6 Steps to Expert Content Marketing ~ #3 Position


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In order to position your content, you need to position yourself as an expert in your field. Read, watch, and listen to those you want to emulate, and implement your knowledge by teaching others.

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6 Steps to Expert Content Marketing ~ #3 Position

  1. 1. 6 Steps to Expert Content Marketing ~#3 PositionLearn how to position your content and become an expert. What does that mean? Simply put, it means that you must become an expert of your subject matter. We spoke the other day about speaking to your target market and how important it is to research. When you know who youre speaking to, it makes it easier to position yourself as the expert.Read, listen, watch others in your field.Teach the things that you learn to others.These are the steps to creating your expertise.Position YourselfHere is some information that I would like to share with you about this very subject of positionand being the expert, which I gleaned from some diverse sources that I came across whileresearching this piece.
  2. 2. This excerpt comes from Mashable.com written by Susan Payton. Read the full article here...Benefits of Being an ExpertBeing an expert in your field makes you the go-to person for your industry. There are manypeople that I trust inherently on different subjects simply because they know their stuff, andthey’re not trying to sell me anything. They just want to be helpful in their own space. These arepeople that I learn from, but also whom I would buy from because I trust their knowledge andexpertise. Imparting Your Wisdom By sharing your knowledge with others, youll quickly become known for your expertise. This can translate into sales, job offers, gigs, or other opportunities, as you build your personal brand as an expert.Build On Your ExpertiseIt takes a while, but you will see a snowball effect as you build your brand as an expert. Morepeople will come to you for advice or consulting, and more media types will reach out to you forinterviews. Learn to leverage your knowledge and convert it to sales. Speaking at conferences,teaching courses or seminars — both online and off, and consulting for businesses will help yougrow your personal brand.Corbett Barr wrote this on zenhabits.net. Read the full article here...1. Realize expert is a relative term.I’m a big believer in relative expertise. For most purposes, you don’t need to be the world’sforemost expert on something to benefit from what you know. Being expert enough means
  3. 3. knowing enough or being good enough to accomplish your goals, however modest or grand theymay be.2. Learn from books and experience.There’s a time for learning and a time for practicing. Atrue expert needs to have both expertise (book learning)and experience (real-world practice).3. Focus.Focus is critical for two reasons. First, it helps you pay attention to the task at hand so you don’tbecome paralyzed by the thought of everything to follow. Second, you have to focus so you canignore all the possible distractions that are always waiting to pull you off your path.This was posted by Brianne Carlon on Kuno Creatives blog. Read the full article here...Talk to the people who know the business: If it is at all possible, request interviews withexperts at the company. Ask them everything you want to know and don’t be afraid to saysomething wrong. They know you are learning, and it is better to make a mistake now ratherthan when you are presenting or writing for a wider audience. And don’t forget to ask, “Whatdid I miss?” They know the topic better than you do, so take advantage of the time they havegiven you. Teach someone else: There is no better way to learn something than to teach it to someone else. So manage all the digging then make a presentation to your CEO or boss regarding the topic. The truth is she needs to sound just as informed and competent as you, so handle the heavy lifting (i.e., research) then fill your boss in on the information pertinent to the account. As you inform your audience, you will start to grasp the information in a new way, leading to a more sophisticated understanding of the topic.
  4. 4. When you position yourself as an expert to your target market, you will truly see your sphere ofinfluence increase, if you stay humble and true to yourself and your audience. Never try to makeyourself out as something that youre not, if you havent put the time and effort into learning thevery thing youre teaching.Give yourself permission to make mistakes along the way. Thats how you grow. People will seeyou as much more approachable if you are transparent about the mistakes youve made. Younever want to feel that you have reached the ultimate level of expertise, though. If you ever stoplearning, youll grow stagnant, and so will those who follow you.Learn, implement, and teach others, and you will position yourself as anexpert in the process.