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  • 1. YOL.I 110.1 .IUIII 30, 1979 Edward EAyreCOYIIIJ JEWELERS INC.Business, politics and philanthropy-singly or in any combination-are the mainmotives for socializing in our town. They are also the main interests of SteveMartindale, who recently helped Kay Shouse with another successful benefit forWolf Trap Farm Park for the Performing Arts. Steve also enlisted Nancy Dicker-son as emcee for last months benefit for the Stehlin Foundation for Cancer 14 Kt. Gold ShellsResearch. Kay and Nancy say Steve deserves a lot of credit for his charitablebent. He stands out, says Nancy, because "were accustomed to women who dofull-time charitable work, but were not used to a bachelor lawyer who does thesethings." For more on Steve, see page 23. Photograph by Fred Ward/Black Star.._...................Mrs. Shouses hair and make-up by Barbara Walker of Lucien et Eivind . 7Couple• 011 G•lltltl•• by Myra Mensh PatnerHappily marrieds share secrets of success • Pendant $130. .core, llle Traclltloeal Woclclhtg by Jeanne McManus 14Modern brides get back to the basicsStove Martlaclalo• Caa•Do CaaCaa by Rita Kemp ley 22The bachelor and his benefitsAlo•g•artyLiao• aoOff to the racres and on with the showCapltaiStowa The arts in review by Warren Adler, Dorothy Marks,Anne Blair, Bette Taylor and Robert Miller 41 Earrings $285a Oulclo to •ro•lclolltlal aulto• by Vicki Ostrolenk 12 608ocl•l C•leacl•r by Maggie Wimsatt ••PubllahelfDavld AdlerEditor/Sonia Adlerlohnaglng EdltorfRita Kampley, Dealgn Coneultani/Jack Frost, Chief Phot09rapheriJohn Whitman,Contributing Phot09r1pher./Fred Ward, Belly Ford, Peter Gerfleld, Aaalat1111 to t he Edltorlloe Klrateln,Contributing Wtlter./Lise Berger, VIola Dralh, Dorothy Marks, Robaf1 Miller, Garnett Stackatbarg, Batte Taylor,Maggie Wimsatt, Adrienne Whitman, VIcki Ostrotenk., Jeanne McManus,Advartl alng Salea Director/Jon Adler,Aecount Eucutlvaa/Deanna Gould, Mira Kahn,Production DlrectoriUanne Uyeda,Type..ttl"9/ Julia Young,Advanlalng ProductloniBonnle L.. Down,ControUar/Shlrley Bartholomew, Olllca Man ager/Nadine Ellis, Circulation/Walter Duncan.The Wuhlnqton Douler Is published by Adler/International, Ltd., David Adler-President.Jon Adler·VI.:. President, Sonia Adler.Sacretary· TreuurerAdvertiSing and editorial oil lees located at 3301 New Mexico Avenue, NW, Washi ngton, DC 20016.General Tel.-{202)362·5894Advertlalno-(202)362·~040New York-(212)684-8661 " Metronet" 27• Madison Ave. N.Y., N.Y. 10016Loa Angeles-(213)933-9283 Prestige Magazlne Group, Inc. ~Wilshire Blvd., Loa Angeles, CA. 90036Subscription prlc&$12 per year; $14 In Canada; $2• In other foreign countries •Subscription Olllc&P.O. Box~. Farmingdale, N.Y. 11737Photographs lor commercial and noncommercial use are available lor sale-Phone (202)362·<4040Controlled circulation poatage pai d at Gordonsville, VA 22Q.42Copyright 1979 Adler/International, Ltd. 1130 Con necticut Ave .Circulation to be audited by (VAC) l ,~VERifiED • • AUDIT CIRCULATION in theW & J Sloane Bldg. 628-2122 628-323 2 DOSSIER/JUNE 1979/5
  • 2. If buying or sellin2 a home has you down, take two aspirin and call us in the moming. Buyi ng or selling a ho me in a compe titive marker can be a very un-settling experience. Or it can be easy. Weve done it mo re than40,(XX> times a nd we know its a lot easie r when you have acompetitive edge. For 3 decades we have been that competitive edge formany of Washingtons most successful builders andtho usands of families. Today we sell more new ho mesthan any o the r Real Estate company east of California. Ourresearch department alone is bigger now than o ur whole com-pany used to be. Weve built a resale division with the capabilityto do everything it takes to sell a house: caJI in plumbers. o r painters.o r whoever. if its necessary; advance money for the re pairs. arrangemo rtgage financing. even ad vance a seller the eq uity befo re the sale. Your In three decades. weve amassed incredible resources. Because today. thats COIIIpetiUYewhat ittakes to haveacompetitiveedge. We can put that competitive edge to workfo r you. edge. Why be apprehensive? Take two aspirins and call us in the mo rni ng. We domake ho usecalls. Clre•v CIIIJse. Md. GauherJbtlf11. Md Olney. Md. Pototr4c. Md. Rochilltt. Md. Bt•rke. Va. Tysons Cprner. Va. ExecuJi•e 0/fices (30/J()54-171KI iJIJIJ9ol8-4670 (.10JJ914-4520 (.10/J299-2(}(XI !3011 .140.3311 170..1J978-1(/(JO 170JJ82J.Jm 130/J656-J313
  • 3. Annab ell~Dossier rde ltlnlalaat new showroom now open at 7034 Wisconsin Avenue carrying fin~ oriental rugs and master craftsmen of furniture-POL POOPa Word is that Carter call- dropped the fork for the pen. Hes do-ed Nixon at San Helena to report on ing a piece for United Features and is ~the conclusion of the SALT negotia-tions. The conversation apparently about to sign with a publisher for his memoirs ... Bett y Fo rd s book •was spiked with philosophical reflec-tions on the thanklessness of the job bombed ... Ditto Jerrys .. .Ki.tty Kelley and husband Mike Edgley bought a ~ ~and copious "I told you sos" ... This plush Georgetown pad with Jackie 0doesnt seem to stop the crowd at the proceeds.White House admission window.Watch for more drop-outs on theelephant side. And dont write off Japanese Prime Minister Ohira took a weiJ earned snooze during White ~ jCarter. Aides are already dusting off House entertainment on his recentthe Truman strategy of 1948 - run visit... No one shocked at speed atagainst Congress; show true grit as an which Peter Jay was chucked... Onceunderdog. Nagging concern is what again Congress trying to tear the guts A remarkable selection ofhappens if Lance cops out. .. As for out of the Endowment for the Arts. fine genuine Oriental Rugs iKennedy, the question is when will the Not all our national culture is on the -both new and antique-Carter people force the opening of that game shows, kids. imported from all over theone-copy collectors item that has beenin compilation for years. APOLOOIISa We goofed badly on world. ~ our item about how Ed and Gladys ~PIIPLINOa Plucky p olitical LyndaRobb said to be shaky over her newjob, but willing to tough it out for the Hoffman announced their separation. Beware of mongerers who thrive on personal anguish. T hats not our style. GJ>afvlzialb,. i "The Only Jn-I!Mnl You can Walk Oncause ... Mondale being a good solider • Enjoy WhiS. II Appreclattd"while he scours the wall for a way QUOIIS OP IHI MONIHa Theout. .. insiders snickering at boob tube silliest - "T ongsun Park was a a SPECIAL OFFER!try to make John Dean a victim," said Gwen Davis, while flack- @ Bring in this ad during ~swinger... Ardeshir Zahedi still at it. ing her wacky Washington book at the ) the month of June tHe met the Bob Hopes in the elevator Sans Souci. The most Poignant - .l and _gualif} for a ~of the Waldorf Towers recently and "Walt would have loved it, " said (!; 25°/o REDUCTION ipromptly sent up three dozen roses. Penni Alison, who for two years Margaret Hodges during the recent benefit for the Stehlin Foundation, as • on all rugs and furniture. ~bravely battled back troubles and pain, she watched guests jam Pisces, eightis off to Florence for the summer to deep at the three bars.restoke the spirit. .. Popular Italiandiplomat Antonio Provenzano andpretty wife Michele now ensconced inRoma where theyve taken a flat near LIMONSa Watch out for those Volvos. Since 1976, they have been spreading lemon juice everywhere. f @ ) (301)854-8989 Wlllll*lgtcn, D.C. (202)686-1112 Hour~: Mon., Thur1. 9:30-9 Tutl., Wed., Fri., Sat. 9:30-11 e1 7034 Wllconlln Ava. 4835 Wleoonlln AIL . Belheeda. M4 ~Cuccis house ... Susan Goldwater busy Irate owners (like me) are bitching into RneSpuenl~ •yc1e.enlng 1 12 5 ~ 0denying she and new spouse MarvinWarner will take to political hustings the wind. Keep em in Sweden, pal, to mix with the smorgasbord. Those ads ! " FREE PARKING AC~~SS THE STREET Salee pe• (after he steps down as ambassador to about longevity ... only baloney.Switzerland ... Peter Malatesta has DOD ~-~~~~~ DOSSIER/JUNE 1979/7
  • 4. RODIER PARIS mozzo galleria- 5300 wisconsin ave., ------- washington. d,c. 20015 1 (202) 96&-3660 Couples on Quibbles By MYRA MENSH PATNER years with Senator Dales quixotic The toothpaste tube and the squeezing habit of taking off one of his socks in-Finally, racial areas, of same have become a symbol of con- side out, a routine which has led hisbikini lines, thighs, nubial stress. Inevitably, if he squeezes wife to untold hours of confusing andstomach, chest oralmost any other part the end, she squeezes the middle. And strenuous sock sorting. Im convincedof your body can besafely cleared ofunwanted hair. wrule it is true that opposites attract, it there is a limbo in which aU of DalesThe no-needles is this very magnetism that strains the unmatched socks are gathering," saysOepltatronMethod or day to day intercourse between other- Betty, whose own penchant forHair Removaldoesn I cause wise perfect partners. mispronouncing or forgetting names atthe unpleas- Although many a marriage has gone political events is a family joke.ant side effectsoften associatedwith other hair re- down the tubes as a result of said con- As you sow, so shall you reap, it ismoval methods, undrum, many a well-known couple said. But Shirley Wilson, wife ofTheres no skin lrrl·tatlon, swelling, scab· has turned the solution of this pasty California Rep. Bob Wilson, has yet tobing or chance ofpermanent scarring problem into the very fixative of do so when it comes to the vegetablesor Infection. Spe.clally trained tecn- lasting romance. her husband painstakingly plants eachnlclans .can concen·trate work In small DOD spring. "Just as the first tomatoes areareas for any amountof time. Even make- "After thirty-nine years together, we forming, were off to California, leav-up can be applied Immediately after a treat- joke about the little things that ing our gardens bounty to friends andment. Oepllatron Isnt magic, just an solution to an age-old problem. bothered us when we were young," neighbors," sighs Shirley as she packs CALL FOR MORE INFORMATION OR A FREE PRIVATE CONSULTATION says Mildred ONeill, wife of the for the annual trek home. "Fried green speaker of the House. Mrs. ONeill, for tomatoes have become our traditional M•»t•1Ke)n instance, long ago learned to handle Tips nightly snoring, which is at its going away dish," she adds. "My husband wont eat dessert with DEPI.ATRON CENTERS loudest when he is most tired. "I feel me," complains Irene Pollln of hus- like Ive lived with it forever," she band Abe, owner of Capital Centre. muses. "I found that if I say his name, "He just doesnt have a sweet tooth," he turns over and stops." she adds, still incredulous after all Betty Bumpers has lived for thiity these years. This unusual self-discipline8/JUNE 1979/DOSSIER
  • 5. Hec hts Orie ntal Rug G a llery at Bm~ Tyso ns Corne r Listen ... let me tell you about the ri4lfi~~Z9>.~!11 Oriental Rug I just bought at Hechts Tysons Corner. Well here I am ... with my latest investment.. .An Oriental Rug. Ive a lways wanted one. I bought it here at Hechts Tysons Corner. Like any go9d investment the ~~~~ value must be good. It is. The quality must be the finest. It is. The price must be right. It is. Im satisfied I bought my rug now ...the prices will never be better ... you should consider it too. The selection at Hechts is the finest. Ive looked. And the professional staff is the most knowledgeable ... I can vouch for it. 8S~~~ Look at my rug. Its a great investment •.. ~....... I bought it here at Hechts Tysons Corner.HECHT·swhere the excitement is For Information Telephone: (703) 893-3003
  • 6. does not extend to his night table or closet, however, which are usually pil- ed high to overflowing with books, papers and notes. "Fortunately, Ive gotten sloppier over the years and hes getting neater, so it works out." An unusual twist that might cause trouble in some relationships has been turned to advantage by Giant Foods patriarch Joe Danzansky, who discovered some years ago that the very sound of his wifes voice puts him to sleep. Now, when tired after a long day, he expressly requests that she talk to him so that he can be gently lulled into dreamland. Tve told her many times that its not that shes boring, but that her voice is my security blanket," Dining in the Setting insists this fortunate husband of a tolerant mate. it Deserves. Dining with elan is more than Deliciously innovative lunc.h " We re still newlyweds, " says Catharina Biddle of her five-year mar· riage to Livingston. "But my being an JUSt sumptuous food. and dinner fare. Complimentary artist and by nature impractical has lr is sumpruous food in an atmos- cocktail hours buffer. Delectable definitely led to problems." When tax phere of rare excitement, of vivacious soups and salads. Memo1rable time came around the first year and people, dancing, light and color. Of entrees. Vintage wines. Mr. Biddle suggested that his wife bring him the years bank statements, intimacy and openness joined in the Now dining has the 1 she was dumbfounded. "Were we sup- same magnificent setting. setting it deserves. posed to keep them?" she inquired in- 2020 K. Street N. W. , 466-5840 nocently. Admittance charge nr elan card required after 4 p.m. Writer Kandy Stroud neatly solved the problem she and husband Frank had over who gets to read the morning paper first by ordering two subscrip- tions. Each now dives for his own, eliminating conflict and disproving that old saw that marriagE! is a school in which the s tudent learns too late. Dr. Stroud may soon initiate a The simple elegance of a diamond solitaire... similar solution to stop his wife from whatever shape or size you desire, sneaking his razor to shave her legs. we will give you the best quality "Ive shown her articles about how this at the most reasonable price. bugs husbands, Ive threatened, cajol- ed, all to no avail," laments this popular pediatrician. Effi Barry discovered that her hus- band Mayor Marion Barrys hundreds of scraps of paper, matchbook covers, napkins and cards co ntaining telephone numbers and names were mounding in ever-growing piles across the bedroom. A simple and effective solution: a specially designed basket to catch and contain the goods, which BOON[ 0 SONS, INC. "worked beautifully," testifies Effi. Ditto for Helen Bums, whose hus- JI:W~ILJrru band Arthur, former chief of the Federal Reserve, used to insist on 1730 K STREET, N.W. 5530 WISCONSIN AVENUE smoking in bed at night. Mrs. Burns WASHINGTON.!. D.C. CHEVY CHASE, MD 785·465.1 657·2144 procures mints from Howard Johnsons as a permanent substitute for night cigarettes, keeping her husbands bed table well supplied. She even packs them in his suitcase for trips. "He10/JUNE 1979/DOSSIER
  • 7. ::.:t"c I ass i c s i 11 act ion .. ,.~t ·~ r f r,.,· r , r, " ( r , r" r r fr ~., S ill~ shirt dress geometries Our unstudied classic with o wealth of right angles in print. Soft , slender, sashed and sloshed to show the legs. For all seasons, in block on ton silk crepe de Chine. By Jack Mulqueen, 4 to 14 , 118 .00 Sports Dresses . 1c of At1Icrica11 clclssicslord & Taylor, Washington· Chevy Chose - call 362- 9600 Falls Church , White Flint .
  • 8. calvin klein 179...injeanious do~ after do~Calvin Klein jeans for men. Some come with From our Calvin Klein Jean Collection.straight legs. some with narrow. Some come the 5-pocket Western. 37.00with a zipper up front. some with buttons. (her Calvins, 35.00).Some come with pockets, some come The Calvin Klein Shop,without one in sight. They all come in Main Floor. White Flint;deep Indigo cotton denim, washed once Designer Jeans, Main Floor,for softness. Tysons Corner.blaomingdales mens store Tysons Corner. Mclean. Va. (703)893-3500. Nhlte Alnt.11305 Rockvile Pike at Nicholson Lone.l<enslngton. Md. (301)468-2lll. Open late Monday through Friday 10:00-9:30. Saturday 11116. Closed Sunday.
  • 9. reaches for a mint, not a smoke," sayshis wife, satisfied. A similar problem in need of a dif-ferent solu t ion confronts SusanBrinkley, wife of David. "lf only myhusband would stop smoking, at leastin the bedroom," she sighs. "But he justcant sit down to a typewriter or abook without a cigarette in his mouth.A recent subtle hint to eliminate saidhabit from the bedroom took the formof repainting the room and sending"every blessed thing out to thecleaners," says Susan. "I keep trying." When Esther Coopersmith, the PerleMesta of Potomac, discovered early inher marriage to Jack that he loved toshop for groceries (" noticed we hadtwo of everything in the refrigeratorfrom his shopping and mine") she relin-quished this task to her spouse, whohas done it ever since. Thus no conflictin the Coopersmith home, where theremight have been in others. For the dozen years WalterWashington was mayor of the District,his wife had to cope with the frustra-tion of being scheduled by schedulers,"who felt they needed to make up ourschedules but didnt need to teJI usabout it." Finally, Dr. Bennetta W<tsh-ington says, Were starting tolive like normal people again and it isdelightful." Patrick Hayes, Washington im-presario, admits that in almost fortyyears of an otherwise blissful marriage,there has been the recurring nuisanceof finding his half-filled coffee cups allover the house. His wife has put themin the clothes hamper, the filingcabinet, the closets, but never in thekitchen. Hayes recalls that the late Sen.Robert Taft was forever in trouble withhis wife because grocery lists, carefullyplaced in his pockets, tended to stay there, since the senator consistentlyforgot to stop at the store on the wayhome from work. Claire and Joe Dratchs professionaland personal relationship of thirty-seven years has thrived in spite of dif-ferences in taste (his office at theirclothing store is contemporary andcluttered; hers is Victorian and prim).Joe also has closed his eyes to her habit of wearing his terry cloth robe, rather than one from her extensive closet ofclothes. All that has been said simply seems to prove, as WiJliam Blake the poetknew over 150 years ago: "Love to faults is always blind, always is to joy inclind." ODD DOSSIER/JUNE 1979/13
  • 10. Tradition enriches our lives, gives us continuity.Perhaps that is why in a fragmented, fast-pacedsociety such as ours, we hold fast to the ritual ofmarriage. No other tradition spawns so manysymbols-of union, prosperity, fertility, familyand happiness. And no other day celebrates thiscontinuity more than the florid, silver, white andscented day of days, the wedding day.
  • 11. In the 1960s, weddings were wed-ins. Couples spoke vows on a moun-tain top at midnight, tied the knot on abeach at dawn. The free-wheeling 60sgave way to the free-falling 70s, whensky-diving couples pulled the nuptialrip cord to float gently down to earthlylife. The inevitable end to these nonsen-sical nuptials is the return of the traru-tional wedding. Some of Washingtonsmost well-known recent singles. Pagelee Hufty, Teddy Proxmire and SusanGoldwater to name a few, were wed inthe old-fashioned way. But why have couples come full cir-cle? Why, in the face of the stagger-ing divorce rate, do men and womencontinue to enter the institution of marriage? The deliriously happy Page Lee Huf- ty, who donned a Victorian lace gown to wed Baltimores Benjamin Griswald,gave her reasons: "Marriage is a very J acqueline Bouvier and John F. Ken·old tradition. Perhaps the reason for nedy were married on September 12, 1953. A happy Robert Kennedy ap· the soaring divorce statistics is because plauds the couple during the traditionalpeople dont take marriage seriously. 1 cutting of the and so does he. "Also, traditional weddings make people stop and think about what an ~resident Theodore Roosevelt posed important step theyre taking. Its a with his daughter Allee on her wedding very exciting step if you stop and think day, February 17, 1906. Princess Allee what it really means." married Nicholas Longworth, an Ohio A wedding can be the symbol of a congressman. consolidation of love, power, families, wealth, business and prestige. When Monica Consorti married Count Ric- A ndie Goodrich was recently married cardo Agosta at Georgetown Universi- by her father, the Rev. Louis H. Evans, senior pastor of the National tys Dahlgren Chapel in April. many Presbyterian Church In Washington, journalists reported the wedding on the D.C. Here, he and her mother Colleen business and finance pages. The wed- prepare to give Ute bride away to her ding merged two of Italys most pros- future husband Craig Goodrich. _ __!1!=:::--..-~;:;;wfiFj perous companies, but the couple ap- parently had their own reasons for the pomp and ceremony. "Meeting each other was so meaningful," explains Roberto, hairdresser to the happy cou- ple and the contessa-studdcd wedding party. "They live in a world of scandal, where there are no values. Their wed- ding was an intellectual symbol of tradition and purity ." The symbols of the traditional wed- ding are etched in stone. Those who would tamper with them incur the wrath of etiquette book authors and bridal consultants, a fiery breed when attacked. Here are the elements not to be messed with:IRI aaiDia Wedding specialists agreethat the star of the show was, is andalways will be the bride. Only whitemay be worn by the bride at atraditonal wedding, although bridal18/JUNE 1979/00SSIER
  • 12. FOR WEDDING BELLES: OUR TRADITIONAL BRIDAL SERVICES YOUR CAKE , TO ORDER , FOR YOUR NEW NAME , O UR FROM OUR BAKE SHOP STATIONERY AND ENGRAV ING One of our specia lties! Fresh Choose from our complete line baked pound coke with rich of Crone papers for your bullercreme icing. Hond wedding ond socrol stationery. AaOU1 1HI PIC1URI decorated in your choice of Select informal, wedding ond A special day deserves a special gift. a colors ond designs. Special engraved papers ond invitations special gown and a special moment. requests ore easily accommodated. in traditional or contemporary Our bride, portrayed by Allison The Bakery: Washington, styles. For information and Hanes. wears a Bianchi gown with a 346-5300, ext. 2000. consu Ilotion coli 347-5300, Watteau train of lovely Alcncon lace and matching mantilla by Priscilla of ext. 2636 or 2016. Also ask us Boston (from Claire Dratch at $920 and about our preservation of $220 respectively). invitations ond bouquets. Helping with last minute details is Personalized Stationery~ Allisons mother, Peggy, who wears a Don Luis de Espana chiffon (from I. Magnin at $265). Edward E. Ayre Inc. provided the brides pearl choker ($975) FOR YOUR W EDDING. AFTERWARD , YOUR and 2.16-carat diamond ring ($9,350) WEDDING GOW N PRESERV ED and her mothers platinum and diamond OUR FORMAL SHOP earrings ($1, 780). Your wedding party con choose It will be carefully cleaned, The mother-and-daughter modeling from our extensive collection of folded ond wrapped in special duo was assisted by Courtney Miller, correct formal wear. We hove sizes tissue ond placed in o protective the four-year-old daughter of Dr. and for ring bearers, too. With o box to keep it safe from light ond Mrs. Garry Miller. She makes a pretty wedding party of five or more, oir borne pollutants. Use our unique flower girl in her voile dress by Lil-Filly well outfit the groom os our ($63.50) at Just So. service for christening dresses.. (Group 1) Gifts for the occasion from wedding gift to you. Our professional staff will assist you and o ther heirlooms, too. Martins China, Crystal & Silver Shop For information, coli 347-5300, include a Rothschild bird china place set- in your selection including ext. 2065. Dry Cleaning! ting ($197), Baccarat crystal goblets ($45 accessories. For consultation, edch) and Grande Imperiale Buccellati coll347-5300, ext. 523. silver ($660 for five pieces). The Formal Shop~ The place mat and napkins ($25 for set of four) and striking fish platter ($140) are courtesy of Dolly Kay Design Ltd. (Group 2) Garfinckels suggests bridal gifts of pewter: pitcher ($90), tray ($36), *All stores except Pentagon. sugar bowl ($40). cream pitcher ($28). coffee pot ($97) and tea pot ($97). Also from Garfinckels are the Fitz & Floyd china setting ($48), Supreme cutlery WOODWAR & L D OTHROP ($25), Colony Tulip glasses ($6 and• $4.50), John Miles napkins ($2.75 each) and place mat ($5) and Fitz & Floyd napkin ring ($4.50). (Group 3) Other gifts are a brass valet ($230) from Camalier & Buckley; a crystal candelabra ($325) from Martins;.. silver jardinier~ ($487) and basket ($229.50) from Lillian Mitterer; and Has a Special way to say "/Love You " silver tray ($120) from Martins. Distinctively styled, Meticulously lwndcrafted, (Group 4) A chrome tea cart ($200), Wedding Rings to symbolize Waterford wine decanters (from $110 to $117. 75) and brandy snifters ($32.50 your love today , tomorrow, and forever. each) from Lord & Taylor; picnic basket ($62) from Camalier & Buckley; chrome wok ($39.99); and Carolina mirror (far right) with gold leaf finish ($169.99) Village Greeu Sl10ppirrg Center from Woodward & lothrop. 529 West Maple A venue Written by Jeanne McManus Viemra, Virgirria Photographed by Peter Garfield (703) 281- 1370 Produced by lee Kirstein Master Charge • Central Charge • Visa Flowers by Angelo Bonita "Titere are times when only REAL GOLD will do " DOSSI ER/J UN E 1979/17
  • 13. saJons will refer to colors such as usher, who should be, but is notivory, ecru, eggshell and antique always, a few inches taller.white. The maid/matron of honor and the Pam McNamara, bridaJ buyer at best man, traditional tokens, have suc-Claire Dratch, detects a designer, cumbed to the revolution in sex-rolesophisticated trend in bridaJ gowns for stereotyping. Sarah Shaines, managerthe older, career woman. "Were also of mens formal wear at Woodward &seeing a lot of encore wed- Lothrop, recently outfitted a maledings-women who still want to get "maid" of honor. The brides left-handmarried in a wedding dress, but not a man wore the same style suit as thetraditional wedding dress. Ivory is ap- groom but a shirt of a subtly differentpropriate for these situations." color. Although textile innovations have Optional members of wedding par-produced a plethora of Qiana or ties are the ring bearer and flower girl,polyester-blended wedding gowns that two positions that seem to go in andstay wrinkle-free, most brides worth out of popularity, depending on socie-their weight in Lenox wear silk or satin tys current attitude toward winter and cotton or linen in sum-mer. MU.ICa Nothing can be more discor- dant on a wedding day than non-THI ••IDIOROOMa The well- traditional music. Gene Donati, kinggroomed bridegroom is the touchstone player in 800 wedding receptions aof tradition. His garb and the garb of year, recaUs one musical mishap: "Thehis coterie remain unchanged. For mother of the bride wanted eachdaytime weddings, he wears a grey or bridesmaids walk down the aisle to be •arbara Kelly met Theodore Proxmlre, son o Sen. William Proxmlre, about a year ago. Th!black stroller, striped trousers, grey accompanied by the pop tune which couple married on April 28th at the Eplphan)single or double-breasted waistcoat just unfor tunately matched each of Catholic Church In Georgetown. A receptionwith white soft-collared shirt and grey their names. You know, She rry, Can- followed at the City Tavern Club.and white striped tie. For an informal dy, · etc.evening wedding, its a black dinner The Processional from the Royaljacket (tuxedo), matching trousers with Fireworks music by Handel is popularsatin side stripe, black vest or cummer- in many churches. Since weddings arebund, white shirt and black bow tie. A the only time instruments are used informaJ daytime wedding demands an conservative temples, Cantor Robertoxford grey or black cutaway coat Toren of Adas Israel often recom-with striped trousers, grey waistcoat, mends Four Wedding Marches bywing-collared white shirt and striped Ernest Bloch or some of lsador Freedsascot. At formal evening weddings processionaJ music. Trumpets alsoafter six, a bridegroom wears black full travel with tradition. Wayne Dirksendress tailcoat with satin side-striped of the Washington Cathedral reports On November 25, 1913, Francis B. Sayre ancblack trousers, white waistcoat, wing- that bridal couples often choose Woodrow Wilson were wed. The bridal partycollared shirt and white bow tie. Trumpet Tune and Air or Trumpet for a formal portrait with the Presidential Voluntary by Jeremiah Clark.THI RINO•a A ring symbolizes union.Jeweler Edward Ayre Jr. says women PLORA AND fAUNA. Most wed-are still dazzled by diamond engage- dings are awash with white flowers,ment rings in solitaire or in three-stone but the colors mauve and purple (em-settings. In the last five years, bodied in violets and orchids) arehowever, future fiancees have been flourishing, reports florist Angelostar-struck by colored stones with their Bonita. Traditional hand-held bridaldiamonds. Ayre recommends that bouquets replace gimmicks such ascouples who want to begin their mar- sprays or a single white lily. Theriage on the right foot shop together grooms boutonniere should be afor that major investment, the engage- flower from the bridal bouquet and thement ring. As for wedding bands, he ushers flower, Bonita insists, shouldadds, the plain gold style has never not be the same as the bridegrooms.knuckled under to any trendy com- Fathers lapels should be pinned with apetitor. white rose and mothers corsage should co-ordinate with other arrangements inTHI WIDDINO PAJITYa No self- the wedding scheme.respecting bride would march down Due to the high-rising costs ofthe aisle without sending ahead of her a flowers, brides are selecting elegant butflotilla of bridesmaids, clad in colors simple floral arrangements, Bonitasuch as pumpkin orange o r holly berry reports . Gone are bridesmaids totingred. For every bridesmaid, there is an flower-filled baskets or hiding perspir- Library ot Con grass Collection18/JUNE 1979/DOSSIER
  • 14. flavored with mocha or vanilla or top- ped with a tier of fruitcake, to be saved " for lhe couples first anniversary. "Some peo ple have asked for cheesecake or ice cream wedding cakes," reports Bruce Ellis of Ridgewells, "but a wedding cake has to be practical. It must be made and transported." THI RICIPTION& Traditional wed- dings pay off traditional guests (who 1 give traditional gifts) with a traditionaJ reception. Every reception also needs a band The Westwood limousine service, leader, that musical tyrant who directs is nor for everyone. social acrivicies, and not only his musicians but often an en- Yer irs very affordable. more. Discover The tire mob of dancing and disparate It was created especially for dderly Wesrwood. It could be perfecr for you guests. Only he can say with asser- guesTs who no longer want the ... or for someone you love. tiveness, "The bride will now dance responsibilides of maintaining a i-------------------------- with her father," and have the crowds part, the dance floor clear. His litany residence, whc:rhc:r an apamncm or a ~~~----~~~ . .~ home.Our 1 1 The Westwood Rlva RQad at Rldgdlcld in Kenwood, continues throughout the reception and he must always smile as he takes a hi....:"(~itnni;l jl guests enjoy 1 lktbesda. ~b.rvland 20016 request for Tie a Yellow Ribbon. .~ ·~~ l daily maid I Plca$e send mt u copy o( vour brochure on The : qotwood . Of equal clout is the caterer or the ~ r4--= =- ~ servi~C:· I Namc:~------------------ food and beverage director of the hotel or club. This often dogmatic character For rttiremenr living. nutn tJOna1 1 Srreet _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ __ Mote gnoous tlun a fine hotel. meal I peels the bride and bridegroom away preparation, room service, 24- hour I G<) St2rt Zap-- from the friends and festivity, puts a L--------------------------~ knife in their joined hands and in- professional nursing service, Call657·9lll for a brochure or ouil coupon. structs them in the ancient art of cake cutting. The director is also responsible for ordering that egg roll chafing dishes be refilled and that shrimp cocktail .. platters be replenished. Other reception rituals include the bouquet toss and the garter hurl, both attempts to single out the still-single and herd them into wedded bliss. After the reception, the happy couple must disappear, to be alone at last and to change into their "going-away" out- fits. Upon their reappearance, they are deemed ready for the real world. After their often tearful departure, the cake is dismantled, the centerpteces are assigned to one person and carted off .. by another and the wedding day of- ficially ends. Why young healthy couples endure the rigors of a wedding day is a mystery to many. But some whove wed once would gladly repeat the event, updating and improving the scenario, correcting mistakes made the first time. Why weddings? Why marriage? The ceremonies continue, the churches and synagogues are booked solid for Satur- days and Sundays. But some holdouts are firm. "Mar- riage is a great institution," said the often-unwed Mae West. " Im just not ready for an institution." ODD20/JUNE 1979/DOSSIER
  • 15. SUMMER SPECIAL ATTHE WATERGATEHEALTH CLUB $160 from June 1 to Sept. 1 Enjoy this three-month spedal membership in Washingtons finest health dub, at the Watergate. Its your complete spa in the dty! One-month summer membership also available, at $80. Facilities include: Swimming Pool CompUmentary indoor parking Saunas (2 hrs.), locker room services Gym/Weight Rooms (fresh towels, etc.), Whirlpool newspapers, tea and cofFee. Exercise Class Swimming l.n structJon Yoga* available. Massage• Hours: Sun Deck 8 a.m.-10 p.m. Mon.-Fri. •optional charge 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Sat.-Sun. The Watergate Hotel 2650 Vaginia Avenue, NW Cub Phone: 337-7055 Charge It with American Express, Master Charge or other major credft cards.
  • 16. STEVE MARTINDALES CAN-DO CANCANBy RITA KEMPLEYSteve Martindale can do. He can get town American boy. He is ingenuous luncheon interview at Sans a publisher. He can push your and fresh-faced and probably will be so "Gee, I hope it doesn t rain tomorrow, "fudge. He can get Liz or Henry to back forever. But above alJ else, he is im- he says. With most people, this is ayour cause. palpable. " I know Im a bad way of starting a conversation with an Like an overstuffed computer, he interview," he says to explain the lack unknown person. Not so with Martin-can call up a name, one to fit any occa- of chemistry, the failed communica- dale.sion, and spit it out just in time to im- tion. Marvellas (Bayh) funeral is tomor-press the impressionable. He is the can- "Ive become cautious," he adds, ex- row," he continues. "It would be socan king, the showman who trips light- plaining how he and client Margaret depressing if it rained. l called up asly over the local social stage, high- Trudeau were screwed by NBCs Jane soon as I hea rd and asked if there waskicking and name-dropping his way Pauley. "They looked us right in the anything I could do .. . " He shakes hisfrom glittery cause to glittery cause. eyes and swore Lhey wouldn t ask head. "It was so hopeless, but Marvella But who is Steve Martindale about the Ted Kennedy affair and then led us all to believe it wasnt. Why justa nyway? And how come he can can- they did it. I told Margaret I couldnt three weeks ago she wrote me a notecan? More than one person has asked believe it and she said, Oh, Steve, saying she had to go to N.LH ___ .ltsthose questions. But only one person youre so naive; you still trust people." usual, she said, but it wasnt.has tried to answer them intelligently. "I tell him that all the time," admits "Apparently Buffy Cafritz took meThere are few people watchers who Trudeau. "But I think its one of his at my word. She said, Could we usecant recall Sally Quinns chronicle of best qualities. Id never be able to work your car and driver to pick up the foodthis man as a symbol of the inveterate with a jaded hard-edged man." at Ridgewells (for a luncheon after theWashington social climber. Despite naivete and what people funeral)? , and I said, Buffy, you know What is most memorable is that it might say, usually without attribution, I dont have a car and driver... "was not so much a story about Steve, Steve Martindale is a survivor. Ad- Where did Buffy ever get that idea 7but a story about Sally, about society ministrations may come and go, but Perhaps she saw him leave the Hairand about how to make it in our town . Steve is here to stay. Like a good politi- opening in a limo with two blondesAs Martindale puts it, "I was the whHe cian, he is simultaneously a Republican But thats not the point. ln th1whale in SaJlys theory of life." and a Democrat. (He didnt campaign language of names, which Steve uses tc With this in mind, then, the question for Carter, but "I voted for him," he describe an event, a place or a thing, he"Who is Steve Martindale?" can be says under his breath to give the state- is saying, "I am important because myanswered "a product of the press." ment credibility.) His all-encompassing friends are."That is not to say he is not a product of soul and flexibility let him fill aU needs, By stepping across this language bar-Pocatello and his parents, the Ad- make rum the perfect host. rier and using names to describe Steve,dington Martindales of Idaho. At DOD his character evolves.thirty-five, Steve is stiJl a. nice, small- A litany of dropped names begins a Karen Hunziker, class of 57, the
  • 17. Country Floors OF WASHINGTON Design Tiles Last year Steve Martindale served as ticket chairman for the Wolf Trap Farm Park gala. He threw a party for Liz Werner, the chairman, and Key Shouse, the founder. From left, from the finest artisans of at his Georgetown home are Robert Simon, Shouse, Warner, Martindale and Mra. • PORTUGAL• SPAIN Cherlee Panon. Steve also served as this years ticket chairman. • ITALY • FRANCE • HOLLAND • ISRAEL lady who answers the phone at ODD • FINLAND• MEXICO Pocatello High and a friend of Steves Sometimes what one must endure to brother, said of Steve: "Hes a regular maintain connections is too much. Cer- Exclusive designs not seen elsewhere in Washington area guy, but how come he struck it rich tainly Virginia Graham would be too and we didnt7" much for many of us to bear, but Steve A DEMAS 721 8TH STREET, S.E. Sherri Geyelin, who co-chaired a Groome Center benefit with Steve last had a party for her anyway. "Virginia Graham7 Oh, 1 had that on Barracks Row • 547-5 100 year and felt she did most of the work party as a favor for a friend. I wasnt and he got most of the credit, offers even home when it was planned. It was this answer: "Steve is a neighbor. He Virginias list, so I didn t know most of wants to make a serious place for the people. Virginia is funny and zany, Olde-Tyme HUNTER himself in the community by pig- but Ill never do it again. It was a zoo. gybacking on variou.s benefits." Betty Beale wanted to come with a CEILING Whether he does it for himself or for charity makes little difference. In the camera crew ... It was a mess, but sometimes you get caught." FANS end, Arenas Living Stage, Save the Children, the New York Studio School for Art, the Walter Hodges memorial, It seems strange that one would have a party for someone he didn t know, but it is also strange that in the past, Wolf Trap Farm Park and others have some of Steves guests have denied benefited from his efforts. knowing him or attending his parties. "I try to give more than I take. The When Sally Quinn questioned Alice press makes me look like some sort of Roosevelt Longworth, a guest at one of self-seeking turkey, but I want to be his soirees, about Steve, the grand old successful. I want to make a contribu- dame replied: "Who7 I don t know tion to charity. Now people take my who he is; I cant remember ever going phone calls seriously and if Im ar- to his house, but perhaps I did. I ticulate enough, 1 can persuade David havent the least recognition. I Kreeger to play on stage for the first wouldnt want to hurt his feelings. I a beautiful way to time (at the Arena Stage benefit.)" dont want to be rude, but I just don t save energyl Largest Steve is a strong supporter of Wolf know who he is. He probably thinks Trap Farm Park, says Kay Shouse, hes very recognizable." display in the area ... 1n confirming his sincerity. He has been Today, thanks to Sally, Alice, Betty, stock for 1mmedio te delivery. an "active" ticket chairman for the gala Sherri, Yoko and John, he is 26 d1fferent models. this year and last, helping the perform- recognizable, yea, even acceptable. ing arts center earn upwards of DOD I $190,000 on each occasion. "He does not serve in name only," she says, ad- In a town bloated with Ivy Leaguers, how does one parlay a law degree from on &mocks Row ding that his committee, double the American University into a position 729 8th St., S.E. VJ:~ size this year, sold many tickets even with a good firm7 It never hurts to 543-5051 before the names of the performers were known, much less announced. know socialite Nina Black, who helped Steve gain a partnership with Tram- Connections never hurt. mell, Rand, Nathan and Lincoln.24/JUNE 1979/DOSSIEA
  • 18. PIERRE CARDIN ... BECAUSE THELITILE THINGS COUNT WITH HIMGold tone jewelry with genuine brown, 30-42, 14.50; full graindiamond: cuff links, 40.00; tie lac, cowhide belt, reversible brown to18.00; key ring, 24.00. Ultra soft block with swivel buckle, 30-42, 20.00.lambskin wallets in block or Mens Accessories: all storesbrown: passcase, trifold, hipfold, except Pentagon.each 22.50.Fashion belting: glove leather beltwith signature buckle, black or STORE FOR MENWOODWARD & LOTHROP
  • 19. " THE ULTIMATE TRUTH MACHINE It gives you a straight answer even if someone else doesnt! Use it anytime, anywhere. The Truth Machine lble "microtremor" in the voice. All that was your telephone. You can even tape a conversa-ic a new generation voice nreu analyzer that noeded w>K a device cen&itlve enough to pick tion with any ctandard tape recorder.. and an.!lawlessly pinpo•nts deception. It is so small, up and record these inaudible vibrations. And elyze it at your convenience by attaching thelightweight and portable that it easily fits into that was a relatively easy accomplishment con- special output jack and playing back the tape!a desk drawer or briefcase. You can use it sidering the state of modern electronic tech· DEPEN DAB LE QUA LITYwith total discretion, because unlike the old- nology. The Truth Machine from Microtronics is thefashioned polygraph It doesn tneed wires con- BUSINESSMEN BECOME MIN D REA DERS ultimate voice stress analyzer. It features solidnectmg it to the body ... so there is no way In addition to police and intelligence agen· state electronics and is manufactured to theanyone can know they are bemg monitored. cies. many of the "Fonune 500" corporations h1ghast technological standards. Even its tough TODAY YOU NEED A TRUTH MACHINE have quietly been using voice stress analyzers shatterproof case was designed to withstand You succeed by knowing the answers. By for several yean. Large industrial and retail the roughest handling. The Truth Machine ismaking the right decisions. To make the right companies use it to control employee theft designed and built to guarantee you years ofdecision you need the fects •.. you must know and screen job applicants. And dozens of large dependable use . It should never need servicing.the whole truth. But unfonunately, almost insurance companies have been using voice But if anything ever does go wrong, Micro-everyone yoo deal with has a mouve to prac- stress analyzers to uncover false cla1ms. They tronics will repair it free of charge throughtjce at least some deception. Unleu youre a simply tape an interview with anyone filing • their service-by-mail center and return it tommd reader yoo never know whether or not susp1cious claim, then playback the recording you in a matter of days.youre getting a stra1ght answer when you ask; and monitor it with a vo1ce stress analyzer. USE IT RISK F REEl • Is this your lowest price ... your In the past only the largest, most profitable We would like you to use the Tru th Machine best offer? companies felt they could justify spendmg without obligation for 30 days. Experience its • Have you mailed that check to me yet? $1500 to $5000 to purchase a voice stress advantages. 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Use the Iwho is tempted to m1slead you or tell you less I order for $ 149.00 than the truth I Truth Machine to evaluate the candor of Rich- I I ) Charge my I ITS AMAZING LY S IMPLEI ard Nixon, Patty Hearst or James Earl Ray. I I I VISA/BankAmericard You may be surprised I I Uke many technological d1scovenes, vo•ce I I I I Mester Charge-stress analyzers grew out of military research EASY TO OPE RATEl I Bank number·-····························dunng the V1etnam war. Army mtelligence Unlike the polygraph, there are no sophist!· I I 14 digit number above name) needed something better than the standard cated operating techniques to learn. You can Credit card number ..................................polygraph to interrogate prisoners. A simple easily master the Truth Machine after only onemethod that could be used without the sub- weekend of practice. You simply turn it on Exp. date ................................................. jects knowledge. The vo1ce stress analyzer was and adjust the sensitivity calibrator knob for Signature......•.......................................... the result! average stress in the speakers voice. Then sit back and watch the meter. When the needle Name .............................................•......... The princ1ple is remarkably simple. Sclentisu already knew lying produced unconscious and moves into the stress area. you know youre Address ................................................... . uncontrollable stress that could be recorded hearing less than the truth. And its versatile. Ciw................. State .........Zip .................. by a polygraph. Researchers soon discovered You can pick up the spet~kers voice with the TEL ESTAR, I NC. Oe pt. WD679 1 that this stress also affected the muscles con· Truth Machines sensitive, built·in microphone. trolling the vocal cords, and caused an inaud- Or use the special sensor tha t connects it to l-~~!!~~~~~~~,~~~s~~!!!~_!!~~-J
  • 20. The former assistant to Sen. Charlesr Goodell and ex-vice president of a public relations firm is now the at- torney about town. Clients include Heres help for one of the Perrier Water, AIJjson LaLand, Emily Ma lino, Margaret Trudeau, Liz hardest tasks youll ever face. Carpenter, the Beach Boys record Choosing a nursing home for someone you love can be a dif- company and recent Martindale con- ficult task, and your feelings can sometimes get in t he way of prac- vert Dan Moldea. tical considerations. Knowing how to select t he right place bejore If it werent for Steve, four years of t he need becomes urgent can help make t he decision easier. my life would have been dow11 the Our special booklet, "How to select a nursing home without drain," says Moldea sincerely. "He suffering sleepless nights," tells you what to look for when you saved my book." visit a nursing home and how to j udge what you see. Call or write When the author of Hoffa Wars first for a free copy today. No obligation, met Martindale, he virtually could not of course. get his book published. Michael Allen, Call or write for this free booklet. another member of the Jaw firm, in- troduced Moldea to Martindale and, r Femwood House within a very shor t time, Paddington I ------------- Retirement and Nursing Center 6530 Democracy Boulevard Press (also the publisher of Margaret I Bethesda. Maryland 20034 Phone 530-9000 Trudeaus Beyond Reason) offered a I Bethesda contract. "I went to New York and the I Retirement and Nursing Center deaJ was signed, sealed a nd delivered 8700 Jones Mill Road in ten minutes. That Steves an amaz- I Chevy Chase, Maryland 20015 ing guy." I Phone 657-8686 Moldea did not always think so. Please send me a free copy of your book- I let, "How to select a nursing home "Before I met him, all I knew was what 1 without suffering sleepless nights." I read in the paper. I looked at him as I Name_____________________ being a socialite not a lawyer. Now I I Address _____ _ _ _ _ __ know he has this tremendous ability to puJl the two together in a completely City competent and professional manner." I State Zip _____ And thats not all Washingtons social whiz kid can pull together. Moldea, who faced danger and intrigue ~------------------------· that may soon spill over into the Ken- nedy asassination case, praises the host with the most for his "working class" elan. At his book party, says Moldea, Teamsters mixed well and readily with the mayor, Margaux Hemingway, Playboy execs (who bought syndica- LET US COVER • tion rights), peanut butter and jelly and Ritz crackers and a reporter from the Washington Post. Thanks, Steve. your next affatr . .. AYLOR RfiiTAl. r~~-~cn- Rent a tent for any event. A far cry from the truck-driving Moldea is that fragile blossom and 150 Maple Ave. E., V~enna, Va. Ty Brooke 938-4807 veteran party planner Allison LaLand, who seems sure the common touch will transform her upcoming book into Manufacturers of Quality gold too. One night at where else, but Architer.tural Woodwork a party, Steve told Allison she ought to Sinc, 1950 e write a book. • Traditional Wood Mantels " Get me a publisher, I said . And and Mantel Shelves the next day I had one." Again, it was • Entrance Features Paddington Press, an operation located • Cabinets & Raised in a townhouse~ which Margaret Paneling Trudeau described as "like a family, • Pre·Built Wood Stairs • Custom Millwork not a factory. " • Moldings DOD.. "This town is just alive with people With stories to tell," says Martindale, DOSSIER/JUNE 1979127
  • 21. lud<S CatererS 11403 AMHERST AVE., WHEATON, MD. - 949-5558 Steve Martindale Is one of three Washing· tonians who are members of the board of Save the Children. Here, he attends a re· cent benefit for the group with Oatsle Charles (left), MarJ orie Benton, board who serves as some sort of synapse be- tween those who ll tell and those wholl sell. His parties "bridge the gap" between those who have never met, have wanted to meet or have never wanted to see each other again. fish or Sometimes, its Steve himself who fowl .. . nobody wanted to meet. "Ive had din- ner partners whove spent a half an Dolly has hour telling me what a fool 1 am, but I hammered pewter platters that also have loyal friends. Id even have a measure 2 feet party for Suzie Glutz; its just nobody from head to tall. writes about that. Besides, giving par- Exquisite sculpture ties and going out beats watching TV." to stand on the breakfront when Though he wants to be seen as a not serving the serious person, he has no intention of table. Fish with changing his life style. Now and then jade eye, $105. he daydreams about living in one room Fowl with in New York and becoming a musical carnelian eye, $125. performer. "I was accepted to Julliard, you know." At one point, he was also thinking of becoming a minister, a profession he pursued briefly as a divinity student at Harvard . 5232 44th St., N.W. (between Wisconsin & Jenlfer). Open Giving up the church-he seldom Monday-Saturday 10.5. Phone 202/966-0925. goes- does not mean he has given up Courtesy parking at Jenifer Mall. his "very traditional values, which are sorted out from moralisms," but rather28/JUNE 1979/00SSIER
  • 22. GALERIE ELYSEEs 1338 Wisconsin Avenue N.W. Washington, D.C. 1IXJJ7 337-4446 Open Tues-Sat Il -l and I :30-6chairman, and Sarah Weddington (right),assistant to the President. Scooter Miller,who arranged the affair, said Steve was abig help. "It was marvelous to work withhim. He follows through. " Athat he has turned to new primary in-terests-business, poUtics and philan-thropy- not necessariJy in that order. ODD It was a lovely day at Wolf Trapplantation and we sat around the patiosniffing the lilacs and sipping mintydrinks called Beverly Sills . KayShouse, somewhat distracted by thesquirrel in the bird feeder, asked Steveif he was working on other beneHts Fed up with dinner in disguise? Unrecognisable entrees. undis-besides her Wolf Trap gala. Steve rattl- cemible tastes? Tonight. go out for good home cooking. Treat youred off a long list of planned good family to N.Y. Strip, prime Tenderloin. or delicious Delmonico. WithWorks, including the benefit for the steak house fries or homemade onion rings, and crisp. garden salad.Stehlin Foundation for cancer research A piano accom panies dinner. Sp.m. to midnight Friday and Saturdayin memory of Walter Hodges that Nan- till la.m. Cocktails in the Pub till 2a.m. Weekend Brunch l Oa.m. tocy Dickerson, author and journalist, 3p.m Come sneak a steak. You wont go home grouchy.emceed recently We talked about the tulips, Trudeau Publid(Wouseand Jane Pauley, Steves picture in the 3218 M Street. N.W.Idaho Statesman and his mothers 333-6605bridge club and took some pictures. Nancy and Kay Shouse posed infront of the tulips and behind Steve,then behind the lilacs and in front ofSteve. "Look up at Steve," said thephotographer. Adoringly?" askedNancy. Thats what were here for "said Steve. DOD DOSSIER/JUNE 1979/29
  • 23. Along Part Lines (Above) Armand Hammer (left) announced his million-dollar-plus-grant to the Corcoran Gallery of Art just a few days before the annual ball was held there. Peter Menlo, gallery director, says the money will allow a free gate for Corcoran visitors. Behind the two men Is a painting by Frank Stella, whose works are being shown at the gallery via a grant from the Ford Motor Company Fund. A second exhibition, " Montlcelll, His Contemporaries, His Influence," also opened the night of the ball. It Is sponsored by the womens committee.(Above) The CorcoranGallery of Art was asbeautifully decorated asever for the twenty-fourthannual ball sponsored bythe women s committee,which Is celebrating Itstwenty·flfth anniversarythis year. Accordlno to acommittee spokeswoman,ball proceeds, whichbenefit the gallery, wereabout $80,000. (At right)Couples donned crazypink caps, courtesy ofband leader Lester Lanln,and danced with wildabandon In the atrium;other dancers slipped offto the disco upstairs. (Above) The hard·worklng chairwoman of the 1979 Corcoran Ball was Maud Brown, who Invited Australian Ambasaador Alan Renouf and his wife to be her special guests that night. Maud felt It was appropriate because she was born In Australia. She also praised Woodward & Lothrops Pierre LaUre, who decorated the gallery. (At left) The patrons of the Corcoran jammed the rooms. Among them were Oeeda and William Blair and Connie Mellon (right).
  • 24. BAN UETS FOR BEAUTY AND THE BALL EVERY Suitably, Maud Browns striped gown seemed to have been inspired by the subtJy glowing Gene Davis painting which hangs in the A trium of the Cor- coran Gallery, scene of this years ball TASTE. for arts patrons. Strings of glittering lights, strung overhead like streamers from a May- pole, shone down on ball chairman Brown and her guests, Australian Am- bassador and M rs. Alan Ren ouf, at their round table laden with spring flowers and a first course of ruby red consomme. With three self-contained ballrooms plus 30 other rooms in "Le consomme madrilene en gelee just about every style and configuration, we offer more garni de caviar et creme sure les pailles flexibility than any other hotel in Washington. That plus a wide au fromage," as catering king jeff Ellis selection of menus, a full kosher kitchen and an attentive, dubbed it, did not quickly draw guests highly capable staff to take care of all your needs. Whether its such as Allison l aland and the D av id Lloyd Kreegers to their respective tables. The sounds of Lester Lanins or- for a banquet, private meeting or business luncheon. For information or reservatibns, call our catering director at (202) 265-2000. Sheraton-Park Hotel ®. chestra seemed to compel the crowd SHlRATOft HOTtU ANO INNS. WllRI.OVIO( 7660WOOOI..CY ROAD. NW . WASHtHGTOH. D.C. 20001 toward the dance floor, where many wore inverted pink sailor hats, a Lanin Handcrafted Sport Coupe by trademark, in tribute to the band. 1978 Maserati Merak 55 Giugiaro in bright red with black While many guests munched at the leather interior. This mocleJ is duck and croissants, some couples equipped with 5 speed transmis- danced up and down the marble stairs sion, air conditioning, power win- a Ia West Side Story or Dames at Sea. dows. Blaupunkt cassette stereo - The disco drew Anna Chennault, OnJy 1,500 miles- has never been who boogied with abandon beneath registered. Offered for sale at the plastic-covered tapestries and $28,500. Contact Glen Holden for appointment- 532-8800 multi-toned balloons. The Frank Stella show of relief paintings, characterized "by an almost vertiginous sense of BILL PAGE TOYOTA, INC. 2923 ANNAOALE ROAD riskiness, audacity and eccentricity," FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA 22042 according to assoctate dtrector Jane (703) 532-6600 PartW li<ting; """Y other spelcallnttrHt cars ovolboblr for ~lr or Ita~. livingston, would have seemed a bet- ter setting for disco dancers. The Stella exhibition, sponsored by Ford Motor Co. which was represented Jlt~ cul:ina:ry Luu/:ma~k of V./rginia! that night by Wayne Smitty, was shown with a second exhibi- Eva 11.5 F a.r:~n Inn... tion-"Monticelli , H is Contem- in M~l~a:n.- poraries, His influence." The ball, which Mrs. Brown ex- pected to earn about $80,000-thats $20,000 more than last year-- celebrated the womens committees twenty-fifth anniversary. There was further cause to celebrate that evening. Earlier in the week, Or. Armand Ham- mer announced his million-dollar-plus.. grant to the gallery, which will allow visits without admission. DOSSIER/JUNE 1979/31
  • 25. (Above) Straw hats, top hats, newsboy caps andeverything In between appeared above the earsof the terrifically turned out hunt fans. (At right)Ready for a sip of mint Julep are San. HowardMetzenbaum and Marvin Braverman (right). Inthe background are Regina Grasselll (left) andJackie Carnlcero. (Above right) Every Imaginable accessory was carried or worn by those at the Middleburg Spring Hunt. Walking sticks and binoculars were big, but most sensible was t he collapsible shooting stick of Lillian Glberga, who chats here with Mr. and Mrs. Marquette de Bary of New York City. (Below) The food was as varied as the accessories. Tony Telzelra, Madeline Week s and Mi a Martin (left) prepare to sample the bounty at one of the many tailgate picnics held at the hunt. (Below) Newton Stears and his new wife Gabriela (left) joined Dick Krolick before the races. Mrs. Steers was wearing a pair of miniature binoculars around her neck that day. "These once saved my life while I was mountain climbing," she explained, "but now I use them for the opera and races alike." Also attending the event were the Jack Somer· vllles, the Wynant Vanderpools, Rose Marie Bogley, Susan Goldwater, Sen. and Mrs. Lloyd Bentsen and Mrs. Ojamchld Tavallall. #- (Above) Entering the rig competitions Is Mrs. Ed· ward C. Dukehart of Jar- rettsville, Md. She Is driving the " TomThumb" pony carriage.(At right) In the running for the most accessorlz·ed hunt fan of the daywas Endicott " Chubb"Peabody, the formergovernor ofMassachusetts, whowore bow tie, binocularsand a needlepoint vestmade by his wife. Ittook her six years tocomplete the project.
  • 26. BOSS TWIIDA fashion show at the Middleburg Spr-ing Hunt? Yes, indeed! One can aJwayscount on seeing the best displays offashion and good taste at the Mid-dleburg races. In this case, the spec-tators were the models, the turf was therunway and the brush and timberjumps made ingenious props. "It appears as if everyone steppedout of a page of Town and Courttry,"remarked one woman. "The clotheshave been around for a long time, butthey still look good," she added. It could have been Englands huntcountry, where fashions never fade.The men were nattily attired in Harristweed jackets with chamois elbow pat-ches, tweed driving caps, jodhpurs,boots, tattersall shirts, collar pins andsuede vests. The women sportedleather and suede skirts or tailoredpantsuits, Hermes scarves, straw hats,gold earrings and other gold jewelry. Accessories were very important.Former Massachusetts governor En-dicott "Chubb" Peabody wore a bowtie and a needlepoint vest that took hiswife six years to sew. Both Italian Am-bassador Paolo Pansa and lillianGiberga carried collapsible shootingsticks. Peter Wilson of Middleburg car-ried a carved walking stick, which hesaid "is good for people who like todrink." Newton Steers new wifeGabriele wore a pair of miniature Zeissbinoculars around her neck. "Theseonce saved my life while I was moun-tain climbing. But now I use them for !jthe opera and races alike," she said. During the races, spectators enjoyedtailgate picnics of luscious finger foodsand assorted beverages. Middleburgsfine hostess Rose Marie Bogley provid- AFT NOONed the most elaborate feast-whichtook her one week to prepare. With thehelp of h,er sister Ruth Majcher, abartender and one other helper, they TEA OOM.made 203 pieces of barbecued chicken,country ham, potato salad, deviled In the traditfon of the grandest establishments in Europe, La Fleur Is pleased toeggs, baked beans and brownies. announce the commencement or afternoon tea in Washington. La Fleur·s afternoon tea is an artrul lirray of aromatic coffees and teas with soothing Among her 150 guests were jack and liquor accompaniments.Candy Somerville, Sen. and Mrs. La Fleurs afternoon tea is a delicious chjllce of delicate pastries o• delightful herslloyd Bentsen, the Wynant Vander- d"oeuvres.pools, Marvin and Anne Braverman La Fi.eur·s afternoon tea provides th& ~rfect 11tmosphere to relaX w1lh friends after shopping, after the matinee-before dinner or before the theater.and Peter Dunston and his wife. La Fleur·s afternoon tea is becoming a way of life. Also there were Susan Goldwater,who was telling friends about her plans Alernoon r.a. 2:30.5.00 Monda)"Fridoyto wed Marvin Warner, current LYn<h: I I:30.2:30 Mond<ly·Frid4yAmerican ambassador to Switzerland. Oinne: 5-JO.I Q>.JOThe wife of former Iranian ambassador Monday-Thursd4y 3700 Massac husetts Avenue 5:30.11:30to Argentina, Djamchid TavaUali, said Friday-Sawrday (at the comer ofW.sconsln)sh. is now "just living for the PD•ille Parry Room Sund;oy Cham ~ne brunc:h: c,,u 338-8753 for onformauon end·.noment." 11 :00.5:00 rfserv4Uons -ADRIENNE WHITMAN DOSSIER/JUNE 1979/33
  • 27. YlaY S.-ICIAL PISnYAL Mickey Mouse flew up from Disney World with that lands special ambassador; Andy Warhol shuttled down from New York with a friend; and Debby Boone landed sun- burned from Las Vegas, her fiance In tow. The occasion, which also brought out the Kennedy clan, was a Very Special Arts Festival, sponsored by the National Com· mlttee, Arts for the Handicapped. Par- ticipants were the 750 handicapped children who came to town for a four-day celebration of their creativity, skills and abilities. On the first day of their stay, they were welcomed at a gala opening at the O.A.S. Building. At the O.A.S. gala to open the Very Special Arts Festival, the audience (above) was as celebrity-studded as the stage. In the crowd were Roger Stevens, Eunice Shriver and Ethel Kennedy. (At left) Bette Valenti, co-ordinator of the festival , and a youngster from the Auburn School In Miami, Fla., sing along with the "Up With People" group. Blind singer Tom Sullivan served as emcee and the cast of The Wlz also performed. (Above) Jean Kennedy Smith, national chairman for the arts festival, welcomed Mrs. Wyeth (left) vice chairman of the Arts for the Handicapped, and her husband, Jamie (right) and Andy Warhol to the opening. (At left) Sen. Ted Kennedy, who earlier In the day had received as much applause from t he kids as did Mickey Mouse and Debby Boone, co-hosted a party at his home with Jean Kennedy Smith In honor of the arts festival workers.DOU8US POa DOLLAaS Washingtons first Robert F. Ken- nedy Memorial Tennis Tournament was launched at a Hickory Hill par· ty the night before the match. Weekend hacks, players, friends and members of the Kennedy faml· ly swapped tennis tales and broke training. Many members of the doubles teams met their better-orother-halves at the party. Mark Cornell, Investment broker withPaine Webber, sought out his part-ner Rep. Jim Blanchard for moralsupport. " My strong points," hesaid, are that I double-fault threetimes, better make that five times,In one set." Rep. Marty Russo andpartner Bowie Kuhn claimed that,although they were not the (Above) Sen. Larry Pressler (left) and Mrs. Bowiestrongest, they were the tallest of Kuhn reassured Bowie and his partner Rep. Martythe teams. Russo (second from right), who had a case of pretourney jtters the night before the match. (At right Ethel Kennedy said she and her favorite partner Art34/JUNE 1979/DOSSIER Buchwald (left) might not the next day, due to her tendonitis. are by Griffin Bell.
  • 28. WHERE YOUREVENING BEGINOur Formal Shop,where youll finethe finest incontemporary formalwear. Our collectionfeatures eveningwear fromAmericas mostrespected forma Iwear houses. Wealso offer acomplete selectionof the finestaccessories toenhance your attire.For the assurance ofquality and servicein formal wear, visitour Formal Shop: allstores exceptPentagon or call347-5300, ext. 523or 2385.STORE FOR MEN
  • 29. IIIADIWIIIDS lAST eALAWoodward & Lothrop opened ItsTradewlnds East, a collection of goodsfrom six Asian nations, with a benefit forthe International Rescue Committee. Pro·ceeds will aid the resettlement of refugeesthe world over. (Below) On each of thenewly decorated floors, Asian culture wasshowcased Saeko lchlnoke presented atraditional Japanese dance for some ofthe 350 guests attending. (AI right) Amongthe special guests was Phlllppln!s Am·baaaador Eduardo Romu aldez (left), whosecountry was represented. He thanked Ed-win K. Hoffman, chairman of the Woodlesboard, and co-chairmen Lionel Olmer (se-cond f rom left) and Mra. Clayton Frltchlefor the lovely evening. (At left) The Honorable and Mrs. Ellaworth Bunker J oJned others at the buffet of sump- t lous eastern foods. Chopst icks were de rlgeu r. (Above) Leo Cherne, chairman of the In· ternatlonal Rescue Committee, was delighted with the large turnout. Here, he told the Laotian women who demonstrated their nat ional courting game and folk greetings how much he appreciated their efforts on the committee s behalf.fOUNTAIN Of fLOWI.S(At right) This year the Fountain ofFlowers Ball feat ured a do-lt-yourselffloral extravaganza, conceived by PhilipRobertson, the husband of the assistantchairman, Mary Robertson (left). Joiningthem before the ball began was LouisaHorwitz. chairman. (Below) Bidding In thesilent auction were Jennifer and SteveDuckett (left) and Scott and EllenPaseltlner. Auction and ticket proceedsbenefited the Florence Crlttenton Home.
  • 30. PLieHT TO ALaiO.Those Americans who fled the Col·onles for Englands more sophist!·cated climes were saluted at a recentexhibition at the National PortraitGallery. Next to a brooding T.S. Eliotare splendid self portraits of GilbertStewart, John Singleton Copley, Ben·jamln West, John Audubon and JohnSinger Sargent. (Above) Mra. HenryMortimer (left) receives an en·thuslastlc greeting from Marvin Sadlk,the museums director (right), whileher husband plants a kiss on thearistocratic cheek of Lady AlexandraMetcalfe, whose mother was a garden (Above) Mr.. G.arga McOhH conferredvariety American and whose father with Jack Monday, horticulturist withwas an English lord. (At right) Another the Smithsonian, on the planting ofAnglo-Saxon, Mra. Pater Jay, wife of proper posies for the VIctorian Ball tothe British ambassador, rests with be held In and around the Smithsoniantwo other gallery opening Cast le on June 15th. The VIctorianguests-Mr.. Robart Cherlaa (left) Garden seen here Inspired the themeand Suaan Mary Alaop. The exhibit for the ball to raise funds for a newwas collect ed by Richard Kenln. horticult ural exhibition.WIIZMA- POU.DiaS Dl•••nThe founders committee of the Welzmann Institute of Science heldIts annual event-at $1 ,000 a couple-to raise funds for research.(Above) Alma Glldenhom, seen with husband Joaeph (left), and JohnMaaon, seen with Lady Lily Steff (right), were co-chairmen. Sir Marcu1Slaff, seen with Mra. Maaon, Is the Institutes International chairmanand chairman of the board of Marks & Spencer. Their evening beganat 5:15, when a chauffeured limo arrived to take them to a receptionat the Cosmos Club. Afterwards they went to one of six homes, whereone of six famous local chefs prepared dinner. (At right) Ruth andMaurice Bark prepared for their forty guests, while Gulllo Santillo,(left) owner of Tiberios, assured them all Is well In the kitchen. DOSSIER/JUNE 1979/37
  • 31. SALUTINO ISIIAILBloomingdales opened a major promotionof Israeli-made goods with a benefit forthe State of Israel Bonds, AmericanFnends of the Israel Museum and theAmerica-Israel Cultural Foundation. Morethan $244,000 was raised that night. (Atright) Mr. and Mrs. Alben Abramson viewthe exhibit of Israeli photographs and artwhich were on display. (Below, left) A bevyof local beauties modeled swlmwear fromthe Israeli fi rms of Gottex and Diva.(Below, right) Guests of honor were thenew Israeli Ambassador Ephraim Evronand his wife, who wore a Gottex dress andmoonstones from Israel. This was one oftheir first social appearances on theWashington scene They are joined byMarvin Traub, chairman of Bloomiesboard. UWAIIDS PO• KI.IITISTS The supporters of the Achievement Rewards for College Scientists held a brunch auction to raise scholarship money tor outstanding students. (At left) Mrs. George Gerber, ARCS president, pins a carnation on Bruce Ar· nold, one of the auctioneers. Pictured with them Is Mrs. J. Donald Rauth, auction chairman and board member. (Above) Dale Myers, under secretary of energy and an auctioneer for the day, shows a Navajo squash blossom necklace to interested bidders- Mrs. Anthony Cello, ARCS vice president and auction co-chairman, and Mrs. Dale Myers, also co-chairman and a board member.
  • 32. •••• you• ao•..,. (Above right) Suele Thompson (second from left) eel spring with a Maypole party. She asked guests to bring t best bonnets. Following Instructions were Melody Glleey (left), Bob Weldron and Claire Sigmund. (Above left) Bill Cook end Barbera deFranceaux enjoy omelets while with Lynn Bernett (right). (At left) from left, are Cathy Don Sigmund and P.J. Marahner. MeNtlelSObN GALleRies 6826 WISCONSIN AVENUE CHEVY CHASE, MARYLAND 20015- A showpl4ce in Washington since 1898 DOSSIER/JUNE 1979/39
  • 33. (Above) The annual ball to benefit theAmerican Cancer aoclety had RichardCrenna (right) as Its special guest. Makinghim feel at home In Washington are na·llonal president Dr. LaSalle D. Laffall Jr.and his wife Ruth, ball committeemember. (Below) Towering Ice sculpturesof eagles, griffins and shrimp presided (Above) Lord & Taylor con·over a mind-boggling buffet of edibles. t rlbuted articles for theUnder one of the sculptures are Joel and Cancer Balls silent auc-Randl Malnl, two of the 1,500 who t ion, which netted $5,000.attended. Looking over t he merchan· dise are Malvi n Eatrfn, a co-chairman; Pennie Abramson, a chairman, and the Richard Crennaa (left). Lingering over t he display {at left) for the " Pampered Ones," were the John Pagenatechera. Gall Siegel was t he win· nlng bidder for this one. (Above) Saul and Kay Perlmutter danced to the sounds of the Peter Duchln band. (At left) ldele Golda· teln (right) chatted with Suellen Eatrln, one of the co-chairmen of the Cancer Ball.
  • 34. AN ICY WONDIRLAND Griffins of ice, held aloft by froz.en, sculpted eagles, towered above the ballroom filled with ladies alight with diamonds and gentlemen in starched Y. carpeting where white shirts with black ties. "Its Good-Bye Columbus," gasped ~----- ClecoratorsDuy and one of the thousand or more gues ts, when confronted with the tables laden to the groaning point with succulent spareribs, roast beef, erudite, fresh, ex- sav• 25-40%. Everyday! otic fruits, lobsters and drawn butter, Over 50 distinguished designe rs and freshly shucked oysters and more. manufacturers repres ented. The dance floor was as beckoning as the bounty. Peter Duchin saw to it that Save on wall-to·wall c arpeting! Solarian! there were sounds to please every Hardwood! Designer area rugs! And orie ntals! musical palate. SauJ and Kay Perlmut- ter were among the first to trip the light Save hundreds, often thousands. Everyday! fantas tic. The graceful couple has never had dance lessons, "except the merengue" when she was very, very ASK ABOUT OUR EXCLUSIVE pregnan t. For those who were not dancers or 10-YEAR GUARANTEE those who simply wished to take a ·~~e chance, there was a silent auction of ar- ticles dona ted by Lord & Taylor. The nine displays that were up for bids in- Famous Designer Carpeting-Hardwood- Solarian cluded pleasures fo r the executive, the sportsman, the gourmet cook, the " Buy where the decorators buy..•and SAVE! " 1119 W Broad St (RI 7) Falls Church. Va (Just S minutes from Tysons Cornet Cent er) traveler, the child and the lover of 241 2929 Mo st Major Crl!dlt Cards Hono rl!d ultimate luxuries. Those who lost to higher bidders here still had a chance to win one of the door prizes - the use of a Mercedes for one year, a trip for two to Guadeloupe or a five-piece china service for Sunday Champagne Brunch twelve. Lunch , Dinne r Among the very important people Fine F re nch Wine who helped put on this opulent affair was Judy Ru benstein. Judy, a member of the executive committee, was presented wilh a special award for her JIWtrt~, devotion and hard work for the American Cancer Society, which benefited that night. Chairmen Pennie and Gary Abram- son expected to make about $150,000 :r,.,.," 3124-28 M Street. Georgetown Open II to 3 a.m. Fri. & S 3l. II to 4 a. for the charity with proceeds from the Ph1.1ne: 338-3S30 silent auction and the ball tickets. The A bramsons were joined in the receiv- ing line by Melvyn and Sue!Jen Estrin, co-chairmen; Richard Crenna and his " OUR GOAL IS TO SERVE" wife, the special guests; Delores Han- Wit h compassionate love and skill. .. dy, Channel Five anchorwoman; and RNs · LPNs · AIDES. T om Harper. Homes, Hospitals, Nursing homes Also attending were Bob and Gail Siegel, she in a Halston without but- Serving 24 hours · 7 days a week tons or zippers; the Na t He.rsons; Jessica Savage; Herbie and Gloria Haft, the latter in a smashing Yves St. A- I AJvenfi~f nu,.~ing Service Laurent; and Alan and Diane Kay, she in a strapless black gown. 593-3373 It was a beautiful ball, laced with Serving Wa shington Metro Area lovely fashions, vibrant spirits and Licensed by the State of Maryland good will. - RITA KEMPLEY DOSSIER/JUNE 1979/41L
  • 35. lD REALTOR Ingham and Associates ranks among the best full y, d • k • . • Oll On I 1laVe tO HI C servtce real estate firms tn the Washmgton area. h . . . . t c nsk m real estate When n comes to raking care of your most trea~ured tod ay ... asset. the home, we take no risks. Th:1ts why we arc C . & . . . . all Ingham Associates a member of the Multiple Ltstmg Scrvtce. the . Washington Board of Realtors. and the North for expert counseling. American Brokers Association (a nationwide housing ]~[ service). We provide the bcS financial contacts for a INGHAM &. well qualified buyer. a top notch appraiser. and ASSOCIATES customer service unsurpassed by any other firm in INCORPORATED the area. REALTORS 062-9702 3301 New Mexico Ave., N.W. Washington. D.C. (Above) Pamela Harriman (right) talks with the 30% to 50% DISCOUNT artist Emilie " Mushka" Benes at the opening of FRANCK OLIVER, SAINT CLAIR. PIERRE DALBY, GJOVANNELL, her show of polyester resin trees at the Osuna Gallery. The artist also happens to be the wife of and other European Fashion for Men and Women Zblgnlew Brzezinski. PETRIFIED FOREST Zbigniew Brzezinski smiled as if he hadnt a care in the world. U.S.S.R Ambassador Anatoliy Dobrynin tilted his head thoughtfully to study the glit- tering trunk of a tree molded in translucent polyester resin. Averell Harriman shook Sen. Charles Percys hand, his eyes riveted on the intricate, abstract bark of another sculptured tree. It was the most enchanting petrified forest ever seen this side of Arizona. Its luminous power filled Ramon Osunas Gallery with a certain magic. The glory of nature was ingeniously translated into a primeval celebration in terms of art. A tricky proposition. It could easi- ly have become as deadly literal as a butterfly on the end of a pin. But Emilie "Mushka" Benes rubber molds of tree trunks cast in light- reflecting resin have a presence of their own. The artist makes the most of the illusive spatial qualities of the medium and its intriguing ambiguity regarding42/JUNE 1979/DOSSIER
  • 36. INTERNATIONALLY RENOWNED. The J!lontpelierRESTAURANT Haute Cuisine Continental LUNCH, DINNER & SUNDAY BRUNCH Reservations suggested/ 862 -1600/ Interior parking THE MADISON 15th & M Streets, N.W. Marshall B. Coyll(, Proprietor (Above) Sen. Charles Percy (left) joins Zblgnlew t4 ~· ~! ·: ~• Brzezinski beside a tree trunk that was carefully sculpted by the wife of the President s national Your Classic security adviser. Mrs. Brzezinskis works sold .. Neighborhood Store ~ Well that night. ~ the material versus the immaterial. It was Emilie Benes (otherwise known as the wife of Zbigniew Brzezinski) first Washington show. And while the gallery was hopping with security people, it was also crowded with political and art- connected heavyweights, neighbors, family and children. The number of Washington phonies who pass them- seJves off as art lovers on these occa- sions was surprisingly small. Along with RosaJynn Carter, the ambassadors from the Peoples Need an Electrician? Republic of China, Japan and Morocco attended. So did the Livingston Bid- call 338-7500 dies, Peter Marzio of the Corcoran, Electric Co. and Ann and Gil Kinney, who have owned one of their friends tree sculptures for some time. REED x r It was not only an illustrious, but a Our 30th Year solid crowd-solid people of solid achievements. Not surprisingly, five of Mushka Benes sculptures-priced 1667 WISCO NSIN AVENUE, WASH. D.C, from $500 to $3,000-were sold on the Repairs. Wiring· Fixtures· bulbs spot. -VIOLA DRATH DOSSIER/JUNE 1979143
  • 37. SOCIAL ClaCUIIaY(At right) The American Horse ProtectionAssociation benefit, chaired by RoseMarla Bogley (front), featured LornaGreene (right) as guest speaker. AwardsW61e presented to author Hope Ryden(third from left) and senators HarrisonWilliams (fourth from left) and ThomasEagleton, who have helped protect horsesfrom slaughter here and abroad. Mrs.Williams (left) and Helga Orflla, thehostess, look on. (Below, left) The Societyof Sponsors of the U.S. Navy, ladles whohave christened at least one ship, met fortea at the Marine Commandants home.From lett are: Mrs. Robert L.J. Long; Mrs.M. Russell Kelley, president; and Mrs.Alfred J. Whittle Jr. (Below right) RosalynnCarter and Mrs. Mike Mansfield, wife ofthe U.S. ambassador to Japan, welcomeMrs. Masayoskl Ohlra, wife of theJapanese prime minister, to a show ofAmerican fashions In vignettes at the Na·tiona! Arboretum. Sadly, the rain forcedmodels and guests Indoors.MIMOSAS AT TIA TIMIFor the very first time, the Congressional Wives Club offered theirguests a choice of alcoholic or nonalcoholic beverages at the an·nual luncheon for diplomatic wives. Most of the ladles took theirorange juice wlth champagne, later swearing that the mimosasmade for t he best lunch ever. (At right) Local artist and teacherJohn Bannon contribu ted an oil painting for the occasion. Mrs.Jose de Barros, the wife of the ambassador from Chile, was thelucky winner. The artist began sketching her portrait on the spot.(Below) Much table-hopping preceded the •·potluck" meal. Here,Mrs. Strom Thurmond (left) greets, from her left, Mrs. Karl Schoberof Austria, Mrs. Menelas Alexandrakls of Greece, Mrs. RussellLong and Mrs. Raymond Probst of Switzerland.
  • 38. The stars come out at the soup in Roll Call, the Capitol Hill weekly, but lucky Washingtonians also know he puts the soup in them. Sid OF , .~......- ..-- cooks up large quantities of split pea or sauerkraut soup, fragran t with tomatoes and caraway, and invites over a slew of big band musicians to entertain the likes of Mark Russell. Irv- ing Wallace and Amanda Blake. PASTA TRIIIlPINGa Local gourmetTRUFFLES AND TRIFLES Mario Cardullo will lead Italian food lovers to the sunny country onEntertaining newcomers? Try Top of September 2nd for two weeks. Spon-the Town, 1200 North Nash Street, sored by Canterbury Travel, the trip june CalendarArlington. Perched on top of Prospect starts in Turin, continues through IHouse, it offers a breathtaking view of Florence and Sienna to Rome. WolfTmpGala 1 J9A t>i Foil 1.otnrv Tra,·ersWashington. Any decor pales in com- Restaurants, vineyards and villas will METROPOLITAN Kingston Trioparison with such a sight. Enjoy the be visited. - BrrrETAYLOR OPERA Tom Paxtt>nview with hefty drinks and terrific -1 T(>sca 5 Onn Pa.«qunle 20 Peter Duchin, Hi~prime ribs. The menu features ItaHan 6 Otello Piano & Illsspecialties-lots of veal dishes-and 7 OilliOJ:uet. of the Orch~tn Carmelitesfettucini instead of potato. But the veal !l DonCarln JAZZ FE!,Ii tldishes are somewhat pedestrian and 9 The BartereJ Bride 11 Keith Jammthe pasta isnt homemade. A favorite I0 New En,::land 22 Herbie MnnnItalian offering is the creamy salad Conservatory Akiv~>~hi/Tab:tkindressing, garlicky and robust. Ragtime fu-emble BigSanJ The crabmeat cocktail is copious and P:tt Metheny CTnup II "4 Girl> -1··fresh; the lamb chops and the roast Rosemary Clooney, B Count Basic&. Hbbeef portions are enormous-tender Rose Marie Ord>e>tra Helen OConnell, Camlen McR.1eand cooked to order. With the atten- MarJ!arer Whidnf:tive service and reasonable wine list, 1-1 Lionel Hampion &any evening could be pleasant here, BOOKS BY NEIGHBORS I ZThe American Hi> Quartet Dance Machine Maynard Fcll!lL<Onbut the view alone makes it spec- & Hb Ord1C$tratacular! Ask for a window table. CHAM81R MUSIC 13 Ben Vereen EMI "Fathn" Hines Doris Grumbach Buddy Rich & Hi., 14 An Ewmn.: ofOrern Ordle>tmWINI PINDa Dom Riunart Blanc de Doris Grumbachs new book Chamber DiuvGill~picBlancs, 1971: $15.95 and Dom Riunart Music seems to be a lesbian manifesto 1S Th~ Phil.tddphin Man u1u ViUiarn.<>Blanc de Blancs Brut, 1973: about masquerading as a novel, or vice versa. Or.hc,tm Grover MarJ(rel & Eu~:ene Omlo-:tnd y, Za Zu Za:$19.00 at Continental Liquors, 1100 lt wears its custumt: wdl, st:quins of O.lnductfn~Vermont Avenue, N.W. These cham- literary allusion and classical musical THEROY-l I6Th~ PhilaJdrh r.i B:LLETpagnes, with their marvelous balance references, some sharp imagery of Orchctm Z6 R t)nleo & Julietand superb finish , are from the worlds language, stylistic cleverness and great Roben ·haw, Cu~t 27 leepin): Bc3ur ~oldest contim.iously existing cham- helpings of lurid pseudo-Freudian ex- O:.nJucror hi Slcepin~: lkauty 19Swan Lnkepagne firm. They are made entirely cess. 17 Vi11:inln Oay • ~)$wan l..ak;:from pinot chardonnay grapes. Dom It seems a doughnut of a novel, with ·~tHnhY ""I "11111( •7 I RlllllCI1&)ulictPerignon and Dom Ruinart created a spongy rim and an empty middle. Jftl)nft.lf U.-"champagne over 250 years ago at the The rim is held together by the familiarAbbey of Hautvillers and the goldenbubbles have been flowing ever since.The 1971 vintage is almost gone inD.C. , but the 1973 is a special com- cliche of the failed marriage from the womans point of view. Caroline Maclaren, now in her nineties, is telling the real truth about Join them! Call 938-3800 for t icker infn rmarion Ticket avniiJI:>Ic Jt the Wolf T r:rp Box Offi<c. oilmemorative bottling that marks the her life, the loveless marriage to the To.:kcrron outlcr., nnd WolfTrnp ·ouchcr250th anniversary of the firms ex- great musical genius Robert Maclaren Agcnc1es. MaJor cr.-dn c1rd• acc.. rrcd INSTANTistence. CREDIT !703) 2/il-0500 in whose shadow she lives dutifully Group $.~1~, (7031 938-4 H-1 and obediently until he dies a horrible WolfTmp FJrm ParlIN 1HI SOUIIla Publisher Sid Yudain death of syphillis. Caroline falls pas- (or the Pcrfnrmrn~: Art,,frequently puts his fellow politicos in sionately in love with Anna, Roberts Vienna. V~rgllll~ 2Z 180 DOSSIER/JUNE 1979/45
  • 39. The perfect nurse, who, sometime later, inex- plicably dies leaving Caroline alone. DINNER. wedding She lives the next forty-five years in a blank funk with only the memory of WINE reception her brief fling to warm her cold heart. The politics are embedded. in the AMBIANCE book and beautifully stated: "... how =~ at the many truths of the secret lives of women are lost to history in the still social afternoon air that hovers bet- ween two women as they reveal the singleness of their sex, the behavior of their husbands as lords, as lovers. Quickly said, revealed in a breath, in One of the most beautiful low tones, even whispers, such special ba llrooms in the Washing- truths are quickly buried and forgot- ton area. Any group from ten. And yet they hold more valuable 20-600 persons. Your choice human reality for the searcher after of any style from the simple to the elaborate. truth than the dates of history and the narratives of the lives and death of Also - accommodation arrangements can be made kings." for your out-of-town The problem is that the "searcher guests. after truth" is totally waylaid from the beginning by the total lack of any real feeling in the characters, except during Bethesdas Only the lesbian interchanges. All other rela- ~ot~a~ tionships seem almost aggressively and militantly morbid. 8120 Wisconsin Ave. The fathers of aU three main 652-2000 characters are disposed of before each The Embassy Row Hotel 2015 Massacllusetrs ,Avenue, NW reaches puberty, two by death and one 26,-1600 valet di nner parking by involuntary absence. Carolines mother is left to die and be buried at the public expense in a paupers cemetery, with hardly a ripple of remorse, by her child. Robert and his mother, before his marriage to Caroline, have engaged in an in- cestuous relationship, the mechanics of its fulfillment taking place in an over- sized bed that serves as a kind of sym- bolic sexual arena throughout the book. Caroline sees Roberts mother masturbating in that bed, in what must have been intended as something ter- ribly symbolic. Annas mother brings her husbands body back to Germany for burial, leaving her and her sister (who later dies of diptheria) with friends, never to return. So much for mother love. The fathers never had a shot at it. In- deed, none of the men in this book is given half a chance. Robert has a homosexual relationship with a fellow musician, contracts syphillis, and both die in a veritable porridge of open sores, broken pustules and ulcerations. Indeed, Grumbach describes gleefully Roberts death in clinical horror with particular emphasis on cataloguing Annas nursing ministrations to the poor mans genital sores. Eric, another male character who makes the terrible mistake of falling in love with46/JUNE 1979/DOSSIER
  • 40. Carlolines female lover, bums himself to death. Even a dog, aptly named Paderewski, a male, of course, dies an abysmally humiliating death, a blatant foreshadowing of Roberts gruesome demise. Thrown in for good measure is a lit- tle morsel of lesbian necrophelia (Caroline gets into bed with the dead Anna, and touches every part of her body"). lf there is any comfort at all in· this mean little exercise of inadvertent black humor, it is that these three "characters" will be buried together, Caroline to join them shortly, on a grassy knoll, next to the dog Paderewski. It is only fair to state that this book has not been reviewed in a vacuum. 1t has been highly praised, even acc1aim- ed by a number of what are generally called "respected critics"- a tight little mutual back-slapping circ1e to which Grumbach belongs. This, then, represents a minority opinion. Worse yet, it represents one novelists opinion of another novelists work, a terrible and highly vulnerable burden to bear. Nevertheless, there is nothing more ex- citing, more mentally stimulating than the dash of one persons perception against anothers vision. To us writers, a good literary brouhaha, replete with bloody ego gore, thin-skinned retaliation, cruel- hearted revenge, even displays of printed pique and pettiness would be better than passivity and those endless columns of pap that parade pallidly in our publications. (Even this contrived alliteration is worthy of a swipe in the literary groin.) Grumbachs book raised my hackles. It invites controversy. It has been over- praised by kindly peers. But that has nothing to do with its merits either as a work of the imagination or as an exer- cise of the novelists art. -WARRHN ADLER LOVI & GUILT & THI MIANIJIO Of LIPI, lTC. by Judith Viorst Simon & Schuster $5.95 Judith Viorst has to be every educated, aware, city womans favorite "mot" maker and insightful surrogate. Every married womans, that is. This slender volume is not to be compared, you understand, with those earlier hilarities, her best-selling Its eoAQEromJ" Hard to be Hip Over 30 and How Did I 3221 M Street Get to be 40 and Other Atrocities. It is 331·1505 a more subdued, reflective, winnowed- Hours: 1~6~t~ 12-5 Sun down Viorst vision, her aggravations DOSSIER/JUNE 1979/47
  • 41. The One Restaurant Worthy of Landmark Status ... wittily recollected in the tranquility of a more advanced age. (Heavens, can she have reached the mid-forties or is OGATES she just on the brink?) This, then, is a distillation of her observations on love and guilt and the meaning of life with, if one cares to make something of it, more pages The other devoted to guilt and the meaning of life than to falling in and out of love or bed. Washington In any case, it is vintage Viorst. On "star-crossed love she observes: "The monument. closest my husband and I ever get to being s tar-crossed lovers is when he thinks hes meeting me by the frozen vegetable counter and I think hes offering the best seafood dining in meeting me by the sour cream." the area and . . . In her section on guilt, she asks: "Are you the kind of person who featuring nationally known acts would never pet a dog if you and the nightly in Hogate·s Grande Salon dog were the only ones in the room?" On the meaning of life, she finds: "Along with the police emergency HOG ATES number, a good recipe for quiche and a hairdresser wholl always work you in, Spectacular Seafood Restaurant the meaning of life is also a nice thing Overlooking the Potomac at 9th and Maine Ave. , S.W. to know. " 8J ·~~ ~ Call 484-6300 for Information This is a fine gift to take to your woman friend in the hospital, pro- viding, or course, it doesnt hurt her to laugh and she is not very sick. -DOROTHY MARKS THI UNICORN AND THI GARDIN Betty Parry, editor The Word Works, Inc. , $5.95 That "touch of the poet," lurking (were told) in every one of us, should respond in friendly fashion to The Unicorn and tile Garden , a new an- thology of poetry edited by Betty Parry. The poems (and several prose pieces) are by thirty-five local authors who were invited to take part in a poetry and literature series held at the Textile Museum from 1973 to 1975. What a surprising List of our neighbors turned out to be poets! You might expect to find Reed Whit- temore, who has been poetry consul- tant to the Library of Congress and has a string of excellent and popular publications to his name, or Edward Weismiller, author of three books of poems and currently working on a study of John Miltons prosody. But Katie Louchheim, the first woman named deputy assistant secretary of state, or Eugene McCarthy, former Minnesota senator and presidential candidate7 In a bit over 100 pages, a clear pic- ture of Washington poetry during this decade emerges-what its all aboutI 48/JUNE 1979/DOSSIER
  • 42. and who the poets are. There are folklorist Sterling Browns poignant melodies of the South; Elisavietta Rit- chies sharp thoughts about such catering disparate subjects as fishing, politics and love; Ann Darrs reaction to things around us that we only wis h we had International Meats and Cheeses Served Buffet or thought of first; and even appealing translations of poems from several other languages. 0 Sandwich Style Homemade Soups Fabulous Pastnes The current poetry consultant at the Li brary of Congress, William GATE A Reasonable and Exceptional Convenience Meredith, says he finds the book in- teresting because. in addition to telling INN RESTAURANT us what "constitutes a poem" in this ci- Nestled behind 19 th century 337-3600 ty at this time, it is also a readable townhouses and overshadowed by 1he "fragment of cultural history. " I think Byzantine dome of St. Matthews the reader wiJI agree. Cathedral. this carriage hoose Is now the P.S. Dear Textile Museum: Isnt it home of Washingtons linest Middle Eastern restaurant. about time you scheduled another Warm weather brings garden dining poetry and literature seriel and invited beneath fragrant magnolias both for some more of our poetic neighbors to lunch and dinner. Inside the carriage participate? - .ANNE BLAIR house, enjoy air-conditioned dining In what was once the Slllble of General Nelson A. Miles. SUNJLOWIR WASHINGTONS MOST ROMANTIC 1211 Wisconsin Ave., by Marilyn Sharp GARDEN Georgetown Richard Marek $9. 95 S v-n of fine Middle Eanern 227 Mass. Ave , N E. For a first novel, Marily Augbum Gapttol Hill R 1734 N Sl . N W. VISA & Master Charge Sharps Sunflower is an extraordinary In 1h~ Na11011 CaptiN 1/ 2 block • .., ol Conn AIK achievement. ()p<on 7 d•yo With its imaginative, bizarre and R•..-rva110ns 737 1370 fast-paced plot involving the kidnapp- ing of the Presidents four-year-old daughter and incredible intrigue within the CIA, the book manages to be something more-and, at the same time, something less-than the formula suspense thriller. Sharp may be the first congressional wife in history (she is the thirty-seven- year-old wife of Muncie, Indianas Democratic Rep. Philip Sharp) to create a thriller. She is certainly the first to receive such industry acclaim and financial rewards as Sunflower is commanding. The scenes involving the White House and Capitol Hill are handled deftly. One of a dozen murders, if you can imagine, takes place in a mens room. Her story moves swiftly £rom Scotland to Washington to Vienna to the ancient ruin of Knossos on Crete and on to Athens. One could wish Sharps characters, particularly that of superspy, almost-hero Richard Owen, were a bit more fleshed out, but then spies by nature are faceless. Even so she manages to engage reader sym- pathy for Owen, even as he carries out his horrendous and baffling assign- ment. This first novel, we are told, took seven years of writing and rewriting. There is, therefore, not quite the easy DOSSIER/JUNE 1979/49L
  • 43. flow of language one finds in Patrick GRAND PRIX WINNER Andersons The Presidents M istress or 1979, 1968, 1982 and Rod Macleishs The Man Who Wasnt 18 FIRST PRIZES There. CUISINE FRANCAIS The idea for the kidnapping of a Presidential daughter came to Sharp while the Nixons were still in the White House. However, one authentic scene was lifted from the Carter White House. The final chapter in which the Presidential daughter is reunited with her parents was dearly inspired by the Carter picnic on the South Lawn in 1977. Readers Digest and Literary Digest book dubs have already bought op- tions and reprint rights have been sold to a paperback house at a handsome (/) figure. Hollywood is interested. Read it. -DOROTHY MARKs r- LUNCHEON MON..SAT. 11 A.M.-4 P.M SUNDAY: BRUNCH· LUNCH 11).3 DINNER MON ..SAT. 4 P.M.·1 P.M. 0 SUN.3P.M.·9P M. MAJOR CREDIT CARDS b u (/) FOR RESERVATIONS 820.J332 5838 COLUMBIA PIKE. BAILEYS CROSSROADS, VA. u..: 1232 36th ST., NW RESERVATIONS: 965-1789 STAGE BUSINESS Mal~e The Metropolitan Operas annual visit to Wolf Trap Farm Park, this year scheduled for June 4th through 9th, is Your without a doubt Washingtons finest and most unpredictable theatrical Invitations event. As one young woman put it, "Opera at Wolf Trap is like baseball; the home team doesnt always win." Inviting No other art form manages to upset so well those little chemical A wedding .. . a gala party .. . a social affair of any kind begins with the Invitation. laboratories in our bodies that produce torrents of emotion. And from the land rush that begins when 3,000 blanket- and basket-waving lawn- IJ89 l3e .sure your invltarian is os sitters burst through the gates to the fine os the affair that will final curtain (which often features follow. For .suggestions and Mets music director James Levine, a guidance we lnvire you to teddy bear of a man who bounds out of stop In and talk with ou~r French Cuisine in the pit, dressed in a white sweatshirt experienced engraving · Historic Georgetown against the early summer chill, to consultants. r engulf his principals in mighty hugs), Setting. an evening with the Met in the hills of northern Virginia is opera at its most " The 89 is a jewel " gloriously absurd, magnificently Dresden. Washington Post Engravers • Social Sranoners touching, spectacular best. Since 1892 Valet Parking ~ 1147-20rh Street, N.W. SIX OPIRAS will be performed this 1226 36th Street, N.W. ·· ·· Washington. D. C. 223-2300 year: Othello, Don Carlo, Th e 965-1789 . Bartered Bride, all conducted by Levine; Tosca with James Conlon;50/JUNE 1979/00SSIER
  • 44. Don Pasquale with Nicola Rescigno;and Dialogues of tl1e Cam1elites withRichard Woitach. Many of the Metsbiggies will sing-John Vickers,Nicolai Gedda, Roberta Peters,Mignon Dunn, Gilda Cruz-Romo andJerome Hines. But when the peculiar flavor of WolfT rap takes over, be p repared. lt hasbecome a tradition for singers on thisopen air stage to become"indisposed." I suspect that a timidtuxedoed gentleman is hired eachseason just to slip between the curtains SIUDIO 50-Northern Virginias 4pm-2am. F-Sat 7-3. Sun 8·2. Dinean d, gla ncing nervously from side to hottest, Total Environment Disco. on authentic Riviera cuisine in aside, announce which star will not be Where you dance and dance week- Mediterranean setting, on rack of ends on one of the metropolitan lamb, duckling, rotisseried to per-singing. The message is always greeted fection . M-F noon-2:30pm, 6pm·by shouting, program shredding, foot- areas largest noor til Sam. Featur- ing the famous DISCO BUFFET l lpm, Sat 6pm-ll pm. Breakfastst omping a nd even the occasional h url- from 2am, for people whose pany F-Sat midnight-Sam. Free of a slightly used fried chicken leg. doesnt stop at midnight. Tuesday, 2101 Wise. Ave. Georgetown. play outrageous SELECTROCU- 333-2030.011 WITB THI SHOW& This is not TION, the electronic sjngles game; HOGATES, tbeotllerWasbing-the only opportunity for audience par- Wednesday, work on your steps ton monument. with a panoramicticipation, however. Daring evening with Free Dance Lessons. Dine on view of the Potomac, invites you to seafood buffet at Grove Restaurant, enjoy, Show & Dance bands in Thegowns and dancing slippers in the high - Grande Salon Lounge. Featuring nightly. Located beside Best Westernp riced sea ts and yellow storm slickers, in Falls Church Inn. 6633 Arlington large picture windows overlookingspy-glasses and raccoon coats among Blvd, Falls Church. S32-9<XX>. the Marina and dance noor toppedthe peasantry on the lawn are no less THE APP~DS:o ror the ms. with an ornate stained glass window.imaginative than p icnic suppers of ceming Washingtonian. Intimate sur- ForyourdiningpleasureHOGATESshrimp in mustard sauce and chablis in roundings combined with the latest serves delectable seafood! M-Th in sound and lighting. Make the ll am-llpm. F-Sat llam-12pm.silver goblets. Every interm ission, a Sun. noon-!Opm. For June infor·b irthday or two is celebrated with newly refurbished Apple a tempting night spot. A rising star in Washing· mation please call 484-6300. 9th &candles blazing and small children tons new Southwest, The Apple is Maine, DC. Ample parking.staggering in late night excitement. located in the elegant Loews LEn· TH E RO U GH RID E RShakespeare would have recognized fant Plaza Hotel. Full formal dining LOUNGE for zany casual fun !this audience-its members here to be facilities and after theater menu Where Teddys Troopers welcomeseen, to see each other and to make available in "The Apple of Eve." you royally. One of the few roomstheir critiques known in the most vocal M..Sat Reservations advised. Ample with Sunday entertainment! Show &terms. pakring. 480 LEnfant Plaza, SW. Dance Bands are featured through 484-1000. June. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere Who the performers will be is not the PARAGON I College Park I or latest top-forty and disco soundsonly element of surprise. Opera in re- PARAGON TOO/Georgetown nightly except Monday. T-Suncent years has stressed acting as well as is total dance entertainment 9:30pm· I:30am. Vocalist, com-sjnging, but these people are not hired .. . live & Disco! PARAGON C.P. plimentary hors doeuvres in thefor their Stanislavsky training. And presents Rock n RoDMon. Popular Loqnge, 5-9pm. Feast on freshalthough the acting levels vary from Show & Dunce Bands T-Sat. Dance seafood daily, wcll-aged beef atpassable to grade school, there is also Sun·Th 9pm-2am, Fri-Sat, 9pm· TEDDYS, S:3().J0:30. Park free.something endearing about Puccinis Jam. 1/2 blk. So. of Campus on Rte l 49S & Rte 7 Ramada Inn, Tysons I Md. TI9-3444. PARAGON TOO Comer. 893-I34Q.villain Scarpia melodiously twitching Grgt. Washingtons largest N.Y.himself to death like a giant cockroach. style disco. Where Bobby Keen & THE WAS HINGTONIAN The other great question mark is the Scott Kaye mJx cuts from the newest C OUNTRY C L U B. This Europeun/American discs. Top- charming club invites you to enjoyweather, whkh may change in the the finest American cuisine andcourse of a performance from balmy to flight sound light system. Proper dress. Happy Hour 3:3()..8:30 Disco your favorite drink in their comfon-set-flapping windy and rainy cold. On able Lounge. Their famous $7 .SO M-Th 8:3().2am, F-Sat 8:3().3am.the other hand, Mother Nature can 2233 Wise. Ave. 333-8200. Dinner Buffet features U.S. D.A.present a perfectly full moon over the Prime Beef, Baked Ham, Southerncherry-blossomed set of Madam e But- S AINT TROPE Z I C O TE Fried Chicken, Succulant Spareribs d AZUR. SAINT TROPEZ for and a garden of fresh vegetables,terfly. Such moments are not wasted dancing! COTE dAZUR for din· served in the setting of Marylandson the audience, particularly those ing! Two unique rooms. Dance to a countrySide. M-Sat S-9pm, Suncamped on the hill who, uninhibited by spectacular light show, European noon-8:30pm. Lounge open everyreserved seats and tuxedoes perhaps, and American hits on an illuminated evening. Ample free parkg. Shadygasp and toast with another glass of dance noor! Jackets a must for this Grove Rd. off Rte 270 Gaithersburg,champagne that element of luck which most sophisticated disco. M·Th Md. 948·2200.makes good art memorable and cuddlecloser in their sleeping bags. -ROBERT MILLER DOSSIER/JUNE 1979/51
  • 45. A Guide to PresidenticBy VICKI OSTROLENKWashington is a city every instant conventioneers and those for con- noisseurs. The former are proud of to company presidents with conven- tions there. Most times these suites arecelebrity, statesman, queen and inter- their massive and varied facilities; the used for hospitality, often resulting innational financier visits at least once. latter are equally proud of their ex- wine stains on the carpets, brokenFor most of us, finding a hotel room to clusivity and inability to handle large glasses and sometimes a missing anti-meet our needs is a matter of the right groups. All, however, boast luxurious que or two. The Sheraton Park "lost"price and locale. For these jet-setters, suites for up to $500 a night. two valuable Chinese jardinieres and aprice is no object and chauffeured To attract the $100- to $500-a-night pendulum from a grandfather clock.limos make location immaterial. guest, Washington hotels are offering All the hotels boasted of their pet Another kind of well-heeled visitor simple Little pleasures like turning celebrities, but for sheer numbers noneis the company president who brings down beds at night and leaving behind could outclass the Watergate whichhis whole staff along for a convention. an exclusive little chocolate on each counts as regulars, Rostropovich,His home-away-from-home is often pillow or a miniature bottle of the Mikhail Baryshnikov, the Beach Boys,on-the-house, depending upon how finest European perfume. The manage- Carol Burnett, Gelsey Kirkland,much revenue the hotel expects to ment will also send VIPs complimen- Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Chris Reeves,make on his retinue. tary champagne, wine, fruit, cheese, Stan Getz, Pearl Bailey, Linda Ron- Two types of in-town hotels cater to Godiva chocolates and flowers. stadt, John Lennon and George Har-these well-to-do vagabonds. Those for All convention hotels offer top suites rison, to name a few .S2JJUNE 1979/DOSSIER
  • 46. Most of my daily spedaJs come with soups and saJads and all kinds of fine ..valuable.. things. The Polynesian/ Continental/ Specialty choices are endless. Call 393-1000 for reser- vations right now! In the Casti _,.. --, Hilton Hol~~""";a 16thandK Streets, ~ ,Jw llrttagnft 1..-.illltIISiltt Strtilt Washingtons Only Telephone Equipped Service • Weddings and Social Functions• Diplomatic and Business Functions · """"",."" to the K ennedy Cultural Center and other points ofinterest • Transportation to and from[Suites Airports. Uniformed Ch(lUffeurs for a Short Local Tn.p or a Long Distance one. (202]9.13·0983 One of the most gorgeous suites intown is at the Sheraton Carlton ($325),elegant and understated with a specialsense of privacy and a staff on calltwenty-four hours a d ay. The Hyatt Regency on Capitol Hillboasts another lovely suite ($400) donein a more modern style, full of modernand Chinese a r t, plants with little signsasking guests not to water them anda nice view of the park. The following are brief descriptionsof each suite:SHIRATON PARKa Lobby teemingwith people. Gilded antiques, somegood, some bad; black and whitemarble floor in entrance to suite; love- DOSSIER/JUNE 1979/63
  • 47. ly burgundy dining room with oriental rug and long glass table. Living-sitting room decorated in greys, navy, coral and white with smoked mirrors every- where; lovely bright cocoa brown study with leather, glass and brass and an antique desk; master bedroom in mauve and navy, marred by green walls; nice bathroom. Amenities in- (~laude clude wine and f.ruit, cheese, newspapers at door in morning and, )-J(>ttchct with three days notice, the pastry chef prepares a handmade chocolate box I ts "cuisine de fam.ille: at very RcstaurHllt with chocolate inside. This fall the reasonable prices. On Saturdays, hotel will open a new building with enjoy our" Frunch" (a French Brunch). modern suites offering room-sized On weekdays relax over homemade bathrooms with raised marble tubs, pates, pastries or dozens of teas. working firepla ces, electric shoe coffees and cappuccinos. Dine to the shiners, pulsating shower heads and delightful aroma of hot loaves and retractable clotheslines. $350 a night. croissants pulled steaming from the oven. You can also take it all home WASHIIIGTOII HILTOIIl Impersonal with you. There are delicious reasons service; dizzying red carpets in suite; to stop by The Bread Oven. large bar with sink and refrigerator; Even if its not for bread. Open Sundays master bedroom with a four-poster Most entrees king-size bed; huge long bathroom Lunch $4.95 Dinner $5.95 Reservations 202·466·4970 1329 Connecticut Avenue, N.W. carpeted and partitioned. No Open for breakfast BAM. Washington, D.C. 20036 amenities. Reservations must go Closes lOPM Monday through Friday. through managers office.$500 a night. Sat.urday 9AM to 3PM. "The name that made French Cuisine famous in Washington." Dinner 6PM to lOPM. SHORIIIAM•AMIRICANAt Lobby 1 19th Street. N.W. 466-4264 220 like an aging Middle Eastern beauty; full of reds, blues, plants and curved low ceilings. The suites, done by Anna Maria Veres, are elegantly appointed in a rich array of colors, fabrics and period furniture. Pure white kitchen; lovely sunroom in blue with imported English fabrics of pink, blue and beige print; a formal uving room with Chip- pendale furnitu re, plants, fireplace, Chinese tapestry; bright master and junior bedrooms, each with a bath, the latter decorated in black onyx tile and smoked mirrors-even the blinds are black. Small details are never over- looked and the suite reflects this care. Amenities: gift baskets of fruit, cheese, liquors, Godiva chocolates, Aowers, At Floral Arts, We newspaper with breakfast, fresh towels Understand Weddings. and soap twice a day. $375 a night. We understand about brides, bridesmaids, the brides fother, the DUPONT PLAZA& Lovely marble groom and even Aunt Agatha. Tile lobby in this small unobtrusive hotel. caterers, too. Were flower professionals. Perfect for hiding away-Marlon Put your wedding in our lw.nds and Branda, Johnny Cash and, recently, it will be a bouquet of loveliness you11 Donna Summer tried it. Small, but ~van I to press in a memory book forever. tastefully done suite with a nice view of the park. Burnt orange shag rugs, queen-size beds and bars in every room. $300 a night. MADISON HOYILt Home to a lot of i.r.:.: !147-JS«J On 1/tt 11111: 2JQ s.t"nt/1Sr • • trr CJill1 {;/Jll.": ~Jii COnnatlcul ""·• IV.IV.; 362·:800 European and Arabian visitors: lushly carpeted lobby, sublime lighting, very54/JUNE 1979/DOSSIER
  • 48. quiet. One suite is beautifully furnish- ed in chocolate browns, tapestries, Tomorrows oriental carpets, recessed spaces for plants and flowers. The bathrooms · loom .. . have bidets; the master bedroom has a king-size brass bed, a plump sofa. desk and nice rich details. The rest of the suite includes a living room, more plants. a dining area and a kitchen.$450. LINPANT PLAZA& Two types of suites for the same price here- one for families and one for the businessman who wants to entertain. Each are available in one ($250) or two ($325) bedroom sizes. The businessmans suite has a foyer between the living room, which is larger than in other suites, and the bedroom. Theres space for a cock- ,mc.J la~o:l. .. tail party or business meeting for ten. b to lb. Rooms offer complete dry bar set ups, $125. Ill console televisions in living rnoms and $2..1ill. televisions in bedrooms. Each room has a bath with a refrigerator-that in- cludes the living room, which also has a couch that converts into a queen-size bed. Decor is bright, not blasting. Beds come in king and double sizes. CAPITAL HILTOIIa Presidential suite 15 1-l W•~un,anl1!., i1 ., t..cur~chll n, U C is on the twelfth floor with a balcony that overlooks the White House and (202) 33!!·-1404 the rest of Washington. Suite has two bedrooms-one with king-size bed, the other with double bed. For $400, guest Carre dAgneau a lso gets choice of three baths and powder room. Den and other rooms offer colonial Williamsburg decor. Amenities include chocolates, fresh fruit and flowers plus liquors. Another lovely suite is the Baron Hilton ($415). The residence of the company presi- dent when hes in town offers two baths, two bedrooms, kitchen and enormous living room with grand piano. Also available is Suite W850 ($275), hyper modern with mirrors, mirrors, mirrors. For a little extra, another bedroom can be added to this one-bedroom spectacular.Three Indoor Arenas... MAYFLOWIRa The doyenne of Washingtons classy hotels, home to ToTAU. } FRENCJ 1 ANDOne of the Largest Facilities TRUL} 1 £CANt: ONLY AT !1in the Country! presidents, visiting royalty and celebrities, has a class-A suite ($430), jOUR f:J" NUrt: which is rich in traditional decor. As JUST CAlLAsk Abou t Our• Hourly Lessons• Weekly Summer Courses an added bonus, it sits smack in the center of bustling large open halls of marble with so-so rug runners; reeks 333-1033 I·OR RESERIATIONS. ,.Uh nt 1• Day Camp of old money; has shaggy cream carpet throughout. Large L-shaped living- .l 1 R /-1 I H Will (,/CJJ U,L /"0I N 14211 Quince Orchard Rd. DISNI R Me; /I ll " <• IJO Ill /C) II OIJ P l dining-sitting area is filled with Federal I (11"U /1 0.1; /Ill P. I )" .~.-1/ l RIM l J I JO Gaithersburg, MD 2CY760 fu rniture. Offers large full bathroom in A l /"(1 2 Ill 1 l 11.1//). I) )!IWNC /1 II Ill (301)94&-8585 tiM HJ1W I II t/ 1"1 P. RKINGA I "/Ill green and white with phone. Master D OOR tt 11/·R (>.OU 1 .111 bedroom features king-size bed, anti- DOSSIER/JUNE 1979/SE
  • 49. Richard A. Abatl, vice president and manag· lng director and Anna Veres, executive que desk, lovely colors. Second bedroom has been redone in thick blue carpet with white, rust and blue decor, lovely window treatment. Amenities are original-Mayflower ties and scarves, gold-plated cufflinks and stick pins for women, as well as the usual of- ferings . 1HE Washingtonian fAIRfAX HOTIL• Multi-lingual and Holiday Magazine staff. Elegant hallways with signed (..OSE]- Awards Baker furnishings whkh are also in the suites; detailed woodwork in all srRercHeRs rooms, oriental rugs, hardwood polished floors. Sitting rooms offer CONVERT YOUR CLOSETFROM THIS • •••••••••••••• TO THIS closets and baths; bedrooms with king- size beds, color-coordinated sheets, closets with light; large double sinks in bathrooms; wonderful colors, prints, down furniture, breakfronts with 1214-A 18th St., N.W. pewter. Amenities include newspapers, Res. 659-1830 flowers, liquor for YIPs. The hotel keeps a complete history on all guests to get to know their needs and preferences. Complimentary cocktails are offered in a pleasant room• OOUBLE YOUR STORAGE CAPACrTY • downstairs, a place to meet like-WE DESIGN AND MANUFACTURE AN EXTREMELY USEFUL PRODUCT WHICH WILL TRANSFORM minded people. European style. $315. YOUR EXISTING CLOSETS INTO COMPACT AND FUNCTIONAL MODULAR STORAGE CENTERSOUA SYSTEMS THROUGH UNUMITEO CREATIVE DESIGNS. COMPLETELY REORGANIZES AND OIOROITOWN INNs Subdued, BEAUTIFIES ANY TYPE AND ANY SIZE CLOSET AND WILL AT LEAST DOUBLE YOUR CLOSET discreetly lighted lobby; tasteful decay- STORAGE CAPACITY (CAN YOU THINK OF ing elegance. Suites are in blues and ANYONE WHO DOESNT NEED ITI) Since 1 Is not permanently aueched, It will move 1 kelly green with refrigerator and com- when you do, end Is thllfefore a one time lnvesl·ment Perfect for homes, condominiums, and rental fortable furnishings; king-size or twin a~rtmenls Call us today and end closet crowding, 726 Seventeenth St. NW beds, antique white furniture; long end clutter forever Checlo. our mcrldibly large bathrooms with bidets, double moderate priCe Res. 298·7424 sin k s and tele ph o ne s. Robert 468-1090 Closed Sundays Dinner Parking Adjacent Mitchums a regular, Sara Caldwell stays, Neil Diamond made a lot of peo- ~--VQ~®bB~ ple nervous and Jimmy Connors comes
  • 50. house keeper, In a top suite at visit. Amenities are set-ups withguests favorite liquor, mints onturned-down beds, flowers and freecoffee with newspapers. $107 a night.DUTCH INN& Quiet street inGeorgetown. Small undistinguishedlobby. Two-floor suites make it seemUke home. Long, simply furnishedliving-dining room with bathroom.Full kitchen including garbage disposaland dishwasher is good for those wholike to cook in. Good view of streets.Upstairs, two bedrooms and one bath.Complimentary breakfast of coffee, teaand pastry. Bottles of liquor for VIPs,flowers. Jazz. musicians stay here- -Ella, Les McCann, Earl "Fatha" Hines.$120 a night.WATIROATI HOTIL1 One neverknows whos going to turn up here.The staff swears that Mick Jagger and afriend, dressed as women, stayed thereincognito a while back. In addition totheir suspicions, they heard him say ina later interview that hed done some-thing similar. Hotel is now re-decorating its suites with a mixture ofItalian antiques and chintz and leather,chrome and glass, modular furniturearrangements. Suite 1216 is thegreatest. Its done in whites and beigeswith a few interspersed colors: manystrange plants and dried arrangements,modern, glassy sculpture, plexiglastables, beautiful ovaJ thin marble din-ing table with chrome and dark beigechai rs; kitchen with view - re-frigerator, stove with top oven; two DOSSIER/JUNE 1979/57
  • 51. Our Reputation Is With You From Start to Finish Rose Narva, hotel director, In the presidential suite at the Sheraton-Carlton. full bathrooms with scales; walk-in is very dramatic in deep blue with a closets; charcoal and white master Lambrequin wooded design so bedroom; deep wine second bedroom, draperies hang in magnificently flow- both with balconies. Amenities: special ing lines. $325 a night. soap-French Mill, terrycl oth robes from England, champagne, flowers, HTAIT..IOIIICTa Best convention "We Care" Godiva chocolates, newspapers and free access to health club. $300. hotel because of overall good taste. Climb-in glass elevators. Polished par- quet floors in entrance to suite, plants HAT·ADAMSa Old moneyed and modem art; thick cream shag rugs, Complete Bar and Wine elegance is the feeling in this fifty-two- rose chairs, rush dining area , Service year-old hotel. The lobby is full of mahogany tables, oriental breakfront, polished wood, subdued and efficient chrome and glass coffee table in the Addy Bassin, help and lighting that would flatter the main area with a kitchen set up for a Master Wine Buyer Duchess of Windsor. Restful halls with party-all kinds of whiskey, liquors, carpeting halfway up the white walls; dishes of limes, onions, olives, lemon & Consultant lovely carved ceilings in the old- peels and cherries. Nice view. Den area Elliott Staren, fashioned rooms. Colored linens and with black lacquer desk, reclining glass shower enclosure, nonfunction- chair. Bathroom is luxurious with a Wine Consultant ing fireplaces and attractive bedrooms. cream shag rug, beautiful marble sink Jim McLain, Amenities: terrycloth bathrobes, gift in rust and beige with matching Party Consultant box of toiletries, brandy and matches Fieldcrest towels; three types of with VIP guests names. $310 a night. soap - Ivory, Vitamin E Organk, Dial, plus Vitabath and Vitamin E herbal SHiaATOII CAaLTOIIa Most shampoo. Master bedroom is a sym- elegant lobby in town-gorgeous in- phony in browns with a touch of burnt laid carved ceilings, marble floors with orange, cream and yellow. The orienta l rugs, beautiful crystal bathroom has a double sink, perfume chandeliers, lots of potted plants and a and cologne for men; cream-colored quiet area for high tea, which is served round tub, separate toilet with phone. every day. Entrance to suite through Second bedroom is also very well done heavy wooden door, lots of brass and with lots of plants. Amenities: small sublime wall furnishings . Living-dining fruit baskets, fresh flowers and a com- area done in beige, soft peach, plimentary full breakfast buffet in the Beverages delicious old furniture. Master Regency Room. $400 a night. bedroom shimmers in pale greys; feel- Certainly Washingtons hotels ca.. 4877 MacArthur Boulevard. N.W. ing of quiet elegance, much cabinet now compete comfortably with Euro- Washington. DC 20007 Phone: (202) 338 1433 space and recessed place for TV-stereo. pean accommodations for the crefne de The bathroom is in beige, mauve, Ia creme of jet-setting clientele, even if chocolate and white with a liberally its only your mother from Cleveland. sized dressing room. Second bedroom ODD58/JUNE 1979/DOSSIER
  • 52. Fringe benefits Qcal ~stale Transactions for your office. Park Carpet, the company that gives you great prices and fringes for your h ome, wtll also carpel and decorate your office, D.C. Ooor to ceillng, with equally great prtces and fringes. Just as weve done for many D.C. businesses since 1922. Park fias a talented, 2951 Arizona Avenue, N.W. · C.T. Harmon to experienced staff of decorating professionals. Theyll make the most Joseph E. Dean - $201 ,500. of your good taste and save you money on carpet. drapes, wall 2816 Arizona Terrace, N.W. ·G. Cecchi to coverings and furniture. Your carpet wUl be Installed by our own Kamran Khosrowshahl · $230,000. c;xpert technicians and backed by the exclusive Park Promise-a 3018 Dunbarton Street, N.W. · E.C.G. Em· five year warranty. So if youre moving, or just plain tired of met to Dolly Hoffman · $350,000. looking at the same decorations and carpeting, take advantage of 4901 Indian Lane, N.W.- D.P. Caulkins to Parks""57 years of expertence. And come to one of our three locations for great prtces and fringes. For your office. Katherine S. B. Morgan · $247,500. 5132 Rockwood Parkway, N.W. - C.E. Uster to Perry R. Taylor Jr.- $265,000. 1739 s Street, N.W. ·B. Jones to Gary M. Israel - $172,000. 2315 S Street, N.W. ·G. Patrick to Hobart Taylor Jr. - $500,000. 1102 E. Capitol Street, N.E. • W .F. Creager to Kenneth L. Deavers- $195,000. 319 D Street, S.E.- K.L. Deavers to Estelle S. Tyne · $183,000. 16 4th Street, S.E. - D. Minchew to Alexandria (ln Old Town) 601 S. Washington St., 836..()888. Thomas S. Winter- $225,000. Bethesda7747 Old Georgetown Rd, 656-0882. Falls Church 7732 Lee Highway, 56()..5100. 3613 Prospect Street, N.W. • R.J. Buenzle to John C. and Carole Wolfe- $165,000. 2557 Waterside Drive, N.W. • A. Millspaugh to Vincent P. Dole- $160,000. 702 5th Street, N.W. • M.L. Gatti to Loren- zo Llerena- $159,000. 712 G Street, S.E. · M. Prot as to William F. Creager and Sprague Thresher · $160,000. 606 N. Carolina Avenue, S.E. - J.M. Schmidt to Anthony E. Scoville- $168,500. 5607 Chevy Chase Parkway, N.W. · J. Auslander to James Zurer · $156,500. 1719 Hoban Road, N.W. • W.W. Lewis to Ralph J. Gerson and Erica A. Ward -$325,000. 4808 Reservoir Road, N.W.. J. Randolph to David C. Wherry - $175,000. 2769 Unicorn Lane, N.W. · M. Peterson to Mark J. Meagher - $248,000. 3025 Whitehaven Parkway, N.W. · G.L. Put a party in your backyard ... Weil to Walker Lewis - $800,000. 200111th Street, N.W. ·G. E. Spyropoulos Rent a Tent! to Herminlo and Amabale Martinez ·$230,000. 1236 30th Street, N.W. . N. Hanks to Discover the excitement and for 18 years. HDO s Profes- sional Consultants can provide Christopher E. Stowell. · $220,000. simplicity of outdoor entertain- ing with rental tent pavilions complete planning and coordi- and canopies from HDO Pro- ductions. Specialists in outdoor events nation for your tented event. Call for our color brochure and party planning kit. Virginia 400 Pitt Street, Alexandria- R. Insley to Mar- 301/ 881-8700 lin H. Stein- $179,000. 419 Queen Street Alexandria. D.B. Ross 11910 Parklawn Drive to Aviza J. Black- $165,000. HOO PROOUCTIONS, INC. Rockville, Maryland 20852 Los Angeles • ChTcago 2025 Scroggins Road, Alexandria - W.T. Washington. D.C Jernigan to Zachary T. Gray Ill- $158,000. 518 Thomas Street, Alexandria • R.C.60/JUNE 1979/DOSSIER
  • 53. Arledge to Joseph H. Augusta · $696,025. 1204 Jossle Lane, McLean · D.B. Kuhn toHossain G. Askarl · $191,000. 1560 Fort VIlla Lane, McLean · C.J. Ray toPhilip M. Battles Ill · $172,500. 2641 Black Fir Court, Reston· E.L. Meyerto Linus G. Schwartz · $160,000. 12122 Beaver Creek Road, Clifton · F.P.Pres ta to Cyrus P. Knowles · $232,500. 1220 Warrington Place, Alexandria • P.E.Rapchak to Robert H. Smith · $165,000. 1004 Walker Road, Great Falls • H.L.Shotwell to J. Alan Smith · $215,000. 2118 Twinmlll Lane, Oakton · E. Negrin toCharles J. Maeng • $168,000. 2000 Fort Drive, Alexandria • C.B.Hawthorne to Ralph E. Karan · $175,950. 1503 Woodacre Drive, McLean· J.R. SimsJr. to Robert G. Shepherd Jr. · $160,000. 4090 Ridgeview Circle, McLean · M A.Grilli to Bill c. Wilson · $204,300. 1598 Forest VIlla Lane, McLean · G.W.Burkley to Billy B. Huff · $200,000. Are you building 309 Springvale Road, Great Falls · P.Heyman to J ames K. Garity· $194,500. a new nome this year? 7420 Park Terrace Drive, Alexandria· W.E. Will it be an 18th Century Reproduction,Cromlelgh to John E. Boni tt · $158,000. c:1 Williamsburg Colonial, or a Techbuilt Contemporary? 1416 Leslie Avenue, Alexandria· C. Sills New Englc:1 nd Components design, manufactureto AIIce C. Jenkins· $196,800. and ship custom homes worldwide. Price includes custom architectural design service. Maryland NEW ENGLAND COMPONENTS Send $ 10.00 for full-color brochure. 585 Sta te Road. North Dutmouth, Mass. 02747 1-o 17-00J.QQ4<1 TECHBUJrr• 8511 Beech Tree Road, Bethesda • V.J. 6801 Whittier Avenue, Suite305, VA 2210 1 703-734-0557Esposito to Mac E. Rein · $187,500. 8231 Bradley Boulevard, Bethesda · J.W.Eckman to David M. Margulies· $165,000. 4607 Dorset Avenue, Chevy Chase • A. WESTMORELAND CIRCLE AREAShowalter to Peter J. Carre · $170,000. 4819 Fort Sumner Drive, Bethesda · W.G.Battalle to Ray S. Bolze · $307,500. 7401 Helmsdale Road, Bethesda · E.P.Anderson to Howard W. Herman · $230,000. 6721 Michaels Drive, Bethesda · L.A.Holtmann to Wil liam D. Fisher - $220,000. 5012 Westport Road, Chevy Chase· P.L.Donohoe to Arnold Einhorn· $179,500. 5308 Wilson Lane, Bethesda · W.B. Blairto Ronald w. Haughton · $200,000. 10013 Galnsborough Road, Potomac·A.A. Klein to Edward D. Glfflth · $155,000. 18530 Muncaster Road, Rockville • J.R.Milam to William E. Richards - $179,950. 11014 Wlckshlre Way, Rockville • H.Hallerman to W.E. and C. E. Rigot · $150,000. 9714 Carriage Road, Bethesda · F.T. Vln·cent Jr. to Bri an J. Lewis· $158,000. 9018 Charred Oak Drive, Bethesda · F.J. Collectors ItemGreiner to Pierre Mouli n · $160,000. 7219 Delfleld Street, Chevy Chase • J.E. Authentic Wil liamsburg Colonial reproduction with the finestMcKeever to Alex Gakner · $160,000. craftsmanship and unspared attention to detail. Versatile fl oor plan 4813 Fort Sumner Drive, Bethesda · J.A. with 4 floors of spacious rooms, 3 full baths, landsca ped privateBeck to William G. Battaile · $350,000. garden . 6630 Hlllmead Road, Bethesda · C.R. For An A ppointment to seeMcBrler to Burt on G. Schonfeld · $245,000. 6601 Va VIew Court, Bethesda · T.L. Eliot Call W elene G oller, 320-5064Jr. to Dean E. Boal · $163,000. 17021 Barnrldge Drive, Silver Spring -W.E. MGMB inc. Realtors 362-4480Snider to MarkS. Rosen • $163,950. 3408 WISCONSiN AVENUE, N.W.• WASHINGTON, D.C. 20016 7608 Glenbrook Road, Bethesda · J.J.Travieso to Daniel S. Littl e · $169,500.L DOSSIER/JUNE 1979/61
  • 54. POTOMAC $285,000. Qeal l:sfBle • Pro er 1 Re-Live the Historic Past of Potomac In this charmingly restored home. Original house built in 1n1, with additions done in 1787 and 1960. Featured on the Potomac House Tour, this beautiful home features a A Subscription For111 step down country kitchen with original brick floor, beams, and Many people not on our regular lists have asked to subscribe to THE fireplace. Large living/dining room DOSSIER. Others have subscribed fo r· their friends out-of-town and overseas. with unique arched fireplace, plus Well be happy to oblige. Just fill out the application below. family room, den, 3 bedrooms, 3 baths. Potomac office - 299-2500. Enclosed is my remittance for $12.00 for 12 issues. Make Checks payable to The Dossier and mail to 3301 New Mexico Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20016 Name: _________________________________________________ dbi COLQUIIT·CARRUTHERS, INC. REALTORS Potomac Office Address: - - - -- -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Semmes Office Building 10220 River Road, Potomac 299·2500 As Featured In Spring Side SUMMER DELIVERY 9 Authentic New of McLean Williamsburg Colonials Formal living room, dining room , library, first floor £amily room with fireplace, plus exciting master bedroom retreat with fireplace, double whirpool tub, exercise area, skylights and more. Cul-de-sac location inside Beltway. Only 5 Left From S260s Open Sat. and Sun. l · 5 Weekdays by appointment "HOUSE BEAUTIFUL" _.n.;. · ;; · ~ DEER RUN Experience the quiet elegance of this , ~< .r·._ Oir: Beltway Exil U C.orgttown P1kt to ll3ht, Right on Bolls Hill Rd. p;~st light at Old Dominion to Spring Sid• on loft, - , ~ Please CaJI Jayne Plank - Owner-Agent authentically reproduced 2 year old salt box home. Set on a knoll overlooking a 821-2171 534-9477 949-3048 brook from the front and the Little River from the rear, this home Is situated on 25.2 acres amid tall trees In the gently rolling horse country near Middleburg, Elegant Living t Virginia. There are 4 bedrooms, 3112 baths, large modern country kitchen, with family room, library/music room, game room with bar, four fireplaces , flagstone Metro Convenienc.e patio, free-form swimming pool and a 1 two-car garage. Other features: one and Sixteen elegant townhomes, situated in a ,J.::. one-half miles of running board fence courtyard setting, are located only 1ll -r.J :ErJ ltl.JJ;J ;tJ E enclosed pasture, stone bridges, stone blocks from the new Courthouse Metro · • tmm~ fences, stable, kennel, and more. Station in Arlington. 1 and 2 bedrooms, . :::... and 2 bedrooms with a den are available for :=JI:illWISJ..I...l.IL,:;:l.l:l:IJ..II..4.-......_..,__ SEND FOR BROCHURE rent in June. All have fully equjpped modern Long & Foster Realtors kitchens, washer/dryer, ale, w / w carpeting, formal living and dining ~ 6320 Augusta Drive area, crown moldings throughout, chair rails and morel!! 2 bedroom ~ F models include a fireplace, 21h baths, skylight and garage w / Genie. .v Springfield, VIrginia 22150 703-451·9400 Please Call Jane Plank For Rental Information - 534-947762/JUNE 1979/DOSSIER
  • 55. POTOMAC Bells Mill Village Privacy a11d Elega11ce Custom brick rambler with atrium courtyard. Four bedrooms, two fu ll batlls. first floor family room, brick country kitchen, rmd deck overlook- ing beautiful fruit trees. Finis/red lower level witlr rnairls room , full batlr and double garage. Private wooded lot. $189,000.00. Please call Marcia An impressive contemporary with Minnan 299-3273 or 299-3856. spectacular use of space and light. Dramatic cathedral ceilings, banquet size dining room, 38ft. great hall, 6 fire- · places, 61/2 baths and 3 car garage are a few outstanding features offered in t his contemporary masterpiece In Potomac Overlook, McLean, Virginia. J$ugb m:. ~eck J}r o pnt ir~ .llnc. Presently planned for construction Is Lot 43. First offering of a superb homesite overlooking Potomac River. We invite your inspection as we begin construction on a luxurious home customized to your taste. 9812 Falls Road Each priced at $625,000. Call Joy Schone at 790-1990, evenings 356-3699. Potomac, Maryland 20854 Sales by Long & Foster Inc. Realtors. 299-2300 D. JAY HYMAN BUILDERSThis spacious colonial is decoratorsown home featuring 4 bedrooms,family room and rec room; 1st floorpanelled den; a!J amenities plussmoke and security system. Theheated in ground pool is self-cleaning Under Construction - Authen tic Williamsburg Colonial - $293,500and enhanced by the beauty of The ultimate in Early American craftsmanshlf in a brand new home. Q uality and a ttention toimpeccably maintained grounds. detail are evident throughout this origma reporduction of the historic Reid House in William•burg. Designed and Built by Brendan ONeill, it Is one of eight original Williamsburg designs to be built on Joiners Lane in prestigious Potomac. Marylana. This magnificent home has four large bedrooms five fireplaces, .1 picket fence, and a detached "Smokehouse" shed. Quality features include wide-plank. screwed and plugged oak noors, a dramatic two-story entrance foyer, paneled window seats. beaded cypress sidmg. and a unique and family room with a solid wood paneled wall and huge fireplace. For appointment or further Information call: 762·5252 Eves: Susan ONeill, 34Q-7144DiSALVATORE REALTORS ((8 REALTY W ORLD® Glen J. Koepenick, Inc. 762·5252 424-1860 DOSSIER/JUNE 1979/63
  • 56. Qeal ~stale Properties ~e n o w.,.,. • I·~ • J"{J ISCOYJL ONLY 2 o/o COMMISSION 4 % ON MULTIPLE LISTINGS Montgomery Countys Only Discount Broker The Seven Homes of Rockville. MD Bethesda. MD MacArthur Terrace are Magnificent 840-9 797 986 -9227 oSited high on a hill SHver Spring, MD 949-9393 lB lfl A , t": Q• 0 Natural, contemporary exteriors 0 4 Bedrooms, 2 full and 2 half baths 0 2 car garage, fireplaces 0 Recreation room Bethesda Bradley Hills Grove 03!evels of living space 0 Energy conservation package 0 Balconies and exterior decks ° Fully landscaped 0 Priced from $228.000-$233,000 0 In-town location 0 Phone 654-3700 0 0pen 12 to 5 weekends or by appt. Traditional Charm Tlw o,cvt•u home; nf 1lacAnhur Terrnce arc h101ted on a priate drive in the 5.100 An outstanding home featuring large bltA:k ,,f MacArthur Boule ard, i. W., bright rooms throughout. Traffic adJ~nll" Arizona AvenuE. N. W. flows easily from the transverse haJJ to the living room with fireplace, formal dining room and onto the patio. Well- situated at the end of a long drive on YACHT HAVEN almost an acre of trees and garden. All Beautiful 4 bedroom, 4 bath split level with extra large foyer. Formal living amenities. Por details and appoint· room complete with crown/ chair ment to view: molding and fireplace. Spacious kitchen features bay window and upgraded ap- pHances such as a Litton Microwave Ee~.Inc. oven. Spectacular inground pool with flagstone decking and enclosed back yard. This premium quality home is located on a professionally landscaped Qeaftors REALTORS 657-2760 978·2000 comer lot only minutes from Mt. Vernon, schools and transportation. $179,000. 8996 BURKE LAKE ROAD • BURKE, VIRUINIA 2201564/JUNE 1979/DOSSIER
  • 57. Estates· at,"~~~;;.~~p Two acre custom hom{<; {rom S272 400 Take Beltway E:ocit 16, Rtvcor Road. tow.lrd~ Potomat Travtlah Road. Turn leh tnto Rivers Ed~e EntranC"e Rockv Conte Communiliei, lnc. Hours Noon to du~k !closed Wed. &c Thurs ) 258-9282WYE RIVER- 720 ACRE ESTATEOutstanding brick manor house, for-mal gardens, pool, tennis court, deepprotected anchorage. Combined withextensive croplands, farm buUdings; aunique estate just 7 miles from Easton. Offered at $1,700,000. MANARIN 0DLJ:: AND RE C TOH e.:cdusively lltrougl• REALTOR S 277 SOUT H WASH INGTON STRE:E:T AL.E:XANORIA VIRGI N IA 223 14 17 031 5 4 9 8200 Easton, Maryland 21601 (301)822-4626 DOSSIER/JUNE 1979/85
  • 58. ANNAPOLIS WATERFRONTQeal ~stale 3.88 ACRES ON Charming five bedroom. four bath home .. Spe~cious ABERDEEN CREEK... Prlve~cy ... O utstanding location ... rooms ... Three Prop crtie8 fireplaces... Dock wllh boat slip ..Tennis co11rts.. Offered Cit $325,000. Phone 261·2626 or (301) 263·0400 Anll•poiJ• Seven>• P•rll Arnold 261 262b 261 -2116 26 1 2477 (301) 2b3-!1400 (30 1) 647 61 12 (30 l) 974·04 10 A STATELY PRESENCE On the for the connoisseur of the georgian Potomac River manor. Charming custom Located near the Potomac River on built Williamsburg the original grounds of Mount Vernon in colonial situated in historic Virginia . This fine home offers 6 bedrooms, exquisite formal living and Northern Virginia dining rooms, a paneled library, a is awaiting your in- superb country kitchen with eating spection. $198,500. space and fireplace, and much more. Featured in a major national magazine as a fine rendition of an early colonial home. $340,000 GOWBlN & WARWICK LNC ~ROUTH I I I ROBBINS REALTORS - Call Us Today Frank T. Roberts 521-4371 or 109 South Royal S t. • AColdwel Banker Company Alexandria, VA Ann Steele 683-5200 532-8868 299-6622 NO OTHER LIKE IT! POTOMAC C &0 CA NAL In all of exclusive RJVER FALLS there is only one lovely "Lowell" sited on a quiet cul-de-sac and backing to the tall trees of parkland. Located in the prized Pyle- Crowell & Baker. Whitman school dis trict, this handsome residence also offers swimming in its own jewel of a pool and tennis in the 6-court Creating RIVER FALLS club. $295,000. elegant environments r:li%abel ll C..Oetl, Droller in which 10200 RowrRoad. PotomAC. Md. (301) 983•0200 to live. Kenudale "Chiswells Inheritance" Potomac View Estates 7 acres cleared with Paddock, Rrverwood Trcrollalr M.adou.>S professional Stable and Guest Foxhall Crescenu House, featuring magnificient -~ southern Colonial house with 10 ft. ceilings for genteel living ?q with rooms proportioned for entertaining. $675,000.00. Crowell & Baker Construction Co. , Inc. Shown by appointment Quality is the River Road tru.e measure o{valr1e 770-3360 840·2216 762-616866/JUNE 1979/DOSSIEA
  • 59. CLOSE-IN COUNTRY LIVING LEESBURG AREASwim in the pool or stroll throughthe beautifully landscaped 3.7acres which accompany thislovely 6 bedroom home in theheart of the Potomac hunt coun- Exceptional estate property with fifty acres In protected, close-in area.try. Convenient to shopping, Superbly built and appointed fieldstone house has 6 bedrooms, 31ftschools, golf, and tennis clubs. baths, wide center hall with gracious stairway, large living room with$335,000. fireplace, library, separate dining room, deluxe kitchen with eating space, sunroom opening onto flagstone terrace, full basement with rec room. Also, 3-bay garage with partially finished apartment, small stable, storage barn, all-weather tennis court and a thirty-mile view. Very· special at $450.000. ; KING AND CORNWALL, INC.LONG & FOSTER REALTORS® 9812 Falls Road REALTORS Potomac, Maryland 20854 Leesburg, Va. 703-777-2503 98J-Q060 Metro Area 471-5400 (no toll) ANNANDALE, VA. $475,000 ELEGANCE ON THE POTOMACElegance and Old World craftsmanship bya master builder is previewing at Mt.Vernon on the Potomac. The authentic "OAK HllL"rep rodu ctions of these Williamsburg "Oak Hill" is a landmark ol charm and beauty. Ci rca 1730, thi, lme updated GcurgianColoma( homes, will enchant even the most colonial I featured In "Northern Virginia Heritt1~1. and hat. been included in thl·d1scrfminating buyer. Now you can experi· Hi>Loric Gardt!n Welk Hou~t! tour . Massive hu<W"""- ancient trel.s, chJrminllence Old World derailing and features Williamsbur)l encl<>wu !arden. all aftord a glim tN • mto <1 )lrac1uus past. rttlo lent withrarely found in todays homes. An old serenity and charm.fashioned morning room, rear service entry Thb unique property h >et in the mld;l ul .Jitn•>-t thn·~ ane>. and alfuru> privacy dil-foyer, ten foot cei lings, marble fireplaces. licu lt to lind " do~( tu all amenities. mcluJmll line schools, hospital. transportationcustom designed plaster moldings, solid and shopping in thr Anna ndale area 111 Fa1rla)( Lu.cherry wood cabinets, marble emry foyer. Large. bright room~. including six bedrooms. five fireplaces, garage apartment,At Mt. Vernon on the Potomac you will beautifully proportioned library, handsome living room. mus1c room, garden breakJastfind the mellow aura of ccnrury old estares. room. family room, and dining room. Exquisitely detailed and appoin ted. Call lor further information: Phone: Builder Services 698-8300 o r Model Home 780·8343 Price: Upper Brackets ~ Harper & Company Realtors um (703) 821-1777 untry·Eute"" Cullilune. Muur BuUder ....... lil Alter hours. cuntact Angela Crowell at 356..()886 DOSSIER/JUNE 1979167
  • 60. SIRYICIS Dossier VENTRILOQUIST - A performance suited for all occasions. Children and adult shows. Audience participation. HOUSESITIING Responsible young couple seek houseslt· ting position. References provided. CallClassified ARTY FREDA- 439·5352 Matthew. 565·0726. BAROQUE MUSIC-Recorder & Harpsichord. STOP SMOKING For your special occasions. Indoors or out- In 3 hours doors. Call 244·6011 or 622·0896 Private or group sessions available. Wash. DISCOTHEQUE INTERNATIONALE HYPNO·TECH CENTER. 462·3659 or Entertain your guests with class. Music for 966·2038. all ages. Soft jazz, classical, big band, The Ki tchen People-Complete kitchen disco. Live disc jockey, professional sound remodeling-no charge for In-home design- system. (202) 338-6834 ing and planning. Call 528·5194. IXP.ISS TOU.SILP SCOTI R.H. SMITH Remodeling-New Building Contracting AMTIQUIS NATIONAL ONION- Singing messages for Company. Chevy Chase, Md. 656·751 3.ANTIQUE ACCENTS-For the unusual In fur· any occasion. In person or phone deliveries.To order call toll-free COOPS PLANTS-Interior, exterior, commer·niture & accessories. 7327 Wise. Ave., Beth. cial, residential. Complete expert services.652·2020. 8001227-4702 Quality tollage. 686-0057. HILP WAMIID INTERIOR BY AUGU ST MONTROSE GALLERIES THE ROLLS ROYCE CLUB·We are now Residential19th Century American Art. 7800 Wisconsin employing attractive, educated Individuals Mr. Augus1-544-2999Ave., Beth. Hrs. Wed.-Sat. 12:30-5:30, Thurs. to become highly paid escorts. 703·527-2520 LOST IN THE STEREO MAZE? Sympatheticeves 7:30.9:30. 652·4199. IMIIRIO• DISI.M expert helps select the right sound system LYN INTERIOR DESIGN for you. Now hype, no hassle. Designed for 20 years experience nationally and interna· your lifestyle & environment. SOUND IN·Mercedes Benz 280 SE Convertible 69 tlonally. Will work with you to develop yourLt. Blue. New navy factory top. Always VESTMENT 321·4015 surroundings to fit your lifestyle. All PRIVATE PH YSICAL FITNESSgaraged. 1 owner. Excell. cond. inside & sources and labor substantially dis-out. 98,000 mi. Offer. 299-7439 COUNSELING AND INSTRUCTION counted. Call Lyn (202) 333·3918. In your home or office MIDICAL SIRYICIS Exclusive service for ladies only.Discover THE BOOK CELLAR for out·of· EXERCISE & MASSAGE with the area s 785·0225print books to read & collect. 8227 Wood· highest trained massage therapists and TAROT CARDS & PALM READINGS BYmont Ave., Bethesda, Md. 652·4522. Open 7 figure consultants. REF. AVAILABLE. J . MRS. STARR. She advises on all problemsdays, 11-5. Harley 946-3585. no matter what the problem is. She can & aUSIMISS OPPO.TUMIIIIS will help you. Removes evil Influences. TIRED OF YOUR JOB? MODILS Guaranteed results In 1 day. 6700 Arlington HAND SOME M ODELS AV AILAB LE· Blvd. Ate. 50, Falls Church, Va. V2 price withInterested in a new carreer with unlimited- Professional men skilled in the art of posing this ad.potential for earnings? No investment. SH AKLEE for Individuals, groups & classes. 387-8800. SAT PREP COURSE (301) 699-9590 PHOTOO.APHT COLLEGE STRATEGIES SEMINAR Exclusive-Portraits, Weddings, Model Port· New Horizon Tutorial Service folios. PARKER MONEY 830·2772 430-1746 MRS. LINDA-READER & ADVISOR. Sees all, RIAL ISIAII tells all. Will solve all problems on love, marriage & business. Palm, card & crystal Weekly sessions beg1n June 17 B ARTL ETT REAL T V CO. EASTON , Boys and girls 10·18 yrs. ball readers: If you have been to other MD.Speclallzing in waterfront estates & Da1ly InstructiOn practice, play readers without success dont fall to see many farms In Talbott County for over 28 Mrs. Linda. She does what other readers Umited weekly enrollment yrs. New listings available for your Inspec- Near washington, D.C .. Baltimore. claim to do. 1908 K St. N.W. 293·9888 and Harrisburg . Brochure available tion. Francis G. Barlett Jr., Broker. (301) 822-311 3 MRS. IKE PALMISTRY READER & AD· Mounta1 Vrew GoU & C C n VISOR. ALSO CARD READER. On all affairs P, 0 . 8oiC T Fa~rfteld , Pa. 17320 EASTERN SHORE·WATERFRONT.Lge. Col· 717·64·2·5848 Bob Costello PGA·D1rector of IH6. Do you have problems with your lov- onlal home In excell. shape on Choptank ed one? Are you sick, suffering or unhappy? River In Caroline County. Located In a small Give this great lady a visit at 1009 ESt. N.W. DIYO.CI SI.YICIS quiet village. Yard Is extensively land· 2nd fl. Call for further information (202) scaped & includes 10 MLW at dock. 24 Hr. Divorce 347-7979. 1 hr. free parking across at Star $250,000. Wright Real Est ate. Plaza Contested-Uncontested Law BuildingIn Dominican Republic . BUF ETE Denton, Md. 1·479-2000. MRS. FRANK-PALM READER & ADVISOR.DO M INICANO 35 Wi sconsi n Circle; Will help you on all problems. GuaranteedWashington, D.C. 20015 (301} 986-9327 REHOBOTH BEACH results. Call for appt. (703) 892·4287. 30 yrs. Buy a house or condominium now for sum· experienceAdvice given and arrangements made for mer use or rental income. Call Anne Andersmutual uncontested divorce In the at MAE HALL McCABE INC. (302)227·2558Dominican Republic. Divorce granted VACATION ISCAPIS or 227·8093.within 24 hours of arrival In the Dominican HILTON HEAD ISLAND, S.C. completely &Republic. Other divorce services available.Reasonable rates. •••v•c•• A QUALIFIED STAFF-maids, full and P.T. newly furnished 1 bedrm. condo. Ac- comodates 4. Pool & Tennis. Near ocean, Joel Atlas Skirble for home or business. Fullers Safe Agency. beach, shopping, golfing. $294/wk. (703) Member, D.C. and Md. Bar 783·8817 918 F St. NW Eves. 635-7923 536-7474 Telephone No.: 483·3200 WIDDIM• •IPTS PALM READING by Mrs. Kathleen-Advice IU.AIICI PO. SAU on all matters of life. Consult this gifted ENGRAVED WEDDING INVITATION The Till STIIOLLIMe STIIIMeS lady on all problems. Located at 6499 perfect wedding gift. Yours or theirs engrav·Musical elegance for your private party, Marlboro Pike, District Heights, Md. 1 FREE ed on brass & mounted on walnut. $ reception, etc. For descriptive question by phone. (301) 568-3297. Also PARKER MONEY, 916 W. Redwood Rd.,brochure call 292-2929. available for group parties. Sterlln{L_ Va. 22170. 430·174668/JUNE 1979/DOSSIER
  • 61. l)ocialCalendar =-==-- - - _ ~~~ MAGGIE WIMSATTIf you re planmng an event . piLAS4 call Mrs.Wimsatt at 652-7574 at least mne weeks in ad-vance. WL regret that not evCry itLm can b"published for r~>asons of space. Howev er, privati.parties will be placed on a special list that willnot appear in tl1is column. , . _ 11 Tunisian National Day . .1•- 11 Friends of Great Falls Tavern fund-raising dinner and square dance - Smokey GlenFarm, Gaithersburg, Md.- 6:30p.m.- by reser-vation - Chairmen, Mr . & Mrs. Henry Nicoll,Mrs. Roger Eismger. , . _ 11 Annual Gala • Wolf Trap Farm Park-by reservation - Chairmen. Anna Moffo, JohnPfleiger, Arthur Arundel, Mrs. Gilbert Gude,Steven Martindale. Itt- 2 1 Italys Anniversary of the Republic. Itt- 21 D1plomats vs. New England Teil Men-Home - 2:30 p .m. Itt- • • Barbecue to benefit Ch1ldrens Speechand Hearing Center- Italian Embassy - 6 :30p.m.- by invitation - $65 - casual dress - Chairman,Mrs. William McMurtrie. ,__ S1 Preview performance of AmtMisbellavin to benefit Foreign Student ServiceCouncil at Warner Theatre- followed by supperat British Embassy- curtam 7:30p.m. - by reser-Vation. Chairman, Mrs. James Wakelin Jr. ,__ 11 Opera ball to benefit WashingtonOpera - Japanese Embassy - preceded by em-bassy dinners - block tie - by invitation · $160·Chairman, Mrs. Douglas Kiker. Itt- 91 Heurigen - to benefit SOS ChildrensVillages- Meridian House- Austrian wines, foodand Viennese music - 7 p.m. - informal dress - byinvitation - Chairman, Mrs. Heinz Gorgeous. Itt- • • Decatur House Council Spring Partyin honor of Mrs. Cyrus Vance - Decatur House -6to 8 p .m. - by invita tion - Chairmen, Mr•.Oarence Dodge Jr., Mrs. Alexander Hagner,Mrs. Thomas Musgrave . ..._ 121 Philippines Independence Day . ..._ 12t Reception for 1979 Hope Ball Com-mittee - Moroccan Embassy - by invitation -C~rmen, Mrs. Robert Foley, Mrs. BrockAdams. , . _ 121 " Cruist for a Cause" on the"Diplomat" to benefit House of Mercy - 8:30 to11 p .m. - dancing. bar, buffet - cruJS( attire- byinvitation - $25 - Chairman, Mrs. Milo Coerper. Itt- 1e1 Flag Day. ..._ 1 S·.lwiJ Ia Rehoboth Art League -Members Fine Arts Exhibi t - Corcoran andTubbs Galleries- 10 a .m. to 5 p .m. - Pre~ident. Mrs. Howard Meg~. ,__ Ua "A Victorian Ball" - Victorian FINE ORII:NT Al FURNITURE Now two loc• tlons OrMmt East Ltd. ROSEWOOD - T£AKWOOD - EBONYGarden of Smithsonian Castle - to raise funds for Both etoret open Tueedaya major new horticultural exhibition to be open- ObJKt d Art • ScrH nt • Antiques through Sa turday Noon to &PMed July 1980- 7:30p.m.- black tie- by invitation Jade • Clolaonne Call lor evening houre- Chairman, Mrs. George McGhee. DOSSIER/JUNE 1979/69
  • 62. Going Places. .1•- Ita Start of Annapolis-Newport Race WlslrJt•er Place. Elegantly appointed three story lmu11houses -Chesapeake Bay off Annapolis, Md. at lhl fmlst•of Washillgfoll, D.C. Fast becoming the .fu- 17a Fathers Day. in-town address for people wlw are goin~ piares. .1•- 1Ja Diplomats vs. Rochester Lancers - Models shown fromll AM daily. or by Home -2:30p.m. .lu- 1Ja "Virginia Day" honoring Governor appoint me~~ I. Priced from $207,500. Dalton - at Wolf Trap Farm Park • Chairman, Phone: 363-7078. Mrs. John Downs. .1•- 1Ja Icelands Anniversary of the Republic. .fu- 2h Summer begins . .fu- 2Sa Luxembourg National Day. .fu- 2Sa Flea Market - sponsored by Rehoboth Art League- Art League Grounds- 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. - Chairman, Mrs. Richard Everhart . .fu- 24a Garden Party to benefit Mont- gomery County Historical Society- 5 to 7 p.m. - Beall-Dawson House, Rockville, Md. - Chair- man, Mrs. Austin Kiplinger . .lu- 24a Diplomats vs. Philadelphia Fury - Home - 2:30p.m. .fu- 26a Madagascar Independence Day. .1•- 27a Diplomats vs. Oakland Stompers - Home · 8 p.m. .fuH lOa New York City Harbor Festival. ~-- SO-.Iuly 81 Congress independence Day recess. - .lu•• lOa Tex Wyndham and His Red Lion Jazz Group · sponsored by Rehoboth Art League • Chambers Stu<llo • 8 p.m. • Admission $3 -Chairman, Fritz Hessemer. luly July hBurundi Independence Day . .luly hCanadas National Holiday. .luly hRwanda Independence Day. .luly Independence Day . 4a .luly Sa Cape Verde Independence Day . .l•ly Sa Venezuelan Independence Day. .luly 6a Malawi Independence Day. July lOa The Bahamas National Day. July 14a French Bastille Day . .luly U·.luly 22a Washington Star Interna- tional Tennis Championships - Sixteenth and Kennedy Streets Courts. July 15a Diplomats vs. Seattle Sounders - Home • 2:30 p.m. Dr. Philip Handler, president of the Na· • Ilona! Academy of Sciences, and his wife (left} joined French Ambassador and Mrs. Francois de Laboulaye at the opening of a show of contemporary Aubu sson tapestries at the Academy. The stunning works Include the geometric abstractions of Mategot.70/JUNE 1979/DOSSIER