Tech Tools to Transform Your Events


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BizBash and Eventbrite presented the second webinar from the “Event Education Series: Tech Tools to Transform Your Events”. This free webinar presented clear strategies and tactics on how to leverage trends in event technology.

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Tech Tools to Transform Your Events

  1. 1. Tech Tools to Transform Your Events#SmarterEvents@BizBashLive@Eventbrite
  2. 2. Meet the SpeakersRichard AaronPresident, BizBash! BenishEvent Producer,!Mitch ColleranPartnership / @Colleran!#SmarterEvents2!
  3. 3. Secon!1!–!Tech!Trends!Q!&!A!1!Secon!2!–!Tech!Tools! 2!4!Q&A! 3!#SmarterEvents3!
  4. 4. Taking Advantageof Broader Trends!  Mobile!•  Everyone has smart phones, but how should they be usedto your advantage? !!  Hardware Improvements!•  With iPads, Phablets, and $100 devices with more powerthan the Apollo Lunar Module, devices can do much morethan ever before, but where does one start? !!  Connected Platforms and Open APIs!!  If I told you this means less fiddling with spreadsheets,CSVs, and manual imports, would I have your attention?!!#SmarterEvents 4!
  5. 5. The Mobile Trend!  Trend!•  We’re all walking around with mini computers in our pockets.Attendees and organizers are already using these devices toreceive information from their networks, general news, and more. !!  Impact!•  It has never been easier to provide attendees with the informationthey need at their finger tips. !!  What is being replaced!•  Paper brochures, posted signs, PDF attachments to emails, lastminute trips to the printer. !#SmarterEvents5!
  6. 6. Mobile Trend RecommendationTapCanvas!•  An easy way to set up an HTML mobileapp!•  Freemium product – only pay for high-end features!•  Accessible on any smartphone platformimmediately (no app store approval)!•  Easy to use set-up widget!#SmarterEvents6!
  7. 7. Hardware Improvements!  Trend!•  Hardware technology is constantly becoming more advancedand cheaper (thanks to Moore’s Law). !!  Impact!•  With improvements to widely available hardware devices,companies are replacing specialized hardware with thesedevices. !!  What is being replaced!•  Point of sales, badge/ticket scanners, lead retrieval hardware,business cards, etc.!#SmarterEvents 7!
  8. 8. Hardware Trend Recommendations•  Square!!  Turns any Android or iOS device into a creditcard processor with a ‘swiper’ that connects tothe audio jack!•  Eventbrite’s At The Door!!  Turns an iPad into a Box Office replacementfor ticketing and registration!!  Automatically syncs with your Eventbriteaccount!#SmarterEvents 8!
  9. 9. Hardware Trend Recommendations•  Qrious!!  Allows trade show vendors andattendees to swap information via QRcode scanning!!  Uses iOS and Android devices !•  Eventbrite’s Entry Manager!!  Turns any Android or iOS device intoa digital guest list or ticket scanner!!  Syncs with Eventbrite account andother connected devices!#SmarterEvents 9!
  10. 10. Connected Platforms and APIs•  Trend!!  Companies are releasing open APIs (ApplicationProgramming Interfaces), so that software vendorscan easily integrate data!•  Impact!!  Users’ data is less likely to be stuck on one platformmaking it easier for different services to worktogether !•  What is being replaced!!  Spreadsheets, CSVs, and manual importing/exporting of data!#SmarterEvents 10!
  11. 11. Connected Platform Recommendation•  The Salesforce Platform !!  Salesforce has over 1800 integrations with independent softwarevendors!!!•  The Eventbrite Platform !!  Eventbrite has over 50 integrations with independent softwareservices!!  MailChimp + Eventbrite: Allows you to export attendees into emailrecipient list. !!  SurveyMonkey + Eventbrite: Allows you to send surveys to attendeesafter an event!!  Paperless Post + Eventbrite: Allows you to integrate ticketing into yourinvitation!!  Pardot + Eventbrite: Allows you track and import attendees into yourmarketing analytics.!#SmarterEvents 11!
  12. 12. Connected Platform Recommendation!  Zapier allows users to connect two independent APIs!!  Offers end points for over 190 different web services (includingEventbrite)!!  In a sense, it plays “middle-man” for services that don’t haveofficial integrations!!#SmarterEvents 12!
  13. 13. Taking Advantageof Broader Trends!  Mobile!•  Services are being re-engineered to advantages of mobiledevices (constant accessibility, location awareness,integrated camera, etc) !!  Hardware Improvements!•  General consumer hardware is replacing specializedbusiness hardware as it becomes more powerful, cheaper,and ubiquitous. !!  Connected Platforms and Open APIs!!  Connected platforms and Open APIs means that you caneasily transfer data between integrated services. !!#SmarterEvents 13!
  14. 14. Secon!2!–!Tech!Tools!Q!&!A!Secon!1!–!Tech!Trends! 1!2!4!Q&A! 3!#SmarterEvents14!
  15. 15. Barco ClickshareClickShare makes connecting to the meeting room’s video systema matter of clicking a button. This one-click wonder not only helpsthe presenter get the presentation on-screen in a second, but italso allows other people in the meeting to actively participate. !#SmarterEvents15!
  16. 16. PreziPrezi is a virtual whiteboard that transforms presentationsfrom monologues into conversations: enabling people tosee, understand, and remember ideas. !!#SmarterEvents 16!
  17. 17. Apple TVUsing Apple TV, presenters can wirelesslypresent from an iPad or iPhone.!#SmarterEvents 17!
  18. 18. Cisco AppSpace!!With Cisco AppSpace, users can easily createcontent layouts for interactive digital signage 
and mobile devices.!#SmarterEvents 18!
  19. 19. Next Window Profile TouchTouch screen overlay for most sizes of plasma screens.!#SmarterEvents 19!
  20. 20. TouchcodeTouchcode is an invisible electronic code printed on paper,cardboard, film or labels. Just put the product on the display ofyour smartphone/tablet/multi-touch device to read the data.!#SmarterEvents 20!
  21. 21. Open ExchangeSecure, web-based, multiuser videoconferencing with document sharing.!#SmarterEvents 21!
  22. 22. LogMeInRemote control, file sharing, systems management, databackup, business collaboration and on-demandcustomer support of PCs, servers, Macintoshcomputers, smart phones, and other connected devices.!#SmarterEvents 22!
  23. 23. Turning Technologies ARSAudience Response System that uses acombination of keypads and web-based technology.!#SmarterEvents 23!
  24. 24. Google GlassThey are not fully released yet, but the applications forevents seem almost limitless.!#SmarterEvents 24!
  25. 25. Casio Digital SignageInteractive signage with touch-screen technology.!#SmarterEvents 25!
  26. 26. 3-D Video MappingTransforms!a!building!into!a!3ED!experience.!#SmarterEvents 26!
  27. 27. Transparent LCD ScreenLCD screen that is either opaque or transparent 
depending on the content. !#SmarterEvents 27!
  28. 28. Gesture TechnologyUsing “Kinect” gesture technology to present, or for digital signage.!#SmarterEvents 28!
  29. 29. 3-D Printing3-D printing used for personalized giveaways at events. !#SmarterEvents 29!
  30. 30. RFIDA wireless system that transfers data from a tag containingelectronically stored information, which can be read fromup to several yards away.!#SmarterEvents 30!
  31. 31. More Tech Tools to Consider!#SmarterEvents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!31!
  32. 32. Q!&!A!Secon!1!–!Tech!Trends! 1!2!3!Secon!2!–!Tech!Tools!#SmarterEvents32!
  33. 33. YourTurn!#SmarterEvents33!
  34. 34. Thank you for Joining Us!Mark Your Calendar!May 30, 2013 
2 p.m. EDT !!The IT Couple:!Social Media and SEO to 
Grow Your Events.!!!! 34!
  35. 35. Richard Aaron, President, @BizBashLiveJeff Benish, Event Producer, Mitch Colleran, Partnership Manager, @EventBriteContact Us!#SmarterEvents 35!