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Check Mate Demo
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Check Mate Demo


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Check Mate Demo

Check Mate Demo

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Check-Mate* Demonstration with DAA
    A Slide Show Describing Check-Mate Capabilities
    and Benefits
    * Check-Mate is a Siemens PLM Product
  • 2. What is Check-Mate ?
    Knowledge Driven Validation Tool
    Check if Corporate Standards are being followed
    Integrated with Siemens NX to check part, assembly and drawing quality
    Integrated with Siemens Teamcenter to manage validation processes and results
  • 3. What is Check-Mate ?
    Extensive library of Standard Checks (250+ “canned” checks).
    Model Quality Checks
    Assembly Checks
    Drawing Checks
    File Structure Checks
    Custom Developed Checks
  • 4. What is Check-Mate ?
    Reporting Tools
    Analyze Check-Mate results
    Identify training needs
    Evaluate suppliers performance
    Recognize trends and improvement opportunities
    Customize reports to view quality metrics in various formats
    Export reports to html
  • 5. What is Check-Mate ?
    Checks can be executed in different ways
    Interactively in NX – check during design and modification to reduce issues before releasing parts.
    Automatically during save operation in NX
    Batch processing on folders in Teamcenter
    Batch processing of entire file directories on the operating system
  • 6. What is Check-Mate ?
    Supported by Teamcenter Workflows and Processes
    Results are stored with part revisions and can be reviewed directly in Teamcenter
    Users and Managers can be automatically notified when there are warnings or errors
    Results can be used in workflow / release processes to prevent parts that fail specific checks from being released
    Overrides can be used to allow failing parts to progress through work flows when necessary
  • 7. What is Check-Mate ?
    Customizable environment
    Customer default settings and environment variables - change how Check-Mate is presented to users
    Validation Rules Editor – define conditions for executing checkers.
    Includes authoring capabilities for creating custom checks
    Based on the NX Knowledge Fusion language
    An extensive set of checking functions is provided
    Can be further extended using NX/Open API
  • 8. A Brief Check-Mate Demo: Aircraft Landing Gear
  • 9. Selecting ”Set Up Tests”from the Check-Mate Toolbar
  • 10. Selecting “All Loaded Parts” to check the entire assembly
  • 11. Selecting the “Tests”tab
  • 12. Opening the “Categories” to select the checks to execute
  • 13. Selecting the “checks” to execute
  • 14. Or selecting a “profile” (a collection of checks), then Execute Check-Mate
  • 15. Results can be viewed via several methods
  • 16. Method 1: Hovering over the HD3D icon in the graphics region
  • 17. Method 2: Hovering over the listing in the Check-Mate HD3D Resource window
  • 18. Method 3: Double clicking on the listing or icon to view result details
  • 19. Method 4: Clicking on “More Details” to see more information
  • 20. Closing the “Check-Mate Result” details dialog
  • 21. Method 5: Expanding an “Object”to view individual issues
  • 22. Right clicking on “Object” to see options, including problem area navigation
  • 23. Issues can be linked to web pages and other documentation
  • 24. How can Check-Mate help?
    Improved model, assembly and drawing quality
    Ensures NX part integrity when opening models (correct layers, appropriate reference sets, drawing standards, etc…)
    Prevents problematic models from being released in Teamcenter
    Automatically notifies Teamcenter users when critical checks fail
    Reporting tools to help determine which checks fail most (can help direct user training)
  • 25. How can Check-Mate help?
    Avoids untold wasted hours looking for part geometry and features when revising parts and creating assemblies because layers and reference sets are not used consistently.
    Related Check-Mate checks:
    Layer categories
    Geometry on layers
    Geometry in reference sets
    Hidden geometry
    Suppressed features
  • 26. How can Check-Mate help?
    Avoids many wasted hours repairing imported data for downstream CAM and CAE operations.
    Related Check-Mate checks:
    Tiny geometry
    Identical faces
    Self intersecting faces
    Multiple knots
    Non-smooth faces
    Minimum curvature
    Multiple solids
    Unintentional cavities
  • 27. How can Check-Mate help?
    Avoids Designers spending too much time determining why parts do not update properly when modified.
    Check-Mate Checks:
    Features and sketches are fully constrained with no fixed constraints
    Positioning constraints that reference fillet and chamfer edges
    Suppressed features
    Primitive features
    Buried features
    Out of date features
    Unparameterized features
    WAVE links
  • 28. How can Check-Mate help?
    Prevents wasted time and schedule delays because the Checking Group is forced to spends days “red-lining” drawings.
    Related Check-Mate checks:
    Drafting standards (ANSI, ISO, etc.)
    Dimension tolerance
    Views are up to date
    Standard note text
    Non-associative dimensions
    Overlapping views
    Drawing attributes
    View scale
    Drafting symbols
    Line style / width
  • 29. How can Check-Mate help?
    Avoids Engineers struggling to determine if assemblies are valid.
    Related Check-Mate checks:
    Check if clearance analysis has been run
    Proper use of component reference sets
    Component part file locations
    WAVE links
    Deformable components
    Non-geometric components
    Part density settings
    Routing checks
    Duplicate components
  • 30. How can DAA help?
    DAA provides training and development services for configuring your Check-Mate checks and environment.
  • 31. How can DAA help?
    Assist users to set-up checking tasks by creating intelligent collections of checks for different part types; e.g. piece-parts, drawings, assemblies and even different part sub-types(cast, sheet metal, injection molded…)
  • 32. How can DAA help?
    Help extend Check-Mate coverage to ensure all your standards are followed.
  • 33. How can DAA help?
    Provide mentoring so you can create your own custom Check-Mate checkers
  • 34. Thank
    You !
    For Check-Mate training or development assistance
    please contact