Sponsorship Secrets: What Every Event Organizer Needs to Know


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BizBash, Eventbrite and SponsorHub are excited to present the first webinar of this 3-part webinar series, "Sponsorship Secrets: What Every Event Organizer Needs to Know". During this free online event we'll introduce clear strategies and tactics on how to deliver more value to your event sponsors and ultimately generate more revenue from your events.

Specifically, we will cover:

* What sponsors want and how to negotiate a win-win agreement
* Experimental marketing and how you fit in
* The differences and similarities between B2B vs. B2C sponsorships
* How the talent at your event affects sponsorships
* Various sponsorship technologies and how to improve the RFP process
* Understanding category exclusivity

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Sponsorship Secrets: What Every Event Organizer Needs to Know

  1. 1. What Every EventOrganizer Needs toKnowSponsorship Secrets:
  2. 2. Knowledge is Power!Our Goal is to Share Best Practices.A Smarter Event Is a More RelevantEvent.
  3. 3. Meet Your SpeakersMeganBuellMarketing ManagerEventbriteandrew@sponsorhub.comAndrewReidCTO,Co-FounderSponsorHubmeganb@eventbrite.comSethBermanVP of StrategicMarketingRichemontSeth@richmontla.com@BizBashLive@Eventbrite@SponsorHub#SmarterEvents
  4. 4. Biggest Mistakes Event Organizers MakeQ & AWhy Sponsorship is Hot5AgendaWhat Sponsors are Looking For Now
  5. 5. The Good News“Sponsorship has a growth ratethat surpasses all other forms ofmedia, except for Internet andmobile.”- Veronis Suhler 2011 Industry Forecast
  6. 6. The Bad News“Sponsor prospects have more partnershipoptions than ever before and are choosingmore wisely.” - IEG 2011, Growing Up: The Evolution of AssociationSponsorships
  7. 7. Sports – 68%Entertainment – 10%Festivals – 5%Causes – 9%Arts – 5%Associations – 3%Sponsorships are Growing
  8. 8. Face-to-Face Is No Longer a ‘Nice-to-Have’ but a Must Have!It Really WorksPromotesTrustForcesDeadlinesImmediateActionIt’s proven that face-to-face interactions releasechemicals in the brain called isotocin, which create asense of trust that establishes loyalty.The fact that a brand decides to sponsor an eventcreates the energy that mobilizes an organization toact (it’s hard to be lazy with a deadline).Actually talking to your customer will encourage anaction or an emotional response that can bemeasured.
  9. 9. Problem:)Consumers)are)Tuning)Out5For Marketers:It’s Difficult to CutThrough the Clutter…Customers Tune Out.
  10. 10. To Get New Leads, Sponsors Use Many of the Tactics BelowWhy Companies Sponsor?ProductPlacementNamingRights andLocationsGeneralProductAwarenessHospitalityOpportunitiesSocialMediaBuzzSpeakingProductSamplingPR andWord ofMouth
  11. 11. Two Main Types of SponsorshipsOverlapSocial(Media(BuzzProduct(PlacementSamplingMedia(ValueB2BSpeaking OpportunitiesHospitalityB2CBranding/PRNaming RightsAwareness
  12. 12. What Sponsors are Looking For NowBiggest Mistakes Event Organizers MakeQ & AWhy Sponsorship is HotAgenda
  13. 13. • #1 sponsorship aggregator globally• 20% of the world’s sponsors use SponsorHub• Over 75,000 sponsorship opportunitiesaggregated, scored• Created industry’s first scoring algorithm• First sponsorship platform• Robust RFP tools
  14. 14. 1. Compelling ContentProctor & Gamble created a mom-focusedcampaign with an activation in the form of a65,000 sq. ft. “home away from home” for themothers of competing athletes.
  15. 15. 2. Broad DistributionAmplified exponentially with a “long-tail” bystrategic partnering. Spotify leveraged a localbus tour to hear local talent, releasedexclusively on Yahoo.
  16. 16. 3. Fast, Reliable Wi-FiNo Wi-Fi.No Measurable Interaction.No Sponsor.
  17. 17. 4. Nonprofit Tie-InsPairing with causes helps CSR programs.Connecting brands into a cause on a longerterm basis is more powerful than ever.
  18. 18. 5. Control Over Intellectual PropertyAmbush marketing is the latest danger. Guerrillaor other piggyback marketing diminishes value.
  19. 19. 6. Accessibility to a Wide AudienceNiche audiences with strong additional word ofmouth exposure extends messages via influencers.
  20. 20. 7. Authentic, Experiential ProgrammingForget logos, it’s all about experiencing the brandas consumers outside the event.
  21. 21. 8. Mark-Up For PassionMetrics achieved through sponsorship aremore potent than when they come throughother channels, because fans, attendees, andsupporters are passionate.ThinkOutside theStadiumPassionsareFragmented
  22. 22. 9. 2x Longer EngagementThrough Twitter + PassionSponsorship
  23. 23. 10. Accepted MeasurementsMetrics That Equate Directly toSponsorship $$!!Tradi5onal:TV(ra8ng(pointsArbitron(radio(listenersSales(leadsDigital:Unique(usersClicksOpen(ratesConversionsVideo(viewsSocial:Klout/KredFollowersLikesRetweets
  24. 24. Not)necessarily)keynote)address:)Deliver)the)audience)TheyLove to Payto SpeakSponsor Hot Buttons
  25. 25. They Loveto Carve OutUniqueExperiencesSponsor Hot Buttons• Be)crea5ve)with)carve@outs)for)VIPs• Be)as)targeted)as)possible• Create)one@on@one)interac5ons
  26. 26. They LoveProductPlacement andSamplingSponsor Hot ButtonsCritical List of Must Haves• Loca%on,(loca%on,(loca%on• Staff(carefully• Track(everything:• Engagements• Samples(distributed• Qualita%ve(comments
  27. 27. SponsorHub TipsThinkNaming Rightsfor Your OwnEvents
  28. 28. SponsorHub TipsIncorporateSponsorshipDeeply Into YourPrograming
  30. 30. SponsorHub TipsOffer hospitality tokey B2C clients todraw them onsite
  31. 31. SponsorHub TipsWhen planningsponsorship fees,allocate budget forresearch, data, andmeasurement
  32. 32. SponsorHub Tips✓Get Credit For Social Media Buzz
  33. 33. SponsorHub Tips✓Understand “Brand Amplification”Friends of Fans Buy Products
  34. 34. Measureawarenessefforts, even ifapproximate✓Registration Stats✓Web Site Views✓Attendee Surveys✓Sponsor Surveys✓Staff Feedback✓Social Media ResultsSponsorHub TipsImportant(Tip:(Don’t(fudge(the(demographics
  35. 35. SponsorHub TipsMajorEventsSXSW, LeWeb,sports franchises alsohave significant pricingpowerLocal events with a small but oftendevoted group of attendees have littlepricing powerThe PricingCloutPyramidMarket LeaderSignificant PowerWild West
  36. 36. SponsorHub Tips✓Know Your SponsorHub Score“SponsorHub helps us identifythe best sponsorships to fit ourmarketing goals and providesawesome analytics to measureROI.”( ( ( ( (N(Sanjay(Gopal,(Enterprise(Sales(Director,(Sprint
  37. 37. SponsorHub TipsUnderstand the Language of ActivationsSome Brands Spend Moneyon Creative Solutions toEnhance Events but don’t Payfor Sponsorship
  38. 38. What Sponsors are Looking For NowBiggest Mistakes Event Organizers MakeQ & AWhy Sponsorship is HotAgenda
  39. 39. Why Proposals Fail?Relevance Your proposal doesn’t address the concerns or goals of theproposed sponsor and is not adequately prepared.Any significant proposal is hard to sell if you are talking to thewrong person or you have no relationship with the company.Persistence counts–keep trying.ROIBy understanding how a sponsor perceives success, an eventorganizer will have a better sense of how to present a case forROI.Sell-inCommunicate to sponsor’s internal audience making it easy to“buy in.”TimingThey love the idea but they can’t execute. Last minuteproposals are a waste of time unless it is the “Idea of theCentury.”Ask Make sure that the sponsor knows exactly what your ask is.Leave nothing to the imagination.123456Relationship
  40. 40. The Gut CheckReality Can you hit the goals that you promise in your proposal?Do you have the right people in place to pull off what waspromised?PricingIs the program fairly priced for the sponsor? Will you covercosts and make a profit?ExclusivityIf you promise one thing to one sponsor will you causeproblems with others?Scalability Can you replicate the program across multiple platforms andsponsors?Risks Have you mitigated the risks that may come up during theexecution phase?123456Team
  41. 41. Starting a ProgramWhat? How will you monetize your event? What is worth selling?How do I find my sponsors? Who should do the selling?How Much? What should I charge?When? How much lead time do I need?Help? Where do I go to get help on answering these questions?Why? Is your sponsorship program created for the right reasons?123456Who?
  42. 42. What Sponsors are Looking For NowBiggest Mistakes Event Organizers MakeQ & AWhy Sponsorship is HotAgenda
  43. 43. YourTurn
  44. 44. Mark Your CalendarThursday, April 25, 2013 2 p.m. EDTbizbash.com/webinarsHowtoChooseTheRightEventTechnologyForSmarterEvents?➡ The Latest in Marketing,Invitations, Ticketing andRegistration➡ Work Flow, Managementand Productivity➡ Event Apps and ConnectorsA Planners View
  45. 45. Andrew ReidCTO/Co-Founder, SponsorhubContact UsAndrew@sponsorhub.comMegan BuellEventbrite, Lead Generation ManagerMeganb@eventbrite.comDavid AdlerC.E.O. and Founder, BizBashDadler@bizbash.com@BizBashLive@Eventbrite@SponsorHub#SmarterEventsbizbash.com/webinars