment. They have anof examples, but man is most appointed time beyond whichcontentious. 55 Nothing prevents there will be no escape forpeople from believing when they them. 59 We destroyed theseare given guidance or from communities when they went onasking forgiveness of their Lord, doing wrong, and We appointedbut the fact that the fate of the a time for their destruction.previous peoples should befall 60 Recall how Moses said tothem or to have the punishment his servant, ‘I shall not give upcome upon them face to face. until I reach the place where 56 We only send the messengers both seas meet, even if it takesto bring good news and to give me years!’ 61 But when at lastwarning. Those who deny use they came to the land where thefallacious arguments to nullify two seas met, they forgot theirthe truth, treating My revelations fish and it swiftly made its wayand My warnings as a jest. 57 Who into the sea. 62 After they had
    • 224 The Quran 18:63passed the place, Moses said to 71 So they set out, but, whenhis young companion, ‘Bring us they got into a boat, the manour morning meal; we have indeed made a hole in it. Mosesbeen fatigued by this journey.’ exclaimed, ‘Have you made a 63 He replied, ‘Did you see hole in the boat to drown thewhen we were resting by the people in it? You have indeedrock, that I forgot the fish? Satan done a dreadful thing!’ 72 Hemade me forget it, so I did not replied, ‘Did I not tell you thatmention it. It made its way to the you would never be able to bearsea in a miraculous way!’ with me patiently?’ 73 He said,64 Moses said, ‘That is just what ‘Do not take me to task for whatwe were looking for.’ So they I have forgotten, and do not bewent back the way they had hard on me on account of whatcome, 65 and they found one of I have done!’ 74 So they travelledOur servants to whom We had on. Then they met a young boygranted Our mercy and had given and the man killed him. Mosesa knowledge from Ourself. said, ‘Have you slain an innocent 66 Moses said to him, ‘May I person without his having slainfollow you, so that you may anyone? Indeed, you have doneguide me by what you have been a terrible thing!’taught?’ 67 He replied, ‘You will 75 The man said, ‘Did I not tellnot be able to bear with me you that you would not be able topatiently. 68 How could you be have any patience with me?’patient in matters beyond your 76 Moses replied, ‘If I ever askknowledge?’ 69 Moses said, ‘God you about anything after this, dowilling, you will find me patient, not let me accompany you. I willand I will not disobey you in any have given you sufficientthing.’ 70 He said, ‘Well then, if excuse.’ 77 So they went on untilyou would follow me, do not ask they came to a town. They askedme about anything till I speak of its people for food, but wereit to you.’ refused hospitality. They found a
    • 18:89 The Cave 225wall in the town which was then to dig up their treasure as aabout to fall down. His mercy from Him. I did not do [it]companion buttressed it and of my own accord. That is theMoses said, ‘Had you wished, explanation of the things aboutyou could have demanded which you were not able topayment for your labours.’ 78 He restrain yourself.’answered, ‘This is where you 83 They will ask you aboutand I must part company. But Dhu’l-Qarnayn. Say, ‘I will givefirst I will tell you the meaning you an account of him.’ 84 Weof the things you could not bear established him in the land, andwith patiently. gave him the means to achieve 79 ‘The boat belonged to some all things.poor people who made their 85 He travelled on a certainliving from the sea. I wanted to road; 86 until, when he reacheddamage it because there was a the setting of the sun, he foundking coming behind them who it setting in a spring of murkywas seizing every boat by force. water and near it he found 80 As for the youth, his parents some people. We said, ‘Dhu’l-were believers and we feared Qarnayn! You can either punishthat he would trouble them by them or else you can treat themrebellion and denial of truth. with gentleness.’ 87 He said, ‘We81 We wanted their Lord to shall certainly punish him whoreplace him with someone does wrong; then he shall bepurer than him and more brought back to his Lord whocompassionate. will punish him with a grievous 82 ‘The wall belonged to two punishment, 88 but whoeveryoung orphans in the town whose believes and does good worksfather had been a righteous man, shall have a good reward and Weand a treasure of theirs lay shall facilitate his matter by Ourunderneath it. So your Lord command.’wanted them to come of age and 89 Then he followed yet another
    • 226 The Quran 18:90path, 90 until he came to the Magog] were not able to scale it,rising-place of the sun, where he nor were they able to borefound it rising on a people for through it, 98 and he said, ‘Thiswhom We had provided no is a mercy from my Lord. Butshelter from it. 91 Thus indeed it when the promise of my Lordwas. We had full knowledge comes to pass, He will level it toof him. dust. My Lord’s promise is ever 92 Then he followed still true!’another path, 93 until he came 99 On that Day, We shall letbetween two mountains. He them surge against each otherfound beside them a people who like waves and then the Trumpetcould scarcely understand a word will be blown and We shall gather[of his language]. 94 They said, them all together. 100 On that‘O Dhu’l-Qarnayn! Gog and Day We shall lay Hell bare beforeMagog are causing corruption in those who deny the truth,the land, so may we pay you 101 who have turned a blind eyetribute on condition that you set to My reminder and a deaf ear toa barrier between us and them?’ My warning. 95 102 He said, ‘What My Lord has Do those who deny thegiven me is better [than any truth, think that they can maketribute]. Help me with a force of My servants patrons instead oflabourers and I will erect a barrier Me? We have reserved Hell as abetween you and them: 96 bring lodging for those who deny theme blocks of iron.’ Then, when truth.he had filled the gap between the 103 Say, ‘Shall I tell you ofmountain sides [he said], ‘Now those who will lose the mostblow on the fire with your through their actions? 104 Theybellows.’ When the iron blocks are those whose efforts havewere red with heat, he said, been wasted in the life of the‘Bring me molten brass to pour world while they thought theyon them.’ 97 So they [Gog and were doing good. 105 They are
    • 19:7 Mary 227 109those who deny their Lord’s signs Tell them, ‘If the oceanand the meeting with Him.’ So became ink for writing the wordstheir works are in vain, and We of my Lord, surely the oceanshall give them no weight on the would be exhausted before theDay of Resurrection. 106 Hell will words of my Lord came to anbe their reward, because they end—even if We were to adddenied the truth, and made a jest another ocean to it.’ 110of My signs and My messengers. Say, ‘I am only a human 107 Those who believe and do being like yourselves. It isgood works shall have the revealed to me that your God isgardens of Paradise for their One God. So let him who hopesabode. 108 They shall forever to meet his Lord do good deedsdwell in the Gardens of Paradise, and let him associate no one elsedesiring no change. in the worship of his Lord.’ 1 9 . M A RY In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful1 Kaf Ha Ya ‘Ayn Sad my kinsmen when I am gone. [I have no hope of their continuing2 This is an account of your my mission] for my wife isLord’s mercy bestowed upon His barren, so grant me a successorservant Zachariah, 3 when he from Yourself, 6 to be my heircalled upon his Lord in low and to be the heir [of thetones, saying, 4 ‘Lord, my bones blessings] of the House of Jacob;have weakened and my head has and make him, O my Lord,turned hoary with age, but never, acceptable to you.’Lord, have I been disappointed 7 ‘Zachariah, We bring youin my prayer to you: 5 now I fear good news of a son whose name
    • 228 The Quran 19:8shall be John. We have not given 16 Recount in the Book howsuch a name to anyone before.’ Mary withdrew from her people8 ‘My Lord!’ [said Zachariah], to an eastern place 17 and kept‘How shall I have a son when my herself in seclusion from them.wife is barren and I have reached We sent her Our angel, whosuch extreme old age?’ presented himself to her as 9 He said, ‘It will be so! Your a full-grown human being.Lord says, ‘‘It is easy for Me for 18 When she saw him, she said, ‘II created you when you were seek refuge in the compassionatenothing before.”’ 10 He said, ‘My God from you; [do not comeLord, grant me a sign!’ He said, near] if you fear the Lord.’ 19 ‘I‘Your sign will be that you will am only the messenger of yournot speak to anyone for three Lord,’ he replied. ‘I shall bestowsuccessive days and nights, upon you the gift of a sonalthough sound in body.’ 11 Then endowed with purity.’ 20 She said,Zachariah came forth from the ‘How can I have a son when noshrine to his people and told man has touched me; and neitherthem by signs to glorify the Lord have I been unchaste?’ 21 [Themorning and evening. angel] replied, ‘So shall it be; 12 To John We said, ‘Hold fast your Lord says, “This is easy forthe Book,’ and while he was still Me; and We shall make him aa child, We bestowed upon him sign to people and a blessing,wisdom, 13 and tenderness [of from Us. This has beenheart] and purity. He was pious, decreed.”’14 22 and dutiful towards his parents So she conceived him andand was not haughty or withdrew with him to a distantdisobedient. 15 Peace be on him place. 23 The pains of labouron the day of his birth, and on drove her to the trunk of a date-the day of his death, and peace palm. She said, ‘Oh, if only I hadwill be on him on the day he is died before this and passed intoraised up to life again. oblivion!’
    • 19:40 Mary 229 24 But a voice called out to her me arrogant or wicked. 33 Blessedfrom below, ‘Do not despair. was I on the day I was born, andYour Lord has provided a brook blessed I shall be on the day I diethat runs at your feet, 25 and if and on the day I am raised to lifeyou shake the trunk of this palm- again.’tree, it will drop fresh ripe dates 34 Such was Jesus, the son ofon you. 26 Eat and drink and Mary. That is the whole truth,rejoice. And if you see any human about which they still dispute:being say, “I have vowed a fast 35 it does not befit the majesty of[of silence] to the Gracious God, God that He should beget a son.and will not speak with any Glory be to Him! He is far abovehuman being today.”’ that: when He decrees something, 27 Carrying her child, she He says only, ‘Be!’ and it is.brought him to her people. They 36 God is my Lord and yoursaid, ‘O Mary, you have indeed Lord, so worship Him alone.done something terrible! 28 Sister That is the right path. 37 Yetof Aaron, your father was not an different groups differed amongevil man, nor was your mother themselves. How awful it will bean unchaste woman!’ for those who have rejected the 29 She pointed to the child. truth when a dreadful DayThey said, ‘How shall we talk to arrives! 38 How sharp of hearing,someone who is a child in the how sharp of sight they will becradle?’ 30 [But] he said, ‘I am when they come to Us. But today,God’s servant. He has given me these evil-doers are obviouslythe Book and made me a prophet; lost in error.31 He has made me blessed 39 Warn them of [the comingwherever I may be, and has of] the Day of Remorse, whenenjoined upon me prayer and everything will have beenalmsgiving throughout my life. decided, while they are heedless32 He has made me dutiful toward and do not believe. 40 It is Wemy mother, and He has not made who will inherit the earth and all
    • 230 The Quran 19:41who dwell upon it: they shall all well be that, in calling on myreturn to Us. Lord, I will not be disappointed.’ 41 49 Also recount the story of So when he had separatedAbraham in the Book. He was a himself from them and fromman of truth, and a prophet. what they worshipped besides42 He said to his father, ‘Why do God, We bestowed on him Isaacyou worship something that can and Jacob, and We made each ofneither hear nor see nor benefit them a prophet. 50 We grantedyou in any way? 43 Father, I have them Our mercy and bestowedbeen given some knowledge on them true and high renown.which has not come to you, so 51 Tell also of Moses in thefollow me: I shall guide you Book. He was indeed a chosenalong a straight path. 44 Father! one, and was a messenger and aDo not worship Satan—for, truly, prophet. 52 We called out to himSatan is a rebel against the Most from the right side of the mountGracious One! 45 Father, indeed and made him draw near to be inI fear lest a punishment from the close communion with Us; 53 andGracious One afflict you, and We gave him as his helper, out ofyou become a friend of Satan.’ Our mercy, his brother Aaron, 46 [His father] said, ‘Do you having made him a prophet.reject my deities, Abraham? If 54 Tell also of Ishmael in theyou do not desist, I shall surely Book. He was true to his promisestone you to death. Keep out of and was a messenger and amy way!’ 47 Abraham replied, prophet. 55 He exhorted his‘Peace be on you: I will pray to people to prayer and almsgiving,my Lord for your forgiveness— and his Lord was pleased withHe has indeed been gracious to him. 56 Tell also of Idris in theme—48 I will separate myself Book. He was a man of truth andfrom you and from whatever you a prophet. 57 We raised him to acall upon besides God, and I will high position.pray only to my Lord. It may 58 These are the ones whom
    • 19:71 Mary 231God has favoured: the prophets the Garden which We will grantfrom among the descendants of to those of Our servants whoAdam and of those whom We have been God-fearing.carried in the Ark with Noah; the 64 We never descend except atdescendants of Abraham, of your Lord’s command. What isIsrael, and of those whom We before us and behind us and allhave guided and chosen. For that lies between belong to Him.when the revelations of the Your Lord is not forgetful. 65 HeMerciful were recited to them, is the Lord of the heavens and ofthey fell down, prostrating the earth and of all that is betweenthemselves and weeping. the two. So worship Him alone 59 But then they were and be steadfast in His worship.succeeded by generations who Do you know of anyone equal toneglected their prayers and were Him in His attributes?driven by their own desires. They 66 Man asks, ‘When I am oncewill assuredly meet with dead, shall I be raised to life?’destruction, 60 except for those 67 But does man not rememberwho repent and believe and do that We created him when hegood deeds. These will enter was nothing before? 68 By yourHeaven, and they will not be Lord, We shall most surely gatherwronged in the least. them and the devils too; and 61 Theirs shall be the Gardens bring them close to hell on theirof Eden, which the All Merciful knees.has promised to His servants 69 Then We shall carry off fromwithout their having seen them, every group those who wereand most surely His promise most stubborn in their oppositionshall be fulfilled. 62 They will to the Gracious One—70 Wenot hear therein anything vain, surely know best those mostonly greetings of peace. They deserving of the fires of hell—will receive their provision there 71 and there is not one of you butmorning and evening. 63 That is shall pass through it: a decree
    • 232 The Quran 19:72from your Lord which must be denies the truth in Our revelationsfulfilled. 72 Then We shall save and says, ‘I shall certainly bethose who feared God, but the given wealth and children.’wrongdoers shall be left there on 78 Has he looked to the unseen,their knees. or has he made a pledge to the 73 When Our clear revelations Merciful One? 79 Indeed not. Weare recited to them, those who shall record what he says anddeny the truth say to the faithful, shall prolong the punishment for‘Which of the two sides is better him. 80 We shall inherit all thatin respect of position and makes he boasts of, and he will come toa more impressive assembly?’ Us all alone. 81 They have taken74 We have destroyed so many other deities besides God, sogenerations before them, who that they may be a source ofsurpassed them in material power strength for them. 82 But theyand splendour. shall reject their worship and 75 Say, ‘The Gracious One turn against them.grants respite for a time to those 83 Do you not see that Wewho are in error until, when they have appointed devils to inciteare confronted with what those who deny the truth tothey are promised, either in disobedience? 84 So take no hastypunishment [in the world] or in action against them; their days[the approach of] the Hour, they are numbered. 85 The Day willwill realize who is worse in surely come when We shallrespect of position and who is gather the God-fearing likeweaker in resources.’ [honoured] guests before the 76 God increases His guidance Compassionate God 86 and Weto those who follow guidance; shall drive the sinful like a thirstyand lasting good works are better herd into Hell. 87 No one willin the sight of your Lord and are have power to intercede, exceptmost rewarding. for those who have permission 77 Have you seen him who from the Lord of Mercy.
    • 20:7 Ta Ha 233 88 them precisely— 95 each one of They say, ‘The Gracious Onehas begotten a son.’ 89 Assuredly, them shall come to Him one byyou have uttered a monstrous one on the Day of Judgement.falsehood: 90 the heavens might 96 The Lord of Mercy will bestowwell-nigh burst thereat, and the affection upon those who believeearth break asunder, and the and perform righteous deeds. 97mountains fall down in pieces, We have made it [the Quran]91 because they ascribe a son to easy, in your own languagethe Gracious One. 92 It does not [Prophet], so that you maybecome the majesty of the convey glad news to the righteousCompassionate God to take to and give warning to a stubbornHimself a son: 93 there is none in people. 98 How many generationsthe heavens or on the earth but We have destroyed before them!shall return to the Merciful in Can you find a single one ofutter submission— 94 He has them alive now, or hear so muchcounted them and numbered as a whisper from them? 2 0 . TA H A In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful1 Ta Ha settled on the throne. 6 To Him belongs whatever is in the2 We have not sent the Quran heavens and whatever is on thedown to you to distress you, earth, and whatever lies in3 but only as an exhortation for between them, and all that lieshim who fears God; 4 it is a under the ground.revelation from Him who has 7 Whether you speak aloud [orcreated the earth and the high in a low voice], He hears all, forheavens, 5 the All Merciful He knows your secrets and what
    • 234 The Quran 20:8is even more hidden. 8 God, there for my flock; I also have otheris no deity but Him. His are the uses for it.’ 19 God said, ‘Moses,most excellent names. cast it down.’ 20 So he threw it 9 Have you heard the story of down, and all of a sudden, itMoses? 10 When he saw a fire, turned into a fast-moving serpent.he said to his family, ‘Wait here. 21 God said, ‘Take hold of it, andI can see a fire. Perhaps I can have no fear: We shall return it tobring you a brand from it, or find its former state. 22 Put your handsome guidance at the fire.’ under your armpit: it will come 11 When he came close to it, a out [shining] white, without anyvoice called out, ‘Moses, 12 I am blemish. This shall be anotheryour Lord! Take off your sandals, sign.a 23 We shall show you somefor you are in the sacred valley of Our greatest signs. 24 Go toof Tuwa. 13 I have chosen you. Pharaoh; he has transgressed allSo listen to what is being bounds.’revealed. 14 I am God. There is 25 Moses said, ‘My Lord! openno deity save Me; so worship Me up my heart, 26 and make my taskalone, and say your prayers in easy for me. 27 Loosen the knotMy remembrance. 15 The Hour is in my tongue, 28 so that they maycoming. But I choose to keep it understand my speech, 29 andhidden, so that every human appoint for me a helper frombeing may be recompensed in among my family, 30 Aaron, myaccordance with his labours.16 Do not let anyone who does a The fact is that whatever there is innot believe in it and follows his this world, or whatever the events, allown desires turn you away from are ‘miracles’ of God, be it the emerg-it and so bring you to ruin.’ ing of a sapling from the earth or a 17 ‘What do you have in your stick becoming a snake. ‘Extraordi- nary’ miracles are shown throughright hand, Moses?’ 18 He replied, prophets to make man take notice of‘It is my staff. I lean on it, and the everyday miracles wrought bywith it, I beat down the leaves God.
    • 20:51 Ta Ha 235brother. 31 Strengthen me through 41 I have chosen you forhim, 32 and let him share my Myself. 42 Go, you and yourtask, 33 so that we may glorify brother, with My signs, and doYou much 34 and remember You not be remiss in rememberingmuch: 35 You are surely watching Me. 43 Go, both of you toover us. 36 God said, ‘You have Pharaoh, for he has transgressedbeen granted your request, Moses.’ all bounds. 44 But speak gently 37 Indeed, We showed Our to him; perhaps he may yet takefavour to you before also, 38 when heed or even feel afraid.’We revealed Our will to your 45 They both said, ‘Our Lord,mother, saying, 39 ‘‘Put him into We fear that he may commita chest, then cast it into the river. some excess against us, or exceedThe river will cast it on to the all bounds in transgression.’bank, and there he shall be taken 46 God said, ‘Do not fear; I amup by an enemy of Mine and with you both. I hear and I see.his.” I showered My love on you 47 Go to him and say, “We areso that you might be reared under both messengers from your Lord.My watchful eye. 40 Recall when Let the Children of Israel goyour sister walked along and with us, and do not oppresssaid, “Shall I guide you to one them. We have brought you awho will take care of him?” Sign from your Lord, and mayThus We returned you to your peace be upon whoever followsmother, so that her eyes might the right guidance; 48 it has beenbe cooled and that she might not revealed to us that punishmentgrieve. And you killed a man and shall overtake him who rejects itWe delivered you from sorrow. and turns away!”’We tested you with various trials. 49 Pharaoh said, ‘Who then isYou stayed for a number of years the Lord of you both, Moses?’among the people of Midian, 50 Moses replied, ‘Our Lord isthen you came upto the standard, He who has given everything itsMoses. form, then guided it.’ 51 Pharaoh
    • 236 The Quran 20:52asked, ‘What about the previous assemble when the sun has risengenerations?’ 52 Moses said, ‘My high.’ 60 So Pharaoh withdrew,Lord alone has knowledge of devised his stratagem andthat, recorded in a Book. My returned. 61 Moses said to them,Lord neither errs nor forgets.’ ‘Woe to you! Do not invent 53 It is He who has laid out the lies against God, lest Heearth for you and traced routes in destroy you by some calamity:it and sent down water from the whoever invents lies is boundsky. We have brought forth every to fail.’sort of plant with it, 54 so eat 62 Then they [the magicians]and graze your cattle. In this conferred among themselves,there are signs for men of whispering to one another.understanding. 55 From the earth 63 They said, ‘Certainly they areWe have created you and We will both magicians who want toreturn you to it, and from it We drive you out of your land byshall bring you forth a second their magic, and destroy yourtime.a best traditions. 64 Therefore, 56 We showed Pharaoh all Our decide upon your plan and thensigns but he rejected them and come forward in ranks. Whoeverrefused to believe in them. 57 He gains the upper hand today shallsaid, ‘Have you come to us to surely triumph.’turn us out of our land by means 65 They said, ‘Moses, will youof your magic, Moses? 58 We throw down first, or shall we bewill certainly bring you magic tomatch it. So appoint a time a The creation of the earth, thebetween us and you, in an openspace, which neither we nor you institution of the system of rainfall, the growth of plants and greenery andwill fail to keep.’ other natural phenomena that have 59 Moses said, ‘The day of the made the present world habitable forencounter will be the day of the living things, are astonishingly greatfestival, and let the people and wonderful manifestations.
    • 20:78 Ta Ha 237the first to throw down?’ the truth that has come to us. Nor66 Moses said, ‘You throw down to Him who has brought us intofirst.’ Suddenly their ropes and being. So decide whatever youstaffs appeared to him, by their will. Your jurisdiction onlymagic, to be moving about covers the life of this world—rapidly, 67 and in his heart Moses 73 we have believed in our Lordbecame apprehensive, 68 but We so that He may forgive us oursaid, ‘Do not be afraid. It is you sins and forgive us the sorcerywho shall prevail.’ 69 Throw that you have forced us todown that [staff] which is in practice. God is the best and theyour right hand—it shall swallow most abiding.’up what they have wrought, for 74 Indeed, he who comes to hiswhat they have wrought is only Lord a sinner shall be consigneda magician’s trick. A magician to Hell; he shall neither dieshall never thrive, come whence therein nor live. 75 But he whohe may. 70 The magicians then comes to Him as a believer,prostrated themselves. They said, having done good deeds, shall‘We believe in the Lord of Aaron be exalted to the highest ranks,and Moses.’ 76 he will abide forever in the 71 Pharaoh said, ‘Have you Gardens of eternity, throughbelieved in him before I permit which rivers flow. That is theyou? He must be your master recompense for those who purifywho has taught you magic. I will themselves.cut your hands and feet off on 77 We sent a revelation toopposite sides, and have you Moses saying, ‘Take away Mycrucified on the trunks of palm- servants by night and strike fortrees. You shall know whose them a dry path through the sea.punishment is more severe and Have no fear of being overtakenmore lasting.’ and do not be afraid.’ 78 Pharaoh 72 They said, ‘Never shall we pursued them with his hosts, butprefer you to all the evidence of they were submerged by the
    • 238 The Quran 20:79sea, which was destined to in anger and great sorrow. Heoverwhelm them. 79 For Pharaoh said, ‘My people, did your Lordhad led his people astray and did not make you a handsomenot guide them. promise? Was my absence too 80 Children of Israel! We long for you? Did you desiredelivered you from your enemies that your Lord’s wrath shouldand We made a covenant with descend upon you, when youyou on the right side of the broke your promise to me?’Mount. We sent down manna 87 They answered, ‘We did notand quails for you, 81 ‘Eat from break our promise to you of ourthe wholesome things with which own accord, but we had to carryWe have provided you but do not loads of the people’s ornamentstransgress, lest you should incur and so we threw them [into theMy wrath.’ [We said], ‘He that fire] for that was what the Samiriincurs My wrath shall surely be suggested,’ 88 then he forged aruined. 82 But I am most forgiving calf for them—an imagetowards him who turns in producing a lowing sound. Theyrepentance and believes and acts said, ‘This is your deity, the deityrighteously and follows the right of Moses; he has forgotten it.’path.’ 89 Why did they not see that it 83 [When Moses was upon the could not give them any responseMount, God said,] ‘O Moses, and had no power to harm orwhy have you come with such benefit them?haste from your people?’ 84 He 90 Aaron had already told them,said, ‘They are following in my ‘O my people! You are onlyfootsteps, while I have hastened being tested by this. Your Lord isto You, my Lord, to please You.’ the All Merciful, so follow me and85 But God said, ‘We have tested obey my command.’ 91 They replied,your people in your absence. ‘We shall not cease to worship itThe Samiri has led them astray.’ until Moses returns to us.’ 86 92 Moses returned to his people Moses said to Aaron, ‘What
    • 20:108 Ta Ha 239prevented you, when you saw history of past events, and Wethat they had gone astray, 93 from have given you a reminder [thefollowing me? Why did you Quran] from Us. 100 Whoeverdisobey my command?’ 94 Aaron turns away from it will bear asaid, ‘Son of my mother! Do not heavy burden on the Day ofseize me by my beard nor by my Judgement, 101 which they shallhead. I was afraid that you would bear forever. It will be a grievoussay, “You have caused dissension burden for them on the Day ofamong the Children of Israel and Judgement, 102 the Day when thedid not pay heed to my words.”’ trumpet shall be blown: We shall 95 Moses said, ‘What was the gather all the sinners on thatmatter with you, Samiri?’ 96 He Day. Their eyes will turn bluesaid, ‘I perceived what they did with terror 103 and they shallnot see. So I took a handful [of murmur to one another, ‘Youdust] from the footprint of the stayed only ten days on theMessenger and threw it in [the earth’—104 We know best whatcalf]. That is what my inner self they will say. The most perceptiveprompted me to do.’ 97 Moses of them will say, ‘You stayedsaid, ‘Begone! It shall be your only one day.’lot to say throughout your life, 105 They ask you about the“Do not touch me,” and you will mountains. Say, ‘My Lord willbe faced with a fate from which scatter them as dust 106 and leavethere will be no escape. Now the earth level and bare, 107 withlook at your deity to which you neither hollows nor upthrusthave become so devoted: we mounds to be seen. 108 Onshall burn it up, and then scatter that Day all will follow theit into the sea. 98 Your only deity summoning voice from whichis God, there is no deity but Him. there is no escape; and all voicesHis knowledge encompasses all will be hushed before the Lordthings.’ of Mercy, and nothing will be 99 Thus We relate to you the heard except a subdued murmur.
    • 240 The Quran 20:109 109 On that Day no intercession themselves, except for Satan,will avail, except from one who who refused, 117 We said, ‘Adam,has received the sanction of the [Satan] is an enemy to you and toMerciful and of whose words He your wife. Let him not turn youapproves—110 He knows what is both out of Paradise and thusbefore them and what is behind make you come to grief.them, but they cannot encompass 118 ‘Here you shall not goHim with their knowledge— hungry or be naked, 119 you shall111 on that Day all faces shall be not thirst, nor feel the sun’shumbled before the Living, Self- heat.’ 120 But Satan whisperedSubsisting One. Those burdened evil to him, saying, ‘Adam, shallwith evil deeds will come to I lead you to the tree ofgrief, 112 but he who does good immortality and to a kingdomworks, being a believer, shall that never declines?’ 121 Theyfear no harm nor any injustice.’ both ate the fruit of this tree, and 113 We have thus sent down so they became conscious ofthe Quran in Arabic and given their nakedness and began toall kinds of warnings in it, so cover themselves with the leavesthat they may fear God, or may of the Garden. Thus Adamtake heed—114 exalted is God, disobeyed his Lord and fell intothe True King. Do not be error. 122 Then his Lord hadimpatient with the Quran before mercy on him, accepted hisits revelation is completed, and repentance and guided him.say, ‘My Lord, increase my 123 God said, ‘Go down, bothknowledge.’ of you, from here, as enemies to 115 We made a covenant with one another.’ If there comes toAdam before you, but he forgot, you guidance from Me, thenand We found him lacking in whoever follows My guidanceconstancy. 116 When We said to will not lose his way, nor will hethe angels, ‘Prostrate yourselves come to grief, 124 but whoeverbefore Adam,’ they all prostrated turns away from My reminder,
    • 20:135 Ta Ha 241will lead a straitened existence the day, so that you may findand on the Day of Judgement We comfort.shall raise him up blind 125 and 131 Do not regard with envyhe will ask, ‘Lord, why have You the worldly benefits We haveraised me up blind, while I given some of them, for withpossessed sight before?’ 126 God these We seek only to test them.will say, ‘Just as Our signs came The provision of your Lord isto you and you ignored them, so better and more lasting. 132 Bidwill you on this Day be ignored.’ your people say their prayers,127 Thus We shall reward the and be constant in theirtransgressor who denies the signs observance. We demand nothingof his Lord. But the suffering of from you. It is We who providethe life to come is more terrible for you, and the best end is thatand more lasting. of righteousness. 128 133 Do they not learn a lesson They say, ‘Why does he notfrom Our destruction of many bring us a sign from his Lord?’generations before them in whose Have they not been givendwelling-places they walk about? sufficient proof in previousSurely in this are signs for men scriptures? 134 If We hadof understanding. 129 But for a destroyed them with apre-ordained Word from your punishment before this, theyLord, and a term [of respite] would have surely said, ‘Ouralready fixed, immediate Lord, why did you not send to uspunishment would inevitably a messenger so that wehave taken place. 130 So be patient might have followed Yourwith anything they may say and commandment before we wereglorify your Lord with His praise humiliated and disgraced?’before the rising of the sun and 135 Say, ‘Everyone is waiting; sobefore its setting; and glorify wait if you will. You shall knowHim in the hours of the night who has followed the right path,and at the beginning and end of and who has found guidance.’
    • (242) 21. THE PROPHETS In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful1 The time of reckoning has We had sent revelations. Ask thedrawn near for mankind, yet People of the Book if you do notthey are heedless and turn away. know this—8 We did not give2 Whenever any fresh admonition them bodies that needed no food,comes to them from their Lord, nor were they to live forever.they listen to it, but do not take 9 Then We fulfilled Our promiseit seriously; 3 their hearts are to them and We saved them anddistracted and forgetful. The those with them whom Wewrongdoers confer together pleased, and We destroyed thosesecretly, saying, ‘Is not this man who exceeded all bounds. 10a mortal like you? Will you We have revealed a Booksuccumb to magic with your to you which is admonitioneyes open?’ 4 Say, ‘My Lord for you. Will you not thenknows every word spoken in the understand? 11 How manyheavens and on the earth. He is communities of evil-doers WeAll Hearing, All Knowing.’ have destroyed, raising up other 5 Some say, ‘These are his people after them. 12 When theyconfused dreams.’ Others say, felt Our punishment coming‘He has invented it himself,’ and upon them, they began to fleeyet others say, ‘He is a poet. Let from it. 13 They were told, ‘Dohim bring us a sign as previous not try to flee, but return to themessengers did.’ 6 Before them, comfort and luxuries in whichnot one of the communities you exulted and to the placeswhich We destroyed believed where you lived, so that youeither. Will these believe? may be questioned.’ 14 They 7 The messengers We sent said, ‘Woe to us! We werebefore you were but men whom indeed wrongdoers,’ 15 and this
    • 21:30 The Prophets 243they kept repeating until We question Him about His works,caused them to become like a but they shall be questioned.field mowed down, and reduced 24 Have they taken other deitiesto ashes. besides Him? Say to them, ‘Bring 16 It was not in play that We your proofs. This is the remindercreated the heavens and the earth of those who are with me and theand all that lies between them. reminder of those who were17 Had We wished to find a before me.’ But most of them dopastime, We would surely have not know the truth, and so theyfound it in that which is with Us, turn away from it. 25 We sent allif such had been Our will. 18 We messengers before you with thiswill hurl the truth at falsehood, revelation: ‘There is no deitythe falsehood shall be crushed save Me, so worship Me alone.’and will disappear. Woe to you 26 They say, ‘The All Mercifulfor what you utter. has taken a son!’ Glory be to 19 To Him belongs whosoever Him! They are only His honouredis in the heavens and on the earth servants: 27 they do not try toand those that are with Him are speak ahead of Him, and they actnever too proud to worship Him, at His command. 28 He knowsnor do they grow weary; 20 they what is before them and whatglorify Him night and day is behind them, and theywithout tiring. cannot intercede without His 21 Have they taken deities from permission. Indeed theythe earth who can bring the dead themselves stand in awe of Him.to life? 22 If there had been in the 29 Whoever of them should say,heavens and on the earth, other ‘I am a deity besides Him,’ shalldeities besides God, both the be requited with Hell. Thus doheavens and earth would be We reward the wrongdoers.ruined. God, Lord of the throne, 30 Do not those who deny theis far above that which they truth see that the heavens and theascribe to Him. 23 None shall earth were joined together and
    • 244 The Quran 21:31that We then split them asunder? Soon I will show you My signs,And that We have made every but do not ask Me to hastenliving thing out of water? Will them. 38 They ask, ‘When willthey still not believe? this promise be fulfilled, if what 31 We set firm mountains upon you say be true?’ 39 If only thosethe earth lest it should sway who deny the truth knew theunder them, and We placed time when they would not betherein passages for paths so that able to ward off the fire neitherthey might find their way. 32 We from their faces nor from theirhave made the heaven a well- backs. They will not be helped!secured canopy; yet still they 40 Indeed, it will come upon themturn away from Our signs. 33 It is suddenly and confound them;He who created the night and the and they will not be able to wardday, and the sun and the moon, it off, nor shall they be reprieved.each gliding in its orbit. 41 Other messengers have been 34 We have not granted mocked before you, but thoseeverlasting life to any human who scoffed were overwhelmedbeing before you; then if you by the very thing they had[Muhammad] should die, will mocked.they live forever? 35 Every soul 42 Say, ‘Who will save youshall taste death; We test you from the wrath of the Mostwith both good and evil Gracious, by night and by day?’[circumstances] as a trial. To Us Yet they turn away from theyou shall return. remembrance of their Lord. 43 Do 36 When those who deny the they have other deities who cantruth see you, they laugh at you, defend them against Us? Theysaying, ‘Is this the one who talks cannot even help themselves,of your deities?’ Yet it is they neither can they be aided againstwho deny all mention of the Us.Gracious One. 44 Yet We bestowed the good 37 Man is a creature of haste. things [of life] upon their fathers
    • 21:63 The Prophets 245for a great length of time. But do father and his people, ‘What arethey not see how We are these images to which you are soshrinking their borders? Is it devoted?’ 53 They replied, ‘Wethey who will prevail? found our fathers worshipping 45 Say, ‘I warn you only them.’ 54 Abraham said, ‘Indeed,through the Revelation.’ But the you and your fathers have beendeaf can hear nothing when they clearly misguided.’are warned, 46 yet if even a breath 55 They said, ‘Have youof your Lord’s punishment brought us the truth or are youtouched them, they would say, jesting?’ 56 Abraham replied,‘Woe to us! We were indeed ‘Your Lord is the Lord of thewrongdoers.’ heavens and the earth, who 47 We shall set up scales of created them, and I bear witnessjustice on the Day of to that. 57 By the Lord, I willResurrection, so that no soul can devise a plan against your deitiesbe in the least wronged. Actions after you have gone away andas small as a grain of mustard turned your backs!’ 58 He brokeseed shall be weighed. We are them all into pieces, except forsufficient as a reckoner. the biggest one of them, so that 48 We gave Moses and Aaron they might return to it [forthe criterion of right and wrong enquiry].and a light and reminder for the 59 ‘Who has done this to ourrighteous, 49 those who fear their deities? He must be a wrongdoer.’Lord in the unseen, also dread 60 Some said, ‘We heard a youngthe Hour of Judgement. 50 This man, called Abraham, talkingis a blessed reminder that We about them.’ 61 They said, ‘Thenhave revealed to you. Will you bring him here in the sight of allthen reject it? the people, so that they may act 51 Before this We gave as witnesses.’ 62 They said,Abraham his guidance. We knew ‘Abraham, was it you who didhim well. 52 When he asked his this to our deities?’ 63 He
    • 246 The Quran 21:64answered, ‘Rather this biggest to them the doing of good,one of them did it. Ask them, if observance of prayer and thethey can speak.’ giving of alms and Us alone did 64 Then they turned to one they worship.another and said, ‘It is you 74 To Lot We gave wisdom andyourselves who are in the wrong,’ knowledge and delivered him65 then they hung their heads, from the city which practicedand said, ‘O Abraham! You know abomination. They were indeedthey cannot speak.’ 66 Abraham a wicked people. 75 We admittedsaid, ‘So, do you worship him to Our mercy; he was asomething instead of God that righteous man.can neither benefit you nor harm 76 Before him Noah cried outyou? 67Shame on you and on to Us, and We heard his prayer.whatever you worship instead of We saved him and all hisGod. Can you not understand?’ household from a great distress. 68 77 They said, ‘Burn him and We helped him against hishelp your deities, if you are people who rejected Ourresolved to do something.’ 69 But revelations. They were surely aWe said, ‘Fire! Be cool and a wicked people, so We drownedmeans of safety for Abraham.’ them all.70 78 They had sought to do him Tell of David and Solomonharm, but We frustrated them. who both passed judgement on 71 And We saved him and Lot the field into which some[and brought them] to a land people’s sheep had strayed [andwhich We had blessed for all grazed] at night. We bore witnesspeople, 72 We bestowed Isaac to their judgement. 79 We gaveand then Jacob on him as an Solomon the right understandingadditional boon and We made all of the matter, and We bestowedof them righteous. 73 We made wisdom and knowledge on boththem leaders who guided people of them. We caused theby Our command. We revealed mountains and the birds to
    • 21:94 The Prophets 247celebrate Our praises along with 87 Remember the man in theDavid. We had the power to do whale [Jonah] when he wentthis— 80 We taught him the art of away in anger, thinking We hadmaking coats of mail for you, to no power over him. But he criedprotect you in battle. Will you out in the darkness, ‘There is nothen give thanks? deity but You. Glory be to You! 81 We subjected to Solomon I was indeed wrong.’ 88 So Wethe stormy wind, which blew at heard his prayer and deliveredhis behest towards the land which him from sorrow. Thus shall WeWe had blessed. For it is We who deliver the true believers.have knowledge of all things— 89 Remember Zachariah, when82 We also subjected to him some he called out to his Lord, ‘Do notof the jinn who dived for him in leave me heirless Lord, You arethe sea and performed other the best of heirs.’ 90 So We heardtasks; We kept a watch over his prayer and bestowed Johnthem. upon him and made his wife fit 83 Remember Job when he to bear him a child. They used tocalled on his Lord saying, ‘I hasten to do good and they calledhave been afflicted with great on Us in hope and fear, and theydistress: but You are the most were always humble towards Us.merciful of the merciful.’ 84 We 91 Remember the one whoheard his prayer and relieved his guarded her chastity; so Wesuffering, We restored to him his breathed Our Spirit into her, andfamily, doubling their number as made her and her son a sign foran act of Our grace, and as a all people.reminder for the worshippers. 92 This community of yours is 85 Remember Ishmael and Idris one community and I am yourand Dhul Kifl: they were all Lord, so worship Me. 93 But theypatient and steadfast. 86 We divided themselves into factions,admitted them to Our mercy. but to Us they shall all return.They were all righteous men. 94 He who does good works while
    • 248 The Quran 21:95he is a believer, shall not see his their souls longed for. 103 Theefforts disregarded: We record great Horror [of the Day ofthem all. Judgement] shall not grieve 95 It is ordained that no nation them, and the angels willWe have destroyed shall ever welcome them, saying, ‘This isrise again, 96 but when Gog and your Day which you have beenMagog are let loose and swarm promised.’down from every hillside and 104 On that Day We shall rollthey spread out, [leaping across up the heavens like a scroll ofevery barrier of land and sea], parchment. As We originated the97 when the true promise of God first creation, so shall We repeatdraws near, those who denied it. This is a promise binding onthe truth will stare in amazement, Us. Truly, We shall fulfill it.crying, ‘Woe to us! We have 105 We have already written inbeen so heedless of this. Indeed, the Psalms following thewe were wrongdoers.’ Reminder, ‘My righteous 98 You and what you worship servants shall inherit the earth.’instead of God will be fuel for 106 Herein, surely is a messagehell: to it you shall all come— for true worshippers.99 107 if those had really been deities, We have sent you forth as athey would not have been led mercy to all mankind. 108 Say, ‘Itthere; but there they will remain has been revealed to me thatforever. 100 They shall groan. your God is but One God. WillThey will not hear therein you then submit to Him?’ 109 Ifanything else. 101 But those who they turn away, say, ‘I havehave been promised a good warned you all alike, though I doreward by Us will be kept far not know whether [the scourge]away from Hell—102 they will which you are promised is nearnot hear the slightest sound of it, at hand or far off. 110 God surelyand they shall forever abide in a knows what you say openly andstate of bliss, among everything also knows what you conceal.
    • 22:6 The Pilgrimage 249111 Nor do I know whether it may judge with truth. Our Lord is themean a trial for you and a short Gracious One whose help wereprieve.’ 112 Say, ‘My Lord, seek against what you utter.’ 22. THE PILGRIMAGE In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful1 O People! Fear your Lord. The drop, then from clotted blood,catastrophe of the Last Hour then a lump of flesh, both shapedshall be terrible indeed: 2 when and unshaped, so that We mightthat Day comes, every suckling manifest to you [Our power]. Wemother shall forsake her infant cause what We will to stay in theand every pregnant woman shall womb for an appointed time,cast her burden and everyone then We bring you forth as infantswill appear intoxicated, although and then We cause you to growthey are not: the punishment of and reach full growth. Then,God will be severe indeed. 3 Yet some of you will pass away earlythere are some who dispute about in life, while some of you willGod without having any reach extreme old age in whichknowledge and they follow every they will know nothing of whatrebellious devil, 4 it has been they once knew. You see thedecreed concerning anyone earth, dead and barren, but nowhom he befriends, that he shall sooner do We send down rainmislead him and guide him to upon it than it begins to stir andthe punishment of the Fire. swell, and produce every kind of 5 O people! If you are in doubt luxuriant vegetation: 6 that isabout the Resurrection, because God is the truth. It is Heremember that We first created who gives life to the dead andyou from dust, then from a sperm He has the power to will
    • 250 The Quran 22:7anything. 7 The Last Hour is is indeed evil. 14 God will admitbound to come. There is no those who believe and actdoubt about it. God will raise up righteously into Gardens wateredthose who are in their graves. by flowing rivers. God does 8 There are some who dispute whatever He wills.about God without having any 15 Anyone who thinks that Godknowledge or guidance, or any will not help him [His messenger]enlightening Book. 9 They turn in this world and the Hereafter,away arrogantly, leading people let him stretch a rope up to theastray from God’s path. Such sky; then let him cut it off andmen shall incur disgrace in this see if his plan can help to removelife and taste the punishment of the cause of his anger. 16 Wethe Fire on the Day of Judgement. have sent down the Quran as10 [God will say],‘This is the clear evidence, and surely Godreward of your misdeeds. God is guides whom He will.not unjust to His servants.’ 17 God will judge between the 11 There are some who worship believers, the Jews, the Sabaeans,God half-heartedly, then, if some the Christians, the Magians andgood befalls them, they are the polytheists on the Day ofcontent with it, but if an ordeal Judgement. Surely God is witnessbefalls them, they revert to their to everything.former ways. They lose in this 18 Do you not see that whoeverworld as well in the Hereafter. is in the heavens and whoever isThat is a clear loss. on the earth, as well as the sun 12 He calls on, instead of God, and the moon, and the stars andsomething that can neither harm the mountains, and the trees andhim, nor benefit him. That is the beasts and many humanindeed straying far away—13 he beings—all submit to God? Butcalls on that which would sooner there are many who have becomeharm than help. Such a patron is deserving of punishment.indeed evil and such a companion Whoever God disgraces, will
    • 22:30 The Pilgrimage 251have no one to honour him. natives and strangers alike, andSurely, God does what He wills. all who seek to profane it by 19 evil-doing—We shall make them These two groups, [thebelievers and those who deny taste a painful punishment. 26the truth], dispute concerning We assigned to Abrahamtheir Lord. Those who deny the the site of the House, saying,truth will have garments of fire ‘Do not associate with Mecut out for them; and boiling anything and purify My Housewater will be poured down over for those who circumambulatetheir heads, 20 anything in their [the Kabah] and those who standstomachs as well as their skins upright, and those who bow andwill be melted by it. 21 There will prostrate themselves.’ 27be maces of iron for them; Call mankind to the22 Pilgrimage. They will come to whenever, in their anguish theyseek to escape from Hell, they you, on foot, and on every kindwill be driven back into it, and of lean camel, by every distantthey will be told, ‘Taste the track 28 so that they may witnesspunishment of Hell.’ its benefit for them and, on the 23 appointed days may utter the God will admit those whobelieve and do good deeds to name of God over the cattle HeGardens watered by flowing has provided for them. Then eatrivers; there they will be given their flesh, and feed the distressedbracelets of gold and pearls to and the needy—29 then let thewear and their clothing will be pilgrims purify themselves andof silk. 24 For they were guided fulfil their vows and perform theto purity of speech. And they circumambulation of the Ancientwere guided to the path of the House.Glorious Lord. 30 Such is God’s commandment. 25 As for those who deny the Whoever honours that which istruth and debar others from God’s declared sacred by God may bepath and from the Sacred Mosque sure that it counts for good in thewhich We set up for all people, sight of his Lord. Livestock is
    • 252 The Quran 22:31lawful for you, except that which 36 We have appointed for youhas already been explicitly the sacrificial camels as one offorbidden. Then shun the the symbols set up by God, inabomination of the deities and which there is much good forshun all falsehood. you. So invoke God’s name over 31 Devote yourselves to God, them as you line them up fornot associating any partners slaughter, and when theywith Him. Whoever associates have fallen down dead, feedanything with God is like one yourselves and feed the needy—who falls from heaven and is those who do not ask as well assnatched by the birds or carried those who do. We have thusaway by the wind to a distant place. subjected them to you so that 32 Thus it is. He who honours you may be grateful. 37 Theirthe symbols set up by God shows flesh and blood do not reachthe piety of his heart. 33 You may God: it is your piety that reachesbenefit from the animals for an Him. Thus God has subjectedappointed time. Then they must them to you, so that you maybe sacrificed at the Ancient House. glorify Him for the guidance He 34 For every people We have has given you. Give glad tidingsappointed rites of sacrifice, so to those who do good.that they may pronounce the 38 God will surely defend thename of God over the cattle believers. God does not love thewhich He has provided for them. perfidious and the ungrateful.Your God is One God; surrender 39 Permission to fight is grantedyourselves to Him; and give good to those who are attacked,news to the humble 35 whose because they have beenhearts are filled with awe at the wronged—God indeed has themention of God; who endure power to help them—40 they areadversity with fortitude, say their those who have been driven outprayers regularly and spend out of their homes unjustly, onlyof what We have given them. because they said, ‘Our Lord is
    • 22:51 The Pilgrimage 253God.’ If God did not repel the then, how terrible My repudiationaggression of some people by of them was.means of others, cloisters and 45 How many a town Wechurches and synagogues and destroyed which was given tomosques, wherein the name of wrongdoing, so that its roofs fellGod is much invoked, would down, and how many a well issurely be destroyed. God will deserted and how many a loftysurely help him who helps His castle is in ruins. 46 Have thesecause—God is indeed powerful people not travelled through theand mighty. land to make their hearts 41 [They are] those who, if We understand and let their earsestablished them in the land, hear; the truth is that it is not thewould say their prayers regularly eyes that are blind but the heartsand pay the zakat and enjoin that are in the bosoms that aregood and forbid evil. The final blinded.outcome of all affairs rests with 47 They ask you to hasten theGod. punishment; God will never go 42 If your opponents deny back on His promise. A Day withyou, remember that, before your Lord is like a thousandthem, the people of Noah years in your reckoning. 48 Toand the tribes of ‘Ad how many a town We gaveand Thamud denied their respite while it was given tomessengers likewise. 43 So did wrongdoing. Then I seized it. Tothe people of Abraham and the Me all things shall return.people of Lot, 44 and the 49 Say, ‘O people, I am sentinhabitants of Midian also only to give you clear warning.’charged their prophets with 50 Those who believe and dofalsehood. Moses was also good deeds shall be forgiven andrejected. I gave respite to shall receive an honourablethose who denied the truth, but provision. 51 Whereas those whothen I seized them. Consider strive against Our signs, seeking
    • 254 The Quran 22:52to defeat their purpose, shall be enter the Gardens of Bliss, 57 butthe inmates of the Fire. those who deny the truth and 52 Whenever We sent any deny Our signs will receive amessenger or prophet before you, humiliating punishment.and he recited anything [of Our 58 As for those who left theirrevelation], Satan tampered with homes for the cause of God andit. But God abrogates Satan’s then were slain or died, God willinterjections and then He firmly give them a generous provision.reaffirms His revelations. God is Surely God is the Best ofall knowing and all wise. 53 He Providers. 59 He will admit themmakes Satan’s suggestions a trial to a place with which they shallfor those whose hearts are be well-pleased. For God is alldiseased or hardened—and, knowing and most forbearing.surely, the wrongdoers are far 60 Thus it shall be. As for onegone in error—54 so that those who retaliates to the same extentwho are given knowledge may as he has suffered and then isrealize that this is the truth from again wronged, God will surelyyour Lord and thus believe in it, come to his aid. God is mercifuland so that in their hearts they and forgiving.may humbly submit to Him. God 61 That is because God makeswill surely guide the faithful to a the night pass into the day andstraight path. makes the day pass into the 55 Those who deny the truth night. God is all hearing and allwill continue in doubt until the seeing. 62 That is because God is[Last] Hour suddenly comes the Truth while anything theyupon them or the scourge of the invoke besides God is sheerwoeful Day descends upon them. falsehood. God is the Sublime,56 On that Day all control will the Great One.belong to God. He will judge 63 Have you not seen how Godbetween them. Those who sends down water from sky,believe and do good deeds shall whereupon the earth becomes
    • 22:74 The Pilgrimage 255green? God is unfathomable, and of what the heavens and theall aware; 64 all that is in the earth contain? All is recorded inheavens and on the earth belongs a Book; all this is easy for God.to Him. Surely, God is self- 71 Yet instead of God, theysufficient and praiseworthy. worship something for which 65 Do you not see, how God God has sent no authority andhas subjected everything on the about which they have noearth to you, and the ships that knowledge. The wrongdoers willsail on the sea by His command. have no helper. 72 Whenever OurHe holds back the sky from clear revelations are recited tofalling down on the earth, except them, you will recognize thewith His permission. God is most disgust on the faces of those whocompassionate and most merciful deny the truth. It is almost as ifto mankind—66 it is He who gave they are going to attack thoseyou life. Then He will cause you who recite Our message to them.to die. Then He will give you Say, ‘Shall I tell you of somethinglife again. Surely, man is most worse than this? It is the Fire thatungrateful. God has promised to those who 67 We have appointed for every are bent on denying the truth.community ways of worship to What an evil destination!’observe. Let them not dispute 73 People, here is anwith you on this matter. Call illustration. So listen carefully.them to the path of your Lord— Surely, those whom you invokefor surely, you are rightly other than God cannot createguided— 68 if they should dispute even a fly, even if they were allwith you, then say, ‘God is well to combine together to do it, andaware of what you do.’ 69 On the if a fly should snatch anythingDay of Resurrection, God will away from them, they cannotjudge between you regarding recover it from it. Both are indeedyour differences. 70 Do you not weak, the seeker and the sought.know that God has knowledge 74 No just estimate have they
    • 256 The Quran 22:75made of God. Surely God is has chosen you and laid onpowerful and mighty. you no burden in the matter 75 God selects messengers of your religion, the faith offrom both angels and from Abraham your forefather. Inmankind; God is all hearing and this, as in former scripturesall seeing: 76 He knows what lies He has given you the nameahead of them and what is of Muslims, so that thebehind them. All things shall Messenger may be a witnessreturn to God. over you, and so that you may be 77 You who are true believers, witnesses over mankind.kneel and prostrate yourselves, Therefore, say your prayersworship your Lord and do good regularly and pay the zakat andworks, so that you may succeed. hold fast to God. He is your78 Strive for the cause of God as master. An excellent master andit behoves you to strive for it. He an excellent helper! 23. THE BELIEVERS In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful1 Successful indeed are the that are transgressors—8 thosebelievers; 2 those who are humble who are faithful to their trustsin their prayer; 3 those who turn and promises; 9 and those whoaway from all that is frivolous; attend to their prayers; 10 these4 those who pay the zakat; 5 those are the heirs of Paradise 11 theywho safeguard their chastity shall abide in it forever.6 12 except with their wives, and We created man from anwhat their right hands possess— essence of clay, 13 then We placedfor then they are free from blame, him as a drop of fluid in a safe7 but those who seek to go beyond place, 14 then We developed that
    • 23:28 The Believers 257drop into a clinging form, and 23 We sent Noah to his people,We developed that form into a and he said, ‘My people, worshiplump of flesh, and We developed God; you have no other deitythat lump into bones, and clothed except Him. Will you not fearthe bones with flesh. Then We Him?’ 24 The leaders of hisbrought him into being as a new people who denied the truth,creation—glory be to God, the said, ‘He is only a human beingbest of creators—15 after this you like yourselves who wants toshall surely die. 16 Then you will make himself superior to you. Ifbe raised up again on the God had wished, He would haveResurrection Day. sent down angels. We never heard 17 We have created seven paths about this from our forefathers.above you; We have never been 25 He is only a madman, so, asunmindful of Our creation. 18 We far as he is concerned wait for asent down water from the sky in while.’due measure and lodged it in the 26 Noah said, ‘My Lord, helpearth—but if We please, We have me! for they have rejected me,’the power to take it away—19 We 27 then We revealed Our will tohave produced palm-groves and him: ‘Build the Ark undervineyards for you, in which there Our watchful eye according toare abundant fruits for you; and Our instructions. When Ouryou eat these, 20 also a tree command comes, and watersgrowing on Mount Sinai which gush up out of the earth, take onproduces oil and a condiment for board pairs of every species andthose who eat it. 21 You have a members of your household,lesson in livestock. We provide except for any of them on whomyou with drink from what is in sentence has already beentheir bellies, and you have many passed—do not plead with Meother benefits from them; some for those who have done wrong:of them you eat, 22 and you ride they shall be drowned.on them as you do in ships. 28 When you and all your
    • 258 The Quran 23:29followers have settled in the brought forth again? 36 What youArk, say, “Praise be to God who are promised is indeed far-has delivered us from a wicked fetched. 37 There exists only ourpeople,” 29 and say, “My Lord, present life: we die and we livelet me land with Your blessing in [but once], and shall never bea blessed landing place. You raised up again. 38 He is only aalone can provide the best man who has invented a lielandings”.’ 30 Surely there are about God, and we are not goingclear signs in that. In this way to believe him!’We put people to the test. 39 The messenger said, ‘My 31 Then We raised another Lord, help me, for they havegeneration after them, 32 and sent rejected me.’ 40 God said, ‘Beforea messenger to them from among long they will be filled withthemselves: ‘Worship God alone. regret.’ 41 The blast justly struckYou have no deity other than them and We reduced them toHim. Will you not then fear rubble. Away with such wickedGod?’ 33 But the leaders of his people!people who denied the truth and 42 Then We raised up otherdenied the Meeting in the generations after them—43 noHereafter, because We had community can advance orgranted them ease and plenty in postpone its appointed time—their worldly life, said, ‘This is 44 then We sent Our messengersonly a human being like in succession. Every time theiryourselves—he eats what you messenger came to a people,eat, and drinks what you drink— they rejected him. So We34 if you obey a human being just destroyed them one after thelike yourselves, then you will other, and let them become meresurely be lost. tales. So away with the people 35 Does he promise you that who will not believe!when you die and have become 45 Then We sent Moses and hisdust and bones, that you will be brother Aaron with Our signs
    • 23:68 The Believers 259and clear authority 46 to Pharaoh 57 Those who tremble with fearand his courtiers, but they of their Lord; 58 and believe inbehaved insolently, for they were His messages 59 and do notan arrogant people. 47 They said, ascribe partners to Him; 60 and‘Are we to believe in two human those who give to others whatbeings like ourselves, while their has been bestowed upon thempeople are subject to us?’ 48 So with their hearts trembling at thethey rejected them both, and thought that they must return tobecame those who were their Lord; 61 it is they who viedestroyed. 49 We gave Moses the with one another in doing goodBook so that they might be guided. works and shall be the foremost 50 We made the son of Mary in doing so. 62 We charge no souland his mother a sign and gave with more than it can bear. Wethem shelter on a peaceful have a record which clearlyhillside watered by a fresh spring. shows the truth and they will not 51 Messengers, eat what is be wronged.wholesome and do good deeds: 63 But their hearts are heedlessI am well aware of what you do. of this. Moreover, there are other52 Your religion is but one deeds besides this which theyreligion—and I am your only Lord, do. 64 But then when We seizetherefore, fear Me. the affluent among them, they 53 Yet they divided themselves will cry out for help. 65 Do notinto factions, each rejoicing in cry out for help this day, forwhat they had. 54 So leave them surely you shall not be helped byin their bewilderment for a while. Us. 66 My revelations were recited55 Do they imagine that the wealth to you, but you turned your backsand children We have provided 67 in arrogance, as if you were56 have no other purpose except abandoning a story-teller.to help them in acquiring material 68 Have they not pondered overbenefits? No indeed. But they do the word of God? Has somethingnot understand. come to them that did not come
    • 260 The Quran 23:69to their forefathers? 69 Or do themselves 77 until We openthey not recognize their before them a gate of harshMessenger, and so deny him? punishment and then they will70 Do they say he is possessed? be dumbfounded.Rather he has brought them the 78 It is He who gave you ears,truth, but most of them are averse eyes and hearts, yet how seldomto the truth. 71 If truth had you are grateful! a 79 He it is whofollowed their whims and desires, has multiplied you on the earthheavens and earth and all that and to Him you shall all belives in them would have been gathered: 80 He is the One whobrought to ruin. Rather We have gives life and causes death andbrought them their Reminder. He controls the alternation ofYet they keep avoiding their night and day. Will you not thenReminder. understand? 72 Or are you asking them forany reward? But the reward of a In this universe the human beingyour Lord is the best, for He is is a special creation who has beenthe Best of Providers, 73 and, given the exceptional powers ofmost surely, you are calling them hearing, seeing and thinking. Theseto a straight path. 74 But those capacities have been given to man forwho do not believe in the a special purpose, namely, to understand the reality of life. He shouldHereafter have indeed deviated use his ears to hear the voice of Truth.from that path. With his eyes he should see the signs 75 Even if We showed them of God that are spread all around him.mercy and relieved them of their He should use his thinking powers forafflictions, they would still an in-depth study of all these things.persist in their transgression, This, in reality, is the way of thankfulness of the ears, the eyes andwandering blindly. 76 We seized the heart. Those who do not givethem with the punishment, but evidence of such thankfulness in thisthey did not surrender to their world risk losing their entitlement toLord, nor will they humble these gifts forever.
    • 23:100 The Believers 261 81 But they say the same as the walked away with what he hadancients said, 82 ‘When we have created. They would surely havedied and become dust and bones, tried to overcome one another.will we be raised up again? Glory be to God, above all that83 We and our forefathers were they ascribe to Him. 92 Knowerpromised this before. This is of the unseen and the visible; Henothing but fables of the is exalted above all that whichancients.’ they associate with Him. 84 93 Say, ‘To whom do the earth Pray, ‘Lord, if you wouldand all therein belong? Tell me, show me that [the punishment]if you have any knowledge?’ of which they have been warned,85 94 They will say, ‘To God.’ Say, then do not place me, Lord,‘So will you not pay heed? 86 Say, with the wrongdoers.’ 95 We‘Who is the Lord of the seven certainly have the power to showheavens, and of the Glorious you what they have been warnedThrone?’ 87 They will say, ‘They about.belong to God.’ Say, ‘So do you 96 Repel evil with what isnot fear Him?’ 88 Say, ‘In whose best—We are well aware of thehands lies sovereignty over all things they say—97 and say, ‘Mythings, protecting all, while none Lord, I seek refuge with Youcan seek protection against Him? from the prompting of the devils.Tell me, if you have any 98 I seek refuge with You, Lord,knowledge.’ 89 They will say, ‘All lest they should come near me.’this belongs to God.’ Say to them, 99 When death comes to any of‘How are you then deluded?’ them, he says, ‘My Lord, send 90 We have revealed to them me back 100 so that I may dothe truth. But they are certainly good works in the world I haveliars. 91 God has not taken to left behind.’ Never! It is indeedHimself a son, nor is there but a meaningless word that heany other deity besides Him; utters. A barrier shall standotherwise, each god would have behind such people till the Day
    • 262 The Quran 23:101they are raised up again. 101 When point where it made you forgetthe trumpet is blown, on that My remembrance; and you wentDay there will be no ties of on laughing at them. 111 I haverelationship between them; rewarded them this Day for theirneither will they ask about one steadfastness, and it is they whoanother: 102 then those whose have triumphed.’scales weigh heavy with good 112 He will ask, ‘How manyworks will be successful. 103 But years did you stay on earth?’those whose scales weigh light 113 They will say, ‘We stayed awill have ruined their souls; in day or part of a day. Ask thoseHell will they abide. 104 The Fire who have kept count.’ 114 Hewill scorch their faces and they will say, ‘You only stayed for awill abide therein with their faces little while, if only you knew.distorted. 115 ‘Do you imagine that We 105 Were not My messages created you without any purposerecited to you and did you not and that you would not bereject them? 106 They will answer, brought back to Us?’ 116 Then,‘Lord, misfortune overcame us exalted be God, the true King,and we became an erring people. there is no deity except Him, the107 Lord, deliver us from Hell. Lord of the Glorious Throne.Then, if we revert again, we 117 He, who invokes anothershall definitely be wrongdoers.’ deity along with God—a deity108 God will say, ‘Stay there and of whose divinity he has nodo not speak to Me. 109 Among proof—will be brought toMy servants, there were those account by his Lord. Certainly,who said, “Lord, We believe, so those who deny the truth shallforgive us and have mercy on us. never prosper. 118 Say, ‘Lord,You are the best one to show forgive us and have mercy.mercy.” 110 But you made a You are the best of those wholaughing stock of them to the show mercy.’
    • (263) 24. LIGHT In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful1 This is a chapter which We for truly God is forgivinghave revealed and which We and merciful.have made obligatory; We have 6 One who accuses his wifesent down clear revelations in it, and has no witnesses exceptso that you may take heed. 2 Flog himself shall swear four timesthe adulteress and the adulterer, by God that his charge is true,each one of them, with a hundred 7 and the fifth time, that God’slashes. Let no pity for them curse may be upon him if he iscause you to disobey God, if you telling a lie. 8 The wife shalltruly believe in God and the Last receive no punishment, if sheDay; and let their punishment be bears witness four times in thewitnessed by a number of name of God that her husbandbelievers. 3 The adulterer shall has lied 9 and, a fifth time thatmarry only an adulteress or a God’s wrath will be upon her ifpolytheist woman, and an he is telling the truth. 10 Were itadulteress shall marry only an not for God’s grace and Hisadulterer or a polytheist man; mercy upon you, [you wouldsuch marriages are forbidden for have come to grief] and God isbelievers. wise, acceptor of repentance. 4 11 Those who brought up Those who defame chastewomen, but cannot produce that slander were a band fromfour witnesses, shall be among you. Do not regard itgiven eighty lashes. Do not as a misfortune, for it isaccept their testimony ever good for you. Every one ofafter, for they are transgressors, them shall be held to account5 save those who afterwards for the sin he has committed;repent and make amends, and he who took the greater part
    • 264 The Quran 24:12in it shall have a terrible to you. God is all knowingpunishment. and wise. 12 19 When you heard of it, why Those who desire thatdid not the believing men and indecencies should spread amongbelieving women think well of the believers, will have a painfultheir own people, and say, ‘This chastisement in this world andis a manifest slander?’ 13 Why the Hereafter. God knows, anddid they not produce four you do not know. 20 But for thewitnesses? If they could not grace of God and His mercyproduce any witnesses, they were upon you, and were not Godindeed liars in the sight of God! compassionate and merciful, 14 Had it not been for the grace [you would have come to grief].of God and His mercy on you in 21 O you who believe, do notthis world and the Hereafter, a follow in the footsteps of Satan,terrible punishment would have and whoever follows in theafflicted you for your plunging footsteps of Satan should knowheadlong into slander. 15 When that he enjoins only indecencyyou were spreading it with your and evil. But for the grace oftongues and saying with your God and His mercy upon you,mouths things of which you had not one of you would ever beno knowledge, you considered it purified; but God purifies whomto be a trivial matter, but, in He pleases. God is all hearingGod’s sight, it was very serious. and all knowing.16 When you heard it, why did 22 Let not those who areyou not say, ‘It is not right for us possessed of means and plentyto speak of this. God forbid! among you resolve to withholdThis is a monstrous slander.’ their bounty from their kindred17 God warns you never to and the needy and those whorepeat the like of it again, if you have migrated from their homesare true believers. 18 God in the cause of God. Let themexplains the commandments forgive and overlook. Do you
    • 24:31 Light 265not wish God to forgive you? If you are told to go away, thenGod is forgiving and merciful. go away. That is more proper for 23 Truly, those who accuse you. God knows well what youchaste, unwary, believing women do. 29 There is nothing wrong inare cursed in this world and the your entering uninhabited housesHereafter. For them awaits a if that serves a useful purpose:terrible chastisement. 24 On the God knows all that you do openly,Day when their own tongues, and all that you would conceal.hands and feet shall bear witness 30 Tell believing men to loweragainst them about what they their gaze and remain chaste.did—25 on that Day God will That is purer for them. God isjustly requite them—and they aware of what they do.will realize that God is the truth, 31 Say to believing women thatthat makes all things manifest. they should lower their gaze and 26 Corrupt women are for remain chaste and not to revealcorrupt men, and corrupt men their adornments—save what isare for corrupt women; good normally apparent thereof, andwomen are for good men and they should fold their shawlsgood men are for good women. over their bosoms. They canThe latter are absolved from only reveal their adornments toanything they may say; their husbands or their fathers orforgiveness and an honourable their husbands’ fathers, or theirprovision await them. sons or their husbands’ sons or 27 Believers, do not enter other their brothers or their brothers’people’s houses until you have sons or their sisters’ sons orasked their owners’ permission maidservants or those whom theirand greeted them. That will be right hands possess or their malethe better for you, so that you attendants who have no sexualmay be heedful. 28 If you find no desire or children who still haveone at home, do not go in until no carnal knowledge of women.permission has been granted you. Nor should they swing their legs
    • 266 The Quran 24:32to draw attention to their hidden an admonition for the God-ornaments. Believers, turn to fearing.God, every one of you, so that 35 God is the light of theyou may prosper. heavens and the earth. His light 32 Marry those among you who may be compared to a nicheare single, and those of your containing a lamp, the lampmale and female slaves who are inside a crystal of star-likefit [for marriage]. If they are brilliance lit from a blessed olivepoor, God will provide for them tree, neither of the east nor of thefrom His bounty, for God’s west.a The [luminous] oil is as ifbounty is infinite and He is all ready to burn without evenknowing. 33 Those who do not touching it. Light upon light;have the means to marry should God guides to His light whomkeep themselves chaste until God He will. God draws suchgrants them enough out of His comparisons for mankind; Godbounty. If any of your slaves has full knowledge of everything.desire a deed of freedom, write it 36 [They worship] in theout for them, if you find any houses which God has allowedpromise in them, and give them to be raised for the remembrancesome of the wealth God has of His name, morning andgiven you. Do not force your evening, 37 people who are[slave] maids into prostitution, not distracted by tradein order to enrich yourself, when or commerce from thethey wish to preserve theirchastity. Yet if anyone forces a This is a metaphor with manythem, once they have been layers of meaning. ‘Light’ symbolizesforced, God will be forgiving the guidance of God Almighty. ‘Niche’and merciful to them. 34 We have is man’s heart and ‘lamp’ is faith (iman), sheltered in that niche. Thesent down clear revelations to image is elaborated by yet two moreyou and the example of those points of reference: ‘crystal of star-who passed away before you and like brilliance’ and ‘luminous oil’.
    • 24:46 Light 267remembrance of God and the outstretched? Each knows his ownobservance of prayer and the mode of prayer and glorification:payment of the zakat—fearing a God has full knowledge of allDay when hearts and eyes will that they do. 42 To God belongsbe convulsed, 38 so that God may the kingdom of the heavens andreward them according to the the earth, and to God shall allbest of their deeds and give them things return.more out of His bounty. God 43 Do you not see how Godprovides for whoever He wills drives the clouds, then joins themwithout measure. together, then piles them into 39 As for those who deny the layers and then you see the raintruth, their works are like a pour from their midst? Hemirage in a desert. The thirsty sends down from the skiestraveller thinks it to be water, but mountainous masses [of clouds]when he comes near, he finds it charged with hail, and He makesto be nothing. He finds God it fall on whom He will, andthere, who pays him his account turns it away from whom Hein full. God is swift in His pleases. The flash of Hisreckoning. 40 Or like darkness lightning may well-nigh takeon a deep ocean covered by away the sight. 44 God alternateswaves billowing over waves and the night and the day—truly, inovercast with clouds: darkness this there is a lesson for men ofupon darkness. If he stretches insight.out his hand, he can scarcely see 45 God created every creatureit. Indeed, the man from whom from water. Some crawl uponGod withholds His light shall their bellies, others walk on twofind no light at all. legs, and others walk on four. 41 [Prophet], do you not see God creates what He pleases. Hethat all those who are in the has power over all things. 46 Weheavens and on earth praise God, have sent down revelationsas do the birds with wings clearly showing the truth. God
    • 268 The Quran 24:47guides whom He wills to the to march forth, they will obeystraight path. you. Say, ‘Do not swear: your 47 They say, ‘We believe in obedience, not your oaths, willGod and in the Messenger, and count. God is well aware of allwe obey.’ But then, even after your actions.’ 54 Obey God andthat a group of them will turn obey the Messenger. If you turnaway. Those are surely not away, then he is responsible forbelievers 48 and when they are what he is charged with and youcalled to God and His Messenger are responsible for what you areso that he may judge between charged with. If you obey him,them, some of them turn away. you will be rightly guided. The49 But if the truth happens to be Messenger is responsible only forto their liking, they are quite delivering the message clearly.willing to accept it! 50 Is there a 55 God has promised to thosesickness in their hearts, or are among you who believe and dothey full of doubt? Or do they good works that He will surelyfear that God and His Messenger grant them power in the land aswill be unjust to them? The truth is He granted to those who werethat they themselves are wrongdoers. before them; and that He will 51 The response of the surely establish for them theirbelievers, when they are called religion which He has chosento God and His Messenger in for them. He will cause theirorder that he may judge between state of fear to be replaced by athem, is only, ‘We hear and we sense of security. Let themobey.’ It is they who will prosper: worship Me and associate no52 those who obey God and His other with Me. Whoever stillMessenger, and fear God, and chooses to deny the truth is trulyare mindful of their duty to Him, rebellious.are the ones who will triumph. 56 Attend to your prayers and 53 They swear firm oaths by pay the zakat and obey theGod that if you command them Messenger, so that you may be
    • 24:62 Light 269shown mercy. 57 Do not think to guard themselves. God is allthat those who deny the truth can hearing, all knowing.frustrate Our plan on earth; their 61 There is no harm if the blind,abode shall be Hell; and it is the lame, the sick or youindeed an evil resort. yourselves eat in your own 58 Believers, let [even] those houses, or in the houses of yourwhom you rightfully possess, fathers, or mothers, or brothers,and those who are under age ask or sisters, or paternal uncles, oryour leave on three occasions paternal aunts, or maternalwhen they come in to see you: uncles, or maternal aunts, or inbefore the morning prayer, when those that you are in charge of oryou have taken off your garments in the house of a friend. There isin the heat of noon, and after the no objection to your eatingevening prayer. These are the together or separately. But whenthree occasions for your privacy. you enter houses, salute oneAt other times, there is nothing another with a greeting of peace,blameworthy if you or they go a greeting from your Lord full ofaround visiting one another. Thus blessings and purity. Thus doesGod makes clear to you His God expound to you Hisrevelations: God is all knowing commandments, so that you mayand wise. 59 When your children understand.have reached the age of puberty, 62 They only are true believerslet them still ask permission as their who believe in God and Hiselders do. Thus God expounds to Messenger. When they are withyou His revelations: God is all him on some matter of commonknowing and wise. 60 There is no concern, they should not departblame on elderly women who until they have asked him forare past the age of marriage, if permission to do so. Those whothey take off their outer clothing, ask you for such permission arewithout revealing their adornments. the ones who truly believe inBut it would be better for them God and His Messenger. When
    • 270 The Quran 24:63they ask you for permission to his order beware lest someattend to some affair of their affliction befall them or theyown, then grant it to whoever receive a painful punishment. 64you please and seek forgiveness Surely, whatever is in thefrom God for them. God is heavens and on the earth belongsforgiving and merciful. to God. God knows well what 63 Do not treat being called by condition you are in. On the Daythe Messenger like being called when they return to Him, He willby one another. God knows those declare to them all that they haveof you who slip away on some done. God has full knowledge ofpretext. Let those who go against all things. 25. THE CRITERION In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful1 Blessed be He who has revealed and who control neither death,the criterion [the Quran] to His nor life, nor resurrection.servant that he may warn the 4 Those who deny the truthnations. 2 Sovereign of the say, ‘This is only a forgery of hisheavens and the earth, who has own invention in which othersbegotten no children and who have helped him.’ What they sayhas no partner in His sovereignty, is unjust and false. 5 They say, ‘Itit is He who has created all is just fables of the ancients,things and measured them out which he has had written down.precisely. 3 Yet they have taken, They are dictated to him morningbesides Him, deities who create and evening.’ 6 Say to them, ‘Itnothing and are themselves has been revealed by Him whocreated, and who have no power knows every secret that is in theto harm, or benefit themselves heavens and on the earth. Truly,
    • 25:19 The Criterion 271He is most forgiving and most many deaths!’ 15 Say, ‘Which ismerciful.’ better, this or the Paradise of 7 They say, ‘What kind of a immortality which the righteousmessenger is this who eats food have been promised? It isand walks about in the market- their recompense and theirplaces? Why has no angel been destination.’ 16 Abiding theresent down with him to warn us?’ forever, they shall find in it all8 Or a treasure should have been that they desire. This is a bindingsent down to him, or he should promise which your Lord hashave had a garden from which to made.eat.’ The wrongdoers say, ‘You 17 On the Day He gathers themare surely following a man who all together with those theyis bewitched.’ 9 Observe what worship besides Him, He willkind of things they attribute to say, ‘Was it you who misled Myyou. They have surely gone astray servants, or did they stray awayand cannot find the right way by themselves?’ 18 They willagain. answer, ‘Hallowed be You! It 10 Blessed is He who, if He was not proper for us to chooseplease, can give you better things any guardian other than You.than that; gardens watered by But You gave them and theirflowing streams, and palaces too. fathers the comforts of this life,11 They deny the Hour. For those so that they forgot Your reminderwho deny that Hour, We have and thus brought destructionprepared a blazing fire. 12 When upon themselves.’ 19 [God willit sees them from afar, they will say], ‘Now, they have given thehear its raging and roaring. lie to all your assertions, and you13 When they are thrown into a can neither ward off [yournarrow space, chained together, punishment] nor obtain any help.’they will plead for death. 14 But For, whoever of you hasthey will be told, ‘Do not call committed evil, shall be causedtoday for one death, call for by Us to taste great suffering!’
    • 272 The Quran 25:20 20 We never sent any his hands and say, ‘Would that Imessengers before you who did had walked in the Messenger’snot eat food and walk in the path! 28 Oh, would that I hadmarket-place. We make some of never chosen such a one for myyou a means of trial for others, to companion— 29 he made mesee whether you are steadfast. forgetful of the warning after itYour Lord is all seeing. had reached me. Satan is man’s 21 Those who do not expect a great betrayer.’ 30 The Messengermeeting with Us say, ‘Why are will say, ‘Lord, my people didangels not sent down to us?’ Or indeed discard the Quran,’ 31 thus‘Why do we not see our Lord?’ did We assign to every prophetSurely, they are too proud of an enemy from among thethemselves and have greatly sinners; your Lord is sufficientexceeded all bounds. 22 There as a guide and a helper.will be no good tidings for the 32 Those who deny the truthguilty on the day they see the say, ‘Why was the Quran notangels; and they will cry out, sent down to him in a single‘Keep away, keep away!’ 23 and revelation?’ We sent it in thisWe shall take all that they did manner, so that We mightand turn it into scattered dust. strengthen your heart. We gave it to24 The inhabitants of the Garden you in gradual revelation. 33 Everywill have the best residence and time they raise an objection, Wethe finest lodging on that Day. will bring you the truth and the 25 On a Day when the sky will best of explanations. 34 Thosesplit open with its clouds and the who will be dragged headlongangels are sent down rank upon into Hell shall have an evil placerank, 26 true sovereignty on that to dwell in, for they have strayedDay will belong to the Gracious far from the right path.One, and it will be a hard Day for 35 We gave Moses the Book,those who deny the truth. 27 On and appointed his brother Aaronthat Day, the wrongdoer will bite as his supporter. 36 Then We said,
    • 25:49 The Criterion 273‘Go together to the people who 43 Have you seen him who hashave denied Our signs.’ We taken his own desire to be hisutterly destroyed them! 37 We god? Can you be a guardian overdrowned the people of Noah him? 44 Do you think most ofalso when they rejected their them can hear or understand?messengers and We made them They are like cattle. Indeed, theyan example to all mankind. We are even more astray.have prepared a painful 45 Have you not seen how yourpunishment for the wrongdoers, Lord lengthens the shadows?38 to ‘Ad, and Thamud, and the Had He pleased, He could havepeople of al-Rass, and as We did made them constant; then Wefor the many a generation placed the sun as an indicator forbetween them. 39 To each of them them, 46 then We withdrew it toWe gave warnings and each of Us, a gradual withdrawal. 47 It isthem We destroyed completely. He who made the night a mantle40 Indeed they must have come for you, and sleep for repose;upon the town on which an evil and made the day a time forrain had poured down. Did they rising.a 48 It is He who sends thenot see it? Yet they have no faith winds as heralds of His mercyin the Resurrection. and We send down pure water 41 Whenever they see you they from the sky, 49 so that Weonly make a mockery of you— may bring life to a dead land;‘Is this the one God has sent as and slake the thirst of OurHis Messenger? 42 Indeed, hewould well-nigh have led us a There are many lessons in thisastray from our deities, had we system of the earth. As the light of daynot been [so] steadfastly attached necessarily follows the darkness ofto them!’ When they behold the night, so also is it necessary that untruth be followed by Truth. Whilepunishment, they shall realize waking up in the morning afterwho strayed furthest from the sleeping at night symbolizesright path. resurrection in the life after death.
    • 274 The Quran 25:50creation; cattle and men, in that anyone who so wishes shouldgreat numbers. take the right path to his Lord.’ 50 58 We have explained it to them Put your trust in the Onein diverse ways, so that they may who is the Ever-Living [God],take heed, but most persist in their who never dies, and glorify Himingratitude. 51 If We had so wished, with His praise. He is fully awareWe might have sent a warner into of the sins of His servants; 59 it isevery town, 52 so do not yield to He who created the heavens andthose who deny the truth, but strive the earth and all that is betweenwith the utmost strenuousness them in six Days [periods], thenby means of this [Quran, to settled Himself on the throne—convey its message to them]. the Gracious One. Ask any 53 It is He who released the informed person about Him.atwo bodies of flowing water, one 60 When they are told, ‘Prostratesweet and fresh and the other yourselves before the Gracioussalty and bitter, and set up an One,’ they ask, ‘Who is thisinsurmountable barrier between Gracious One? Shall we prostratethem. 54 It is He who has created ourselves before whatever youhuman beings from water and will?’This increases their aversion.He has granted them the ties of 61 Exalted is He who putblood as well as marriage. Your constellations in the heavens, aLord is all powerful. radiant lamp and an illuminating 55 Yet they worship besidesGod that which can neither a Here ‘six Days’ means six Days ofbenefit them nor harm them. God. In the language of human beingsOne who denies the truth is it may be called six stages or sixa helper [of evil] against his periods. The Creation of the UniverseLord. 56 We have sent you only in six stages indicates that it was done in a well planned manner. Whatever isas a bearer of glad tidings and as brought into existence on the basis ofa warner. 57 Say, ‘I do not ask you a plan and a specific arrangementfor any recompense for this except cannot be futile.
    • 25:77 The Criterion 275moon—62 it is He who has made those who repent and believenight and day succeed each other, and do good deeds. God willa sign for those who would take change the evil deeds of suchheed and would be grateful. people into good ones: He is most 63 The true servants of the forgiving and most merciful.Gracious One are those who 71 He who repents and does goodwalk upon the earth with humility deeds has truly turned to God.and when they are addressed by 72 And those who do not bearthe ignorant ones, their response false witness, and when theyis, ‘Peace’; 64 and those who pass by frivolity, they pass byspend the night prostrating with dignity; 73 who do not turnthemselves, and standing before a blind eye and a deaf ear to thetheir Lord, 65 who say, ‘Our Lord, signs of their Lord when they areward off from us the punishment reminded of them; 74 who say,of Hell, for its punishment is a ‘Lord, grant us joy in our wivesdreadful torment to suffer. and children and make us a66 Indeed, it is an evil abode and model for the righteous.’evil dwelling-place.’ 67 They are 75 These are the ones who willthose who are neither extravagant be rewarded with lofty mansionsnor niggardly, but keep a balance in Paradise, for their steadfastness.between the two; 68 those who They will be received therein withnever invoke any other deity greetings of welcome andbesides God, nor take a life salutations of peace. 76 There theywhich God has made sacred, shall abide forever: a blessedexcept with the right to do so, dwelling and a blessed restingnor commit adultery. Anyone place. 77 Say, ‘What would mywho does that shall face Lord care for you, if you do notpunishment: 69 he shall have his call on Him. Because you havesuffering doubled on the Day of indeed rejected the truth andResurrection and he will abide His punishment is bound toforever in disgrace, 70 except for overtake you.
    • (276) 26. THE POETS In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful1 Ta Sin Mim to Moses, saying, ‘Go to the wrongdoing people, 11 the people2 These are the verses of the of Pharaoh, will they not fearBook that makes things clear. 3 It God? 12 Moses replied, ‘Mymay be that you will destroy Lord, I fear they will reject me,yourself with grief because they 13 and ‘my breast is straitenedwill not believe. 4 But if We had and my tongue is not fluent; soso willed, We could have sent send Aaron as well; 14 besides,down to them a sign from the they accuse me of a crime, and Iheavens so that their heads would fear that they may put me tobe bowed down before it in utter death.’humility. 5 Whenever there 15 God said, ‘Indeed not; gocomes to them any fresh warning both of you with Our signs, Wefrom the Merciful, they always shall be with you, listening [toturn their backs on it: 6 they have your call]. 16 Go to Pharaoh, bothindeed rejected the message. But of you, and say, “We arethe truth of what they laughed to messengers from the Lord of thescorn will dawn upon them Worlds: 17 let the Children ofbefore long. Israel go with us!”’ 18 Pharaoh 7 Do they not see the earth, and said to Moses, ‘Did we not bringwhat beneficial kinds of things you up among us as a child? AndWe have caused to grow in it? you spent several years of your8 Surely in this there is a sign, yet life with us. 19 Yet you committedmost of them would not believe: the deed you did, surely you are9 truly, your Lord is the Mighty one of the ingrates.’One, the Merciful. 20 Moses replied, ‘I did that 10 When your Lord called out when I was one of the misguided,
    • îêæìì ̸» Ử- îééîï ¿²¼ × º´»¼ º®±³ §±« ¾»½¿«-» × -«¼¼»²´§ ·¬ ¿°°»¿®»¼ ¿- ¿ -»®°»²¬ôº»¿®»¼ §±«ò ̸»² ³§ Ô±®¼ °´¿·²´§ ª·-·¾´»ò íí ß²¼ ¸» ¼®»©¹®¿²¬»¼ ³» ©·-¼±³ ¿²¼ ³¿¼» ±«¬ ¸·- ¸¿²¼ô ¿²¼ ·¬ ¿°°»¿®»¼³» ±²» ±º ¬¸» ³»--»²¹»®-ò Å-¸·²·²¹Ã ©¸·¬» ¬± ¬¸» ¾»¸±´¼»®-òîî íì ß²¼ ¬¸·- ·- ¬¸» º¿ª±«® ©·¬¸ и¿®¿±¸ -¿·¼ ¬± ¬¸» ½¸·»º-©¸·½¸ §±« ¬¿«²¬ ³»‰¬¸¿¬ §±« ¿®±«²¼ ¸·³ô •Í«®»´§ ¬¸·- ³¿² ·-¸¿ª» »²-´¿ª»¼ ¬¸» ݸ·´¼®»² ±º ¿ -µ·´º«´ -±®½»®»®ò íë ɸ± ©¿²¬-×-®¿»´áŽ îí и¿®¿±¸ -¿·¼ô •É¸¿¬ ·- ¬± ¼®·ª» §±« ±«¬ ±º §±«® ´¿²¼ ¾§¬¸·-æ Ô±®¼ ±º ¬¸» ˲·ª»®-»áŽ ¸·- -±®½»®§ò Ò±© ©¸¿¬ ¼± §±«îì Ó±-»- -¿·¼ô •Ô±®¼ ±º ¬¸» ¿¼ª·-»áŽ¸»¿ª»²- ¿²¼ ¬¸» »¿®¬¸ ¿²¼ ¿´´ íê ̸»§ -¿·¼ô •Ô»¬ ¸·³ ¿²¼ ¸·-¬¸¿¬ ·- ¾»¬©»»² ¬¸»³ô ·º ±²´§ §±« ¾®±¬¸»® ©¿·¬ ¿ ©¸·´»ô ¿²¼ -»²¼©±«´¼ ¾» ½±²ª·²½»¼òŽ îë и¿®¿±¸ ¸»®¿´¼- ·²¬± ¬¸» ½·¬·»-ô íé ©¸±-¿·¼ ¬± ¬¸±-» ¿®±«²¼ ¸·³ô •Ü·¼ -¸¿´´ ¾®·²¹ ¬± §±« »ª»®§ -µ·´º«´§±« ¸»¿®áŽ îê Ó±-»- ©»²¬ ±²ô -±®½»®»®òŽ íè ͱ ¬¸» -±®½»®»®- ©»®»•Ø» ·- §±«® Ô±®¼ ¿²¼ ¬¸» Ô±®¼ ±º ¹¿¬¸»®»¼ ±² ¬¸» ¿°°±·²¬»¼ ¼¿§§±«® º±®»º¿¬¸»®-òŽ îé и¿®¿±¸ -¿·¼ô íç ¿²¼ ¬¸» °»±°´» ©»®» ¬±´¼ô•Ì¸·- ³»--»²¹»® ©¸± ¸¿- ¾»»² •É·´´ §±« ¿´-± ¹¿¬¸»® ¬±¹»¬¸»®ô-»²¬ ¬± §±« ·- -«®»´§ °±--»--»¼ÿŽ ìð -± ¬¸¿¬ ©» ³¿§ º±´´±© ¬¸»îè Ó±-»- -¿·¼ô •Ø» ·- ¬¸» Ô±®¼ ±º ³¿¹·½·¿²-ô ·º ¬¸»§ ¾» ¬¸»¬¸» Û¿-¬ ¿²¼ ¬¸» É»-¬ô ¿²¼ ¿´´ ©·²²»®-òŽ ìï ɸ»² ¬¸» ³¿¹·½·¿²-¬¸¿¬ ´·»- ¾»¬©»»² ¬¸»³ô ·º ½¿³»ô ¬¸»§ ¿-µ»¼ и¿®¿±¸ô •Í¸¿´´±²´§ §±« ½±«´¼ «²¼»®-¬¿²¼òŽ ©» ¸¿ª» ¿ ®»©¿®¼ô ·º ©» ¿®»îç и¿®¿±¸ -¿·¼ô •×º §±« ¬¿µ» ¿²§ ¬¸» ©·²²»®-Ꭰìî Ø» ®»°´·»¼ô¼»·¬§ ±¬¸»® ¬¸¿² ³§-»´ºô × ©·´´ •Ý»®¬¿·²´§ô ·² ¬¸¿¬ ½¿-» §±« ©·´´¬¸®±© §±« ·²¬± °®·-±²ôŽ íð ¿²¼ ¶±·² ³§ ·²²»® ½·®½´»òŽÓ±-»- ¿-µ»¼ô •Ûª»² ·º × -¸±© ìí Ó±-»- -¿·¼ ¬± ¬¸» ³¿¹·½·¿²-ô§±« ¿ ½´»¿® -·¹²áŽ íï и¿®¿±¸ •Ì¸®±© ¼±©² ©¸¿¬»ª»® §±« ¿®»-¿·¼ô •Í¸±© ·¬ ¬¸»²ô ·º §±« ¿®» ¹±·²¹ ¬± ¬¸®±©òŽ ìì ͱ ¬¸»§ ½¿-¬¬»´´·²¹ ¬¸» ¬®«¬¸ÿŽ íî ͱ Ó±-»- ¼±©² ¬¸»·® ®±°»- ¿²¼ -¬¿ºº-ô ¿²¼¬¸®»© ¼±©² ¸·- -¬¿ºº ¿²¼ -¿·¼ô •Þ§ и¿®¿±¸Ž- ¸±²±«®ô ©»
    • îéè ̸» Ï«®¿² îêæìë-¸¿´´ -«®»´§ ©·²òŽ ìë ̸»² Ó±-»- ëè ¬¸»·® ¬®»¿-«®»- ¿²¼ ¬¸»·® ²±¾´»¬¸®»© ¼±©² ¸·- -¬¿ººô ¿²¼ ·¬ ¼©»´´·²¹-‰ëç ¿²¼ É» ³¿¼» ¬¸»-©¿´´±©»¼ «° ¿´´ ¬¸¿¬ ¬¸»§ ¸¿¼ ݸ·´¼®»² ±º ×-®¿»´ ·²¸»®·¬±®- ±º½±²¶«®»¼ ·²¬± ¾»·²¹ò ìê ̸» ¬¸»-» ¾±«²¬·»-ò³¿¹·½·¿²- º»´´ ¼±©² °®±-¬®¿¬»ô êð и¿®¿±¸ ¿²¼ ¸·- °»±°´»ìé -¿§·²¹ô •É» ¾»´·»ª» ·² ¬¸» Ô±®¼ °«®-«»¼ ¬¸»³ ¿¬ -«²®·-»ô êï ¿²¼±º ¬¸» ɱ®´¼-ô ìè ¬¸» Ô±®¼ ±º ©¸»² ¬¸» ¬©± ¹®±«°- -¿© »¿½¸Ó±-»- ¿²¼ ß¿®±²òŽ ±¬¸»®ô Ó±-»-Ž ½±³°¿²·±²- -¿·¼ô ìç и¿®¿±¸ -¿·¼ô •Ø¿ª» §±« •É» ¿®» -«®» ¬± ¾» ±ª»®¬¿µ»²òŽ½±³» ¬± ¾»´·»ª» ·² ¸·³ô ¾»º±®» × êî Ó±-»- ®»°´·»¼ô •Ò±ô Ó§ Ô±®¼¸¿ª» ¹·ª»² §±« °»®³·--·±²á Ø» ·- ©·¬¸ ³»ô ¿²¼ Ø» ©·´´ ¹«·¼»·- -«®»´§ §±«® ³¿-¬»® ©¸± ¸¿- ³»òŽ êí ̸»² É» ¾¿¼» Ó±-»-¬¿«¹¸¬ §±« ³¿¹·½ò Þ«¬ §±« -¸¿´´ -¬®·µ» ¬¸» -»¿ ©·¬¸ ¸·- -¬¿ººò ß²¼-»»ò × ©·´´ ½«¬ ±ºº §±«® ¸¿²¼- ¿²¼ ·¬ °¿®¬»¼ô ¿²¼ »¿½¸ °¿®¬ ©¿-º»»¬ ±² ¿´¬»®²¿¬» -·¼»- ¿²¼ ½®«½·º§ ´·µ» ¿ ¸«¹» ³±«²¬¿·²òêì ײ ¬¸»§±« ¿´´òŽ ëð ̸»§ -¿·¼ô •Ì¸»®» ·- ³»¿²¬·³» É» ³¿¼» ¬¸» ±¬¸»®-²± ¸¿®³ò ̱ ±«® Ô±®¼ ©» -¸¿´´ ¿°°®±¿½¸ ¬¸¿¬ °´¿½»ò êë É»®»¬«®²ò ëïÉ» ¸±°» ±«® Ô±®¼ ©·´´ ¼»´·ª»®»¼ Ó±-»- ¿²¼ ¿´´ ¬¸±-»º±®¹·ª» «-ô ¿- ©» ¿®» ¬¸» º·®-¬ ±º ©¸± ©»®» ©·¬¸ ¸·³ô êê ¬¸»² É»¬¸» ¾»´·»ª»®-òŽ ¼®±©²»¼ ¬¸» ±¬¸»®-ò êé Í«®»´§ ·² ëî ̸»² É» ®»ª»¿´»¼ Ñ«® ©·´´ ¬¸¿¬ ¬¸»®» ·- ¿ -·¹²å §»¬ ³±-¬ ±º¬± Ó±-»-ô -¿§·²¹ô •Í»¬ º±®¬¸ ©·¬¸ ¬¸»³ ¼± ²±¬ ¾»´·»ª»æ êè ¬®«´§ôÓ§ -»®ª¿²¬-ô ·² ¬¸» ²·¹¸¬ô º±® §±«® Ô±®¼ ·- ¬¸» Ó·¹¸¬§ Ѳ»ô ¬¸»§±« ©·´´ -«®»´§ ¾» °«®-«»¼òŽ Ó»®½·º«´òëí êç ß²¼ и¿®¿±¸ -»²¬ º±®¬¸ ¸»®¿´¼- Ì»´´ ¬¸»³ ¬¸» -¬±®§ ±º¬± ¿´´ ¬¸» ½·¬·»-ò ëì •Ì¸»-»ôŽ ¬¸»§ ß¾®¿¸¿³ô é𠩸»² ¸» ¿-µ»¼ ¸·--¿·¼ô •¿®» ±²´§ ¿ -³¿´´ ¾¿²¼‰ º¿¬¸»® ¿²¼ ¸·- °»±°´»ô •É¸¿¬ ·-ëë ¿²¼ ¬¸»§ ¸¿ª» »²®¿¹»¼ «-‰ ¬¸¿¬ ©¸·½¸ §±« ©±®-¸·°áŽ éï ̸»§ëê ©» ¿®» ¿ ´¿®¹» ¿²¼ ©¿¬½¸º«´ -¿·¼ô •É» ©±®-¸·° ·¼±´- ¿²¼ ©·´´º±®½»òŽ ëé ͱ É» ³¿¼» ¬¸»³ ½±²¬·²«» ¬± ½´·²¹ ¬± ¬¸»³òŽ éî Ø»´»¿ª» ¬¸»·® ¹¿®¼»²- ¿²¼ -°®·²¹-ô ¿-µ»¼ô •Ü± ¬¸»§ ¸»¿® §±« ©¸»²
    • îêæïðê ̸» Ử- îé秱« ½¿´´ ¬± ¬¸»³á éí ܱ ¬¸»§ ¸»´° ¾» -¿ª»¼ ©¸± ½±³»- ¬± Ù±¼ ©·¬¸±® ¸¿®³ §±«áŽ éì ̸»§ ®»°´·»¼ô ¿ -±«²¼ ¸»¿®¬òŽ•Þ«¬ ©» º±«²¼ ±«® º¿¬¸»®- ¼±·²¹ çð ɸ»² п®¿¼·-» -¸¿´´ ¾»¬¸» -¿³»òŽ ¾®±«¹¸¬ ²»¿® ¬± ¬¸» Ù±¼óº»¿®·²¹ éë çï ß¾®¿¸¿³ -¿·¼ô •Ø¿ª» §±« ¿²¼ Ø»´´ -¸¿´´ ¾» ®»ª»¿´»¼ ¬±®»¿´´§ ¬¸±«¹¸¬ ¿¾±«¬ ©¸¿¬ §±« ¬¸» ³·-¹«·¼»¼ô çî ¬¸»§ ©·´´ ¾»¸¿ª» ¾»»² ©±®-¸·°°·²¹ô éê §±« ¿-µ»¼ô •É¸»®» ¿®» ¬¸±-» ©¸±³¿²¼ §±«® º±®»º¿¬¸»®-‰éé ¬¸»§ ¿®» §±« ©±®-¸·°°»¼ çí ¾»-·¼»- Ù±¼á¿´´ ³§ »²»³·»-ô ²±¬ -± ¬¸» Ô±®¼ Ý¿² ¬¸»§ ¸»´° §±« ±® »ª»² ¸»´°±º ¬¸» ˲·ª»®-»ô éè ©¸± ½®»¿¬»¼ ¬¸»³-»´ª»-Ꭰçì ̸»² ¬¸»§ ©·´´³»ò ׬ ·- Ø» ©¸± ¹«·¼»- ³»å ¾» ¬¸®±©² ¸»¿¼´±²¹ ·²¬± Ø»´´ôéç Ø» ©¸± ¹·ª»- ³» º±±¼ ¿²¼ ¾±¬¸ ¬¸»§ ¿²¼ ¬¸» ³·-¹«·¼»¼¼®·²µå èð Ø» ©¸± ½«®»- ³» ©¸»² ±²»-ô çë ¿²¼ Í¿¬¿²Ž- ´»¹·±²-ô ¿´´× ¿³ ·´´å èï Ø» ©¸± ©·´´ ½¿«-» ³» ¬±¹»¬¸»®ò çê ̸»§ ©·´´ ¼·-°«¬»¬± ¼·» ¿²¼ ¾®·²¹ ³» ¾¿½µ ¬± ´·º»å ¾»¬©»»² ¬¸»³-»´ª»- ¬¸»®»·²ô ¿²¼èî ¿²¼ Ø» ©¸± ©·´´ô × ¸±°»ô ©·´´ -¿§ô çé •É» ©»®» ½´»¿®´§º±®¹·ª» ³» ³§ º¿«´¬- ±² ¬¸» Ü¿§ ³·-¹«·¼»¼ çè ©¸»² ©» ³¿¼» §±«±º ¬¸» Ö«¼¹»³»²¬ò »¯«¿´ ©·¬¸ ¬¸» Ô±®¼ ±º ¬¸» èí Ó§ Ô±®¼ô ¾»-¬±© ©·-¼±³ ˲·ª»®-»ò çç ׬ ©¿- ¬¸» »ª·´¼±»®-«°±² ³»å «²·¬» ³» ©·¬¸ ¬¸» ©¸± ´»¼ «- ¿-¬®¿§ô ïðð ¿²¼ ©»®·¹¸¬»±«-å èì ¹·ª» ³» ¿ ¹±±¼ ¸¿ª» ²± ·²¬»®½»--±®- ²±©ô ïðï ¿²¼²¿³» ¿³±²¹ ´¿¬»® ¹»²»®¿¬·±²-å ²± -·²½»®» º®·»²¼ò ïðî ׺ ©» ½±«´¼èë ¿²¼ ³¿µ» ³» ±²» ±º ±²´§ ®»¬«®² ¬± ¬¸» ©±®´¼ ¿²¼ ¾»¬¸» ·²¸»®·¬±®- ±º ¬¸» Ù¿®¼»² ±º ¿³±²¹ ¬¸» ¾»´·»ª»®-òŽ ïðí ̸»®»Þ´·--å èê ¿²¼ º±®¹·ª» ³§ º¿¬¸»®å ·- ½»®¬¿·²´§ ¿ -·¹² ·² ¬¸¿¬ô ¾«¬º±® ¸» ·- ±²» ±º ¬¸» ³·-¹«·¼»¼å ³±-¬ ±º ¬¸»³ ©±«´¼ ²±¬ ¾»´·»ª»æèé ïðì ¿²¼ ¼± ²±¬ ¼·-¹®¿½» ³» ±² -«®»´§ô §±«® Ô±®¼ ·- ¬¸» Ó·¹¸¬§¬¸» Ü¿§ ©¸»² ¿´´ °»±°´» ¿®» Ѳ»ô ¬¸» Ó»®½·º«´ò®»-«®®»½¬»¼ô èè ¬¸» Ü¿§ ©¸»² ïðë ̸» °»±°´» ±º Ò±¿¸©»¿´¬¸ ¿²¼ -±²- ©·´´ ¾» ±º ²± ¿´-± ®»¶»½¬»¼ ¬¸» ³»--»²¹»®-ò¿ª¿·´ô èç ¿²¼ ©¸»² ¸» ¿´±²» ©·´´ ïðê ɸ»² ¬¸»·® ¾®±¬¸»® Ò±¿¸ -¿·¼
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