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November 1979 Washington Dossier
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November 1979 Washington Dossier


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Washington Dossier was the society magazine for the nation's capital from 1975-1991. David Adler, current CEO of BizBash ( was the co-founder and President …

Washington Dossier was the society magazine for the nation's capital from 1975-1991. David Adler, current CEO of BizBash ( was the co-founder and President

This issue features Democratic Rainmaker Esther Coopersmith when she served in the UN under President Carter.

Published in: News & Politics, Travel, Business
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  • 2. Dear Washingtonian; As the new owner and manager of the Hay~ Adam , let me extend my greetings and invite you to vi it our hotel and dining room. Until recently I served as Vice Chairman of the French company that operates three of Europe,s most dis~ tinguished hotels: Le Meudce, LeGrand and Le Prince de Galles in Paris, plus the world famous Cafe de la Paix restaurant. My family and I have now come to live in Washington. We feel this city-and The Hay~Adams-perfectly combine the finest American traditions with the elegance and beauty we knew and enjoyed in Europe. We look forward to our life here and to maintaining the 52~year tradition of The Hay~ Adams, as the premier hotel and dining room in the nation,s capital. I intend to apply the high standards of European luxury to The Hay~ Adams. In this dedication, I am joined by my wife, Danielle. Together we will per~ sonally supervise every aspect of operations and service- for your total comfort. Your patronage is deeply appreciated. We trust that our efforts to assure your satisfaction will meet with your approval. Sincerely, Georges and Danielle Masse At 16th and H rreet , N.W. Wa hingron, D.C. 20006 Tel. 63 ~2260
  • 3. 2501Elite. In recent years that word has taken style rubber floors, microwave ovens andon a negative connotation. Some seem to digital dishwashers you can set like anthink it is synonymous with snobbish. alarm clock. Washer-dryers, of course. Actually, according to the dictionary, Chrome fixtures throughout, with lines soelite means simply the very best. clean they take your breath away. And elite is the only word to describe the Many of the condominiums have fire-38 new penthouse condominiums at 2501 M places, and several open onto terraces.Street. They are, quite frankly, elite. They Residents and their guests enter aare in West End bordering on Georgetown; hushed, private lobby and reach the pent-this has become one of the most desirable houses via a high-speed elevator (separateneighborhoods of Washington. They overlook from the one used for the offices). A door-Rock Creek Park, Pennsylvania Avenue and man is on duty, and underground parkingGeorgetown, and they offer one of the most has been allotted for each condominium.stunning panoramas of any residence in the In this case, elite means somewhatcity. The architect-Vlastimil Koubek of expensive. The condominiums at 2501 MInternational Square fame-is considered by range in price from $92,500 to $235,500.many to be unsurpassed in his field. (However, financing is available, and those N The condominiums at 2501 M are beau- interested in investment should keep intifully situated in the three floors above mind that real estate prices in Washingtonfive levels of prestige offices. The offering are among the fastest rising in the countryincludes handsome studios and and those in this area escalatelavish one-bedroom suites. as well faster than anywhere else inas spectacular two-bedroom, two- Washington.)story homes. Elite also means limited to a Standard features in these very few. There cannot be more~~~~~;in~~~~~~~rf::sce- EUTIS~ will never again ;~e~~up to 1700 square feet ~a~t~~t b~~~~~s~t be-and huge windows condominiums built at 0;~~~ ~~~~r~~~~ B~~~ 6-foot ~h~~e~d~~:~~ ~~er~o~d~Jacuzzi whirlpool tubs. Twenty- JUS~ miniums like this anywhere.four-hour televised security sys- Sales by Burr, Morris andterns. Fabulously equipped St. Pardoe, Inc.Charles kitchens with European- (301) 657-2000. PENTHOUSE EUTE CONDOMINIUMS
  • 4. WASfiiNGTOJ My grandmother had a difficult early life which included a failed marriage and many years of struggle... " Henry Strong, president of the Hattie B. Strong Foundation, founded 1928 FEATURES 20 Washingtons Philanthropists by Anne AUen Giving away money with style 24 Esther Coopersmith Goes International by Dorothy Marks Democrats Fabulous Fundraiser at the U.N. 52 Gifts: A Special Holiday Wrap-up by Bette Taylor Luxurious or practical: Has Dossier got gift ideas for you! DEPARTMENTS Sapphire & Diamond Cluster Ring 4 Commentary Jonestown one year later and the new Dr. 18 carat yellow gold 7 Round Sapphires Wt. 1.28 ct. Logans 8 Round Diamonds Wt. .78 ct. 7 Annabelles Dossier File $2 , 100 9 Art and Artists by Viola Drath Another fresh start for the ageless Bader 15 Footnotes by Sonia and Warren Adler Henry the K sends his regrets 29 Along Party Lines Dancing Darth Vaders; a mad tea party 66 Books by Neighbors Ruth Montgomerys "watk-ins" 70 Real Estate TransactionsNavy Sec. Hidalgo, Frances 80 Fashion AgendaBreathitt twirl for Travelers Aid 82 Social Calendar by Maggie Wimsatt COVER STORY "When I was 17, I decided money and money-raising Emerald & Diamond Ring were where the power is." Esther Coopersmith (at left 18 carat yellow gold with Vice President Walter Mondale), known for years 1 Oval Emerald Wt. .29 ct. as the Democrats pull-out-all-the-stops fundraiser, 8 Rou nd Diamond Wt. .28 ct. recently took on a $2 million project with Mrs. Jehan $1,375 Sadat to renovate the Cairo museum. That helped catapult her into the plum appointment of "public member" of this countrys U.N. delegation . On th.e cover, she wears an ancient Israeli coin, given her by an Israeli official, and a scarab, a gift of Mrs. Sadat. (Cover photo by Fred Ward/Black Star; hair by Phil Gravels; make up by Susan Hauser) Copyright 1979 Adler/ International, Ltd . Dossier/November 1979/3
  • 5. Publisher COVMENTARY David A. Adler Edilor Sonia Adler Associale Edilor In the 1790s, when America was still a their basic idea was profoundly Sharon Congdon babe in swaddling clothes, a certain Dr. sensible. Assislanl lo lhe Edilor Logan traveled to Paris and began to But the fact is that we trek to the polls Lee Kirs1ein negotiate with the French government, every four years to choose someone to passing himself off as an official represent us in our foreign dealings and nesign Co nsullanl Andrew Bornslein representative of our fledgling nation. we pay taxes to maintain a vast His efforts so mucked up our relation- bureaucracy to administer these deal- Arl Oireclor ship with France that Congress was ings. We have, of course, every right to Lianne Uyeda prevailed upon to pass a law in 1798 disagree in whatever vocal or can- C hief Pholographer that prohibited a private citizen from tankerous manner we see fit. Does any John Whi1man dealing with a foreign government in group of us, however, have the right to Conlribuling EdiiOrs the name of the United States. negotiate, under whatever privately em- Viola 1Jra1h. Belle Taylor. Maggie Wimsau, The law, which has been part of our broidered moral banner, for all of us? Anne Drnl<>n Hlair, Kn1hlcrn Burns, Dorothy The fact is that the Logan Act is Mar~. Jacqueline Zanca criminal code (18 U.S. 953) for 172 years, carries a maximum penalty of a "violated" daily, perhaps hourly, by Typeselling $5,000 fine, three years in jail or both. corporations, cartels, ethnic and Julia Young, Ma r; ha Bar rell There has never been a conviction or religious groups, whatnots and Hotten- Adverlising Produclion even a trial under the law; many lawyers tots. The motives of these groups, Bon nie Downs argue that the law is unenforceable, and almost by definition, are so narrow and Produclion Assislants Congress could excise it when they even- parochial that they serve only to il- Jane Knaus tually get around to recodifying the lustrate the weakness of the President Donna Cantor criminal code. and his minions in controlling our Coni roller One wonders, though, if our found- dialogue with foreign governments. Shirley Bartholomew ing fathers, in their wisdom, werent on Maybe instead of ignoring the Logan Circulalion to something very basic to the inner Act, or eliminating it entirely, the Con- Waller Duncan workings of the democratic process. gress should rethink its purposes and Having observed the counterproductive come up with a new law that reinforces Adverlising Sales Director Jon Adler effects produced by self-annointed the Presidents right to make foreign "moral messengers" attempting to policy as representative of the Accounl Executives Deanna Gould, Melanie Kicken negotiate with the P .L.O., we think people ... all the people. Administrative Assistant Karen Flyn n Adverlising Represenlalives The Wamin Jonestown New York: Catalyst Communicati o ns, lnc./Metronet, 274 Madison Ave ., N. Y., NY Failing to heed the stress lines of fatigue Parents whose children have been 1001 6 (2 12) 684-6661. has helped topple many a society before captured by the mind-control tech- Los Angeles: Prestige Magazine Group, 5455 Wilshire Blvd ., Los Angeles, CA 90036 ours. It has been a year since the niques of cults, and who fully under- (212) 933-9283. Jonestown madness and little of note stand the process by which their Advertising and editorial offices located a t 3301 has been done to abridge the growing childrens potential is aborted and their New Mexico Ave .. Washinglon , DC 200 16, power of the cult phenomenon in energies enslaved to perpetuate General Telephone (202) 362-5894. for Social Coverage: Plea e send all invi la tion 10 America. elaborate fundraising schemes or worse, Socia l Secretary, The Washing/on D ossier, 33UI The President has taken no action on so far have been unable to transfer their New Mexico Ave., Washington, DC 200 16 (Please the Fraser Congressional report, 15 anguish or knowledge to a paralyzed send invitations as early as possible to schedule coverage; only a limit ed number of events can be pages of which were inexplicably cen- governmental bureaucracy. Unin- covered .) sored by the C.I.A. which urged a coor- timidated, they continue to raise their For Subscriptions: Please se nd a ll subscrip tio n in- dinated task force to thwart the growing voices relentlessly, powered by the ab- quiries, applications and changes of address to power of the cult empire of the Moon solute certainty that, unless checked, The Washing/on Dossier Subscripl io n Department, PO Box 948, Farmingdale, NY 11737. Prices are organization. Meanwhile, the Guru the cult phenomenon will reach into the $ 12 for I year; $22.50 for 2 years. Overseas $24 Maharaji has gone on a major advertis- homes of more and more American per year. Ca nada $ 14 per year. ing campaign; Hara Krishna, the Photographs for commercial and non-commercial families. use are avai lable for sale. 14-year-old cult phenomenon, has em- For that reason alone, and in the fer- The Washing/on Dossier is published by Adler ln - lerna lional, Ltd . David Adler, Presidenl; J on barked on a highly visible P.R. cam- vent hope that this impending pain and Adler, Vice President; Sonia Adler. Sec reta ry- paign; the Way International has been anguish may be averted, we Treasurer. brazenly training members in the use of memorialize Jonestown. firearms at National Guard outposts in The bells of Jonestown toll for all of Kansas ... and on and on . us.4/November 1979/Dossier
  • 6. "We remember when ...mor e t han a quart er c ent ury ag o, Lewis & Silv er man we r e thenew kids on th e block. As la t e a r ri vals t o the po s t- warWashington r ea l es t a t e s cen e , we we r e eager to please . W ewent out of our way to gi ve our pro s pect i v e cl ie nt s t h oselittl e extras . . • court esy , t i me , unde r s t andi ng , coun se l-ing a nd prof e s s iona l he lp. Word got a round t ha t t he peopl e of Lewis & Si lve rman(ther e wer ent too m ny of us th en ) we r e pe opl e. you could adep end on . As our r eput a t i on gr ew--s o did our bu s in ess . Inf a ct, we gr ew s o much t ha t to day we r e the l a r ges t sal esag ent of new hom es on t he Atl ant i c Coas t , a nd t he se condlarg est in the ent i r e na t i on! Not quite th e n ew k ids on th e block a nymor e . But ourgrowing numb er of sa l es ass oci a t es a r e s till encouraged totreat our client s as we di d mor e th an 25 y ea r s ago . Toinsure that our age nt s a r e prof ess iona lly tra ined a ndskilled to mee t the n eeds of to day s knowl edgea ble con-sumer, we ha ve develop ed on e of th e fine s t tra ining a ca d-emies in the country. We a l s o prov i de our sa l es as soci a te swith company- s ponsored progra ms s uc h as our Gua ranteedEquity Progra m a nd Touch-Up Pro gr am to ass i s t their clientsand customers . Because we r e l a r ger and more experi enc ed, were betterequipped tha n eve r to sati s fy your n eeds . Wh ether its a new h ome, condo or townhouse, or a r e sale home, we can help you ma ke the be s t po ss ibl e choice . So, being bi g isnt ba d a t a ll. The import a nt thing is, we r e s o bi g you don t even know it •• . a nd tha t s th e way we wa nt to keep it. Wh e t he r your e t h inking ab out se lling your hom e or look i ng for a n ew one , we d we lcome a n opportun i ty to sh ow you tha t our company phi losophy is not j u s t s omething we talk a bout . W ere s t i ll th e n ew kid s on the block • . • j u s t grown up. " ~~~~ La rry Silve rma n , Pre sident Beth esda- Chevy Chase Rockvi ll e, Md (30 1 ) 654 -3700 (301) 340-3311 Gai th e rsburg. M d . Sp ringfie ld , Va (301 ) 9 4 8-4 670 (703) 978-2000 Oln ey, Md . Tyso ns Corn e r, Va. (30 1 ) 924 - 4 520 (703) 821 - 1 227 Poto m ac, Md . Execu t ive O ffices (30 1 ) 299-2000 (30 1) 656- 1323
  • 7. Hechts Oriental Rug Gallery at Tysons Corner Listen ... let me tell you why I bought my Oriental Rug from Hechts Tysons Corner. WelL here it is own Oriental Rug. Ive always wanted one ... l couldnt be happier. I bought it here, at Hechts Tysons Corner. But then thats no surprise. I usually shop here when theres a question of where Ill receive the best value. Im happy I bought my rug now ... you should consider it too. The selection at Hechts is the finest.. . Ive looked. The prices are the most reasonable ... I know. And the profes- sional staff is the most helpful. .. ! can vouch for it. Look at my rug, its a beauty ... I bought it here ... at Hechts Tysons Corner. Its a real value. But, I expected that ... Add an oriental rug to your investment portfolio.HECHT·swhere the excitement is For Information Telephone: (703) 893-3003
  • 8. Annab ellS Largest Selection Of New and AntiqueDossier ~de Oriental Rugs From All Over The World In Metro Area @tjisman J;f;fjtifu~ THE PUZZLING LIBYAN CON- exports. With population increasing at NECTION: Observers of State Depart- ment intrigue are puzzled by reports from the Libyan underground alleging the appalling rate of 3.2 percent a year, the country, still a democracy, is gird- ing for an uncertain future. InteriofDesign that David Newsom, undersecretary of POLITICS: Kennedy pros secretlystate for African affairs, spent the day gathering up lists of Carter defectorsand part of the night huddled with Col. for revelation at big announcementMuammar Qaddafi during a trip to time. Some names will be shockers,Libya last June. since Carter people still think theyre Newsom, who was our ambassador on the Carter wagon ... but with insideto Libya from 1964 until one month Carter polls beginning to show Cartersbefore the coup that put Qaddafi in "going-to-the-people approachpower in 1969, is said to have had a working, plans are to increase theclose prior relationship with Qaddafi . strategy and take bigger potshots atThat coup, which resulted in the clos- Washington (the place, the ambience,ing of the big American air base, etc.) ...Wheeler field, and ensconcement of a Non-ideological professionals, theruler who has bankrolled terrorism, hired political guns, think John Con-supported brutal African dictatorships nallys strategy of making foreignlike that of Idi Amin and who is policy in advance sheer suicide. ThePresently engaged in intrigues and plots political axiom of the challenger: "At-to subvert the Israeli-Egyptian peace tack the incumbents policy. Neverinitiative, also has been of considerable make your own. " Theyre beginning tobenefit to certain favored U.S. oil com- write him off. .. The pros also thinkPanies. The Newsom-Qaddafi connec- Ronald Reagans age might wind up ation, which oddly has escaped the plus factor. As inflation goes up, fixedscrutiny of the big investigative incomes go down. The vast army ofAmerican media, raises some in- retired , who suffer the most by spiral-teresting questions. ing costs, could go in one vast block . Block voting by any segment with a MORE FOREIGN INTRIGUE: The single interest is a powerful electoral Sales • Repairs • CleaningAmerican U.N. delegation got only instrument. .. Kennedy forces scouting Appraisingtwo observer seats for the Fidel Castro for a Midwesterner as veep, a Senator.U.N. "speech" while the Cubans got But watch out for trial balloons. Furniture ShoWroom & Gallery200, another symbolic nail in the coffin 7034 Wisconsin A venueof American U.N. policy. Many BITS AND PIECES: Iranians ap- Bethesda • (301) 654-8989legislators are seriously reconsidering palled by what Ayatollah Khomeini istheir commitment to pay 25 percent of doing to their country are forming an 4835 Wisconsin A venueUnited Nations costs ... Iranian Freedom Foundation to serve Washington • (202) 686-1112 Those big black cases carried by as a rallying point to restore some san- ~Castros bodyguard contained Israels ity. The tO-member council is headed Open Daily 9:30-6Uzzi machine guns, also used by the by a former official of the embassy, Ali Open Mon and Thurs Evenings til 9U.s. Secret Service ... Colombia, our Tabatabai. . . Donations are being Open Sunday from 12 til 5Principal pot supplier, is undertaking sought to build a Jewish museum inonly token resistence to stop the flow Cairo. Jews have had a long and rich Your investment is not wise- too much money at stake: its the history in Egypt.. .Elizabeth Taylor if your price is not fairPrincipal source of their foreign ex- Warners weight loss in Palm Aire spachange, now worth more than coffee has boosted business there. Dossier /November 197917
  • 9. American. Vital. Original. Recognizableanywhere in the world. Albert Nipon s tender dress. Pristine white. Ruffled. Enchanting. Sizes 4 to 14, 270.00lord & Taylor, Washington-Chevy Chase, Falls Church, White Flint
  • 10. [ Am andAQTI&T& The no· needles Oepllatron Method of Hair Removal can help you look your best . Almost any area of the face or body can be safely cleared of unwanted hair without unpleasant side effects. Theres no skin irritation swelling, scabbing or chance of permanent scarring or Infection . Be· isnt magic, just an up-to -date solution to an age-old problem. ANY LOCATION FOR MORE INFORMATION OR A FREE PRIVATE CONSULTATION <il•llr•)f(e)O DEPILATRON CENTERS 1925 K Street /Suito 302 - (nrar Farragut Metro stations ) VISA" • . N . w. Ws~~m" · D . c. 5432 Mac Arthur Blvd . 7023 Little Proud of his new gallery, Franz Bader is congratulated by Adelyn Breeskin, noted art con- (near Maryland lin e) ( Ann and ale N. W. ~~sg_i~~~~n, D. C. noisseur and consultant on 20th century paintings and sculpture. Another Beginning for Gallery Pioneer BaderBy Viola Drath talent at the Whyte Brothers Gallery. ranz Bader dispells the myth that Not surprisingly, Baders blossomingF life ends at 40, 50 or 70 years. At 76, the indefatigable art gallerist, book dealer, collector and 40-year career in the fine arts is a reflec- tion of the historical rise of interest in the arts in our national capital, for they Photographer of note was not afraid of are linked. His pioneering exhibitions in Yet another beginning when he moved the forties have been an influence. his headquarters into the brand new When he arrived, the National Gallery E.I.A. building at 20th and I Sts. It is a of Art existed only on paper. The Cor- handsome space and, with everything coran showed off its collections. specially designed, undoubtedly the "Modern art" could be experienced most professionally equipped private only at Duncan and Marjorie Phillipsexhibition area in town. gallery. At Whyte Brothers, Bader con- It was a daring move and an expen- ducted virtually the first commercial artsive one, regardless of the gallerists gallery in town.time in life. But Vienna-born Bader, As demonstrated by the current in-Who came to these shores as a refugee in augural exhibition of the works of a1939, has much experience with new dozen artists-most of them discoveredstarts in life. by Franz many years ago-his taste is When he opened his own gallery in eclectic. His acceptance of the concept1952, his total investment amounted to of many styles and directions, from$7,500. Under the circumstances, it was abstract to surrealism, was not populara crucial and risky step. Washington among his peers during the heyday ofwas anything but an art-minded town in abstract expressionism and pop.those days. To be sure, Bader had "I dont want to push people into thisPreviously gathered, encouraged and or that direction," he comments. "I tellexhibited the most promising local them to buy what they like, to trust their Dossier/November 197919
  • 11. own taste. I let them live with a work of art. " He did not come to art to be a Leo Castelli whO- creates certain trends and artists and then pushes them as in- vestments. He shows the works of art- ists he respects, regardless of style; among them are the haunting images of Peter Milton, the lyrical impressions of nature by Lee Weiss, the dreamlike seascapes of Herman Maril, the tor- tured figures by Michael Platt, the abstract collages by Clare Ferriter and the surrealistic oils by Anita Bucherer, harking back to medieval themes. eanwhile, a few paces from Du- M pont Circle at 2009 Q St., N.W ., a gallery with a very special concept celebrates its inaugura- tion. Appropriately, it is named "Du- pont Space." It is international in outlook with an accent on Latin American art . The exciting and unique part is that it promises to blend some of the aspects and activities heretofore reserved for museums and their curators with the traditional tasks of commercial galleries. The program of exhibitions, lectures and demonstrations is indeed a novel mix. So is the introduction of new talent by art critics, museum curators or an established artist. For openers, there is a perusal of " The Mechanics of the Art Market, 1960-80," a project executed with . the assistance of Sotheby Parke Bernet and the Wall Street Journal. Other items of interest are "The History of the Frame from the Baroque to the Light Beam," carvings and paintings from the famed Peruvian "Cuzco School" or the contemplated survey of contemporary art in Cuba, " Cuba 1980." If all this sounds very ambitious, it is. Obviously, this new gallery space is ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ enlivenedandbackedbycldhands.A~- tually, it is the brainchild of Luis Lastra, partner in the former Pyramid Gallery. As the official program direc- ~()Ctnn~~d Is for those w ho w ant fine jewelry tor, Lastra devised the schedule, raised the money and hired the talented ar- chitect Joan Roshko to redesign the with unsu rpassed styling and meticu lo us space and James Van Sweden, the craftsmanship in ka rat go ld and quality gems imaginative landscape architect, to make the place look presentable and give it visibility from the street. Far from just bringing to the "atten- Village Green Shopping Cen ter 529 West M aple Avenue tion of the Washington area public the Vienna . Virginia works of prominent artists" of local (703) 281 -1370 and national stature, such as Robert In- Master Charge • Central Charge • Visa diana, Rockne Krebs (the laser-beam "There are times when only REAL GOLD w i/1 do " sculptor), Tom Downing, Efrain Guevara and Gay Glading, it is going to10/November 1979/Dossier
  • 12. rur ~ro~ucts labele~ to s~ow countr~ or ong1n While Ill!I, k!OSIDOIOO,Iirglond 1!!-1!00 I.magnIn
  • 13. feature the works of internationally ac- one of our extra claimed luminaries like Yacov Agam , special imports- Roberto Matta, Jose Luis Cuevas, gorgeously Wifredo Lam and Carlos Merida. engneered Washington has been notoriously dress and coot short on commercial galleries interested knitted with subtle in the inclusion of non-American art. shots of lurex, The Janus Gallery and the World basically block or Gallery, which consistently have looked terra cotta. beyond our borders for exceptional talent, are the exception rather than the rule. The efforts of the seasoned Du- pont Space professionals in that direc- tion are highly welcome. They con- stitute another step away from the nar- row confines of provincialism that still tend to characterize considerable parts of the capitals art scene. Mindful of the fact that this condi- tion has contributed to the art-buying trips to the Big Apple by local collec- tors, Dupont Space tackles the problem sells from still another angle: A Mecenas beautiful clothes Exhibition." This examination of the taste of private collectors is scheduled for next May. WHITE FLINT 770-4422 ne of the great joys of ANNAPOLIS 263-6437 (Plus The Erno Laszlo Institute-Annapolis 0 Washingtons art scene has been the exquisite exhibitions of 19th century American painters works, all only) of them museum quality, at the Adams Davidson Galleries. Whether devoted to the American landscape, to still lifes-with stunning compositions by William Harnett and trompe loeil ef- fects in the works of John Haberle and John F. Peto-or to the "American Art in the Barbizon Tradition," like the cur- Mrs. Katharine Reeside rent show, they all are full of delightful of surprises . Included are landscape paint- ings and drawings by George Innes, Van Slycke & Reeside Sanford Gifford, John La Farge, Ralph requests Blakelock, William Morris Hunt and the honor of your company Alexander Wyant, executed between to discuss your 1850 and 1895. personalized travel Often these peaceful scenes, inspired requirements by the French artists Millet, Corot and Rousseau, focus on certain aspects of nature and therefore take on anVan Slycke & Reesic1e astonishingly subjective quality. Inness masterpiece "The Beeches," painted in [Y~~., .fne. the last year of his life (1894), is the most intimate study of a beechwood Whether its a step up to your elegant imaginable. Resembling a close-up, it Serving The Washington A rea townhouse from your shop or place of powerfully draws the viewer into the For Over 40 Years business, or a step up to the exclusivity depths of its luscious, shimmering of a Georgetown address, 3301 M Street greenness. It is priced at $150,000. But is the correct step to take . the other entries sell for well under Forty-two hundred square feet of busi- $20,000. Samuel Colmans delicate ness and retail space topped by ten stylish townhouses off a private , watercolor "Ausable Chasm" (1870) as elevated courtyard . Your choice, one or well as Aaron Draper Shattucks en- R.S.V.P. (202)362-7301 both, is now available for lease through chanting drawing of a "Farmington John F. Donohoe and Sons, Inc. River" scene (1865) carry price tags of Please inquire at 333-0880. $2,800 each. ODDIll November 1979/Dossier
  • 14. 2109-2l25 0 Street. N.W • Fifteen new townhomes. several with private-entrance guest suites. From $298.500.Telephone Mr. Richard Mason at Burr. Morris and Pardoe. Inc.. 657-2000. for a brochure and/or an appointment.
  • 15. [ A new column by Sonia and Wa"enAdler President Carter signs an autograph for an unidentified military man at an outdoor din- ner for Congress on the White House lawn. Presidents Portillo and Carter enter the White House, representing a more intense focus on Latin America. While their meetings were marked by extreme cordiality, upon Portillos return to Mexico, the price of that countrys oil was raised. The three most re- cent secretaries of state are shown at their State Department reunion.I n the quest for the quintessential exhibited to the upper crust of our events and potential calamities. historical moment, the recent event countrys corporate might, many of Responding to the urge to broach the at the State Departments whom have donated priceless antiques forbidden questions, "What wentdiplomatic reception rooms for four se- to the excellent collection assembled by wrong? What is going wrong? weQuential secretaries of state might Clement Conger. listened with awesome disbelief to aQualify as a primary clue. Looking remarkably fit, the three gregarious Kissinger privately expound- . The secretaries, Rusk, Rogers, Kis- formers seemed almost sprightly com- ing on his regrets without the inhibitingsmger and Vance, representing 20 years pared with the weary, careworn aspect cloak of "a high State Department of-of steady decline in Americas world in- of Cy Vance, a decent, honorable man ficial," which he used so artfully in hisfluence and power, were on hand to be caught in the meatgrinder of unwelcome secretary years. Dossier/November 1979115
  • 16. According to Kissinger, the principal Ifyou dont want your holiday meal to be a turkey, regret of his tenure was not urging "maximum violence" in sanctuaries of try our roast suckling pig,Canadian quail, com fed Cambodia and Laos in the early months geese, pheasant,venison, dover sole, octopus, milk fed of the Nixon administration. He bitterly faults Lyndon Johnson, who had veal rib roast,mckof lamb orchateaubriand. greater political Hcense, for not taking Great holiday meals start with an Fresh, plump birds, specially selected that tack early on, pointing out that we outstanding entree from the for Washington Beef. Kosher & are now paying the price for that Washington Beef Company store. barbeque turkeys, too. Please place failure. "Never commit American power unless you are prepared to use From prime aged beef to exotic your orders by November 13th to it," he said. game, youll find beautiful meals for insure delivery for Thanksgiving. Citing the "deteriorating situation," holiday entertaining. Including, of Call 547-82 71. Delivery service he characterized the Russians as course, the Thanksgiving turkey. available. Or visit the company store, "ruthless bastards," expressing suc- just east of the intersection of cinctly the bedrock frustration of every New York & Florida (on 4th St., N .E.) American secretary of state since World War II. The only other party to these Plen of parking. Open Sundays. revelations, a professional Kissinger- I . watcher, merely shrugged. He had ap- parently heard it all before. The more formal part of the evening was less pessimistic, laced with wit and enjoyed immensely by the 165 paying guests who included movie producer Joseph E. Levine, former U.S. am- bassador to the Court of St. James Walter Annenberg, Sen. and Mrs. Frank Church, Chief Justice and Mrs. Warren Burger, and the board chairmen of General Motors, Northrop, MCA, Armco, Henry McNeil from McNeil Labs and J. Seward Johnson from Johnson & Johnson. resident Carters White House P reception for members of Congress also offered clues, less to the historical moment than to the im- mediacy and mystery of political com- petition. Missing among the guests were the two most powerful persons in Con- gress, Senate Majority Leader Robert Byrd and House Speaker Tip ONeill. Ted Kennedy, too, was understandably elsewhere as were Sens. Percy and Javits. Percy, at an event later in the week, shrugged off his absence: "Con- sidering the Bert Lance matter, I doubt if I was missed." While the event was good-natured, as guests shared the commonality and trivia of a political gathering, there were some unspoken undertones. Lucie Ar- naz, for example, was the featured singer. It was for Miss Arnaz that publicist Barry Landau, one of Ham Jordans current thorns, extracted a congratulatory telegram, complete with Presidential signature, from one of Jor- dans secretaries on the occasion of Ar- nazs Broadway opening. The secretary ~ .. alleged Landau pestered her until she~·.WI relented, casting odd doubts on the way such missives are obtained.16/November 1979/Dossier
  • 17. WEATERS TAKE ON NEW AllURE Its all in the drama of color, - texture, shape T he every- which way patterned cardigan. So imaginative, theyre no two alike. Multicolor - wools, 250.00. T he angora V-neck with pointed peplum. Blue, purple, - black. 200.00. By Barbara Hokanson for Whodunnit. - P.S.M.L. Place Elegante Sportswea1 on 3, White Flint.PLACE ElEGANT£ SPORTSWEAR AT bi<Dmingdale•s TYSONS CORNER, McLEAN, VA (703)893-3500. WHITE FLINT, 11305 ROCKVILLE PIKE AT NICHOLSON LANE. KENSINGTON, MD. (301)468-2111. OPEN LATE MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY 10:00-9:30. SATURDAY TILL 6. CLOSED SUNDAY.
  • 18. Many Congressional guests, too, seemed reluctant to pose for pictures with the President and surreptitiously moved a side as photographers converged . The President himself, wandering around somewhat bemused, seemed to be obeying his political direc- tor s caveat by paying special attention to the distaff side. He complimented Muska Brzezinski on her cooking, Shirley Metzenbaum on her scrimshaw necklace and Betsy Farly, States liason • for Latin American affairs, on her hairstyle. Staff men monitored him carefully, expressing praise at his command of public humor, which was well - performed, and private banter, which showed room for improvement. Ob- viously girding for the impending Ken- nedy bout, one insider insisted that campaign oratory will excise both demagoguery and any references to Chappaquiddick. "Well deal only with issues," the staffer, a true believer, in- toned. "We expect him to do swim- mingly," another staffer quipped. ut away from the drumbeat din B of presidential criticism, something positive could be observed at a reception bidding farewell to Horacio Sevilla, the outgoing 37-year-old ambassador of Ecuador, who was returning to his country to take up a new post especially created by the CONTEMPORARY CREATIONS new president, Jaime Roldos, and pat- with CABUCHON STONES - terned after the U.S . one currently filled rubies, sapphires, and emeralds by Zbigniew Brzezinski. - mixed with diamonds and set At the reception attended mostly by in 14K yellow gold - producing an exciting look in high members of the local Ecuadorian com- fashion jewelry - just the munity and Sen . Edward Zorinski, who right combination of color heads the subcommittee of the Foreign and styling for the coming Affairs Committee of the Senate deal- holiday season! ing with Latin American affairs, the outgoing ambassador lauded the Presi- dents Human Rights initiative as being the central force that helped restore democracy to his country. According to the ambassador, the impact of that in- itiative is being felt all over Latin America and may well be the most significant achievement of the Carter administration. QUOTABLE QUIPS: Sen . Jack Javits, evading the inevitable question of whether or not he will run again for his Senate seat: BOON[ 0 SONS, INC. Reporter: But what would you do if you were not in the Senate? Javits: Run away to a desert island WASHINGTON JJIElVIEIL IEIPJ f CHEVY CHASE 5530 WISCONSIN AVENUE with a beautiful woman. 1730 K STREET, N.W. 785·4653 657-2144 Reporter: What about Marion? Javits: She can watch./3/November 1979/Dossier
  • 20. nas h" dton S T ~, th~~":~y :th,o~h~:~~gi: 1-Z f By Anne Allen "I thIll6 roplsts• tl true. Why, the rest of us may ask,PhI aD • give large sums of money away when you could just ~ easily and more profitably start a Swtss bank account, buy gold bullion or collect fabulous works of art? Givin Throughout Washingtons history, however, some of the citys wealthy citizens have confounded their peers and other observers with their generous, wi ... even lavish, expenditures on behalf of civic, cultural, educational and other worthwhile, people-oriented causes. One of these was Morris Cafritz, the Washington real estate tycoon who in life and, through his foundation, since his death 15 years ago has given away millions of dollars. As a poor boy living in Georgetown, Cafritz tried his hand at a variety of jobs. Somewhere along the line, he bought a house and sold it at a profit; that early transaction led to a real estate empire which included the building of thousands of private homes, mostly in the Petworth area of Washington, as well as office buildings, apartment houses and shopping plazas. This real estate bonanza has accrued to the largest foundation in the city, the Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Founda- tion, which disburses some two million dollars annually to a variety of projects in the Washington area, as well as the La Scala, Bolshoi and Vienna Operas, making possible their visits to the Ken- nedy Center. The Calder stabile at the Smithsonian Museum of History and Technology, as well as the Henry Moore sculpture at the entrance to the new East Wing of the National Gallery of Art, are further examples of Cafritz generosity. But the elusive in- tangible-why Morris Cafritz left his money to this city-remains with him. A partial answer is offered by Martin Atlas, vice president and treasurer of the foundation, who explained: "Mr. Cafritz loved Washington. He made his money here and he felt a stong sense of community in the city." The American political system pro- vides a place for private initiative in correcting social ills and improving Some of the citys most prominent gifts and givers: Buildings society. Philanthropists are often quick (from left) are Hillwood, donated by the late Marjorie to realize how much they can ac- Merriweather Post; the Mormons Washington Temple, to complish with private funds, since they which the J. Willard Marriotts contributed substantially towClfd construction costs; and the new East Wing of the National tend to be rugged individualists who Gallery of Art, donated by Paul Mellon. Philanthropists are thoroughly understand how the (from left) Katharine Graham; Austin Kiplinger; Jean Kennedy American system operates. Smith, Sen. Edward Kennedy, Eunice Kennedy Shriver (trustee, Eugene Meyer, for example, had president and executive vice president, respectively, of the Kennedy Foundation); Mr. and Mrs. J. Willard Marrioll; Paul been a Wall Street financier. He and his Mellon; Charles Smith; David Lloyd Kreeger; and Mrs. Joue/1 wife, Agnes, had a strong sense of com- Shouse. mitment to social causes. Mr. Meyer Dossier/November 1979111
  • 21. bought the Washington Post, where his Mall; Marjorie Merriweather Post, a daughter, Katharine Graham, is now supporter of the National Symphony; chairman of the board and his grand- and David Lloyd Kreeger, who has con- son, Donald, is publisher. Mrs. Meyer tributed greatly to Arena Stage ... all of had a variety of interests, one of which these individuals have given generously was the betterment of public school to the city in their own way. education. But many philanthropists still Their foundation reflects the Meyers choose the foundation as the most effi- philanthropic philosophy of awarding cient means of administrating and grants for charitable, scientific and distributing income. They appoint educational purposes in response to the trustees and the affairs of the founda- changing needs of the Washington com- tion are managed by a professional munity. Over the years, their gifts to the staff. The appointed trustees represent city have reached the $20 million mark. family, friends, close business Everywhere you turn in Washington, associates and sometimes experts in a you can find signs of the beneficence of particular field. the Meyer legacy. The overriding consideration of most he trustees of the Cafritz Foun- philanthropists seems to be to help peo- ple who cannot help themselves. The purposes of the Hattie B. Strong Foun- T dation, for example, are a star- studded cast of Washington notables: William P. Rogers, former dation mirror that concern for the in- secretary of state in the Nixon administra- dividual in need, according to Henry tion; Daniel J. Boorstin of the Library of Strong, foundation president and Congress; Rep. John Brademas; J. Carter grandson of the founder. Brown, director of the National Gallery According to Strong, his grand- of Art; and S. Dillon Ripley, secretary of mother "had a difficult early life which the Smithsonian. included a failed marriage and many The Meyer Foundation has two years of struggle to support herself and family members on its board, Dr. her son. At one point, she spent several Eugene Meyer, Ill, brother of years as a doctors assistant and steam- Katharine Graham, and her daughter- ship ticket agent in Alaska during the in-law, Mary Graham. Eugene Meyers gold rush." She married Henry Alvah concern with the problems of Strong, co-founder and first president Washington is reflected in the appoint- of Eastman Kodak. ment of trustees: John W. Hechinger, Mrs. Strong spent the rest of her life former city councilman; Mrs. RobertS. helping others less fortunate than McNamara, chairman of the board of herself. "She had a concern for young Reading is Fundamental; Judge Aubrey people and their opportunity to get an E. Robinson and Charles A. Horsley, appropriate education," Strong says. who was President Johnsons District of Mrs. Strong endowed the foundation Columbia expert. with approximately $1 million for The Strong Foundation also boasts scholarships. In the past 50 years, the representatives on its Board of Trustees foundation has given away more than who are experts on this city, headed by $12 million. Dr. Bennetta B. Washington, former There are some 26,000 such founda- mayor Walter Washingtons wife; Olive tions in the United States today. These Covington; and John A. Nevius. philanthropic organizations give away While the professional staffers of a more than two billion dollars a year to foundation do the necessary legwork about a half-million recipients. The na- for the philanthropist and the trustees, tions capital is home to just over 300 of it is the donor and the trustees who these foundations. eventually must begin to cut up the But, while the vehicle by which most philanthropic pie and award grants.Other bequests to the citys heritage (from left, philanthropists give their money away is All of us have dropped money in thetop row): the Charles E. Smith Center at the foundation, some individuals, even church plate, given to our alumniGeorge Washington University, the National in the computer age, dispense with for- association or supported a similarGallery of Art, given by Andrew Mellon, mal organizations like foundations and charitable cause, so it is natural for usAmerican Universitys Library and Resource insist on doing their own thing.Center, built in large part by the Bender to have grown up with the belief that theFoundation; (bollom row) Joseph Hirshhorns Mrs. Jouett Shouse, who gave the na- easiest thing in the world is to give awaynamesake, the Hirshhorr. muse•1m; and Arena tion Wolf Trap Farm, the only national money. Not true. In a complicated,Stage, built with private and corporate grant park devoted to the performing arts; fast-moving societ~ like ours, givingmoney, and which continues to receive David Paul Mellon, who donated the magnifi- away money is a lot of work. And theLloyd Kreegers support. (At left) The Cafritz-donated Henry Moore sculpture at the entrance cent East Wing of the National Gallery; more you have to give away, the more~the East Wing; Gwendolyn Cafritz, Joseph Joseph Hirshhorn, whose collection of trshhorn, Henry Strong and Roger Stevens. paintings and sculpture enhances the (Continued on Page 61) Dossier/November 1979113
  • 22. Esther CoopersmithGoes International onThe Democrats Fabulous Fundraiser Moves Prominent individuals on the American and world scene have peopled Esther Coopersmiths world. (From left) (I) During the presidential campaign of Lyndon Johnson, shown here with Esther and her brother, Chuck Lipsen, she put on 13 Texas -s tyle fundraising barbecues for 2,000 people. (2) The late Sen. Estes Kefauver, here with Esther and the late Tallulah Bankhead, served as an early mentor, bringing her to Washington from Wisconsin to work in politics. (3) Esther confers with Mrs. Sadat in Cairo about their mutual efforts to restore the fading Cairo museum. (4) New U.N. Ambassador - - - - Donald McHenry joins Esther in front of the U.S. Mission. (5) She has worked with Senate Majority .A.JIM.Aallllit.ll. Leader Robert Byrd in many political fundraisers
  • 23. By Dorothy MarksIf the hundreds of Democratic politi- regulars and not just those loyalists whocians for whom Esther Lipsen went for Carter in the 1976 primaries.Coopersmith has held fundraisers in the The four Coopersmith children, all ofPast 30 years were laid end to end, they whom are as turned on to politics aswould probably fill the vast hall of the mom, delight in her designation asUnited Nations where she now sits as "The Honorable Mrs. Coopersmith."President Carters appointee as public So does her always-supportive husband,member of the U.S. delegation to the Jack. But the subject of all the attention34th session of the U.N. Assembly. says: "What impresses me is that it is Yet, Esther Coopersmith believes it is the first paying job Ive had in 21not those "millions and millions of years."dollars" she has raised for the politi- For the three months, she is beingcians, but the $2,000,000 fundraising paid on a per diem basis at the rate ofProject she has undertaken with Mrs. $50,000 a year. With the job comes useJehan Sadat to update the shabby Cairo of a one-bedroom apartment atMuseum which landed her the Beekman Towers, a three-block walkPrestigious three-month appointment. from the Assembly. June Hechinger,It is an office filled in the past by whose husband, John, served in theEleanor Roosevelt, Adlai Stevenson, position a couple years ago, describesDaniel Patrick Moynihan, Coretta Scott the apartment as "genteel seedy," butKing and Shirley Temple Black, among adds that "theres a beautiful view ofothers. "Were getting nothing but the East River if you stick your head out&ood vibes from the Hill on this ap- the bathroom window."Pointment, you can be sure," observes What is responsible for EstherEvan Dobelle, who heads the Coopersmiths phenomenal suc-Presidents re-election effort. "Im cess as a fundraiser? Lee Kim-delighted shes on the job," says Vice che, who heads H.E.W.s In-President Walter "Fritz" Mondale, a stitute of Museum Services,longtime friend. has worked with her on pro- Everybody seems happy, even those jects in years past. "Foron Capitol Hill who grumble that the one thing," she explains,White House is mighty late in getting "theres Jack. Esther en-around to rewarding oldline Democratic joyed the fruits of
  • 24. womens liberation long before there with her on that first trip to Egypt, Jor- was a movement." Kimche recalls dan and Israel. traveling "all around the country with Esther Coopersmith is proud of the her in the 1964 Lyndon Johnson cam- fact she arranged for Mrs. Begin and paign, helping her put on barbecues Mrs. Sadats first meeting at the with Lynda and Luci. We had 13 Childrens Museum here. She has ,1bttntist barbecues for 2,000 people in a four- month period. While Esther was gone, worked closely on the museum with Nan Powell and Nancy Moore. She ~urses ~tgistru Jack Coopersmith took care of the entertained at a party in her home both small children, managed the house and the Israeli and Egyptian journalists encouraged her in every way. Kimche covering the signing of the peace treaty underlines her point: "When I came accords at the White House. Typically, home, my husband divorced me." at these parties she takes centerstage But Esther Coopersmiths fundrais- and publicly introduces every guest. ing techniques have also contributed to Jack, meanwhile, has taken care of the her successes. "Esther never asks for arrangements and stocked the bar. money directly; she puts together an at- Esther, herself, doesnt drink and has tractive package and offers it. She plans been known to forget all about the li- a dinner in an unusual place or in an im- quor for the party. portant private home, with a gimmick, The Sunday she took off for her new a theme, unusual decor and, of course, job, she held a brunch for 200 to greet Confidential, Discreet important people from the Hill to add Peter Kelly, the new treasurer of the Nursing Care for the glamor." Democratic National Committee. She is Home, Nursing Home on the executive committee of the or Hospital. Jack Coopersmith lets his wife do the D.N .C. finance committee and serves as LPN, RN, Para- talking. As an expert in real estate in- treasurer for the Womens Congres- Nursing Specialists volving gasoline stations, he has sional Caucus. Her ties to the White amassed a small fortune, working at a House have now become close and she 589-7272 rolltop desk in the same tiny one-room has talked to Rosalynn Carter about SERVIN(j THI MI:.TKOPOLITAN AKI:I office he found when he got out of the helping in the re-election campaign. L•c~n><d •n Maryland service in 1945. His one personal in- Austrian-born Ina Ginsburg, the dulgence: every day, at 3:30 p.m., he epitome of Georgetown chic and no takes off for the new gym at George mean fundraiser herself, has become a Washington University to play racquet- great admirer of Coopersmith. "I know ball. Then he shops for the house and We can introduce you . .. heads home to deal with the At the U.N.: Selling America to the pleasure of a video system housekeeper if his wife is busy . Communicating with people is a very im- for your home or profession portant part of Esther Coopersmiths job Every few months, he persuades her as third-ranking diplomat representing to take off for the Golden Door or some America at the U.N.; "I talk to everyone I We sell or rent . .. other posh spa for rest and reducing. can, selling our country, our ideas. But Video recorders, color cameras, "Cheese and chocolates are my most of all I listen to speeches by delegates large screen projection TVs and downfall," she confesses. from other nations." accessories Several years ago, the Coopersmiths Coopersmith, unlike such well-known moved from a modest home in Chevy predecessors as Eleanor Roosevelt, Shirley Chase to a large house on Fox Meadow Temple Black and Paul Newman, is a We will. Road in Potomac which had belonged "minority" four times over. In a setting videotape your social or business to Rep. Don Edwards of California. It where 94 of the 154 countries represented junctions came complete with a pool and tennis are non-aligned nations, Esther Coopersmith is American, white, female court on five acres and, although and Jewish. Ask about. neither parent swims much or plays ten- An experienced U.S. Senate lobbyist, CAPITAL VIDEOPHILES, the nis at all, their home has provided a Coopersmith finds influencing votes on an membership library of video wonderful outlet for the children as well international basis more demanding. "In movies as a great place for the kind of large the Senate, I had to know the cast of party Esther likes to put on. characters before getting down to work. Call Today (703) 893-4664 In recent years, she has used it to But here, it is harder. There are 154 coun- entertain Russians here on an exchange tries and many different languages." program, a business-oriented group Coopersmith, an inveterate goal-setter, hopes to leave her mark in the area of from the Peoples Republic of China, human rights, the work of the Third Com- tennis stars in the Evening Star tourna- mittee on which she has opted to concen- ment and Folger Library patrons . Re- trate. Before her term expires, she hopes to VIDEO FOR HOME AND INDUSTRY cent guests were Ambassador and Mrs . expedite the feeding of Cambodian Evron of Israel, whom she greeted refugees, increase the U.S. customs staff to 8455 Tyco Road • Tysons Corner, VA 22180 along with her co-hostess Mary stem the enormous flow of illegal drugs in- (off At. 7 behind Peacock Buick) Johnston (wife of Sen. Bennett to this country and make a statement on Johnston of Louisiana), who had been human rights. SONJA ADLER26/November 1979/Dosrier
  • 25. we are an unlikely couple, but weve become great friends. We got to know each other when I let my house be used for a dinner for Claiborne Pell and then again for Frank Church. And I per- suaded Roger Stevens to let her use his home for a dinner for Alan Cranston. Do you know, the very next night she put on a Chinese buffet for Gaylord Nelson at Bob Strausss Watergate apartment?" Having also observed Coopersmith in action in her Egyptian Museum fund- raising, Ina Ginsburg notes that J ehan Sadat has absolute confidence in her. I was one of a group of 18 people she took to Cairo to get interested in the museum . Some of us went on with her Frankie Welch and daughter Genie invite you to visit to Jordan and Israel and our reception them and buy your fall clothes. Ultrasuede -the ver- there was great, too." satile material for all occasions. Come by and see our Ginsburg recalls with amusement the large selection at either store. luncheon Coopersmith hosted at the Fairfax Hotel to raise funds for the museum. One unusual result was that Bernard Goldstein of Boucherie Ber- nard was persuaded to contribute $25,000 worth of Israeli Bonds for the Frankie Welch 17th & G Sts., Washington, D.C. 305 Cameron St. Alexandria, Va . project. 466-8900 549-0104 Hours: Mon-Fri 10:00-6:00 Mon-Sat 9:30-5 :30 Sun I :00-5:00 The Wisconsin farm girl, daughter of Across from White House Exec. Ofc. Bldg. Jewish immigrant parents, has come a Major Credit Cards Accepted long way, is the first to admit it. But Coopersmith baby, and Esther the transformation has been due, not to ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ luck or fate, but to her own vision and planning. "When I was 17, I decided money and money-raising were where the power is. Ive carved out a niche for ests With myself in this role and Im happy with your Gu Fare . .. it." vazz le HolidaY ours! What lies ahead? In March, shell be our place or taking another group to Egypt - at a YoUr ~ 1llniSV.·-ynV. l)aY) price - to have tea with Mrs. Sadat and (Ope" see the opening of the temples saved in the flooding of the Aswan Dam at 7101 Brookville Road • Chevy Chase, MD • 652·8820 Philea. She is planning fundraisers in Dinner Tuesday · Saturday: 5:00pm to Midnight Lunch & Dinner Sundays Noon - 10:00 pm the spring for Alan Cranston and young Closed Mondays Chris Dodd (son of the late Sen. Tom Dodd), who is running for a House seat from Connecticut. When Mrs. Sadat returns, the two of them will try to ar- range "Thank you, King Tut" Balls in the seven U.S. cities which hosted the Tut exhibit. Early on in the Carter administration, there was talk that she would be offered the ambassadorship to New Zealand, but nothing ever came of it. There could still be such an appointment in her future. Esther Coopersmith is fully aware that Shirley Temple Black went on from her three-month assignment at the U.N. to become ambassador to Ghana and then chief of protocol. DODL Dossier/November 1979117
  • 26. THE PA TRIG/AN ROBEShoulders squared. Set-in waist gently wrapped, flourished with fringe. Accents of satin braid at shoulders and sleeves. Designed by Bill Tice for Swirl in creamy fleece of triacetate and nylon. P-S-M-L 90.00. Robes and Loungewear.
  • 27. AIDNG PAQTY LINf& The happy womens committeeCINDERELLA AT THE OPERA reported a gain of between $100,000 and $150,000 for the evening. The auc-In spite of its name, there was nothing William Sumerwells well-kept 1953 tion, prompted by Connies move toCinderella-ish about the elegant auc- Silver Bentley Saloon, acquired after New York and her donation oftion of 1,420 items in the Traviata set brisk bidding for $16,500 by Heath countless antiques, pieces of jewelryat the Kennedy Center Opera House. Larry of the National Association of and china and even a broadtail coatFrom Connie Mellons late-18th- Manufacturers, everything went on the designed by Halston (it brought $2,400century Queen Anne-style games table block for the benefit of The from Paul Petris of Mobil), was a dar-(it fetched $1,200) to Mr. and Mrs. Washington Opera . ing departure from usual fundraising The silent auction held In the lobby of the Kennedy Center opera house (above) bustled with bids - but the most talked about was Michael Reas bid for a nose job by Dr. Clyde Litton for $500. Bid- ders oohd and ahd over the 1953 Bentley, which serves here as a backdrop for Christine Hunter, president of the Board of Trustees of the Washington Opera, and Sally Davidson, board member. Mar- tin Feinstein, new head of the Opera, auctioned off a $130 belly dance by Azuree. With them are Evelyn Dl Bona (left), chairman of the womens committee,and Renee Kraft. VIrginia Dunning rode one of the auction items, a Welsh pony, into the middle of the backstage dinner held for $125 ticketholders. Mary Heron, left, is in a Halston dress which was up for bid. At right is Mrs. Martin Feinstein. Dossier/November 1979/29
  • 28. techniques. "Up to now, we generally raised money with cooking courses and, of course, our annual Opera Ball," said opera-loving Evelyn Di Bona, the committees chairman. The money is used for the produc- tion of the costly operas. But, Di Bona pointed out, the committee is not just after money. The creation of goodwill and interest in opera in general-and the struggling company and its new director, Martin Feinstein in par- ticular-are equally important. The ultimate goal is the establishment of a resident opera company where young American singers-who now have to embark for Europe-could get a start. -VIOLA DRA TH CHAIRMAN WITH CLOUT When Vice President "Fritz" Mondale crawls into a black tie to attend a charity ball, Dick Cavett flies down from New York to M.C. it and 46 cor- porations fork out a total of $146,000 as benefactors and patrons, there has to be a good reason. It was Audrey Ullman, chairman of the first Ambassadors Ball to benefit the Multiple Sclerosis Society. The wife of AI Ullman, chairman of the all-powerful House Ways and Means Committee, struck on the idea of the ball to thank the 130-plus diplomatic missions for all the support they give cultural and charitable groups here. Though September was already glut- ted with five other balls and several new Embassy Row arrivals were still house- bound, awaiting presentation of their credentials at the White House, Anne- Marie Spaak, wife of the head of the European Communities delegation, and Margarita Margain of Mexico worked with Audrey to produce 60 am- bassadors and a crowd of 1,000. Steve Martindale, who often har- monizes with Audrey at song fests around town, helped get the Dance Machine to perform. His date, Sarah Weddington, kept busy dancing with Chiles Ambassador Jose Barros, Col- umbias Ambassador Virgilio Barco With a theatrical auction, supper and fashion show, It was a full night for Arena and Germanys Ambassador Berndt Stage supporters like (top photo, from left) Saks Jandel s Ernie Marx, Hannah Von Staden, who was batching it. Rendelman, Sally Marx, Jules Rendelman and Gloria and Herbert Haft of Dart Drug. Among newly-arrived ambassadors (Middle row, from left) Anne Diamond, Eric Hampton, choreographer of the were Greeces John Tzounis, Cypruss Washington Ballet Company, and Julie Miles, principal dancer with the Washington Ballet, examine the list of props, costumes and other items up for bid while Gayle Andreas Jacovides with his pretty Theisen, Charles Sills and Karen Diamond record their bids for a get away trip for blonde American bride Pamela, Brazils two at an eight-room inn with private beach on St. Thomas. The on-stage fashion Antonia da Silveira and Saudi Arabias presentation by Yves St. Laurent ranged from antebellum ballgowns to oriental Sheik Alhegelan and the beguiling tunics that can be worn by the bride at a special wedding . Nuha. New British Ambassador and30/November 1979/Dossier
  • 29. Sixty ambassadors turned out for the ballto honor them and to benefit the MultipleSclerosis Society. (Clockwise from above)The Ambassadors Ball also drew VIcePresident Mondale, here with MarilynneTilson. Mrs. Richard Hunt had an am-bassador on both sides: Suriname Am-bassador Roel Karamat (left) and Am-bassador Dimce Belovski of Yugoslavia.M.C. Dick Cavett, Vice President Mondaleand Chairman Audrey Ullman celebratethe success of the first annual ball, whichended with couples like the MarionSmoaks, Ambassador Donald Sole ofSouth Africa with Sissy Ferguson andCanadian Ambassador Peter Towe andwife Carol moving onto the dance floor.The ball-goers also were treated to TheAmerican Dance Machine, a non-profitgroup formed to preserve the vanishingchoreography of the American musicaltheatre. Dossier/November 1979/3 1
  • 30. Mrs. Nicholas Henderson begged off at the last moment on doctors orders. -DOROTHY MARKS PAWS FOR TEA "The fur will really fly now," predicted one irate member of the Washington Humane Society as he nodded at the en- trance. "Ignorant, terrible" pro- nounced another at the sight of a well- heeled Bethesda beauty who had just entered the Humane Society benefit at the Japanese Embassy with a full fox wrap draped over her arm. The incident, which definitely could be dubbed a "fox pas," occurred at the tea dance and silent auction benefiting the Humane Society. The event was hosted by Japanese Ambassador Fumihiko Togo and his wife lse, a strong supporter of animal protection. "Without her, we would have been lost years ago," said Humane Society Bill Blass, the eternally tanned boy from President Bianca Beary. Indeed, the Indiana who has become one of New ambassadors wife is known to send Yorks most durable fashion designers, soup bones over to the animal shelter in brought his own touch of class and sophistication to Woodward & Lothrop her chauffeur-driven limousine. She when it honored members and officers of also is known to take her tiny dachsund the Black Tie Club. (Above) Blass (second Nobby with her on all occasions. But from left) discusses his new mens for- unlike many others on the social circuit, malwear designs with Maj. Gen. Clifton she will own only fake furs. von Kann, Black Tie president, Mrs. von Kann and Fran Blsselle. (Right) Woodies For her many efforts, the Edwin Hoffman, board chairman, at- Washington Humane Society presented tracted his own admirers, Mrs. George a special humanitarian award to Mrs. Moore (left) and Mrs. Luther Gray. Other Togo, and similar medals to benefit Black Tie officers present included Ran- dolph Reed, Jr., executive vice president, chairwomen Mrs. Roger Stevens and Thomas J. Broyhill, vice president, and Jeannette Williams, wife of the New Elaine K. Karr, secretary/treasurer. Jersey senator. Sandwiched in between the tea dance and the presentations, comic meister Art Buchwald was master of ceremonies at the silent auction of Japanese microwave ovens, a car and an acrylic dog biscuit holder. But the item receiv- ing the most attention was promise of tea with Ted Kennedy which was pur- chased by Mr. and Mrs. Jim Keenan. Asked why they were willing to pay $5,000 to munch cucumber sandwiches with the Massachusetts senator, the couple only smiled. "To tell the truth," said Jim, "Im a Bush supporter." Also causing quite a stir at the tea dance was the arrival of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lowe in their Guccier-than- thou-Cadillac, and John Archbold tell- ing friends how he still is pet-sitting for a homeless goat that the Humane The Polo Clubs opening night crowd was so large that guests milled about the lobby and stairs waiting for the floodgates to open periodically to let in another batch . At Society asked him to care for two years least one prospective member was told , " you ve been here 15 minutes; you have to ago. Archbold says the society also leave now so others can come in." William Morris, Tandy Dickinson, Wyatt Dickerson asked him to watch a baboon, but that and Patrlsha Wack were among the brave and determined souls who made it through was pushing things too far. the doors of the citys newest downtown private club. -ADRIENNE WHITMAN32/November 1979/Dossier
  • 31. Members of the Washington Humane Socie-ty probably didnt have to ask twice to holdtheir benefit tea dance again this year at theJapanese embassy: Mrs. Fumihiko Togo,shown at right with the centerpiece of ice-sculpture dogs, calls the societys work a" cause that Is very near my heart." ArtBuchwald, immediately below with Mrs.Roger Stevens (left photo) and JeanetteWilliams (right photo) takes obvious delightin his master of ceremonies role. Bothwomen helped Mrs. Togo chair the dance. Atthe microphone is Bianca Berry, president ofthe Washington Humane Society. (Bottomrow, from left) Mr. and Mrs. Wynant Vander·pool, Barbara Sloat and Baroness Barros,the Chilean ambassadors wife, place theirbids for the silent auction. Mrs. Jim Keenanhappily kisses Buchwald after purchasingtea with Sen. Ted Kennedy. Former senatorHugh Scott hits the dance floor with his wife. Dossier/November 1979/33
  • 32. (Clockwise from above) Diversity was the order of the evening when the new Saud i Arabian Ambassador Falsal Alhegelan and his elegant wife Nuha - seen greeting Henry Catto - threw a national day party for 1,000 guests from the political , social and diplomatic scene at the Corcoran Gallery. Amid masses of flowers and eye- ing the super-deluxe food , Sen. Jacob Javits, seen with Stephana Groueff, fended off questions about his plans for the 1980 election . Peter Borlo, Singapore Ambassador Coomaraswamy, Romanian Counselor Bestellu, Yugoslavian Am- bassador Belovskl and Ambassador Esztergalyos from Hungary illustrate how this huge reception became a crossroads of international exchange. Further proof: C.I.A. director Stansfield Turner convers- ing with Irish Ambassador Sean Donlon.34/No vember 1979/Dossier
  • 33. FoR LovE OF HOPE Over 700 faithful friends of Project HOPE and its founder and president Dr. Bill Walsh and his wife, Helen, forked out $125 apiece to help keep HOPE clinics and medical teams in remote areas of South America and other foreign countries . "Morocco will now have HOPE, and at the invitation of King Hassan," said Carol Foley, chairman, who planned the ball at the Washington Hilton with Mrs. Brock Adams. As always, business Washington turned out en masse due to Stephen Harhm and Foster Shannon, who co- chaired the Mens Committee. It paid off in spades for one member of the business community, Anthony DErmes, senior vice president at American Security Bank . He and his wife won the single giant door prize, (Above) Chairman of this year·s HOPE symbolized by a bushel basket filled Ball , Carol Foley, and Dr. Bill Walsh,• with gift-wrapped certificates. After all, president of Project HOPE, greet former its hard to package a trip to Jamaica, secretary of transportation Brock Adams the major prize, which the DErmes said and Mrs. Adams, who was vice chairman of the event that garnered approximately theyll probably cash in on at $75,000. Seven hundred faithful sup- Christmas. porters came. some all the way from Los The diplomatic corps was Angeles. (Left) Pascal Regan, glass represented, too. New Brazilian Am- sculptor, who wore a piece of her art bassador Azeredo da Silveira, no around the neck of a mans tuxedo, Maud Chasen, owner of the famous stranger to the U.S., reminisced about Chasen s restaurant, and Charles Wick the time he spent in San Francisco as a all help in the circus benefit for HOPE young man. that takes place in L.A. each year. Other guests included (below, from left) Jim In· The festivities found HOPE sup- gham, Charles Koons and Betty June porters flying in for dinner and dancing Ingham. from states like Pennsylvania, Georgia and California. Texan Elton Hyder, in black tie with what he described as an "antique jade necklace formerly worn. by a maharaja," and his wife,Martha, recently named to the board of the Na- tional Symphony Orchestra, were with Fred Korth, former secretary of the Navy who lives in Washington but returns to his San Antonio cattle ranch as often as possible, and blonde, chignoned Nancy Holmes, wearing one of the knock-out necklaces of the even- ing: admittedly borrowed aquamarines and diamonds. Departing guests resembled a por- table forest, with every fifth couple lug- ging big Woodward & Lothrop center- Pieces of silk flowers in incongruous green plastic basins, given away to guests at each table who had a gold star on page 166 of their program. -ARAMINTA Dossier / No vember 1979135
  • 34. COUNTRY COMES TO FORDS"I could feel Lincolns presence ... ! Baker begged off; "Ill have a statementcouldnt keep my eyes off that box." tomorrow." (The next day, he lam-Johnny Cash had been in rehearsal for basted the speech.)"A Celebration of Country" all day at Surprise guests at the big benefit per-Fords Theatre. Now, over buffet and formance at Fords taped for broad-cocktails at Sen. Howard Bakers home, casting were the Jimmy Carters. As the"the man in black" took a moment to cameras whirred, the President ran toreflect on how he had felt, stepping on the stage from his front-row seat to in-the stage of the historic Fords for the troduce the program in what must have first time. been an unprecedented appearance by a Glen Campbell, at the Bakers with U.S. president in a commercial show. his wife, Sarah, expecting their first He relinquished the stage to a slimmed-child, remarked that he couldnt get down Dolly Parton, who played to the over the smallness of the theatre; "but President during much of her act, andif I ever put on a private concert, Id do Lynn Anderson, Roy Clark, Charlieit there: the acoustics are great." Rich, Sen. Robert Byrd and other musi- The two biggest country music stars cians.of the Bakers party mingled on the At intermission, Rosalynn Carterupstairs patio and under the first-floor politicked her way halfway up one aisle.tent with political luminaries, corporate The audience motored over later to thesupporters of Fords like Harry Levine, Corcoran (many in rented limos) forJr., of General Electric and Fords supper, but few of the performerstheatre people. showed. Producer Joe Cates came, The political types, questioned about though, to celebrate the birth of hisPresident Carters televised Cuba/Salt brainchild with guests like RobertII speech, which was just winding down Strauss, Jody Powell, the Liv Biddies,as guests arrived, played it cool. "I Mandy Ourisman, Hank Parkinson andmade up my mind I wasnt going to Bill Reynolds, head of Alcoa.make any hasty statements about it," -SHARON CONGDON The Travelers Aid Ball marked Its sixteenth year by being the first major social event to be booked in Washingtons newest hostelry, the Four Seasons. (Left) Bill and Florence Willard, long·tlme supporters, won the grand prize of a weekend for two at the Chicago Four Seasons. The fate of their own hotel here Is still a cliffhanger. (Above right) Polly and Jack Logan stop for a chat with Mrs. Herbert Fales, while (at right, top) Navy Secretary Frank Hidalgo (left) greets Isadore Sharp (right), chief executive of Four Seasons Hotels In Toronto, Mrs. Sharp and Raymond Holden, whose wife Is president of the Travelers Aid Society of Washington. (At right) The Davis Roblnsons (left) and James Corrlgans typified the perennial "accent on youth" for which T.A. parties are well-known.36/November /979/Dossier
  • 35. October, presidentially-proclaimed " Country Music Month," gotoff to a star-spangled start with Fords " Celebration of CountryMusic." (Left) The night before the performance, Joy and HowardBaker, whose constituency includes Nashville, welcomed GlenCampbell and other performers to their home. (Above right) Thenext day, the performers visited the White House, where ascheduled reception turned into a luncheon for stars like JohnnyCash, here with the Carters and Cashs mother, wife June andson John. The supper at the Corcoran after that evenings tapingattracted (above) Frankie Hewitt (left), Fords producer, HouseSpeaker Tip ONeill and Mildred ONeill, who is chairing Fordsfirst major fundraising campaign, and (at right) Mrs. Bob Strauss,Father Healy, Georgetown Us president, and Ambassador BobStrauss. Proceeds from ticket sales and television rights totaled$200,000. (Below left) The trio descending the airy bamboo stairway to the canal -level foyer are (from left) photographer Mrs. Henry C. Cashen, II, Mrs. Eduardo de Zulueta, whose hu sband is " per· manent observer" from Spain to the O.A.S., and Mrs. Fred Rooney, who was chairman of the T.A. Ball at the World Bank in 1977. (Below right) Steven Trentman and partner pick up the beat of Lester Lanln s orchestra. Mrs. Roberts de Graff and Mrs. Robert E. Freer, Jr., co· chaired this years ball. Canadian Ambassador and Mrs. Peter Towe were the evenings honorary patrons. Dossier/No vember 1979/37
  • 36. The rain did not stop the merriment at the decorating world as " Mr. Lucite." (4) The open ing of the Decorators Show House, Marlin Husteds examine Woodies designer the 49-room Oxon Hill Manor. Twenty-seven Jack Spates dining room decor, which rooms of the elegant Georgian estate were uses tones of sandlewood to reflect the decorated for the benefit of the National oriental silk hangings on the walls. In the Symphony. That provided good reason for foreground is a small table set for little (1) Mstislav Rostropovich (second from left), ones dining, while the adults of the family maestro of the National Symphony, and sit at the main table. (5) Daun Thomas and Austin Kiplinger, president of the NSO Gail Jackson, Lord and Taylor designers for Association, to brave the downpour along the drawing room, and Mrs. Thomas Cahill, with premier committee chairman Mrs. show house chairman , can relax for the John E. Threlfall (left) and Mrs. Paul Sar- first time in several months of hard work banes. (2) Mr. and Mrs. Sonny Bevard relax that went into readying Oxon Hill Manor. after the buffet dinner served beneath a This seventh show house is, according to yellow and white striped tent. (3) Tom Getz Marcelle Cahill , " the best ever, because the (left) of Classique Interiors used dove grey committee worked closely with the and apricot and an unforgettable canopy in designers to make sure there would be a the bedroom where he talks with Anne continuity of feeling throughout the Friedman and Jeff Bigelow, known in the house."38/November 1979/ Dossier
  • 37. • RESIDENCE We are proud to announce that, after any years in the planning, Washingtons most anticipated con inium residence will be completed m the spring of 1980. A guietly-elegant contemporary structure, ad.@cent to the C & 0 Canal and overlooking the Potomac River, The Flour Mill will offer fifty-five spacious, uniquely individual residences. In The Flour Mill, the Weissberg Development Corporation# has created an unusual environment remarkable for its style, grace and comforts. And, as an integral part of the preservation and renewal of Georgetown, it will stand as an ideal fulfilled for its architects, builders and discriminating residents. OCCUPANCY, SPRING 1980 Exclusive Sales Agents-Shannon & Luchs Co. Washington, D.C. 337-2900 A Project of Weissberg Development Corp.
  • 38. had the first chance to put the electronic AUCTION SNEAK auction to use with William B. Watkins, UI, as the auctioneer. Mexican Am- PEAK bassador and Mrs. Hugo Margain gave a brass coin ashtray and a hand- Chris Hanburger says hes a tightwad. embroidered cotton stole; the Espils Thats why he wouldnt bid on any of gave a silver and gold flacon and Mrs. the antiques auctioned at the Gala Campbell Watson donated a satinglass Patrons Preview of the International dish, pottery pitcher, Royal Daulton Antiques and Art Exposition and Elec- vase and McDuff painting. Donating a tronic Auction at the Capital Centre. Suzuki guitar and a Schroetter violin But that didn t stop 300 other guests was Mrs. Elena Hess; giving a Grecian from bidding on gifts and antiques gold charm was Mr. and Mrs. Henry T. ranging from a goose shoot on Donaldson. Colombian Ambassador Marylands Eastern Shore to a Vic- and Mrs. Virgilio Barco added one case torian baby cradle. of Colombian coffee to the auction. Under the honorary patronage of -JEANN E RYAN Austrian Ambassador and Mrs. Karl Schober and guests Cloris Leachman, Arthur Godfrey and Hanburger, the . preview presented by ArtNet Interna- WALK, DONT tional raised funds to further CARE and MEDICO programs. Participating RIDE in the opening ribbon-cutting ceremony were Ronnie lngrams, CARE director; The invitations read, "Mrs. Edward IWJi hy so many gracious Michael Behar, ArtNet president; Cavin invites you to leave your Rolls extra touches? CARE President and Mrs. Wallace J. Royce at home in your driveway" and Because weve been Campbell; and David Kerr Taylor, come to a Walking-Distance Party to benefit chairman, and Mrs. Taylor. celebrate Strangers Among Us, the new expecting you Other guests at the benefit included book about "walk-ins" written by the Argentine Ambassador and Mrs. neighbor Ruth Montgomery. Aja Espil, Tunisian Ambassador and Ruth and husband Bob walked on Mrs. Ali Hedda, Mr. and Mrs. Burdette down to Pattys 21st St. townhouse Wright, Mrs. Jenifer Moleon, Mr. and from their apartment at 2101 Connec- Mrs. George E. Lamphere, Mr. and ticut, as did a flock of other Mrs. Manoutchehr Ardalan, Mr. 2101-ers ... former ambassador Bill William Manning Cook, Mrs. John Mailliard and wife Millie, Admiral and Hoy Kauffman and Mr. Dick Krolick. Mrs. John McCain, Harry Hoskinson, After the cocktail party, the guests Lt. Gen. Bill and Bette Quinn and ~r Seasons Washington, N.W . DC 2800 Pennsylvania Ave., Georgetown Call your Travel Agent or in Washington 342 -0444 Four Seasons Hotels London, England (lm on the Park) Chicago IRitz-Carltonl San Antonio · San Francisco (Clift I Washington D.C. · Houston 1981 Israel • tvbntreal Ottawa • Belleville "I thought we were being trapped Into a wedding," joked Bob Waldron (right), master Toronto (Four Seasons, Yorkville! of ceremonies at the patrons preview of the electronic auction. The presence of the Toronto (Inn on the Park) "bride," model Barbara Rochford, was eventually explained: the silk and satin gown Calgary · Edmonton • Vancouver with 20-foot train was a 100·year-old dress which once belonged to a European duchess and was to be auctioned at the exposition. Others, from left, are Chris Han· burger, Arthur Godfrey, Michael Behar and Clorls Leachman.40/November 1979/Dossier
  • 39. Chris and Dick Coe. Going Places. The name tags were red feet which Westover Place. Elegantly appointed three story townhouses identified neighbor to neighbor by at the pulse of Washington, D. C. Fast becoming the name and street. Bachelor stockbroker in-town address for people who are going places. Stephen Montgomery walked over Models shown from 11 AM daily, or by appointment. Priced from $208,000. from his P St. pad with his fiancee Phone: 363-7078 Elizabeth Koehler, and talked spas in a corner with Sally Nevius, who admit- ted she and Jack would have walked from Garfield Terrace had she not broken her foot two days before. " We plan to be married December 31st," Montgomery said, "and are looking for a glamour farm in Virginia to start a budget-priced Main Chance-type spa right here in the Washington area." Congresswoman "Lindy" Boggs was escorted by "Tommy-the-Cork" Corcoran, who parked his car a block away to "get into the spirit of things!" Others who parked and walked halfway included Peggy and Bob LeBaron, "Trapper" and Betty Drum, Dorothy and Leonard Marks, Helen Thomas Cornell and author Paul Healy, who wrote the first (and definitive) book on Cissy Patterson . "Too bad," he told Ruth Montgomery,• "one cant patent titles these days." Hobart Taylor sidled in from S St., where hes "still decorating" and met neighboring architect Walter Marlowe who, with wife Clare, is building their "ultimate townhouse" on Bancroft Place. The Lowell Ditzens walked in, as did Jack and Polly Logan, Ymelda Dixon from P St., Hoke and Willie Sisk, Madeleine Gimbel, who is settling in on California St., Hope Rydings Miller and Gerson Nordlinger (who had threatened to wear his jogging shorts). President Carter, please note: The Kalorama Circle/Embassy Row/ Georgetown crew do save energy. .. but it took a book to get them afoot! -ARAMINTA STEEPLECHASE Randy Rouse broke both legs when he fell from his horse during the first point- to-point race last spring in Potomac. A diehard equestrian, he entered the Fair- fax Steeplechase at Belmont Plantation last month and won the Chatterbox Le French Accent Cup in the second race. Former CLUBMEN CERRUTI RAMOSPORT GEORGESRECH RENATA secretary of the Navy Bill Middendorf gave the Ambassador Cup in memory IN MAZZA GALLER/£ of his father, Harry Middendorf; its 5300 Wisconsin A venue. N. W. now an annual cup. Seen at Belmont (202)362-3762 that day ...Jack Cooke, majority owner of the Redskins, alone, but socializing Dossier /November 1979141
  • 40. Cyrus Vance and the last three secretaries of state recently got together for the first such gathering in the State Departments 200 years. (Clockwise from above) Curator Clem Conger (left) and Leonard Marks (right), dinner chairman, join the Cy Vances, Henry Kissingers, William Rogers and Dean Rusks for an historic portrait. Grace Erskins and Rose Zalles, who donated some of their own antiques to the rooms and $1,000 for the dinner, share a toast. Berry Tracy, the George Kauf· mans,the John Marlons and Irving Wolf celebrate the evening. Rose Marie Bogley and John Ireland con- front the unflappable Fife, Drum and Bugle Corps, Old Guard, Fort Myer. Mrs. James Stewart Hooker ap- proved of the nights cause, the Ar· chitectural Improvement Fund for the diplomatic reception rooms; she is the donor of the White Houses Blue Room.42/November 1979/Dossier
  • 41. happily at cocktails after the race ... a new beauty in town, Ginger Fox, Mrs. Don Donaldsons daughter, to live here after a stint at modeling in Paris and Rome. Shes going into real estate-so what else? -TRUDY DAVIS JUST DUCKY "We build maternity wards for ducks," is how Frank Carter, member of Ducks Unlimited, describes the work of one ofthe nations most highly organized en-vironmental groups, with membershipin the millions. Its D.C. chapter threw aparty for its sponsors at the Canadianembassy, an appropriate setting sinceDucks Unlimited leases large tracts ofland from the Canadian governmentand works to increase the duck popula-tion in the U.S. and Canada. Bill Stone, chapter vice president, ex-plained that members love to hunt, butthey like ducks, too. "Farmers drainedponds without realizing what they weredoing to the waterfowl. We hope tostabilize the situation by the mid 80sand eventually get it back to the way itwas in 1910." Among those drinking and dining forducks were Thomas W. Perry, the fuelman, president of the D.C. chapter,William Crewe, its secretary, andCharles B. Howard, owner of SportingLife in Georgetown. -EILEEN BRENNANCELEBRATINGIN SHIFTS Actress Shirley MacLaine, in slacksand sweater, was offering to send re-maining copies of her book on her 1973trip to China to Peking for distribu-tion. She was one of 1,800 guests, in-cluding Richard Holbrook, assistantsecretary of state for Far Eastern af-fairs, Evangeline Bruce, Ina Ginsburg,the Henry Cattos, Barbara Watson andscores of amba ssadors invited in twoshifts to celebrate the 30th anniversaryof the Peoples Republic of China. Each invitation was numbered andpeople furtively checked to see wherethey stood in the guest list hierarchy.The Joe Smoaks and GertieD Amecourt read the cards on severalof the dozens of bouquets sent theChinese on their anniversary day.Francie Smoak spotted her SpringValley Fuller Brush man in the crowd. Dossier/November 1979
  • 42. Where theres Hope, there are fans ofthe popular comedian . (Above left) BobHope says hello to young members ofWashingtons Southeast Asian community,while (below left) another star, Sen. Ed-ward Kennedy, is shown through theBoat People Benefit crowd by John Me·earthy, executive director of Migrationand Refugee Services , and Mrs. McCar-thy. Linda Hope is at right. Other guestswere (above) host Tip ONeill, organizerWilliam T. Hannan and his brother, Arch·bishop Philip Hannan of New Orleans,and (below) Elice Vandenbrook, JohnVandenbrook, Jack Grady, Tom Harkinsand his daughters, Marla and Suzanne.When the show was delayed by a bombscare, Hope and O Neill held court in th eparking lot; soon , someone started asing-along and music ians from the Navyband held a jam session . First Lady Rosalynn Carter was on hand to welcome Pope John Paul II to this country. During the popular Pontiffs two-day visit to Washington, he met with President Carter at the White House and visited the Organization of A·merican States headquarters as guest of Secretary General Alex Or· fila. "I Invited the entire Latin community, " Orflla said, " and I told them to bring their children and their maids. We expected 10,000 people-23,000 showed up." The enthusiastic turnout created a three-hour wait to enter the grounds for some of the spectators, but none were turned away. As for host Orfila, he said later that he feels blessed for the rest of his life and thereafter.
  • 43. THE ROAD TOKEN CEN First there was Teddy Kennedy .. .he came and the Ken Cen Atrium became a mass of lights and cameras. Then, theshow for the boat people was side- tracked by a bomb scare. Raconteur Bob Hope and House Speaker Tip ONeill, host for the evening, found harbor in the parking lot, signingautographs while bomb squad and dogstook over backstage. It was 12:30 a.m.when the preview of Hopes televisionspecial, "On the Road to China,"ended-and that was just the first reel. From beginning to end, the boatshow benefit reflected an exuberant op-timism that would not be stymied. Puttogether in less than two weeks by JohnMcCarthy, executive director of theCatholic Conference Migration andRefugee Services, and well-connectedlawyer William T. Hannan, the showwas a sell-out and the preceding recep-tion was a blend of socialites, clergy,politicians and Southeast Asian guests. Sen. Stuart Symington shared a boxwith the Thomas Eagletons. Debonairex-senator Ed Brooke, now working forHannan, titillated the crowd with hisnew young wife. "Gee, she really isbeautiful" was the party scuttlebutt. .."how old do you think he really is?"(62?) The gala was a family affair for Hopewith his daughter, Linda, one of the co-producers. His son, Tony, had just ar-rived from Marthas Vineyard. Alsoon hand to cheer Hope on werenephews Tom Malatesta, theheadhunter, and Peter Malatesta, whosays he doesnt miss the restaurantbusiness. Robert Calhoun Smith greetedfriends with his effervescent wifeKathryn, aglow in a lacquer-red Chinesejacket. Deena Clark arrived in herlimousine complete with bar, bringingElias Demetracopoulos, Lucille Larkin(cable T.V. P . R. exec) a nd twohandsome men. When someone com-mented on Deenas "elegant show," sheanswered that "you picked the righttime to say that; these men are fromTexaco, my sponsor." Some of Washingtons famous hostsnever tire of the super-stars ... when haveYou seen Marshall Coyne hangingaround a parking lot for two hours,Waiting to chauffeur someone-in thiscase, Bob Hope-back to the Madison. Proof Blended Scold 01979 -EILEEN BRENNAN Dossier/ No vember 1979145
  • 44. C 1919 R J REYNOLDS TOBACCO CO Class A Satisfaction you never thought possible at only 2 mg tar. NOW is significantly lower in tar than 98% of all cigarettes sold. And NOW gives you a choice of soft pack or box. Warning : The Surgeon General Has Determined That Cigarette Smoking Is Dangerous to Your Health. FILTER, MENTHOL: 2 mg. "tar"..2 mg. nicotine av. per cigarette by FTC method.
  • 45. "This is not a benefit," said John Coleman, owner of The Fairfax Hotel; "its just to say thank you , Washington and have fun ." The 300 New York, Chicago and Washington " cafe society" types mixed in the bar and under a white tent. (1) Anna Chennault and Tom Corcoran greet former senator Ed Brooke. (2) Mayor Marion Barry, who cut the Four Seasons opening ribbon several weeks earlier, was on hand to open Coleman s new bar, as were (3) Secretary of Interior Cecil Andrus, Wendy Roebuck and James Barrett. (4) Bobby Short takes a pause from his piano to see his companion Gloria Vanderbilt, in White lace w ith pink satin sash . (5) Phyllis George is popping up on the Washington social circuit more and more - a reflection of her husband s political amb itions? (6)Get· ting the real " skinny " from each other, no doubt: man about New York Earl Blackwell, doyenne fashion writer Eugenia Sheppard and V.P. of Helena Rubenstein Shirley Lord. (7) Texan Martha Hyder and singer-actor John Raitt chat prior to a buffet of baby lobster tails, crab claws and salmon . (8) Lee Radziwill paid scant attent ion to conversation at· tempts by female guests; she had eyes only for men, like Steve Martindale .• Dossier/ November 1979/47
  • 46. Tom Wilner walked over to his wifeMOPPETS PARTY OF THE YEAR with their son. David is unhappy ... the clown just stepped in his ice cream."For the junior set, the Friends of the Mrs. Threlfall toddled in with their Spanish Ambassador Jose LladoChildrens Eye Care Foundation troops from Chevy Chase Circle. happily displayed his own high-bidbenefit tea party meant ice cream, hot Senate wives Cece Zorinski, Helen auction purchases: a Senate letterdogs and balloons; for the parents and Jackson and Jeanette Prouty poured opener, an antique Chinese necklace ofother adults, an opportunity to stroll tea, as did Peggy Stanton, wife of the coral, turquoise and mother of pearlthe Spanish-style mansion and big congressman. Nan Powell stopped and a crystal bell, also marked with thegreen backyard of the Swedish em- in without Jody, who was in Senate seal. Trying out the bell, thebassy; and for benefit co-chairmen Florida for the day. Duffy Cafritz ambassador was asked how he plannedBecky Rogers and Nancy Howar and buzzed by as did Mrs. Pat Munroe and to use it. "With care," he quipped.children with visual disorders, it meant June and John Hechinger, fresh from "You can keep your staff in order withmore funds to help eye problems. the groundbreaking ceremonies of the it," someone suggested; but the am- For the days hostess, Countess new Hechinger Mall. bassador retorted that it would takeWachtmeister, however, there was A bespectacled and shirt-sleeved more than the bells gentle tinkle to ac-another special joy to the day: "Ive Sen. Frank Church reeled off a lengthy complish that task.loved having all the children around." list of goodies hed sampled during the Mrs. Frank Moore and Mrs. JackHer own, the wife of the Swedish am- afternoon-"just like one of the Valenti, both with daughters namedbassador explained, are grown. children." Bethine Church is president Courtney, did mother-daughter com- While chortling cherubs in knee of the foundation, and the senator mittee work. Sperry and Marypants and pinafores chased balloons looked comfortable in the supportive- MacNaughton and Lynn and Michaeland clowns around the grounds, proud husband role, thanking people for Novelli were husband and wife teams.papas like Greg Earls, Herbert coming and agreeing to announce the As the grounds began to clear at six,"Herky" Harris of the White House silent auction winners to the irrepressi- Dr. Bill Rich prepared to gather up thestaff, Wayne Coy and Curt Winsor ble, chattery group. four small girls he had escorted to theheld tiny tots high to see the action. Jan and Tom Wilner bid highest on tea party: his daughter Meghan, BethMartha Mica (wife of Floridas the weel< at a Florida tennis camp. Jensen, Jennifer Rios and Erin Frey,Representative Daniel Mica) came with "We won a whitewater rafting trip who clutched balloon animals andtheir kids, Mrs. Joseph Albritton once," said Jane, "and never took other souvenirs of their day.brought her young son and Dr. and it-but well definitely take this one." -SHARON CONGDON Im not satisfied with our service until every cuStOmer tells me they are! Its normal to worry when almost everything you Catheri11e Albert, own is about to travel across oceans to an unfanuliar Overseas Moving Division place. But after one conversation with Mrs. Albert, you know you can relax. Shes been dealing with details and people for over 30 years at Security Storage. Security has been building a dependable service record around people like this since 1890. Multi-lingual professionals, modem customs warehouse facilities, expert packers, and a complete- international forwarding department are all available, even for the most routine move. Mrs. Albert follows up that service with a personal call to every customer. Its not the "modem" way of doing business. But its the only way she can be sure theyre com- pletely satisfied. ~rruPitu. ~Jtopagr «Jompann48/November 1979/Dossier
  • 47. (Clockwise from above) For Elizabeth ·IS unimpressed by amany of the 300 moppets at clowns friendly attentions. Thethe Childrens Eye first floor of the embassy wasCare benefit, it was thrown open to guests, includingtheir first embassy (from left) Gall Siegel, Teddybash. Spanish Am· Kaplan, his mother Carol andbassador Jose Llado Ruth Leffall. Jonathan, son oftries out his new Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Harris,Senate bell for host believes a balloon In theAmbassador hand is clearly worth moreWachtmelster and Sen. than the hundreds ofFrank Church. others decoratingPamela Howars the grounds. Dossier/November 1979/49
  • 48. DANCING DARTH V ADERS Mae West and W.C. Fields were there. So were Rhett Butler, Scarlett OHara and Fraulein Sally Bolles. Even a shoeless Huck Finn tiptoed to the American Theatre Associations second International Costume Ball to honor King Richard I (a.k.a. Richard Coe). The critic emeritus of the Washington Post is considered one of the countrys most outstanding drama critics, and ball organizers relished the chance to bring together those he has praised and panned. Amid heaps of all-natural potato chips, candied pecan rolls, balloons and costumed characters, they cabareted til dawn-actors, producers, critics and theatregoers alike-in honor of Coe. Helen Hayes came. So did actor George Grizzard, who just returned from a tour of "Deathtrap," and Judy Manos, whos the co-producer of Broadways current hit, "Sweeney Todd." Some of Washingtons top theatre advocates were there, too: Father New York • Atlanta • Beverly Hills • Birmingham Ml • Boston • Chicago • Denver •,Fort Lauderdale • Houston Gilbert Hartke, Zelda Fichandler and Miami • Minneapolis • Paramus • Roslyn Heights • Scarsdale • Scottsdale • Washington D.C. • Westport • Winnetka Roger Stevens. In presenting the award to Coe, Stevens joked, "I forgive Dick Coe for all the times he was wrong," adding, "a critic is really very important to the audience these days. Dick has made the theatre exciting. " Guests seated alongside Coe at the head table included Mrs. Coe; the Hon. and Mrs. Livingston Biddle; Rose Robison Cowen, chairman of the THE A.T.A. committee; David Gooder, NATIONAL A.T.A. president-elect; Dr. and Mrs. Lee Korf; Dr. Jack Morrison, A.T.A. CHRISTMAS executive director; and Leo J. Sullivan. ANTIQUES SHOW "We all have a common cause here," Coe noted, "and that cause is the WILL BE HELD AT theatre-more theatre and better DAR CONSTITUTION HALL 1776 D STREET, N.W . theatre." W ASHlNGTON , D.C. Other A.T.A. friends enjoying the ON benefit were Mr. and Mrs. Marvin NOVEMBER 18,19 & 20 Esch, Mrs. William Cafritz, Maurice SUN., MON., 1-10 PM Blum, John Willard Marriott, Steve TUES.1-8PM Martindale, Sen. James McClure, ADMISSION $3.00 Donald Peacock, Barbara and Alan THE THIS AD ADMITS YOU "BOURGEOIS" Coburn, Iceland Ambassador and Mrs. AND YOUR PARTY AT FRENCH RESTAURANT S2.SO EACH Hans Anderson and Korean embassy • Award winning cuisine • Comprehensive winejist Minister and Mrs. Meung HoOh. ALL MERCHANDISE • Coat & tie not required The costume ball with the theme, GUARANTEED AUTHENTIC • Wide-ranged menu "All the Worlds a Stage," ended with a AS TO ORIGIN • Plenty of free parking • Major credit cards accepted costume parade filled with Darth AND CONDITION Vaders, Snoopies, kings and queens, 10 East 10 East Glebe Road, Alexandria, Va. CONVENOR: PETER J. URBON from Crystal City its 1.6 miles South Marlene Dietrichs, Lipton tea bags and to East Glebe & Right to Chez Andree DEERFIELD. MA 01342 413/ 485-1231 IF YOU HAVENT FOUND US YET CALL : 836-1404 nuns dancing to the Gene Donati orchestra.50/November 1979/Dossier
  • 49. ....Richard Coe got the plum role - honored guest - in A.T.A. s costume ball. Very specialguest at the tribute to critic Coe was Helen Hayes, first lady of American theatre, directlyabove with Coe (right) and Livingston Biddle. (Top) The costume parade included BarbaraCoburn representing the song " Brush up Your Shakespeare," spe ll ed " Shapespeare" forher exercise clinic, "Shapes. " (Clockwise from upper right) Modeling their flight-of-fancyhats made of fresh flowers are Sharon Wolpoff (left) and Kay Sutphin; Kay s " Hello Dolly"won best individual costume prize. Catholic Us Father Gilbert Hartke and Bill Graham,chairman of C.U.s drama department, exchange palace gossip with medieval prince andprincess Dan Everett and Nancy Higgins, C.U. students. The Red Baron s nemesis landedto shake hands with Tom Fichandler and Mrs. Livingston Biddle. Back at the tables,Cleopatra, Mrs. George de Raulhac Hil, and husband give some serious attention to theprogram. Dossier/No vember 1979151
  • 50. .52/November 1979/Dossier
  • 51. Washingtons fine gift store and departments offer a wide ran11e of llift Idea for early holi- day hopper. . From the bottom of the page: Lincoln Bookend by Daniql he ter French, $100, Brewood. Blown glass JiOblets (larger picture), $22-$40, Jackie halkley. Broom-haired wood lion tool or coffee table, $300, Hay market. Hand-blown goblet {smaller picture), by or- reia Glass Studio, $85, The Tifanee Tree. Madison briefcase in tan or brown suede, $36; brown or black, $35, openhaver. Pan y-pa/lem des ert et, by hafford, $3 1.50 ($15 /pla//er $16.50/plates), ache Pot. Silk jewelry box, $25, ache Pot. Dirigible, $50,000, Neiman-Marcus. Ceiling fan, $364, Haymarket. Antique ceramic garden drums, $2,450 each, W&J Sloane, In c.By Bette TaylorHere it comes-the most exciting BREWOODseason of the year, full of special peo- 1147 20th Street, N. W.ple and cherished moments of the 223-2300holidays. But in this city of shakers and Traditional personalized stationerymovers, the men and women that get and desk accessories are yours for thethings done, time is never more of the choosing in this traditional brown andessence than during the holidays. red shop. Brass bookends are $65, and Knowing how busy life gets about the 1980 Moscow Olympic plate, $, weve started your shopping for There are leather diaries or diariesyou, scouting out the truly new, unique from China at $5.50-$7.50. A Lladroand distinctive gifts of the season from figurine of a Japanese lady arrangingvarious stores . Perusing these pages flowers ($350) is a collectors item. Getwill save you some energy, whet your the lucite executive decision maker appetite (and acquisitiveness) and ($10) for your boss. Many Bing and start you orgamzmg your Grondahl pieces, including a Beatrix thoughts ... to give your loved Potter figurine, make lovely gifts. ones (and your liked ones) what they truly deserve: a CACHE POT beautiful holiday season, Seven Locks Plaza full of harmony, not has- Rockville, Md. sle, and organization, not 424-7766 anxiety. You can cash in on the personal Where possible, individuals shopping services of Cache Pot. They are noted to further assist make it very easy to shop by phone for you in finding the perfect gift for finds like Imari patterned vases ($20your special people. up), crystal champagne wine coolers ($37 .50) or a brass and wood coat rack BLOOMINGDALES ($35). Better yet, stop in at this grey Tysons Corner and white shop to meet Elaine, Shelly McLean, Va. or Nancy, and choose a lucite compact 893-3500 that lights up ($15) or a stunning Seiko Always trendy, Bloomies con- world desk clock with all the time tinues to fascinate the Washing- zones ($75). ton buyer. Manager Jackie Bert- well notes glass is a popular CAMALIER AND BUCKLEY item this year, in black swirled 1141 Connecticut A venue, N. W. and clear styles-a swirled glass 347-9500 vase is $25 . New are the four-ft. The traditional store with dark green plastic crayons in all the primary and brass decor is known for its colors ($65). affordable fine leather goods. They Dossier/November 1979153
  • 52. have the largest selection of wallets in the city at $18.50-$200, leather lamps, belts, even a leather and burl Dunhill humidor ($90)! The leather-lined alligator attache case, $2,500, is excep- tional, as is the leather-covered Swiss pocket watch ($140). Many pieces of brass furniture are offered, and a boat scraper or beautiful rosewood golf put- ter ($80) . Lynn Zimmerman advises lively luggage and handbags for the women on your list. And just think: Teddy Roosevelt bought his riding gear here! COPENHAVER 1625 Connecticut Ave., N. W. 232-1200 Fine engraving has never gone out of style and buyer Richard Lilybridge says the family crest-on stationery or blank cards-is making a big come- back (about $200 for the dye). Cranes mix and match colors are new, and their stationery in the colored lingerie case is only $20. The Cabernet line of burgundy accessories looks expensive and wears well; a handsome briefcase is $60. COUNTRY LIVING 4849 Massachusetts A venue, N. W. 362-1723 320 King Street Alexandria, Va. 549-4424 With a real country feel to this pine and wood shop, owner Louise Sagalyn loves the old fashioned bacon press for country breakfasts ($6) or the fine Armetale cookware, classic and durable with the look of old French pots. Her calico quilt-top comforters ($150-$300), rag rugs and mug collec- tion are unusually useful and hand- some. DOLLY KAY DESIGN, LTD. 5232 44th Street, N. W. 966-0925 An oriental mood and red splash of54/November 1979/Dossier
  • 53. =:: 2 color will greet the seasons shopper at this little store that sports a potpourri of pretty things from all over the world at affordable prices. Imagine being swathed in a Fernando Sanchez lame and feathered robe ... only $240. For him, Peter Bartons closet-woven cream cashmere kimono ($200). Choices abound, like the executive cof- fee cup in silver and cut glass ($9) or Dolly Kays famous selection of Port- hault linens and her own chic copies. New are the poppy trail dinner plates and the fabulous pottery pieces of Jurg Lanzrein, $30 up, now also carried at Tiffanys. Rum sugar cashew nuts ($4.50) are for luscious munching. Pate de verre. FLOWER GALLERY The Art.The CAT gets the MOUSE and you get 1050 17th Street, N. W. The JWagic.the CHEESE with these clever servers.9X12" grained wood board with thong. 331-1453 The Jlfystery Lovely decorating accessories from Ceramic 8·1/ 2" knife. Pair only $14. Pate de verre i three Wedgwood, Bing and Grondahl and thousand five hundred year old Lladro are yours for the choosing in At the beginning of our own COUNTRY this downtown niche. Tom Powell favors his fragrant cinnamon stacks as twentieth century it was vogue. But, imperfect. LIVING!f artful centerpieces, with birds and twigs ($45) . A Kaisar porcelain Cana- dian goose would make a hunter happy It was not until now, not until DAUM that the perfection we know in each piece was possible .320 King Street, Alexandria 549-4424 ($2,200) and his dolls, with real furs Crystal and color i fused at I000°C 4849 Mass Ave. NW, D.C. 362-1723 through today technology. and velvet, are breathtaking ($35-$65). Through the ancient lost wax method~~ of casting each piece faithfully GARFINCKELS reproduces each culptors work. 14th and F Sts., N. W. It is DAUMs ability to penetrate 628-7730 every detail of the mold with Always with its finger on the Wash- pate de verre, with color, that allow the beauty of pate de verre to live 729 8th St., S.E. ington pulse, this handsome depart- more gloriously than at any time Mon . th ru Sat. 10-6 ment store is proud of its Georgetown in its history. Sun. 12 to 5 grouping-mugs, glassware, aprons, When struck, it break away 543-5051 canvas totes and trays with the row to reveal your prized work of thea superb houses of Georgetown captured in a sculptors art as you have always wanted to posse s it.selection of black, white and red graphic ($9-$40). Marvelous little mahogany occasional Filled with light.GIFTS from tables are $22-$79, while black Russian lacquer boxes range from $30-$500. A Not the source of light. The very oul of it.all over the world real showstopper-the large Chinese The one work of art whos • Hunter & CasaBlanca ceiling fans inner light has lasted for antique oxblood vase ($5,000). The gift three thousand five hundred year . • Clay Cookware • Wine Crocks • Hand crafted Pottery • Silk Flowers we cant Jive without: Executive Red • Tree Ornaments • Stuffed & Wooden Toys Tape, red tape with black lettering in a • Copper & Chrome Accessories clear scotch tape dispenser with a • Crystal & Glassware booklet describing the varied uses ($5). GAZEBO 4849 Cordell Ave. Bethesda, Md. 656-8773 Home accessories are all-important in this bright shop, with different col- ored gazebos displaying everything in their hue. Mrs. Esterman loves the old Connecticut Connection wooden fabric stamps ($3-$5) or the 1101 Connecticut Avenue lovely selection of Italian glass fruits 659-4300 ($11). Silk pillows are $18-$22, with a Old Town Annapolis huge selection of boxes in batik silk 836-1434 (301)263-3737 and china. Dossier/November 1979155
  • 54. HAYMARKET I. MAGNIN 729 8th St., S.E. White Flint Mall 543-5051 468-2900 Woodsy, airy and earthy, this shop This marble showcase shop is quality offers many, many baskets in all price oriented, with a little California ranges, as well as Sicilian handmade kickiness. The silver apple ice bucket or pottery by Giovanni De Simone ceramic hamburger coaster complete -colorful Picasso reborn in mugs ($5), with bun and pickle ($20) are gifts with plates and trays ($180). Barbara style. Oh, to be wrapped in their sensa- Thomas is proud of the clay cookware tional cashmere blanket! Manager by Schlemmertopf-a wine crock is Sonia Livingston takes a nod toward the $10.99. Ethereal real roses have been crystal snowman ($24) or fabulous Val dipped in resin to preserve them St. Lambert candlesticks ($200). Going ($7-$12). A wood lion with broom hair higher-ticket? A pair of antique ImariGIFT HORSE is a stool or coffee table ($300) and vases can be yours for $6,000.1101 Connecticut Ave., N. W. fabulous fans in wood, cane or brass659-4300 plug right into ceiling outlets.118 King St.836-1434 JACKIE CHALKLEY The lure of fine glass and crystal HORTENSIA 3301 New Mexico Ave., N. W.from Orrefors and Val St. 1.ambert 3301 New Mexico Ave., N. W. 686-8884shows starkly against the dark brown (and branches) A sleek white, grey and mauve decorsuede-cloth decor. Bourne Garner 686-1168 sets off fine contemporary crafts-loves the handblown glass oil lamp Do you have just the spot for a neon everything is handmade. Enticing blown($23-$42). Hard-to-find handblown sign? For $220, a palm tree or a bar glass goblets, $22-$40, set a beautifulships in bottles dock in at $70-$400. sign can be yours. "Limousine" cloth table. Jackies rosewood and sterlingWhen you squeeze the Audocron desk sets in Rolls Royce red or razor ($58), pale grey-green celadonclock, a soft silver mushroom, it will Lamberghini grey are $180. Someone music boxes ($32) and a leather journalchime out the time for you ($175). special will adore a dark brown ($44) make unique gifts. A wood hand-Their Italian distillery provides a sure opossum fur blanket ($1 ,000) and carved baby rattle is only $4.75, andway to stay warm this winter-it turns silver fan-shaped mylar placemats will dont miss the gorgeous dolls withwine into brandy ($150). light up a holiday table. porcelain heads. "1f. 1 Brilliant 4e ~.._e For • a. ..~~~.w~!~!~!~ang~!!!!!.~~t:~~O~ new luncheon menu. A splendrous new dinner menu. And a dazzling new Parisian chef. Alain Gooss Alain Gooss. manager of La Fleur Restaurant. notes that Lebaillys distinctive preparation of Cuisine Classique is in evidence with the new extensive experience includes sous menus. " Leba illys proven excellence chef at the famous Lido for six years . and reputation lie primarily with his chef at the palatial Hotel Zenith inventive fish and shellfish dishes. Courchevel and chef at the Cavallo Our new menus emphasize his dOro. Chef Lebailly. a new resident strong points. " in our city. views Washington as a cosmopoli tan city willing to exper- ience departures from th e standard Please call 338-8753 Cusine Classique. for reservations56/November 1979/ Dossier
  • 55. KARENS TABLE THINGS Meissan pieces were in the National known by Washington brides, has309 N. Cameron St. Gallery Dresden exhibition, but silver is literally thousands of china patterns toAlexandria, Va. really her forte. The dark green and choose from. Shopper will be offered549-6262 beige showroom houses unique pieces sherry while they decide between Bac- In this pine and brick shop, you can like a graceful art nouveau letter opener carat cordial glasse , flute champagnefind cocktail napkins stuffed in ($108) or Louis XV fish knife ($48.85). glasses or demitasse cups in all pricedemitasse cups, perfect for the col- Her sterling rose is popular and the ranges. Lorioux casseroles in fruit orlecting hostess, and pewter napkin rings silver jardinieres range from $280-$584; flower patterns are $45; a set of hand-with horses or foxes ($10), apt for hunt- she also offers a marvelous china and some pewter steak knives is $25. Her-country affairs. Karens gold or silver- crystal selection from France. rend figurines and objects are $5-$500,plated drip stoppers for wine bottles and lovely Lalique ash trays with little($6-$7 .50) will save many a hostesss LORD & TAYLOR birds, $47.50.fine linens . How about a miniature 5255 Western Ave., N. W.Christmas stocking ($10-$16)? 362-9600 MOLE HOLE The whole store is sprinkled with 3222 N St., N. W.LA BOURSE treasures for holiday giving. A charm- 333-3222li301 Rockville Pike ing white wood bed tray ($80) is perfect This swank shop, found at Vail andRockville, Md. for the breakfast-in-bed type and the Southhampton, is newly perched in468-6393 lmari bowls and plates ($30-$400) are Georgetown. Artfully decorated with With a country-French atmosphere, lovely. Theres a miniature mahogany wood barn siding and Tiffany lamps,Mrs. Pomerantz offers tortoise shell Chippendale chair for $300 or a childs its full of affordable paintings fromcombs and mirrors, exceptional Tumi high chair ($350). New and distinctive local artists and fine objects like soupluggage from Italy and a vast selection are the silk pillow covers in mens tie tureens, decorative candlesticks andof silk scarves from Vera and Anne patterns, only $20. Waterford has pro- unusual Christmas decorations. OwnerKlein ($10 up) . Her handbags range duced a little crystal lamp at $105. Soup Betty Mize has been a private collectorfrom Judith Leiber petit point to tureens in vegetable shapes are perfect for years, and has decided to share herHalston choices. for cozy winter suppers. ($65-$100). talents. Mole Holes appeal will reach all ages and pocketbooks.LE MITTERER MARTINS1990 K St., N. W. 1304 Wisconsin Ave., N. W. NEIMAN-MARCUS223-1909 338-6144 5300 Wisconsin Ave., N. W. Lillian Mitterers Dresden and This Georgetown landmark, well- 966-9700 MeNtlelSObN GAlleRies 6826 WISCONSIN AVENUE CHEVY CHASE, MARYLAND 20015 A showplace in Washington since 1898 Dossier/November 1979/57
  • 56. dassic status Carrying on its "bigger than life" Texas extravaganza, Neimans is offer- ing a remote-controlled multi-satellite antenna-to attach to your little abode ... !t and receive 10,000 movies, direct line to news agencies, even Las Vegas limited quantHy at 45% off list shows-cheap at $36,500! For the .fur" coat of her life, a $100,000 Sobol sable. To QJOiifyforCiassic status a chairm.Jst be 1110 1hings: well-built to stand the test of The his and her gift this year is time and flowiessly designed. The Eames chair from Stott is bo1h. A seating sculpture so dJrably constructed. it will dirigibles-hot air balloons, very por- be as much a part of the future as it is of the present. table, with your choice of color and At Stott. we stock the Eames chair at all times and can insure delivery for Christmas design ($50,000 each). How about or other special occasions. Let us intTod.Jce yQ.J to the Eames today in our fumiture sho.N- N-Ms golf balls in an M&M brown tote roorn ($18/10). A mahogany carriage is only $9,950-all it needs is a horse! For kids, Sir Galaxy is a robot that walks, talks and takes orders ($95). Fabulous prints Chas. G. Stott &Co.. Inc. 1680 Wisconsin Ave.. N.W.. from the space voyage to Jupiter are Washington, D.C. 20007 /2ff2/333-5200 $25, and honey, glycerine and gold-~=====--==-..:====-..:===============================~ flake soap, $25. RAINBOW GIFTS, LTD. 5300 Wisconsin Ave., N. W. No one forgets a Mayflower 244-3937 Marvelous contemporary gifts can be party. found in this sleek brown, glass and mirrored spot. Lynn Siegal carries Or- In a world where care and refors and Daum crystal and art deco craftsman hip a re vanishing signed art glass by Correia-a vase is art , the Mayflowe r till helps $125, a paperweight, $50. Lucite silver- you mark · pecial occa ion in ware is $11/place setting, and its hard the grand manner. to walk out without a soft sculpture doll A etting that glitte rs with ($20-$60). An Avitra candy bowl is $40, crystal a nd glea m with gold . and you can fill it up with choice im- Superb cuisi ne. And smooth- ported candies sold here. a - ilk e rvice. The next time you plan a SAKS FIFTH A VENUE dinne r, wedding, o r other 5555 Wisconsin Ave. affair, dontju t give your Chevy Chase, Md. guests a banquet. Give the m 657-9000 men:ories theyll ne ve r~ rget. Known for quality merchandise, Saks Fo r information. plea e has stocked its lower-level gifts call o ur C ate ring Director at department with unique and one-of-a- -347-3000. kind items like the gold coromandel The Mayflowe r - screen with opulent peacocks ($2, 100). Gu ardian of the Grand Manager Allison Wood shows many Tradi tion. decorative candlesticks in all price ranges, a three piece cheese set-three knives for different textured cheeses 1127 Con necticut Avenue . NW, Wa hington, DC 20036 ($30)-or succulent brandied peaches ($32.50). The handcrafted pewter tea service from the Castor Cooper Collec- tion is enchanting, with its58/November 1979/Dossier
  • 57. Scheherazade mid-Eastern influence($2,500). 45 MINUTES TOSCRIPTORIUM309-A Cameron St. DIAMONDVILLE, MD. Actually Pikesville (a northwest suburb of BALTIMORE), Home of the Bonded Jewelry Center - Home of one of the Largest & Finest Collection s of Diamonds and Jewelry onAlexandria, Va. the East Coast.549-2880 This little brick rustic find is chockfull of very personal gifts. An artist willsketch your house-100 house drawing SPECIAL OF THE MONTHnotes are $75. Owner Judy Shavin findspersonalized match books ($7 / 50) very 8114 ct. Marquis~popular. A little black book, titled Ladys Diamond Rang"Blonds, Brunettes and Redheads" isyours for $6.50. Useful lap desks inassorted prints are $13.50-$18.50-half $29,500a pillow, half a flat surface. A tote,filled with paper plates and two sizes of •3 Gemologists and 5 Dlamondologists to serve younapkins, would put anybody in the •FINE WATCHES- P/aget, Corum, Concord, Long/nes, Seiko, spirit ($7) and bridge buffs will •Complete Jewelry Service, including: custom designing & alteration,appreciate their bridge set, leather-lined watchmaking, and engraving. •Complete repair and appraisal service, Including photos- many while you brown shadow calf ($35.50). EST. 1920STERLING GALLERY5300 Wisconsin Ave., N. W.244-1031 BONDEDi~~tW 1501 REISTERSTOWN ROAD/PHONE: (301) 653-9000 Why shouldnt your stunning center-piece be a prize investment? Mrs. Lopez Located~ mile South of WE ACCEPT ALL Open dally 9:15·5 p.m. - Balto. Beltway Exit 20 MAJOR CREDIT CARDS Open late Thursday tll8p.m.can show you sterling silver tea setsfashioned in Peru from $3,000-$14,000·in Chippendale and Queen Anne styles,in the cushy blue ultrasuede at-mosphere. A fabulous bowl with anymph is $4,000. A little sterling bicycle Something New Has Happenedwith a wick serves as a brandy warmer to Washington!($220). With the price of metals zoom-ing, one will get double pleasure fromowning these objects. ~ m~e ~ole ~oleTIFANEE TREE3112 M St., N. W. of Georgetown333-4323 Come in and see the Finest Gifts in town. Selections of Distinctive Gifts, Collectables and Imports.7101 Democracy Blvd., Bethesda Also, see our unique art gallery656-6228This handsome little niche is swirling Located- in the new Prospect Place • 3222 N Street • Phone 333-3222With art glass - from $4.75 up to$2,200 - which will buy an exquisiteVenini plate, Numeri, in blues andblacks. Walnut or oak wooden boxesare always popular ($15- $350) . Thoselovely glass paperweights have beensliced and set in pendants (from$40). And owner Edward Garfinckel issmiling about the David Davis facePlanters and pots, up to $80. VIA VENETO 600 New Hampshire Ave., N. W 965-9559 Munch the Godiva chocolates Giovanni sells while choosing from Italian-imported decorative pieces like berutas hand-painted ceramics in all D ossier/N ovember 1979159
  • 58. EXCALIBUR SERIES III .4-Seat Phaeton or 2-Seat Roadster. UNIQUE IN ALL THE WORLD price ranges, Florentine mosaics, wood inlaid Sorrento tea carts ($450) and music boxes ($40). The antique Louis XV clocks ($600-$1 ,800) are marvelous for that special mantle. A beautifully designed limited production automobile which not only withstands the test of time, but W & J SLOANE, INC. like fme vintage wine, improves with age. 1130 Connecticut Ave., N. W. Excalibur represents a sound investment in (and branches) the continuing sport of automobiling. 659-9200 Newly-opened Accent Avenue on the lower level combines Sloanes best gift ideas in little boutiques. Fleur Marche VINTAGE CAR STORE INC. has a floral designer working with silky and dry flowers-bring your vase or 95 So. Broadway tel: (914) 358-3800 pick a hand-painted oriental one; these Nyack, N.Y. 10960 telx: 131477 Vintage NYA porcelains range from $8-$250. Acrylic sculptures by Van Teal are a modern touch, or choose lucite tables or trays ($30-$200). English and Indian brass- - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - . - - - - - - - - - - - - - _ . . . : _ -1 pieces are always popular. LADY-DATE WOODWARD & LOTHROP 11th and F Sts., N. W. ~ROLEX 347-5300 New this year is Woodies executive FOR BEAUTYS toy: a solid brass puzzle ($80). The whole store is in the holiday spirit, but ULTIMATE TOUCH the Lenox porcelain vase ($1 00) and the silver duck covered casserole are special items. Village Bath products has a new "dirty kids" line (like putty soap) or pretty body paint for lovers-also soap! Dont forget their marvelous selection in • Bor of pearls and feathers for the finishing touch this season. ulin • Riche: Scaled down in size, but equal in craftsmanship to the mans Rolex , .. alston • Mor YVETTE STEIN it combines reliability with feminine Montgomery Mall elegance 26-jewel , self-winding • Enny • Fend 365-5533 time-piece with 14kt. gold fluted bezel. and stainless steel Oyster J altz • Judith Leibe This grey suede and chrome store houses contemporary offerings. Yvette case guaranteed presure-proof down to 165 feet . Also in 18kt. hn Romain • Oleg Cass Stein is very excited about the new, yellow gold with matching bracelet. $1115. r modern English china, Concept by Other Ladies Rolexs $745 to $3750. A NAME TO REMEMBER Hornsea, in matte buff finish FOR DESIGNER HANDBAGS ($67 .50/place setting). Fabulous crystal --=que Ill The 1250 Wisconsin Ave., N.W., (Georgetown) Washington (202) 338·0172 White Flint Mall On the fhird level 468-6393 Grand Opeping Special 20% Off .All Bags alt. me: lei1 lir pieces like Berti! Vallien art glass ($32-$100) and the artists collection from Boda abound. Obie is an adorable dog that walks and stops with the clap of a hand ($25). A personalized hospital get-well pack is ready to go with a phone call ($20 up). 0 0 060/November 1979/Dossier
  • 59. PHILANTHROPISTS (Continued from Page 23)effort it takes to insure that it is used forworthwhile purposes. In many cases, philanthropists dontrely only on the staff to look at projects,but also go out into the field themselves.Sarah Appleby, a trustee of the ApplebyFoundation and the Appleby Trust,tries personally to visit all the sponsoredprograms. Until her recent retirement, ClaudiaMarsh was for 30 years the head of the HOGATES, the other Washington monument, with aPublic Welfare Foundation, established panoramic view of the Potomac, invites you to enjoy, Show &by her husband, newspaper publisher Dance bands in The Grande Salon Lounge. Featuring • THECharles Marsh. DOVELLS, thru Nov. 3 • THE 1910 FRUITGUM COMPANY, The anonymity which Claudia Marsh Nov. 5-17 • THE INK SPOTS, Nov. 19-Dec. 1. For your diningpursues is so strong that she and her late pleasure HOGATES serves delectable seafood! M-Th llam-husband refused to have the foundation 1lpm. F-Sat 11am-12pm. Sun. noon-lOpm. For Nov. informa-named after them. "Public Welfare tion please call 484-6300. 9th & Maine, DC. Ample parking.Foundation" was chosen to emphasizethe philosophy of the donor - thegreatest good for the greatest number.One grant recipient, however, a mis-sionary in Haiti, ignored ClaudiaMarshs reluctance for personal gloryand named a four-wheel jeep in herhonor. It is not unusual for philanthropiststo report only the necessary disclosureinformation (which is available to thepublic) and otherwise keep a very low STUDIO 50-Northern Virginias hottest, Total EnvironmentProfile. One example is the Mars family Disco. Where you dance weekends on one of the metropolitanand its foundation. Responding to an areas largest floors til5am. Featuring famous DISCO BUFFETinterview request, William C. Turnbull from 2am, for people whose party doesnt stop at midnight.replied that "the parties that be tend to Tuesday, play outrageous SELECTROCUTION, the electronickeep this very quiet because it is a singles game; Wed., Gentlemens Night; free dance lessons forPrivate foundation and they are not all; his drinks 50c. Thurs., Ladies Night; her drinks 50c. Closedanxious for any publicity." Sun. and Mon. GROVE RESTAURANT seafood buffet nightly except Sun .. Best Western Falls Church Inn. 633 Arlington Blvd. hilanthropists have established 532-9000. P foundations in all sizes. In our city, Caflitz is thelargest, with assets of $48 million, CLASSIC m, So. Mds premier supper club. Excellent food , moderate prices. Prime rib, steaks, lobster tails; fresh frozen daiquiries. Tues: Moving Fashion Show. Wed: Ladies Night. Th:followed by Public Welfare Foundation Mens Night. Most drinks, $1.15. Sun: all dinners half price.With assets of $42 million, 132 Happy Hour, T-F, 3-8pm. Closed Mondays. T-Th, 3pm-2am; F,foundations showing assets of less 3-3; Sat, 6pm-3am; Sun, 6pm-2am. HARVEY HUBCAP, Nov.than $1 million and an additional 1-4, 6-11. TRACEY BROS., Nov. 13-18. FLYING START,138 foundations with assets of under Nov. 20-Dec. 2. Ample free parking. 4591 Allentown Rd. Camp$100,000. Springs, Md. Exit 35. 420-5353. Although the pattern of a founda-tions giving usually reflects philan- THE ROUGH RIDER LOUNGE for zany casual fun!~hropists personal interests, overall giv- Where Teddys Troopers welcome you royally. One of the fewIng in the nations capital is the same as rooms with Sunday entertainment! Show & Dance Bands arethe national pattern, with education the featured through Nov. T-Sun 9:30pm-1:30am. On Mondays,field that gets the most money. The join Allen Prells "Dateline Party," only at the Rough Rider Lounge. Vocalist, complimentary hors doeuvres in the Lounge,!lender Foundation, for example, wasthe main contributor to the new 5-9pm Mon. thru Fri. Feast on fresh seafood daily, well-agedlibrary at American University," beef at TEDDYS, 5:30-10:30. Park free. I-495 & Rte 7 RamadaBoward Bender confirms. Inn, Tysons Corner. 893-1340. The Kiplinger Foundation also sup-Ports education and has a grant-lll.atching program for employees. Dossier/Novem ber 1979161
  • 60. Established by Willard Kiplinger in GRAND PRIX WINNER 1948, the foundation awards approx- 1979, 1968, 1962Secor,dl}arpd imately $250,000 annually, mostly in the Washington area. It will match a and 18 FIRST PRIZES CUISINE FRANCAISERose contribution by a Kiplinger employeeFirst P.ote Clothes of up to $1 ,000 a year to any educa- tional institution, other than elemen- tary schools, anywhere in the U.S. Willards son, Austin H. Kiplinger, isRe•aleSbop president.foiWomen Religion is in last place as a field of interest and support. The Marriott Foundation, however, makes large grants to the Mormon Church and the Gudelsky Family Fund supports Jewish causes. Both foundations also support Washington area projects. he sense of community which T Morris Cafritz felt also plays a part in the giving pattern of the Philip L. Graham Fund. The leading LUNCHEON DINNER MON.-SAT. MON.-SAT. trustees are his widow, Katharine 11 A.M.-4 P.M. 4 P.M.-10 P.M. SUNDAY: SUN . 3P.M.-9P.M. Graham, and her son, Donald. "We BRUNCH- MAJOR CREDIT concentrate most of our giving in LUNCH 10-3 CARDS the Washington area because Mr. Graham made his career in this city and he identified strongly with it," FOR RESERVATIONS explains John Dower, secretary. The 820·3332 fund gives away approximately 5838 COLUMBIA PIKE, BAILEYS CROSSROADS, VA. $500,000 a year and recently awarded a $35,000 grant to Catholic University, Hadley Memorial Hospital and the World Press Institute. Another philanthropist who has a strong sense of community is Emanuel Cohn. "We give wherever we are located," says one of the founders of Giant Food Foundation. A foundation that spends its money both in and out of Washington is the Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr., Foundation, established in 1946 by Ambassador and Mrs. Kennedy in honor of their eldest son, who was killed in World War II. The foundation, headed by Sen. Ed- RNE DINING, IN A ROOM WITH A VIEW ward Kennedy, helps support Georgetown Universitys Institute for CDFFEI Sky Ethics. In the field of mental retarda- tion, the Kennedy Foundation supports MILL Dome the Special Olympics for retarded SUNDAY BRUNCH Washingtons children, in which the involvement of Aduns ••• $5.25 Only REVOLVING Children ••• $3.75 LOUNGE Eunice Shriver, vice president of the foundation, is well-known. Another Kennedy namesake, the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, represents one of the outstanding achievements of local private philanthropy. Government, private individuals and. corporations joined foundations in supporting the concept of Roger Stevens, who put the theatre project together and convinced everyone it was feasible. Explains Henry Strong, who is also a trustee of62/November 1979/Dossie.
  • 61. the Kennedy Center: "More money was raised privately to construe~ the Ken- nedy Center than was appropriated by Congress. The Congressional ap- propriation had to be matched by private contributions; it was exceeded by a considerable margin ." Private philanthropy has been mainly responsible for turning Washington into a cultural urban center of a caliber that can now challenge some cities with a longer cultural tradition. And sometimes the cultural giving is on a smaller scale. A grant awarded by the Cafritz Foundation to the "Music at Noon" program, which allows outstanding musicians to give free con- certs in a downtown Washington church, has given a great deal of pleasure to the donor, the grantees and the public. "Ordinarily after you make a grant," says Martin Atlas of the foundation, "you get a thank-you note from the ex- ecutive director or the president. You dont hear from them again unless they come back for a renewal of the grant. The first time I went to the church, I was amazed to see the mob. Not only do they fill the church, but they take the trouble to write really enthusiastic, warm and personal notes . It is so refreshing ... " RUBINI 0 0 presents .... . he Morris and Gwendolyn T Cafri tz Foundation al s o recently awarded a $100,000 grant to Ford s Theatre for the 1979-80 season, contingent upon the theatres raising $200,000 from new funding sources or increased contribu- tions from donors who have supported the theatre in the past. While altruistic motives are often at- tributed to philanthropists, it is fair to ,, 0 0 say that all such giving isnt for the well- being of others. Although the tax collec- GERMAINES IGLESITAS tor breathes down the neck of the rich, U.S. tax Jaws have been arranged to en- ASIAN CUISINE (.£itflt: Cathedrals) J9lesitasare replicas gf tfze courage those with excess income to ATRIUM DINING give money away in their own style, early caffledrals built in tGe.Andes rather than surrender it in taxes to the LUNCHEON AND DINNER by tfie Co~ishuiores. Tiley are government. COCKTAILS hand-crafted gf copper wit6 an At least one famous giver would have CREDIT CARDS enamel patina by JJeruvian artisans. agreed that altruism isnt at the root of rfre natives place Jglesita.son all philanthrophy. In fact, cereal king ENJOY LUNCH tfieir roif-to)S to ensure bllssiti.Js W. K. Kellogg had a strong distaste for IN OUR and good fortune. the very word "philanthropist." A SKYLIGHT GARDENFour Sizes Available- Mail Orders Accepted philanthropist," he said, "is one who Major credit cards accepted UPPER GEORGETOWN would do good for the love of his fellow 2400 WISCONSIN AVE . man. I love to do things for the love of WASHINGTON . D.C . 20007R.ubini of South America children because I get a kick out of it. OPEN7 DAYS 218 N. Lee Street Therefore, I am a selfish person and no Alexandria, Virginia 22314 philanthropist." DDD 965-1185 548-5509 Dossier /November 1979163
  • 62. Enjoy the Country Charm of Our New Great Falls, Virginia Location Make Waves On Your Cruise! In a L1lly •rs easy youll look good and feel good Dresses fo r deck srrollmg or dm~ng ar rhe Caprams rable. RESTAURANT ~ LOUNGE ~~ ~?~ THE HUNTERS INN THE HUNTERS INN 9812 Falls Road 9835 Georg~town Pike Potomac, Maryland 20854 Great Falls, Virginia 22066 RE S ORTWEAR 299-4066 759-9507 0812 FALLS R OAD • POTOMAC • 983 1585 C/assique Interiors SOLD! proudly announces the premiere showing of ~ our newly designed Y 1neCrossroads l Realty, Ltd. studio showcase, Coming in December · (301) 983-0200 the ultimate in sophisticated, total concept design. Our staff of designers cordially ANOTHER invites you to visit our showcase. SPECIAL A SIGN OF SUCCESS- YOURS AND OURS Classiques professional designers will POTOMAC guide you through as you experience the At th e CROSSROADS, we don t many faceted jewel-like room settings. SECTION " hst " your home - we MARKET 1t ~~ and SELL 1! Check our record w1th your ne1ghbors. then call A.rIER . • The Crossroads · Realty,Ltd. Call For Space Reservation 9812 Falls Road Elizabeth C&deU, Broker Potomac, MD 20854 And for More Information 10200 R iw.rRoad, Potomac. Md. (301) 983-0200 301·299·8755 9 AM to 5 PM Tuesday thru Saturday 362-589464/ No vember 1979/ Dossier
  • 63. MacArthur Blvd., Persimmon Tree n~w Road, River Road and others arc 1918 Gold miningoff Falls 1947 surge of of the Potomac, came to Beginning_ commercial winding today because they follow Road near Great Falls. enterprises in Potomac. the old Indian trails. 1924 the crossroads. Electricity is brought to 1975 This year markedTHE great rebirth of the POTOMAC ALMANAC.• ~ Bywn cStudio 0 V) ,.... ...., .... ~r~ "unusual gifts and sweet temptations" :Potomac. , _ttd. ., I ... presents 0 CAPITAL IDEAS 0 u a gift catalogue for invites Q) c: Executives • Profe sionals • Busy People all women ~ Cache-Pot Gift Shop Call fo r your catalogue to stay fit Seven Locks Plaza Mini Mall _ Seven Locks Road 424 7766 for the holidays ... Rockville, M D Mon-Sat 10-5, Thu r til 8 phone orders • long distance shipping • local delivery Daily Exercise Classes Including Saturday ~ ./ For Appointment Call 299·5990 9945 Falls Road Potomac, Maryland (Potomac Village Shopping Center) Economical ~ creativitY in . custom Framtng T TONYS CUSTOM FRAMING Located in Dyer Bros. Cabin John Center 7935 Tuckerman Lane Potomac 983-0710 Dossier/November 1979165
  • 64. had to say about it. . . " STRANGERS AMONG US The book is gripping, intellectually by Ruth Montgomery stimulating and eminently readable. (Coward, McCann & Geoghegan) And who is to disprove a word of it? Ruth Montgomery, undisputed expert -ANNE DENTON BLAIR on matters of psychic phenomena, was a highly respected and widely syn- dicated political columnist for some 25 years before turning her talent and ex- pertise to the occult. So her newest book, Strangers Among Us, must be ac- cepted as no mere whimsy or sci-fi thriller. Her long-time friendship with the famous cleric and medium, Arthur Ford, introduced her to the spirit world, and she is still in touch with him as well as her newer "Spirit Guides," who ex- plain-through automatic writing-the life beyond and other mysteries. In a new book, they unfold for her (and us) the quite mind-boggling presence on our planet of so-called "walk-ins": enlightened beings who, secretly or anonymously, live with us to provide guidance and council as we pass through the turbulent prelude to the Age of Aquarius. This is a "time of trial," leading up to the long-predicted shift of the earth on its axis as we enter the 21st cen- BLOOD TIES tury-a cataclysm that will annihilate By Warren Adler the world as we know it. The (G .P. Putnams Sons) "walk-ins" are high-minded entities Warren Adler has developed into one of who have been permitted to take over the most prolific novelists in our midst. the bodies of other human beings who Following the insightful Henderson wish to depart and are not to be Equation, a tale about the methods and confused with the evil spirits or egos of means of certain fictitious (of course) The Exorcist. They are here to newspaper people wedded to power, his "shepherd us through the devastating Trans-Siberian Express, a thriller turbulence of the inevitable axial shift" translated into a number of languages, and to "prepare those millions who will and the Sunset Gang, a mellow tribute not survive to pass with little trauma to age and aging, rolled off his through the door called death into a publishers presses in rapid succession. new life." In Blood Ties, Adler easily shifts into They are said to be arriving on our foreign territory: the often sinister planet at the rate of 1,000 every mores and manners of Baltic-German ·week-which means that we are work- aristocracy. The scene is Germany ing beside them, riding in buses with (West), with its romantic castles on the them and meeting them at dinner. In Rhine and the awesome memories of fact, some of us may well be their inhabitants chaotic past. The "walk-ins." After all, they have always compelling action unfolds during an been with us. A few of the better-known uneasy family reunion of a powerful ones: Ghandi, Benjamin Franklin, and ruthless armaments clan on the oc- Harvey Firestone, Emanuel Sweden- casion of the patriarchs imminent borg and Abraham Lincoln. death and the crucial selection of hisCapitol Hill Georgetown227 Mass Ave., NE 1211 Wise. Ave .. NW Says Ruth Montgomery: "I cannot successor.547-8500 337-3600 prove a word of it. I can only pass along The members of this family that "can111 2am Sun.-Thur. 111 3am Sun. - Thur. 3am Fri. & Sal. 4am Fri. & Sal. what my ordinarily reliable Guides have only be held together by blood and66/November 1979/Dossier
  • 65. hate," as one of the more endearing outsiders observes, are hardly a lovable lot. But they are enterprising, tough as nails and expert in the exploitations of each others weaknesse . When the chips are down, some of them turn out to be-as Lillian Hellmans callous assortment of humanity in the LittleFoxes-foolishly human. Since they have lots of money andequate money with power and love,their favorite pastime and solemn heritage is the seizure of more power.The plot is intricate, and the unex))ectedclimax much too stunning to berevealed. Adler is an imaginative storyteller. IWhile some of the characters appear tobe somewhat overdrawn, the authordoesnt miss a beat when it comes to the IIscenes where the competitive brothers /,1 I dl~~~~take each others intellectual andpsychological measure. The brutalcharacter assassinations that take placein the confines of various bedrooms andaround the candlelit dining halls . are The Embassy Row Hotelcomplex studies of human behavior and 2016 ... 1/U..,·,wc/m..,·ettd foe. , o/fJtherefore utterly convincing. 266-t{ioo Blood Ties is a novel about the in- ,/lee oafet pat•hitt!Jstitutionalization of greed and ambi- ,q/iel 6pmtion, the quest for survival and immor-tality and the chain reaction of falsevalues . Stuffed to the brim withTeutonic symbolisms, it does not dwellon the modern concept of the banality Washingtonianof evil but on its biblical perspectives. and Holiday MagazineAbove all, the colorful panorama of Awardsdeftly defined interacting characters is agood read with a fair measure of sexand plenty of suspense. -VICTOR DWYER "Wt makt lht most rxlraordinary p<Jsla" Upstairs .... A Cocktail Lounge Summer Cafe Dining Luncheon - Cocktails - Dinner R...,rvallons: 667·5350 2653 C".onnect icut Avenuo, N.W. Washington, D.C. Dossier/November 1979167
  • 66. The Finest from Mexico THE MAGIC OF JOSEFA tntSSil From our exclusive collection by Josefa, premier designer of Mexico: Catering thi s, her adaptation of a prie t s for all. chasuble. Hand appliqued, hand occasions embroidered pure cotton, 199 .50. Other Josefas, 125 to 205. Sizes 6 to 16. Fi11esse 1t~rj 1531 Wiscon in Avenue, N.W. Washington, DC 20007 Marge Guarasci 965-2672 1514 Wisconsin Ave., N.W. Georgetown (202) 338-4404 LA F€MM€ TOTAL€ complete care for hair, face, and body 2 901 J1.1 Strflef j( W. pt,,,,.,, 85 7- 6990 2233 Wisconsin Avenue, Washington, D.C. 20007I 0 Ot/..,, £ ,,_.ati. ,,s 7, 5.,,..., y,, 202-965-2100
  • 67. 1J89 ~a/lb French Cuisine in Historic Georgetown Setting. "The 89 is a jewel " Dresden. Washington Post Valet Parking • 1226 36th Street, N.W .u.. 965-1789 ------~~~~3~3~8-~7~~~~~~~~ .,::::g:.o:.;,i:".. l,f=LECTRI,S 1611 WISCONSIN AVE., N.W. ~;::;:.~:~.! ~DMPAN___1,o WASHINGTON, D.C. 20007 WASHEAS AlA CONDITIONERS ETC ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING LIGHTING FIXTURE SHOWROOM • Wiring & Outlets • Carrier Window Air • Lighting Fixtures • Carriage Lanterns • Repairs Conditioners • Chandeliers • Colonial Reproductions • Remodelinp • Flourescent Fixtures • Crystal Fixtures • Picture Lights • Service Heavy· Ups Repaired • Tiffanys • Garden Lights • Thermostats • Electric Repairs To • Ma~e-up Lights • Posts & Lanterns • Door Bells & Chimes Gas Furnaces • Flourescent Lights • Parts For Fixtures • Garden Lighting • Flood Lights • Electric Heat
  • 68. WESTMORELAND CIRCLE AREA Qcal ~stale Transactions WASH., DC. 2025 Belmont Road., N.W.- E.Z. Edelman to Raymond Yorke- $210,000. 1835 &1843 47th Place, N.W.- F.M. Stet- son to Patricia H. Berne- $175,000. 617 4th Place, S.W. - J.H. Goodhue to Gerald A. Soften - $159,500. 802 D Street, N.E.- E.A. Dent to Donald C. Meaney- $150,000. 5415 Ch. Ch. Pkwy, N.W. - 0 Amusa- Collectors Item Shonubi to James A. Gray- $150,000. 1714 Corcoran Street, N.W. - District Re- Authentic Williamsburg Colonial reproduction with the finest alty to 1714 Corcoran Partnership -$167,000. craftsmanship and unspared attention to detail. Versatile floor plan 1612 Hobart Street, N.W. - A.M . Price to with 4 floors of spacious rooms, 3 full baths, landscaped private Augustus Nasmith, Jr. & Alfredo M. Ballevona -$160,000. garden . 5327 MacArthur Terrace, N. W. - Robert T. For An Appointment to see call Foley Company to Daniel C. Smith -$233,000. MGMB inc. Realtors 2823 N Street, N.W. - A.M. Elder to Thomas E. Bryant - $450,000. 362-4480 5315 Nevada Avenue, N.W. · M.E. Jellison to Roberto M. Fernandes - $155,000. 3408 WISCONSIN AVENUE, N.W.eWASHINGTON, D.C. 20016 3319 0 Street, N.W. · H.Y. Schandler to Mlloran J. J"evtich - $263,000. 3026 Q Street, N.W. · T.E. Bryant to Ruth E. Mitchell - $375,000. 2772 Unicorn lane, N.W. • A.B. Hatch to THE NEW 1980 COROLLAS ARE HERE William S. Podd - $277,000. At Bill Page Toyota, located in Falls 4809 Woodway lane, N.W. · Wellington Church, Virginia, o ff Rout e 50. Construction Company to Mario H. & Take Exit 8E (495-Belt way) Just 4 traffic lights inside Beltway on Route Deborah F. Boiardi · $291,000. 50 East. Take left one block , right 263915th Street, N.W. ·James Properties side on Annadale Road. The Toyota to EI-Sayed I. Abu-Zald & Carmen P. Abu- Dealer thats away from the hustle- Zaid- $176,000. bustle shopping centers and the 6604 31st Street, N.W. · E. l. Roach to dealer that has the time to sit down Geoffrey M. Alprih - $160,000. and give yuou the best deal in town. 1544 33rd Street, N.W. · l.E. George to Only at Bill Page Toyota can you save more. Hubert K. O Bannon - $210,000. 4220 38th Street, N.W. · J.M. Cooper to 2923 Annandale Road • Falls Church, Virginia 22042 • (703) 532-8800 Sherman H. Tellis & Karen A. Bleiwelss ·$166,000. BILL PA(i[ TOYOTA 4612 46th Street, N.W. · S.N. Liberatore to Frank J. Schneider- $170,000. 616 3rd Street, N.E. · D.A. Gavrich to William V. Alexander, Jr. - $225,000 . .7/ie culinary Li:nd:maPk of V1rginic1~! ..Evans Fa.r:~n .Inn... in .M ~1ea:n..- MARYLAND 5310 Sunset lane, Chevy Chase · T.A. Matthews to A. Bruce Mclean - $300,000. 6600 Tulip Hill Terrace, Bethesda · M.M . Duffy to Mervin E. Dullum - $163,500. 7511 Vale Street, Chevy Chase· P.S. Clark to Robert B. Oxnam- $196,500. 4952 Sentinel Drive, Sumner· A. Martin to Beatriz P.l. Buisan - $150,000. 5108 Westpath Court, Sumner · J.W. Latimer, Jr. to Chas K. Mallory Ill- $195,000. 9705 Digging Road, Gaithersburg· W.A.I. Wilson to Steven A. Roman- $156,000. 8610 Lochaven Drive, Gaithersburg- W.B. Bishop, Jr. to Michael F. Cole- $159,000.70/November 1979/Dossier
  • 69. 8213 Palm Creek Drive, Gaithersburg·M.J. Stack to Hugh D. Ellington - $185,950. 5406 Greystone Street, Chevy Chase · B.Tann to Be lkacem Abde slem - $151,700. 11321 Bedfordshire Avenue, Potomac·J .M.C. Construction Corporation to WERichard A. Hesby - $196,000. 11333 Berger Terrace, Potomac - J.M.C. KNOWCorporation to Gerald D. Wol s born·$174,000. 9108 Copenhaver Drive, Potomac - J.E. THEWalker to Neal P. Cohen - $180,000. 10800 Fox Hunt Lane, Potomac - C.D. TERRITORY The resale of condominiums, cooperatives and town homes is not the same as that of single-family detached homes. Thats why atFentress to John D. Hopkins - $250,000. 11519 LeHavre Drive, Potomac · W.R. Brenneman Associates, Inc., we assign our sales staff specific territoriesMeehan to Paul C. Ma loney - $169,900. within Washington, Maryland and Virginia. Each of our sales people 8900 Liberty Lane, Potomac· D.R. Tarr to knows everything there is to know about the condominiums, cooperativesGerard Champalous · $208,000. and town homes in his or her territory. Our sales people keep inclusive 10408 Masters Terrace, Potomac · C.W. records on all selling prices, dates, buyer profiles and any trends withinGosnell to Douglas J. Giles - $203 ,000. the neighborhood. 10416 Masters Terrace, Potomac · C.W.Gosnell , Inc. to Gerald G. Walker - $208,000. 12210 Piney Glen Lane, Potomac · C.W.Gosnell , Jr. to Robt D. Berger- $575,000. 13120 River Road, Potomac· M.W. Sollerto James & Evette Meni - $401 ,000. 11501 Toulone Drive, Potomac · G.Josephs to William R. Edwards - $154,000. 5405 Golf Lane, Rockville · S.A. Marshallto Michael L. Weinstein - $191 ,500. 5 Orchard Way South, Rockville - R.H.Carter to Richard M. Avon - $150.000. 4545 42nd Street, N. W. 152 Rollins Avenue (at Brandywine and River Road) Suite 201VIRGINIA Washington, D. C. 20016 362-8100 Rockville, Maryland 20852 468-0929 409 Fairfax Street N., Alexandria·Princess Limited Partnership to Andrew J.Goodpaster -$175,000. 415 Fairfax Street N. Alexandria·Princess Limited Partnership to Mazen T.Farouki - $175,000. A Truly Gifted Delivery 423 Fairfax Street N., Alexandria Call (301) 657-8780·Princess Limited Partnership to Bertil E.Lofstrom- $170,000. 603-605 King Street, Alexandria- OTV In-corporated to Theodore Manousakis·$318,500 . 205 Princess Street, Alexandria - K.Nassehi to John W. Seigle - $150,750 . 409 St. Asaph StreetS., Alexandria- H.H.Bradley to Harold F. Baker - $180,500. 502 Summers Court, Alexandria · E.J.Cullinane, Inc. to Carl Bernstein - $205,000. 4033 Aberdeen Street N., Arlington Washington Finest Courier Servi ce·Williams & Childress to Geoffrey L. Gard- In Chevy Chase at the District Linener- $194,000. 1111 Kenilworth Street N., Arlington· J.R.Camp to Morris E. Johnson- $165 ,000. 14 Pershing Drive S., Arlington - Towne Manufacturers of QualityPershing Limited Partnership to Alfred E. Bryan - $164,800. Architectural Woodwork 1127 Stuart Street N., Arlington · R.W. Since 1950 Bell to Abdullah Aziz - $235,000. • Traditional Wood Mantels 1930 19th Road S., Arlington · Port City and Mantel Shelves Builders to Walter I. Thomas - $168,500. • Entrance Features 3630 37th Street N., Arlington · M.C. • Cabinets & Raised Mooney to James W. Yocum- $150,000. 3321 Barcroft Lake Shores, Fairfax - C.F. Paneling Corbett to Will iam A. Roberts Ill· $168,000. • Pre-Built Wood Stairs Fl 2106 Belle Haven, Fairfax· S.V. Ballaro t o • Custom Millwork Obert P. Davis - $165,000. • Molding s 2210 Bell Haven, Fairfax - G.D. McKnight to Ralph R. Widner - $182,500. "· 9823 Bridleridge, Fairfax - R.E. Lamb to •vil liam H. Royer - $150,000. 6309 Buffalo Hill, Fairfax· McDaniel Con- S truction to David R. Harris - $158,500. 4217 Howard AvP.nue, Kensi Md. Call942-7946 Dossier/November 1979171
  • 70. Real ~stale ELEGANCE ON THE POTOMAC • Pro crt Elegance and Old World craftsmanship by a master builder is previewing at Mr. CJ3y c5pedal CJtequesl.. Vernon on the Potomac. The au thentic reprod uctions o f th ese Williamsbu rg Coloni al homes, wi ll enchant even the most discriminating buyer. Now you ca n experi - ence Old Wo rld detailing and featu re rarely found in todays home . An old fashioned morning room, rear service entry foyer, ten foot ceili ngs, marble fireplaces , custom designed plaster moldings, solid cherry wood cabinets, marble entry foyer . At Mr. Vernon on the Potomac you wi ll find the mellow aura of centu ry old estates. Phone: Builder Services 698-8300 or Model Home 780-8343 Price: Upper Brackets ~ untry· Euge ne ullinan e, Master Builder .. .auvu • Ci> An exclusive residence rich in the architectural heritage of the Old South is now under construction in Potomac, Maryland. Situated on two magnificently wooded acres in prime Hunt Country, it is being built for the discriminating purchaser who desires a home of stature in this prestigious community. Fine custom features and luxury detail. GOWBIN & WARWICK INC. 10000 Falls Road, Potomac, Maryland 20854 (301)983-0700 WINCHESTER-ON-SEVERN. family room with fireplace ... waterview from most rooms ... minutes from Route 50 ... exceUent commuting to Baltimore or to re-enter the job market? Want to Washington (68213). Offered at $265,<XX>. hours In your own neighbor- Phone 261-2477 or (301) 974-0410. With a career In Real Estate at Shan- & Luchs, you set your own goals, and own salary with no limits on advance- t. All the details on the excitement of a in Real Estate are as close as Call Elaine Marine at on,, o••nn , and Come To The Leader, Shannon & s. Spectacular waterfront home with deep " Nice People To Do Business With" water pier for six boats. Brick contem- porary, living room with fireplace, formal Annapolis Severna Park ~HANNON·&· LUCH:§] Arnold REALTORS" • Established 1906 dining room, country kitchen with all 261 -2626 251 -2116 261 -2477 appointments .. 5 bedrooms, 3 baths ... (30 I) 263-0400 (301) 647-6112 (301) 974-0410 ELAINE MARINE 897-8000 Equal Opportunity Broker72/November 1979/Dossier
  • 71. abt tk?fJU&timina~irfjfYeW Located in hi toric Mount Vernon ·""o.-- ? t Security gate at entrance a urc privacy in thi cu tom home which features seven bedroom , five 1/2 baths, three fireplace , urrounded by pond, gazebo, pool, cabana and tenni HACIENDA court. Call 998-7500 for appointment to inspect. Upper bracketUnique Spanish contemporary perfectlyexecuted on nearly an acre in prestigiousMcLean. Atrium entrance foyer affordsthree-level view. Skylights; private enclosedcourtyard off library and family roomlandscaped for immediate enjoyment.Three fireplaces - one on each level; MIDDLEBURGdistinctive cabinetry in well-planned kitchen. Prestigious Middleburg estate onNinety percent complete, pending your superior farm investment property.artistic final touch. Priced at $395,000. 405 productive rolling acres with beautiful views. Superb manor houseEvenings, Amanda McCollum, 759-9245 with large, gracious rooms, guest and staff cottage , stable and barns, ~!!!!!I~~~~~~~~!!~~Y fenced and watered fields. Farm tax iii basis, excellent income. $1,650,000. GBEGG,Inc. Mrs. Boteler • 703-687-6349 • evenings and weekends, 703-687-6248 REALTORSMcLean Office &teler and 1>ay, ~ltors 893-2300 Middleburg, Virginia 22117IMPRESSIVE EST ATE on fiveacres, includes 4 bedrooms plusden, with 2/z baths, din, rm., liv.rm., 2 fireplaces. Large screenedporch overlooks the heated poolwith brick storage cabana. Barnis brick-faced with fenced pastureland. Magnificent laykold,lighted tennis court. ATTRAC-TIVE OWNER FINANCING.Call for details . 703-759-3930 fALLS Crowell PROPERTIES lTD. & Baker 9900 GEORGETOWN PIKE Construction GREAT FALLS, VIRGINIA 22066 Company uality is tile true measure of vn/ue/ 770-3360 Dossier/November 1979173
  • 72. CHEVY CHASE, D.C. ROCK CREEK PARKQcal ~stale CLASSIC CALIFORNIA CONTEMPORARIES By Charles Covell ~ M Beechwood Pro crlics • .J If;/ fl I Two individually designed & innovative comtemporaries in a spectacular yet tranquil woodland setting. Weather- ing cedar exteriors and many decks harmonize with old oak and beech trees all around. A close careful coUaboration of architect, builder & designer has produced breathtaking vistas of glass, skylights & great open spaces. Uniquely private sleeping areas open out on individual balconies. Special features include DOSSIER energy-conserving insulation, 2-zoned heating & cooling, SELLS hand-cut stone fireplaces, jacuzzi baths & many other HOMES surprises. Price $450,000. Further information call Jeanne Livingston 986-1094 or Patty Greenough 333-1595 For information call Kvell/Corcoran Architects GJJEGG, Inc. Margaret M. Miller, ASID 362-5894 REALIDRS 387·2480 WATEQfOQD PLACE. Make your next address Old Town Alexandrias and three fireplaces, family rooms or libraries, and most elite new address, Waterford Place. Its deluxe kitchens and baths. distinctive. Its elegant. And its unique ... An ex- Waterford Place is situated near the waters edge clusive group of new townhouses offering the rare at the center of Old Towns famed Historic District combination of superb location and exquisite styl- within walking distance of picturesque shops and ing with seven different models to select from restaurants, two city parks. and the Old Town featuring: private swimming pools. one and two Marina. Priced in the upper brackets. Available for car garages. two, three. and four bedrooms, two immediate inspection. Developed by National Capital Developers GOLUBIN & WARWICK. INC Exclusive Sales By. BOB DUNCAN REAL ESTATE 109 South Royal Street, Alexandria, Va. 223/4 683-5200 322 S. Washington Street, Alexandria, Va. 22313 548-801574/November /979/Dossier
  • 73. Old Town Alexandria HISTORIC RESIDENCE dating from 1789 and once occupied by Bushrod Washington. Heavy woodwork and moldings are found in most of the well-proportioned rooms and include a rare plaster arch in the entrance hall. The unique fan window design over th e hand·Custom contemporary handsomely crafted entrance to the drawing room isset for privacy on wooded acre in repeated in the design of the handsome arched cabinets that fram e the roomsdesirable Pyle-Whitman school fireplace . This drawing room with itsdistrict. heavy crown moldings and deep win- dows is recognized as one of the mostDesigned for gracious entertaining beautiful rooms in the city. Four bed-and family living. rooms, three and one-half baths, family room adjacent to an updated kitchen, formal living room and spacious dining . . .$225,000.00 room with french doors opening to the . garden. Call today to see this exceptionalDetails: Carol Nerenberg- 299-4242 property. ~~~~i REALTORS® 9812 Falls Road For information call Manarin Odie and Rector Realtors 549-8200 2 77 South Washington Street, Alexandria, Virginia22314 Potomac, Maryland 20854 Providing t h e finest professional real estate services. 983-0060 OLD TOWNE, ALEXANDRIA ON THE MARINA I NATURE LOVERsIt~- 5 Wooded Acres in Fairfax CountyThis convenient one level house has 4bedrooms, 2 Y2 baths, cathedral ceilings,and kitchen BBQ center. MasterBedroom w/ spacious bath, private AWARD WINNING ARCHITECTUREdressing room and private deck . Warm Prominent Washington architect designed this spacious brick townhou e for his own familyup to its 2 fireplaces and to its with every creature comfort imaginable, starting with four large bedrooms each with areasonable price. $165,000. private bath. The formal living room has a built-in wet bar and the dining room is enclosed by double sets of french doors leading onto a most private ·brick patio. The ingeniou HOll/~0 architects touch makes this homes interior one of the most distinctive in the area and recipient of many design awards. Please call for an appointment. $230,000. ondl"0~~ RltlT8R§ 9524 Lee Highway Fairfax , Va. 22031 (703) 385-0001 122 North Alfred Street Alexandria, Virginia 22313 Dossier/November 1979175
  • 74. • 311 Warrenton Drive, Silver Spring. Striking contemporary in exclusive community. Superbly planned for . entertaining, multi-leveled geometry. 5 bedroms, living room and family room with fireplace, on five acres of COUNTRY LIVING coveted land, partially wooded, total This charming estate includes a separate, complete guest house, inground pool, privacy - swimming pool! And two stall barn with a fenced pasture, plus a cleared space for a tennis court, on numerous other amenities. Offered 3 Y2 beautiful acres. at $349,000. Please call for more The main house combines touches of yesteryear with all the modern con- information. veniences of todays living, featuring a first floor master bedroom suite and large brick-floored living room with large brick fireplace and wet bar. RID 10 "Rocky Springs Farm" is priced at $329,000. Call for further information. Evenings call Barbara Soderquist, (703)356-5048. DiSALVATORE REALTORS HARPER & COMPANY, REALTORS 18052 Georgia Avenue Olney, MD 1441 Dolley Madison Boulevard • McLean, Virginia (703)821-1777 (301) 924-4321 CHAIN BRIDGE CLIFTON AREA VIRGINIAAward winning Arthur CottonMoore design high on a woodedhill very near the Potomac.Dramatic angles and curvescombined with great expanses ofglass and soaring ceilingscreating wonderful effects ofspace and light - sweeping ~~e!~~~f!:..::~~decks - completely privateheated pool overlooking parkland - 4 bedrooms - a St. Charles Kitchen - largegreenhouse - 3 car garage - elaborate attention to details and in impeccable condition.$449,00). Jeanne Livin~ston 986-1094 WHAT A SETTING!! Minutes from Fairfax Courthouse GBEGG,Inc. and Dulles Airport. Perfect for those REALWRS who desire quiets country living 893-2300 387-2480 CLOSE-IN. Two year old CHALET, cedar shake roof, charming skylights, BRIARCLIFF- Northwest D.C. huge Sylvan pool surrounded by wideThe Inviting Interior of our Georgian brick patio area. NATURAL setting allowscolonial is a showcase of traditional form and for little up-keep. 4 Bedrooms, 3symmetry Inspired by a past legacy. Natural Baths, sunken living room, Stonelight warmly Illuminates Its formal center hall, fireplace, recreation room with wet-living room, dining room, family room andstudy as well as the gourmet kitchen and bar, central air, carpeting. OVER 1morning room. The quality workmanship of ACRE, community of estates, horsethis NEW 5 bedroom, 4V2 bath custom home farms and prestigeous homes.built by Frank S. Phillips Builders, Inc. $150,000.combined with Its numerous amenities enableus to proudly offer this residence for sale. LAIRD REALTY COMPANY SALES . RENTALS . TRADES FRANK S. PHILLIPS SALES CORPORATION REAL ESTATE SINCE 1933 241-0200 6106 MacArthur Boulevard • Washington, D.C. 20016 • 301-229-4600 6716 Arlington Blvd • Falls Church, VA76/November 1979/Dossier
  • 75. •DRAMATIC •DECKS For an unbudgeted income TEL:370·0800 The RAVE HouseEveryone who sees it RA YES about it -this elegant Tudor custom-crafted byJeffery Sneider. Its octagonal foyer,baronial stairway, 10-ft. ceilings and flow- WESLEY HEIGHTS Magnificent Manor Houseing floor plan filled with sunlight delightall who visit. A heavily-wooded 2-acre cul- 4556 Dexter St ., N. site close to fashionable Potomac True quality in a prime location! ExtravagantlyVillage is the perfect setting for this jewel. built with countless custom features . You need$525,000. Please call Elizabeth Cadell, only to step inside to realize why architects and builders have admired this house. 10 andCadell, 299-6242. lOlf2 ceilings, plaster moldings, 5 fireplaces, 22 ft. gourmet kitchen, fabulous master bedroom and marble bath are only a few of Its RII£R , • The Crossroads features - of course there is room for a pool. -., Realty,Ltd. ---=:........::=.:..==...::::J Offered exclusively by: Elizabeth CadeU, Broker 10200 River Road , Potomac. Md. (301) 983-0200 JANE COYNE REAL ESTATE 966-7115ALEX/OLD TOWN 226,000 POTOMAC PORTFOLIO... Featuring crown moldings, hand- An impressive contemporary with spectacular use of space and light.some hardware and extensive custom Dramatic cathedral ceilings, banquet size dining room, 38 ft. great hall, 6woodwork. 8 rooms with 2 full and 2 fireplaces , 6 V2 baths and 3 car garage are a few outstanding features offeredhalf baths, garage and bricked in this comtemporary masterpiece In Potomac Overlook, Mclean, Virginia.balcony. Minimum maintenance Priced at $575,000.home in an attractive mews setting.Call for an appointment to see. Presently under construction is Lot 43. First offering of a superb homesite overlooking Potomac River. We invite your inspection as we begin construc- tion on a luxurious home customized to your taste.PAN8RAMA Call Joy Schone at 790-1990, evenings 356-3699. R E A L ESTATE 130 S. Washington Street Sales by LONG & FOSTER INC. REALTORS Alexandria, Virginia 22314 D. JAY HYMAN BUILDERS (703) 548-3111 Dossier/November 1979177
  • 76. 2501 MSTREET 38 PEN1HOUSE CONDOMINIUMSKALORAMI SQUARE Elegant Town Homes from $325,000.S STREET AT PHELPS PLACE NW WA HINGTON . D.C. 20008 SALES BYJI=~TEo- R E ALTORS Foxhall Square Burr, Morris & Pardoe Is Pleased 10 Announce The Offering 362-9702 or 234-9330 Of 38 Penthouse Condominiums Exclusive Agents At 2501 M Street Contact Richard Mason 657-2000 avauaolt:!. O.l.:JOO/ uut:n:u aL ~~,vvv. Phone 261-2116 or (301) 647-6112 . An outstanding home featuring large KENWOOD bright rooms throughout . Traffic One of the most desirable properties in Washington could be yours for years flows easily from the transverse hall to of gracious living and entertaining. This incomparable home reflects the the living room with fireplace, formal finest craftsmanship and attention to fine details. Large reception rooms, dining room and onto the patio . Well- 6 bedrooms, separate guest suite with its own entrance. situated at the end of a long drive on almost an acre of trees and garden. All For An Appointment to See amenities. For details and appoint- p Call Welene Goller, 320-5064 ment to view: MGMB inc. Realtors 202/362-4480 3408 WISCONSIN AVENUE, N. W. • WASHINGTON, IJ.C. 20016 1 1n l fEgg.Inc. Qeilltors yuur~eiVt~ ~du enchantin~ chalet-like ~ue t-ho u e. DO T RESIST! Call Elizabeth adel l today (299-6242). 5525 ,000. REALTORS 657-2760 --114-K The Crossroads rAus ~ Rt~ r!1 Realty,Ltd. Elizabeth Cadell, Broke r
  • 77. ENTERTAINMENT Dossier Conjuring in the Capitol. Witty , bequlling and enchanting entertainment for your par- ty . 462-1500, days. WHATDOYOUHAVETOLOSE? Inventory your possessions on video cassettes, In color and sound . GRACE VID EO 338·5280Classified DISCOTHEQUE INTERNATIONALE Entertain your guests with class . Mu sic for LOST IN THE STEREO MAZE? ali ages. Soft jazz, classical, big band, Sympathetic expert helps select the right disco. Live disc jockey, professional sound sound system for you . Designed for your system. (202) 338·6834 lifestyle & environment. Her parties are fantastic . Her party plann- SOUND INVESTMENT 321-4015 ing is unique. Shes a professional D.J. with MRS. IKE, PALMISTRY READER & AD· music for all occasions. Call Rosemary VISOR. ALSO CARD READER. On all affairs 301/770-2613. of life. Do you have problems with yourNourse Gallery/Summer Squash · posters loved one? Are you sick, suffering or unhap·and media art - areas largest selection EXPRESS YOURSELF py? Give thi s great lady a visit at 1009 ESt,·theater, movie art 3312 N St. , N.W., DC (202) GIVE SOMEONE A LIFT N.W.,2nd fl. Call for further information333·5944. SEND A BOUQUET OF BALLOONS (202) 347·7979. 1 hr. free parking across at BEAUTY CARE BALLOONS OVER WASHINGTON Star Plaza.BRUCE MARKS INTERNATIONAL · Com- 656·9661 Discreet and Professional escorts. DoPlete skin and hair care salon, women/men . GIFTS yourself a favor tonight! Call THE STRIPEEuropean Trained Staff. Offering per- CHRISTMAS GIFTS: STEUBEN Partridge In ESCORT SERVICE · Credit Cards and Per-sonalized service to suit lifestyle. 277 S. Pear Tree and other designs. 20% off list sonal checks welcome - Cali 466-8898.~shington , Old Towne. 836-8388. price. Cali 331 -1950. GET ORGANIZED BOOKS INTERIOR Can you find what you want when you wantDiscover THE BOOK CELLAR for out-of- it? Running a home or office requires ad- INTERIOR BY AUGUST ministrative skills. For assistance with fil-Print books to read & collect. All subjects & Residentiallanguages. 8227 Woodmont Ave., Bethesda, ing systems, scheduling, paperwork, finan· Mr. August-544-2999 cial records or just clutter, get professional~- 652·4522. Open 7 days, 11-5. MEDICAL SERVICES help. Save time, energy, mon ?y. CALLIGRAPHY EXERCISE & MASSAGE with the area s GET ORGANIZED call 365·2777Exquisitely hand lettered announcements , most highly trained massage therapists House-Sittinginvitations, dinner party menus. Fortune and figure consultants. REF. AVAILABLE. Responsible Washington couple looking to500 & State Dept . Clientele. Prof., reas . J. Harley 946·3585. House-Sit in Washington Metro Area . Cali370-8173. REAL ESTATE Shea Foley/Day : 527·3827/ Eves: 869·2392. DIVORCE SERVICES HEALTH SPA with 6-bedroom residence.Advice given and arrangements made for DOSSIER CLASSIFIED Gettysburg , Pa ., Indoor pool . Callrnutual uncontested divorce In the 717-334-9291 collect. ED SAXE Real Estate. 362-5894Dominican Republic . Divorce grantedWithin 24 hours of arrival in the DominicanRepublic . Other divorce services available.Reasonable rates. Joel Atlas Skirble Member, D.C. and Md. Bar Photo in the Dossier Telephone No.: 483-3200 Well be happy to provide you with a print for per- ELEGANCE FOR SALE sonal home or office displayReproductions and artistically designedfurniture. Built-ins, comb. bathroom towelrack and shelf. Exotic and American hard-Woods. Buy directly from a family-owned Black and White (8 x 10) .... $15.00Shop. NATURES WAY WOODWORKING,Rockville, Md., 468·6460. Additional prints ........... $5.00 ~:;~ Holiday Creations ~~£ Reprint Division ll By /N The Washington Dossier I DESIGNER GOLDSMITHS 3301 New Mexico Avenue, N.W. :: ~ ...., Washington, D.C. 20016 Mimosa and PEARLS (202) 362-5894 The One Day Affair Prints for one time use in publications or television are Tuesday, Dec. II th available at $75 per photo through th~ Washington Dossier J()% OFF our two-hundred I!:!J~housand dollar collection syndicate. For additional information on the syndicate contact: Lee Kirstein, Washington Dossier Syndicate, 3301 New Mexico ~ imosa Inc. Ave., Washington, D.C. 20016 Foxhall Square, 3301 New Mexico Ave. Washington , D.C. 20016 (202) 363·8380ORGAN - LOWRY CITATION CONSOLEClAKI with bench . Little used. Also playcassettes, with music to suit your mood.New today $11 ,000, moving smaller house,~liing for $7.250,00. 652-5599 for appt . Do ier!November 1979179
  • 78. fA8fiDN AGENDA ] 7-Junior League Show. Mayflower Hotel NOVEMBER at 1:15. Garflnckels. 8-1979 Israel Fashion Festival. For Israel 6-Frankie Welch. Fashion shows every Bond Patrons. Washington Hilton. I. Tuesday and Thursday noon-2. "219" Magnin. ReSJaurant, Alexandria. 8-Louis Feraud Collection. Resort & 6-Michelle Nadau. The head chef at spring. Informal modeling. Saks-Jandel. Dominiques shares a special holiday 10-Junior Holiday Fashion Show. At 2. dessert at 9:30a.m. Chevy Chase Cafe, Woodward & Lothrop, Washington, Lord & Taylor. Montgomery Mall, Chevy Chase, Tysons ST. LAURENT: IDGHLAND FLING To highlight the Arena Stage Annual Auction, guests were treated to a presentation "in the round" of Yves St. Laurents Rive Gauche fall/winter collection. Mix- ing the classic with the unique, daytime with nighttime separates, he proved his customer can keep his "collect- ibles" for years. His major daytime theme is the Charles Stuart look. A highland fling of short boleros or fitted jackets in solid wools or velvets were shown with fully pleated skirts, kilts and cuffed trousers, a long with huge scotch plaid shawls draped across jackets like sashes. Another day-to-evening look: the kilt, in a rich, supple panne velvet. St. Laurents romantic mood for evening is reflected in.long taffeta dresses with puffed sleeves and flounced skirt bowed at the waist; but the oriental theme is his major statement for evening. Quilted jackets in dif- ferent shapes - in fabrics ranging from flowered satin or silk prints to brocade with lame touches - were shown over silk skirts, pants and easy-shaped tunics. Knickers were also seen underneath open-fronted, long taffeta skirts. The striking combination of colors is masterful: the mixtures of fuschia red and oxblood; black, turquoise, pine green and kelly green; shocking pink, purple and black; purple, peach, yellow, sand and grey; orange and inky blue with turquoise and fuschia. It tells you Fur also has a place in St. Laurents winter collec- tion; one coat was mink, inset with suede diamonds. something about -S.A. yourself. BILL BLASS: MASTERING MENSWEAR Watch or Jewel, a Bill Blass is among the few Americans who have tried gift signed Patek their hand successfully in mens fashions, in addition to running a thriving business in haute couture. In both Philippe Is always a departments, he is the sworn enemy of attention-getting work of art. gimmicks. To offer one Is a The beauty of his latest menswear for evening and sign of respect, or other occasions is that most of the items would look love. equally smashing on women. One of the prime ex- To receive one, a amples of the interchangeable look is his elegant tuxedo pleasure. jackets of velvet or discreet plaids, casually paired with grey slacks, or his handsome black shirts with tiny white winged collars which convey a slightly priestlike presence. To be sure, there are plenty of beautifully tailored, very Bond Street-looking chesterfields for men as well as rugged, three-piece Donegal tweed suits in brown wool-polyester. Often, the new casual-but never sloppy-look was enhanced by plaid cummerbunds andSO/November 1979/Dossier
  • 79. Corner.J 12- Linda Pryor. Bread Oven baker demonstrates at 9:30a.m. Lord & Taylor•. Chevy Chase. 13- George Koropolous. Executive chef of Mavinis with holiday desserts at 9:30 a.m. Lord & Taylor, Chevy Chase. 15- Narducci. Informal modeling 11-3. DECEMBER l - Womens World. Fashion how at 2. Woodward & Lothrop, Washington, Montgomery Mall. 1- anta for Adults. Noon-4. I. Magnin . 1-2- Fur Modeling. Noon-4. I Magnin. Garfinckels, F St. 3- Holiday Clothes. Informal m odeling 17- Beauty Saturday. 1-5:30. Garf inckel s, 11 -3. Garfinckel s, F St. Se ven Corners. 8- Santa for Adults. Noon-4. I. Magnin. 17- Genesis Fashion Presentation. A t 2. 3-8- "Kramer v . Kramer. " Private screening Woodward & Lothrop, Tysons Corner. f or customers, with seminars and f ashion11 29- Pierre Alber. Preparing glamorous events. I. Magnin. desserts at 9:30a.m. Lord & Tay lor, 3-lWA Fashion how. National A irport at 9 Chevy Chase. p.m. Garfinckel s. latnbsuede vests, preferably in tan. Blasss forte is his total understanding of understated elegance. It was true at the beginning of his illustrious career, and it is true now . The individuals who choose his designs will neither be over nor underdressed; they always will look just right. - V.H.D ZANDRA RHODES: "CREATIVE GENIUS" or all the seasons fashions, without doubt some of ~~e most truly creative have come from the hand of <..iU!dra Rhodes. It is not that Rhodes is immune to the influence of the best of other times and places. But, while so many ~ther designers busy themselves strictly with retrospec- ~ve fashion-pretty enough and eminently wearable, Ut hardly new-Rhodes plunges ahead, pioneering U nexplored fashion territory. Such a path is risky, and the effects can be eccentric and even jarring-like ~hodes own pointed eyebrows and pink hair. But she IS also capable of producing gauzy, romantic dresses for the most traditional, feminine woman. . Rhodes first major show since 1974-and, she hredly vowed, the last for some time-swept into Wbashington at the Corcoran Gallery benefit presented Y Saks-Jandel to show off her " Chinese Collection." After a disappointing start of big and boring 1950s . W tnter coats, models strutted the lengthy, raised run- way in second-skin, brightly colored nylon tights lopped O at the ankle in a "v," some worn with fanny- ff covering sweaters. But the dresses and gowns unquestionably stole the show, for it is here that Rhodes, who calls herself a Anne Klein and1te~tile designer, has an exciting edge, teaming her ex- A merica n De ign at its Be t. ~Utsite fabrics-imprinted with designs ranging from For all tho e uncomplicated, &Yptian-like angular borders to "modern art" squig- qu iet, low-keyed nights. ~es-with equally unique shapes and lines. Prominent A snug o f angora! A pour of 1 1llPressions from the collection: lots of "obi" belts, spark ling georgette! Simple, ~eep slashes of leg, mandarin collars, hobble skirts, glorious little luxuries eavily draped, almost sculptured sleeves and asym- from Donna Karan and LouiI llletrical scarf-like hems, often hung with beads. DeiiO iio for the way Several accessory features were particularly in- America n women celebrate novative. She stretched sheer scarves over models en- now. The fluted pullover in tire faces and tied them in back, like a stagecoach fu chsia, 1240. The beaded bandits mask. Large pieces of fabric with randomly- dirndl pants in fuch ia ~laced holes (clearly a " punk" derivative) could be pol yester georgette, 1300. 1 1 ed a multitude of ways over other clothing. In the Anne Klein Comer Examining Rhodes designs as a potential wearer or .. .where we are all as. an art connoisseur, one could not help agreeing the thing you are. ~lth Corcoran Director Peter Marzio who, after see- Ing the show, dubbed the young British designer "a creative genius." - S.C. 5555 W i con in Avenue, Chevy Cha e Dossier/November 1979181
  • 80. ocial Calendar -pure gold. By Maggie Wimsatt The kind you can treasure as an investment If youre planning an event, please call Mrs. Wimsa/1 at 652-7574 at least six weeks and enjoy as an adornment. in advance. We regret that not every item Imported, exquisitely hand- can be published for reasons of space. crafted 24k necklaces However, private parties will be placed on a and bracelets. special/is/that will not appear in this column. NOVEMBER Nov. I - Dec. 22: Holly Basket Boutique 1heBoutique at benefit of D.C. Society for Crippled Children -Chevy Chase Savings & Loan Assn., Little Falls Mall, Sumner, Md . -open to the public- Mon . lHEMADISON through Sat., 10- 5 - Auxiliary Chairman, Mrs. Richard H . Norair. 15th and M Streets, N.W. Nov . 1: Christmas Bazaar Preview - Stone Open Monday thru Friday 9 AM til 6 PM Ridge Country Day School - by invitation . Nov . 2: Boutique, Dinner & Auction benefit of or by appointment. Call 862-1739. Concord St. Andrews Church, River & Goldsboro Rds ., Bethesda - from noon - Chair- man, Mrs. James Twaddell. Nov. 2: 75th Anniversary Celebration - Gar- finckels - 6 - 9 p.m. - by invitation. Nov. 2 & 3: 33rd Annual Christmas Bazaar, Art Exhibit & Book Sale - Stone Ridge Country Day School of the Sacred Heart, 9101 Rockville "OUR GOAL IS TO SERVE" Pk., Bethesda - open to the public - Chairman, Mrs. James Corcoran. With compassionate love and skill .. Nov. 3: Panama- Independence Day. RNs - LPNs - AIDES. Nov. 3: ARCS Foundation: Day at the Races -Turf Club, Laurel Race Track, Laurel, Md . Homes • Hospitals • Nursing homes -post time 12:30 p.m. - members & guests -Chairman, Mrs. David A. Wilkinson. Nov. 3: 19th Annual Tiara Ball- dinner dance A-t AJvenli~l r/ur~ing Service to benefit Community Trust Fund of the Service League of Northern Virginia - Washington Hilton- 7 p.m. -black tie- by invitation- $100 a couple- Guests of Honor, Lt. Gov. of Virginia & Serving Washington Metro Area Mrs. Charles S. Robb- Chairman, Mrs . Richard Licensed by the State of Maryland H. Gimer. Nov. 4: Redskins vs. Steelers- I p.m. -away. Nov. 6: Junior League of Washington CALL 593-3373 • Serving 24 hou;s • 7 days a week Christmas Shop Previews - Mayflower - Tea, 2:30 - 4:30 - by invitation - Chairman, Mrs. Charles E. Allen - Preview 6 - 9 - by invitation -Supper and Live Auction 8:30p .m. -by invita- tion - $32.50 each - Chairman, Mrs. Stuart S. Dye. Nov. 6: Anniversary Celebration of 1964 Johnson-Humphrey Election - 6 - 8 p.m. - Capitol Hilton - by invitation - Hostesses, Lady Bird Johnson, Muriel Humphrey . Nov. 7: The Daughters of Charity & Womens Board of Providence Hospital Benefit Luncheon & Fashion Show - Paladian Room, Shoreham Americana - 12:30 p.m. - by invitation - tickets $16 e>".ch - Chairman, Mrs. Thomas F. McDer- mott. Nov. 7 & 8: Union of Soviet Socialist RepublicS - National Holiday. Nov . 7-9: 21st Annual Christmas Shop spon- sored by the Junior League of Washington -Mayflower - open to public - admission $3 -Wed. & Thurs., 10 - 8:30 - Fri., 10 - 4 -81/November 1979/Dossier
  • 81. Honorary Chairman, Mrs. Age TammenomsBakker; Chairman, Mrs. E. Joseph Luskey. Nov. 7-9: Junior League Christmas ShopLuncheons with Garfinckels Fashion Shows·Mayflower - noon - by invitation - tickets $24·Chairman, Mrs. Ronald W . Pickett. Nov. 8: All-Israel Fashion Festival &Luncheon benefit of State of Israel - WashingtonHilton - II :30 a.m. - by invitation - Chairman,Mrs. Mel Levinson . Nov. 9: Musical Evening & Reception benefitof Royal College of Music Junior Departments·Embassy of Great Britain - 7:30p.m. - black tie·by invitation - tickets $100 each - Chairmen,Mrs. David C. Thomas, Mrs . Forrest E. Mars, Jr. Nov. 9: The International Ball Returns - din-ner dance with Mike Carney music benefit of The Hospital for Sick Children - Four Seasons- blacktie - by invitation - tickets $115 each. Nov. 9: Big House- Little House featuringhouse tour, dollhouse, miniature a nd antiquequilt exhibits, holiday bazaar- optiona l luncheon· Our Lady of th e Wood s Academy, 6801 Green-tree Rd ., Bethesda , Md. - 10 - 4 - ticket s $5·Chaired by Mrs. Fred Daly, Mrs. Michael Fitz-gerald . Nov. 10: The International Race - Laurel RaceCourse, Laurel, Md . - post time 12:30 p.m . Nov. 11: Veterans Day . Nov . II : Red skins vs. Cardinals - I p.m .·home. Nov. 14: Champagne Reception Honoring Art Barn Founders Mrs. John A . Logan, Manus Fish, James Redmond - The Art Barn Gallery in R.ock Creek Park, Beach Dr. & Tilden St. - $5 each - by reservation - Chairman, Mrs. John Michael. Nov. 17: Czechoslovak Christmas Bazaar benefit of the Czechoslovak Society of Arts andSciences in America - buffet - Guy Mason Recreation Center, 3600 Calvert St., N.W . -noon GODIVA CHOCOLATES • 5 - free admission & parking. for that special someone Nov. 18: Redskins vs. Cowboys - I p.m .·home. A full line of Godiva in Nov. 18: Latvia- Independence Day . ~, 12, and 1 pound Nov. 18: Sultanate of Oman - National Day. prepackaged beautiful boxes Nov. 22: Thanksgiving Day. Nov. 22: Lebanon - Independence Day . Nov. 23: 30th Annual Debutante Cotillion and Fine Italian Imports •order by phone and we will deliver Thanksgiving Ball - Washington Hilton • 9 p.m. especially DERUTA ceramics anywhere in the Continental U.S.·white tie - by invitation. Via Veneto Chocolate Box At Les Champs/Watergate • 600 New Hampshire Ave. NW Call 965-9559 or come by and visit us! ATTENTION NAIL BITERS ... (or "Nibblers") MEN, WOMEN & CHILDREN NAIL SCULPTOR IS THE ANSWER! Weve come up with a revolutionary NEW PROCESS to almost eliminate nail biting!l.ivingston Biddle examines Armand HammersDaumier political cartoon collection at the din- 527 MAPLE AVE., W. VIENNA, VA • 281-5440ner celebrating its exhibition at the Corcoran and Process also available at MAKE·UP CENTER, 1734 Wisconsi n Ave., Wash, D.C. 20007 • 337·8060lfammers recent $1,150,000 gift to the gallery. Dossier/November 1979183
  • 82. Nov. 25: Islamic Republic of Mauritania - In- dependence Day. Nov. 29: Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia -National Holiday. Nov, 30: YWCA International fair- Exhibit Hall, Washington Hilton - II - 6 - ribbon-cutting by Rosalynn Carter, II a.m.- Chairmen, Mrs. Norman Cartwright-Brown, Mrs. Charles Swan Weber. Nov. 30: Barbados - Independence Day. Nov. 30: Peoples Republic of Benin - National Day. Nov. 30: Corcoran School of Art Beaux Arts Masquerade Ball - Atrium, Corcoran Gallery of Art - 9 p.m. - by invitation - midnight buffet -Chairmen, Mrs . John D. Firestone, Mr. Frederic W. Schwartz, Jr. DECEMBER Dec. 1 - Dec. 22: Holly Basket Boutique benefit of D.C. Society for Crippled Children -Chevy Chase Savings & Loan, Little Falls Mall -Mon. through Sat., 10- 5 - open to public - Aux- iliary Chairman, Mrs. Richard H. Norair. Dec. 1: Army-Navy Football Game -Philadelphia, Pa. Dec. 2: Laos Peoples Democratic Republic - National Day. Dec. 2: United Arab Emirates- National Day. Dec. 2: Redskins vs. Packers - I p.m. - home. Dec. 2: 1st Annual Holiday Tea Dance benefit of Independent Living for the Handicapped -music by Lester Lanin - Foundry Mall in Georgetown- 5:30- 8:30- by reservation- tickets $25 each - Honorary Chairman, Mrs. Elizabeth Taylor Warner; Chairman, Mrs. F.X. Bradley. Bethesda 7747 Old Georgetown Rd., 656-0882/Falls Church 7732 Lee Highway, 560-5100. Dec. 5: Thailand - Birthday of His Majesty, the King . Dec. 6: Finland - Independence Day. Dec. 7: Republic of Ivory Coast - National Holiday. Dec. 7: Symphony Ball - dinner dance benefit of National Symphony Orchestra - music by Gene Donati - Sheraton Park Hotel - white tie -by invitation - tickets S150 each - sponsored by Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany -Chairman, Mrs. Michael M. Rea. Dec. 7: Bachelors Cotillion - The Lyric, Baltimore - by invitation - white tie - 10 p.m. Dec. 8: ARCS Foundation Christmas Buffet -residence of Mr. and Mrs. Asher L. Wheeler -by invitation - 6 p.m. - members and guests -Chairman, Mrs. James T. Mathews. Dec. 9: Redskins vs. Bengals - I p.m. - home. Dec. 11: Republic of Upper Volta - Republic Day. Dec. 12: Kenya - Independence Day. Dec. 13: Malta - Republic Day. Dec. 14: Womens Committee of the Smithsonian Associates 9th Annual Dinner Dance -Rotunda, Museum of Natural History - music by Gene Donati - 7:30p.m. -black tie- by invitation - tickets $100 each - Chairmen, Mrs. Dudley Owen, Mrs . Morton H. Wilner. Dec. 15: Hanukah. Dec. 16: State of Bahrain- Independence Day. Dec. 16: Redskins vs. Cowboys- 3 p.m. -away. Dec. 18: Republic of Niger - Republic Day. Dec. 23: AFC & NFC Playoffs - First Round . Dec. 25: Christmas Day. Dec. 28: Royal Nepalese Embassy - Birthday The Georgetown Design Group of His Majesty, the King. Dec. 29 & 30: AFC & NFC Divisional Arch1tecture • lnten01 Des1gn • Groph1cs • Photography Playoffs. Dec. 31: Fairfax Hunt New Years Eve Dinner 1301 20th St., N.W., Washington, D.C. 20036 (202)857·0060 Dance- Fairfax Hunt Club House- by invitation - black tie, scarlet if convenient.84/November 1979/Dossier