Washington Dossier November 1981
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Washington Dossier November 1981



Washington Dossier was the society magazine for the nation's capital from 1975-1991. David Adler, current CEO of BizBash (www.bizbash.com) was the co-founder and President.

Washington Dossier was the society magazine for the nation's capital from 1975-1991. David Adler, current CEO of BizBash (www.bizbash.com) was the co-founder and President.



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Washington Dossier November 1981 Washington Dossier November 1981 Document Transcript

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  • ct!oSSit!VNovember 1981, Vol. 7 No.6 President David Adler Publisher Jonathan Adler Editor Sonia Adler Managing Editor Don Oldenburg Aa~latant Editor Laura Elliott Aaalatant to Editor lee Kirstein Contributing Edltora Viola Drath Maggie Wimsatt Anne Denton Blair Dorothy Marks Patty Cavin Robert McDaniel Mickey Palmer Judy lewis Manufaclurlng Christina Rea S.rvlcea Director Dlalgn Director Tom Hellner Chief Photog11pher John Whitman Contributing Valerie Brown Photographera Rod Grantham General Manager Jean Tolson Aaalatant Bookkeeper Susan M. Sample Vice Prealdent Dick Moessner Advert Iaing Account Executives Michael Earle Donna KormanAdvertising Coordinator Susan L Roberts Production Aaalatant Brook Mowrey Advertlalng Production Bonnie Down Typographer Walter Bonfield National Sales Repreaented by Pallia Group New York 485 Madison Avenue New York, N.Y. 10022 (212) 355-4000 Chicago 4761 West Touhy Avenue lincolnwood, ll60646 (312) 679-1100 Loa Angeles 1800 North Highland Avenue, Suite 717 Hollywood , CA 90028 (213) 462-2700 Miami 7800 Red Road Miami, Fl 33143 (305) 665-6263 Montreal 475 Sherbrooke St., W Montreal H3A 2l9 Quebec (514) 842·5223 London 69 Fleet Street london EC4 Y 1EU England (01) 353-0404For Social Covarage: Please send all Invitations to Social Secretary, The Washington Dossier, 3301 New Mexico Ave., Washington DC 20016(Please send Invitations as early as possible to schedule coverage.) The Washington Dossier is published monthly by Adler International, ltd. David Adler,President Jon Adler, Vice President Sonia Adler, Secretary/Treasurer Second Class postage paid at Richmond, VA 23261 and Washington , DC ISSN N 0149·7936For Subscriptions: Please send all subscriptionInquiries, applications and changes of address to The Washington Dossier Subscription Department , PO Box 948, Farmingdale, NY11737. Prices are $24 for 1 year; $48 for 2 years. Overseas $48 per year. Canada $26 per year. Photographs for commercial and non- commercial use are available for sale. Copyright 1981 Adler International ltd. Audited by ~ j ~"W.LJLA~ The magazine accepts no responsibility lor unsolicited manuscripts, artwork, pictures or cartoons. They will nor be returned. Advertising and editorial offices located at 3301 New Mexico Ave., Washington , DC 20016, General Telephone (202) 362-5894.
  • FEATURES23 From Backstage To Limelight by Anne Blair The Kennedy Centers impresario, Marta Istomin27 Changing the Shape of Washington by Marjorie Skinker Working out in Washington spas31 The Royal Minority / by Rosemary Donihi A democratic capital peppered with a courtly few35 Capturing Elusive Elegance: A Photo Essay by Valerie Brown and John Whitman49 The Gift of Elegance by Madeleine Harrell Washingtons return to elegance brings in an array of glamourous gifts for the holidays87 The Great Grapefruit Caper by Patty Cavin A fruity way to whittle your waist DEPARTMENTS 7 Annabells File INVESTMENTII The Educated Palate Your purchase of a fine Oriental HECRT~s by Robert McDaniel Taming the wild appetiteIS Art and Artists by Viola Drath New perceptions vitalize SITES offers more than meets the eye. It is a superbly wise investment19 Standing Room Only at an unusually attractive price. by Laura Elliott Oriental rugs increase in value The NSOs modulation into national stature as they mature. Offering you a38 Books by Neighbors lifetime of reward as you reap Island Romance, Dressing Right and Young Teddy the pleasures of their beauty.40 Poets Corner Our rugs are of Classical imagery and Washington scenes unequalled quality and excellence Examine them for their55 Along Party Lines craftsmanship. Fascinating design. A Ride Down the Potomac, Designer Showcases and Charity Openings Intricate hand woven detail. These98 Fashion Calendar are touchstones to quality of100 Curtain Going Up beautiful Oriental rugs. by Anne Blair· We invite you to our gallery to Social Calendar select a fine rug from our by Maggie Wimsatt collection. ·~· Known to her many friends as "Doda," the Princess Dorota ADD AN ORIENTAL Drucka Lubecka de Wolf left her heart and royal heritage in RUG TO YOUR Poland at a time when neither were appreciated by the stern tyranny that grips Eastern Europe. Today, she is a member of INVESTMENT the winding chain of circles within circles that comprises this PORTFOLIO citys royal minority - depossessed courtly emigres who gather around their own kinsmen of special distinction, mak- · ~· ing the Washington scene seem small and almost cozy if not quite regal. (Photographed by Peter Garfield; Makeup by Hechrs Tysons Corner Oriental Rug Gallery ~~-~., Susan Hauser; Hair styled by Jean Robert of Rainbow Hair 81 00 Leesburg Pike, Mclean, Virginia Salon; Gown designed by Zack Brown for the opera Semele, For Information About the Washington Opera Costume Collection; the pug dog, "Tooth Fairy," is an American and Canadian champion own- Our Investment Quality Rugs ed by Mrs. J . Patterson; (other accessories and products listed Call (703) 893-3003 on page 8.) Dossier/November 198115
  • AnnabellS File -©THE DOSSIE OF WASHINGT R ON COMMENT CONCORD® fti!J~jl[[[·ffi~ ~[[~ ;~,~ Nastiness Settling in Again? Robert Abernathy . . . Canadian Maybe it coincides with Jimmy Ambassador Peter Towe soon toCarter and Richard Nixon sticking head up Petro-Canada Internationaltheir noses back under the tent flaps, which will spearhead Canadasbut few in town are fooled by world-wide search for hydro-Carters blatant re-emergence as a carbons ... Muffy Brandons posi-political pusher under Jody Powells tion as Nancy Reagans major domomanipulative eye. The ploy was growing uncertain ... Newspapersabotaged by the Washington Post and maggie magnate Phil Merrillstory on alleged bugging of Blair consulting with DefenseHouse by J .C. -which was bad news Department . . . former Senatorfor the Repubs who were hoping for a Dick Stone starting a consulting firmCarter candidacy, since he is judged for Radio Free Cuba ... Novelistthe weakest in the stable ... As for Barbara Raskin spearheading localNixon: To make a diplomatic drive for national writersemissary out of a man who had to be union ... former foreign service of-pardoned for alleged crimes seems ficer John Hirten is importing thatmad - although our word is that new drink Luparia VodkalimoneNixon shoehorned himself into the which he discovered while vacation-Sadat funeral entourage ... Other ing in Elba, Italy ... The Ellis This is the thinnestnastiness: Moroccans should have brothers of Ridgewells starting new water resistant watchcalled off their bash for the new firm, Ridgetex, to design nappery, in the world. Bar none.American Ambassador Joseph Reed tablecloths etc . . . . Reagans friend A sculptural blending ofon the night of the Sadat assassina- Alfred Bloomingdale said to be stainless steel andtion. King Hassan, who is being badly behind new fast food, game and warm, rich 14K gold.leaned on by Soviet surrogates and magic establishments now franchising The movement ishimself has been the target of throughout America . . . Pisces CONCORDs new ultra thinnumerous assassination attempts, opening Chinese Restaurant whereshould have seen to it that it was call- impressively precise Big Cheese once was ... Sen. Roberted off ... Nancy getting mauled for Byrd has gotten his fellow legislators nine/quartz. Hand-crafted inover-spending on china and to agree to make square dancing Switzerland.decorating even though its out of the official American folkPrivate funds. Insiders say her dance ... Evila star Valerie Perridecorator Ted Graeber blew part of raising hackles of temperment farthe big wad by not getting best dis- outreaching her talents ... Seancounts or bargaining hard enough in Donlon, Irish Ambassador headingthe marketplace, causing the job to be home to be foreign secretary, will bePresently unfinished. crating huge collection of Waterford crystal gifts received at hundreds ofRandom Rumblings and Rumors: Irish American events. Irony is that Diamond Brokers • AppraisersThat $124,000 Waterford crystal they could have been bought at one Monday- Saturday 10 to 5:00fountain used in Bloomies Irish pro- third the price back at the oldmotion at White Flint was sold to a sod . 1710 M Street, N.W.Kuwaiti who bought two, both for his Washington, DC 20036lawn in Kuwait. Lawns, it seems are Edward Bennett Williams being con- 202·872·171 0the ultimate status symbol in that par- sidered for important Federal postched and oily land ... Friends who ... Fragile Jane Coyne heading FREE PARKINGexercise with Supreme Court Justice West for an Outward Bound moun-Sandra OConnor say shes got a tain climbing expedition ... LBJ in- Major Credit Cards Acceptedswell pair of gams . . . Mary siders inflamed by Robert Caros newMcGrory handholding with widower book which documents oft-heard Dossier/November 198117
  • Capitol rumors .. . Sterling Tucker running hard to unseat Marion Barry, who could be severely damaged by upcoming Pride case involving his ex- wife ... People who saw Othello at the Warner didn t know it, but they saw an Othello and lago, James Earle Jones and Christopher Plummer who were barely on speaking terms, each doing solo performances . .. Tracy Placers in Kalorama all atwitter over Saudi Prince renting Alejandro Or- filas house for three months . The Prince, who is a colonel studying military stuff, is well-bodyguarded. Vignette of the Month: David Richards, new Washington Post drama critic, and Steve Martin- dale are close friends . It was Steve who agented Davids book on Jean Seberg to Random House for a hefty advance. Steve is also friendly with Michael Valente, who wrote the music to Oh Brother which pre- Broadwayed at the Kennedy Center. Steve was instrumental in helping to raise the money and get the booking at the Eisenhower. Davids review was double-barrelled pan, one of the Georgetown Salon: By Appointment Only 965-3907 toughest he has ever written. Moral 10217 Old Georgetown Road Bethesda, Maryland • 530-1650 of the Story : The Post has finally got- ten a world class reviewer whose taste level transcends close friendships. Now all we need at the Kencen is world class theater . ON THE COVER Chevy ~­ Adding to the regal setting that sur- rounds the Princess Doda de Wolf on Chase this months cover is a French Louis XVI settee with gold leaf and original Athletic covering and an inlaid gueridon signed Linke table of the same period, both from Mendelsohn Galleries; a Herend Club Racquetball, Squash, Chinese bouquet china demitasse tea set from William Miller Gifts; Christo- fle silver wine cooler used as vase from Conditioning and Spa Facilities Martins China Crystal and Silver Shop; baroque floral arrangement from Designs by David Ellsworth; tapestry from The Porter Group; lace handkerchief from Slightly Laced; and the digital clock from Woodward & Lothrop. The Princess is wearing an antique diamond and platinum bar pin in her hair, a cabochon ruby and dia- mond necklace set in yellow gold and a ruby and diamond bracelet, all from Boone & Sons; the 34 inch, six strand estate necklace with fresh water pearls, gold beads and carnelians from Lord & Taylor; the antique garnet earrings from Georgetown Jewel Gallery; rings from Gems By Sandra. The pug dogs Penth ouse • Barlow Building • 5454 Wisconsin Avenue necklace from Lord & Taylor and its Cheuy Chase, Mary land 208 15-6929 • (301) 656-8834 yellow gold and pave diamond earring from Boone & Sons.8/Dossier/November 1981
  • ONCE AGAIN, REMY MARTIN CREATES A COGNAC MADE FOR ROYALTY. INTRODUCING CENTAURE ROYAL. In the Mid-Eighteenth Century,The House of Remy Martin created ~""·nu·~J~- MA.-.~1,1a cognac expressly and exclusively ~~~~fS~ ""W.."Wf1for the rulers of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, The RoyalHouse of Hapsburg. Today, Remy Martin hasonce again created an exquisitecognac expressly for thediscerning connoisseur. Centaure Royal, the ((Royal))Remy Martin. A singular blend of perfectly aged fine champagne cognac. Then, as now, a cognac of remarkable body and bouquet created to grace a Royal Table or please the most sophisticated palates and ((noses)) in the world. Every bottle bearing the brass Centaure Medallion, the mark of Remy Martin, known since 1724 as the house in Cognac that has raised the art of making cognac to its highest level. A limited bottling will be available in America. Each bottle bearing its own ((Reserve)) number. We believe youll accord Centaure Royal the welcome it has always deserved. The Royal Welcome. CENTAURE ROYAL. THE ROYAL REMY MARTIN. EXCLUSIVELY FINE CHAMPAGNE COGNAC FROM THE TWO BEST DISTRICTS OF THE COGNAC REGION Sole U.S.A. Distributor Foreign Vintages, Inc. New York, NY. 80 Proof.© 1 1 98
  • TheEdumted PalateTAMING THE WILD APPETITE Perhaps its the rustle of crimson and burnt umber leaves under foot, the firstscent of smoke in a harvest wind that anticipates the chill of winter, or maybe after awarm season of lighter meals the palate craves something more tangible to the taste,a heavier-bodied fare. Whatever the reason, this invariably is the time of year for thehearty and wild flavor of game.BY ROBERT MCDANIEL ed, sauteed quickly just before serv- ing and smothered in a grand veneur sauce - poivrade sauce with a touch Historically on the table of king of gooseberry jelly sometimesand peasant, no other meat receives thickened with cream and touchedquite as much attention in the fall. with the marinade of the game beingGame includes all birds and animals used. The venison is served with twothat live free in the woods or field and purees which could be celeriac, chest-are agreeable to the taste, providing nuts, lentil or onion."a healthy, warming and savory food Chez Francois at 332 Springvalefit for the most delicate palate," ac- Road in Great Falls features venisoncording to the famous French gas- pate, prepared with ground and dicedtronome Brillat Savarin. "In the venison, marinated in wine with herbshands of the experienced cook, game or mixed with ground pork andcan provide dishes of the highest herbs. Leg of venison with grandquality which raise the culinary art to veneur sauce is served with chestnutthe level of science." puree, wild rice and a unique cran- But for those who would cry berry sauce, which is homemade with"foul!" at the thought of hunting lit- fresh cranberries, a touch of orangetle birds and defenseless Bambi-like and lemon. Occasionally, they alsocreatures, game has a different con- offer roast leg of wild boar with len-notation altogether. In fact, state and tils and wild rice.federal statutes have come to the For the past two seasons, wild boaranimals defense. The once-bountiful has been the game specialty atgame market is more restrictive than Cocos, a family owned and operatedever, to prevent existing species from restaurant at 3111 Columbia Pike ingoing the way of the passenger pigeon Arlington. The roasted meat is strip-and the American buffalo. Not only But with game, more so than most ped from the bone and sauteed, thendoes the law narrow the span of hunt- other foods, the trick is in the served in a brown sauce made froming seasons and limit the amount a preparation. In the hands of a gifted the boar itself. Fettucini Alfredo nice-hunter can kill, it recycles a large chef, game is truly one of the luxuries ly complements the robust entree. Inpercentage of hunting license fees in- of the dinner table, and the Washing- addition, Cocos serves venison stew,to funding for conservation pro- ton area is blessed with many goose, New Orleans erawfish and isgrams. And it requires severe restaurants that prepare it excep- expecting a shipment of buffalo thisPenalties for hunters who sell their tionally well. season. Call first to find out whatscatch. For instance, The Alibi, at 10418 cooking. Those restrictions force restau- Main St. in Fairfax, features pheas- Always stocked with somethingrateurs to stock their kitchens with ant, venison, buffalo and wild boar, outlandish, Dominiques at 1900domestic game supplied totally by usually with the traditional accom- Pennsylvania Ave. NW featuresbreeding farms instead of the wilder- paniments of red cabbage and glazed rarities year round, such as an ap-ness. That means an appetizing varie- chestnuts. petizer of smoked buffalo meat orty, from pheasant and quail to boar, In town, Le Bagatelle at 2000 K St. paupiettes dhippopotamus wrappedis available fresh year-around, and NW features pigeon, saddle of ven- in thinly sliced veal served with awith modern freezing methods, ison, pheasant, quail, saddle of hare poivrade sauce and fresh red cab-worldwide game delicacies such as and from time to time serves par- bage. Tender filet of roast venison isNew Zealand hare and Arctic Circle tridge as a special. One of the finer a traditional favorite, while freshPtarmigan show up on some local presentations available is their caiman (crocodile) scallopini servedmenus. noisette (loin) of venison, thinly slic- on a bed of spinach with a peppery Dossier/November 1981 Ill
  • red wine sauce is one of the more uni- offers wild boar accompanied by red quetiere, venison pie (British-style) que entrees. Since Dominique is an cabbage, potato pancakes and chest- with large chunks of the meat cooked avid hunter and lover of game food nuts. When available, a ribeye filet of in a flaky crust with a delicate gravy. himself, you can be sure that many buffalo, sauteed quickly like a minute For a unique beverage to complement other game items will appear on the steak and touched with Madeira your game dinner try their Mer- menu during the season. sauce is well worth testing. rydown Meade, a mild alcoholic con- Known primarily for their nouvelle Le Jardin at 1113 23rd St. NW will coction derived from honey and ap- cu1s1ne, La Fleur, at 3700 be featuring quail and duck special- ples. They also offer roast leg of Massachusetts Ave. NW also pre- ties during the game season. venison, jugged hare, and wild boar pares game dishes. A team of three Game specialities such as mig- when available. chefs creates the restaurants nonette of venison grand veneur serv- Rive Gauche at 1312 Wisconsin delicacies, but Lim, from Singapore, ed with braised red cabbage, roast Ave . NW will feature civet of wild prepares the game. Breast of dove partridge served on toast with its boar during lunch and rack of wild laced with a sauce of shallots and liver, and quail cooked with white boar for two served with a green pep- mushrooms in a reduced dark stock grapes and served in a raisin sauce are percorn sauce during dinner week- competes in excellence with quail offered at La Mirabelle, located at day. Michel Laudier, chef/propri- crowned with a truffle and leek sauce. 6645 Old Dominion Drive in Mc- etor, also offers a cuissot de mar- Rabbit with saffron sauce, basil and Lean. cassin (young wild boar) agre deuce . tomato, and venison tenderloin with Specializing in traditional Euro- In a very old recipe, the sauce for the a light shallot sauce are also avail- pean concoctions, Karl Herold of The boar is lightly touched with chocolate able. Old Europe at 2434 Wisconsin Ave. and plum. The venison grand veneur The Iron Skillet, at 5838 Columbia NW keeps a close eye on the game is exceptionally good here. They also Pike in Falls Church, also prepares season and from time to time will offer pheasant champagnoise, served other game delights. One of the out- feature hassenpfeffer, saddle of hare with a julienne of truffle and goose standing dishes prepared by chef/ served with imported lingonberries, liver with an airy, light cream and proprietor Alex Comninidis is noi- venison loin or medallions dressed champagne sauce, derived from a sette de chevreuil braconniere com- with the aromatic "Rahm Sauce," stock based on the bones of the bird. plemented by a brown sauce lightly pheasant with sauerkraut, and wild Fresh partridge will also be offered touched with cream and homemade boar. when available. spatzle. He serves quail a la diablo Typically English in format, The The unusual treat of reindeer dress- (broiled and smothered in a sauce Piccadilly at 5510 Connecticut Ave. ed with lingonberries and black cur- derived from Dijon mustard) and also NW offers fresh roast pheasant bou- please turn to page 91 Creative Catering with Quality and ServiceWe would like to take this opportunity to thank our friends and (:lients who have helped us grow. Our new location allows us to provide even better service to you! 11/November /98/ /Dossier
  • Art &ArtistsNEW PERCEPTIONS VITALIZE SITESBY VIOLA DRATH If SITES, the Smithsonian Institu-tion Traveling Exhibition Service,strikes you as a cumbersomebureaucratic effort to bring drabcultural events to the benighted pro-vinces, you have not looked at theirrecent output. In its nearly 32 years ofexistence, SITES has unexpectedlyblossomed into one of the most vital,noteworthy and (with 140 shows onthe road) certainly the largestorganization in the competitive fieldof exhibitions. Far from restricting itself to the cir-culation of other institutions pro-ducts at home and abroad, as dosmaller museums which can ill affordan extensive exhibitions program,SITES itself initiates and organizesmost of the 30 shows it sends on theroad each year. Though its highly ef-ficient staff, mostly women, is crowd-ed into a small dark space in theSmithsonian Castle, its collectivespirit is cosmopolitan and the impactof its innovative and diverse travelingexhibition program is rapidly expand-ing, especially on the cultural interna-tional scene. Most of SITES success can be at-tributed to the energetic guidance ofPeggy A. Loar, a clear-eyed blonde aspects of carrying coals to New-Midwestern dynamo with an M.A. in castle. Yet the show is bound toart history from the University of stimulate a spirited dialogue amongCincinnati and a professional Pieces included in the many SITES exhibitions: the scholars about the styli stic andbackground that includes museum (L toR, clock wise) The House Maid, /910, by ideational differences in the work s ofand teaching experience at Indiana William McGregor Pax ton from the exhibit " Of Tim e and Place"; When Nepturc Beco mes the French masters and their Ameri-and Purdue Universities and the In- Aware of Mystery, 1980, neckpiece by Thomas can pupils, and delight the publicdianapolis Museum of Art. Previous- Mann from the exhibit "A lternative Materials with its strong visual appeal.ly at the Institute of Museum Ser- in American Jewelry"; Wooden Koran box in- "Not only is this the first exhibi-vices, she had the opportunity to laid with gold and silver, circa 1330, f rom the tion of the American Impressionist exhibit " Renaissance of Islam: A rt of thelearn the "federal ropes" as assistant Mamluks " and Moraniane blo wn bollles, school to be shown in Paris, Loardirector for programs and policy. 1956, by Paolo Venini and Fulvio Biauconi explains enthusiastically, "it is alsoNow, under her direction, SITES has from the exhibit Venini Glass ". the most important 19th centurybecome a place which buzzes · with American painting exhibition that thenew ideas and a sense of excitement. ing works by Mary Cassatt, Theodore Smithsonian has sent to Europe. " By far the most ambitious project Robinson, Childe Hassam, John The show, which also travels tois its first collaboration with the Twachtman and others to Paris, Krakow, East Berlin, Sofia andUnited States International Com- where the show opens amid a con- Bucharest, was selected by a commit-munications Agency (ICA) on a ference of the European Association tee of American art scholars, amongEuropean tour of American Impres- of American Scholars at the Petit them Cassatt-expert Adelyn Breeskinsionist paintings. To be sure, export- Palais in March 1982, has some of the of the National Museum of American Dossier/ No vember 1981115
  • Art, John I. Baur, director emeritus tiona! tour of eight museums paying of the Whitney, and SITES exhibi- $15,000 apiece for the pleasure of tion coordinator Donald McClelland. beholding the Corcorans cultural Contracting expert curators and riches. Similar collaborations, featur- designers for special projects is part ing the Corcorans drawings by John of the successful pattern developed by Singer Sargent and its fine collection SITES . Its staff of 30 is also charged of French paintings, are being con- with the staggering task of keeping sidered. track of its 140 traveling exhibitions, Not only committed to the support necessitating at least one on-the-spot of the fine arts, SITES programs em- inspection and condition report a brace the decorative and applied arts year. Another characteristic fostered as well as other aspects of American by SITES is its emphasis on comple- culture. Ranging from anthropology mentary informational materials, and history to science and environ- posters, catalogues, films, kits, mental studies, the topics of these games, and even a shopping bag de- popular exhibitions have included in- signed by local artist, Michael David formative "core" shows, such as Ex- Brown, in conjunction with the tra, Extra! The Man and Machines of Smithsonians education outreach ef- American Journalism and Ride On, a fort. Supported with $5,000 by the visual history of the bicycle - which Armand Hammer Foundation, the carry modest participation fees of American Impressionists exhibit wiLl $100 and $200 - to the Year of the be accompanied with an impressive Hopi, the insightful documentation catalogue published in five languages, of Hopi ceremonies and dances depicted in paintings and photos by Joseph Mora between 1904-06. The stunning Renaissance of Islam: Art of the Mamluks with its 126 ob- jects including manuscripts, metal- work, glass, ivory, ceramics, stone and textiles loaned from some of the most prestigious museums worldwide is another feather in SITES cap. Sponsored by United Technologies and curated by the Freers Dr. Esin Atil, this unprecedented exhibit, in- spired by an international symposium Brass basin inlaid with silver and copper, mid 14th century, made for a Mamluk amir named on art of the Mamluk era, is the first Tabtaq from 1he exhibit "R enaissance of SITES product to be accepted by the Islam: Arl of Mamluks." quality conscious Metropolitan in more than 10 years. Its price tag of $41,000 for each of the six partici- a poster of Maurice Prendergasts The pating museums, however, is well Raft, donated by the Eugenie Pren- beyond the means of the smaller insti- dergast Foundation and a 28 minute tutions. color film in six languages funded by Loar, who has changed the com- the Joe L. and Barbara B. Allbritton mercial term "rental" to an inviting Foundation . "participation fee," has no problems Another innovative step taken by in placing upcoming exhibitions. As a SITES is the collaboration with ma- rule eight to ten museums are needed jor museums with the aim of showing to make a tour. "We try to do what their collections around the country. small museums cannot do The brilliantly conceived survey of the themselves, Loar comments. But Phillips Collection in the Making: nsmg production costs, labor, 1920-1930, with a catalogue contain- material and energy, are driving ing Bess Hormats illuminating essay SITES prices up as well. Aside from on the collector-as-critic, is a perfect being well organized, the imaginative example. Meanwhile an equally signi- director credits her outstanding pro- ficant exhibition Of Time and Place: fessional staff and the active role of American Figurative Art from the the education department with the Corcoran Gallery (75 paintings, positive resonance of this unique sculptures, drawings, prints and organization whose potential seems photographs by American artists fo- anything but exhausted. cusing on the human figure engaged Operating with a budget of about in everyday activities and executed please rum to page 66 since 1818) has em barked on a na-/6/November 1981 /Dossier
  • Our chinoiserie silk scarf print flows from wrapped bodice to dirndlskirt . Sky blue, 4 to 14, /90 .00Lord & Taylor, Washington-Chevy Chase-call 362-9600; Falls Church-536-5000;White Flint-770-9000; Fair Oaks Mall-691-0100 . All open Monday to Friday 10 to 9 :30;Saturday 10 to 6 (except White Flint and Fair Oaks Mall until 9 :30), Sunday 12 to 5.
  • Standing Room OnlyMAKING THE NSO A NATIONAL ORCHESTRABY LAURA ELLIOTT "Empty seats are a sin." Thats theedict of the National Symphony Or-chestras new executive director, Henry Fogel, an arts management wizard spirited away from the New York Philharmonic Orchestra. Hisjob: to add financial stability to an orchestra still trembling with growing pains. Since Mstislav Rostropovich tookup the NSOs baton five years ago,the orchestra has finally begun to liveup to its name, to become a musicalensemble of national stature. Butdespite the improved technique and The new triumvirate of the National Symphony Orchestra: (L to R) NSO Association presidentsensitivity of its musicians, the or- Leonard Silverstein, Maestro Mstislav Rostropovich and Executive Director Henry Fogel. A sen-chestra lacks the prestige of the "big sitive pas de trois must be achieved between the three to obtain long-awaited financial stability.five" -the New York Philharmonicand the Boston, Chicago, Phila- tive . They also had no communica- to boast an arts-oriented station, hedelphia and Cleveland orchestras. In tion before. originated a program guide that grewfact, many feel that the NSO barely But schooling his staff in the rigors to be a major regional arts magazine.teeters on the next echelon of Ameri- of professionalism is only part of And long before Jerry Lewis shed acan orchestras that includes Pitts- Fogels complex, ticklish and, as Sil- tear on nationally televized telethons,burgh, Cincinnati, San Francisco, verstein carefully termed it, "chal- Fogel came up with the telephoneand Los Angeles . Why? The prob- lenging" campaign. He must also fund-raiser concept, so helpful to artslems are not so much artistic as develop the many amenities tradi- organizations.managerial. tionally possessed by a "world-class" It was the telethon that lead him to Although the "major plunge" in orchestra, such as national and inter- the New York Philharmonic. Twothe NSOs trek to stardom, according national tours, regular radio broad- weeks after overseeing a victoriousto board member Austin Kiplinger, casts, large endowments and com- phone fund-raiser he joined the Phil-was in hiring Rostropovich, the or- mercial recordings. harmonics staff as orchestra man-chestra desperate ly needed the "We are probably the largest ager. Two months later he took thecounterweight of proper management budget symphony that does not have orchestra on a Japanese tour.and effective fundraising to curtail a regular radio broadcast, laments Next to his artistic counterpart, thethe frantic fire-stomping of past Fogel. "We only have a $6 .7 million ever effervescent Rostropovich, FogelYears . endowment while most orchestras might seem a strangely cold man for "To develop a first-class orchestra, have $25 million. And we still have serving the arts - one who mightwe need to develop a first-class fewer players than the standard sacrifice artistic integrity for sol-staff," said Leonard Silverstein, number for a symphony orchestra: vency. He is not.President of the NSOs Association. 102 rather than 106." "Henrys forte is his passionateThat is the most immediate of Fogels concern for music and the people in-many urgent tasks. Its a tough road - but Fogel has volved with it," said Nick Webster, "The artistic half of the orchestra navigated tough roads before. executive director of the New York has outstripped the fiscal half," said A man who once started a classical Philharmonic and Fogels recent em- Fogel in his hallmark seriousness. music radio station in his one room ployer. We are in the business, after"Frankly, the staff hasnt had the apartment, Fogels career as an arts all, of losing money wisely. You doleadership they need. Theyre dying entrepreneur has always been laced whats fair, what makes artistic sense.to be led by professional methods. with success . Not only did he make I didnt have to teach Henry that, itTheyve had to be worker plus execu- Syracuse the smallest city in the U .S. was instinctive." Dossier/November 1981/19
  • Fogel realizes that some things cant be sacrificed in the race for fi scal security. "You cant change the efficiency of an orchestra. When Beethoven wrote hi s symphonies, he did so for 100 players. He allowed 40 minutes to play them and two re- hearsals to perfect them." Another factor he cant change is that each rehearsal runs up a bill of $9,500. Two things he can improve, how- ever, are "audience development and increasing the source of funds." Fogels ideas are clear-cut. "My first goal is to get a good director of development. Currently, we dont have anyone on staff. I also want to develop regular radio broad- casting and to augment our endow- ment." His plans to nurture growing au- diences will affect Washington concert-goers as much as the concert- givers, through revamped concert times and schedules, reoriented pro- gramming and alternative touring. "There are a number of problems right now," said Fogel. "Playing concerts at 8:30 is terrible. Were the last house of the Center to open, theres no parking and you get home so late. Theres no Saturday perfor- mances either." Opening on Tuesday nights also presents problems in get- ting outstanding guest conductors, ~·~ according to Fogel. Tying up two Fri- day nights with rehearsals and inade- quate pay must be changed to attract TIIB BIUIIhRJIitfiIVAL notable guest artists, he feels. ~·~ "I also plan to take a look at the programming to get an overall per- spective on the whole season. There needs to be more Mozart, less Ravel, PITTSBURGH SYMPHONY more balance between old and new composers during the year and from ORCHESTRA program to program." Citing the fact that the orchestra Andre Previn, music director lost $300,000 in empty seats last year, • Fogel said, "Right now its better Two Performances Only! economically for the orchestra to play Saturday, November 2L 8:30p.m. to two-thirds of a house than not at all. What I have to determine in the YO YO MA, cello soloist next two years is if there is an au- ELGAR: Concerto tor Cello and Orchestra dience here or if touring is a better VAUGHAN Wlll.IAMS: Fantasia on a Theme ot Thomas Tallis ploy." WALTON: Symphony No.2 Then, he considered the artistic and ramifications. "Of course, bussing is Sunday November 22, 3.00 tiring, conditions for one night stands SUSAN DAVENNY WYNER, soprano soloist are awful." But, on the other hand. KNUSSEN: Symphony No. 3 "I might be able to build a new base BRITTEN: "Les Illuminations" for fund-raising through national VAUGHAN Wlll.IAMS: Symphony No. 5 tours." Orch 16.50, 1st tier 15.00,13.50, 2nd tier 11.50, Box seats 17.50 The biggest goal, however, oneTickets, Kennedy Center, WPAS Box Ottice. l330 G St. NW, Instant Charge, 857-0900 which Fogel has already set in motion A WASHINGTON PERFORMING ARTS SOCIETY PRESENTATION with Amways $250,000 donation to please turn to page 6710/November 1981 /Dossier
  • , Cause a Stir in Miss Os Rustling Silk Taffeta scar de Ia Rentas O ultimate allure in two lavish parts. The top. a soft white wrap with cascading ruffles and lace edges. The skirt. a billowy black pouf with pink satin sash and Beekman Place Dresses at petticoat lace peeking out at the hemline. bloomingdales TYSONS CORNER. McLEAN, VA (703)893-3500. The effect. devastating! Sizes 4 to 12. 400.00. On 2. Tysons Corner: WHITE FLINT. 11305 ROCKVILLE PIKE AT NICHOLSON LANE. KENSINGTON. MD. (301)984-4600. on 3. White Flint. OPEN TUESDAY THROUGH FRIDAY 10:00-9:30. SATURDAY TILL 6. CLOSED SUNDAY.
  • Translucently white, brilliantly patterned. Each piece of Aynsleys fine bone china is made by hand, a true work of art. Now save 25% on 5-piece settings, 15% on open stock. Selected patterns in stock, others by special order. China: all stores except Pentagon Sale ends November 30 Shown, leighton Cobalt pattern, Waterford Powerscourt crysta IWOODWARD & LOTHROP
  • From Bac tolimei~ Kennedy Centers MARTA ISTOMIN lstomin also wanted Marta by his BY ANNE BLAIR side. "You know," she confides, "I do have a kind of empathy, an understanding, for artists agony.Whats in a name? With Marta They all have it! Casals was often sickCasals Istomin the answer, clearly, is before a concert, and so is Eugene.music. To the dark-eyed, diminutive Stage fright is very real, but I seemdynamo who has been Artistic Direc- able to reassure performers that theirtor of the Kennedy Center for the last great strength and talent are still right19 months, music comes as easily as there." So during the first few yearsbreathing . of their marriage she accompanied She grew up in a highly musical lstomin on his many tours and keptPuerto Rican family, studied both house for them in a lovely New Yorkviolin and cello, and married - when apartment.she was barely 20 and he was past 80 Then, out of the blue, came a call- the renowned cellist, Pablo Casals. from former Supreme Court JusticeFirst as his promising young pupil, Abe Fortas, on behalf of the Kennedythen as his indispensable secretary Centers Board of Directors. Would("At the close of the day 1 would Marta think about discussing the postcome to help him with all those let- of artistic director with them? Fortasters ... ") and, finally, as his was an old friend who had been activecherished wife, she devoted nearly 20 in the Casals Festival, but it was aYears to helping him establish the hard decision to make.famous Casals Festival as well as the "I simply couldnt just dismiss thePuerto Rico Symphony and Conser- idea," she confesses . "It was anvatory of Music. "You see," Istomin honor, and a challenge! A positionexplains simply, "he just wanted me like that in the capital of the Unitedbeside him, always," and she doesnt States? Great not just for me, buthave to say any more about why she especially for Puerto Rico." So sherelinquished her own career as a per- and Eugene lstomin did a great dealforming musician to fulfill that need. of talking and thinking. After Casals death she remained in They decided it was an opportunityPuerto Rico for several years serving to become one of the top impresariosas co-chairman of the Board of Direc- in the country, based in a city whosetors and music director of the festi- to another world-famous maestro, cultural prowess had been skyrocket-val. She even did a little teaching at pianist Eugene Istomin. He had been ing during the Centers nearly 10-yearthe conservatory. Then, two years in- a great friend of Casals and some- history. When Chairman Rogerto young widowhood, came marriage thing of a protegee too. Stevens called with a firm offer, Mar- Dossier/November 1981/13
  • ta Casals Istomin said yes. Now, of course, the lstomins cant travel together on his various concert tours, and home is a duplex at the Watergate, within a stones throw of her office at the Center_ After three burglaries, the Manhattan apartment became neither practical nor desir- able, so "two thirds of our be- longings are just in storage now," For People VVIth the Taste Marta confides, with only a trace of a sigh, "but we love our apartment and the Time. here . _ . the view of the Potomac ... and we do have the piano!" Recently, with the maestro taking time off from concertizing, the handsome couple are a regular sight at most KenCen performances. There has been a chance for friends, and long walks and just being together_ The first big series inscribed with Marta lstomins creative signature The 1lQlJJpelier was launched this summer. The "Festival of Festivals" included the Haute cuisine in the Ewopean tradition of service. Carnegie Halls festival concerts, the In the Madison Hotel Lincoln Centers Mostly Mozart and 15th and M Sts., .W., Washington, D.C. 20005 the Aspen Music Festival. It was the Reservations suggested (202) 862-1600 Free interior parking first serious summer-time music series Marshall B. Coyne, Proprietor in the Centers history. It also was her first chance to begin carrying out her promise and dream of concentrating on American composers and musi- cians. "I know that my predecessor, Mar- tin Feinstein, did absolutely right in giving the Center stature interna- tionally, now I want to see our nation and its artistic endeavours come to the forefront. The arts here need our help to become recognized, and they need it economically, too." After running the artistic side of a major cultural institution like the Kennedy Center for the strenuous concluding year of its first decade, Marta Casals Istomin has no illusions about her job. Perhaps as "an artists artist" she never had any. In addition to the name that proclaims music and her ability to soothe stage- frightened artists, she has other for- midable credentials . She is on a first- name basis with most of the worlds great composers, artists and directors as well as having the perception of "box office" that is indispensable to any impresario . Queried about the difficulties of running the Center, she hesitated only for a moment over one word. "The only distasteful part of my job," she said, "is having to compromise. But thats true, I suppose, every- 5232 44th Street, NW, Washington, DC • Between Lord & Taylor & Mazza Gallerie • where. So many first-class performers Open 10-5 Mon. thru Sat. 966-0925. dont have Hollywood-style box of- fice appeal, and Id like to educate24/November 198/ /Dossier
  • audiences to make up their ownminds about quality. 1 hope beforelong people will come not because ofwho is performing, but for what ison the program. "The star system - that madethe movies - is pretty hard to com-bat. The stars, of course, are wonder-ful. They have arrived, and can guar-antee a full house. But there are thenot-quite stars, too, and young per-formers (like those in the AspenMusic Festival) who havent had achance to be heard, but who may wellbe the stars of tomorrow. "I hope to find new audienceswhile keeping the present ones con-tent and coming, and to educate peo-ple to recognize that there are many lt"s right below the horses hoof. The artist who designed The Flying Horse·· I hope to find new during the Han Dynasty (206 BC -220 AD) put it there to symbolize the horses audiences while keeping great speed. Our reproduction is 7-3/4" high. and comes in a satin-lined brocade presentation box. $135 includes shipping anywhere in the United States. Also the present ones content available. one-of-a-kind antique-panel Chinese tapestries. including many with the "forbidden stitch:· $300. Both. from our Oriental collection. and coming, and to educate people to THE MADISON SHOP The Madison Hotel 15th and M Sts .. N.W/Washington. D.C. 20005/202 862-1739 recognize that there are Open Monday through Friday. 10 till 6. or by appointment. many interpretations to Mail and phone orders accepted. music and dance - not just the one that the critics prefer. " CCheCXerr9-fouse Im younger now than I P-i= __... P p, ... . have been for years ... my friends are amazed at the trans-interpretations to music or dance - formation in me. I look and feelnot just the one that the criticsprefer!" relaxed, yet energized. My skin In September lstomin launched a glows. Ive lost pounds andpremier series of chamber music con- gained muscletone. Aches andcerts in the Terrace Theater. A Tues- self-doubts are gone and I feelday Evening Series and a Saturday __!.J.IL___IL__._.L-.J....L..II!i.I-=-.J~~~~.J...._ beautiful from the inside out.Evening Series will give audiences anopportunity to discover the nearly in- Im anxious to continue improving, and feel inspired to do so. Thanksexhaustible chamber music repertoire to five wonderful days at The Ke" House, I feel fantastic!"that is available. The American Por- K. Peterson, Glen Ridge, NJtraits Series will present important THE KERR HOUSE, a luxurious Private Health RetreatAmerican composers who will come, Accommodations for 6 to 8 guests each weekin person, to speak of their work andsometimes even participate in the per-formances. lstomin hopes intimacyof the Terrace Theater (only 475seats) will be an effective launchingpad for this sort of programming. "We are so blessed here," saysIstomin. "There is so much richnessof cultural opportunities, and suchpossibility for real exposure." TheKennedy Center ball would appear tobe in the very receptive court of an Write or call for information:unusually talented and perceptive LAURIE HOSTETLER, Director, 17605 Beaver Street ~-~lady. D Grand Rapids, Ohio 43522 (419) 832-1733 Dossier/November /98//25
  • THE ONE-BEDROOMVACATION SUITETHAT BUYS YOU 584 CONDOMINIUMSAROUND THEWORLD. Barclay House ... the first major East Coast city residence to offer you the chance to use your ownership in Washington at any of 584 member resorts around the world. At Barclay House, you purchase 7-day intervals that can be exchanged for a vacation in South America, Hawaii, Europe, the Caribbean, even in the South Pacific! And you own a beautifully furnished one-bedroom residence in Washingtons exclusive West End that can be used at your discretion. Priced at just $10,500 for an individual purchase, youll have uncommon flexibility for a lifetime. Prices are even lower for multiple intervals. Come and see our model soon ... because when you own at Barclay House, you own a piece of the world! For more information, call your Barclay House representative at (202) 775-0971. Or write us at 2501 K Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20037
  • BY MARJ SKIN KER "Im gonna change my way of liv-ing and if that aint enough, Im gon-na change the way I strut my stuff,"says an old popular song. Is this youtoday? Have you made up your mind CHANGING THEto change your body? Perhaps theonset of the food-rich holiday seasonhas nudged you into an exerciseroutine that makes you feel good,think slim and look sexy. Its more than a seasonal aberra-tion in Washington, this currenthealth and fitness fad that has newclubs, spas and exercise classesmushrooming all over town. Its partof a national craze, a new zest forlife. "Ive signed up for the rest of mylife, Wilma Bernstein, wife ofWashington real estate developer, OF WASHINGTONStuart, says about Pat McKenneysclasses at Somebodies Exercise Studioin Georgetown. McKenneys 12teachers keep two exercise rooms inperpetual motion with a daily 16-classschedule that anyone can fit into (butbring your own towel). Using breathing techniques,aerobics and music, McKenney con-centrates on spinal alignment andteaches people how to increasecardio-vascular strength, while pro-ducing physiological changes with ex-ercise. "Many clients exercise as an exten-sion of therapy following injury orsurgery," says McKenney, "but mostcome to maintain health and relaxtensions and stress." And they come to change thebodys shape . "This kind ofexercise," says Bernstein, "changesthe way your body looks and the wayYou feel. l love the class regime, theinstruction. I will always exercise,"she says decisively. But group interaction is not for Representatives of area spas take advantage of the Smithsonians big top to "work out" witheveryone. First Lady Nancy Reagan stars of the ring. (L toR) Lottie Wolfe of Slender Shore and Sea Spring, Karen Diamond of the Karen Diamond School of Exercise, Lisa Dobloug of Saga, Helen OBrien of Shapes, Lauren pedals her stationary bike on the sec- Vanderkeen of Somebodies and (atop the ladder) Janice Moore, exercise specialist. Framingond floor of the White House for 15 the ladies is (L ro R) Blinko the Clown from Las Vegas, Melvin Murkhart, Shelia Cook and minutes every day. More than once Connie Daugherty, all from World Attractions. The performers were brought in from acrossshe has challenged her embarrassed, the country for the National Museum of American Historys second annual spring celebration of the history of pop entertainment. elevator-riding staff to new heights of fitness (or depths, depending on staffattitude!) by running up and down to jump into the saddle astride "Ole class and a teacher is vital. "Im notthe White House stairs, reports Bar- Paint," exchanging the reins of an exerciser at heart," declares Nancybara Cook, her assistant press government for those in the bit of a Howar Murphy. "I even tried the li-secretary. horses mouth whenever possible. quid protein diet. But Janice Moores Even the President has been known Yet for many, the discipline of a class is fantastic for toning muscles Dossier/November 1981127
  • and for cardiovascular fitness. I WASHINGTONS LARGEST SELECTION adore it! Its fun. And she is so clever about changing the beat, the pace, OF 18th CENTURY , SOLID CHERRY, that your mind is distracted. You dont realize how hard youre work- QUEEN ANNE FURNITURE ing." Hard work is part of what fitness is all about. Washingtons chic, sleek ••• AT THE BEST PRICES IN TOWN! and skinny work at staying that way, If you appreciate c lassic design to maintain the bodys outward ap- and superb craftsmanship of out- standing manufacturers such as: pearance and inner health. "Most of my clients already have e WILLIAMSBURG REPRODUCTIONS gorgeous figures," comments Janice e HENREDON e HICKORY CHAIR e HARDEN eST A TTON eCENTURY Moore, who learned spa and exercise e THOMASVILLE e JASPER CABINET techniques from the doyenne of the e LEATH ER C RAFT e KITTINGER glamour spa biz, Deborah Szekely e HITCHCOCK CHAIR CO. e STIFFEL (formerly, Mazzanti), when she left a e PENNSYLVANIA HOUSE ... To name just a few. you 10-year career as a successful Broad- owe it to yourself to visit the way actress and dancer to become ex- specialists Mastercraff ecutive hostess at the famed Golden Interiors. Door spa in California. A COMPLETE INTERIOR DESIGN SERVICE IS AVAILABLE, TO "Clients come to class because ex- ACHIEVE THAT SPECIAL LOOK; ercise just makes you feel so good, AT A PRICE YOU CAN LIVE WITH really jazzes you up," says Moore. "Sometimes, a client will call and say, Im really out of shape and I have a special party coming up. I need a comprehensive program. Help! Ill work with her, in her home, exercising three hours a day, four or five times a week until we ac- complish her goals." Moores private exercise client list reads like a supple- ment to the Green Book. Sea Spring, Washingtons exclusive new luxury spa week, was launched last May by Moore and partners, Lotte Wolfe and Mieke Tunney. To be held annually at Sea Colony in Bethany Beach, Delaware, Sea Spring is six hours of daily exercise, diet, 14650 SOUTHLAWN LA., ROCKVILLE MO. massage, skin care and hair (301) 279-2664 treatments. MaJt~rcraft 495 to Rt 270N Take Aockv•lle Rl 28 Exn Lett onto Rt 28 lor 2h Mtles Lett onto Gude Of At lust hqht let! onto Southlawn Lane Moores blend of the Golden Door "Da Vinci Method" of exercise, com- c:IC Interior~ 1405 FOREST DR ., ANNAPOLIS MD . (301) 269-5530 261-2210 Rl 50 toRt 2 IOUifl Len onto FOC"est Orwe 1East1 Ea bines ballet and jazz, contraction breathing, and her own exercise con- = ApptO.l 2 m• e• 00 Rtgllt cept for total body movement to OPEN MON - FR1 10-9 SAT. 10-6 SUNDAYS 12·5 create an exercise technique that challenges muscles to respond. Challenge, the experts agree, is the Music Boxes- Antique & New Collectables bottom line in fitness. It is no acci- dent that Georgetowns elegant new Wicker, Quitts, Handpainted Baskets spa, the Saga Club, has a logo that Reproduction Furntture, Brass, Glass & More resembles a cluster of jagged moun- tain peaks. Norwegian-born director PINEAPPLE PLACE LTD. Lisa Dobloug believes that you THE NOOK FOR MUSIC BOXES "work the body like the climbing of mountains, writing your own saga" The Quaintness of Old Town as you master each new challenge to The Elegance of Georgetown Right Here in Town reach to top. "you must elevate For Your Gift Giving ... yourself," says Dobloug. "You fail when you just go through a routine.4849 Cordell Avenue, Bethesda, Maryland 20614 • (301) 652-9211 Monday through Saturday 10 to 51 Free Parking Fitness involves working with the please turn to page 6928/November 1981 /Dossier
  • With Fords Consumer Appeals Board, your voice has more power than you think. You have the power to write a wrong. Because your written word carries considerable weight with the Board. Fords Consumer Appeals Board has an impressive record of success in reviewing your side of a service-related problem, then reaching a fair settlement. Its fairness is assured because this is an independent Board; three of its five volunteers are consumer representatives with no affiliation with Ford Motor Company or its Dealers. The Board considers complaints involving Ford Motor Company vehicles and Metro Washington and Maryland Ford and Lincoln-Mercury Dealers. The Board will not review: complaints currently in litigation or cases that involve allegedpersonal injury or property damage, or complaints involving requests for consequential damages. After youve discussed the problem with your Dealer and the Company-and if it remainsunsolved-the Ford Consumer Appeals Board will review your case; then it will make a fair and just decision. Its decision is binding on Ford Motor Company and your Ford or Lincoln-Mercury Dealer. But it is not binding on you. We think thats more than fair.
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  • THE others it was an easier ROSEMARY DONIHI choice. Their names are legen- To see them on the streets dary: Hapsburg, Hohen-of the capital of this zollern, Romanoff. Ademocracy, there are no quiverful of Russianeasy clues that they, or their princes: Cantacuzene,fathers, or their grand- Chavchavadze, Gagarin,fathers, ruled nations or Obolensky, Urusoff,owned and administered W olkonsky. Others oflands and people that could varied nations: Stackelberg,shape nations. They lived in Tolstoy, Hohenlohe, vongreat, ancient, draughty Furstenberg, de Rochefort,castles, some of them, or in de Ponton d Amecourt,sumptuous, treasure-filled Kohner, de Chambrun,palaces. They loved and Agusta, Pignatelli, Charac-warred, hunted and bred ciolo, Stancioffs offine dogs and horses. Great Bulgaria. There are no Met-tenors and prima ballerinas ternichs nor Esterhazys butperformed in their garland- a brand new Von Bismarcked ballrooms. They cherish- and a mysterious M.ed the arts and supported Napoleon with a privatelyartists with a magnanimity listed phone.expected of their kind. And Historically and familiar-as crowns fell across the ly they form circles withinchanging landscape of the circles, over-lapping, in-world, they and their terdependent, endlesslychildren left one life for inter-related. Charming,another. But still, if only in beautifully mannered, fre-cherished memories, these quently beautiful people,are the "entitled." they have been accustomed United by attitude, man- to move at the highestner, blood and a shared levels, and the heads ofbelief in God and in the in- They lived in great, ancient draughty government are still theirherent rectitude of kings, castles, some of them, or in sumptuous, very close cousins or in-the era of their greatest treasure-filled palaces. They loved and timate friends.ascendency seems light warred, hunted and bred fine dogs and Their stories are myriad.years away and choreo- In the most southwesterlygraphed to the strains of a horses. Great tenors and prima ballerinas outskirts of Washington, inwaltz. Ironically an increas- performed in their garlanded ballrooms. Charlottesville, Virginia, iningly large number of titled They cherished the arts and supported a fine old house, chock-a-persons has chosen to settle artists with a magnanimity expected of block with Russian andin this verdant and many- their kind. And as crowns fell across the Danish treasures andpillared monument to genealogical tomes, fraildemocracy. Some have changing landscape of the world, they and 80-year-old Anna Andersoncome out of cataclysm, for their children left one life for another. Manahan, with the vividlyThe Baron and Baroness Constantine de Stackelberg strike a courtly pose in their Columbia Road home. His ancestors were Baltic nobility stem-ming back to the 13th Century when as knights they fought to convert the northern infidels. Durin11 the Estonian war of liberation followinR theRussian Revolution, he was decorated with the St. Georges Cross for conspicuous bravery. He met his wife, Garnett, a former beauty queen and now a JOurnalist, at the British Embassy here in Washington .
  • blue "Romanoff eyes," wearily in- Later, the war over, his mother, thedicates she is Anastasia, last ofthe Princess Nina of Russia Princess Nina of Russia, helped toRussian Grandduchesses. She is subsidize her husbands budding anddistressed, says her husband, helped subsidize her ultimately successful literary careerhistorian John Manahan, that there is husbands budding and by turning her artistic talents to paint-a movement afoot within the Russian ing the outside of Cape Cod houses.Orthodox Church to canonize the en- ultimately successful To her death, Princess Ninas mosttire Russian Imperial family - a literary career by turn- treasured new skill was knowing howmove that would canonize her while to scrub a bathtub clean. A last con-she is still alive, raising doubts about ing her artistic talents cealed court emerald went to help payher authenticity. to painting the outside for the Well fleet house. In a Washington drawing room, The dual traits of gallantry andhandsome and young Prince Paul of of Cape Cod houses. devotion to the adopted country areRomania says it has been suggested To her death, Princess engagingly repetitious in the royalhe visit Romania. By whom? Heshrugs, smiles and repeats, "It has Ninas most treasured emigre records. Baron Constantine de Stackelberg, whose ancestors werebeen suggested." new skill was knowing first Teutonic knights and then Baltic Of the house of Hohenzollern-Sig- how to scrub a bathtub barons for 13 centures, has only re-maringen and legally "Mr. Hohen- cently retired from his job as a U.S.zollern," Paul is the final embodi- clean. Commerce Department economist.ment of a schism which has split his Steno (pronounced "Staino"), whosefamily for more than 40 years and has been a very rich girl," she laments, father was Master of Ceremonies forinspired more than its share of "instead he married a very poor girl. the last Czar, is, he says, too old at 80tabloid headlines. He is the direct Everything is gone, everything. All." to be anybodys cousin. He is, in fact,descendant of the embattled mor- Of her, as of others, one also widely related to the incumbentganatic marriage of his grandfather, asks, "Does noblese still oblige?" crowned heads.then Crown Prince Carol of Ro- "Of course," she says, "Of Does he think the old days will evermania, to his grandmother, the pretty course! But beyond that," she adds, return?Zizi Lambrina, daughter of a Roman- "I believe we are all obliged. Life "Of course not!"ian general. Rather wistfully, even obliges. Whatever God gives, one Does he wish they would?now he hopes to mend the breach bet- must use it well. Every creature of The answer to that, he says ween his father, Prince Carol, and his God has this duty. Even, I think, this rather gruffly," is contained in the step-uncle, the former King Michael dog at my feet!" answer to the first question." of Romania. Michael was born of Both Senora de Zulueta and Prince Then this rather formidable gentle- King Carols subsequent marriage to Paul share the royal facility for man, handsome, straight and tall, Princess Marie of Greece. languages. She is fluent in seven, he with his voice audibly softening says, Prince Paul, who sustains himself in four. Their friend Prince David "Yes, yes, of course, if I could go by dealing in fine art and an occa- Chavchavadze seems to learn a new back to Poeddes, if I could see sional airplane, has British national- language once a month. Poeddes again." Poeddes is the ity, a house in Paris where he lives By birth, Chavchavadze is a United Stackelberg estate in Estonia where part of the time with his mother and States citizen, and now a retired Steno was reared and which the fami- an apartment here. He is an eminent- member of the C.I.A. But as the ly was forced to abandon when they ly eligible bachelor and, one guesses, great, great grandson of Czar fled the Bolsheviki more than 60 a candidate for "king." Yet his open Nicholas I and the great grandson of years ago. concern for family, evident when he the King of Greece, he is second When Prince Alexis Obolensky, talks of his great aunt, Romanian cousin to most of the crowned heads Chief of the Russian, Germanic and crown Princess Ileana who founded of Europe. In the line of his father, General Section, Division of Lan- and lives at a Romanian Orthodox Georgian Prince Paul Chavchavadze, guage Services at the U.S. State convent in Pennsylvania, is character- David boasts such stunning ancestors Department, marr)ed talented istic of the blue-blooded. as Croesus, King of Lydia, and American Selene R~ntree-Smith in His distant cousin by marriage is the magnificent Kings of Persia, Italy in 1956, he was ·· stateless."Senora de Zulueta, wife of His Ex- Darius, Xerxes and Cyrus the Great. "After Sophia, our first baby, was cellency, Ambassador Eduardo de It is well for him that his wife, Genia, born, I knew we must all head for Zulueta, permanent observer for is, as she says, a "dyed-in-the-wool America," he says. "Sophia, ofSpain at the Organization of Ameri- monarchist." "More so," David course, through Selene, had a right tocan States. adds, "than l." an American passport, but we didnt Lovely Renata Hapsburg de During World War II, while David want to take any chances. So I Zulueta is the daughter of Archduke Chavchavadze acted as U.S. Army followed right behind them to what Charles Hapsburg of Austria, first liason to Soviet soldiers (who, in- this still is - America, the Land ofcousin to King Alfonso XIII of cidentally, hailed him as Comrade Opportunity." Which reminds him ofSpain. She was reared at "Zwiecz," a Prince) his father, Paul Chav- the late Alexander Saitzoff, son of an Hapsburg castle in what is now by the chavadze, ran DP camps for Pattons emigre Russian sugar baron, who fortunes of war a tiny Polish village army and his mother worked as a once remarked: "Back then, in Kiev,irrevocably behind the Iron Curtain. soda jerk and a nurses aide at Camp in 1918, we had a saying: Man is one"I tell my husband I should have Wellfleet and Fort Dix. part body, one part mind and oneJ2/November /981/Dossier
  • part passport - of which thepassport is the most important part!Without it you were not a man. Youwere a dog. Come! Go! Stand! Sit!Move!" It was the type of tyrannythat chased much royalty to America. Xavier Puslowski, born the CountPuslowski of Krakow, Poland, vivid-ly remembers, although he was thenonly a small child, the half-drunkglass of hot tea left on a table as hisfamily gathered itself to summarilyflee. And later, how tirelessly and nodoubt tiresomely, he begged hisparents to go to America where therewould be no Nazis and they would besafe. His mothers jewels paid fortheir hegira across half of Europe. They did choose New York City,although not, he wryly notes, afashionable neighborhood. In thefirst years after school, he dug dit-ches, roamed the world and workedfor a while as a Hollywood extra.Now as an economist employed bythe Department of Energy, with twosmall sons and a charming Spanishwife, he finds himself reflective uponhis Polish past. "Three of us got to-gether, my two cousins, both CountsPotecki, and I, and suddenly I realiz-ed that although we were all deeplyaffected by our early Polish experi-ence, we were now men of three dif-ferent nationalities. We were separ-ately English, American andFrench." The young Countess Italian Count and Countess Riccardo place, have built a house there, have Agustas (above) primary reason for living inPuslowski, who is of Spanish birth, Washington is the safety of their six month old sent a daughter there to school. Dodapossesses four degrees, two of boy, Count Corrado Agusta. They spend only is hopeful that eased conditions inthem doctorates, all in disparate dis- a few months each year at their home in Capri. Poland means that soon the deWolfsciplines, and teaches at Howard Uni- Dodo de Wolf (below) and her husband Colt can take their children to see the landversity. try to keep their children, daughter Lindsay of their mothers birth, perhaps even and son Francis, aware of their heritage. Dodo The words "Puslowski Palace," is a princess from the royal Polish families to Baltow, the family castle of thisare still incised on what is now a con- from which that nations kings were once great grandniece of Talleyrand,cert hall for the music department at chosen. where Beethoven is believed to haveKrakow University, its furnishings composed the Eroica.long sent to a state museum. Doda herself grew up there, and Countess Franziska (Fanny) Star- returns to nearby Europe with heremberg - since her marriage Mrs. family as often as money allows. "ITheodore Francis Mayer - and Mrs. dont want them to grow up as mis-F. Colt de Wolf who was born the placed persons," she says of her twoPrincess Dorota Drucka Lubecka, to children, 15-year-old daughter Lind-one of the 11 princely families from say and 14-year-old son Francis Coltamong which Polish kings were once de Wolf III. "I want them to be sortelected, share the same first cousins, of proud of both my husbands andthe elegant Counts Oppersdorff. my ways, to know they really comeThrough them, a family connection from somewhere. Mostly, I just thinkWith Queen Victoria which fascinates theyre so lucky to be born here."all their children continues on this Would Dod a like to stay here? Orside of the Atlantic. would she like to move back to her The Mayers, who frequently enter- homeland if given the chance?tain Archduke Otto, erstwhile pre- "No," she says very firmly. "Nottender to the Austrian throne, travel possibly. My roots now are here."frequently from Washington to She gestures to her townhouse homeAustria which was Fannys birth- filled with the many antiques of the Dossier/November 198//33
  • Colt and de Wolf families, but prac- til after nine. That, of course, is why I tically nothing of the Lubeckas. want a five oclock cup of tea." Everything was lost when her family At least one Russian prince feels escaped Poland when she was only totally at home. Hes Captain Rodion 21, the oldest of five sisters, the only Cantacuzene, U.S.N. (Ret.), the one to start anew in America. great, great grandson of President Once in this country, she worked as Ulysses S. Grant. His princely father a governess, later as a noor manager was born in St. Petersburg but fled at Elizabeth Arden Salons, and dur- from there in 1917. Today, Captain ing the last 16 years, as a realtor and Cantacuzene, born and bred an now assistant vice president for Begg, American citizen, angrily rejects anyInc. Realtors. Her husand, F. Colt de talk of a title, seeking anonymity inWolf, is "in insurance" though in his work at the magnificent Hillwood many respects has been the benefi- Museum, former residence of Mar- ciary of her generous great uncle, jorie Merriweather Post, whose Samuel Colt, the inventor of the granddaughter, Melissa Merle revolver. MacNeille, he married. Susanne Shaw is now Mrs. Fred- A new kind of titled refugee has erick Shaw. But as the former come to town as well. Personified by Baroness Suzsanna Kohner, she the Italian Count and Countess traveled out of Budapest clutching Agusta, Riccardo and Monica, with her five year old son, both crammed their darling six-month old baby into the trunk of a diplomatic car. Corrado, theyve come to do business "You dont choose, you have to get and to escape the terrorism of their out," she says. "I wanted him to home, in this case the Red Brigade have a free life." The son is now which has kidnapped so many best grown up and is successfully in friends. "America is the best place in business after graduating with honors the world," explodes Riccardo, son from Massachusetts Institute of of a world-renowned helicopter Technology. Susanne Shaw is a hap- magnate and an import-export PY woman. Her interior design businessman himself. "It is the most business is booming, shes proud of beautiful! We love it. We feel safe." her son, she loves her newspaperman "Christmas and holidays are husband and her best old friend in all marvelous in Italy," adds Monica.the world, Princess Irina Orloff, is Susanne Shaw (seated), the former Baroness Suzsanna Kohner of Budapest, is a successful Then everyone feels happy, scheduled to visit. She quotes an old everyone is glad." What then of the interior designer and is married to U.S. News friend: "Hungarians are like orchids. and World Report writer Fred Shaw. Her kidnappers? Even kidnappers have Our roots are in the air. My roots are friends, Gertie dAmecourt (left), formly the to have a little holiday," says Monica in the air," she repeats. "I am happy Countess Albert de Ponton dAmecourt, has with an Italian shrug, "Summers and where I am." made her mark in Washington real estate while the Princess Irena Orloff, now Mrs. Anthony Christmas, very little goes on." Mrs. George Denby, born the Adama-Zylstra, is a decendent of the Russian As for a native son whos been Baroness Marion Von Hagen, Romanoffs and lives in Vil/ecerj, France. dispossessed and disinherited, and remembers with pain her fathers vain that by U .S. democracy, Charlesattempts to protect family holdings in Butler McVay IVs status as King ofEastern Germany. She was invited to Hawaii has been in trouble ever sincethe States to attend her sisters wed- the U.S. took over the islands as ading in Charlottesville. She came and trust territory and objected to thenever returned. system of monarchy. Locally, McVay Countess Albert de Ponton d Arne- is sales manager for the Olivetti Corp.court, Gertie d Amecourt to her He came to the Washington area outlegion of friends, came to of college to visit his grandparents .Washington as the wife of the McVay, known as "Quatro" to hismilitary attache to the French em- intimates, has a royal history whichbassy. She stayed after his death to twists and turns from the year 1828become a pivotal member of the when his great, great grandfather,European community here and to Dr. Gerritt Parmalee Judd, taughtbuild a thriving real estate business. the family of the great Hawaiian KingBut no matter how busy, she is always Kamehameha I to read from his ownhome by 5:30p.m. for tea. "No time Bible and earned the title of whitesaved for leisure," she says, "defeats king by keeping the islands togetherthe purpose of working." Shes in- Born the Count of Krakow, Xavier Puslowski when they were assaulted by a misin-clined to think the biggest difference and his family escaped Nazi occupied Europe formed British fleet. He generallY by selling his mothers jewels. Pictured withbetween her American and European him are his wife, Maria Brau, two sons Xavier kept the islands operating while Kingfriends is the time they eat dinner. and Mark, and their El Salvadorian house Kamehameha took his extended"We Europeans often dont dine un- guest Bessy Zarceno. please turn to page 46J4/November 1981/Dossier
  • Books by Neighbors blacks of Stark Island and the British upper classes. An expert horsewoman who lives in Virginia, · the author is at her best when describing the thrill of the hunt.ISLAND ROMANCE, DRESSING RIGHT Maggie Royal is a walloping goodAND YOUNG TEDDY read and a superb chronicle of the mores of some of the movers and shakers of the English-speaking world. -ANNE ALLEN tant cousin, 13-year-old, Jared Stark, turns her instead into a free-spirited child of nature, who is more comfor- table riding a horse bareback or dig- ging for clams, than balancing a teacup. Jared teaches Maggie the islands secrets: how to find and follow the pld Indian trails; how to call a wild turkey; how to recognize the dangers and joys of the islands tides, and how to entice "Old Ugly," the alligator, to rise in his pond to say "hello." When they are older Jared learns to fly and teaches Maggie Royal to wingwalk on a fragile biplane and parachute from it. He captures her in a spell . She WORKING WARDROBE wants nothing more than to spend her By Janet Wallach life on the wild island with her cousin. Washington, D. C.: Acropolis Books But Jared marries a Georgia belle. Ltd. 196 pp. $14.95 MAGGIE ROYAL Maggie Royal leaves to become a By Jane Mcilvaine McClary reporter and eventually returns to When an experienced fashion con- New York: Simon and Schuster England and her mother. sultant assures you that you need not $14.95 After enduring the blitz in London zap a favorite dress, skirt or jacket to as a volunteer in a hospital, Maggie zip up a new wardrobe, thats good In her bestselling first novel A Por- marries a Foreign Service Officer, so news. But when she puts together a tion For Foxes, Jane Mcilvaine Mc- stuffy he insists on calling her by the book that outlines an easy-to-follow Clary gave us a finely drawn portrait name on her birth certificate, formula for creating an entire ward- of life in the Virginia hunt country. In Magdalena. Years later he is a comer robe of 40 different outfits from a her second, Maggie Royal, she uses a in the State Department and they are basic "capsule" of just 12 pieces of larger canvas, showing us what life living comfortably in Georgetown. clothing, including your old favor- was like for Southern aristocrats in But the wild and free spirit of Mag- ites, thats great news! Thats just the Depression, how the British upper gie Royal chafes at the restrictions what Janet Wallach does in her book, classes coped during World War II, and boredoms of official Washington Working Wardrobe. struggling for normalcy by keeping and embassy row. She is on the verge Wallach began her career in the the fox hunts going, and what its like of divorce. fashion industry as a Seventh Avenue to be the wife of an upper-level For- Jared, who was believed killed in sportswear designer 20 years ago and eign Service officer in Washington. the war, turns up unexpectedly, living became merchandising director of Maggie Royal McDermott is the alone on Stark Island and painting Garfinckels. In this, her first book,child of a wealthy American father portraits from memory of Maggie the designer-turned-author charts andand a British mother who is a rising Royal. Her husband forces Maggie diagrams the wardrobes of careerstar of Britains music halls. After her Royal to return to the island and women, world travelers and people infathers death, her mother finds Mag- Jared so that she can once and for all public life. The many sketches andgie Royal to be a drag on her acting decide whether she wants to be a free graphs detail combinations ofcareer and sends the child to live with child of nature or the wife of a jackets, skirts, dresses and slacks,her paternal grandmother on Stark diplomat. patterns and plain .Island, off the Coast of Georgia. Maggie Royals resolution of the Punctuating the book are tips on The benevolent autocrat, Grand- crisis will surprise you. "power dressing" and colormother Stark, tries valiantly to turn Jane McClary is expert at evoking psychology gleaned from chatting upthe gentle 10-year-old English rose in- the mood of a time, a place, a people. the famous and the active. With styleto a Southern belle. But Maggies dis- She depicts equally well the Gullah the very woof and warp of Washing-38/November 1981/Dossier
  • tons life fabric, how prominent Muckracking is always great fun. and tylish lu xury spots of the period,women and executives dress to pro- Nobody really gets hurt, anyway, and but cro sed mountain range and rag-ject a successful image adds an in- Lasky serves it up like chocolate ing rivers, even tackling hi ownteresting dimension td Wallach s cheese cake. So why not take a bite? cou ntry very wild we l .guidebook to effortless dressing. - WARREN ADLER Everyone know who Theodore "Youre the one who sets the tone Roo evelt became, but McCulloughfor yourself, nobody else does," lets u watch him emerge from thatNancy Reagan tells Wallach," . . . it ickly< childhood into lu ty youngused to kill me to see older women iJt - MQD~ri~r ·., 1n~nhood at Harvard; falling intominiskirts. It just looked ridiculous.Theres a certain charm and beauty to . o~JTH l_U u1 ~Gs joyous fir t love and marriage to his beautiful Allee who died at 23, be-any age if you dress that age." Wallachs own observations re-mind readers that "your wardrobe is o~~o M CULLOUGH · ······ · ORSEBACK 11111" 1 ,, 1111 hllllilll· queathing fiim her ometimes not quite so comforting namesake; enter- ing the rough-and-tumble political :a reflection of you. " Knowing the ". ,. II " I , ~,!,Iff. lA ....... arent1 wilh lhe sa me verve he appliedlook you want to project can take /Ill fula 1,1I II IIIIIJ 1. lii.lllilll Ut l~llll l to masterirlg lively steeds; and, final-you through the rigors of shopping • 1 flit • I IJ1 llti t.f ;~~~~It iff{ IN{Jffll IJNII)IJ/ U/X~:[ I~.XN I fll ly, i11 hi youthful prime, off on yetfor a total fashion look. The bottom another steamer for London andline is quality, not quantity, says mafriage to hi seco nd wife, Edith,Wallach. mother of five of hi s .children. Key to the Wallach capsule dress- Along the way the reader come to ing formula is interchangeable cloth- know intimately a charming family, ing in just two principal colors, fiercely loyal and loving with each fabrics and shapes that work well to- other, and the elegant if often melan- gether. Buy fashions "that will re- choly era in which they lived. Holly- main in good taste for a long time," wood, please note. Here is an ideal says the author. What is a "Working cenario. Wardrobe?" In Wallachs words: -ANNE BLAIR "affordable clothes that work for you." - MARJORIE SKINKER MORNINGS ON HORSEBACK THE BABY IN THE ICE BOX By David McCullough By James M. Cain Simon & Schuster 445 pp $17.95 Ed. By Roy Hoopes New York: Holt Rinehart andNEVER COMPLAIN That intriguing title, Mornings on Winston 312 pp. $14.95NEVER EXPLAIN Horseback, doesnt give an inkling ofBy Victor Lasky what lies between the pages .of David James M. Cain was an authenticNew York: Marek McCullougHs latest book. Skillfully, citizen of this area who lived here on-282 pp. $13.95 even lovingly crafted from never- and-off all his life, with time off for before discovered journals and let- forays into New York and Holly- Victor Lasky is at it again. This ters, the author has blended a mix of wood. He died last year at the age oftime the irreverent master of muck- biography and hi story about "the 85 after a lifetime of mostly disap-raking is on the track of Henry Ford child who became Theodore Roose- pointment except that two of hisII, grandson of the eccentric founder vell." It is more compelling and self- books, The Postman Always Ringsof the company that bears his name. propelling than any novel I have Twice and Double Indemnity, haveWe traverse the younger Fords come across in ages. become perennials of sorts.career, his hard drinking, tiis various The story covers an eventful 17 , According to Roy Hoopes, themarriages, his peccadillos and whim- y.ear beginning when frail, asthmatic books editor, they may even be head-sical executive decisions. Was the "Teedie" is only 10 years old and ed for the classic genre. There ap-younger Henry a poor little rich boy suffering terribly- sometimes nearly parently is an attempt underway toor a rich little poor boy? That seems fatally - from hi s handicap. Today create a James M. Cain revival and ato be the central question of Laskys bronchial asthma in children is recog- definjte biography by Mr. Hoopesthesis. nized as predominantly psychosoma- will be published next year by the There is an endless .fascination tic, but baffled doctors a century ago same publisher.about what makes rich and powerful could only prescribe sports and "di- There is no question about the en-people tick. And the answer is always version, the latter usually in the during quality of some of Cainsthe same. These folks are just like you form of travel to out-of-the-way work. His spare relentless staccatoand me, except that thet1 have the places. prose and hard-boiled heroes andmoney to act out the fantasies that The young Theodore must have double crossing heroines has anthe rest of us only dream about. been especially brave as he tackled the authentic ring, particularly for peopleHenry "Deuce," as he is called manly sports, one by one, especially who lived through the period in whicharound Detroit, is no saint. Neither is boxing and horseback riding, which Cain lived. To his credit Hoopes is,Victor Lasky. But then, there is no he came to love. It also took courage like Cain, admiring but careful not toLasky car, and some people may to leave family and familiar sur- be sentimental or gushing. Cain iswant to know whats behind the name roundings to travel around the world. always worth a shot.on the grill. He not only visited most of the posh - WARREN ADLER Dossier/November 1981139
  • Poets CornerWASHINGTON INTERREGNUMWhen politicos of the old life have departed,Movers enter,And painters,And sometimes fumigators,To help get the new life started.In the halls there are boxes and echoes.There is rain on windows.Inside windows,Framed by taxpayers marble,An occasional lingering face in its lost ness mellows.Newcomers straggle up and down in the wet,Waiting in elegant duds on alien corners,Calling for taxis,Searching out parties,Questing for something obscure, unnamed, unmet.The something decided not to attend the Ball,Nor grace the Parade.It failed to appear and perform in the grandstand charadeOn the Hill.Maybe it hides in an old box in a hall?Maybe not. Anyway, there are offices, empty.There is rain.There is marble.There is also the rust and ruin of parting pleasantry -In all the empty. Reed Whitmorefrom Fifty Poems Fifty , Univ . of Minnesota Press, Copyright 1970PYTHAGORAS LIKE APHRODITEPythagoras knew the world is symbols. A priestess of secrets, I tooKnew beans is evil. have swum in the Cyprian foamKnew (as all lovers know) sheets after sleeping must whence she rose by that huge westward rock be smoothed.Measured the trembling of those strings in whose shade I loved long in the surfThat tie the mind to the sky in the convolute tidesIn haljs and demi-halfs until it sings. those chrysoprase wavesNever pick up what has fallen (pass it b.y). emerged with my belly as swelling as seasLeave no mark on the ashes (you will not return). initiate, secretive, soonTaste only bread that is shared. to bear in the sand.And never, 0 never, look in a lighted mirror:Those eyes will dazzle; Elisavietta RitchieYou will die in that radiant net if you become nearer.The square of two arms on fireForms the hypotenuse of desire:Become through others.Never eat your heart (you were made for pleasure),Or let swallows nest on your roof,Or being infinite, accept a measure. 0. B. Hardison, Jr.Reed Whittmore is a professor of English Dr. 0. B. Hardison, Jr. is the director of Elisavietta Ritchie is a Washington writerat the University of Maryland. His most The Folger Shakespeare Library and has and poet whose work has been widelyrecent collection is The Mothers Breast been writing poetry for 40 years. published. "Like Aphrodite" is from herand The Fathers House, published by "Pythagoras" is from his latest volume, award-winning collection, Tightening theHoughton Mifflin Company. Pro Musica Antiqua, published by the Circle Over Eel Country. Louisiana State University Press.40/November 1981 /Dossier
  • Design For Living THANKSGIVING IN THE COUNTRY BY MICKEY PALMER From the slim road that wends up a Catoctin Mountain hillside in Mary- land following the contour of a nar- row streams flood plain, the Little Hunting Creek Lodge comes into view like a picture from Novembers page on the calendar. The cluster of rustic stone houses sits on the plain above the stony brook, evoking the image of a prosperous wilderness set- tlement that might have existed when Indians still came to Thanksgiving dinner with Pilgrims. The only motion in the cold stillness is a thin line of blue smoke drifting out of the Main House chimney that says a hot fire has been going in the cavernous fireplace all morning. A Norman Rockwell-like vision of the all-American holiday floats into a visitors head: the family gathered before the flagstone hearth shedding the chill of a hunt for wild turkey or grouse or deer on the 600-acre mountain estate. Over their shoulders and a few feet past the fros- ty glass of autumn windows, the pic- turesque creek canters and gallops down the path it has chiseled in the mountain, the same mountain from which the stone and timber were cut to construct six buildings at the lodge. Behind the family, is the l2-foot pine table spread with Thanksgiving boun- ty - a roasted turkey with wild rice Robert Lowe challenges the trout, at left, in Little Hunting Creek where President Eisen- hower and numerous other dignitaries have come to fish since the 1930s. Above, a Catoctin Mountain stone gateway marks the entrance to rustic retreat at the lodge that bears the creeks name. Dossier/November 1981141
  • Flower Designer den candlestick from ----------_ antique woo Place Gourmet, . Food stu ffs fromg Sutt~on~·===~b~A~n~g:::_el::o...:B:....o_n_,t_a·---=- . . centerpiece Y and ThanksgiV0 and dollars he devoted to making this and marches around the holiday city a better place to live that earnedstuffing and another with Old Tom table. him the reputation of "Mr. Washing-bread stuffing, home-baked white "We just march round and round ton." For instance, besides his servicebread, rolls and zucchini bread, going umpity umpity ump ump bum organization work, Akers had a handPennsylvania Dutch chicken corn until we all collapse from laughter," in planning and building both RFKsoup, and perhaps trout from the Lit- said Shirley (Mrs. Robert) Lowe. It stadium and the Kennedy Center.tle Hunting Creek. was her side of the family that And when a ruthless businessman The silent vision dissolves as originated the tradition. "I know it stole the old Senators from areasounds begin to drift in, floating with sounds crazy. 1 dont know exactly baseball fans, Akers helped get thethe smoke from the house. There is how it got started, but when the kids town an expansion club. He rubbedmusic and laughter, and then an were growing up, they were wild shoulders with powerful men, evenunearthly clamor that builds to a din about it and we just kept doing it once was appointed special ambassa-as the door of the house opens. Trac- every year." dor to the Phillipines by Presidented to its source, it is the noise of a Lowe and her sister, Tomajean Eisenhower. In the early 1940s, hepots-and-pans marching band. The Jobe, are the daughters of the late bought the lodge property from hisfamily, led by a turkey-bearing eldest Floyd DeSoto Akers, from whom friend, Lawrence Richey, who wasson, is engaged in a 25-year-old they inherited Little Hunting Creek President Herbert Hoovers privateThanksgiving ritual called the Lodge. Akers was a well-known secretary. At the time, only the Main"turkey parade," in which everyone Washington automotive executive House and a smaller hillside housegrabs up a pot or pan or other who owned Capitol Cadillac, among across the creek had been built.clamorous utensil from the kitchen other companies. But it was the Lime The Akers sisters recall the many42/November 1981 /Dossier
  • At left, sisters Shirley Lowe (bot-tom step) and Tomajean Jobereview a sumptuous Thanksgivingfeast spread before the warmstone hearth of the Main House,recalling the "turkey parades"and holidays with their lateparents, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd D.Akers (above), who bought thelodge property in the early 1940s.Over the years, Akers added aguest house, the caretakershouse, bathhouses and swimmingpool, a large pavillion, and final·ly a replica of the original Yugoslav parliament garneredfrom the 1962 Seattle WorldsFair. Among the renowned guests who enjoyed the Akers hospitali- ty were radio entertainers Amos n Andy, pictured above right.Thanksgivings and especially thesummer weekends of their childhoodat the lodge - picnicking on a largeflat rock in midstream, playing withtheir pet trout who used to roll over there. Teddy Roosevelt Jr., Generalsso they could rub his belly with a stick Billy Mitchell, Omar Bradley, andand would eat from their hands, and Maxwell Taylor, General Montgom-swimming in their pool which then ery from England, Senators Dirksen, Akers owned it. Tressler, besides be-was a dammed portion of Little Mathias, Bankhead and Jackson, ing a kind of local historian, was alsoHunting Creek. They also recall their radios Amos n Andy, golfer Sam the man who built all the structuresgregarious fathers penchant for Snead, Yankees baseball great Lou on the property, stone by stone, withentertaining, both the lavish parties Gehrig, Washington Senators mana- the exception of the Main House.catered by Ridgewells at the Pavil- ger Bucky Harris, and fisherman Joe He recalls that Eisenhower waslion and the invitations to his friends Brooks and Jack Knight all sat at "probably the best fisherman of themto use the mountain retreat for get- Akers table and stared into the all," although he also gave highting away from it all. pastoral lushness that even now sur- marks to Edward Cox. Tressler, an Those who accepted Akers hospi- rounds the lodge. angler from his boyhood in nearbytality include an impressive Ust of well It was the fishjng that attracted Catoctin Village, said Ike even taughtknown names such as President and many of these to Little Hunting him some fishing tricks hed neverMrs. Dwight D. Eisenhower, and Creek. The best recollections of their seen. The former President fishedWest German Chancellor Willie visits are held by the lodge caretakers, often there since Camp David, onlyBrandt. Edward and Tricia Nixon Charley and Ella Tressler, who have about seven miles away, has no troutCox spent part of their honeymoon been with the lodge since before stream. Dossier/November 1981143
  • "I recall one time he was fishing in the creek up from the house- he was wearing a big ol slouch hat and dark rimmed glasses," said Tressler, "and this car with a press sign in the window pulled up to the gate where I was standing. "Did you see a car go up this road not long ago? one of them asked me. I told em yeah and they asked if I knew who was in it. I expect it was some guy with his girlfriend, I said. See, they were looking for Eisenhower and there he was practically right in front of them. But the secret service cars were hid in the garage. When they drove away, they probably coulda spit on him, he was so close." Another visitor from Camp David was Chancellor Brandt. "He spoke excellent English and was one of the nicest fell as," Tressler said . "He caught two or three trout and said, Well, I guess Ive done my good deed for the day. He took em back up to Camp David. "Omar Bradley was a good fisher- man," said Tressler, "and so were The cavernous kitchen fireplace of the Main House now holds a modern cook- General Smith and Admiral Carney . ing center (above) where marvelous There were probably eight or ten meals of family holidays social enter- good fisherman in the Eisenhower taining are prepared. Outdoors, the group." Lowes and Mrs. Jobe chat before the Iorge and versatile barbecue, enjoying Hunting is another attraction of one of the Lodge treats: fresh trout Little Hunting Creek Lodge, but not from the Lillie Hunting Creek. for Shirley Lowe. I went one time and shot a bird and that was it for me," she said. "Bob is the hunter, al- though he prefers the hunting to the actual shooting of animals." She said they had more than enough trophies at their home in Chevy Chase. The Lowes and the Jobes and their families will spend another Thanks- giving at Little Hunting Creek Lodge this year. Theyll probably hunt and march the turkey around the table to the accompaniment of banging pots and pans and generally enjoy the restful solitude of the wilderness retreat that has housed more than its share of remarkable guests . 0 FOR THE RECORD It was incorrectly reported in last months Design For Living, Making A Statement On California Street, that Mackin Catholic High School provides schooling for black and Hispanic youngsters bussed in from less affluent neighborhoods. According to Mackin principal Dan Curtin, it is a mistake to suggest the schools student body is anything other than "a broad spec- trum racially and primarily middle class." Photography by Rod Grantham#/November /98/ Dossier
  • GALA SPECIAL EDITION A Salute to 1belfcirIn Pictures Coming In January For information regarding editorial or advertising, please call (202) 362-4040 by December 1, 1981
  • Lets drink to the first My Cafe is long overdue for coffee THE ROYAL MINORITY ~p pot thats also a lovers. Because it both grinds the continued from page 34 coffee ~der. beans and brews the grind, itslike world tour soo n after. Then, in 1834, Dr. Judd and hi s wife, the former Laura Fish, produc- having two ap- pliances in one. ed a daughter. The Hawaiian Queen Made by Toshiba, Kinau sto le the little girl for her own My Cafe is a great innovation. . . . she traveled out of 4 cup $79.99. 8 cup $119.95 Budapest clutching her five year old son, both crammed into the trunk of a diplomatic car. You don t chpqse, you have to g(!t out, - •• she says. I wanted him -;~-:" to have a free life. - -l=: as an act of lese-majeste, and then returned her demanding thStt the baby be given the Queens own name. The request was refused on the groundsComparison Shoppers. Were your bag. that the daughter of a faith fpl medical missiopary couldnt be nam-Chevy Chase Loehmanns Plaza White Flint Harbor Place White Marsh Mall ed for a heathen. "Very well," said t-he Queen, "make me a Christian and Ill assume your daughters name (Elizabeth) and she can have min!!." Thus it is that all the first female From figure to descendants of the good doctor are called "Kinau" so that when Charles fashion selection in light weight wool. featuring soft gathers Sunflower One and ribbed cuffs ... in winter white. black, helps you sage green and dusty at $175. Matched succeed! B with a light weight ool flannel blo11se, for $80. Our.s alone in Sunflower Ones solutions include Washington . exerme session. proper eating (no fad diets). fashion seleaion (even shop- ping for you 1f you wish) and attitude adjustment counseling. Lose extra pounds. tone and firm your figure. dress smartly and feel great about yourself! Fall programs now forming. Call now for a compli- mental} session. 17031 442-8446 67231J./hittier Ave. McLean. VA 22101 • Four Seasons Plaza The 33-year-old Prince Paul of Romania, an Accenting the positive ... 2828 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W. , eligible bachelor, sayslfirmly he would prefi?r Attitude. Figure. & Fashion Washington , D.C. 20007 202-337.; 4800 to meet "European w,omen of good estate. " 10-5:30, Mon .-Sa t.! Valet Parking Available The photo at his side is of his famous great- grandmother, Queen Marie of Romania. 46/November 1981 /Dossier
  • ~~­ ~ MENbELSObN GALLERiES ANTIQUITIES .. . INTERIOR DECORATIONS Just Arrived in time forThe King of Hawaii, Charles Butler McVay, holiday giving -poses with his wife of 18 months, Elaine. She is a select collectionwearing a fresh orchid lei sent to them by his of paintings,mother, Kinau of Hawaii, whose portrait bronzes,hangs behind them. bric-a-brac, and furniture.Butler McVay IV, was born in 1925 tohis mother, Kinau Wilder McVay, theHonolulu Advertiser printed a bannerheadline across its front page thatread: KAMEHAMEHA DYNASTY SA YEO AT LAST KINAU BEARS A SON. Shortly thereafter, Kinau Wilder 6826 Wisconsin Avenue Bethesda, Maryland 20815 (301)656-2766McVays bouncing little boy wastransported for christening toHonolulus St. Andrews Cathedral.The Episcopal bishop was just gettingdown to a little ceremonial sprinklingwhen a wrinkled "kahuna"(Hawaiian witch doctor) tottereddown the aisle, snatched the infantfrom the bishops arms, crying out,"This child bears the royal heritage . "Then concluding a brief Hawaiianliturgy, she intoned, "By right of hisforbearers, this child shall be called"Kimehameha." She handed thebaby back to the discomfitted bishopand tottered back up the aisle. Thats not the end of the story.February, 1980, when McVay return-ed to Honolulu to be married, he dis-covered that "kahilis", brightlyfeathered circles on tall poles whichare the mark of Hawaiian royalty,had been placed at the altar. To thisday, neither McVay nor hi mother,Kinau Wilder of Honolulu, knowshow they got there or who put themup. Monarchy had been banned thereas elsewhere - but sentiment per-sists, as elsewhere. 0Rosemary Doni hi is a freelance writer who was formerly the embassy row columnistfor the Washington Post. She presently is working on a book about emigre royaltyand nobility. Dossier/November 1981147
  • tie more slimmed down to a shorter and hip-padded floor length silkankle-length or to just-below-the- skirt.knee for the cocktail/ dinner dress." While gowns are attractive to many In this year of dynamic evening women, high quality evening anddressing, designer gowns are often daytime separates are also optionsreminiscent of Medici royalty. Moires open to the gift-giver. There is aand plush velvets are encrusted with variety of exciting pieces specially ap-jewels, elaborately embroidered or propriate for the elegant womanbeaded with gold and rich colora- whose keen sense of fashion enablestions, trimmed with satins. Some her to create her own personal look.designer gowns, expertly draped to "I particularly like the beadedproduce ethereal movement, feature evening jackets," says Maria Luciasuch exotic fabrics as luminescent Periera, wife of the Portuguese Am-molten-gold silk, lame appliqued bassador. Her key to coordinatingblack silk chiffon and gilded laces. separates? "I keep to my colors: red,There are also gowns with the undeni- white and beige."able allure of simplicity that reflect Evening jackets and tunics are inthe canny ability of a designer to cut most American and European de-and drape magnificently pure fabrics. signer collections this season. They "I like gowns that are gangbusters. are skillfully cut in both long and I like to go all-out. But it is nice now short lengths and full and narrow and then to wear the very under- widths. Decorative dazzlers include stated; it just feels good, so Halstons fiery bugle-beaded chif- lady-like," says socialite Rose Marie fon; Oscar de Ia Rentas all-over rose Bogley. "I recently bought a long, pattern embroidery in rich subdued perfectly plain black Galanos evening colors on black velvet edged with dress. It looks divine. I will wear it sable; Ralph Laurens all-over hand for cocktails or dinner. Another beading in red and black, and in Bogley favorite is a newly acquired black and white American Indian pat- Bill Blass gown with black velvet top terns; Geoffrey Beenes collage de-(L. toR clockwise) Hand-woven multi-metallic (bron ze, gold, pewter and silver) bag by Moskowit zWtth concealed shoulder-strap, $180, from the Bag Boutique; Pelekh Russian Lacquered hand-Painted miniature box, $300, from Molehole; 18 karat gold and pave diamond earrings, $6000,from Boone and Sons; Lighter lopped with horses head with 18 karat gold, $6000, from AlfredDunhill of London; and Howard Miller digital quartz alarm clock, $29.95, from Ursells. 1750 K Street • Montgomery Mall Tysons Corner Center Dossier/November 1981153
  • signs in quiet silk brocades, metallic laces and printed silks and John An- thonys soft metallic leathers. Designer focus on top quality fab- rics is not limited to evening wear. Daytime fashions cut to full, often sweeping and always graceful designs flaunt yards of the appealing, excep- tionally rich classics: cashmere, pais- ley challis, plaid blanket wool, Done- gal tweed, suede and leather. I am a paisley freak. I love the A new paisleys in full skirt designs with big deep pockets," says Eve Thomp- son, interior designer. / "I love the soft suedes in earthYVONNE COAZAY tones," says Peri era. "I especiallY like the suede culotte skirts." Designs for the larger A leather poncho with fox tails woman who wants to will be my fall uniform," says Effie look slim and elegant. Barry, wife of D.C .s mayor. "I have Shown : Softly flowing always been a person that has enjoyed polyester georgette big capes and ponchos. I am really ex- with handkerchief cited that they are the look for fall." hem. An after five Beyond fashion, there are num- dress for any occasion . erous gifts of a practical nature to In black, navy, corn- delight the elegant Washington flower, red, taupe woman. Her interests and activites and sea mist, $180. are many; her cultured appreciation Sizes to 24. for the best extends to every facet of her life. She is an on-the-go woman 1 CRIZI~S whose schedule of family, business, political and charity events requires that her time be carefully managed. To help her organize her busy day, Woodward & Lothrop suggests a handsome leather secretary-folio, date book and sterling or gold-filled ball point pen. For those who prefer fountain pens, a unique Dunhill tiger eye enamel pen can be found at Charles Ernest Jewelers. To slip into her bag, there is a Howard Miller digital quartz alarm clock thats smaller than a credit card, available at Ursells. 1260 Connecticut Avenue 223-4050 Major Charges Out of town and overseas trips are regular occurrences for many Wash- ington women, and a roomy satchel is one of her most valued travel acces- sories. Among the elegant gift op- tions available this fall are high quali- ty satchels that pack a lot of style. At Garfinckels there is a Susan Gails pouch-shaped python carryall, and at Bloomingdales Losandro Sarasolas pieced suede and metallic leather duf- fel with hand painted gold leaf de- sign. A sturdy jewelry lock-box is another "must" for the elegant traveler, and Camalier and BuckleY offers the perfect one designed as a distinctly classic leather travel case. ~ Fine jewelry, always a welcome please turn to page 7854/November 1981 /Dossier
  • Along Party LinesSOCIAL AFFAIRS IN THE WORLD OF WASHINGTONFaith and begorra, Bloomingdales Im- bit of Irish merchandise. Classic Irish knit Society, which raises funds to res toreported just about everything from Ireland woolens were oogled as well as a dazzling Georgian hom es In Ireland. The broqulshfor their " celebration of that special array of the luminiscent Waterford crystal evening attracted 600 Wa shington ians toplace." Over 18 months of work, 110 trips and delicate antique lace. Historical dis- sip Irish Coffee and spirits and taste th eto Ireland by Bloomingdale execs and $7 plays plus a service to trace your Iri sh sights and so und s of that fine Is le.million was spent to speckle the four genealogy also delighted quests at thefloors of Bloomies with more than a wee opening bash to benefit the Irish Georgian THE GREENING 0 BLOOMIES • (Left - L to R) Second secretary of the Chinese Embassy and Mrs. Sudong Wu remembered Bloomies Chinese exhibit last year with Chairman Marvin Traub , Katharine Graham, chief executive of the Irish Export Board Sean Condon and Lee Traub. (Above) President of Bloomi es James Schoff presents Irish Ambassador and Mrs. Sean Donlon with a Waterford bowl. (Left) Father Eanna Condon , of Ballyporeen s Church of Assumption shows his parishs baptism registry to Shelia Pat- ton which lists in 1829 Ronald Reagans great grandfather. (Right) Thomas G. Corcoran , disappointed by the Irish-clad mannequin s cold nature , stands with Rep. Lindy Boggs in front of a painting of the Famous Irish of Washington . (Below, L to R) Elizabeth Luessenhop, Father Murphy of Capitol t-lill Catholic Church and Lu Engle eye the $124,000 Waterford crystal fountain , one of only three made. Irish Socie- ty Pres. Desmond Guinness, Washington Chair John Ed- ward Toole and designer Bob Waldron study a symbol of Georgian restoration . Dossier/November 1981/55
  • POTOMAC DIPLOMACY Bahrain Amb . Abdulaziz Buali (left) chats with Mrs. Bill Frenzel and Rep. Clarence Brown during the Potomac cruise on The Diplomat. The boat docked at Mt. Vernon and guests traveled by horse-and-coach (above) over the 250 year old trail to the candelit event. Sen . S. I. Hayakawa (left) dances with Rita Thapa, wife of the Ambassador from Nepal , to a Dixieland beat as the cruise ship heads to Mt. Vernon . Ava Weir (above), from New York was all smiles with date Sen . Larry Pressler. At right , Ecuadorian Ambassador Crespo tells hosts the Donald Kendal Is in the historic Mt. Vernon hall that Pepsico was one of the few multi-national companies that took pains not to overlook the Diplomatic Corps in its dealings with other countries. They came by boat, horse-drawn car- riage and car to the home of our first president on the banks of the Potomac . It was a smash season opener courtesy of Pepsico chairman Don Kendall and his wife Sigrid , who treated the entire diplomatic corps to a lavish and historicaiiy-themed even- ing. With the help of Mrs. John H. Guy, Jr., regent of the Mt. Vernon Ladies Association , and imaginat ive PR man Bill Codus, 144 diplomats danced to the strains of Gene Donati s orchestra, undaunted by the incessant rain under a 100 foot white tent on the Mt. Vernon lawn. The 235 found their tables labelled after the names of 28 presidents. If odd quirks56/November 1981 /Dossier
  • ~s~o1o~Two ambaon the d ssadorial couand Mr ance floor werep6es at homeTowe anadian Amb.Washi~gtho will be an~n~and C s. Jaromir Joh zech Amb (abovei ~s. P~ter a~ ~f~~i1~G· ?o!J~~~business ·on soon to enter epnvate In gwere in evidensmothered b ce, they wer .will and Y the outpou . e qu1cklyReagan other spirits nng of goodvodka (P:as. toasted w.i thPresidentsome h pslco has th Russianof the orl~es refused to ~;~anchise);weath ghts; and th .e for fearbackuper caused a me l_ nclimate at the . ass1ve 1•~d~~~and •otoo~;:,·,~~~~ oat~~~;k~h:names of evenmg s end lmoThe e availables Plred sense eve nl_ offered . ellt .ng . Ke~bassadors hof history to than In·by the w o went home e Am-hospital I y. dalls warmth and lavish ! gratified
  • THE GREAT ROSE-COLORED H.O.P.E. Project Hope didnt promise the 700 guests at their 19th an- were touting their vineyards first wine festival. Dollie Cole, nual ball a rosegarden, but there It was! Right In the middle of widow of former president of General Motors, flew in from the Washington Hiltons ballroom was a mass of scarlet roses, Detroit. A delicious five course meal was topped with iced trellised and blooming madly. Another touch by talented pink champagne and followed by the rhythms of Lester decorator Angelo Bonita was the repetition of roses In slender Lanin . (Top L to R) Master-of-ceremonies Kenneth Crosby glass pipes of varying heights on each table-for-ten. shares secrets with Ball chairman Kathy Paro, while her hus- HOPEs is always the first real ball of the season, so band Tom and Peggy Crosby, in an Elio Bernhayer original, guests came from near and far to dress up and catch up look on. Two former Hope chairmen, Marjorie Nohowell and with friends after the summers (social) slump. First, the Ann Camalier. (Bottom L to R) Jamaican Ambassador Keith spot-lit receiving line with Dr. and Mrs. William B. Walsh (hes Johnson steps out with daughter Hope. HOPE supporter and founder and director of the Project), Chairman Mrs. Tom E. tax lawyer Marjorie OConnel with Evelyn Marello of Regency Paro and Vice Chairman Claire Schweiker, bulwarked by HHS Hotels. Robert Pastor, Elsa Crespo, Past Hope President Secretary Dick. Millie Pastor from Michigan, and Ecuadorean Ambassador John and Helen Rogan came up from Charlottesville and Ricardo Crespo.58/November 1981 /Dossier
  • 1220 Connecticut Ave., NW, Washington, D.C. 20036 • (202) 463·7460
  • r------------------------------------------------------------ " On the road to Morocco," Wolf Trap celebrated the close CELEBRATION DEBUT of Its 11th season as Supreme Court Just ice Sandra OConnor and husband John made their Washington social debut. (Left) The OConnors are greeted by Ball chairman Elizabeth Dole and (below) swing ing to the mus ic of Big Band 86 on the Filene stag e. (Top right) Sec. of Wolf Trap Associates, Edith Crutcher with Senator Robert Dole . (Below) Sec . of Agriculture John Block and wife Sue enjoy the Moroccan delicac ies lining the tables. ~------------------------------------------------------ P----------------------------------------------------- ZAIRIAN ARTIFACTS THE "ONCE UPON A TIME". PEIGNOIR now showing off in our new WASHINGTON BOUTIQUE on "K" Street, NW Our romantic shimmering panne velvet and Alem;on lace robe is an enchanting way to envelope yourself in luxury. Its silken next to your skin and designed to make you feel like that proverbial fairytale princess. Dou- ble ruffles of lace frame your happy face; more lace at the wrists. Wide overlap fastens securely inside. Self sash, inseam pocket. Washable triacetate/nylon . By Papillon. The colors? An ever-changing-tint of frosted tearose or silvered blue. P(6-8), S(l0-12), M(14-16), L(18-20). $72.00 "UPSTAIRS" the Brownstone Boutique on the 5th floor at 1835 K" St. , NW (between 18th & 19th Sts.) 202-775-0888~wn60/Dossier/November 1981
  • ------------------------------~ The Best of Both Worlds An elegant boutique with Designer Clothing and A specia l pricing policy_____________________________. The National Gallery presented for the first time in the U.S. " The Four Moments of the Sun: Kongo Art in Two Worlds," a show designed to V1llage Centre display the Kongo (now Zaire and Great Falls. Central Africa) as a major civilization. Significantly, the Kongo and Angola V1rgin1a ancestry include about one third of all blacks in America. The special ex- (703) 759-6090 hibit featured funerary sculpture, trumpets and grave markers . (above- left) Zaire s minister of culture Kaweta Sampassa , Zairian Am- bassador Mutuale Kasongo proudly discuss the sculpture of rulers and mourners with National Gallery Director J . Carter Brown . (below left) Andrew Gilboy and Denise Rollins of the African -American Institute ad- mire the wooden biludi , while trumpet recordings sent ghostly melodies throughout the gallery. The Institute will bring the Zaire Dance Theater to perform in the gallery this month . ClAIRE DRA1CH 1224 Connecticut Ave, Downtown/466-6500 • 7615 Wisconsin Ave., Bethesda/656-8000 Dossier/November 1981161
  • VISA TO VICTORIA The excitement of the Victorian Ball at the new Georgetown Park is etched on Judy Lewis animated face (left) as she approaches the maze of filigreed-potted ferns and endless wrought iron, brass and bronze ornaments that help create a turn of-the-century fantasy. Co· chairman of the event which benefited the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, Barbara de Franceaux (above), takes a spin under the ivied chandeliers with HHS Sec . Richard Schweiker, one of the celebrities of the evening after weathering unwarranted criticism for his publicizing the worthy cause which collected almost $50,000. (Above) Chairman of the Board and Mrs. Clarence Donohoe of Donohoe Company who with Western Development , built Georgetown Park , and sponsored the Juvenile Diabetes Ball , proudly show off their creation to Mr. and Mrs. John Campbell. (Right) One of the few to don original Victorian attire rather than the lush ballgowns dotting designer portfolios this fall Is Olga Jevtich, even sporting an antique parasol from her Victorian collection .62/Dossier/November 1981
  • Actress Dina Merrill (right) who co-chaired theplanning committee as well as national projectsto combat Juvenile Diabetes , greets guests withPR executive Bob Gray and Carol Laxalt , wife ofthe Nevada Senator. (Above) Planning committeeco-chairman , Joan Benny , daughter of the latecomedian Jack Benny, and Alan Gibson , who con-sulted on the event, watch the sea of 400 satin andlace attired crowd , dance-cards in hand , swing tothe big band sound of the Floating Opera. (Belowleft) Howard de Franceaux and Drucie Hortonmarvel at the skylit atrium . (Below right) WilliamCochran and his wife Judy, of the ball committee,talk with Richard Schweiker and his wife Claire,the honorary chairman . Dossier/November 1981/63
  • OSCAR-WINNING FASHIONS At one of the most fashionable evenings of the season , Dominican Ambassador and Mrs. Rafael Molina Morrlllo (below right) welcomed to their embassy countryman Oscar de Ia Renta and his Faii!Winter Collection of designs to benefit the Washington Opera. Co-sponsored by Bloomingdales, it was an exciting myriad of medieval-like richness and tasteful opulence that has become de Ia Rentas signature: stunning combination tapestry coats and jackets, suede on black velvet with embroidery and gold bugle beading, flouncing " butterfly " dresses, silk blouses and sable-trimmed outer wear. Taking special satisfaction in the resulting $25,000 for the opera was the designer himself (left) and Bloomies chairman Marvin Traub as they greeted Jeananne Petrus, wife of the Mobil V.P. in Washington. Overseeing the event for the operas hardworking Women s Commit- tee were co-chairman Renee Kraft and Susan Baker (right) who were delighted to see opera supporters at the fashion show such as the Frank lkards, the William Cafrltzes and the John Firestones. Mrs. William French Smith (above left), fashionably pos- ing with Francoise de Ia Ren- t a, won the door prize - an original Oscar. " I knew I would win even before the number was drawn ," she said, revealing publicly for the first time her clairvoyant powers. The designer must have had this crowd in mind when he said, " Washington women are among the most sophisticated dressers any- where." At left, Georgetown designer Mokhless AI-Hariri and Melody Gilsey await the fashion show.64/Dossier/November 1981
  • ART AND ARTISTS continued from page 16 $2 million of which only $300,000 are federally funded, the crew from SITES appears to have as much talent for attracting private funds as for generating creative programs. Recep- tive to the implementation of ideas from abstract scholarly sources to the appreciation of artistic crafts, the flexible crew is ready and eager to ad- just its sights to any level as long as the subject is unexplored and intrigu- ing, often co-organizing and working in partnership on the development of a variety of ideas and subjects. For instance, Innovative American Furni- ture opened at the Cooper-Hewitt in March, and the fabulous art of Vene- tian glassmaker Paolo Venini is dazzl- ing viewers in 10 cities. Good as Gold, an exhibition of alternative ma- terials in American jewelry makes its debut at the Renwick on December 3. In the international category the scene is equally lively. Bulgarian icons and pieces of jewelry from the seventh to the 17th century enhance the setting for a symposium on Byzantine studies at Dumbarton Oaks. The medieval jewelry is on loan from the Peoples Republic of Bul- garia, which celebrates 1,300 years of statehood this year and is anxious to share its national treasures with the new world. While negotiations about an exhibition of Polands splendid collection of arms and armor in the U.S. are conducted with the Polish government which is contemplating a six months loan (SITES needs 18 months), a show of contemporary Dutch art commemorating the 200th anniversary of the signing of relations between the Netherlands and the United States is in full production. It is curated by John Neff, the director of the Chicago Museum of Contem- porary Art and will open there in March 1982, the same day the American Impressionists are unveiled in Paris. In the formative stages is yet another project that may well turn out to be of equal importance: Before 1984 - Past Visions of American Futures. Obviously there is new energy at SITES, a clear perception of its na- tional role and its contribution in the EXCLUSIVE AGENT framework of international cultural THE NELSON ROCKEFELLER COLLECTION relations. Above all, there is a feeling 3201 NEW MEXICO AVENUE. N.W. WASHINGTON, D.C. 20016 that Peggy Loar and her remarkable 966-8228 team can do anything they intend to tackle. 066/Dossier/November 1981
  • STANDING ROOM ONLYcontinued from page 20the NSOs upcoming European tour,is more corporate support. "Cor-porations have not given to us in thepast because of mismanagement.We must give them an investment for Itstheir money in the form of advocacyadvertising and not approach themwith pleas for charity." Convincing corporations that Onlydonating to the symphony shouldcome from advertising budgets is amarketing technique new to the arts Naturalworld but one Fogel is familiar withfrom his Philharmonic days . In ex-change for coordinated appearances to Blush!of conductor Zubin Mehta at post- Fresh, all-day berry shades make itconcert receptions and free tickets, only natural. Berry blushes include wineberry, burberry, grapeberryCitibank agreed to underwrite the and briteberry in smooth, sheerPhilharmonics European tour last powder. Exclusive_ly from 1 .year. Such coordination requires a naturally for you ."talent for stroking" said Fogel, atalent he and successful arts .managersbelieve in. "One of the things the arts are • tJ natura! ~~osmetrcslearning is that we have marketablevalue of being beneficial to corpora- Georgetown Park Connecticut Connectiontions and their public image," said Wisconsin and M Sts., NW Connecticut and L Sts., NWFogels mentor, Webster. "We dont 965-SKIN 393-SKINneed to say, give us money- were agood thing, were learning in addi-tion to all that to say, look, we canhave a partnership and mutuality ofvalue; use us as advertising. " An imperative ingredient in seduc-ing corporate backing is properlypublicizing large corporate gifts. Forthat very reason, the Amway Cor-porations surprise gift was applaudedroundly at an August Beethoven con-cert. And the gregarious Rostro-povich is more than willing to help."Rostropovich is wonderfully sensi-tive to the financial end of things." Over 40 years a tradition forAccording to Fogel, when asked to precious gems, diamonds andput in an appearance at a small Am- fine jewelry. Heirloom jewelsway reception, the maestro replied re-set by master craftsmen onamicably, "Should I bring my the premises. Individual andcello?" estate jewelry appraised and Notables of the corporate universe, purchased .including philanthropy pioneers Tex-aco, Mobil and Exxon, peppered thecrowded opening night reception inthe Kennedy Centers Atrium. Thestage is set for a corporate pas dedeux and Fogel seems the man to raise the curtain. His own estimation? "I told my A visit to Carberts is always a pleasure. wife it would be at least six months 7720 WISCONSIN AVENUE before I stopped working 85 hours a BETHESDA • {301) 654-5660 week. It is a challenge," he admits, Free parking at rear off Woodmont Avenue.adding, but nothing is worse than trying to start a music station in your bedroom. D Dossier/November 1981167
  • HARMONIOUS DESIGNS Decorators Showcase preview party chairman Ann Camalier and her husband Charlie (left) welcome guests with honorary chairman Brazilian Amb. and Mrs. Antonio Azerdo da Silveira. Attracting the attention of Bradley Belz (above), Lord & Talors Mary Beth Jewell and Janet Belz is the Music Rooms pale green harpsicord, made by Rockville craftsman Robert Brooke. Despite chilly winds and last minute problems the Women s Committee of the National Symphony kick- ed off its annual Decorators Show House with a preview party for 500 at Strathmore Hall, the former Charles Corby residence on Rockville Pike. Nearly 30 area designers spruced up the turn-of-the-century mansion with a mix of contemporary and antique fur· nishings and a special emphasis on energy conserva- tion . ~-..-- 1 South African ambassador and Mrs. Donald Sole, Betsy Rea, the Austin Kiplingers, and the Mandell Ourismans were among those winding through the forty-odd rooms of the future home of the Mon- tgomery County Arts Center, and browsing through the basement boutiques before stepping into lt."i~!5 Sloanes decorated tent where the buffet was grouped by country of origin-from wurst to em- panadas. Drawing appreciative ooohs from the black tie crowd was Woodward & Lothrops peach and lavender toned Master Bedroom highlighted by a lovely classical revival fireplace with Wedgwood medallions. Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Hayes (right) found the living room designed by Lasaris of Georgetown comfortable and expensive. The Louis XVI signed Linke table in the foreground costs $45,000. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Foley (left) inspect the selection of petit- point bags in the basement boutique. Above, Pam and Jeff Clark discuss the traditional decor of designer Bob Waldrons cozy Gentleman s Library. It featured a Sheraton bar that becomes a discrete chest when closed and his own " not for sale" antique desk with leather-bound books and Chinese soapstone chops.68/Dossier/November 1981
  • THE SHAPEOF WASHINGTONcontinued from page 28mind as well as the body, and maybethe mind comes first!" An international fencing cham-pion, this former Palm Aire spadirector, and staff member of bothGreen House and Golden Door spasbefore that, has built a 50-foot swim-ming pool and universal gym at Saga,located in Georgetowns Flour Mill nwrecomplex. Doblougs exercise programalso includes fencing and, for thosewho prefer pampering to perspiring,theres facial and body massage byEuropean-trained aestheticians. A surprising revelation by oneWashington lady is that weight-liftinghas done more for keeping her figuretrim than any other exercise. At the Rich. rich 14 karat gold made even more precious In watches of immensely elegant design,Chevy Chase Athletic Club in the many fired with diamonds. all with bands and bracelets of the greatest luxury. And allBarlow Building on Wisconsin endowed with the incomparable quartz timekeeping that makes people trustAvenue, conditioning programs are Seiko more than any other watch. See the Seiko Gold collection.personally prescribed for each SEIKOCvGOLDmember. Following a thoroughassessment of flexibility, strength,physiology and weight, the profes-sional staff custom designs an exer-cise program that can take in weight- WASHINGTON, DC • CHEVY CHASE, MD • McLEAN, VA 785·4653 657·2144 734-3997 lifting to mat exercises, jogging towhirlpool treatments, nautilus work to swimming. The cozy and comfort-able penthouse facilities include rac- quetball and squash courts, plus a lounge area where members can relax with a game of backgammon and One Man Show: LUCIEN CLERGUE complimentary beverages. Photographer Extraordinaire Age can be a factor in keeping fitbut not an inhibitor, says LotteWolfe, who started Slender Shore spa November 10 throughweek at Sea Colony two seasons ago November 28 before joining the Sea Spring partner-ship. She recalls her first day panicwhen a 79-year-old lady arrived: "I clutched! I was ready to dive Among the works available: over the balcony. I said to myself, this will never work! But she didnt Picasso miss a class, was first on the beach in Le Porfolio the morning and everyone adored Du Centenaire her. It was encouraging to the (15 photographies) Younger women to see her-at that age, and still! As partner and nutritionist for Sea Spring, Wolfe creates the spas low calorie gourmet meals with Danish Meet photographer Lucien C/ergue chef, Kuhrt Hansen, the only man on Tuesday, Nov. 10, from 7 to 9:30pm the staff. With only 700 calories on the daily diet, almost as much time is devoted to decorating the plate as in AT OUR CHEVY CHASE GALLERY food preparation. 4400 Jenifer Street, N.W. "Since you eat with the eyes first, (in the Jenifer Mall) we must create an optical illusion of tel. 362-7878 Plenty," says Wolfe. "Most womenPlease turn to page 74 Dossier/November 1981/69
  • LATIN CAST PARlY Trouble Is brewing at the National bet· theater. With them Is Dan Perri, dlrec· ween the Schubert organization and tor Hal Prince and the star of Evlta, the National Theater Board, which Valerie Perri. (Right) Journalist might be the reason why National Arlstldes Moleon from the country of Theater Chairman Maury Tobin (above Argentina where Evlta Is set, enjoyed at left) was romancing his once mortal the latin beat with wife Jennifer and enemy, KenCens Roger Stevens (at said about the musical, "Evita Is good right), who showed up at Evitas open- theater, if you want history, go to the lng night. One close friend of Stevens Library of Congress." dubbed him the best actor In the FASHIONABLE AWMDS A KITlY AUTOGRAPH Washington novelist Kitty Kelley signs Hanne Merriman, newly appointed president of Garfinckel s, was honored at the a copy ot her third and most recent Woodrow Wilson House by the Washington Fashion Group, an international book, Liz, for the social realtor of organization of women fashion executives. Hanne in turn honored two creative Washington, Jane Coyne. According women, (above left) Katherine Veirs, in graphics and textiles, and Nancy to Kelley, Liz, details the life of a Brockman, studying arts and design, with two scholarships awarded annually by woman who plays out most womens the Group. With the scholarship recipients are Hanne Merriman and Nancy fantasies, Elizabeth Taylor. Her most Christolini, director of the group and divisional vice president of Woodies(far right). famous literary exploit was Jackie Oh!70/Dossier/November 1981
  • ~-R(gmz1J1CJ1Lkd I] ~taurants------ IJ89 Ask about our Game Festival throughout the month of November Cocos Italian Restaurant French Cuisine in Historic Georgetown Superb Italian Cuisine Serving fine Italian Quality • Elegance • Warmth Setting. Specializing in Seafood, Veal and Cuisine Since 1949 Florentine-cut 24 ounce Beef Steaks " The 89 is a jewel " A private dining room is available Open 7 days a week. Dresden. Washington Post to accommodate up to 30 guests. Reservations requested. Free valet parking at dinnertime. Conducive Bar Lounge with Separate Menu 920-5450 Valet Parking 1226 36th.Street, N.W. 2020 K Street, NW • Washington, DC 20006 3111 Columbia Pike 965-1789 Tel: (202) 296-7112 Arlington, Virginia .Jit~ culi:na:ry Lind:ma;k of V1rgimCL! .Eva 11.5 F a..r:ITl In:n- in .M. ~1ea:n.-- The newest in town , the oldest in experience. Giuliano Bottini has created this truly Nonhem Italian restaurant. Tartufo offers the food and atmosphere of the regions of the Po Valley. From Risotti AI Tartufo to TorteUoni Tabiano and Orata AI Cartoccio to Fagiano Tartufato. Our guests are our best food critics. Lunch M-F II :30-2:30 Dinner Men-Sat 6:00-11 :00 with piano music Parking available. AE, MC and VISA 1200 New Hampshire Avenue, NW • Washington, DC • (202) 887-5489
  • MT. VERNON INAUGURAl QUITE SIMPLY, MINK WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. When Dr. M. Jane Evans (left) was in- augurated as Mount Vernon Colleges seventh president, Barbara Bush (right) was awarded an honorary doc- torate of humanities for her constant service to children s causes. Board Chairman Anne Hyman (center) con- gratulates them both after the ceremonies. Other career women honored as presidential greeters: Marta lstomln, Julia Montgomery Walsh, Cathy Mackin, Marian Wright Edelman and Rita St. Clair. Honoree Sen. Nancy Kassebaum was unable to attend . A SUPREME TEA PAR1Y 1304 G. STREET N.W. NEXT TO METRO CENTER • FREE PARKJNG 628·5628 • MAJOR CREDIT CARDS HONORED/LAY AWAY/ FINANCING AVA ILABLE All Furs Labeled to Show Country of Origtn Washingtons distaff shakers n ...JAHANNandSONS doers turned out en-masse for a Caucus Room (pre-Supreme Court) tea, CLEANING hostessed by Senator Thurmonds PERSIAN RUGS / REPAIRING FREE APPRAISALS Nancy (left) to welcome Judge Sandra Day OConnor (right) to town . "Shes remarkable, clucked UN Ambassador Being entrepreneurs of oriental rugs for four generations Jeane Kirkpatrick. "We have so much has enabled us to establish a discriminating selection of in common , as were both President oriental carpets which are truly a treasure underfoot. Reagan firsts! " Nancy s husband Senator Strom (tea-riffic in committee We invite you to visit our showroom and share our knowledge and blue, and outnumbered 300 to 1) mutual admiration of these distinctive handmade rugs. threaded his way thru the eager crowd. As usual, guest of honor OConnor was 8019 Wisconsin Avenue • Bethesda, Maryland 20014 • 657-2124 charmingly lower-case, and chatted Open 7 Days A Week • Free Parking In Rear briefly with each and every guest who queued up to shake her hand.72/Dossier/November 1981
  • A BLUE-EYED BALL It was a record-breaking evening on all counts. The Multiple Sclerosis Societys third annual Ambassadors Ball grossed a mind-boggling $270,000 (the record for 1981 charity balls so far as Is known) and attracted 1,300 guests, Including President and Mrs. Reagan and some 60 ambassadors and wives to the Hilton ballroom. Frank Sinatra, making his first Washington appearance as MS national chairman was the no. 2 head table attraction. The legendary crooner was tearful when presented a recording of a song about him from attractive MS victim 28-year-old Kit Kamlen and during a rendition, Slnatra- style, of "I Old It My Way," performed by Jimmy Huga, a MS victim and the only American to win a medal for ski· lng. The glittery rainbow-theme evening was the work of Chairman Ursula Meese with help from Joan Orr, wife of the Air Force Secretary, Pat Allen and Casey McCoy, wife of Mrs. Reagans advisor Peter McCoy. (Right) Nan· cy Sinatra framed by President and Mrs. Reagan and Presidential Counselor Ed Meese. (Above) Chairman Ur- sula Meese laughs with ole blue eyes. Overheard in one of Americas Loveliest Homes: "... the piano is a Steinway, theres a Cuisinart in the kitchen, our crystal is by Waterford··· and of course, its all protected by a Dictograph burglar alarm system."Certain names are synonymous with top quality. Their pro- alarm system. Our security specialists wont recommend anyducts are highly prized by affluent families. Unfortunately, more protection than you need ... but they wont sell you anytheyre also In great demand by those who prey on gracious less, either! And no matter how valuable your material posses-homes, stealing valued possessions and threatening the lives sions may be, at Dlctograph, LIFE SAFETY comes first! Thatsof loved ones. all part of the Dictograph Difference.Thats where Dlctograph comes ln. Our name has been You work hard to enjoy the good life. We work hard to help yousynonymous with quality in residential security for 35 years. protect 1t. Learn more about the Dictograph Difference. WriteToday, over three quarters of a million families from coast to for our FREE brochure ... What Every Family Should Know ... orcoast enjoy the greater peace of mind thanks to a Dictograph call In MD. (301) 652-1990 in VA. (703) 684-1990 GUARDIAN ALARM SALES, INC. 4850 Rugby Ave, Bethesda, MD 20014 Dossier/November 1981173
  • THE SHAPE OF WASHINGTON ROOM FOR SCOTI continued from page 69 come to spa week to change their shape, firm up and lose weight. Time Only two living senators spent in cutting the food, in eating it, have been honored with is important. It takes a lot of time to having a room In the Senate eat an artichoke." dedicated to them: Mike Obviously, psychology plays a role Mansfield and Hugh Scott, Minority Leader from 1966 in fitness in many ways. "If you exer- to 77. Scott received the cise and leave your mind someplace honor at a ceremony which else, youre not going to get results, included Senators Mathias, says Karen Diamond, who is on the Baker and Heinz, Secretary of Transportation Drew Maryland Commission of Physical Lewis and HHS Secretary Fitness and has nine years in the Schweiker plus Mrs. Scott "shape" business with her Karen and 17 of his relatives. He Diamonds School of Exercise stood beneath a portrait of himself, donated by UVA, (formerly, Figure Factory). His alma mater. These A psychology major and former rooms are in constant de- professional dancer, Diamonds mand by Senators for method incorporates dance training meetings. Scott now prac- with techniques that change body tices law with Barnett and Alagia. (Top, L to R) Rep. habits, such as the Alexander Techni- Marc Marks, D.O. Davies, que, Feldenkrais Method and Dance Sen. Strom Thurmond, Pa. Notation Bureau Effort/Shape Governor Dick Thornburgh, Training. Hugh Scott, and Sen. Heinz. (Bottom, L to R) Rep. The reason most clients come to Joseph McDade, Chinese her studio, says Diamond, is "to Ambassador Zemin Chai change the bodys proportions," and and his interpreter and Sec. because they have back or knee pain of Transportation Lewis. "and they know I can help them," she says unequivocally. This month marks the gala opening of Diamonds new Georgetown studio on Wisconsin Avenue. While the exercise approach is the same, RODIN DINNER therell be a wider variety of pro- grams tailored to specific needs. "Besides the regular schedule," says Diamond, "well have pre and post natal exercise sessions, and separate classes for senior citizens and obese persons who are at least 50 pounds overweight. "If it feels good, do it," seems to be the secret of the success of aerobic dancing. The other secret is that it is convenient. Since Jacki Sorensons Aerobic Dancing began in Annapolis, Maryland, 15 years ago, it has spread to 39 states, with many classes sched- uled into neighborhood schools and countywide recreation departments programs. Trim N Terrific Dancercize, an aerobic program developed by Susan Taylor, is also moving into recreation programs and schools in the area. Taylor, whose dance and drama A Rodin sculpture In the gardens of Woodlawn plantation? suggests former degrees have produced a "showy Senator Orner Hirst (left) to Albert Elson, the art scholar who organized the cur- aerobics program, says that most rent National Gallery exhibit of Rodin sculpture, and to Nancy Hirst, chairman of students come "to look better" and, the Woodlawn Board. The Hlrsts honored Elson at a formal dinner held at the historic Nelly Custis mansion. Candle light, a colonial-costumed harpist and a as instructor Lauren Hatten notes, menu with which Rodin was familiar delighted the 40 guests. "to lose inches." Taylors partner, please turn to page 8274/Dossier/November 1981
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  • continued from page 54 gift, is even more appropriate this year. Precious stones have come back DIAMONDS, into favor, and jewelers are studding large-scale designs with diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds. Also popular this season are strands of DAZZI,E pearls twisted into thick rope neck- laces fastened with large stone-set clasps, available at Pampillonia Jewelers. For artistic elegance, peruse the Tiny Jewel Boxs new gallery of contemporary American jewelry DELICACY which features enamelist Colettes latest creations. Off-beat gift suggestions include a variety of unusual fashion acces- sories. Fine in craftsmanship and de- As purveyors of antique and for your perusal six days a sign is this seasons innovative de- estate jewelry for over half a week. signer costume jewelry, such as Ken century, the collection at the Services also include superior Beguns metallic leafed acrylic and Tiny Jewel Box is quality loose gems, among the largest diamonds, custom· Judith Van Ameringes gem-struck on the East Coast. made pieces and a metallic leathers, available at The The unusual and staff of Graduate Right Stuff. Bold belts, rich in the extraordinary, Gemologists to creativity, are Judith Leibers alli- gracefully conceived conduct appraisals. gator with large sculptural gold buc- and masterfully The Tiny Jewel Box, kle at Lord & Taylor, and Losandro crafted -available is sizeably different. Sarasolas snakeskin with rough cut gemstones available at Cachet. Fine 1143 Connecticut Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C. 393-2747 alligator accessories, all pieces Open Monday-Saturday 9:30-5 pm numbered with a Federal Fish and Wildlife permit, are showcased at Bag Boutique. Manufacturers of Quality Other attractive accessories include Architectural Woodwork the antique sterling conch belt at Since 1950 Polo, Ralph Lauren. Over-sized • Traditional Wood Mantels handwoven mohair, alpaca and me- and Mantel Shelves tallic thread shawls designed by Roz • Entrance Features Harris are available at Saks-Jandel. • Cabinets & Raised And texture-mixed Missoni sweaters Paneling • Pre-Built Wood Stairs can be found at Bloomingdales. I • Custom Millwork Finally for the woman who has everything, surprise her with a top . I • Moldings quality one-of-a-kind work of wear- able art such as Jackie Chalkleys chenile rayon, boucle and silk, hand- w~r 111trrplarr fitantrl §~up. lJnr. woven shawl with dyed turkey feath- ers on a 12 inch fringe. 0 @jQUIRE QHASE, LTD. Largest retail collection of HEREND PORCELAIN dinnerware and figurines in America CYBIS * BOEHM * LLADRO other fine gifts Village Centre • Great Falls, Virginia • 759-289878/Dossier/November 1981
  • AT THE MERIDIAN The feeling of restraint was pervasive. By the time supporters of the 13th an- nual Meridian House Ball had arrived at pre-ball dinners, the normal festive, fund- raising sp irit had given way to a shuddering sense of sor- row. There was no dancing, evening clothes were un- usually understated. Only hours earlier the world s most outspoken proponent of peace was struck down. The somber mood reflected not only grief over the death of Anwar Sadat , but also the loss of a world where insane and despicable acts of ter- rorism were once the excep- tion and the unexpected. Still , the dinners would take place, declared the Meridian Ball Committee. Too Martin Malarkey whose wife Betty co-chaired the much preparation to undo. Meridian House Ball welcomes the new PeruvianTwo dozen embassies had Amb. and Mrs. Fernando Schwalb. prepared elegant meals to preceed the ball , in somecases for guests who wouldnot show up out of respect.Armand Hammer, Occiden-tal s chairman and the even-ings sponsor and ProtocolChief Leonore Annenbergchose not to attend . Those who went on to theball found Mike Carney pro-viding background music tothe subdued atmospherethat gradually began to sub-side as longtime Meridianbenefactor s greeted newlyarrived ambassadors, ad-ministration appointees andcorporate supporters, underthe star-like lights strung onthe beautiful Linden trees.Co-chairmen Betty Malarkey,Sally Parker and Muffet Brockhappily reported that the Bandleader Mike Carney explains the subduedMeridian House cleared more musical evening to Cypriot Amb. and Mrs. Andrewthan $65,000 at the fundraiser. Jacovldes. Newly appointed Arts chairman Frank Hodsell and his wife Mimi were guests at the pre-ball dinner at Portuguese Amb. and Mrs. Vasco Periera s residence, who are putting their stamp on Washington with their sophisticated style. Dossier/November 1981179
  • LITTLE SPROUT, INC. A Childrens Boutique presents and Masterpieces Gift Shop from S. T. Dupont. World famous S. T. Dupont craftsmanship and classic French design SIZES, Infant thru 14 exquisitely finished in rare, authentic Chinese lacquer. Every fountain pen point is 18-karat gold and it requires over 500 steps to create just one lighter. In truth, they are not mere accessories, but works of art. HARBOR PLACE MAIN STORE Baltimore, Md 21202 (301) 547-6655 and CATALOG SALES: 3144 M Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. UXXY1 GEORGETOWN PARK MALL 201-338-5100 Washington, D.C. 2()()(}7 OTHER LOCATIONS: (202) 342-2273 TYSONS CORNER CENTER 193-3366
  • m~e c#Role ~ole of Georgetown COLOMBIAN LEATHER Shop early for the best selections ~ of our lovely gift items. Gift Wrapping and Mailing Service Christmas Cards Table Decor Christmas Ornaments Gifts for Men Oriental Vases Picture Frames Music Boxes Stained Glass Suncatchers Ceramic Centerpieces Sculptures and Paintings 3222 M Street, N.W.-.-..~Located in the new Prospect Place (Just West of Wisconsin Avenue) Washington, D.C. 31.& 2-8010 3222 N Street • 333-3222 the threepenny bit the irish corner the best of "celtic" in the heart of georgetown
  • THE SHAPE ~; OF WASHINGTON continued from page 74 s;~ Carol Rolle, adds a final note on the secret of Dancercize success: "They begin to feel better and the class becomes addictive." If you absolutely hate exercise, then Gloria Marshall Figure Salons, 2323 Wiscons in Ave.,:.. Washington, D.C. 333-7800 like the one at White Flint Mall, is for you . Through some mysterious pro- cess, known only to those who pass FINE ORIENTAL RUGS through the red velvet curtain, they guarantee firming, toning and loss of EXERCISING YOUR PREROGATIVES Bethesda Racquet & Health Club 656-9570 Membership range: $300-$450 + per mo. Chevy Chase Athletic Club 652-4100 An extensive array of exquisite Oriental Rugs from Persia, Full privilege membership: $500 Rumania, Turkey, India, Mghanistan & Egypt one time only plus $50 a month. SALES • APPRAISALS • RESTORING • CLEANING Partial memberships available Byron Exercise Studio 299-5990 1x wk. for 4 wks.-$40; 2x-$72; 3x-$96; 4x-$112. Elodie France International 686-9310 Series of 6 two hr. treatments - $250. Series of 10 - $390. Gloria Marshall Figure Salons 468-1181 Cost based on program time for weight and inch loss specified. Jacki Sorensen Aerobic Dancing 943-4490 2x wk., 24-1 hr. sessions-$52.50. Janice Moore 657-1666 Group Classes (a.m.) 3x wk., per mo.-$45. (p.m.) 8-1 hr. classes-$45. Private classes ad- justed for client goals. Diet counseling, 1x-$40. Karen Diamonds School of Exer- cise Easy Elegance 229-6996 and 2x wk., I mo.-$49.60; 2x wk., 4 Afforadable Chic mos.-$150. Martins Studio 244-9222 LA SHACK Private, h hr.-$15; class lx wk., 5232 44th Street, NW Washington, DC 20015 per mo.: $32. 2x wk., per mo.-$56; 686-5363 4x wk., per mo.-$88; 5x per mo. $100.82/Dossier/November 1981
  • inches and pounds. This "passive"exercise, supervised by morning andevening counselors, is program-med to meet your specific inch andweight loss. Elodie France International alsouses a "passive" process to fight in-ches and pounds. Elodies "envelop- . . . an exceptionalment" technique, called"Parapack," began 50 years ago in selection ofGermany as a medical treatment for fme fabrics & trimsgout, rheumatism and nervousdisorders. In combination with . . . imported wooletlS . . . cashmeresmassage, and a muscle-firming . . . mohairs . . . desig11er silksmachine, "many customers lose one . . . atJtiqtte buttotlS & braids.Regency Racquet Club790-52923 year fitness membership $150 +dues.Saga Club298-8455Annual Membership single, $600;family, $985. Trial, single 3 805 G St. NW, Washington, D.C.mos.-$220. (202) 393-7892 Gallery Place Metro StopSea Spring Spa Week652-69717 days-$700. Sept. 19-26; Oct.10-17.Skyline Racquet & Health Club820-4100Annual Membership for single$425 for health club, $80 for just ......tennis.Slender Shore Spa Week652-69717 days-$535.Somebodies . . f • • t .... . .. ., .. .338-38221 class-$10; 1x wk.-$32; 2x Gifts for evmyone on your Jist,wk.-$45; 4x wk.-$60 mo.; 6xwk.-$80 mo. even those "impossible, ones.Sonia Peterson332-5543Private classes available by recom- A bowl for ~ur wassai...and gasses for toasting.mendation only. Goodies to feed friends...arxl feeders for birds.Sporting Club Trimmings for trees...arxl trees for ~332-5543Private 1 time initiation fee plus Littles to fill stockings and stockings to fill.monthly dues; couple, $600 plus$100 monthly; single male, $450plus $100; single female, $300 plus Santas workshop is reaDy at$50.Trim N Terrific Dancercize365-5441lx wk., 14x-$42; 2x wk., 28x-$84;3x wk., 42x-$105. Mesmeraldas, ltd. 1139 Chain Bric4,e Road , M..:Lean.Va. 221 ))b·-1-N-1 - 01Watergate Health Club298-4460Annual Membership-$600,mos.-$365, 3 mos.-$245,mo.-$95. 6 1 Houn 9:30-6pm Mon.-Sat. Beltway nit 11 McLean • · .J .. . ,,) · ... .J .. .J J , .. .. .•• ....... Dossier/November 1981/83
  • to three pounds in one treatment," says Elodie, who came from her native France to establish an exclusive on Para pack treatments in the U.S. Elodie has been in Friendship Heights for one and a half years. "Nothing works by itself. If you eat like a Crazee we cannot do a miracle," says Elodie. "It is a challenge. You must work at every- thing - diet, exercise, regular treat- ments. Perfection," she adds, "is not an accident!" Fashion designer-consultant, Melody Gilsey claims that once-a- month treatments at Elodie are "the easiest way" to stabilize her weight. And Gilsey, whose caftan designs are sold locally at Neiman Marcus and at Mark Christopher in Hawaii, happily notes, "I dont need a bufferin before tennis anymore because the Parapack wrap also takes care of my tendonitis!" Potomac residents might want to Washingrons superb new GriU Resrauranr. exercise with the Bryon Exercise A !Ouch of aass on "N" Sr., Studio of Potomac. Linda Bryon jusr off Connecticur Avenue. combines calisthenics, yoga and slim- Serlling lunch and dinner. nastics to concentrate on "spot Reservations 393-3000 reducing, toning the body and main- r733 "N" Sr., N.W., Washingron, D.C. 20036 CHAUCERS taining flexibility." Byron began teaching five years ago in the Martins Studio of Spring Valley, still a favorite exercise studio for Spring Valleyites after seven years of opera- discover BUNTON MEANS LEICA! tion. "Swimming is the ultimate exer- cise," notes Susan Alvarado, the vice presidents tennis-playing legislative assistant for congressional relations (and Cosmopolitans girl to watch" in Washington). "For real exercise, says Alvarado, whose tennis game has sent many a Capitol Hill legislator to the showers in humilia- tion, "I swim a mile, or run three or four miles, after tennis. Tennis is just fun for me, not exercise." Celebrating our first year as this areas only Those who share this need for the exclusively LEICA dealership, "ultimate exercise" can satisfy it in Bunton Instrument Company Inc., some terrific lap pools in new area invites you to visit with out specialist at your clubs. The new downtown YWCA has convenience. We stock the entire Leitz line of fine rangefinder and S.L.R. s, Trinovid a beauty and the newly opened Sagll Binoculars, Projectors and Enlargers. Bring Clubs 50-footer is a knockout! Skyline some of your favorite slides or monochrome boasts an olympic pool, the elegant negatives for a trial projection or enlarger Sporting Club, at Tysons Corner, has a demonstration in our unique facility. seven-lane lap pool, and the 25 meter 4927 elm st. Beautiful line of Leica accessory items pool in the impressive new Bethesdll bethesda available for the Leica user. On-site Leica repairs by our Leica mechanic. Racquet & Health Club attracted manY maryland winter swimmers. Televisions Deena By appointment only ...The Ultimate 35mm. 656-8773 BUNTON INSTRUMENT Clark swims in the Watergate pool to COMPANY, INC. keep in shape for heroic swims, like her 615 S. Stonestreet Ave., Rockville, MD 20850 magnificent crossing of the Hellespont (Near New Metro Station) two years ago. parking available 762-5115 Clubs like Bethsda Racquet & Health provide enough exercise op-84/Dossier/November 1981
  • Finally,a dining guide thatsnuggles inside evening bags.Slides into tuxedo pockets.And slips out discreetly for pebetween acts at the theatre. Its Dossiers Indispensable Guide to WashingtonArea Restaurants. Laden with who has the best borscht. Where to find awaiter in a kilt or a gypsy with a violin. And how late its safe tocrave Coquilles St. Jacques on a Thursday night. Simply look for this, the creme de le creme of guides, atyour newsstand. It costs a mere seventy-five cents. And it lets you indulge. Intelligently. For Association and Convention bulk orders call 362-5894. Purse and compact courtesy of Carfinckel s. Lighter courtesy of I.Magnin .
  • tions to please the most demanding jock or Jill. These are classes in aerobics, trimnastics, slimnastics, SILHOUETTE karate and ski conditioning. There is a Dynacam gym, the pool, a running LHOUETTE track, full court basketball, volleyball and badminton and glass-enclosed rac- quetball courts for spectator excite- ment. Everything to make 1,700 members "very comfortable about ex- ercise," says assistant manager John Murphy. UETTE There is also a Bethesda Sports Medicine Clinic at the club, where, UETTE based upon results of your EKG or stress test, you can have prescribed ex- ercise. For the jogger, there is a UETTE podiatrist. The firm that operates the clinic runs seven other area clubs that offer rac- quet ball, tennis and exercise. S HOUETTE The Sporting Club at Tysons Corner offers Nautilus, aerobics, racquet- UNSURPASSED ball, handball, squash, basketball, swimming, sauna, jacuzzi, steam and BOSS JACKET $275/ ZAN ELLA PANTS $135 a jogging track, nursery and two AUJARD JODHPURS $145/ BLOUSE $165 restaurants. All conditioning classes are conducted by "personnel from sports backgrounds," says Ron Watts. There are similar clubs in Denver and Atlanta. And for those who believe that the ballet barre is the "ultimate exercise"Secondhand for great looking legs, Russian ballet dancer-teacher Sonia Peterson con-Rose ducts exclusive exercise classes based on ballet, and concentrating on the .-. legs. Peterson says that though "aware- ness" of the body, women who exer- cise are "sexier," but that, she says,ReaaleSbopfor Women JOI WIGS is a "by-product" of regular exercise. "When you know how to tighten A natural looking way to change muscles to activate a movement, your your hair to the look coordination is better and your body you wish you bad. Go from: Thin to Thick. . . is stronger," which are the main goals Straight to Curly. . .Short to Long of her classes.Dealgner Custom made to fit your needs. Watergate Hotel Health ClubFaablona. Fare You never knew wearing a wig director Dr. Nazari Kangarloo saysand Acceaaorlea could be such a JOI. that members of the posh club are IOOOJo HUMAN HAIR from "official and socialConsignments 100% ~YNTHETIC HAIR Washington" who like the conve-Accepted Dally nience of class exercise, taught nine Mens Hairpieces Custom Made Toupees & Pieces Available times each day.10 am- 4 pm Watergate members "come for aa37-3371 STYLING • COLORING • REPAIRING variety of reasons," says Kangarloo: "Because they want to be in a fitness SPRINGFIELD MALL program. For psychologic reasons-1516 Wisconsin Ave. 922-7177 when you exercise, you forget yourIn Georgetown 7 CORNERS SHOPPING CENTER problems and tensions. For muscle(between P &0) (UPPER LEVEL) tone, endurance, a healthy heart and FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA to shape up." 533-0050 Thats the shape of things in Wash- ington this fall. Whats yours? 0 86/Dossier/November 1981
  • THE GREAT GRAPEFRUIT CAPERTHE CALORIE COUNTERS COUNTER REVOLUTION A 10-POUNDS-OFF 10-DAY HIGH PROTEIN, LOW-CARS SHAPE-UP DIET (THAT ALLOWS MARTINIS!) BY PATTY CAVIN BASIC DIET RULES 1. Start each meal with one-half grapefruit (artificial sweetner allowed) or Marcel Proust, a peripatetic party- glass of unsweetened grapefruit juice. This acts as a catalyst to help goer and toast of the French haute burn fat. monde, once commented in a 2. Stay away from the following foods: fruit (except for grapefruit), milk, misogynist fit of candor . . . that a cream, cheese of any kind, starches (rice, potatos, bread, pastry, pasta woman at age 50 must choose bet- and sugar). The no sugar rule means eliminating sweet soft drinks, Ween saving her face or preserving her highballs mixed with sweet soft drinks, sweet wines. body! 3 You may drink straight spirits- scotch, bourbon, gin, vodka, etc. - Not so in post-Carter Washington · with water, soda or on the rocks. Dry wines are fine, but beer is out. Where cocktails and canapes are once again the accepted Reagan mix for 4. Eat as much as you wish of any kind of meat, fish or vegetable (except after -hour power politics, and starchy corn, lima beans and sweet beets). Salad is okay dressed with restaurant revelry has been revived. olive oil (no corn or peanut oil). Margarine is out, but sweet cream but- Preservation applies to both sexes, ter is permitted in melty heaps. Hollandaise sauce is permitted when and keeping fit is the game plan of made with butter not margarine. even the busiest VIP. 5. No more than one cup of black unsweetened coffee per meal ... and The gymnasium has been reinstated none in between meals. at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The President rides horseback regularly. 6. No snacking in between meals . Eat three square meals a day until you Secretary "Mac" Baldridge flees the feel full. The more food you consume, the better the diet works . Follow Commerce coop on weekends to rope the menu and DO NOT SKIP any single item on it. Its the balance of steers, and the visiting Prime Minister food eaten that takes off pounds. ~~-;-7~~:.--...... of Singapore takes time off between Official talks to swim laps at SAGA Cavanagh on how he had lost pots of Spa in Georgetown. pounds after giving up the weed. The However, ones curves can get out aftermath was direct-mail chaos with of hand between the buffet table and literally thousands of British obese the scale . .. a mini-disaster which writing in for copies . cans for quick and super shrinking After burning up all the fat in Lon- action. don, the Carter/Cavanagh formula Not long ago, Betty Tarr, a long- reportedly crossed the Channel . . . s_temmed California beauty who now slenderized its way thru France and hves in McLean, reported discovery Holland .. . and has now spanned of a smashing high protein, low car- the Atlantic to spin off pounds in ~ohydrate grapefruit diet that prac- Washington. We decided to give it the tically guarantees 10 pounds off in a test ... and can happily report it is fast 10 days. The formula had been quick, sure and satisfying! flown home from Paris by her Whats so great about this diet? Its daughter Pam, a Stanford graduate easy. You dont count calories.l Who, after two years of modeling on Another good point with the holidayi The Continent, had spent the summer gluttony around the corner, is the~ eating up a storm in Sardinia. total lack of worry about "how! Before skinnying off to Beverly much" you eat. Big appetites love it,~ H!Us the now super sleek Pamela ad- as quantity is not the issue. No morel m~tted that the diet had probably turning down dinner invitations!: mtgrated from London where Times Unlike most popular diets, this one~ editor Ernestine Carter interviewed allows, even encourages, gorging~ the formerly portly couturier John please turn to page 93 Dossier/No vember 1981187
  • ... We are pleased to present The Sutton Towers,the spectacular new condominium in exclusive Wesley Heightsnear Washingtons Embassy Row and Glover-Archbold Park. The quality location is matched by the consummate ~~11:1 skill and ingenuity that have been lavished on its design and construc- tion. Sumptuous two-story floorplans and penthouses offer the utmost com- fort, luxury and security, priced from $65,000 to $335,000. Excellent below-market terms. The Sutton Towers is no longer a dream. It is real. And really magnificent. e/ttffut The Maximum Condominium G:r on New Mexico Avenue between Cathedral Be: Nebraska Avenues, N.W. Sales Center Phone 364-0404. Open 11 till6. ~ Builder/Developer: Lawrence N. Brandt, Inc. Brokers invited.
  • Two Galaxies in Bethesda Kenwood Park: Spectacular cathedral ceiling rambler with large beautiful treed lot and stone patio. Office with skylights. Owner financing below market. Fort Sumner: A perfect home on a private cul-de-sac. First floor master bedroom suite, patio and pool. Exciting ;;~;,~~~hm:.t;:;;: Real &tate Properties MOAADEL ~ HOMES FOR SALE IN THE WASHINGTON Inc. Realtors 36,5-2626 METROPOLITAN AREA POTOMAC BURBANK DRIVE LITILE HUNTING CREEK LODGE Thurmont, Maryland Excellent Financing on this beautiful 5 bedroom, 3 V2 bath colo- nial home in one of Potomacs most presti- Located 7 miles from Camp David, this outstanding property with its gious neighborhoods. Beautifully sited on own 2 mi. stocked stream was used continuously by President over 5 wooded acres, this luxurious home Eisenhower. The 383-acre sportsmans paradise, just one hr. from features 2 story entry foyer with circular Washington, boasts superb trout fishing, hunting for deer, wild turkey stairway, 9 ft. ceilings, gourmet kitchen, and grouse, 75-ft. pool, wooded trails, and every amenity for hosting oversized family room, lovely master bed- large gatherings in the country. An ideal conference or club facility room suite, walkout basement and many with beautiful stone main lodge/residence, game house, dining/danc- more amenities too numerous to mention. Offered at the reduced price of $449,000 with ing pavilion, guest houses and complete staff accommodations, all in $200,000 assumable loan at 140Jo . Owner will superb condition. consider second trust. $3,000,000 Brochure# Julie Wye Carolyn Moore -~r-qu~-~-~~-~~-&_ _SothebyS_......;..__w_o_J_7--15-- 983-0736 POTOMAC VILLAGE 229-2600 983-9053 International Realty290> M STREET. N.W. • WASHINGTON. D.C. 20007 • TELEPHONE (202) 298-8405McLean $235,000. COME TO THE CROSSROADS Fine residential properties from a modest $142,000 to a more substantial $750,000+. In Washington, Maryland, and VirginiaBeautiful Orleans Colonial majestically situated on comer lot. This one-owner home has beenmeticulously maintained and decorated. To see, please c.:..:..:..::..::.::..:4 ~Rrv£R : · The Crossroads Call 1 Realty, Ud.538-5350 Eliz&beth C&deU, &rokerHooev. Hargett ••Better&~~~EAUaBe . , HOmese .... Dorothy Spain 10200 RovcrRoad . Putom"c Md. (301) 983-0200 Residence 790-9288 Dossier/November 1981189
  • Alexandria OldTown THE MEADOWS Buy Bank Owns. Will Financethese unusual new townhomes located in the STAFFORD COUNTY ESTATE 5333,000hean of prestigious area. Each one has three Attractively sited on 9 + acres in Fredericksburgs prestigious Boscobel area, this colonial home is an elegantbedrooms, three bathrooms, large deck, private reproduction of Yorktowns Swan Tavern. The 3-story, 13·r~m home ~as 6 fireplaces: ~IS bedr~ms an~ 3patio, fireplace and off-street parking. Plus baths. A great center hall on the main floor leads to a huge family room wtth cathedral ceiling. A skylite Flon_da room adjoins the family room and opens onto the patio/pool area. The well landsca~d pro~ny has a full SIZetotally separate rental unit in each. An excellent tennis court and s outbuildings including a 2-story garage and a gazebo. The pro~ny IS bordenn~ a lovely 7-acreinvestment opportunity. Call today! pond. Convenient to 1-95, this unique home is within 4S minutes of the Washmgton Metropolitan area. Shown by appointment only. Please call Douglas Jennings at his office, metro number 385-9870 tMOUf{!~~;;~-~ALTY I MANARIN 277 S. Washington St. ODLE Alexandria, VA 22314 REALTORS 549-8200 INC. HARPERS FERRY Homebuyers are demanding.:. uncompromtstng... and hafd to plefise. Exciting, 5-level contemporary with over 3200 square feet of living space, beautifully sited on cliffside lot with So is Dennis:Q)urke. spectacular views of Potomac River. As President of Rourke Corporation, builders of custom -crafted Exceptionally well-constructed homes, Dennis demands the finest quality available-both in "Acorn" house features 4 bedrooms, materials and workmanship . He is uncompromising in his standards 2 V2 baths, living-room, deluxe kitchen, of design and detail, and hard to please because he recognizes that dining area, 2-story solarium, family only through such consistent quality control can the Rourke room with hot tub, 2 fireplaces, much Corporation assure todays discriminating buyer a home of enduring more. Within walking distance of elegance and value. Harpers Ferry Historic Area and com- muter trains. An unusual opportunity Discover how easy it is to work with a builder thats hard to at $238,500. Financing available. please. Call Dennis Rourke Corporation at 881-6664. ~ KINGAND W CORNWALL, INC. DENNIS ROURKE REALTORS CORPORATION •Building todays dreams and tomorrows security. Leesburg, VA 703-777-2503 Metro Area 471-5400 (no toll)90/Dossier/November 1981
  • " S0111etimesyfJU have ·to lose the city tOfind the city. Hillandale at Georgetown. Life here is a brisk ten minutes walk from the delights of Georgetown ... yetgently removed from the confusion. On forty-two acres of rolling, wooded countryside across the street from Georgetown University Medical Center, gracious three and four story town- homes and wooded homesites are now being offered for sale by appointment only. Wont you call202/ 333-6600 to see,at your leisure, the country side of city life? Brokers are welcome. HILLANDALE td gf01/!j!!OW11
  • THE EDUCATED PALATE continued from page 12 rants is featured at the Seventeen Eighty Nine, at 1226 36th Street NW. Also on their menu is rabbit in pep- percorn sauce, quail broiled with pep- percorns, roast goose and duck. Although not specialists in game food, several well-known Washing- ton restaurants are planning to dab- ble in wild dishes this season. Specific recipes were not available since chefs are still busily concocting delectable treats to compete with veteran gam· ing eateries. Specializing in bird game, Chalet For more than a place to stay, de Ia Paix at 4506 Lee Highway in the choice is simple. Arlington, features quail, pheasant The Wellington Hotel. and wild duck. 2505 W isconsin A venue, N .W. The Company Inkwell at 4109 Washington, D. C. 20007 Wilson Blvd. in Arlington, will be (202)337-7400 (800)424-4320 serving rabbit, pheasant, venison and quail roasted with seedless grapes. In their plush decor, Henry Africa at 607 King Street in Alexandria, features buffalo, pheasant, wild boar, venison and mallard duck. 0 Dominiques Famous Fish Game and Meat Recipes By Dominique DErmo Washington, D.C.: Acropolis W A S H I N G T 0 N S M 0 S T Books Ltd. 126 pp. $8.95 BEAUTIFUL RESTAURANT This book concentrates on seafood dishes but also includes Dominiques own game recipes as well as his most-often-requested recipes from among his restaurant specialties. For instance, his pro- cedures for making his fish pate, or the sumptuous smoked salmon Featuring the EveiJ; meal is a quiche, are unique, as is the one most exq uisite creanve event French for "Chesapeake Bouillabaisse" Nouvelle Private parties (made with chicken, ham and Cuisine a speCialty shrimp). Classical Piano by Maciej Szymanski Being a sportsman and hunter, Dominique excels in game cookerY and shares recipes he has collected or created throughout the years, including four excellent quail dishes and recipes for pheasant, duck and Canadian goose. There For Reservations Corner of Wisconsin are innovative instructions for call : {202) 338-8753 and Massachusetts preparing stuffings as well, and Avenues across from naturally, he includes a guide to Complimentary National Cathedral venison, wild rabbit and a number Valet Parking of exotic items. To accomodate the fo r Lunch Washington, D.C. non-hunter, he has provided in the and Dinner appendix a list of mail-order sources for game meats. All in all, the book is a valuable addition to any cookbook library.92/Dossier/November 1981
  • THE GREATGRAPEFRUIT CAPERcontinued from page 87 GIVE YOURSELF A LUXURIOUS CHRISTMAS GIFT.yourself at your favorite restaurants.The real trick is to stick to the Leisure-Pedic bedsspecified categories and combinations $300 less than the oneof foods. You are allowed all youwant of meat or fish and vegetables in youve seen on T.V.ratio, the balance burns away fat bysome chemically mystifying process. Push-button relaxation with Leisure- Each meal must be preceded or ac- Pedic. Does wonders for a goodcompanied by half a grapefruit or a night s sleep, or just pamperingsix-oz. glass of unsweetened grape- a weary you . Adjustsfruit juice. Coffee kept to a minimum to any position forof three cups a day (sans cream but reading, watchingwith artificial sweetener). Too much T.V .... even dining.coffee, it seems, upsets your insulin Theyre availablebalance. in twin, full, and Spirited party types will love the queen sizes ...fact that booze is not a "No-No." priced $300 lessYou can drink dry white wine (before than the one youve seen on T.V. On displayor with dinner), plus martinis, scotch, now at Peoples Home Healthbourbon or vodka, but sweet mixers Care Center.and all diet drinks are out. In fact,sugar and all starches are tabu for theWhole 10 days. 1 /) ) One word of warning - dont ex- PEOPLES DRUGPect miracles overnight. Nothing hap- ,J .__, JPens for the first four days. WhenYou commune with your scale on thefifth day, however, you should weigh Completely adjustable w-:.::&imciutaaiai~ Leesburg Pike Plaza, Baileys Crossroads VA • 750-0914Please turn to page 99 THE 10·DAY DIET MENU BREAKFAST: ANTIQUE <Z. CONTEMPORARY One-half grapefruit, two eggs any Furniture LEASING ~ INC. style, two slices bacon. You can eat up leasing to 12 slices of bacon, 12 eggs, but 3401 K Street . N.W.- Rear Entrance (Under the Whitehurst Freeway) amounts must be equal. One cup cof- for Washington . D.C . 20007 fee or tea without milk, cream, or sugar (artificial sweetner is O.K.). the 202-338.0312 LUNCH: discriminating Hours: 9:00-5 :30 Monday-Fnday 10:00-2 :00 Saturday One-half grapefruit. Meat any style, any amount. Natural meat gravy is O.K.; gravy may not be thickened with flour or made with milk. As much salad as you like. One cup black coffee or tea. DINNER: One-half grapefruit. Meat as above. Any amount of a vegetable; salad; one cup black coffee or tea. lws] NOTE: Do Nar SKIP back and forth from this diet to others like the Scarsdale or Wellington .Cimousine SerVice the Pritikin. They do not mix, and S~itching leads to weight gain and EMBASSIES • AIRPORTS • HOTELS • THEATRE • WEDDINGS dtsaster! During your 10 diet days you MULTILINGUAL CHAUFFEURS/24 HOUR SERVICE will, like Nancy, yearn for cheese and MAJOR CREDIT CARDS WELCOME crackers, or worse yet, a yummy chocolate mousse. Forget it! Supress, ~upress. You will not be hungry- but 3122 M STREET, GEORGETOWN 202/965-7 400 tnstead happy with the results! Dossier/November 1981193
  • The Gold Page RUGS Will pay cash for your old rugs. Ap- praisals, cleaning & repairing. Hadeed Oriental Rug Emporium. 1504 Mt. VernonDOSSIERS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENTS Ave., Alexandria, Va. 549-0991.PHONE 362-5894 SERVICES MRS. JACQUELINE ELEGANCE FOR SALE Astrology reader & advisor. Consultant on Nice as New all matters of life such as marriage, love, Fine furs accepted on consignment, also business, etc. One free question by phone. kitchen & bath boutique for resale 4433% She Is located at 6499 Marlboro Pike, Wisconsin Av NW • 362·3141. District Heights, Md. 568-9626. Beautiful fabrics at sensible prices. Basics, notions for dressmaking. Threadneedle THE LANDSCAPE GROUP Street, Potomac Promenade. (Inside mall). ,~, A Design/Build Company 9812 Falls Rd. Potomac. 299-3370. ESCAPES =~ ~ 1979-1980Awards St. Croix, U.S. VIrgin Islands Residential Development Oceanfront condominium rentals ac· comodates four. December 15 • April 15 Steven L. Mackler 2 70-6 721 $875/week. April 15 · December 15 $525/week (703) 278-8444. HARVARD BARTENDERS SOUTH Let us dress up your party. Bartenders & St. Thomas walters. Experienced reliable and attrac· Detached villa, sleeps 4, kitchen, 1Y2 baths, tlve. Reasonable rates. Call CameronThey say we have a love affair with our private deck overlooking ocean 5 mlns from 363-8036 or Andrew 671·7826cars. But you havent the time for blind Mahagony Run Club. $800/week Dec· Aprildates with auto dealers, the mysteries of HOUSEKEEPING 703-548-4515trades, or tire kicking. Domestics, child care full or part time, all GUITAR LESSONS carefully screened; the right person Is Automotive Search Incorporated 7315 Wisconsin Ave Suite 415 North GUITAR LESSONS available for you. Call helpers plus, In Bethesda Maryland 20814 Private students. Folk, rock, classical. (agency) 301 894-7200. 852-0180 Twenty-two years teaching experience. QUEEN OF HEARTSThe cost effective solution to automotive John Benaglla 234-1837 A new singles organization. Write today torpurchasing or leasing. INTERIORS free Information. Queen of Hearts P.O. Box 341881, Bethesda Md 20034 983-1028 BAlLOONS INTERIOR BY AUGUST Residential RESTORATION-CONSERVATION of oil Mr. August-544-2999 paintings & antique fr.ames Creative lnterlora for any budget from just Stephen J. Kniss one window or sofa to entire home Lynda Conservator Collier 953-3165 or 776-3880 356-4315 PETS Delivered In person by our uniformed DOG TRAINING BY BOB MAIDA messenger and mechanical monkey. Recommended by breeders and vets. In Musical performances for all occasions, home problem solving 893-8049 birthdays, anniversaries, business pitch, holidays, etc. Ask about our "BELLY· PIANO TUNING GRAM." Major credit cards accepted. PIANO TUNING & REBUILDING We also buy & sell pianos Call American EASTERN ONION 968-7427 FOR RENT WASHINGTON 984-3200 Flowers, again? Ft. Lauderdale, FLA- Elegant, unfurnlsh· BALTIMORE 792-2050 Why not send /:Jalfoons mstead? w natever the occas1on. call ed apt. for rent In Galt Ocean Mile area. SHUTTERS lor dehver~es or decora ting Oceanfront high-rise. 1·2 yr. lease. EUROPEAN STYLE EXTERIOR SHUTTERS 785-1290 $900/mo. Call 9am-4pm 223-2366; 7-9pm SECURITY- PRIVACY V1SA • ~ASTEACARO • AM EXPRESS 686-0049 ENERGY SAVINGS SERVING CITIES NATIONWIDE BLOCK OUT, ROLLING SHUTTERS Charming, affordable townhouse In North· 703 . 556-9440 BOOKS east Capitol Hill for the young profes·Discover THE BOOK CELLAR for out-of· slonal or an Ideal rental Investment pro· WALL DESIGNSprint books to read & collect. Most subjects party. Renovated, 2 brm, patio, full base-& languages. 8227 Woodmont Ave., ment. Asking $85,000 with assumable TERRIFICBethesda, Md. 854-1898. Open 7 days, 11·5. 10.5% mortgage. Call 965·2223 or even· WALL DESIGNS lngs 547-0187. CAlLIGRAPHY Unquestionably The Best Georgetown new 2 bdr duplex. AExquisitely hand-lettered announcements, prestigious condo-river view Indoor park· Personalized or uniqueInvitations, diplomas, menus. Fortune 500 lng, other amenities Ideal flpln for corp design and installation& State Dept. Clientele. 298·4518 or use. Available Immediately $2000/month37~173. including silk, grass cloth, murals, 881·0558 graphics and foils by ... CATERING SHEN VALLEY, FRONT ROYAL, VA RUNABOUTWashingtons new party service Is the com· 60 ml west of D.C.: Luxurious, furnished 4000 sq. ft., 3 bdr/3 bath, fireplace, Indoor ~ Ju~ne ~plate party planner for your loaded social pool, sauna, wooded Y2 acre, private,schedule. We handle all the details.342·1087. Private parties, banquets, secure, $750/mo. 1·2 yrs lease. Gary Olson, broker Homestead Properties 703 Danielbusiness entertainment. 635-7157 anytime (301) 251-167094/Dossier/November 198/
  • The Ultimate Television Experience ~Tt1EATEI?VISI()IIITomorrows television today. Thats TheaterVision - a giantscreen home video center of Incredible quality andsophistication. TheaterVision: A solid state plus color television receiver. Pre-wired for video recorders, games and cameras as well as stan-dard television. Finely ground optical lenses. And a washablescreen that measures up to five feet from corner to corner. The result: A giant color picture so crisp and clear you can The pioneer of Giant Screen Projection Televisionenjoy it in normal room light. It is truly the ultimate television Headquarters for Giant Screens and Video Equipmentexperience. And now, TheaterVIsion is available from the factory to you.The price: About half of what youd expect to pay for any high TlleaterVIslon, Inc., 671 South Lawn LaneQuality color TV projection system. Rockville, Maryland 20850 For example, the one-piece, completely self-contained model (301) 762-0420with wireless remote control and handsome walnut cabinet is$1,995 with a four-foot screen, and $2,195 with a five-foot For instant information about how easy it Is to have ascreen. Two-piece units with a four-foot screen from $995. screen TheaterVision video system in your home, TheaterVision manufactures a complete range of big screen factory at (301) 762-0420.television systems and all come with full electronic warrantees. U.S. and otherDealer Inquiries Invited.
  • Real Estate Transactions A GUIDE TO AREA PROPERN EXCHANGES WASHINGTON, D.C. 5255 Partridge NW T A CallaghanJr to Richd H Streeter -$425,000 2040 Allen PI NW S E Katz to Jon Walker - $251,000 2623 Conn Av NW B J LongJrTr to Robt I Kling- $308,000 2204 Decatur PI NW D J B Wallis to Donald G Agger -$309,000 5326 Ga Ave A Sonsino to Gholamali Sepehrl -$280,000 1753 Lanier PI NW A W Beckler to Jas W Cohen- $240,000 2327 Porter St NW C G Bisonnette to Jacqueline E Barnett -$280,000 4503-07 Potomac St NW C M B Schatz to Charlotee Levine & EliZ Kisber Trs - $350,000 4827 Sedgewlck St NW B D Clagett to Jas Atwood - $267,500 1616 T St NW KALORAMA H J Thorne to Jorge A Asin & Darlene Meyer - $255,000 5123 Watson St NW M H Leggett to John A. LindsaY -$325,000 2903 44th St NW Govt Sultanate Oman to A Alberto Calvo · $353,500 3701 Conn Av NW 1#232 S E Howard to Scott D Michel -$860,000 1015 33rd St NW The Flour Mill LP to Joy Ames -$325,000 MARYLAND 5200 Cammack Drive, Bethesda J D Vankarnebeek to Wm E Minshall Elegant town residence designed for gracious entertaining. -$520,000 Charming garden, garage . LONG-TERM OWNER FINANCING AT Uo/o 8317 Comanche Court, Bethesda makes this a unique opportunity in this preferred area. C E Hilton & Assoc to Ky P Ewin9 -$339,422 Mrs. Dixon, 338-8138, 362-4480 8010 Cypress Grv Lane, Cabin John MCN-CN Seven Locks Assoc to Yuan· MGMB, inc. Realtors Jye Liu - $248,500 10104 Newhall Road, Potomac Foxhall Square C Hellegers to Herbert L Robinson 3301 New Mexico Ave., N.W. • Washington, D .C. 20016 -$262,000 . 5619 York Lane, Bethesda We sell investments to live in. W H Burnside to Robt M Bruskin -261,00096/Dossier/November 1981
  • it 13616 Cana VIsta Court, Potomac R S Kozlowski to Ralph W Shrader . 305,000 10316 Holly Hill Place, Potomac S Plnchuck to ian M Kramer- 425,000 PIAGETf:tier 10520 Kentsdale Drive, Potomac Jerry Cons! to Patk A Hopp- 416,000 11420 Spur Wheel Lane, Potomac C R Gaus to Michl L Gershon- 339,500 Master Watchmakers and jewellersI IMPORTS ! 6117 Nightshade Court, Rockville Timber Assoc to Nestor C Camlna -250,000 4514 Dorset Avenue, Chevy Chase Dr R A Cohen to Matthew P Fink- 300,000 6405 Walhonding Road, Glen Echo J H Watson Jr to Richd R Brown Jr . 255,000 12211 Drews Court, Potomac F Shannon to Wm V Meyers - 389,000 "An heirloom of the future" 13506 Maldstone Lane, Potomac FROM: Rocky Gorge Commu to Edwin P Cooper TWIN . ........ $169 QUEEN ........ $265 . 266,000 DOUBLE .... .. $225 KING .. ...... .. $249 Headboards available from $129 Lifetime Guarantee 38 styles available . Price includes headboard and footboard with steel reinforced posts , deluxe Kee-Lock !1RG IN~ steel frame with 2" wide locking caster and steel support arms . 1325 Merrie Ridge Road, Mclean 30 I 60 I 90 Day Layaway H B Taliaferro Jr to Hayden 0 McMillian . $350,000 OPEN 7 DAYS 10-6 9104 White Chimney Lane, Great Falls P A Hester to Chas S Lefton . $320,000 301-465-7609 21 6124 Squire Lane, Alexandria Swinks Mill Dev Cp to Jas C Garwood8004 MAIN ST., HISTORIC . , . ~ --· · - . $325,000ELLICOTCITY, MD. ....., ,..- - 10131 Wendover Drive Wendover LP to Cecil J Waylan - $267,570 1401 N Oak Street #902 Weissberg Dev Cp to Jas B Creal - $350,000 1442 Duke Street, Alexandria THE POLO: Electrical Alex Redev Assocs to David .L & Diane F Charney - $650,000 a water resistent 222 Lee Street N quartz Piaget. Contracting M M Reddan Trs to Benj J Kimmell & Jane H Hill - $375,000 136 grams of 18K gold Repairs & Wiring 106 Lee Street 5 carved link-by-link into M A Woods to Chas P Tyson II - $334,000 the most dynamicResidential & Commercial 507 Prince Street, Alexandria W B Adams to Howard H Stahl- $287,000 sports watch 1600 Russell Road, Alexandria ever made. Lighting Fixture Showroom A A Wattles to Robt B Patterson- $295,000 Chandeliers 115 Washington Street N F J L Whitney Trs to Bernadette C Guida Coach Lanterns . $650,000 Fluorescent Fixtures 1077 Spring Hill Road, Mclean Picture Lights Mclean Hms to Raul E Truffat · $277,500 Lamps & Lamp Shades 1221 Motrrom Drive, Mclean S H Hitchcock to Richd A Flye- $280,000 Ceiling Fans 1401 Mclean Mews Court, Mclean R J Shabosky to C Gus Grant - $245,000 7326 Hooking Road, Mclean ,......REED~ Ridge Dev Cp to Dennis F Begley . $287,500 Diamond Brokers • Appraisers ~ 709 Potomac Knolls Drive, Mclean Monday- Saturday 10 to 5:00 ELECTRIC J G Georgelas to Won R Lee - $549,000 L. co. ......,Ill 6716 Whittier Avenue, Mclean 1710 M Street, N.W. Bryn Mawr Ole Pk Assocs to Lewis E Washington, DC 20036 Spangler - $245,000 Established 1949 7429 Dulany Drive, Mclean 202-872-171 0 1611 Wisconsin Ave. , NW Cavalier Abstract Cp to F Neal Hill . $321,700 Washington , DC • 338 •7 521 1229 Aldebaran Drive, Mclean LRW Cp to Peter T Grossi Jr- $260,000 FREE PARKING Park Free On Our Lot Open 9:30 AM to 6 PM 401 Chesapeake Drive, Great Falls Major Credit Cards Accepted Monday thru Saturday .--..~ C M Landes to Abdallah G Dahir- $247,950 9421 Brian Jac Lane, Great Falls D J Person to Marcus E Perry- $265,000 Dossier/November 1981197
  • Fashion 10 - Lord & Taylor fa shion s how for the Women s Committee of the National ym· phonys Decorators Show H ouse, 9:30a .m. at the Chevy Chase store . Calendar 12 - Garfinckels afternoon tea with Madeleine Mono, $ 15 .00, at the F Street store. 12 - Woodward & Lothrop designer informal fas hion show from 1-3 p.m . at Ty o ns Corner. Washington, Chevy Cha c. A GUIDE TO AREA SHOWS 13 - Garfinckels afternoon tea with of bethesda Madeleine Mono, $ 15 .00, a t MontgomerY Mall. 13 - Lord & Taylor fas hion show for the Na· tional Association of Jewi sh Women, by in· vitation only a t the Fa ll Church sto re, 9:30 a.m. 14 - Rose Williams fashion s how and lun· NOVEMBER cheon for Psi Gamma Mu a t th e Int erna ti onal Inn, 12:00 noon, reservation s needed . 14 - Woodward & Lothrop holiday read y-10 Fashion Shows at "219" Restaurant, Alexan - wear fa hion s how at 2:00p.m. at Tysons cor· d ri a. Frankie Welch, Tuesdays and Thursdays ncr, Chevy C hase, Iverson Mall. throughout September, noon -2 p .m. 17 - Garfinckels informal modeling at Col· Slightl y Laced, La Bergerie Restaurant at noon umbia Coun try C lub , 12-2 p .m . Thursdays. 18 - Lord & Taylor fas hion s how for 4 - Fall Fashion Ca ravan by I. Magnin at the Women s ORT, by invitation on ly, 9:30 a.fll · Sheraton Washington Hotel, 6:30 p.m., bene- at the Chevy Chase store. fitt ing Women s Divi sion, tate of Israel 18 - Rose Williams fa shion s how a t Congrcs· Bonds . siona l ou ntry Club, II :30 a.m. 4 - Lord & Taylor fa shion s how for St. 23 - Rose Williams fashion show and (un· Georges Episcopa l Church, 9:30 a.m. at the cheon for th e Women s Board of Providence Falls Church store, by invitation only . H ospita l, Indian Springs Country C lu b at 4 - Rose Williams fa s hion s how and luncheon 12:00 noon . for the Women Club of Chevy Chase, Womens Club clubhouse, 12:00 noon, by in- vitation only. 7 - Bloomingdales informal modeling of Ho liday Collecti ons, 12-3 p .m. at White Flint; 2-5 p .m . at Tysons Corner. 7 - Garfinckels fashion s how and luncheon for LINKS at the Ind ian Spri ngs Country Club, 12:30 p.m ., by invitation only. 7 - Woodward & Lothrop fas hion s how for St. J o hn s College Mother C lub of St. J oh ns College at 12:00 noon . 7 - Genesis fashion s how by Woodward & Lothrop, downtown store from 1-3 p .m. in the Genesis d epartmen t.Beaded and bejeweled dazzler. Chiffon formal available in various colors. Sizes 4-16. By Mike Benet. $400. 8300 WISCONSIN AVE BETHESDA, MARYLAND 654-5146 Monday- Saturday 9:30-6 (left) Model wearing a Miya design fea tured at Cachet Four Sea~ons (above) Valentino Resort Collection mod eled at th e It alia n Embassy98/Dossier/November 1981
  • THE GREAT GRAPEFRUIT CAPER continued from page 93 in three to five pounds lighter. Hang in, and follow the formula up to the magic 10. One can stay with the diet beyond 10 days, but the loss is slightly slower, and approximates one and a half pounds every other day· Do not skip breakfast, lunch or dinner. You must eat three meals a day with no snacking in between. If You get thirsty try a glass of ice water or Perrier. Our spies, especially those who have stopped smoking, report it really1 Works. One White House type who reverted to Godiva chocolates after giving up two packs of Carltons a day says he had chocoholic withdrawal Pangs three days into the plan. Perse- verance and pride won out, and hes now shaved eight of the 18 pound s gained from the Godivas. Real estate tiger Barbara Davy, a Partner in Arnold, Bradley, Sargent, bavy & Chew, started out with guarded enthusiasm, feeling that she simply couldnt face all those damn-1 ed eggs so early in the morning." Six ?" FI Lurlrt<:. S7- :J . For a frcc ·Cy bi s brochure: Squrre Chase, Ltd . 71 r:t~s·L~~9H a. -- • . F. II V Village Ccnm· ??()(i() l Pounds later she purred, "I actually plcasl Wntl or ca ll look forward to my two soft-boileds and bacon!" Nancy Hirst, Chairman of the Board of Woodlawn Planta- ALLAN WOODS1 tion, began her grapefruit regi~e While driving north after wintering m Palm Beach, and happily certifies that "the diet is great for travel, and REPRISE Sponsored by flowers! gifts 2604 Connecticut Avenue N . W . Washington , D.C. 20008 (202) 332-3334 Very easy to stay on. Ive had a few The Jewish Social Service Agency Urges for cheese and crackers, but now I reach for a carrot!" The pretty blonde wife of former Virginia state Consignment and Resale Shop for senator Orner Hirst had lost eight Pounds in nine days (and still with it) Elegant Designer When last seen heading to Cape Cod. Fashions Writer Gwen Gibson, Senator Furs, sportswear, Larry Presslers special aide, slid on dresses, jewelry, anct off the diet, but in spite of her accessories, fine ~ibbling, still nipped five fast pounds childrens •n a week and a half. "I feel and look better " she mused, "and am clothing, etc. ( fascin~ted to find that you lose in all Merchandise the right places." . Received Daily Pisces backgammon champ Dtck Jakopic enroute to Monte Carlo for 7913 Norfolk Avenue the Black & White International Bethesda, Md. tournament trained for the competi- tion by a mixture of jogging and the diet. On one normally high calorie Monday thru Friday 10 AM- 5 PM four day beach weekend, he lost two Pounds by simply "minding my grapefruit and sipping white wine. I For further information call: consumed twice my share, and still Won," he reports. "Who could ask 656-4911 f or anything more?" 0 Dossier/November 1981199
  • Social CalendarTHE FORTHCOMING EVENTS OF THE CIN I f youre planning an event, please call · Maggie Wimsatt at 652-7574 well in advance of publication. We regret that not every aem can be published for reasons of space. However, private parties will be placed on a special list that wtll not appear in this column. Chairmen, Mrs. Delbert A. Fucheu, Mrs . by Gene Donati -Chairman, Miss Mary-S tuart David Rubin Montague PriceNOVEMBER Nov. 7: Second Annual Washington Heart Ball Nov. 28: The Marlboro Hunt Ball - at the -dinner dance with Bill Harrington music -The Marlboro Hunt C lub House - by invitation Maynower- reception, 7 p.m. - dinner, 8 p.m . - sca rlet, if convenient or black tie- Chairman. -black tie - by invitation - $125 each Mrs. MacDonald Myers Nov. 8: Redskins vs. Detroit Lions- Home - I Nov. 28: Army-Navy Football Game Nov. I: Redskins vs. St. Louis Cardinals p.m . - Philadelphia, Pa. - kick off 2 p .m . - Hom e- 4 p .m. Nov. II : Veteran s Day Nov. 29: Brunch and Entertainment benefit of Nov. 3: Junior League Christmas Shop Nov. II : "Democrats for the SOs" fund rais- the Embas y Adoption Program of the Previews -The Maynower - by invitation -Tea ing event - celebrating the 90 birthday of The Women s Committee, Washington Performing from 2:30 to 4:30p.m.- Reception from 6 to 9 Honorable W. Averell Harriman- Washington Arts Society - Mazza Gallerie- II a.m.- by in· p.m. - Chai rman, Mrs. Wallace F. Tillman Hilton Hotel - reception, 7 p.m . - dinner, 8 vitation - Chairmen, Mrs. Eugene Lundgren. Nov. 3: Dinner Dance celebrating the twentieth p.m . - by invitation - $500 each- Dinner Chair- Mrs. William E. Naylor, Jr, anniversary of The American Museum in Bri- man, Mrs. H. Charles Manall - Committee tain - at the British Embassy - $125 each Chairman, Pamela C . Harriman - Hosts, Ambassador of Great Britain and Nov. 13: Sixth Annual Auction benefit of CURTAIN GOING UP Lady Henderson - Chairman, Mrs. Warren J . Stone Ridge Country Day School - for the Cox Development and Scholarship Fund HERE COME THE HOLIDAYS! ... A feW Nov. 3: Gala Ball benefit of The National - Shoreham Hotel - silent auction, cocktails, highlights for November, a spectacular month Jewish Hospital / National Asthma Center at Diplomat Room, 6 p.m. -dinner, live auction, for Washington s performing arts. At the Ken· Denver, Colorado - dinner dance with Gene Ambassador Room, 8 p.m. - by reservation nedy Centers Opera Hou se, Washington Donati music - Washington Hilton Hotel Director, Mrs. Julian A. Gillespie, Jr. Opera presents La Boheme, Nov. 7,9,11,15.- reception 6:30 - dinner, 7:30 - black tie - by Nov. 14: A Day at the Races- ARCS Founda- 20 ... The Magic Flute (Houston Grand invitation - $300 a couple - Guest of Honor, tion , In c. - Laurel Race Track, Laurel, Md . Operas brand-new production, in English),Joseph H. Riley- General Chairman, Howard - lunch in the Turf Club - by invitation Nov. 18 ,21,23,27,29 .. . and Macbeth , NoV-Michnick - members and guests- post time 12:30 p.m. 13,16,22,25,28 ... The Concert Hall opens Nov. 4, 5 and 6: Twenty-Third Annual Junior Nov. 14: Twenty First Annual Tiara Ball- din- the month with the Oratorio Society of League of Washington Christmas Shop - The ner dance - Sheraton Washington Hotel - to Washington (cond. by Robert Shafer) andMaynower - open to public - admission $3 benefit Community Trust Fund of the Service Monteverdis Vespers of 1610 (Nov. I, 2prn)donation - Nov . 4 & 5, 10 a.m. to 8:30 p.m . League of Northern Virginia - 7:30 p.m . ... Beverly Sills Gala Tribute to George-Nov. 6, 10 a.m . 10 4 p.m. - Chairman, Mrs. - black tie - by invitation - $ 130 a coup le - London stars Evelyn Lear, James McCracken.Daniel F. Collins Chairman, Mrs . Donald W . Harper Cesare Siepi, Dame Joan Sutherland, ShirleYNov. 4: "Community Night" at the Junior Nov. IS : The Marlboro Hunt Bowl - at the Verrett and Others! (Nov . 4) ... Muti and thCLeague Christmas Shop - The Maynower - by Marlboro Hunt Club House- II a.m. - mem- Philadelphia Orchestra bring Isaac Stern ininvitation - 6 to 8:30 p.m. - Chairman, Mrs. bers and guests by invitation - Honorable recital, Nov. 8 (7 :30pm) ... Rostropovich andJohn Berry, Ill Masters, M .H. Alfred H . Smith, Jr., Harry R. the NSO play All Tchaikovsky (Nov . 10,12Nov. 4: Gala Tribute to George London - con- Smith - Honorable Secretary, M . H . Mrs. 13) ... and WPAS presents Andre Previn andcert at 8:30 p.m., Concert Hall, Kennedy James Cawood the Pinsburgh Symphony with Yo Yo Ma, solOCenter- by invitation- followed by a "Califor- Nov. 16: Juveni le Diabetes Foundations ce llist (Nov . 2 1) and pianist Rudolf Serkin innia Garden Party," Blue Room Shoreham "Promise Ball"- by invitation- $400 a couple recital (Nov. 29,7:30) ... and The EisenhowerHotel for boxholders only - Chairmen, - Hotel Pierre, New York City hosts B-way-bound Kingdoms with Ro~Christine F. Hunter, William McC. Blair, Jr . Nov. 18: The 1982 Washington Antiques Show Dotrice and Armand Assante, until NoV·Nov. 4, 5 and 6: Junior League Christmas Committee - meeting - 10 a.m. - at th e 29 ... Until Nov. 15, The Warner hostsShop Luncheons with showing of Jaeger Inter- residence of Mrs. A . Smith Bowman - for co m- Apollo - Just Like Magic directed /c horeo·national Spring Fashions- the Maynower - 12 millee members only- Chairmen, Mrs . William graphed by George Faiso n of Wiz fame . · dnoon - by reservation - $26 each - Reservations J. Curtin, Mrs . James G . Mersereau - At Arena Stage, Shaws provocative (allChairman, Mrs. Theodore H . Boinis Nov. 21 and 22 : "The World in Miniature" a lmost con temporary!) Major Barbara plaYsNov. 5: "Monte Carlo Night" at the Junior - Fifth Annual Doll House Show sponsored by until Nov . 22, and A Lesson from Aloes, bYLeague Christmas Shop - 8 p.m. to midnight the Montgomery County Historical Society Fugard, is in the Kreeger from Nov . 6 10 DeC·- The Maynower - Buffet and "Gambling" -by -Rockville Civic Center Man ion - noon to 5 20 ... The Dumbarton Concert Series (3133reservation - $75 a couple - Chairman, Mrs . p.m . -admission $2- proceeds to be used for Dumbanon Ave. NW) presents Classical JatLGeoffrey J . Vitt futher restoration of Beall - Dawson House -Evelyn Swarthout, Bryant Hayes & FriendSNov. 7: The Washington D.C. International -Chairman, Mrs. Alben Brunell (Nov. 13, Spm) ... Paul Callaway conduC~ 1- Laurel Race Course, Laurel, Maryland Nov. 25 : Thanksgiv ing Eve Ball benefit of New the Cathedral Choral Society (with childrenNov. 7 : Danish Club of Washington Annual York Junior League Community Service Trust choru , NSO players, soloi ts) in MahlerChristmas Bazaar - sponsored by the Royal Fund - dinner dance - by invitation - Plaza Symphony Of A Thousand (Nov. 14, at SpfllDanish Embassy- Church of the Little Flower, Hotel, New York City and Nov. 14 at 4pm) .. . Until Dec. 12, JuliU5607 Massachusetts A ve. NW - II a.m. to 3 Nov. 26: Thanksgiving Day Caesar at the Folger Theater, and the Folgerp.m. - no admission - Chairmen, Mrs. J . Nov. 27: Thirty-Second Anniversary National Consort plays He, Trez Doulz Rossignol in thPedersen , Mrs . Rita Han sen Debutante Cotillion and Thanksgiv ing Ball of Great Hall (Nov. 15 at 8:15; Nov. 16 at 5:30!Nov. 7: Fashion Show benefit - the Childrens Washington - benefit of Childrens Hospital and in the Elizabethan Theatre (Nov. 17, 5:30.Hospital of Lima, Peru - at 2 p.m. -The Em- National Medical Center - Washington Hilton 8:30) ... And, right into spring, Evita oc·bassy of Peru - by invitation - $20 each - Hotel - 9 p.m. - white tie - by invitation- music cupies the National.100/Dossier/November 1981
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