Sponsorship for Henry Neal Racing


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This document details the 2009 sponsorship opportunity with kart racer Henry Neal

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Sponsorship for Henry Neal Racing

  1. 1. The Dream To dream is to aspire, to hope, to aim for the unimaginable. Racing is Henry’s dream. Since a young age, Henry has shared a love for cars with his dad, Dan Neal. As he grew from a little boy, Henry developed a desire to compete in go-kart racing which Dan saw as the beginning of a new chapter in his son’s life. After participating in more than 30 races, Henry states, “I will shoot for the big dream,” the dream of pro- fessional racing. With dreams, there are obstacles, of course. But the one who overcomes the challenges is truly successful. In only two About Henry short years of racing, Henry has overcome obstacles, and in 2008, be- came the OVKA Jr. Briggs Champion, along with finishing 5th in the Jr. Birthdate: 2/16/95 Yamaha Division. School Grade: 8th Hometown:Terrace Park, Ohio The Driver Favorite School Subject: Math Favorite Food: Chicken and Rice Henry, like most teenagers, enjoys sports; listens to music on his iPod; and hangs out with friends. However, there is one thing that sets Favorite Racecar Driver: Scott Dixon Henry apart from many other 14-year-olds: He loves it when race weekend rolls around—so he can go wheel-to-wheel in his go-kart! Favorite Race Track: Kentucky Speedway Race day is, certainly, about having fun, but Henry also is very Favorite Kart Track: Jim Hall Kart focused on the task at hand (and foot!), winning the race. Track When he puts on his driver’s suit and closes the visor on Most Memorable Family Vacation: his helmet, he is all business. Henry understands the danger of sitting California 2-inches off the ground with a go-kart that can travel more than 65mph. Nerves of steel take over as he rolls out of the pits What I like to do in the summer- and onto the track. Henry is quick to mix it up on the warm-up lap time: Hanging out at the local river with some pushing and bumping—and he is quick to find his way to the front once the green flag drops. He pushes hard down the first straight away to move up as rapidly as possible. Henry is not one to give way, unless a competitor has a clear advantage; he will push his kart and his competitors as hard as possible. He skillfully, patiently watches for a mistake by other drivers, then seizes the opportunity to gain track position—even if this means taking an unfamiliar line through a corner. Contact Us As he comes off the track, Henry is always evaluating his own per- Phone formance. He congratulates his competitors , but with confidence, un- 513.235.4624 derstanding, and a reserved smile whispers to his crew chief, “I was a e-mail beast out there today.” info@silverstreakracing.com Phone:513.235.4624 e-mail: info@silverstreakracing.com
  2. 2. Henry Neal Wins the 2008 Junior Briggs Animal Championship With Ohio Valley Karting Association Henry Neal took home the 2008 Junior Briggs Animal Champion- ship with the Ohio Valley Karting Association. OVKA is one of the oldest kart racing organizations in the country. Most of their races are held at the G&J Kart- way in Camden, Ohio. G&J is a WKA (World Karting Association) Masters Track. Prior OVKA and WKA Champions often say if you can race at G&J, you can race anywhere. G&J is known to be one of the more technical chal- lenging tracks in the country. In addition to the Briggs Animal, Henry races in the Junior Ya- maha Class. He finished 5th in the Yamaha class (and would have finished 4th if not for breaking his wrist in August). The top three competitors in the Yamaha class have on the aver- age 6 to 8 years of experience each; Henry has 2. In 2009, Henry will be taking his local championship and racing at the regional and national level. Although the racers at the next level will have several more years of experience than Henry, we are certain he will run wheel to wheel with some of the best. Be a Part of a Winning Team Promote Your Business in 2009 by Becoming a Sponsor Phone:513.235.4624 e-mail: info@silverstreakracing.com
  3. 3. The Schedule Our schedule this year will include participation with 2 different Karting organizations. Fourteen of the races will be with our home club, Ohio Valley Karting Association (OVKA); and 4 with the World Karting Association. We conduct our practice and testing days at the Motor Sport Country Club in Cincinnati, in addition to practice days at G&J Kartway in Camden, Ohio. Motorsports Country Club is a world class karting facility which opened in 2007. The club is located on US Route 50 in Batavia, Ohio. The Opportunity for Your Organization At each of the local and regional race weekends there are more than 100 racers in attendance, with 300-500 other people at the track. The national races will have more than 400 racers, with an addi- tional 1,000+ people in attendance, as support crews, spectators and workers. We currently use a 6’x12’ enclosed trailer to transport our karts and gear. The sides and rear of the trailer provide an ex- cellent opportunity for our sponsors to showcase their logos, names and phone numbers. We also pro- vide links on our website to our sponsor websites. In 2009 we will covering more than 6,000 miles in 6 states. We offer several levels of sponsorship, depending on the financial commitment our sponsors wish to make. We know the exposure for your company—locally, regionally and nationally—is un- matched for the costs. We will include sponsor recognition at two planned events. The first event is a PBS special and the second is a summertime charity karting event at Motorsports Country Club. Contact Us Phone 513.235.4624 e-mail info@silverstreakracing.com
  4. 4. Sponsorship Opportunities Get Involved in Racing, Excellent Visible for your Organization Championship Level – This level is intended for ultimate exposure. If you partner with us at this level, no other sponsorship packages will be sold, except those at the White Flag level. • You will be the sole sponsor for our team • Transport Trailer and Karts will be exclusively wrapped with your graphics • Includes Checkered Flag Level Exposure $4,000 per year + Costs (decals and patches) Checkered Flag Level – This level is intended for maximum exposure. • Large (225 sq in) decals on sides of transport trailer, Medium (150 sq in) decals on rear doors • Decals on side pods of kart • Business name on billboard at our home track in Camden, Ohio • Patch on driver suit • Team will wear sponsor provided apparel on race and practice days • Business brochure on display on race days and tradeshows • Business name included on track banner • Link and Logo on our websites • Company name and logo included our newsletter • Visit by team to your place of business $500 per year + Costs (decals and patches) Green Flag Level – This level is intended for companies looking for limited exposure. • Small sized decal on sides of transport trailer (100 square inches) • Small decals on front faring of kart • Business brochure on display on race days • Logo on our websites $200 per year + Costs (decals and patches) All Sponsorships run from March 1, 2009 to February 28, 2010 Phone:513.235.4624 e-mail: info@silverstreakracing.com
  5. 5. 2009 Race Schedule World Karting Association 2009 Gold Cup Championship Schedule March 20-22 August 21-23 Michigan Kart Supply Nationals Coyote Motorsports Nationals Lowes Motor Speedway, Concord, NC New Castle Motorsport Park, Newcastle, IN July 3-5 October 2-4 G&J Kartway, Camden, OH GT Machine Grand Nationals BeaveRun Motorsports Complex, Wampum, PA Ohio Valley Karting Association 2009 Schedule Points Race #1 Sunday, April 26, G&J Kartway Points Race #2 Sunday, May 17, G&J Kartway Points Race #3 Sunday, May 31, G&J Kartway Points Race #4 Sunday, June 7, G&J Kartway Points Race #5 Sunday, June 21, New Castle Motorsports Park Points Race #6 Sunday, June 28, G&J Kartway Points Race #7 Saturday, July 18 and Sunday July 19, G&J Kartway Points Race #8 Saturday, July 25 G & J Kartway Points Race #9 Saturday, August 8 G & J Kartway Points Race #10 Sunday, August 16 Circleville Raceway Park Points Race #11 Sunday, September 13 G & J Kartway Points Race #12 Sunday, September 20 G & J Kartway Points Race #13 Sunday, October 4 G & J Kartway Points Race #14 Saturday, October 10 G & J Kartway Practice Schedule From March to November Silver Streak Racing can be found practicing at the Motorsports Country Club in Batavia, Ohio. You can visit their website at www.mccofcincinnati.com. We welcome any sponsors to join us for a visit at the club. Phone:513.235.4624 e-mail: info@silverstreakracing.com
  6. 6. Visibility for your Company Our racing team offers you excellent exposure for the cost. We will travel approximately 5,000 miles this year with our race trailer—your mobile billboard! This represents more than 90+ hours of travel time across 6 states. More than 20 times this year we will be at our practice track, which has a membership of over 60 families.. Race days attendance numbers range from a few hundred to well over a thousand people; but more importantly, your com- pany information will be seen by countless motorists as we travel the highways. Sponsorship Miles March Concord, NC 922 miles April Camden, OH 96 South Bend, IN 522 May Camden, OH 96 Camden, OH 96 Circleville, OH 194 June Camden, OH 96 New Castle, IN 216 Camden, OH 96 Camden, OH 96 July Camden, OH 96 Camden, OH 96 Camden, OH 96 August New Castle, IN 216 Camden, OH 96 Circleville, OH 194 September Camden, OH 96 Camden, OH 96 October Wampum, PA 612 March to October Practice Track, Owensville, OH 700 Total Miles: Approximately 5,000 Phone:513.235.4624 e-mail: info@silverstreakracing.com
  7. 7. Phone:513.235.4624 e-mail: info@silverstreakracing.com
  8. 8. Phone:513.235.4624 e-mail: info@silverstreakracing.com