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2008 Northern Minnesota Spring Fishing Trip

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  1. 1. 2008 BFF By Your Tournament Director Dave B
  2. 2. Hey Dave!!! Tell us how to tie that triple loop half hitch super knot………AGAIN!!!!
  3. 3. A couple members of the Board of Elders!!
  4. 4. Bob, Very Nice Musky. Give him one of those beers behind you and he’ll be ok!
  5. 5. Tom….you down there……..Where did you go? SWIM TOWARDS THE LIGHT!!!!!
  7. 7. John, Nice Musky but the scale don’t appear to be correct???
  8. 8. I have no idea why we were out on the lake..30 mile an hour winds!!!
  9. 9. Here is your eventual bass champion…just warming up.
  10. 10. Hmmm…I wonder if I could fit him on a hook???
  11. 11. Tom….Turn around and look at Dan!!! LOL!!!
  12. 12. Looks like John is on the board!!!
  13. 13. Is this a picture of the scale or the fish??? I think he has had to many shooters!!!
  14. 14. Very nice picture! But try fishing in this!
  15. 15. Dan bagging one of his many Northerns! Watch those clouds.
  16. 16. A pints a pound the world around?????
  17. 17. Damn nice walleye John!! 9.04. Good for second place.
  18. 18. Jerry with his BFF CHAMPIONSHIP winning bass – 3.03! NICE!!!
  19. 19. Here comes some major fishing Experience!!!
  20. 20. A little blurry but a HUGE WINNING WALLEYE!!! 10.04 pounds!! Congratulations Dan! A BFF RECORD!!!
  21. 21. The 2008 BFF CREW!!!!
  22. 22. I know this years quote was “Go Big or Go Home” but does that apply to sun glasses too???
  23. 23. This spot will be HOT next year!! 2 WINNING FISH CAUGHT ABOUT 50 yards straight out from this dock!!!
  24. 24. Hey!! This scale reads 46 pounds!!! LOL!!!
  25. 25. The dock that Bob rocked!!!
  26. 26. Heads I put the deep diver on…tails the shallow diver……nah! Black and Gold Rapala baby!!!
  27. 27. OK…Where are those guys with my beer!!!!
  28. 28. The Big Eagle!!
  29. 29. The FAMOUS TREE with all its lights and gifts!!!!
  30. 30. Nice Northern to start the contest with. Over 9 pounds. Way to go Roger!
  31. 31. Looks like Tom has the “LITTLE GLASSES” going already!!
  32. 32. Whatcha fishin for? Uh Bass. You’re to shallow…GO DEEPER!!!
  33. 33. What a set up!! Lamb Ribs and Boudin sausage!!!
  34. 34. One of 2 grills full of Lamb Ribs!!
  35. 35. Not bad! But also not big enough!!
  36. 36. Your Yankee Pot Roast Creator! Tom what kind of home made jerky is that??
  37. 37. 3 Pans of meat and veggies and one pan of just veggies!!
  38. 40. Lets see…Do I want to fish for bass, walleye or Northern??? I know…How bout ALL 3!!!
  39. 41. Go Big or Go Home???? Better pack your bags!!!
  40. 42. Bob, VERY NICE MUSKY!!! Keep an eye on the storms!
  41. 43. Lets see if you can straighten a hook with your teeth like this fish did.. and 1 tooth went right through the lure!! OUCH! BABY!! if you get your finger in his mouth
  42. 44. He must be thinking about work back home…….YEAH RIGHT!!!
  43. 45. 2 fishermen taking a break!
  44. 46. Very nice bass, Roger!
  45. 47. And I threw the lure over here and the darn fish was over there!!
  46. 48. Looks like somebody is telling somebody a BIG FISH STORY only I can’t tell who???
  47. 49. Uh Oh!! Meat on the grill….That’s serious stuff!!!
  48. 50. Looks like they are starting to bite baby!!
  49. 51. Don’t be fooled. They are not smiling for the camera. Meat on the grill always make manly men smile!!!
  50. 52. Last years winners with the Trophy Plaques – Dave and Brian
  51. 53. Roger looks very happy!!! What he don’t know is Jerry just caught the winning bass on the other side of the lake!!!
  52. 54. Ahhh!! A good old fashion “Day At The Ball Park” dinner. Brats, Dogs, burgers, slaw, potato salad and Mac and Cheese!!! It don’t get any better!!
  53. 55. I just don’t know how I’m ever going to be able to beat Dan’s walleye!!
  54. 56. Brian's on the board with a Northern. Notice the steel mesh Glove? Remember the hole in the Lure?
  55. 57. A very Windy, blustery day. Look at those white caps!!!
  56. 58. Lets see…How did Dave say to do it??? The squirrel goes into the hole and around the tree then comes out again and over the stream and through the woods to Grandmothers House we go!! LOL!! Well the joke was on me. Mike won the Musky Bff Championship!
  57. 59. One of your Lamb Rib dinner chef's. John T.
  58. 60. Looks like Roger is thinking about the one that got away!
  59. 61. I'm SOOOO glad I didn’t quit my day job!!!!!
  60. 62. Here is the definition of GO BIG OR GO HOME!!! CONGRATULATIONS MIKE, On the BFF MUSKY CHAMPIONSHIP!!
  61. 63. Peanut butter jellllly, peanut butter jellllly, STOP DROP ROLL!!!!
  62. 64. Vaya Con Dios mi Amigos To Dem who are like us Dom few de are….Their awl deed Until next year, remember….. Go Big or Go Home!!!!